House Immigration Plan Slammed, Spends $10b and Deports No Illegals

Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner, January 22, 2015

Critics including Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions are slamming a House GOP border security plan set for debate Wednesday, claiming it will spend $10 billion on new equipment and border security tricks, but not send one single illegal home.

Sessions, the influential Center for Immigration Studies, and the head of the association of former Border Control agents all slammed the H.R. 399 being marked up in the House Homeland Security Committee today as unfocused on the No. 1 issue: U.S. sanctuary to illegals.

The bill, however, is geared to handling the tight security of the actual border, not how illegal immigrants are handled once they cross in. Several related pieces of immigration reform legislation are expected to be addressed by the House.


Sessions, the key conservative immigration strategist in the Senate, added, “it does not end catch-and-release; it does not require mandatory detention and return; it does not include worksite enforcement; it does not close dangerous asylum and national security loopholes; it does not cut-off access to federal welfare; and it does not require completion of the border fence. Surprisingly, it delays and weakens the longstanding unfulfilled statutory requirement for a biometric entry-exit visa tracking system.”

The plan pushed by House Homeland Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul would devote billions to new technologies, added border agents, fencing, and surveillance strategies to the border. He said securing the border is his No. 1 goal. The bill, the first of several piecemeal proposals on immigration, is expected to win GOP and some Democratic support.


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  • The politics of this matter is that they’re trying to pass some bill that they think we’ll be happy with, a bill that will accomplish nothing positive, so that we’re not thinking about immigration during primary and caucus season next year.

    • Jon Robbins

      That’s because the Republican Party wants to have it both ways: Protect the corporate interest in low-cost (read: illegal) labor and not totally alienate Latino voters while somehow appealing to its white grass roots, Unsurprisingly, the outcome is an ineffectual, hypocritical mess.

      The Republican grass roots deserve what they get because they continue to provide obedient support to the party, and even when they do get peeved, they allow the party establishment to create a fake “tea party” apparatus that is used to keep them at least on the edge of the party until they can be completely reeled back in as has happened over the past several years.

      • “…allow the party establishment to create a fake ‘tea party’ apparatus….”

        You’re skating dangerously close to tinfoil hat territory with that one.

        Try a better more sane explanation: That the TPM is just Reaganite lamestream conservatives who (usually) mean well (enough) but are trying to do (usually) good things wielding an increasingly obsolete orthodoxy within the context of a naturally degrading democratic republic. Meanwhile, they were the only viable political force actually organizing against open borders legislation.

        • Jon Robbins

          I think that the tea party notion was a deliberate and successful attempt to give a dissatisfied Republican grass roots the appearance of a successful rebellion while manipulating the movement the entire time until it had run its course and the malcontents could be led back to acceptance of the party establishment’s leadership. Don’t much care whether that sounds “tinfoil” to you. That’s a meaningless term.

          I don’t think most of your description of the Tea Party is incompatible with my description. It sounds pretty plausible. The GOP faced a serious rebellion in the party between 2008 and 2012. Had all those folks supported Ron Paul, it would have been a disaster from a party perspective. Had they abandoned the party, it would have been a disaster. But what happened instead was the floating of the TPM and its infiltration by all sorts of shady connivers. The end result was the perfect outcome for the party establishment.

          • DonReynolds

            Liberal Republicans do not mind losing to Liberal Democrats….their policies being almost identical. What they will fight and toenail is the possibility of a conservative or Tea Party candidate winning the primary. How many times already have the RINOs backed a Libertarian or drafted Democrat voters in order to win a primary? Yes, many times already.

          • You’re giving the Stupid Party “Brain” Trust credit for being more clever and given to long term chess board politics than is due. These are the kind of people who only think about their next fund raiser and the next election cycle.

            That and I balk at the notion that everything in this world is some establishment sock puppet. If I really thought that, I’d give up caring about this stuff.

          • Jon Robbins

            Who said that “everything in this world” is a sock puppet or anything else?

            As far as giving the “Stupid Party” too much credit, well–maybe.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            The Tea Party was largely funded by wealthy backers, so isn’t really the grass roots movement it appears to be. It’s main agenda seems to be lowering taxes for the rich.

          • Mostly tinfoil with that analysis. Other than a few sock puppet groups, (Tea Party Express, I’m looking at you), most TPM orgs entirely rely on their members’ contributions.

          • Jon Robbins

            Yes, that was my point.

      • DonReynolds

        I smell a rat…..a fake border enforcement bill first, so the public will accept amnesty for those already here. The same nonsense we got in 1986 with the first Amnesty for illegal aliens. If we will agree to legalize the ones who have been here, they will give us a long list of enforcement provisions to guarantee that the problem will not return in a few years. Unfortunately, they did not keep their end of the deal but we did. They still think we are suckers for that trade.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        It’s really about race to most people. I have gone to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. This like a church for mostly atheists, hippies, intellectuals. It consists of mostly educated and wealthy white and Jewish members. It is a matter of religious doctrine for them to support illegal immigrants and every other anti-white initiative. When I try to question them as to why it is so important I can never get a straight answer. And that seems to be the mentality behind a lot of these political movements- just a raw anti-white sentiment.

        I’m not sure what makes some rich kid wake up in the morning and hate his/her own race, but it seems common. I saw Jews there saying they don’t like Jewish communities or Judaism. When I ask what specifically don’t they like about it, they never have an answer. They just have some vague emotion of hatred. If anything it seems like they hate successful groups or people. it’s hard for me to get around the mentality but groups like this aggressively campaign for amnesty and other such things. They also tend to get a lot of funding from Zionist sources if you trace it up to the top (maybe not completely but there does seem to be some support there). So I think you do have Jews who feel that breaking the backbone of white (goy) social dominance is in their own interest.

        But if you start looking for reasons outside of race, you will be hard pressed to find any real justification. For example, you might have cheap labor, but the immigrants are a net drain on society. They cause higher taxes due to all their welfare bills, medical bills, housing, schooling etc. They often get free welfare, paid under the table (thus don’t pay taxes) and so forth. So it doesn’t benefit the government in any way to have them here. Rich people end up paying higher taxes. Poor people see their neighborhoods decline etc.

        It’s a similar thing where I see people seem to treat you better if you act stupid. They like stupid people better than intelligent. I don’t know maybe they feel more important or like it raises their own status when they are around losers. It’s just a mindset these people have with no logical justification.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Sclep it on down the line…

  • dd121

    “See we’re doing something. Pay no attention to that little man behind the curtain”. Now back to normal.

  • Dave4088

    Wow. Boner thundered from the House floor last week over Obama’s immigration policies and actions, but his bill does nothing to change the status quo and allows illegals to remain in this country contrary to the wishes of the vast majority of white Americans. He should at least be nominated for an academy award.

    It’s clear the GOP is now forging a relationship with midget Luis Gutierrez and La Raza in a vain attempt to win Latino votes for 2016 and beyond. And they seem willing to risk losing the support of their traditional white base in the process.

    • DonReynolds

      What the RINOs say privately can also be said publicly……Where else can they go?
      The Rockefeller Republicans know there is no place else for you to go, so they do not have to listen to a word you say. They break their necks trying to win the voters who decide the outcome of elections…..which is …..the Independents that might vote either way.

  • IstvanIN

    Amazing how government can spend billions and do nothing.

    • Both parties are comprised of the ‘enemies within.’

  • Folks, if this doesn’t prove that BOTH Democrats and Republicans are working full-time against the interests of whites, I doubt anything will. Both parties are disingenuous and liars to the core.

    Race-conscious whites need to abandon the GOP (democratic party too, but I doubt there are any such race-conscious whites in that party) and form a party that is white and nationalistic. The interests of us as a people must always come first.

    How can we in good conscience support any political party that’s actively working against our racial and cultural interests?

    • WR_the_realist

      The problem is this: Any explicitly pro-white party will be instantly branded as “Nazi” and since no respectable white person wants to be associated with “Nazis” they won’t vote for the party even if they agree with 100% of its platform. Look at all the flak the liberal media gives the Republican Party just because the great majority of their voters are white, even though the Republicans go out of their way to never do a damn thing for whites.

      A successful pro-white party would have to operate by stealth. It should list its principles and policies, on immigration, affirmative action, schooling, and so forth but never claim to be “the white people’s party” and be sure to have a leadership with no public record of pro-white activism. A few decent people of other races might agree with the platform and they should be welcome to join the party, something they’d never do if the party calls itself the white people’s party. Such a party could at least avoid the “Nazi” appellation although of course the mass media wouldn’t like the party any more than it likes the Republicans.

      You might think this “stealth” approach is dishonest, but seriously, do you think our left wing opponents got to the heights of power where they are by being honest?

      • I hear you and it does seem wise on the surface to take a more ‘stealthy’ approach. The problem is that time is running out, and whites are becoming more and more marginalized. How long we can play the game of hiding or concealing our real intentions is anyone’s guess. But obfuscating, concealing, or down-playing any group’s real motives and purpose seems to never work out well in the long run.

        Truth is, the Left and MSM will label any group as ‘Nazi’ the minute they discover there’s an interest in supporting things racially or nationally for whites. You can only keep up appearances for so long before it just get ridiculous, and one’s central message gets lost in a manure of lies.

        I think it would surprise many of us (in a good way) if a political group in favor of whites were founded. The time seems to be right for this kind of thing. Something like this would not have been a possibility 20 years ago, but things are different now. It’s a bold new era, and whites should take the reins and use the intelligence and creativity that God has given us to work on behalf of our interests.

        I think we just might see a lot of whites on board supporting a political party that promotes and defends the racial interests of whites.

        If we can just get past the fear of being labeled the ‘R’ word and not worry about everything people might say against us, we might possibly accomplish more than we ever imagined.

        • DonReynolds

          Do not fret about being called names by people who work every day for your destruction. They will do that, whether it is true or not.
          We are opposed by liars and they will smear anyone (they do not fear). Give them reasons to fear, if you want to stop or prevent it.

          • “Do not fret about being called names by people who work every day for your destruction” – Thanks, I’m not.

    • DonReynolds

      Still clinging to the idea that this can possibly be resolved at the ballot box …… peacefully, calmly, and rationally?

      • No, not at all. I’m trying to stress that both parties are not working in our best interests. We need to abandon them. That was my original point. I’m willing to extend all possibilities at this present point in time – including promoting a white nationalistic party that has our interests at heart. This will do much to at least recruit and draw other whites to our cause, though, admittedly, this will NEVER be ultimately resolved at the ballot box. It will get real ugly first before there can be any hope of a favorable ballot box election – and I have said so on this very website in the past.

  • tjh

    For 10 Billion dollars I could find enough Americans to make an unbroken chain of armed citizens, probably less, because quite a few would volunteer….just sayin…;)

  • LexiconD1

    Ugh….why am I not surprised?

  • Vito Powers

    Why don’t the gutless, spineless Republicans push to make E-Verify mandatory? How about eliminating Birthright Citizenship?

    • WR_the_realist

      Because they’re gutless and spineless. You answered your own question.

  • WR_the_realist

    For decades the rule has been this: We will make a perfunctory effort to keep illegal aliens from crossing the border, but once they’re 100 miles inside the U.S. they’re home free. They can live here for years and never face any possibility of deportation.

  • Ella

    It is time to buy defense security company stocks.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      And also buy 10 guns for protection.

      • DonReynolds

        Buy one gun and get really good at it. Your life, your family’s lives, and your property may depend on it.

      • HE2

        If you duly register a weapon intended to protect your family from a mob of ferals, eventually men in official riot gear will show up on your door step to confiscate it.
        Count on it, at least in California.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    What is the point in passing laws, if nothing is done???

    • DonReynolds

      Very good point.
      Why pass any bills if Obama will veto them if they are not consistent with his agenda?
      Better question:
      Why would Obama bother to use his veto pen, since he considers ALL Federal laws to be nothing more than strongly worded suggestions?
      It is pointless to change the law at all, if the Rule of Law no longer applies in this country.

  • DonReynolds

    So which is it?
    The taxpayers are going to shell out $10billion for an army of Border Patrol to WATCH people violate our borders by the millions…….or…….the big bucks is to pay the Border Patrol to give illegal aliens a free ride anywhere in the USA they care to go and do the social worker bit and get them signed up for even more benefits?
    Perhaps this same bill can change the name of the Border Patrol to the “Illegal Alien Advocate Corps”.

  • Speedy Steve

    Does anybody else remember this poem from about 30 years ago? I think it was reprinted in Chronicles.

    Ode To The Chunnel

    There’ll be carloads of Louises
    From Parisian Strip teases
    Importing foul diseases
    Into Kent
    There’ll be modern French Wells Fargoes
    Sending juggernauts with cargoes
    Of frogs’ legs and escargots
    And men’s scent.

    There’ll be Dutchmen, too, by Jingo,
    Who refuse to speak the lingo
    Coming over for the bingo,
    And the dogs.
    And through this umbilical,
    Seeking knickers from St. Michael,
    Girls from Rotterdam will cycle
    In their clogs.

    There’ll be Danes on every corner,
    Faces pink after a sauna,
    Tryinghard to sell us porno-
    Graphic books
    There’ll be men like Julius Caesar
    Getting in without a visa;
    Careless architects from Pisa.
    Bloody crooks!

    There’ll be wealthy German campers
    With enormous picnic hampers
    Full of sauerkraut and champers,
    And pork pies.
    There’ll be Eyties slick and smarmy,
    Reared on pizza and salami,
    Turning up at Veeraswamy
    Without ties.

    There’ll be Swedes of charmless candor
    Coming over to philander,
    Spreading left-wing propaganda
    Against wealth.
    Belgian girls of great proportions,
    Who have failed to take precautions,
    Will come over for abortions
    On the Health.

    There’llbe Spanish senoritas
    Jamming all our parking meters
    With their miserable pesetas –
    I don’t know!
    And senors dancing samba,
    Shouting Vamos! And Caramba!
    And believing that the amber light
    Means “Go!”

    There’ll be Austrians with poodles
    Wanting membership of Boodles,
    Then demanding apple strudels
    With their tea.
    There’ll be lecherous Kuwaitis
    Driving lorryloads of Katies
    From the Thames to the Euphrates

    There’ll be men from Lithuania,
    From Russia and Albania,
    Pennsylvania and Tasmania,
    I’ve no doubt.
    So, dear Immigration Panel,
    Boys in sports jackets and flannel,
    Please protect our English Channel –
    Keep them out!

  • “White racial cowards”?? Good grief, Tucker, did you even read my comments??! That’s essentially what I argued. It’s okay if you disagree, but I would at least expect you to carefully read what others have actually said.

  • Jo

    “the Tea Party chooses to hold their noses and supports another RINO like the despicably evil Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney.”

    The Tea Party will support Mitt Romney or Ben Carson.

    The latest Gallop poll places Ben Carson at #1 on the top 10 list!! Another black who would only support blacks and minorities after taking office, and no experience. Jeb Bush was #10. The Constitution doesn’t support Ted Cruz’s, Marco Rubio’s (both on the list) or Bobby Jindal’s (also considering running) credentials, but, what is the Constitution of the United States.