Race-Hoax Debunked: Cop Who Detained Charles Blow’s Son Is Black

John Nolte, Breitbart, January 28, 2015

Charles Blow, a black, left-wing New York Times columnist, took to Twitter and the pages of the Times to excoriate Yale and a campus police officer over his son being detained at gunpoint. Apparently, Blow’s son met the description of a campus burglar. After learning of the incident, an incensed Blow published a series of racially-charged Tweets followed by a racially-charged Times column.

According to the Washington Examiner, Blow tweeted, “This is exactly why I have no patience for people trying to convince me that the fear these young black men feel isn’t real.” Blow also tweeted out slogans associated with protests involving race and the police: “I can’t breathe” and “Black lives matter.”

In his column, Blow detailed what would have been a terrifying police encounter for any innocent young man and his father, but again turned it into a racial issue [emphasis added]:

I am reminded of what I have always known, but what some would choose to deny: that there is no way to work your way out–earn your way out–of this sort of crisis. In these moments, what you’ve done matters less than how you look.

There is no amount of respectability that can bend a gun’s barrel. All of our boys are bound together.

What Blow’s readers and Twitter followers weren’t told, though, was the race of the police officer in question.

As it turns out, the officer is black. Yale’s police chief is also black.

After firing off this series of racially-charged tweets and a racially-charged column in no less than The New York Times, Blow now claims his outrage had nothing to do with race. Blow also attempted to defend himself with the argument that a column he once wrote about Eric Garner also didn’t mention race.


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  • MekongDelta69

    Charles Blowhard, a black, left-wing New York Times columnist. — But they repeat themselves.

  • ThatWhiteGuy

    Color me shocked by this! /sarcasam

    • propagandaoftruth

      “Blow” this, Mr. Blow…

    • Publius Pompilius Quietus

      Mr. Blow has always struck me as someone with a chip on his shoulder. I am not surprised by this.

      • APaige

        No empathy for the students who were robbed, at least one incident a gun was used in the robbery. How do their parents feel Mr. Blow?
        Maybe if Blacks in the area stopped robbing people your son would not fit that profile.
        He should be thankful the police are there to also protect his son.

        • Nancy

          They all seem to think that whites simply made up an “irrational” reason to target blacks, as though they all behave like Boy Scouts or Mother Theresa, and we just decided we didn’t like them anyway because “of the color of their skin”.

          They never acknowledge the exceedingly high rate of criminality among their group, unless, of course, they’re blaming whites for it in the same breath.

        • benvad

          Gratitude is an enigma for black americans

      • Charles Martel

        Particularly infuriating since he was more than likely hired by the Times due to the color of his skin. Moreover, his son was very likely admitted to a prestigious university on the same basis.

      • benvad

        A black with a chip on his shoulder? Impossible!

  • Frank_DeScushin

    The Yale campus is an oasis amongst the black ghettoes of New Haven, Connecticut. Students are warned to be safe in the environs around campus because they are on occasion victimized by black males. These “townie” black males will also occasionally victimize students on campus, but that happens less frequently. Of course, campus police are going to be more on the lookout for black males in general given the above dynamics, and of course security was going to be on the lookout for a black male in this specific case given there was a report of a black male burglar. If blowhards like Blow are going to insist on making this about profiling, then the head of Yale campus security (who is a black man) should show the crime statistics of New Haven as to why that demographic raises more suspicion.

    • TruthBeTold

      The point Mr. Blow doesn’t get into is the fact that campus cops know all too well the criminals they’re looking for; black males.

      When the majority of your suspects are blacks, blacks fit the stereotype.

    • Ryan Schneider.

      I am also interested in the other details of the profile, namely, was the suspect fat or skinny, a healthy brown or gray skinned (black version of pale), tired looking or not, so on. There is more room to complain about a profile if the only descriptor is basic color, but you never hear second hand whether or not the APB put out those details originally or not. Oftentimes for thesake of brevity the newscasts will narrow down the description themselves to the most obvious features. Of course, sometimes a witness only catches the briefest of glances, but that should also be explained.
      Overall, I am suggesting that media pithiness may be unwittingly contributing to the worst impressions of perceived profiling.

    • The 2010 US census showed New Haven as being 35% black. Since he has busied himself pointing fingers, perhaps Blow should address the issue of exactly who made the place so unpleasant.

    • archer

      Over the decades millions of whites have left their neighborhoods when the racial tipping point was reached, these millions know the truth, and that truth is becoming harder to hide.

    • Charles Martel

      The moron would just cry “disparate impact” & run away

  • Chip Carver

    I’m reeling from the news that a New York Times writer would lie about something involving race.

    • TruthBeTold

      He didn’t lie per say. It was simply an omission of a single, highly relevant fact.

      Mr. Blow simply confirmed what we all ready know. When the race of the person is unstated, in this case the cop, that person will likely be black.

      • Ryan Schneider.

        It seems to me that he assumed his son was profiled by a white cop. He was stupid enough to do that, but I doubt he was stupid enough to have known damn well that the cop was black and not think his blather wouldn’t come back to bite him.

        • Jay Stevens

          “but I doubt he was stupid enough to have known damn well that the cop was black and not think his blather wouldn’t come back to bite him.”

          He is a freakin’ New York Times journalist. It would have taken him less than 10 seconds to check, “Son, what color was the cop?”

          Oh, wait. I used “New York Times” and “journalist” in the same sentence. Never mind.

          • Fact-checking is passe in what passes for journalism today.

          • Ryan Schneider.

            Unless he has such a monolithic mentality that it honestly didn’t occur to him that a black cop would persue a black suspect, which I find to be scarier then simple stupidity.

    • bilderbuster

      Well, at least we can all breathe a little easier knowing that he won’t lose his job.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Another venomous lying negro writing chicken scratch at the New York Slimes. Seems like the negro liars are out in force in recent times. You will recall that other lying negro was Jason Blair, who CNN reports, had been caught with his pants down plagiarizing and making everything up in at least 36 news stories. Sounds like he took after MLKs (non) content of character.

    Surely there are some white columnists of journalistic integrity who could take these liars places.

    • Frank_DeScushin

      “Surely there are some white columnists of journalistic integrity who could take these liars places.”

      How about Mike Barnicle? Oh wait, he’s also been busted numerous times for plagiarism. Yet ol’ Mike is still gainfully employed by MSNBC to give you some idea of that network’s journalistic integrity… as if you needed more evidence against MSNBC.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        I haven’t watched MSNBC is years. Never will again. Ever heard of “One America News.? Had it on the background and it was great. Anti-Obama everything…even a segment of bashing Al Sharpton and how he couldn’t read his teleprompter and was butchering the English language. bold, bold stuff in our anti-racist climate.

        • Ryan Schneider.

          MSNBC hasn’t been worth a dang since they fired Michael Savage twelve years ago. That was their last honest attempt to be balanced, although I suspect someone in their hierarchy set up that no-win caller who forced him to speak his most controversial mind. They understood which buttons to push too well; someone who had profiled Dr.Savage coached that staged saboteur. My guess is that it was elitists who wanted a “pure” leftist station masterminded the incident, who could not stand the fact that it was the station’s most popular show.

    • TruthBeTold

      They KNOW ‘racism’ is out of control. They all have their own personal stories of ‘racial injustice’ that need to be told! Hop on the bandwagon. Testify brother, testify!

      ‘Racism’ now amounts to nothing more than any interaction between a white person and a black person.

  • dd121

    This is all designed by the left to shame ordinary people into responding to blacks in a way not dictated by reality.

    • JohnEngelman

      And a way that will make it more likely that we will be crime victims.

  • Caucasoid88

    Perhaps American cops should adopt Congolese profiling practices: When a jeep pulls up with a white family on a lonely dirt road, tell them there is a tax—because it cost a lot to construct those beautiful modern highways—and threaten to detain them at gunpoint in violent rape dungeons until said tax is collected.

  • TomIron361

    As it turns out, the officer is black.
    oh – nevermind…

  • He needs to give on peddling race hoaxes and start a new career of guiding Santa’s sleigh through thick fog.

    • TruthBeTold

      I see smug.

      • bilderbuster


  • Steve_in_Vermont

    Apparently a police officer, when approaching a person matching the description of a burglary suspect, isn’t (according to some) supposed to draw his gun. I suspect these people are thinking “Now if the police were not armed at all this wouldn’t be an issue”. If I were a LE officer in that community I’d be known as Sgt. Schultz….”I see nothing…..nothing…..I wasn’t even here”.

    • Ryan Schneider.

      When a cop suddenly came upon me while taking a leak at a Wallgreen restroom with his gun drawn, my first thought was not “oh crap he’s profiling me” as he relayed my description to dispatch for comparison to a suspect who, thankfully, only slightly resembled myself. My first thought was what any law abiding citizen should think, “oh crud, there is a dangerous crook around here, I need to scram!” After the cop ruled me out and apologized, I thanked him, and did just that.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “All of our boys are bound together.”

    Blow’s above line encapsulates a particularly annoying aspect of most black people. They say that they don’t want to be judged by the actions of other blacks, but then they turn around a nearly monolithicly support Obama because he’s black, support Trayvon Martin because he’s black, have the Attorney General talk about “my people”, and so on. They want blacks to think collectively and support other blacks collectively, and they even want to be viewed collectively when it comes to positive things (See black awards shows.). Yet when it comes to negative aspects of black culture like crime, low academic success rate, and so on blacks get incensed if others view them collectively even though that’s the exact dynamic that they encourage within their ranks. It’s intellectual dishonesty.

    • Germanic Depressive

      Nothing about blacks is intellectual, not even their dishonesty.

  • Ronald

    Well, presumably, because the cop and the Chief are “Blacks” their actions pass the smell test. As long as our “conservative” publications and the “conservative” political establishment have this mindset, things will only get worse for White people.

  • Lygeia

    Uuuuuh!. Signs heavily and goes back to drinking a glass a milk.

  • JohnEngelman

    If young black men want to stop being treated like criminals they should stop committing all those crimes.

  • “All of our boys are bound together.”

    If Blow-*** wants his kid to be treated the same as I’d like to treat Lemaricus Davidson, I don’t mind.

  • IstvanIN

    What percentage of blacks actually tell the truth?

    • Spikeygrrl

      Q: What percentage of Humans tell the truth ALWAYS?
      A: 0% (“Do these jeans make me look fat?”)

      Your question then becomes “What percentage of [insert demo here] consistently tells the truth about non-trivial matters?”

      I’ve often been described as truthful to a fault…but I’d be lying if I told you that I ALWAYS tell the truth (“Of course I’d like to see your vacation photos!”).

      • Ryan Schneider.

        Brilliant, but I slightly disagree, as I do believe there is such a wonderful anomaly as a Saint. Very rare, but real, and the best ones have never lied. They just find clever ways to avoid unpleasant, trivial truths.

      • IstvanIN

        I think there is a difference between being kind and out-right deception to ruin someone’s life or gain an unfair advantage.

    • bilderbuster

      What percentage of Blacks care about the truth?

      • IstvanIN


  • Michael Galvin

    sucks to suck

  • TruthBeTold

    As it turns out, the officer is black. Yale’s police chief is also black.

    I wonder if Yale was thinking ahead. They know the criminals are likely to be black so they hired blacks to be campus police. This is basically insurance against charges of ‘racist white cops’ as made by Mr. Blow.

    • Charles Martel

      Likely also an effort to balance out their EEOC statistics. Probably not many coloreds in the Yale Physics Dept!

  • ViktorNN

    Blacks make decent security guards. It’s not at all surprising that Blows son was detained by another black.

  • meanqueen

    That explains why we didn’t hear any more about it.

  • LHathaway

    “exactly why I have no patience for people trying to convince me that the fear these young black men feel isn’t real”

    The world has gone insane . . . .

  • meanqueen

    I keep thinking about the black “professor” who was stopped for breaking into his own home, and how that turned into a big hullaballoo over imagined racial profiling, and how the poor white officer had to go suffer through a beer with Obama and the black fool. Years ago, I stupidly set off my house alarm and for some reason I can’t remember now, got stuck at the door, unable to inactivate the keypad in time OR reach the phone when the security company called. I did finally shut it off and was preparing to reset it so that I could leave the house when my child said “Mom! Look!” and there in my picture window was the barrel of a sniper rifle! Creeping along my front porch was a police officer with a rifle, and there were two more with him, guns drawn. WTH? I’m a 100 lb white woman with a small child next to me, and they followed all protocols. Wanted to see my identification. I said “okay” as cheerfully as I could and started to go to the hall where my purse was sitting. Oh no! Not allowed! They didn’t cut me any slack at all. One of the officers got my purse and handed it to me and stood there on high alert as I pulled my wallet out. When they were convinced that I was who I said I was, they left. It never occurred to me to be angry at THEM; I was angry at myself for being an idiot. I was thankful that they were DOING THEIR JOB.

    • Guest

      ACK! I mean “barrel” of the sniper rifle, not butt.

    • badbox27

      For some reason, I don’t think the African mind works that way.

      • Earl Turner

        Who says it works at all?

  • Germanic Depressive

    As a very white teenager with very white friends in a very white city years ago, we were held at gunpoint by police once due to mistaken identity and matching the description of some suspects.

    We didn’t do anything stupid and we complied, and we lived.

    Would I prefer that hadn’t happened? Sure. Would I like it if police had magic powers of perception which prevented mistaken identity from ever being a possibility? Yea, that’d be peachy.

    But I live in the real world. Charles Blow should try visiting sometime.

    Here in the real world, we understand that young men and particularly young black men will often fit descriptions because these are the most rambunctious elements of our species.

    Dealing with the problems young white men create as a group is worth it because most of them are fine, and as a group they more than compensate for it by becoming the engines of technology, business, creativity and civilization as they age.

    Young black men are substantially more dangerous and a substantially larger share of them are dangerous, they spend longer being dangerous, and as a class they simply never give that payoff which would come anywhere remotely close to making putting up with them worth it.

    • Weisheit77

      Funny enough you made me remember by middle school years. I was living in Chesterfield County just outside of Richmond during this time. My friends and I would ride our bikes or walk to Cloverleaf Mall. We were young metal fans and we were detained, searched, and when nothing was found asked to leave. It happened at least on 4 occasions. None of us were black. Some of us were even blond and had blue eyes (gasp!).

      Well, I just googled Cloverleaf Mall and it appears to be gone. That is funny because I went back with a friend to the area in the late 90’s to see a college football game. The hotel we stayed in was close to the mall and I was feeling nostalgic so we went over there. It was crawling with gentle giants and “youth”. We found out the next day that they had found some dead girls in a trunk of a car just a couple of days before.

  • Evidently in Blow’s bizarre little world, “feelings” are more important than solving crimes like burglary. I wonder how much he likes paying the high insurance rates that directly result from the property crimes those Yale police were investigating. I certainly don’t like paying, but unlike Blow, I know where my money comes from.

  • WoodyBBad

    I am sure that an apology is forthcoming.

  • justa nothernigger

    negroes are a cancer, and that is the bottom line.
    America will NEVER return to greatness until we solve our “black” problem.

  • Racial profiling used to be called good police work.


  • Ryan Schneider.

    Sure, the only question is what kind of lie was it? A stupid lie, which is bad enough, or a blatant hypocrisy lie, which is vastly worse? By a stupid lie, did he honestly assume that it must be a white cop, in which case he would have lied as much to himself as to the public? Or did he know the truth, and took the opportunity to rant before it became common knowledge? I don’t know which is worse, a stupid enemy, or one of unlimited treachery.

  • benvad

    They need their own country away from whites. Time to go

  • Bernard

    Mr. Blow makes a living selling racial outrage. Unfortunately for him and others like him, inventory is in short supply. That leads to quality-control problems and false advertising to move “product.”
    Customers wanting to buy an authentic 18th-century Simon Legree-style racist are instead peddled a 2012 George Zimmerman, and told he’s a card-carrying member of Aryan Nation. When buyers balk because GZ has darker skin than Mr. Blow, customers are told it’s okay, because he “identifies” as white.
    Similarly, when racist caucasion cops are on back-order, we all have to make do, and blue becomes the new white.
    In those moments, it matters less about how you look than what you’ve done….