Meet Marine Le Pen’s Gay Fan Club

Rachel Halliburton, Spectator, January 22, 2015

A week before the attack on Charlie Hebdo, France’s leading gay magazine, Têtu, announced the winner of its annual beauty contest. His name was Matthieu Chartraire, and he was 22, doe-eyed and six-packed, with perfectly groomed hair, stubble and eyebrows. A pin-up in every way–until he started talking.

To the anger of many of the magazine’s readers, the Adonis of 2015 turns out to be an outspoken supporter of the Front National. Têtu’s editor-in-chief, Yannick Barbe, refused to play censor. ‘It’s within his rights to vote for the FN even if we don’t share his beliefs,’ he said. ‘This is a beauty pageant, and our readers’ vote was only based on a single criterion! He only stands for himself and not for the gay community.’

Barbe has a point (although from next year, it’s worth noting, entrants forTêtu’s beauty contest will have to sign a code of ethics that rejects discrimination). But his assertion that Chartraire does not stand for the gay community overlooks a trend that has been accelerating over the last decade: French gay votersare falling for the Front National’s leader, Marine Le Pen. A survey by the polling firm Ifop indicates a dramatic increase in support for the FN among homosexual and bisexual voters since the French presidential elections of April 2012. It showed, for instance, that in Paris 26 per cent of homosexuals supported Le Pen, compared with 16 per cent of hetero-sexuals.

‘After the financial crisis started you could tell that a switch [to the far right] was happening across the nation. But the fact that it was happening in the gay community was particularly telling,’ Didier Lestrade, a gay activist who has written a book on the subject, tells me. ‘We knew that not all gay people are from the left. Even so, it was hard for my generation [he is 56] to believe that anti-Arab and anti-black opinions were starting to pop up on apps like Grindr and Cruise.’

An insight into the phenomenon comes from Patrick McCarthy, a young gay blogger who lives in Bordeaux. ‘Up until 2005, Bordeaux was a very gay-friendly city,’ he says. ‘Same-sex couples could openly walk down the street holding hands without any problems. However, in the space of two months, five gay men were murdered in the city. The blame was put on Bordeaux’s Muslim community since some of these hate crimes were carried out by people of Arabic origins.’

The Bordeaux gay scene has dwindled since the attacks, but McCarthy says that he, like Lestrade, is alarmed at the way that assaults by a few Arabs have created a major polemical opposition between gays and Muslims. The Front National now offers a welcoming home to gay people who feel judged by Muslims and share wider concerns about immigration and the loss of French identity.

That gay men now feel comfortable with the Front National is the result of a deliberate effort by its leader, Marine Le Pen, who has pursued a programme of detoxification (the French term is ‘de-diabolisation’) ever since she took control of the party in 2011. Her father, Jean Marie Le Pen, who led the FN from its founding in 1972 until Marine took over, described homosexuality as a ‘biological and social anomaly’. In the 1980s he argued that all individuals with Aids should be kept in isolation, and in the 1990s was still declaring that ‘There are no queens in the National Front.’

By contrast, Marine has worked hard to expand the FN’s membership beyond obvious bigots, racists and skinheads. She has publicly condemned anti-Semitism and insists that, far from being racist, her party is the only one that defends secularity and democracy against Islamisation. A key part of this strategy is using the Islamist threat to court the sort of people that the far right has traditionally persecuted. It’s working. In the 2012 presidential elections, Le Pen won 13.5 per cent of the Jewish vote. A surprising enough statistic, but her appeal to gay activists has created even more waves. Just before Christmas, her deputy Florian Philippot was outed as gay by Closer: the same magazine that exposed Hollande’s affair with Julie Gayet. Around the same time, Le Pen appointed a new adviser: Sébastien Chenu, one of the founders of the activist organisation GayLib. FN traditionalists complained loudly that their party was being taken over by a gay cabal. (Those complaining included Marine’s 25-year-old niece, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, an MP and a rising star in the party.)

What, beyond support against the threat of Islamic fundamentalists, does Marine Le Pen’s FN claim to offer to a gay political activist? Officially Le Pen does not support the legalisation of gay marriage, which the French government passed last year. But like other far right leaders in Europe, notably Geert Wilders of Holland’s Freedom party, she sees the value of the gay vote. When huge demonstrations were held against gay marriage in Paris in 2013, she refused to take part. She seems able to walk the conceptual tightrope between what her party’s old membership wants and what its potential members need to hear. Her response to the outing of Philipott was to attack Closer and change the subject: ‘Florian Philippot is entitled to a private life as much as François Hollande,’ she said.

Switching attention back to the hapless president was a shrewd move. Hollande’s dismal popularity ratings (at the end of last year they sank to 12 per cent, the lowest recorded score for a sitting president) also contribute to the Front National’s success. Although Hollande pushed through the legalisation of gay marriage last year, many left-wing gay voters were disappointed that he failed to give the bill his personal support until the last minute. The centre-right UMP, meanwhile, issued a legal challenge the moment the bill had been approved by vote. Even critics such as Lestrade recognise that the FN offers more to ambitious young gay political activists than the more mainstream parties. ‘I think if you are gay, you’re going to make a difference there in a way you won’t get a chance to in the Socialist party or the UMP,’ he says.

Bruno Clavet is an out and proud gay activist for the FN. A politics graduate and a former underwear model, he tells me that when he was 18 he worked for Nicolas Sarkozy during the 2007 presidential election, but switched to the FN just before the most recent one. I ask him if it troubles him that his party has a strong anti-gay past. ‘I don’t think the FN is anti-gay,’ he replies. ‘We are against ghettoisation [into racial or sexual communities]. For me there is only one community, it’s the national community–the French people.’ This is the new spirit of French nationalism, one that resonates loudly in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attack.

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  • superlloyd

    Anyone non/muslim that aligns with muslims is an idiot. Good strategy by Marine le Pen.

  • David Ashton

    The victims have become the totems. Out of the closet and into the driving seat. Gays aka sodomites could almost equally well oppose traditional Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Christianity. Tolerating buggery and felching in private is one thing. Using the “pink pound” to fund resistance to Muslim immigration, and only Muslim immigration, is another.

    • Tarczan

      The Christians will pray for them, the muslims will try to kill them.

      • David Ashton

        Which will work best?

        “Muscles” Marine the Gay Icon of La belle France? Give me Brigitte Bardot as the anti-Islam warrior queen any day (well in her younger days, at any rate).

      • Anna Tree

        Exactly, if I were a lesbian, I would chose not marrying over not breathing.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Louis the 14th’s brother was a cross dressing fruiter.

      Immensely brave commander, he personally led troops into murderous fire, not in a dress, but in a real Liberace style “uniform”. Almost got his head blown off, complained vilely about the many gunpowder burns and blood stains that ruined it…

      Marine LePen is the Woman of the Moment for France. Masterful.

      • David Ashton

        Joan of Arc was in trouble for wearing male costume, but did well according to her own lights (or voices). Better LePen than Sarko or Holly.

    • Anna Tree

      I don’t think they are using the pink pound, I think the media is, trying to stir the pot.

      I disagree with homosexuality and I fight the agenda pushed on our kids and in the media, streets and on our institutions. But if they are pro-white whites and agree that liberal leftism is destroying the Western civilization, including by dogmas like gender theory etc, they are certainly allies.

      I appreciate his “For me there is only one community, it’s the national community–the French people.”

      He acknowledges the threat and that race is above everything.

      • David Ashton

        I sympathize with your basic position and hope you are right about the agenda issue in France. I have a homosexual nephew (born that way in my view) who is a “conservative” on all other political issues, except “marriage”. There are a few (too few) good books by homosexuals attacking Queer Theory, the Gay Lobby, PC attitudes and some nastier practices. We also have a national treasure in Britain like Professor Starkey. But you just have to be careful, whether they like it or not.

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          Prof Starkey is a great Briton, I just wish he wasn’t gay. However due to his partiotism that can be overlooked.

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          Pro Starkey is a great Briton. I just wish he was’nt gay, but that can be overlooked because of his patriotism.

        • Cid Campeador

          I had gay colleagues who were totally grossed out by the flaunting nudity, making out in public and other poor taste displays.
          I fully understand why they don’t like Muslims.

        • Fr. John+

          no one is ‘born that way.’ This (like the now discredited 10%/gay gene/Matt Shepherd was a victim’ mantras) is a lie. Sodomites wish to sublimate the sin,shame, and existensial ANGST they feel for their aberrant attraction to someone equally as diseased and mentally defective as they. These folks get NO quarter from me, nor from St. Paul, nor the Mosaic code, nor from 20 centuries of clear teaching- whether Huguenot, Orthodox, RC, or Lutheran (possible church factions in France or large/long presence)

          As for Marine, a woman should not rule. God is not mocked. The Moslems are judging a civilization that will NOT submit to God’s law- and if the Christians aren’t going to remove corporate evil, the sons of Hagar will doHis will for now.

          • David Ashton

            Daniel 11.44 ?

          • Fr. John+

            Who the hell are you to ask me that? The Fathers, the authors of books, and the scientific studies all corroborate this point of view? WHO ARE YOU, AND WHAT IS YOUR AUTHORITY?

          • Fr. John+

            Funny, I answered your slander, and my response wasn’t posted. I don’t need to justify myself to some fool, just because the empirical data negates the perversion he seeks to justify. Nice try, but nope. Begone, before someone drops a house on You. (I’m sure you’ll get the reference…)

          • David Ashton

            My “slander” was to ask about your ordination, an inquiry no other priest or minister would regard as defamatory.

            To call me a “fool” because I have read more widely about the biology of homosexuality than you is comparatively “defamatory”.

            I did not exactly “justify perversion”, as my other comments would indicate to anyone other than a belligerent man of the (whole)cloth. Matthew 5.22.

          • Fr. John+

            The biology of sodomy is that it is a conscious act of rebellion, perversion, and has NOTHING do to with some chemical predisposition to annihilate the human race. It is SIN, first, last, and always. I would gladly ‘defame’ any idiot who dared to presume that fallacy. As Scripture says, ‘Answer a fool according to his folly.’

          • David Ashton

            Homosexual inclinations can often be traced to hormone dosage at a certain period during fetal development. Conscious acts of sodomy are another matter, and I have criticized their frequent consequences here.

            I do not know into which church you were ordained – and you haven’t told us, a little mysterium fidei to keep us “fools” and “idiots” guessing – but I presume you believe in original sin and the inclination of human beings to feel, for example, anger and hatred, arrogance and lust, and even to commit conscious acts of sin. Or maybe you alone share with Jesus and Mary an immaculate conception, and are uniquely entitled to throw the first, last and indeed all the stones in your capacious bag of hostile judgments at anyone, especially those whose “authority” you deny when politely requesting your ecclesiastical credentials.

            I am currently typing this in an area governed by a Sky Censorship router that prevents me from accessing AmRen News as a “violent, obscene or racist” website, so I am hoping this will appear via a Discus detour.

            “Call no man father or religious teacher” (perhaps especially if his priestly bona fides are obscure).

          • Fr. John+

            So, are you arguing for the merely pedantic definition of how sodomites are made, or are you arguing pro vita sua? I don’t need to defend my ordination- the witness of 20 centuries, the Fathers, and the science in the first article I posted, clearly show this lifestyle to be aberrant, sinful, and an abomination. How it is enacted in each man’s life is immaterial, if it is WRONG. If you are merely doing philosophical dances with this fact, I have no more time for your folly. Titus 3:10 If, however, you seek justification for my theological stances, there are more than enough books and Epistles, starting with St. Paul, that corroborate them. And you don’t need to ‘diss’ me. Your argument is with God.

          • David Ashton

            I do not suppose I am alone in wondering where and when you were ordained, and in what church and by which bishop. Otherwise suspicious people might think you are not a reverend, but only pretending to be one for the purpose of commenting here. Not many priests or pastors adhere to views similar to British Israel or Aryan Israel, so your position is of interest. I do not, as you suggested in your deleted comment, need special “authority” to ask this question.

            I have referred here favorably to the writings of Gagnon and Green with regard to the relevant theology of the scriptures and tradition.

            I adhere to the evidence that some people are born with homosexual inclinations, just as some are born with physically defective or unusual sexual organs. I have not recommended the “gay lifestyle” here, but alluded to several of its negative social and medical consequences.

            Theodicy itself is an issue, but not for this site.

            I leave pastoral care and love of sinners to kind and gentle people like yourself.

          • Fr. John+

            Adherence and credence are not the same thing. All of Europe was at one time (and with the rise of the nationalist elements in Greece, Holland, France, Catalonia, etc., apparently revivifying once more) “Kinist” – CI constructs are merely the application of that older national sentiment, which the Orthodox call ‘narodnost,’ and nothing more, taking into consideration the reality that the ‘Ten Lost tribes’ have been noted as still ‘missing.’ This, too, is nothing new. I’ve seen a tapestry in a C of E parish that clearly points out the beliefs you allude to, and yet still hangs today in the Lake District. That you wish to besmirch me by claiming it ‘suspect,’ does not nullify this clear historical and biblical mode of thought – or do you hold to the equally damnable modern heresy known as Multiculturalism, which has caused over 100,000,000 deaths, via another name- Bolshevism?

            Which ideology, then, is more benign, and which is more ‘suspect.’ One has to make theological choices in life. I prefer to choose life for my kith and kin, rather than my own race’s annihilation.

          • David Ashton

            I have actively and strongly opposed communism all my life, writing and speaking on its death-toll many times; e.g. my research quoted by the late Prof. Rummel in his “Death by Government” and my Albert Hall Rally to Commemorate the Victims of the Red Holocaust.

            I have also publicly and privately opposed both “multi-culturalism” and mass immigration all my life; e.g. my participation in the House of Lords Education Issues meeting and my foundation of the Majority Rights group.

            I have opposed every attempt to destroy our European race(s) and our common civilization; e.g. contributions to American Renaissance for several years past.

            These very issues have been my primary political concerns – my wife would say obsessions – and I have a unique and massive private library of books and articles on all three subjects, though unfortunately only a short life left to make full personal use of them.

            As for the Lost Tribes, I have given this question some attention, pro and con, including visits to the BIWF; and concluded that very little is to be said for your apparent position and much against it. A pity in some ways because it could have been a genuine rallying point.

            Now I have given you an autobiography, brief enough hopefully not to irritate other readers. Why not tell us yours – or just the ordination bit?

            I admit I do not regard the “Bible” (a collection of Hebrew and Greek documents made by the RC Church long after the death of the apostles) as a completely reliable historical account; e.g. Noah’s Flood some 4000 years ago and the descent of all the human races and mammalian species from the occupants of an Ark.

            Meanwhile, I leave you with Hebrews 7.14, Galatians 3.28, Matthew 28.19 & Matthew 7.1.

          • Fr. John+

            Sir, as an Englishman, if you cannot believe the Word of God, I find it odd that you dare to quote it, and not worry about blasphemy. We are actually on the same side, politically speaking- I’m even a monarchist at heart. But, Titus 3:10 still has to take precedence in this instance. I wish you well, but we are done. Pax, and good-bye.

          • David Ashton

            God Save the Queen & Many thanks from Mr David*”^

        • RedFIag450

          Exactly. We, the LGBT, aren’t a monolithic group. I know many gays who are race realist.

          • David Ashton

            I regard you as a male with individual national, libertarian and eugenicist opinions who is also a homosexual. “We, the LGBT” – this is a politcized “group” used as a “Leftist card”, especially since the “egalitarian revolution” espoused by Marcuse & co. I have my own views on the etiology of homosexual inclinations, oppose the “pink lobby” and “gay display” effects on family life, find practices like felching and daisy-chain bare-backing disgusting, but believe in sexual freedom in private between fully consenting adults. Gays partnerships can exhibit genuine affection, and there is something in the homosexual “constitution” which has contributed to theater and other cultural assets. It is sad that “race realism” in their case is more a welcome political activity of the brain than a population activity of the genitalia.

          • That’s basically me. Although I’m not a homosexual because I’m not just attracted to guys. I’m considered a wannabe bisexual.

            And I agree with you on how shoving homosexuality upon people effects families and children in a mostly negative light. I don’t care what consenting adults do in their bedroom or if they want to have a commitment and call it a marriage. But I believe in total freedom of association and believe marriage should be once again placed into the hands of families, churches and private institutions. And I currently am involved with a guy at the moment, but while he does show some interest in political stuff, I convinced him immigration is bad, but most of the time he finds political stuff annoying.

            And I consider myself a libertarian nationalist because I believe in having a decentralized political system that focuses on protecting the liberties of its citizens and only it’s citizens and a self-reliant free market (isolationism), and I support an immigration policy based off level of IQ, obtaining both level nine English and a clean criminal record, and also a calling for a deportation of all illegal, criminal and unemployed immigrants. This would remove all current immigrants who are abundant to or abuse public services, causes competition for employment, and are downright primitive and evil, and would also keep them out of the United States and would keep the US majority White. But outside of immigration and autonomous isolationism, I believe in freedom of thought, freedom of association, freedom of speech, and what not. That’s why I’m a libertarian nationalist.

          • David Ashton

            Thanks for an interesting reply where we share many views. The US has an advantage in free-market theory precisely because of its continental size and resources, &c. No longer available to my post-imperial little offshore island across the Atlantic.

            I am an alreadybe completely heterosexual, which also has its problems for a fairly elderly married man (Matthew 5.28).

          • I’m considered a wannabe bisexual by gays because I’m pansexual (look it up on Wikipedia).

            And no problem.

          • David Ashton

            I know what “pansexual” means. Get a grip, lad – well, not necessarily that sorta grip!

          • OK. Lol

          • Do you believe the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is unconstitutional?

          • BlueSonicStreak

            David, I just want to point out that this is at LEAST the third time the word “felching” has landed in my inbox, and I’m pretty sure it’s been you bringing it up every time.

            For more than a decade, my social relationships have been almost entirely with queer people. But I had to look that term up. I had no idea what it was.

            May I gently suggest you’re a little too concerned about that particular act. This is rather characteristic of people who are anti-gay (or at least, not pro-gay); to become fixated on some “gay” sex act they find particularly nauseating. It lends weight to the idea that your opposition is based solely on visceral disgust and no rational argument.

          • David Ashton

            There is nothing necessarily wrong with visceral disgusts, e.g. torturing animals or eating filth or masturbating over pictures of child abuse. The homosexual act known as felching was one important subject of a Guide to pleasurable acts published by one of our British gay organisations (not, I think from recent memory, Stonewall) and was even amusing in its advice on the use of a straw, but I could not print that or other sections of the Advice Booklet here.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            I see no reasonable justification for using visceral disgust as a moral barometer when no one is being harmed, David.

            Seems like you’re very well-versed in gay sex guides. I don’t know the book you’re talking about. I don’t really care to, either.

          • David Ashton

            Just one point: I like to do considerable research, and in this case it arose from the politicized “LGBT+I” issue and led me to consider the reasons for these inclinations and various paraphilias. Normally I don’t think about “gay sex” in any way.

            In the course of a long life and a weak bladder, however, I have encountered three unpleasant and unexpected experiences in public conveniences, but I do not hold that against homosexuals in general (no pun intended).

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Not sure what you mean by “child and teenage LGBTs against homophobia.” It sounds like it might be some sort of anti-bullying campaign for gay children and teens. What’s your issue with that…particularly for children, who are the most unable to protect themselves?

            As for the THT sex guide, I googled to see if I could find any info on it. From the looks of things, it covered a wide range of activities, including some that could be considered extreme.

            …Okay, so what? You don’t seem to understand that just because you don’t tell people how to engage in extreme sex acts more safely, it doesn’t mean they aren’t going to do it. It means they are going to do it anyway, more dangerously, and they may be more likely to get hurt or sick. Shocking that an organization with an interest in sexual health would want to put out some info on how to be more safe regarding acts that are extreme and hard to find safety information for.

            You seem to be under the impression that this sex guide revealed some essential truth about the seedy underbelly of gay sex that no one was telling you about…not that a straightforward sex guide was covering all its bases.

            I have met heterosexuals who quite literally break each other’s bones for sexual kicks. Imagine if gay people disseminated that information with the claim that this was the little-talked-about truth regarding how straight people REALLY have sex.

          • David Ashton

            No objection to exposure of and opposition to (1) bullying of any kind or (2) sexual sadism of any gender.

            The THT Guide has been self-censored, and I have no wish to dig out the original material to which I referred since it would not be “appropriate” for quotation on this site. Just as there are gender differences in the character of male and female same-sex “sex”, there is also evidence of proportionally greater “seedy underbelly” promiscuity among male homosexuals, though some gay writers pat their “community” on the back for e.g. promoting the pleasures

            of fellatio &c among hetero teens which were largely unheard of or tabooed with “visceral disgust” even in the quite recent past.

            I do not wish to evade debate on this but at some point the Moderator and readers may consider it off limits as regards the normal fare on AmRen. I am far from puritanical but there are historic risks, by no means only medical, to civilizations absorbed by satyriasis; see J.D.Unwin’s o/p classic on this just for starters. In the western case, racial and sexual hedonism are linked, commercially and ideologically.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            There’s really no need for you to dig up the original text. I believe I found enough on my own, and I understand the limitations here when even mild cuss words are censored.

            I didn’t know of J.D. Unwin’s work, and a cursory google looks interesting. Thanks for that. I am inclined to agree, to some extent, that too much sexual hedonism is socially destabilizing. I agree male homosexual promiscuity is a problem. I agree that issues of sexual expression and racial equality are linked in the West, although I don’t agree that this means they need to be thrown out together. I think, rather, that they need to be emphatically DE-linked and handled separately.

            But then you start doing this predictable argumentative drift into logically sloppy territory. What do the basic biological functions of different body parts have to do with…well, anything? This argument was profoundly silly when Levin made it in the 80s, and it’s just as silly now. Technically, your penis has NO biological function outside of the passage of urine and vaginal intercourse for the purposes of reproduction. Is that really all you use it for? I very much doubt that your honest answer would be “yes.” A man’s tongue also technically has no biological purpose to be near a woman’s groin; but I also bet a lot of women would not like that suggestion.

            Even passing familiarity with historical works suggests that men have never experienced much disgust about imposing fellatio on women and girls. Maybe this is a generational difference, but I neither find oral sex gross, nor have a problem with bringing it into the open where actual consent to the act could be addressed.

          • David Ashton

            Thank you for an interesting reply. I for one would not wish to swallow another man’s semen or drink it from the rectal orifice, but then I realize that your tastes may be different.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Cheap baiting doesn’t interest me. Cheers.

          • David Ashton

            Nice icon.

          • BlueSonicStreak


    • joe smith

      why i can never get with the idiots on here. you demand the queers keep it to themselves but never miss an opportunity to espouse your radical religious beliefs. there are a ton of secular people who are worried about the spread of islam. if you’re going to wave your goofy religious ideas in our face, don’t be surprises if you find no allies.

      • David Ashton

        Does the “you” refer to me personally in your direct reply, but to other “idiots” on here? Although writers like Robert Gagnon and Stephen Green have made a convincing “scriptural” case against male sodomy, I am not myself a Christian, Bible-believer, nor indeed “radically religious”. I have no desire to divide any opposition to Islamic dawa and jihad. I certainly disapprove of the Muslim death-penalty for buggery, adultery and apostasy.

        As for homosexuality, I do consider it frankly a reproductive dysfunction, resulting mainly from an unfortunate hormone dosage before birth and probably with a genetic component in many cases. I do find the practices of felching, barebacking, lavatory cottaging, and the seduction of minors objectionable, but am tolerant of born homosexuals (including several close acquaintances). I do not support the flagrant public display of sexual acts of any sort, and object to the leftist espousal of LGBTI politics as an attempt to undermine the traditional family unit..

        Hope this is not too “goofy” for your delicate sensitivities.

      • Anna Tree

        1) Some/many Amreners are not anti-homosexuals, some are homosexuals themselves. Amren is not monolithic, there are many diverse opinions here, including on Amren. But in general it is a advocacy site for White people, if you are white and acknowledge the danger we face, you can put your dislike of religious beliefs aside, the same way other should put their homosexuality dislike and then yes, we should be in alliance: we are not enough to fight between ourselves. I personally believe race is above and that individual freedom vs. health of a society is the important question here.
        2) I am an atheist. My disagreement with homosexuality is not religious.
        3) We still have some freedoms… We are the right to disagree with this life style and the right to criticize it and to criticize its advancement/ennoblement in the media, science, in the school system etc.
        There is a difference between tolerance and promotion.

        So please stop your fallacies and tell me for example why is it smart of you to accept something but I am one of the idiots to not accept it?
        By the way, I don’t see the logical connection in the two parts of your your second sentence, if you don’t mind to explain it to me.

  • IstvanIN

    The simple truth is that we are doomed if we fight among ourselves. Presenting a civilized face to the electorate is good strategy. I have always felt the best advertising is both relentlessly truthful and positive. If Frenchmen value the rights and freedoms they have it must be clearly explained to them the threat that Islam poses, the crimes Muslims have committed against Frenchmen and how to stop the erosion of French freedoms caused by the presence of Muslims to everyone.

    • dd121

      Pasting pictures in French subways of gays in Islamic countries hanging from cranes might make an impression on some.

      • IstvanIN

        And women being stoned to death for being rape victims or for “family honor” because they married a Christian or teenage boys being executed for watching soccer on TV. Muslims are truly demented.

        • dd121

          It’s hard to imagine how liberals and feminists can rationalize Muzzie behavior. Yet they despise Christians for far less odious behavior. Guess liberalism is a mental disorder.

          • Yes, liberalism is indeed a mental disorder! Liberals are so demented that they will utterly despise Christians who have done nothing to them and who have no intentions of doing so, yet love and cherish muslims who really do intend to slaughter each one of them.

          • Ella

            Christian couples go on and produce more white male babies and the traditions continues to live on in their miserable world of continuous conflict.

          • Cid Campeador

            Catholics ( also Christians) produce fewer kids. We along with Whites of other religious sects are working to support the entitlement crowd.

          • Strider73

            Liberalism is a totalitarian death cult as well as a mental disorder. Islam is a totalitarian death cult. Hence the “alliance.” Feminists are perhaps the ultimate death cultists; they worship at the altar of abortion and view any live birth — especially that of a boy — as a personal insult.

            I suspect liberals consider Muslims their “useful idiots” to be disposed of after they take over in a latter-day “Night of the Long Knives.” They cannot imagine that the Muslims have knives of their own, and will not hesitate to use them.

      • Hanging from cranes is used in Iran, but one would think that the fact that Saudi law allows beheading for homosexuality and requires it for a second offense would have already have made that impression. In 2007, a Pakistani imam recommended death by beheading or stoning for gays.

        • Reynardine

          Is this where “Stonewall Inn” comes from?

    • Oil Can Harry

      Last week a group of Michael Brown protesters invaded a gay white bar on San Francisco’s Castro Street to chant ‘Black Lives Matter” and to denounce their white privilege.

      The gays responded by dumping garbage on them and throwing a barstool at them.

      • IstvanIN

        That gave me a chuckle. The blacks must have been humiliated to be chased off by f#gs!

      • Reynardine

        Actually I think it was way more diverse than you make it out to be.

        They were transgender protesters, not only protesting the death of Michael Brown, but also the deaths of transsexual and transgender individuals.

        If there’s anything gays hate worse than heterosexuals, it’s trannies and bisexuals.

        • LHathaway

          There you have it, lefties of all sorts, coming out, getting together and making a stand protesting the ‘white male system’ as a response to violence and intimidation meted out to their members by people of color.

        • BlueSonicStreak

          >> If there’s anything gays hate worse than heterosexuals, it’s trannies and bisexuals.

          Mostly just the old guard, and they are outnumbered by far by the younger generations now, I think. Even much of the old guard (like Dan Savage, who infamously used to write rather hateful things about bisexuals) have capitulated in recent years.

          • Reynardine

            I think in this case, many gays still hate trannies. They just shut up about it because it might leverage them a little bit more against heteros.

            Dan Savage spoke his mind, and then realized it’s not always advantageous to be against other pervs, at least for the time being. He still writes the most awful stuff about “breeders” though.

            Many lesbian organizations insist on only having “womyn born womyn” and reject bisexuals outright.

        • Pelayo

          I have no ill will towards straight people. Some of my best friends are straight, and Christian. I don’t have the irrational hatred of bisexuals either. In fact I’d prefer a bi partner over a camp gay one. Trannies, although they look a bit odd to me I understand that they feel they were born in the wrong body and are trying to correct what their minds perceive. To each his own I guess.

          • Reynardine

            You may not have any ill will towards straights, but I have met plenty of homosexuals who do, and they make up the driving force behind legislation and activism.

            It’s just like women and feminism. I love women deeply, but feminism isn’t good for women, it’s good for feminists.

          • Tim_in_Indiana

            But please don’t use that horrible hackneyed phrase, “Some of my best friends are …” to justify yourself, your actions or your opinions. We’re so tired of hearing that canard used in reference to blacks, and it doesn’t impress us anymore.

          • Pelayo

            Haha I used the phrase facetiously.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        I’ll take the gays in that fight against the Michael Brown thugs.

      • BlueSonicStreak

        What the idiot protestors don’t realize is that gay people have had to deal with FAR nastier invasions of their bars than that. Like decades worth of random raids by the police – sometimes involving “corrective” rape for the lesbians – and anti-gay attacks. Actual violence, not a bunch of toneless, monosyllabic chanting.

        Soft college kids whining about a dead thug aren’t exactly going to get a cowed reaction storming a gay bar.

      • benvad

        At least they have their values in right frame of mind.

      • RedFIag450

        Wow. Gays threw dumpsters at those freaks? Hm, as a pansexual with an opposition to political correctness, I must say we should do that to those apes more often.

    • NoMosqueHere

      Many gays like Islamic terrorists because they strike at traditional values, including those held by traditional christians and jews. But they also like nazism — the early nazi movement consisted of large numbers of gay men; and they like to dress up in nazi uniforms. Maybe gays, like many others, think the national front is a nazi type movement.

      • RedFIag450

        It isn’t. Although National Socialism has great elements in terms of economics.

    • Jon Robbins

      “The simple truth is that we are doomed if we fight among ourselves.’

      Who is “we?”

    • KyraNelson

      unity is survival

  • The images of gays being tossed off tall buildings is unsettling.

    • From Ohio

      Homosexuals need therapy not execution.

    • IstvanIN

      It is amazing what Muslims do with glee, such as gunning down Yazidis babies, women, and old men. They slaughter solders who they captured rather than hold them as prisoners of war.

  • From Ohio

    I dislike sodomites almost as much as Muslims, their views on sodomites is about the only thing I agree with Muslims in. However I despise everything else about Muslims and their third world liberation theology. This is a wrong move by Marine Le Pen to accept sodomites into her ranks, as she will probably soon begin to champion their causes, thus alienating much of her conservative and traditionalist (catholic) base.

  • Magician

    Well this photo was taken in the capital city of UK

    I would rather have 50 hard-working and law-abiding gay men live in my neighborhood, than 50 muslims who have zero respect for women in general.

    • Magician


      • Magician

        well the above photo was meant to be a silly joke

        LeBron married his highschool sweetheart, named Savannah, in Sept 2013

        • Reynardine

          At least he married within his race instead of gettin dat white tropha waif.

          • Magician

            90% of black NBA athletes are married to black women, and among the remaining 10%, half the remaining 10% are married to Hispanic or Asian women.

            LeBron James
            Kevin Garnett ( 15 time NBA all-star)
            Amar’e Stoudamire (highest paid New York Knicks player)
            Steve Curry (MVP candidate)
            Rudy Gay (10th highest paid player in NBA)
            James Harden
            Dwyane Wade
            Carmelo Anthony (4th highest paid player in NBA)

            They are all dating or married to African American women. Steve Curry is married to a light-skinned black woman and he is quite light-skinned himself. Both of Steve Curry’s parents are black.

            By the way, NBA players get paid more than NHL players and MLB players do on average.

            Yes you can find a black NBA athlete dating or married to a white woman if you are determined to find one, but those are a minority.

            But for some reason the mainstream media overly and unnecessarily focus on black athletes married to a non-black woman

          • Reynardine

            Wow, thank you. That was enlightening. I don’t follow the Negro Basketball League at all and presumed that The White Wimmens were the goal of every negro who entered the league.

            I do presume they still pursue the White Doe outside of marriage, however, cf. the roaming randiness of Kobe Bryant.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            Still disgusting because we have 3 blacks in the US.

        • newscomments70

          They look normal, healthy. Everyday, I see white women with buzzcuts and tatoos, toting around mulatto children (no father). That doesn’t look normal.

    • newscomments70

      …idiot liberals with the Stockholm syndrome. They know some non-violent Muslims from the bathhouse, but most of the Muslim world wants to cut their heads off.

      • superlloyd

        Barry Soetero?

        • newscomments70

          …according to Pastor James Manning. It’s still just a hearsay, but the stories are convincing.

          • Alexandra1973

            Manning cracks me up with the “long-legged mack daddy” stuff.

          • newscomments70

            I could watch that all day. I know he isn’t very popular in the black community though.

          • Alexandra1973

            Only thing about Manning is he whines about Harlem being gentrified.

          • newscomments70

            He seems to want some kind of de facto segregation where blacks work hard and act responsibly. He mentions that during segregation, and before welfare, black families were cohesive, hard-working, and less criminal prone. Black owned businesses existed such as banks, Doctors, hotels, etc…something unheard of now. I see his point. Segregation works.

    • LHathaway

      I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one, Magician. Not so much on which side to pick, gays vs muslims, but on respect for women. I must disagree completely. One thing is true, while we have plenty of time to squabble among ourselves and work this out, as surely it will work itself out to our favor, open immigration will change us permanently. There will be no coming back from that one, regardless of what one feels about politics, social standing, or gender.

      • Tarczan

        Yup. We can survive monetary collapse, even the cities being ruined by blacks. All of the current problems can be made significantly better by taking power away from Washington. The blacks will do a lot better when the welfare state is cut back.

        A large muslim population is a different matter, there is no coming back short of civil war. Even that may not work.

        • LHathaway

          Actually, we will come back from this. One might think we never will, or that it would take hundreds of years but I suspect it won’t take quite that long. We will come back from this, and it won’t take hundreds of years. Admittedly, it will require our own white homeland in NAmerican in the Pacific Northwest, but we will recover from this in less time than one might think. Perhaps in one or two generations we will recover.

      • Magician

        I do not mind anyone in this world disagreeing with me but,

        Do you mean gay men do not respect women or muslim men respect women?

        • LHathaway

          haha, gay men don’t respect women. . muslims don’t respect women. . I’m liking our odds, more and more. Perhaps, though, my disagreement had nothing to do with either of them? Perhaps it is I who does not respect women? When I read your comment, I read it to imply we should respect them more than we already do. Isn’t it always more effective if you imply something, rather than just come right out and say it?

          I’m going to have to quote author Esther Vilar on this one, ‘In a nation where man is exploited as unscrupulously as the USA, any movement for women’s right’s is reactionary, and as long as the screaming for equality does not stop man will never get the idea he is actually the victim”. She also wrote, “Only woman can break the vicious cycle of man’s manipulation exploitation, but she will not do it. Since woman gains but one advantage after another as the situation exists, she has no reason to”.

          I sense the time running out on that one. The time draws near.

          • Magician

            If there is a nation full of

            Black men and black women
            Gay men who are willing to associate with blacks and muslims

            I wonder what the nation will look like in 20 years.

          • LHathaway

            You had to press the baseball button . . . this is getting serious, damn you.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            One filthy rainbow nation.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Dang it, I wish I’d read your post before posting mine. Yours is so much better!

            Upvote × 100

          • newscomments70

            Haha, you just described Orange County, CA.

          • RedFIag450

            That would be if the homosexuals don’t get castrated and slaughteted by the thugs and Muslims. That’s a good neo-liberal fantasy though, a Utopian one at best.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Call me a throwback if you will, but I very literally CANNOT IMAGINE a world without strong, moral White men to run it — from the boardroom to the bedroom.

            Beyond sex discrimination in workplace hiring and compensation — issues long since solved — I have no use for “feminists.” Are they really so unable to find a good job, and to attract and retain Good Husband Material, that they want to spoil it for the rest of us?

          • LHathaway

            How do you seem feminists spoiling things for other women?

          • newscomments70

            Strong, moral, white men are considered racist, bigoted and boring by the liberal elite. No one wants what works, they want what is trendy.

          • Pelayo

            I’m pretty sure most gay men like the company of women just fine.

          • LHathaway

            I’ll have to disagree with you.

    • Magician

      • LHathaway

        kind of funny.

      • LHathaway

        That’s a funny sign.

        • Spikeygrrl

          That’s a SCARY sign.

          Imagine, if you will, a nakedly (sorry) self-interested political alliance of homosexuals, Muslims, and blacks. No love lost there; all they’d share would be their devotion to “gibsmedat.”

          Oh, wait….

          • LHathaway

            ‘Oh, wait. . . ‘ My thoughts exactly . . . I don’t have to imagine.

            True, muslims, attacking the twin towers, have shaken things up a bit, even changing the evil-whitey as cause of all problems standby, it has changed that paradigm, perhaps, a little bit, but has it really stirred up more than cognitive dissonance?

            I really just don’t care. I have my own political interests and self-interest, and will take any friend I can get. In the end, I’ll be alone. A movement toward isolation and being alone. The ultimate in rejecting diversity. But let’s not be too self-infatuated. There’s blonds, red-heads and brunettes (and hopefully some girl diversity, too).

        • newscomments70

          I wonder if that’s photoshopped. Muslim Jihadists would not allow an open homosexual to protest with them.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            I’d say yes. The text just doesn’t appear to be at quite the right angle, somehow. Like it’s canted relative to the viewer and not relative to the sign in reality…

            I was also going to say that the sign has too many artifacts before I realized that the entire photo is actually very lossy. So I’m not sure.

            But I definitely think it’s a ‘shop.

        • RedFIag450

          What an idiot! Muslims are instructed to torture and kill all homosexuals and disbelievers.

    • Michael Robert Ryan

      The gays would be much better for your property values. They are usually the first wave of gentrifiers in blighted areas. I was told once by an old hand in the real estate market that “you don’t want a piece of property unless you’re pushing a Jew or a queer out of the way to get it.”

      • Alexandra1973

        My mom once had a gay couple next door, said they were really nice guys. I don’t doubt that they’re nice, but homosexuality is still abnormal.

        That being said, I don’t believe in persecuting gays–like attacking or killing them for being gay.

      • newscomments70

        I was always taught that one the Jews move in, the blacks soon follow. I knew of some wealthy Jews that kept their property up well. I also knew of ones that let their property run down and then sell it to blacks. That happened to entire neighborhoods in Boston, New York, Los Angeles and other cities.

    • Pelayo

      And the neighborhood would be waaay nicer, cleaner and more peacful.. Your property would gain a lot of value.

    • David Ashton

      Is that Peter Tatchell on the right? And how old is the boy next to him? They have a hope!

  • Brady

    French culture generally regards a man’s sex life to be a private matter, even if he is a public figure. On of the more admirable qualities of the French compared to us Anglo-Saxons is that they are less receptive to smear tactics. The average Frenchman’s view of homosexuality is essentially one of indifference – as it has been at least since Napoleon’s time. He seldom gave it any thought at all.

    Considering that, “outing” a homosexual, as was done to Philipott, is considered horrible manners in France and likely to win sympathy for FN.

  • I’m okay with the strategy, but I’m not exactly sanguine about how well it could work. Notice that MLP got 26% of urban gays and 13.5% of Jews. That means that 74% of urban gays and 86.5% of Jews voted for someone else. And this was MLP finishing in third in the first round of the 2012 vote. If she made the runoff, I doubt she would have gotten much more of that percentage from urban gays and Jews than she did get in the first round; for now, those are probably the FN’s glass ceilings in those demographics.

    • LHathaway

      They never seem to get it until it is too late. Not so much that only 26% of urban gays voted FN (the only party that is serious about ending immigration) but that it IS about race. In nation after nation (and town after town) whites fall into minority status (from which they have never recovered, at least no where yet) and they never seem to wake up until it is way past too late. Not just the gays but the FN spokesperson here who says this is about ‘france’ and preserving ‘french culture’. One by one they fall in silence, the exception being Haiti, I suppose, where things haven’t gone on as usual.

      • newscomments70

        “In nation after nation (and town after town) whites fall into minority status (from which they have never recovered, at least no where yet) and they never seem to wake up until it is way past too late.” Mostly true, but parts of dying neighborhoods and cities are being gentrified by white yuppies and hipsters (some gay). Bedford-sty in Brooklyn and the South Bronx are filling with whites. Rents and home prices are steadily increasing. Washington DC is becoming whiter, percentage wise. That’s just to name a few. Columbus, OH, Oakland, CA are more examples.

        • LHathaway

          I suspect the numbers gentrifying are so small, with the overall opposite pattern continuing on unabated, that this is mostly a side-show, but you do raise a point.

          • newscomments70

            In DC, the white population has increased significantly. I believe Oakland will continue to gentrify. Other parts of the Bay Area are outrageously expensive. One can buy a large house for the same price or less than a small coop apartment in San Francisco. People are pouring out of the city to buy them up. There is nowhere else to go but up. Whites and maybe Asians will eventually eclipse the welfare black population in that city. Columbus will probably never be much of anything though.

          • WoodyBBad

            DC is no longer a majority-black city. There is hope. And change.

    • Reynardine

      Economically, you should think about the law of diminishing returns here. How much is it going to cost FN to increase the homosexual and jewish votes?

      Answer: way too much.

      • Using one of my favorite economics phrases, so I am well aware.

        To a point, I think the FN gains way more than it loses. Just my amateur read of the situation tells me that it can get to a quarter of urban gays and an eighth of Jews while losing virtually nobody. Maybe it can get more and still not lose anybody. I think the FN has way more wiggle room in this regard than the same kind of party would have in the United States of America, simply because in France, many social issues aren’t even issues, they’re settled politics in favor of the left wing.

        There is a point where you would be right and LODMR kicks in.

      • LHathaway

        What morality? No one here is 100 years old . . .

        • Reynardine

          Oh I forgot this is France. Carry on, y’all.

    • Valmont

      In France’s 2014 municipal elections, the Front National won 24 or 25% of the vote. This figure put the FN in front of both of the country’s two major parties, the Socialists and the UMP. I suspect recent events like the Charlie Hebdo massacre and continuing economic decline under Hollande (approval rating 13%) will drive more voters to the FN.

    • IstvanIN

      What is more confounding is that she doesn’t have a slam-dunk win among the average, real French people.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    One of the best books I’ve read on the Islamification of Europe is “While Europe Slept”. The author, Bruce Bawer, is a gay man. At least a decade ago he was signaling the clarion call that Europe, once the best place on Earth for gays, was becoming one of the worst places for gays due to Muslim attacks.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    I’m glad gay French people are beginning to realize just how much of a threat Muslim immigration is to them. The more Muslims there are in France, the fewer places gays will be able to be open about their homosexuality. Being openly gay is extremely dangerous in any Muslim neighborhood.

    It’s nice to see them not falling in line with the typical liberal/leftist political positions. I hope they continue to support and vote for Front National.

    • RedFIag450

      Same. Its the equvilant of a six year old child who, can grasp the concept of immigration, wants millions upon millions of immigrants from a nation which consists of pedophiles. The pedophiles will consider that child a useful idiot.

  • connorhus

    Personally I can’t wait for the Feminist, Gays, Gia-Worshippers and other Left conglomerate member groups to meet their “Religion of Peace” allies on a field somewhere where there are no evil White Men around. I am pretty sure the numbers of our enemies will be cut dramatically after that.

  • newscomments70

    Gays in the US have their own Republican organization. They join the other rhinos/neo cons in the push for diversity, inclusion, slightly lower taxes, and big business. I saw a photo of what I thought was their their leader, an effete man in a stylish business suit. I was wrong though, it was Jeb Bush.

    • LHathaway

      You mean the log-cabin republicans?

      • newscomments70

        I believe that is their name.

  • Reynardine

    I read: “rescue us so we can get back to destroying your heteronormative culture, cisgender breeders!”

    • This is a good point. While I object to gays being stoned or publicly executed, we are seriously playing with fire if we think homosexuals and their gay agenda (yes, they do have an ‘agenda’) is benign and won’t ultimately destroy the kinds of healthy white societies we want.

      Wherever homosexuality is rampant within any society, so also is there a diminishing of common decency, the stability of the family, generally low birth rates, and the slow erosion of morality among the general populace.

      While I would prefer to live in a neighborhood with gays than with muslims (or blacks), this should in no way mean that homosexuals will make our societies better in the long run.

      • Reynardine

        Excellent points, all. Let me add a few of my own:

        The meaning of the word tolerate has been mangled beyond recognition. Today it’s a full synonym for “acceptance” and leaning towards being interchangeable with “promotion.” Just because we tolerate an activity, doesn’t mean we should promote it. Tolerance – to me – means as Lynyrd Skynyrd put it: “I don’t ask you about your business, don’t ask me about mine.” It says nothing about me liking, enjoying, promoting, or patting you on the back for whatever repulsive, but legal things you do.

        There is no end goal for homosexuality other than domination and perversion. We already have special laws that support homosexuals and homosexuals alone (affirmative action, scholarships, anti-discrimination), for which they heavily lobbied. Countless laws are drafted for their pleasure, and countless work, school, and church programs are geared towards their promotion. In a disturbingly large portion of States, homosexuality is promoted by the Government via homosexual marriage, and there’s a pending Supreme Court decision that will likely decide to strike down anti-homosexual marriage laws.

        Woah woah woah, when did we go from tolerating this to promoting and protecting this!?

        There is definitely a strong correlation between depravity and homosexuality in society. This hasn’t been helped by countless displays of disgustingness from Gay Pride Parades and homosexual art and cinema. On the horizon, professors are trying to de-pathologize beastiality, pedophilia, and incest. The slide towards depravity is wet with the slime of interracial marriage and now greased again with homosexual marriage.

        The real question we ought to be asking is not how a homosexual acts (someone can always trot out their favorite examples of a ‘nice’ or ‘normal’ sodomite), but rather how do homosexuals act in a group? What does the Castro district and the Stonewall Inn say about homosexual culture in general? Just like there’s “nice” blacks that don’t account for the behaviour of blacks in groups, these questions deserve to be answered.

        While I, like you, would rather live around homosexuals than muslims, but I would prefer greatly to live among neither if I had a family. I’ve had very negative experiences with both homosexuals (sexual harassment, threats) and minorities (theft, violence, threats).My future sons and daughters deserve better than to live amongst filth and violence.

        • newscomments70

          I heard about the Castro in SF. The gays in the 70s moved there to create their own neighborhood. I’m sure there is good and bad everywhere, but it was mostly porn shops, bathhouses, and similar. Many of course died of AIDS or are living with it. Their neighborhood continued to decline. The property values were declining…death isn’t good for property value. In the last ten years, there have been younger, straight, white couples moving in. They are liberal yuppies, mostly. They are renovating and reinvigorating the decay. The dirty old queens were complaining about the baby carriages and the loss of their “culture”. The young yuppies were pressuring the shops to remove the pornographic images from the windows (and I don’t blame them). I guess diversity doesn’t even work amongst white liberals.

          • jaye ellis

            Yes, but the gays were the first “urban pioneers”. Now there are lots and lots of Yuppie Couple urban pioneers, their politics are mixed, who cares so much if they spout pro Obama liberal stuff.

            The reality is that these White Yuppie urban pioneers are following the gay example and taking back lots of desirable urban areas in places like Washington DC, Louisville, New Orleans and Atlanta.

            The welfare Black underclass is being pushed out of the more desirable central urban areas – pushed out to ex urban areas like Ferguson MO where land is way less expensive, plus the underclass Blacks are being bribed, conned in to thinking they are going to safer, better (Whiter) areas with better schools, escaping ….

            The Hood.

            We all know the Hood goes wherever the Black underclass goes.

          • newscomments70

            Blacks are losing their protected status and “historical neighborhoods”. I think some realize that the future does not belong to them. Diversity and gentrification will eventually end their apathetic way of life that the liberals created for them. I have known some blacks who don’t have the victim mentality. One common comment from them was, “I don’t want to know any black people!”

        • Pelayo

          I do agree that there is a lot of depraved behavior in the gay scene. I and many others have railed against the general whorishness of gay men and have been attacked for it. However how is it any different from young college-aged kids these days? There are vast swaths of gay men who don’t fit the mold of the Castro scene type.

          Also If there’s gay marriage depravity among gay men will decrease, not increase. People will be tied down to their partners instead of sleeping around. They’ll just become boring old Ozzie and Harry living in the burbs and maybe raising a couple kids. And no, the kids will not turn gay through osmosis, it doesn’t work that way.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    The fact that gays don’t like Muslims proves they are at least partly normal.

  • UncleSham

    I’m somewhat surprised that homosexuals are showing a sense of self-preservation. I figured that people who were born (as they insist) with a fetish for not passing on their genetics wouldn’t care much for the future.

  • From an American pro-White standpoint, would many pro-White people really object to a homosexual with a lot of clout suddenly declaring that protecting the culture and racial stock of our nation to be a good thing? I think some people have a knee-jerk reaction to the idea because it’s always been a forgone conclusion that homosexuals support anti-White policies. And by anti-White, I’m talking about in the puritanical sense where some believe them to be aberrations that fight against their own personal religious and moral agendas. You can spot these people by watching how they will rail against homosexuals every chance they get, but then turn right around and find a token black Republican to put up on a pedestal and drool over.

    As long as Le Pen has specific and firm boundaries for how far she’s willing to bend to gain the homosexual vote, then I see nothing but a very good political move.

    • Reynardine

      I’m ok with Le Pen leveraging homosexuals for votes, so long as the homosexuals don’t leverage Le Pen for gimmies.

    • UncleSham

      The more people who are openly pro-White, the better. Lifestyle is irrelevant.

    • jayvbellis

      Yeah, but this dream is a lot like the dream of some patriotic, conservative Black guy being made President of the United States, saving the day and getting the millions of welfare Blacks to change, get married, get good jobs, become property owners etc.

      So many a Conservatives, including the Bush clan on making Gen. Colin Powell this magic Negro, Conservative Black hero.

      How did this dream turn out?

      Colin Powell was widely partying with Black African students on the night of the election of Lib, Black Liberation Theology President Barach Obama.

      Race trumps everything in US politics.

      • J.C. Watts (remember him?) voted for Obama.

        This is why I don’t attach any nefarious interpretation to the news that there were some ghetto voting precincts where there were either zero, one or two total votes for Mitt Romney (versus Obama). First off, it’s virtually impossible to crack open modern voting mechanisms, second, why would the vote thieving blacks remove the scant few Romney votes actually cast when the easier tactic is to flood the boxes with fraudulent Obama votes, and third, the few blacks who might vote for a Republican in another race will be right there to vote black when a black wants to be President or stay President.

  • John Ambrose

    Sure with Le Pen French gays won’t get their way when it comes to redefining marriage and most straight FN supporters probably wish their homosexuality would be kept private, but at least they’ll get the right to live their lives which is unlikey in a country dominated by a bunch of brown and black Moose-lums.

  • The Dude

    Wow, that Florian Philippot guy is gay? I would’ve never guessed. I watched him speak on many occasions on Youtube.

    To the main point, the gay turn to (what the mainstream parties call) the Far Right is understandable. Sure, the Socialists can give them more legislative rights like marriage and adoption. But good will marriage do to you if you can’t even live in security, if you have people around you willing to kill you? No, in this case, you priority becomes law and order, the iron fist. And law and order is the business of the Right.

    That’s the thing with Leftists: they have too many prolos, too many demographics that “need to be protected”, so these demographics are bound to clash. In this case, Muslims against homos.

    Also, Marine Le Pen had to tone down the anti-gay rhetoric her party has been known for given that the French people as a whole are not only tolerant of homosexuals, but 68% of them now are okay with gay marriage. If you discount the Muslim French citizens you get an overwhelming majority among the natives (the ones most likely to vote for the National Front).

    http://www atlantico fr/decryptage/68-francais-desormais-favorables-au-mariage-pour-tous-et-53-adoption-couples-homosexuels-jerome-fourquet-1856752 html

    So anyway, every vote of every demographic is welcome as long as it helps bring the FN into power and keep France French, both racially and culturally.

    • WoodyBBad

      “Apprently he’s been the mastermind behind burnishing the party’s image lately.”

      So, he’s been a great interior decorator?

      • The Dude

        Haha, I was thinking more strategic advisor, but he probably did some of that too.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    A lot of gays support blacks saying that they identify with them, However, many blacks that are Christian hate the fact that gays indentify with them.

    • The Dude

      Yes, many identify with blacks as being part of the “persecuted/disadvantaged demographics”. That’s a typical leftist vision of things, and gay leftists will ascribe to it. But what are we to do with those who are supportive of our causes, exclude them? I personally wouldn’t, but that’s me.

      I know that the degree of hostility towards them differs from one person to another. It can go from celebrating them (like some liberals) to hating them to feeling neutral towards them (like myself). However, I think that excluding those who support us would be more detrimental than beneficial to us.

      • BlueSonicStreak


        Fewer gays would be liberal if liberals weren’t controlling the narrative and pushing the idea that gays and NAMs are fellow sailors in the same ship of persecution.

        I may be in the minority; but I consider the fact that a Western nationalist party ANYWHERE is courting – and getting – the gay vote to be absolutely fantastic news. I personally don’t think nationalist movements will ever get majority support with a strident insistence on right-wing ideological purity.

        • Spikeygrrl

          Please forgive my ignorance: What is “NAM”? Thanks.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            “Non-[East] Asian Minority,” sorry! I figured people here would know it because it’s apparently a Derbyshire thing, but I am new to his stuff. Well, somewhat new here in general.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Thanks! I’m rather new to this website too, although I was a faithful subscriber to the hardcopy magazine.

          • The Dude

            Oh, that! I was way off…

      • Anna Tree

        I also think a pro-white gay white is equal to any pro-white white as long as they agree that liberal leftism is destroying the
        Western civilization, including by dogmas like gay adoption, gender
        theory etc
        Same with white women, Jews etc, as long as they acknowledge that the interest of the White race is above their little groups and more.

      • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

        You are right. I know a lot of gays that are wonderful people and they work hard and they are not welfare queens like Negros, Latinos and other non whites. I would rather support a gay person when he is being ridiculed than a non white. However, I do not agree with the fact that they should make the gay life in everyone’s face and that it is normal.

  • KenelmDigby

    The left, one day, some day, will have to choose between gays and the Muslims.
    I suspect that they will choose the Muslims.

    • The Verdict of History

      That day is fast approaching.

      Thousands of European Muslims probably cant wait till they get the chance to swipe at a few…. at a gay bar, etc.

      I’d love to see the media react to that.

      • jaye ellis

        The MSM spin would be that it was a great tragedy because both the Gays and Muslim killers should have recognized that they were on the same side, victims of racism, sexism, homophobia and now Islamaphobia – and White Conservatives created a “climate of hate” and the Muslim killers just became infected by the evil White racists’ climate of hate.

    • jayvbellis

      No – their choice will be the other:

      Make straight White Conservatives the enemy who oppresses everyone, Blacks, Gays, Jews, Muslims.

      That was what was done in Canada, EU, the Matthew Shepherd a Federal Hate Crimes bill.

  • B.A_2014

    Michelangelo, Tchaikovsky, Oscar Wilde etc.

    Plenty of great gay white men in the past. Who’s to say they can’t make a contribution to our current struggle.

    • jayvbellis

      America and UK desperately need our own Pym Fortyns.

  • Tim

    Reminds me of the old joke, “Italian Homosexual”- A guy who likes women more than he loves Sports Cars…

    • jaye ellis

      Yes, very good. The Irish version of this joke is:

      “what’s the definition of an Irish homosexual?

      Answer: It’s an Irishman who prefers women to alcohol”

  • ViktorNN

    I think homosexual’s desire to get married is overblown (so to speak).

    In the U.S., it was always just as much about liberal activists using the issue as a wedge against conservatives, and about trying to normalize homosexuality in society, as it was about any great desire among homosexuals to get married. As far as I know there hasn’t been any rush among gays to get married, and many of the ones who have gotten married are already getting divorced.

    • Once upon a time, most gays, as they used to be known, before the Grand Acronym came along, thought that marriage was an outmoded institution and needed to be discarded for everyone. The only reason many of them care so much about “marriage equality” is that they’re grinding about the egalitarianism of the matter. Even though very few of them actually get married.

      • Anna Tree

        I don’t think it is about egalitarianism or civil unions or parriages would have work for them.
        Adoption is a greater evil in my opinion, although it may be also because of ignorance of the dangers it brings to the children and society.

        I think the agenda of some/many is to destroy Western institutions and more and LGTBQCXYZ is only one front.

      • Kenner

        Radical lesbian feminists started the push for gay marriage. I remember seeing very few men speaking up for it at first.
        ‘Marriage Equality’ was a feel-good bumper-sticker that carried the day.
        And here we are.

        • Hearkening back to Steve Sailer’s axiom, that lesbian women want to be married, gay men want to get married. That lesbians want to monogamy, gays want the ceremony and the theatrical production.

    • BlueSonicStreak

      Marriage has legal benefits, for those gays who are genuinely in long-term committed relationships. Rights to estate after death, rights to legal medical proxy, etc. For those homosexuals who are shut out of that and who have anti-gay families, that can be hairy.

      But really, that’s a simple matter of legalities, or should be…I guess I’m not seeing the reason why those even continue to be part of “marriage,” which I think of as an exclusively religious institution. All of those legal benefits could theoretically be separated from marriage and attached to a federally protected version of a civil union, with all existing marriages grandfathered in. Marriage would be entirely left up to the churches to define.

      Maybe that would calm some of the debate between gay advocates and people protesting that gay marriage attacks the religious sanctity of marriage, thus possibly dropping the issue to a lower profile.

      • Re your second paragraph: Yeah, it sounds nice in theory and on paper, but it doesn’t scale well to the real world.

        • BlueSonicStreak

          Fair enough, but why is “marriage” federally recognized, then? Or am I misunderstanding your point?

          • Why do governments recognize heterosexual marriages?

            Because societies (some more than others, ahem) value tight heterosexual pair bonding, mainly for the purposes of successful procreation and child rearing.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            There’s no difference in that regard between marriage and what I proposed.

            I thought your argument was about logistics. It’s sounding now like it isn’t.

      • Anna Tree

        I think marriage is not a religious matter but a moral and gregarious institution, to keep members of the group and the group happy. It is a financial matter only if there are children. Society needs future good generations so it should incite/reward families making children not really just couples. Marriage is the mean not the goal. In the past people married to have children so it was okay to get financial goodies, but nowadays the system is just taken advantage if children are not the goal of the union.

        I think morals come from our gregarious instinct and our need for
        happiness. It seems to me loving people don’t need a piece of paper but
        because children will be better with a mom and dad in their home then
        the concept of marriage was created and it became a license for a man
        and a woman to father children. It is a societal product of human
        evolution, to protect society and further breeding of better members.
        Actually it was a requirement and once out of wedlock children was a
        crime. But all that changed in the last 100 years, society has changed,
        for a few generations we are guinea pig in a mass experience with a lot
        of rules being overriden and a lot of experiments being accepted as the
        norm. But is it for the better? Our laxist world show more individual freedoms, but is it for the good?

        How much individual freedom vs. health of a society is the question… In my opinion “radical personal freedom” doesn’t trump every other issue, that be gay adoption or extreme religious dogmas or one full generation deciding to bring children only at age 35+.

        I think society can not change so drastically, especially that I think society is also the product of evolution. I would think there are a lot of reason why it has evolved the way it has, even why the west became the way it is or why islam is so strong in certain societies (like needed. I said that
        sadly). Culture, morals, behaviors are shaped by our genes. They are the product of thousands of year of evolution.

        Mottos like “try everything” “nothing is bad” are changing the norms, people go over taboos and people stop following the rules, divorce is the end of more than half of the marriage etc. I think this all hurt the children and therefore the future of our group.

        People marry usually to have children and for the children. It seems
        that it is why marriage was created in the first place. Financial benefits shouldn’t go to married people but to married people with children, because society get many advantages with children’s birth and with children’s birth in married households. What is the advantage for a society for married couples without children? (I am not talking about infertility that is accidental and not willed; contraception is wanted but nevertheless if the pill is used, it’s often temporary: most people marry for
        procreation) A minimal I agree for the stability of the society but the biggest advantage is a next generationMarriage is not a right and married people shouldn’t get any bonuses unless for the birth of children. Do we need a piece of paper because you love someone? I don’t think so. Funny indeed that most liberals fight against the principle of marriage, but will fight for it if for gays. There is a hierarchy of underdogs (like they will fight for the gays but will throw them under the bus when praising muslim countries and islam etc etc)

        • BlueSonicStreak

          This appears to be a long and thoughtful comment which I only had time to skim, so I will have to come back to it later.

          But I wanted to say that I am struck by your referring to some of the rights of marriage as “financial goodies.” I would not have considered the things I mentioned (deciding what to do with your joint property after death, having the power to make medical decisions for an ill partner, and so on) to be “financial goodies.” Don’t you think that those benefits of marriage have emerged as our society has evolved? Many years ago, no one had a legal right to pull the plug on you if you were comatose…because medicine was not that advanced.

          Perhaps you were thinking of something else, and could specify further what you meant.

      • Pelayo

        That would be my compromise. Let the government to take the word marriage out of their legal framework altogether and just give civil unions to everyone. Let churches use the term marriage. That way everybody’s happy, I hope…

  • benvad

    These gays understand very clearly. They know they’ll be tossed off of the Eiffel Tower if these 7th century primates get into power.

  • jayvbellis

    The French Front Nationale and Putin’s Russia do most everything right, that’s why they are allied.

    Putin ‘sArussia doesn’t openly persecute (White) gays, just restores traditional norms of not making public displays of (deviant) sexuality. Most White people in France and Russia aren’t gay, must White people in a Russia and France do not want cultural Marxists to be pushing homosexual agenda to a White kindergartens.

    Just about every single White person in France and Russia, including the current Putin regime and the Front Nationale now pulling 30% doesn’t want mobs of Arab, Afro Arab, Chetnian, Pakistani Muslim “youths” rioting, looting and raping in a Russian and French cities.

    The best news is there few or no American style Libertarian Constitutionalist loons in eith a trance or Russia.

  • jayvbellis

    Another reason to make Extreme Islam the main propaganda enemy. Sane a Whites from Right to gay Left, fear oppose the Islamic invasions.

    But, we can count on the know it all Ron and Rand Paul Constitutionalist Libertarians to completely miss the boat on this as they do all most all things like a Ferguson MO, Black criminal mob terror.

    • John Jackson

      Hmmm, I always liked Ron, I haven’t kept up with him lately tho, what has he done that makes you say that?

      I know Rand has been going around boot-licking, but I didn’t think Ron was like that, in fact one of the things that made me like him is I saw him at some Hispanic something or other and they asked him “What are you going to do for Hispanic Americans” and he so plainly said “Nothing. (stunned silence in the crowd) I’ll defend your rights under the Constitution like anyone else, but I’m not going to cow-tow to anybody”.

      • jayvbellis

        You write:

        “Hmmm, I always liked Ron, I haven’t kept up with him lately tho,”

        I respond:

        I am afraid that yours is a rather typical way of acting and … It’s killing us.

        You take some “leader” like Ron Paul or John McCain, Mike the Huckster Huckabee, or even Ron Reagan himself. You ‘ve known him for a long time, forever and think, “well he used to be good a long time ago, he must still be good now” . The reality is the complete opposite. The powers that be in Washington, Hollywood, academia, the cursed media have turned them against us, they are now for open borders immigration, worship MLK as a saint, they attend Nobel Peace Prize awards for Nelson Mandela, in short:

        They’ve taken the 30 pieces of silver to betray our people.

        But, you just remember good time way back when.

        Sorry, you and your kind are a big, big part of the problem.

        You’re just not paying attent to things now. What will make you wake up?

        Maybe the only thing is personal pain, fear, terror. You need to get caught in Ferguson MO Black, Leftist violence – get terrified, hurt and then have Ron and Rand Paul throw you under the bus, make you the propaganda bad racist guy and they get to be featured on Time Magazine and MSNBC as thoughtful , new kinds of Conservatives who really care about Black Civil Rights.

        • John Jackson

          That was one heck of a long post full of some of the most inaccurate and stupid assumptions I’ve ever seen.

          • jayvbellis

            The point is actually very simple.

            Live and think in the present, don’t live in the past. Be very aware of what is going on now. Things change.

            Sometimes, as with Russia, things change for the better.

            And just don’t tolerate, enable old fools or traitors.

            My God, there is a big push to get Ron Paul to run for President…

            This would make 26 years of Ron Paul for president campaigns since he ran for President on the Libertarian party ticket in 1988 where he won…

            Ron Paul has never won even one state primary in 26 years!

            Imagine if White Americans insisted in supporting some great White hope boxer who never won a boxing match in 26 years!

            Fortunately we now have excellent White boxers who have dominated the middle and heavier weight divisions for the past 10 years. Our side, the White American side prefers to back losers , fools and traitors in Presidential politics.

  • I think some of you are trying to analyze this thinking necessarily that MLP is “selling out.”

    It’s a simple as this:

    MLP is asking gays and Jews to prepare for the binary political choice they may soon have to make, and ask themselves: Do they want to play second fiddle to the “normal” French as represented by the FN, or do they want to play second fiddle to the seventh century totalitarian death cult?

  • jaye ellis

    Leftists, cultural marxists, various non White, off White people, groups often resort to dirty tricks, posing as White nationalists, staging fake White racist hate crimes, racist graffiti – all to make us look like the bad guys. liars in the American MSM take real Arab/Muslim attacks on Jewish people, property in Europe as supposedly done by racist White Nationalists or else the spin, is that White racist nationalists in Europe created a “climate of hate” which otherwise innocent Muslim immigrants became infected with this unique White racist disease of racism, anti semitism, homophobia even Islamaphobia.

    That’s life, dealing with dirty, rotten Leftist liars.

    I think some fun, devil may care folks should return the favor, pose as Muslims or even actually convert and then proceed to insult, abuse Liberals, Leftists, Gays, certain hostile to White Jews etc.

    There should be calls to end gay pride events that occur during some Muslim holiday – Muslims can find some Muslim holiday for every weekend in the year!

    Leftists and Muslims on US Campuses already join together to bash all things Israel, US support for Israel, US Neo Conservative foreign policies – just get Soros to Fund this instead of Black anarchy mobs in Ferguson MO.

    Trouble makers on are side can convert to Islam and start really insulting Texans, White Evangelical Christians that Islam is the only “TRUE” religion, and that the Baptists, Methodists need to convert or….


    Muslim polygamy and Islamic female genital mutilation are also good issues to work with White liberals – also slavery.

    And also, let’s all be honest – wouldn’t most all of us like to see the worst, pushy American feminists, Leftist women like Hillary, Hanoi Jane Fonda, wouldn’t we like to see them forced to shut up and wear the Islamic burka and be banned from speaking or even showing their face in public?

    We could cut a deal with Muslim immigrant leaders that we would agree that the Islamic Sharia law can and will be applied to pushy Lib/Leftist/Lesbians like Rachel Mad Cow Maddow – the Dyke Kike!


    Have some fun out there folks.

    We may indeed be going down with the sinking Western Civilization Ship, but if so, let’s go down with a smile on our lips same as the tiny group of White resisters in the last pages of Jean Respail’s Camp of the Saints.

  • BlueSonicStreak

    There don’t seem to be a lot of queer ethnic nationalists. (Not to be confused with queer nationalists.) But maybe it’s a “if you build it, they will come” thing. Possibly this article is suggesting there COULD be enough interest if someone made a website.

  • Anna Tree

    Joe, welcome to Amren and do stay with us! Although starting your own organization would be in my opinion a great thing, I hope you see yours under the same white umbrella as Amren.

    I presume you know about Jack Donavan and he has participated in Amren conferences. Its seems you share many of his opinions. He has a website:
    jack-donovan com
    maybe a forum would be a nice addition.

    I hope to read more of your posts.
    Race is all.

    • Kenner

      Anna, see my comment to Joe.

    • jayvbellis

      Agreed. Start your own organization, finesse race a bit.

      We need pro White gay groups
      Pro White a Italian groups
      Pro White Liberal groups
      Pro White a Hispanic groups etc.

  • Hammerheart

    A surprisingly good decision. People with alternative sexualities and muslims are inherently incompatible.

  • Kenner

    Joe, I remember an article with a ‘gays as radical leftists’ issue at SBPDL last year, and no less than five commenters said they were gay and supported the pro-white cause.

    • Anna Tree

      Yes and I forgot actually to say that there are homosexual Amreners too. Besides that it seems to me that Amreners opinions about homosexuality are as diverse as any non-Amreners. So there are no reasons why Joe and his partner wouldn’t be accepted as equal here. Whites… pro-whites have to be united, we are not enough to reject any pro-white Whites.

  • John Jackson

    Yep, that’s one grudging respect I have to give them.

  • Steven Barr

    Homosexuality is not something we should accept as natural or normal. Nevertheless, I have no problem with homosexuals being allowed into the movement provided they reject the militant ideas of the “gay rights” movement.

    • Johnny Harper


      Why not just accept feminists as well?

      What could go wrong?

      • Steven Barr

        Being homosexual itself is not a political act. It’s only political when they push a homosexual agenda on the entire society. I consider homosexuality immoral but if we excluded people from our movement on these grounds where would it stop? Should we exclude drunks and adulterers as well?

        • Johnny Harper

          Yes we should exclude those people as well.

          Without morality, there is no “movement”. You will be no different than the “cultural marxists” you complain about.

  • Johnny Harper

    Wow a bunch of White Nationalists supporting homosexuals and feminists. I’ve seen it all. This place is becoming a joke lol.

    Must be all “Jewish” subversion in here because I thought these “movements” were due to the “Zionists”.

    Now White Nationalists seem to be embracing all of these “movements” and then wonder why the White race is dying off.

    Homosexuality + Feminism= demographic collapse of any society stupid enough to tolerate this stuff.

  • Pelayo

    As much as we’re vilified by conservatives, mostly because of their Christian views (You know, the Christianity that has virtually betrayed us); we are one of the most powerful weapons against Islam and for the preservation of Western values. Those two very handsome men are champions of the West. And populist identitarian nationalism seems to be going mainstream which is a great sign that the West will not go down without a fight.

  • jayvbellis

    Just keep sexuality private and I am sure most Amren people will be fine.

    Please WORK everyday in the real world to promote the legitimate rights of our people. Work for things like birth control for the Black welfare underclass.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    I do npt approve of gay unions because it is genocide for the white race. I know it is all love and all that, but I do not apporve of interracial straight unions and I sure as hell think that interracial gay couples are a bigger abomination than interracial couples.

  • John Smith

    I’m okay with discrete homosexuals and they’ve been with us since at least the dawn of recorded history and appear to be going nowhere. That said, I disagree that the 95+% of society that isn’t should be unduly inconvenienced to cater to a small minority and I dislike political homosexuality. Gays don’t need to be married because there are no children to raise, acknowledge and inherit property and civil partnerships would cover benefits and property inheritance rights for them.

  • Muslims and blacks don’t particularly like gays – even hate and despise gays. So, why should gays tolerate them in return?

  • jayvbellis

    Let’s discuss projects at Amren conference in April.

    • IAN

      I am writing from the UK so I will have to remain a long distance sympathiser but I wish you and the conference well and will read up on how it goes. I follow American politics fairly closely as we always seem to catch whatever you go down with; I had to listen to “the White police officer who shot dead an unarmed black teenager in Missouri” being propagandised on BBC Radio day after unrelenting day, with no explanatory detail given that might have called the official media narrative into question, needless to say.

      Thanks for the vote.