Could There Be a Benign ‘European American’ Group? No

Michael McGough, Los Angeles Times, January 1, 2015

One of the more interesting questions about House Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s speech to a group of “white nationalists” 12 years ago is whether the name of the organization should have given him pause. {snip}

The group, which the Louisiana Republican apparently addressed before its convention officially began, was called the European American Unity and Rights Organization–or EURO. {snip}

So what would the term “European American” suggest? The obvious interpretation is the correct one: It refers to Americans of European descent aka white people. But suppose such an organization had no animus against nonwhites and simply wanted to celebrate “white culture.” Would that be so wrong?

Last year students at Georgia State University started a White Student Union, which they insisted was not a racist organization. Here’s the report from the Atlanta-Journal Constitution:

Freshman Patrick Sharp said he started the club so that students of European and Euro-American descent can celebrate their shared history and culture and discuss issues that affect white people, such as immigration and affirmative action. . . .

‘If we are already minorities on campus and are soon to be minorities in this country why wouldn’t we have the right to advocate for ourselves and have a club just like every other minority?’ said Sharp, 18. ‘Why is it when a white person says he is proud to be white he’s shunned as a racist?’

In theory, it might be no more bizarre for white students to celebrate “white culture” than it is for black students to band together to celebrate “black culture.” White nationalists can argue that they’re simply lifting a page from the identity-politics playbook of other racial and ethnic groups.

Yet most people (I hope) would reject that symmetry. The problem is explaining why we accept some kinds of ethnic or racial self-consciousness and solidarity and reject others.

In its heyday the National Lampoon published a parody of the paeans to overlooked African Americans that newspapers publish during Black History Month. Except that its tribute was to the long-ignored contributions of whites to Western Civilization. “Our White Heritage” not only “revealed” that white men were behind many important inventions and discoveries; it also set out to debunk racial stereotypes such as the idea that whites have “natural reason.”

Deconstructing satire is always risky, but one takeaway from the spoof was that it was absurd for anyone–black or white–to be uplifted by the achievements of people who looked like them. Yet only a moral idiot would perceive an equivalence between “Black History Month” and an imaginary “White History Month.” Affirmation and uplift are more important to a group that has been oppressed and discriminated against than they are to the dominant majority.


In some parallel universe without America’s history of white supremacy, an organization dedicated to the celebration of “European American culture” might be a benign exercise in ethnic affirmation. In our world, it ought to be a red–or white–flag.

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  • ssohara

    I went to high school in New York City. My parents came to the US from India. At my high school (Stuyvesant) there was an Indian Culture club. It was mostly Indians, but we welcomed anyone who was interested and we had a couple of white guys and a black one join. But, anyway, there was also a Chinese club. I would have personally been just fine with an Italian club or a Hibernian one or whatever. I don’t see why whites cannot also be proud of their country of origin. Everyone in America (except the Native Americans) has roots elsewhere but we are all Americans – I hate the whole African-American or Asian-American meme because I think we should just all be Americans. But that being said, if I could be proud of my heritage, why couldn’t a white person?

    Similarly, I was reading about these brunch protests, which I think are insane. Black protestors invade private property (restaurants) while people are trying to eat brunch in peace and they chant, etc. It would pi** me off if I were trying to enjoy a meal. But, anyway, some of these people wear “black power” shirts. Which is racist. If someone wore a “white power” shirt, they would be called a Nazi. But blacks are not held to the same standard. I don’t like that.
    Every group needs to be held to the same standards and the same rules should apply equally to everyone. Otherwise it is not fair.

    • MekongDelta69

      I went to the same H.S., but a long time before you did!

      There were NO ‘hyphenated’ clubs of ANY kind when I went.
      Hell, there weren’t even any girls when I went.

    • Nancy

      Welcome to AmRen, honey. We’re glad you’re here.

      • Cid Campeador

        I’ll second that. Asian students are a HS teacher’s dream.

    • APaige

      I believe that an individual is free to form or join any group-free association is a hallmark of Western freedom. (does any other culture even have a term for freedom?)To be honest, all four of my great-great grandparents were born here-I do not have roots anywhere else. Unfortunately because of the 1965 change in the immigration law and failure to enforce any resemblance of a border, I no longer have any kinship with being an American. I am White. That is my nation.

      • notyranny

        I am White that is my Nation…..Well Said !!

      • Who Me?

        You had 16 great-great grandparents–you had 4 grandparents.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      I like your comment and I even gave you a thumbs up, but Indian culture has no place in American Christian society. So either shed Indian culture (which is Hindu in most aspects) and become 100% supporter of white European culture because that is what made the US great or go back to India. We cannot have divided loyalties here. Divided loyalties is what is destroying the west and is part of multiculturalism. After all most Indian Americans voted for commie Obama and support anti western values, but still like other third worlders want to live in a white nation.

      • I think your comment takes the prize for the day and is wholly rational and true. I too appreciated what the woman wrote, and I even find myself in agreement in principle with the gist of her argument. But just being an ‘American’ means relatively little today.

        I have no problem with her as a woman whose ancestry traces back to India. She seems to be an intelligent person and well-spoken. I can appreciate this about her. But this should not be stretched to mean that I think that people from India and their Hindu religion have any rightful place here in the U.S. as historically founded.

        With all due to respect to ssohora, this is a white nation, and it belongs to whites. In the white nation to come, my hope is that we will always remember our past mistakes connected to the American experiment and never make them again.

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          Thank you. I appreciate your reply.
          I loved ssohora’s intelligent comment, but America must be 100% white Christian and anything else will once again start the DIE-versity nonsense that is destroying the US. Yes we must learn from our mistake or our enemies will use those mistakes to destroy the white nation that hopefully will come in the future.

          • Alfredo Rossi

            White America is a pipe dream. Think about it: leave this country to the “minorities” who hate us so much and let them manage it without us. It will turn into a cesspool and this will be their punishment. We need to focus on Europe. If we want our race and culture to survive, we have to accept some compromises. We cannot have all we had once. And usa is the basic zog empire so it will be good if it goes down.

          • Not all of us can relocate and return to Europe for a myriad of reasons. By the way, we are not talking about a ‘white America’ in its current form. I agree with you that this would be impossible. What is envisioned, rather, is a collection or confederacy (if you will) of states that are white nationalist in orientation.

            It may seem like a pipe dream now (admittedly), but stranger events have occurred in human history and we ought not to discard the real possibility of a great secession from the U.S.

          • Who Me?

            Check out northwestfront [DOT] org

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Agreed, White America will never happen…although I would hold out hope for some white territories.

            I am frightened by people giving up on Europe, though. I agree that should be our focus, as it is our racial homeland. Losing it would leave us a literally homeless race with nowhere to go, begrudgingly “permitted” to live in other countries at best.

          • voiceofstl

            100% sounds pretty mean. America with the immergration policy of 1925-1964 was a pretty fine place and the very small Indian,Asian population gave a little flavor and did no harm.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            Maybe not, but that was also said about the black population and then every group wants recognition and prominence and see that is what is happening and the chaos is unfolding now. I was not mean, but being honest and trustful. if you do not know how to distinguish that, then I suggest you get off amren and join the democrat or a liberal diversity loving group.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Christianity is anti-white (our original European religions basically fell to its invasion), and most of the most intelligent whites are not Christian. Anon is correct: an entirely Christian white nation would also be a cesspool.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            Not fully true. I do agree that Christianity is made to look weak in some ways, but it is because the libs have hijacked the good teachings and made them socialist policies.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            What does that have to do with anything? Who said anything about “weakness”? I’m talking about intelligence. The same thing people here are always on about as though it is the sole important difference between groups of people.

            Well, the most intelligent whites almost universally reject all religion – that’s been true for many generations. If you required a white ethnostate to be 100% Christian, you doom it to a dumbing down. An ethnostate devoid of competent scientists, researchers, lawyers and doctors.

            In the end it doesn’t matter how you practice it. Christianity, like all Abrahamic religions, is an alien virus from the Middle East. Anyone opposing multicultural invasion NOW is a hypocrite if they defend Christianity as a “white” religion. Christianization was the most successful cultural invasion in European history, and erased most of our understanding of our original, polytheistic, pagan religions. Which I’m inclined to believe are more spiritually natural to whites when we worship at all.

            (Being an atheist, I’d rather people didn’t believe in any gods. But if people do, they should follow the religion which is most natural to the nature of their spirituality. For whites, I believe that’s paganism, and Abrahamic religions are proverbial square pegs.)

      • SentryattheGate

        Thank you! There are ~1.5 BILLION Indians; they will soon be the most populous nation on earth! They should reduce their birthrate rather than take our territory! The US gave India lots of food and medical aid, but when we offered vasectomies to Indian men that volunteered, the Indian gov’t accused US of genocide!! Now they come and take American jobs. Remember too, that Bill Gates handed the head position of MicroSoft over to an Indian, “Satya Nadella, an Indian whose ascension was immediately hailed as an ethnic triumph for non-whites that will spur “Indian technologists in the U.S. to pursue high-profile positions.”(ref.article White Renegrade of the Year–2014)

        • ssohara

          I hadn’t heard about the vasectomies, that’s funny. I did hear that Indira Gandhi was offering people transistor radios if they got a vasectomy. Nowadays in India most families have 2 kids. It’s part of what naturally happens as a country modernizes.
          Since I was born here and grew up here, I am assimilated to American culture, I don’t fit in in India. Indians make up .5% of the US population right now, Asians in general only make up 5%, and we have low birth rates. The huge issue as far as third world immigration is not Asians, it’s Latinos and also, if you want to talk about a group that has a truly dangerous impact, it’s Muslims. Muslims always want to impose shari’ia everywhere they go. It’s one of the things that ruined India. If you read the ancient texts of that country, before the Muslim invasion, Indian women had a lot of freedom. The Muslims came and all of a sudden Hindus were marrying their daughters off at an early age – why? To prevent Muslims from raping their girls before they got married. (The Muslims were less likely to abuse a married woman.)
          But anyway, I’m not for a huge third world invasion of America. I am all for enforcing borders, particularly when unemployment rates are high and wages are stagnant. I am not a “La Raza” type that wants to take over America.
          However, the problem I saw when I was a graduate student in engineering – most of my classmates were from Asia or the former Soviet bloc. Why? I think American education has gotten so dumbed down or kids here are allowed to be so lazy that it’s harder to find American kids willing to do the hard work that is required in an engineering PhD program. That is not meant as a shot against white people but rather pointing out the problem with the American education system which I think has been taken over by Marxists more interested in pushing a political narrative than actually teaching kids. Plus American pop culture also dumbs them down.
          So then you have the choice – do you allow the best and brightest to enter this country and start up companies? Asians start up lots of businesses, not just high-tech start-ups – they founded Youtube, Forever 21, etc. So Asians are creating lots of jobs in a tight economy. Small businesses created over 60% of the new jobs last year. Asians also do creative research in the STEM fields. Indians filed 10% of the patents in 2012 even though they only make up .5% of the population. Do you give that up in order to maintain racial purity? I’d say sure if Asians wouldn’t assimilate, but most Asians actually want to assimilate. I don’t know a single non-Muslim Asian who wants to impose their culture on the US.
          Unfortunately, though, immigrants learn about being an American mostly from public schools and the media, and these are leftist indoctrination centers these days.
          On the positive side thanks to the exportation of American pop-culture, in a few generations the kids in India and China and Ukraine and so on will also be partying more and studying less.

          • antiquesunlight

            This is why white parents need to preschool their children. My sister homeschools her three kids and not only are they getting to grow up without liberal nonsense and shoved down their throats or crazy blacks influencing them but they score well above average on standardized tests.

          • ssohara

            I homeschool my kid too, and most of my friends are white. Kids are like sponges and they love to learn, the public schools do a rotten job. If your child is at all bright, do not send to public school. Or, if you simply don’t want your child brainwashed… as far as immigrants – it has to be low enough numbers so they can assimilate. And, honestly, given that much of Europe is now quite socialist, even the Europeans coming here will have some assimilation to do. I’ve remember having an interesting discussion in Ireland about gun control. And a discussion in Norway about US energy policy. Surprisingly enough, percentage wise, more people from India seem to actually admire the US than modern Europeans. Which doesn’t change the fact that they have a lot of work to do to assimilate. Even the immigrants who came to the US from Europe 100 years ago took a generation to assimilate, and that was when they were encouraged to do so, vs. being encouraged to keep a “multicultural” identity, which is a disaster if you want a cohesive country.

          • antiquesunlight

            I agree.

            Race is a factor. An immigrant from France is more likely to identify with his white peers than is an Indian or Chinese. He is less likely to isolate from the white majority because he will probably see himself as part of that white majority, especially if he arrives here as a child and grows up as an American. Non-white immigrants will tend to, at best, have a kind of “dual citizenship,” and, at worst, and probably more frequently, form ethnic enclaves both physically and politically. Indians and East Asians might associate with whites and, in some ways, ally themselves with them, but they do not consider themselves white because they aren’t. It is an inevitable source of friction, major or minor.

            On the other hand, I think all immigration should be reduced to a trickle and all illegal aliens should be removed. This would allow recent immigrants to assimilate and would reduce strain on the public education system. Besides, we already have over 300 million citizens. I don’t think we need more. The long term solution to our shortage of technical workers is to fix our education system and promote eugenic population habits. Immigration is a Band-Aid and it has many undesirable consequences.

          • ssohara

            Sorry this reply is so long. I have had too much caffeine, that’s my excuse. 🙂

            Well, I agree with you that allowing a flood of immigrants is a bad idea. I don’t necessarily agree with you about race though I would with a caveat. Sometimes you can have a cohesive entity filled with different races (the Roman Empire, for example, or the Marines Corps) but what holds it together is a strong pride in belonging to the group. People WANTED to become Roman citizens and were proud of it, or they WANT to join the Marines. Nowadays, people want to come to America for material reasons but have no associated pride with being Americans. That is a huge flaw in our educational system and as long as that exists, it will be harder to have a “melting pot”.

            I am actually quite proud to be an American and I’ve defended America to many white Europeans, most recently this incredibly obnoxious guy visiting from Denmark who looked down his nose at everything American. I seriously almost told him to go get back on the plane to Denmark, but I’m a very polite person and so I bit my lip and just tried to explain to him why America is a unique and special place. However, I did not learn this in the public schools. I wish our public schools and media were actually pro-American.

            As far as my Indian heritage – I’m proud of it in the same way a French friend of mine is proud of hers. Her parents came here from France and she still visits her cousins there every 5 years or so, enjoys a few cherished customs, etc. Her children might go to visit their French relatives a couple of times in their lives.

            What I have personally seen, living in Texas in a diverse neighborhood and going to graduate school, etc. – Hispanics and Asians and whites all seem to get along reasonably well. The only group that seems to have a real problem getting along with everyone else is the blacks. We have had a couple of neighborhood events, “meet and greet” kinds of things, and only the blacks didn’t attend. Or when I go for a walk in the neighborhood, I’ll wave to all my neighbors, and everyone waves back except a lot of the blacks.

            The huge problem I see is if the black grievance culture expands to include other groups. But the leftist media and educational system pushes that meme not the idea of a America as a great and wonderful place, which it is.

            BTW, if you travel abroad these days – a lot of Europe is a basket case living off the accumulated wealth of prior generations. They seem to show their bellies to the Muslims, which is insanity. This latest debacle in France… I was hoping to see all Western media outlets proudly carry the anti-Muslim cartoons, not because I think it’s a good idea to insult any religion, but to champion free speech.

            But I saw, for example, a site that showed a cartoon where Muhammad was pixelated out but the hook-nosed Jew was clearly shown. Obviously they are not afraid of hordes of rampaging Hassidim killing them. It’s pure cowardice at a time the West should be standing up for free speech.

            If a Western newspaper wanted to poke fun at Hindus (or Chinese, etc.) I am sure there would be some who’d peacefully protest, but no one would get their head chopped off. To me it’s a good way to figure out if a group is at all compatible with Western values – can they deal with being offended?

          • antiquesunlight

            I don’t mind a long response.

            There were ethnic tensions in the Roman empire and there are ethnic tensions in the military.

            It is human nature to disagree and fight. We disagree and fight about differences. Race is an innate and obvious difference. When people fight, they look for allies. Allies are people who have things in common. Race is something innate and obvious that people have in common. All else equal, people will tend to congregate around race.

            Any group of people that is civilized will generally get along with other civilized groups of people. I mostly get along with black people in my everyday life and they are not particularly civilized. Polite toleration and superficial friendships =/= true assimilation.

            The black grievance culture has already spread to all other non-white races. It isn’t as intense among them as among blacks because they are all more successful than blacks. Blacks, as a group, are genetically predetermined to be low achievers, which makes them uniquely susceptible to finger pointing. Because they are much less intelligent, it is easier for them to misinterpret situations negatively.

            I completely agree with the bottom half of your post.

          • SentryattheGate

            You give credit to Indira Gandhi for offering transistor radios as reward for voluntary vasectomies—that was the US that did that, and was vilified as intending to commit genocide (while providing massive food and medical aid)! And the radios—who do you think invented them? And all the IT techie and medical doctor Indians—where do you think that knowledge originated (in the West)? The US, pushed by socialism, and political correctness, prefers to educate Indians (and Chinese) rather than their own people, as a means of “social justice”. Meanwhile, let Indians provide toilets (and running water) to the 2/3rds of their countrymen who have none!

      • ssohara

        I think that is part of what is the problem with American society today, though. And it is not the fault of people from India or China or anywhere else. It if entirely the fault of white leftists. If you read what Teddy Roosevelt wrote over a 100 years ago, he welcomed immigrants from all over but he expected them to assimilate to American culture.

        When my parents came here, my kindergarten year I was part of a Christmas play where I played an angel and it had Mary and Joseph and so on. My parents, who are Hindu, had no objection to this. They assumed they would need to accommodate to the native culture here, just like if a white European moves to India they will go to a Christian church (if they are religious) on Sunday but also participate in the Diwali celebrations, etc. It is the white leftists and atheists, for the most part (I think) who create all the lawsuits that now apparently ban kids from handing out Christmas cards or cookies in school, etc. Or sing Christmas carols. Yet when I went caroling with some friends this year (we went to the local nursing home to serenade the seniors) we sang mostly the traditional songs that mention Christ that you can no longer sing in the public schools. I don’t have to believe in the religion to acknowledge that there is richness and beauty to an old, traditional culture that is just not there in talking snowmen or red-nosed reindeer.

        As far as the rest – again, if American public schools actually taught American history now and pride in being American, most of the immigrants coming here would not be such pawns for the Democrats. Unfortunately though immigrants get their education on how to be an American from public schools and the media. As long as the left controls those things… the only reason I am not a leftist is because I’m smart and I educated myself by reading things like the Federalist papers, Locke, etc. I know white Americans here with master’s degrees who have told me that the US got it’s independence from Mexico. Seriously. It boggles the mind.

        At any rate, I didn’t vote for that Marxist Obama and none of the people I personally know in the Indian community did, but then again I tend to hang out with people like myself and I also have mostly white friends since I was born and raised in the US.

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          Once again, a great comment. I know there are some stupid white Americans that have been brainwashed by their liberal teachers to learn false info on American history. That shows the sad state of affairs in US colleges.
          I am glad that you are smart enough to know what is right and good for the country. In the case of T-Roosevelt, I doubt he meant immigrants from all over the world. In those days the immigrants came mainly from Europe and there too certain immigrants like the Poles, Greeks and Italians did not assimilate that well into the Anglo American culture. So that is why T-Roosevelt made that great statement about assimilating and becoming American. However, those Poles, Greek and Italians smartened up and assimilated into the Anglo American culture and became AMERICAN. They all contributed positively to America, especially Italians have contributed a lot to America in the arts, science, culture and music.
          That being said, there is no place in the US for any culture other than Euro- American culture. The US in the past made a very bad mistake letting in Asians who had their China towns and other non white immigrants into the US. The worst mistake they made was to bring in blacks and allow them to stay and also letting in certain non Christian people from Eastern Europe and Russia that had communist values. So these small un-assimilating groups were like cancer cells. Cancer cells maybe small in number but even one can give the whole body cancer. In the same way, these non assimilating groups spread the cancer of DIE-versity and multiculturalism and now the whole western world is in a big mess. So we have to be very careful who we allow and absolutely no non whites at all because in most cases they will cause the cancer to spread.
          As for religion, Christianity was what built the western world, although it is now hijacked by liberal extremists and those teaching have been perverted to suit DIE-versity and social justice. No wonder many pro white groups in Europe have given up Christianity and gone back to pagan Euro Gods. It was Christian missionaries and people that civilized India and peoples of Asia and Africa. If not for Christian people, then India would be in a worst state than it is now. Thanks to them your Hindu parents and family have an education and can speak English. So I do not approve of white people Christian or not Christian celebrating Diwali, which is not a white Euro festival. Even if whites are not Christian, I would prefer that they worship pagan Euro Gods than Hindu or Buddhist ones. So like I said, anything non white should not be welcomed in the white west and I guess we can keep smart intelligent people like you because some Indians are closer in racial makeup to whites than other Asians or blacks. But you will have to completely shed your Indian or Hindu ways or that will start the cancer of DIE-Versity. I do have a Indian friend that is part white and Christian with a American name and he is more pro white than even some of the white people and does not support any of the abominations of black, gay and illegal alien rights, DIE-versity or anything UN-Christian.

          • ssohara

            Where I disagree with you – when you immigrate to a country, you hae to assimilate. So when whites move to India, or Singapore, or Japan, they do need to assimilate to that culture if they are intending to live in those countries (vs. work a couple of years and then move back home.)

            But, you and I can agree to disagree politely and respectfully. I do agree with you that anyone that comes to the US from any other country needs to assimilate. The US would not be what it is without European white heritage.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            Well if they did assimilate during the colonial days like you suggested, then they would be degrading themselves and then the natives would not be civilized. Just look at whites imitating black culture and see what a disaster it has become. It was only because the whites in those days did not go native, that those natives learned the benefits of the west and upgraded themselves. So that is why I do not approve of whites going natives if they live in a non white country.

          • Bartholomew_1

            “degrading themselves”? Are you trying to be inflammatory? Your comment reeks of contempt for your fellow man, and *that*, sir is most unchristian. Or have you not read Romans 13:8-10 or Matthew 22:38-40? Do you not know that the end of the entire law is to render our hearts full of love for others as for ourselves?

            I am sympathetic to your love for the white race. How can love be wrong? I am most unsympathetic to the contempt in your comments for other races. How can contempt for another person ever be right?

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            Bart, stop your liberal brand of Christianity. Go live in a DIE-verse neighborhood and see how bad it is.

          • Bartholomew_1

            So quoting the Bible now makes me a liberal? Whom, then, should I quote? Odin?

            As for living in the ghetto, I have for decades. I am very well aware of minority dysfunction.

          • antiquesunlight

            As far as I understand what he wrote, it was not a statement of contempt but of fact. Indian society was incalculably far behind European society. If Europeans had assimilated into Indian culture, they would have been throwing away at least a thousand years of progress, but probably more like two thousand years of progress.

          • Bartholomew_1

            I see. Yes, I think you’re right that this is what he meant. My apologies to Americaandthewestshouldbewhite.

            So why is he troubling this assimilated Indian girl then? The larger context of this discussion is his saying to an Indian girl that people like her can never have a place in America (though he might make an exception or two).

            I don’t understand what he wants non-whites to do.

            If it’s race that really matters, why should non-whites change their culture? After all, they can never change their bodies. If it’s culture that matters, then why trouble acculturated people like this Indian girl, simply because of her race?

            I think you have to take both into account. Culture *does* matter, and so does race. They work hand in hand. People have to figure out how to get along with other folks. You deal with a hot-head differently than with an old soul, etc. Race might be who we are, but culture is figuring out how to deal with it.

            If a people can’t change its race, then, to some extent, neither can it change its culture, not the root of it. You might find nicer ways to deal with the hothead, but in the end, you’re still going to have to take that temper of his into account. If Americaandthewest… thinks that temperament, intelligence, etc. are immutable, racial characteristics, then ways of dealing with the less intelligent, the temperamental, etc. can’t be changed much either. And that is culture, at its most basic.

            If an Indian is surrounded by less intelligent, more temperamental people, he *must* act differently toward them than he would if surrounded by other kinds of people. He still has to get along, doesn’t he? If India can’t be white, then neither can it adopt a culture that works for whites. It has to find its own way. And if a white person wants to live among Indians, then to some degree, he’s going to have to act like one, if only so that he isn’t constantly miscalculating, being misunderstood, frustrating them and endangering himself.

            I read contempt into Americaandthewest’s failure to understand this, where maybe I should only have read ignorance. Has he ever lived among another nation or race, I wonder?

          • antiquesunlight

            “So why is he troubling this assimilated Indian girl then?”

            You’d have to ask him. I was just commenting on that one point he made, which I agree with.

            I agree that race and culture both matter.

            Anyway, maybe he was writing it contemptuously. I’m not a mind reader. His idea was correct.

          • adplatt126

            Whatever Roosevelt said about race or foreign policy, ignore it, because it’s utter hogwash. He was a fine leader and a quality president, relatively speaking, but on those issues, he’s just ridiculous. Besides, he was firmly of the opinion that not every group could really and truly become Americanized.

      • Bartholomew_1

        That was harsh. You sure it’s necessary?

        You say you want the white race to stick around in the future. You *think* that having political borders along racial lines will guarantee you that.

        The Left wants to maximize the individual’s choices. They *think* making a racial mishmash will guarantee them that.

        What if both the Left and the Right backed up to insisting only on the outcome they wanted and remaining flexible on the means?

        What if, say, race, ethnicity, etc. were emphasized on a community by community basis? Wasn’t there an study posted here a while ago that recommended ethnically-centered neighborhoods within diverse cities to increase social cohesion? What if you guys dropped the White *national*ist platform and went with something that didn’t threaten to strip open-minded people like ssohara of her Americanness?

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          Bart, you must be a liberal. Just go to a ADL website and troll there. If you think DIE-versity is great, please move to a ghetto

          • Bartholomew_1

            I don’t want to see the white race go the way of the dinosaur any more than you do. I’ve been reading this website for far longer than I’ve seen your moniker.

            As for living in the ghetto, oh man, if you only knew. No, I’m *very* well aware of the high level of dysfunction in certain minority groups. I have had plenty of first-hand experience. No, I’m certainly not a liberal.

      • ssohara

        Most people who come here from India or China or Korea, etc., want to assimilate. The problem is the way their children become “American” is through public schools and pop culture, which are frankly leftist brainwashing tools. The only reason I’m not a leftist is that I read a lot of stuff I was never taught in school (The Federalist Papers, John Locke, Mises, etc.) I explained a lot of stuff to my parents and others I know and I’m proud to say none of the Indians in my circle voted for Obama. However, most of my friends are white so it’s not a huge circle.

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          Good that you surround yourself with white people who are not traitors to their race. Now if you want to be 100% American, please shed you Indian culture, your Hinduism and also your un American customs and become one with this nation. If not, then take the next plane back to India. We cannot let a small cell like you spread the cancer of multiculturalism in the west. I only wish the best for you and for AMERICA.

          • ssohara

            One of the things I like best about this country is that there are no castes. In India, one of the worst things is the caste system. However, here in America, I have friends and eat meals with whites, blacks, Latinos, “high caste Indians”, “low caste Indians”, etc. It makes no difference. I disagree with you that only white people can be Americans because I know people who have served in the military patriotically of all colors, I know people who have defended American culture of all colors, etc. My definition of an American is probably different from yours because I think an American is someone who loves America and what it stands for. To me, America is the last hope of Western civilization because, as we have seen with the recent events in France, Europe is dying. The people in Europe are often cowards. Instead of standing up for free speech, for example, they bow to the Muslims. I don’t hate Muslims, but as an American, I stand up for free speech. ANd that is also why, even if I disagree with some people who I think are racist or jerks (not you!) I stand up for their right of free speech. That’s my thought, anyway. (I don’t have any problems with you. however, I do disagree with you about whites being the only Americans. But, we can discuss this and you have the right to say what you like. )

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            SSohara, Only whites can be Americans because they founded this country and made it what it is. I guess people like you can be Americans, but you will have to shed your ethnic identity to be AMERCANIZED fully. I am not racist, but I am a realist and DIE-versity and your idea of multiculturalism will only end up destroying the US and that is due to pockets of DIE-versity, which you support.
            It is nice to know that you love this country, but you cannot love India and America. Choose one.

          • ssohara

            Actually, it was mostly white Protestant men of English descent who wrote the Constitution. I think it was actually written in a Presbyterian church. When large numbers of Roman Catholics came to this country there was a lot of anti-Catholic sentiment. Yet somehow the Catholics have become Americans. I am not too worried about the .5% (that’s 5 out of 1000) people in this country who are from India changing this country’s culture.

            Your statement makes about as much sense as saying only Semetic Jews can become Christians because Jesus was a Jew and so were the original apostles.

            For me, the issue is not skin color or even ancestral heritage, it’s having pride for and defending what makes America special. What makes America unique? It’s not that it has white people in it, that is true of Russia too. What makes America unique is the governing philosophy as defined in our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, etc. I would be more concerned that these things are no longer being taught in the public schools and that immigrants are no longer being expected to assimilate than about someone eating Indian food once a week or a person of Colombian heritage watching a soccer game instead of football.

            And I really need to stop responding to you because I don’t think we will ever agree, but that’s OK.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            Once again, nice comment, but still has the twinge of DIE-versity and multicultisim.
            Excuse me, Please your hindus have been trying to change the culture of this country and spreading their pagan crap since Swami Viekananda came in 1893. Then look at Yogananda, then the Hare Krishnas and Osha Bhagwan Rajneesh. So please do not tell me that your hindus are squeakly clean people. They bring their so called spiritual peace nonsense to gullible white trash and take their money and live like kings. Also, I know for a fact that your so called IT companies are highering Indians with the sole purpose of using them as IT slave workers and also sponsoring their Green Cards and hence displacing American workers. So please spare me that Indians are good people. Your men rape your women and also foreign women that go to India as tourists.
            Russia was a great country, but Je(wish) led communism ruined it for them since 1917. It is true that not all white people are good, but whites made the world a better place and the whole world benefits from white technology and white generosity, which is unfortunate because whites are then spat on by these third worlders and blamed for all the ills.
            You can eat your ‘Indian Food’ once or twice a week for all I care, but do not stink up the place with curry and I do not think Colombians make good Americans either. They too are trash. I know one colombian American girl that is a mudshark and imitates black culture. Smae goes for white trash and soem indian trash. They want to be in America, but still want to make it a cesspool like their country they came from.
            You like responding to me because you know I am fair and I can see that you still are a multiculturalist at heart. We may not agree, but you know I am right.

          • ssohara

            Actually, also, here is a novel idea – how about if they make it mandatory in the schools that people actually read Locke, Jefferson, Madison, Thomas Paine. “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine is an easy read. The Federalist papers are more challenging, but, come on, if you’re an American shouldn’t you know your own history? While we are at it, mandate people read the Bible as well. I’ve read it. How do you hope to understand Western civilization or American history without reading the Bible? How do you understand the Biblical references in Shakespeare or Melville or understand events like the Protestant Reformation without reading the Bible? I don’t mean you read it as religion, but read it as a historical document and as literature. (While you’re at it, go ahead and read the Koran as well – with the current problems we are having with terrorism, it might not be a bad idea to understand why our enemies think they way they do.) But of course our public schools are so dumbed down nowadays that most high school graduates could not read the King James Bible, something primary school kids used to read in the 1600s.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            Yes I agree that our public schools are dumbed down thanks to the libs and that the IQ rates of white kids has sadly declined thanks to the liberals that forced whites to be with these vile blacks. It is just not the libs, but also blacks, non whites, multiculties like you and many stupid altruistic Christians that support the integration of schools and colleges and the dumbing down of our white kids.
            I like the books that you have suggested, I would also suggest Greek and Latin because white people were far superior when they learned those classical languages and not ebonics and Spanish and Hindi in some cases like they are forced to learn now. I like your ideas, but your bad point is that you support DIE-versity and multicultuarlism.

          • ssohara

            Actually Sanksrit is an Indo-European language. It is considered an Indo-Aryan language, which is a branch of the Indo-European language. It is at least 3500 years old (texts in Sanskrit dating from about 1500 BC have been discovered) and it is the mother tongue of Hindi, Urdu, etc. I may be older than 3500 years old since prior to being written down it was spoken, sung, etc.

            Interestingly, the earliest known written works, the Vedas, were written in Sanskrit. Scholars like Voltaire and Immanuel Kant believed that Sanskrit was the root of all Indo-European languages. Other scholars believe that both Sanskrit and Latin derive from some other language.

            Here are some English words derived from Sanskrit via Latin or Greek; there are many others, I just am listing a few. I find this stuff fascinating.

            Matr (Sanskrit) => Mater (Latin) => Mother (English)
            Aksha (meaning Axis)Axon (Greek)AxisNavagatha (meaning Navigation)Navigationem (Latin)NavigationSarpa (meaning Snake)Serpentem (L)SerpentNaas (means Nose)Nasus (L)NoseAnamika (means Anonymous)Anonymos (G)AnonymousNaama (means Name)Nomen (L)Name

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            Voltaire and Immanuel Kant were liberal heretics. That is why most conservatives do not like those two. Voltaire may have had some interesting stuff to say, but they are just as bad as communism. I can see that you have been brainwashed by your liberal NYU( I think you went there) and you are all confused. You love western culture, but all for the wrong reasons.
            Yeah, I have read the Aryan invansion theory into India and I have also read the out of India theory by hindu nationalists who say that because there is a link in Sanskrit due to those few words that Aryans originated in India. Your Hindu friends are absurd.
            Actually languages borrow words from other languages all the time. That happens even now. So that is what happens when people interact through trade and commerce.
            However, Latin and Greek are basically European languages and gave pride to kids in the old days about their heritage. So we need to preserve them.

    • Michael Mason

      It doesn’t mean anything to be an “American.” It use to mean someone who came over from Europe to start a life in the New World and help build a civilized, free, western society. Now it just means anyone who lives in between Mexico and Canada. Being called an American nowadays indicates only your relative latitude and longitude. It indicates NOTHING of your history, culture, ideals, or most importantly your genetics. You could be any permutation of race, sex, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, and political beliefs and still be called an American if you happen to live in between Mexico and Canada. It means NOTHING. I am a man of European decent, and there is more patriotism in that statement than if I said I’m an American a thousand times.

      • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

        So right. Now even a Somali that does not speak English or knows anything about American history is unfortunately called an “American” just because he has a US passport.

      • adplatt126

        Any sane, white person is ashamed of being an American at this point. Who could be proud to live under a tyrannical government? Many Muslims create better societies overall than our current society.

        • Sick of it

          It’s true to the extent that muslim societies tend to be more natural, though obviously quite brutal, than modern PC society. Pushing the worst to the top, magnifying the least capable, etc. is unnatural. Celebrating the beauty of the ugly is unnatural.

      • “Now it just means anyone who lives in between Mexico and Canada.”

        The whole post was perfect, but this really stood out as striking right to the point. “America” really is just a location on a map, and that is the disgusting weakness of multiculturalism which has destroyed this country. The end result of a “melting pot” isn’t “diversity” it’s a true colorless, flavorless mush of conflict, strife and disarray, which has no origin, and no future.

        It is truly disgusting, and depressing, to think of how quickly we went from America, to america. We were torn down from the powerhouse of the world in almost every metric one could use, to the empty shell of a country we are now, in less than a lifetime!

    • TruthBeTold

      That’s just it. It’s not about fair anymore. It’s search and destroy.

    • ncpride

      While I appreciate your comment, ‘Native Americans’ do indeed have roots elsewhere. Their DNA tells us they are clearly of Asian decent therefore there is no such thing as a ‘Native’ American. They walked here just as Europeans sailed here.

      • Alexandra1973

        She said her parents are from India. Dot, not feather. 🙂

      • Beowald

        And they may not even have gotten here first. Google “Solutrean Hypothesis.” I don’t know enough about it, but stone-age people from Europe may have gotten here 6,000 years before the Asians. Whether true or not, the point is that we concede too much when we call tribal peoples “Native Americans.” The only people who should be classed as native are people who were born here. LIke George Washington.

    • Who Me?

      Welcome to AmRen. We’re glad you’re here.
      Please be aware that everything you said above is perfectly true.
      Also be aware that YOU can say it, out loud and in public, as a person from another country.
      Native-born White Americans CAN’T publicly say what you just did without risking their reputations, livelihoods, and in some cases their safety and that of their families.
      It isn’t fair, and although we all grew up being told that “life isn’t fair, deal with it”, unfairness to the level it has presently sunk is beginning to infuriate some of us who are getting very tired of “dealing with it”.

      • ssohara

        Thanks. And you’re right, that’s not fair. Whatever happened to Free Speech? The First Amendment was not created (I think) to protect porn was created to protect political and religious speech. Though you are still free to say whatever you like as long as you don’t mind losing your reputation… not fair.

    • Garrett Brown

      What even is this garbage? And why is it the top comment? “Native” Americans? There is no such thing.

  • MekongDelta69

    Could There Be a Benign ‘European American’ Group? No

    The leftist Los Angeles Slimes have asked and answered their own question.

    • Beowald

      The encouraging thing is they felt they had to provide an answer.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “Affirmation and uplift are more important to a group that has been oppressed and discriminated against”

    The author might want to look at the American media narrative and laws passed over the past half-century to see that whites are, in fact, discriminated against.

    Plus the author is fooling himself if he thinks that exclusively black groups only promote uplift and affirmation of blacks. A fair amount of the time these black groups do not wish to uplift blacks, but rather strive to agitate whites. (See #BlackBrunch)

    • Beowald

      And, for how long do the “oppressed” get to play the victim card? Jim Crow ended fifty years ago. How many of these Ferguson arsonists were even alive then?

  • AmericanCitizen

    There is no “White history month” for a reason: Western Civilization is what whites created, and that has lasted thousands of years and spanned continents. You couldn’t discuss white contributions to civilization, technology, or the arts in a month.

    For blacks, however, you can more than comprehensively discuss their meager contributions to Western Civilization in the shortest month of the year, taking weekends and the President’s day holidays off too. There is even enough time to discuss all the negative contributions that have far outweighed any benefits created by blacks.

    • i.e., Lonnie Johnson’s sacrosanct Super Soaker.
      The black Manhattan Project.

      • kikz2

        um, i’ve just been informed, they are gearing up for a moonshot.. swear.. this one wrote itself……

      • MannyR

        The black Manhatten Project! … Hilarious. I’m gonna use this


      “all the negative contributions that have far outweighed any benefits created by blacks” – There are benefits?

      • AmericanCitizen

        Well, somehow they managed to bring the Ebola and AIDS viruses across primate species, and since Ebola and AIDS are killing Africans in record numbers it’s hard for me to criticize the virus directly.

      • Alexandra1973

        Jobs for prison guards.

        • Who Me?

          “Jobs for prison guards.”
          Hey! Cut that out! My husband is a correctional officer with 27 years on-the-job, and he’s WHITE! Somewhere between 75 and 95% of his co-workers are WHITE too (the rest being Hispanic, due to this region’s demographics). This is at a state penitentiary, not a city or county jail, where most of the correctional officers are policemen or policewomen. At any rate, the cops catch ’em, the courts sentence them, and somebody has to keep them penned up–correctional officers, or you call prison guards. No prison guards, and you’ve got even more of them out on the streets.
          You want to talk to someone who KNOWS full well what the savage undertow is, talk to a correctional officer with more than 2 weeks on the job. (Hey Puggg, where are you?)

    • superlloyd

      Most of the so called black achievements are out and out lies given a free pass by the libtard controlled media and educational establishments. I was shocked to read that white teachers are forced to teach this farrago of lies in order to keep their jobs.

      • SentryattheGate

        Yes, c/o multiculti and ant-racist education—at the taxpayers’ expense.

    • Reynardine

      Every month is White History Month.

    • SaggyGenes

      White history—or, for short, history.

    • rentslave

      Their contributions are more of a St.Valentine’s Day massacre.

    • adplatt126

      No way. You could never stuff into one month all the costs of having a minority black population. The list is nearly infinite.

  • WR_the_realist

    This is the standard message we get from our controllers. Opposing oppression and discrimination against whites is evil. Celebrating our accomplishments is evil. Remember that ethnic activism is not restricted to blacks. Hispanics were never slaves and Jim Crow never applied to them but they are as good as the blacks at playing the “poor, oppressed me” game and advocating discrimination against whites.

    • LHathaway

      heck, you can step off the airplane, pick up a degree at your school of choice (probably not any more difficult than your HS diploma) marry your affirmative action co-worker and be yourself quite, quite, eligible for affirmative action. Heck, the children of these affirmative action romances have likely received affirmative action.

  • HJ11

    The White haters will continue to push Whites to the rear of the bus, until Whites start pushing back. And, pushing back doesn’t mean Whites just commenting and waiting for a White crowd to form to hide behind. It means you and me and you and you and that other one over there each of us doing our individual part and taking personal responsibilit by actually pushing back right where we live and as effectively as possible.

    Yes, keep commenting, here and in local newspapers and blogs, but also get active and attend political meetings and speak out. Don’t let White haters cow you. I don’t let them cow me. At first you may be a lone voice, but if you do things the right way, more will join, again, right where you live.

    • LHathaway

      I think you’re right to a point. White men will have to ask for ‘affirmative action’ for themselves if they ever hope to see it end for everyone who isn’t a white man in this nation. That’s kind of a depressing outlook but it’s true, we will have to speak up and ask for it for ourselves first before we will see it end for everyone else. The sooner we ask for it. . . .

      • HJ11

        It’s not just White men. It’s also White women.

        • LHathaway

          lol, count me out. Even for a phony protest I know will do no good. At least, not at meeting it’s apparent objective.

          • HJ11


          • LHathaway

            count me out for a protest of any kind in support of white women in any way shape or form. good luck that however. If you can’t get it off the grounds i’m sure newspapers, television, magazines books movies and popular music will help you get that message out.

          • HJ11

            I wasn’t calling for a protest. I was calling for each aware White, as an individual, to do the responsible thing and not hide who and what they were born to be.

            And, I don’t split White males from White females. We are one people, and we need both White males and White females to make more like us.

            There is an attempt by some to try to separate White males in one camp and White females in another. I see that is a major mistake.

          • LHathaway

            Good luck with that. There are certainly a lot of leftists in Seattle. . maybe you will prevail.

    • Who Me?

      This is true. Somebody has to go first. Did you ever watch that TV show called “What Would You Do” or something like that? (Stupid, anti-white show in most respects.) It showed very clearly in most cases that when somebody was supposedly being abused, people would keep on pretending not to see the situation till some brave soul stood up, then there were others that would join in to “help”. They’d talk to the bystanders afterwards and ask why they didn’t try to stop it, and most of them said, “well, I didn’t want to be first”.
      That was just a TV show, but it does illustrate how people act, and it has got to stop–we all have to be willing to go first. It may come down to the line where it is all retired folks who don’t have to fear losing a job to speak out–and no army can run on senior citizens!

  • Luca

    This article is nothing more than a meaningless justification of anti-White discrimination.

    Try to imagine this same unethical liberal rag publishing a story on the epidemic of black-on-White crime. It will never happen? Why? Because the liberal propaganda press will not allow it. There is no truth in American journalism and there hasn’t been for 50 years.

    • LHathaway

      I think the power-that-be have always lied to us. Only in the last 50 years or so have they felt it necessary to present as truth that which is 180 degrees opposite of the truth. Someone recently pointed out, at this point, the more outrageous and obvious is the deception, the more it serves as an exercise in naked power. It serves to show their power. He was saying the deception is meant to humiliate.

  • DonReynolds

    When you need permission or approval to have your own organization, you desperately NEED your own organization.
    I noticed this with the advent of the street gangs we have today. (I am old enough to remember the spread from California eastward.) Once one ethnic group formed a gang to give them an advantage in street fights with those who were unorganized, it did not take long for the other youths to do the same thing. Yes, there are black gangs now and latin gangs and anglo gangs and asian gangs ……and even some gangs who have no ethnic identity, since they are very diverse.
    White identity is no more benign than any other identity movement, but it is very much the policy of the Leftist that nobody white ever be able to defend themselves. Whether hitched to the whipping post or caught out in the open and wildly outnumbered, whites are expected to submit to their whoopass like good soldiers. We are good soldiers. We are just not going to run up a white flag.

  • Scott Rosen

    What they need is a good dose of what African supremacy looks like. Parachute their butts into the Congo (or Haiti, or Detroit), and if they make it out, they’ll never advocate for that insanity again.

  • shawnmer

    What an insightful bit of drivel.

    The Cliff’s Notes version:

    “Oh, that’s DIFFERENT! “

  • DonReynolds

    So much ink and blab devoted to the patently false claim that Scalise addressed the EURO group in 2002 BY TELEPHONE.
    Anyone who knows about David Duke knows he was convicted of filing a false tax return in December 2002 and was sentenced to 18 months in Federal prison. He served that time in Big Spring, Texas, and it was only after he got out of Federal prison in late 2004 that he STARTED the EURO group!
    So all of this excitement over the lie that Scalise addressed a EURO group in 2002 that did not even friggin exist until more than two years later.
    What’s up with that?

  • Ernest

    So this guy is admitting that Europeans are superior else why worry?

    • Ella

      If we whites do not teach European culture to our children, we will not be celebrating our culture for long. It comes down to “culture of the fittest.”

  • R L Buds

    Are whites not the smallest minority on our newly “globalized” planet?

    It could have just been some RWNJ trolling who put a chart showing that, but I don’t think so.

  • LHathaway

    Actually, I read that National Lampoon issue published some time around (give or take a few years) 1990. It was quite effective. It was not as if the piece was trying to make fun of black history month as it’s first objective.

    The only history Michael McGough has lived through has been an era of anti-white hatred and discrimination. He proudly perpetuates that.

  • Larry Klein

    Sound like this irish/scot idiot is on auto pilot and carrying out the “divide and conquer” strategy of his jewish masters

  • Reynardine

    “Yet most people (I hope) would reject that symmetry. The problem is
    explaining why we accept some kinds of ethnic or racial
    self-consciousness and solidarity and reject others.”

    “That said, it has proved surprisingly difficult to distinguish between
    benign and offensive exercises in racial and ethnic identity.”

    Yes, he does have a problem explaining why he rejects white solidarity, but embraces black solidarity. Then he uses a National Lampoon article as evidence.

  • Easyrhino

    “one takeaway from the spoof was that it was absurd for anyone–black or white–to be uplifted by the achievements of people who looked like them.”

  • This is the anti-white author, Michael McGough:

    • LHathaway

      This is where someone really puts that guy in place, by calling him a gosh darn dirty scumbag weasel who never got attention from his mommy (I’m not so good at effective insults), and sounding even more offensive than even this blow-hard in the article, using a lot of racial slurs, too, I’m sure. This is to defuse the anger of readers so no one goes out and tries to kill him, or. . . in reality. . . so casual readers passing by are turned off this website because we are so offensive, in fact such insults equating us with the worst behavior performed by the chimps. Making us out to be even worse than them. Us rank and file whites, caught up in white flight, are in fact worse and more guilty than the worst killer street criminals whose exploits are making the news. Take your pick.

    • Rhialto

      He is old enough, but not too old, to remember that Liberals in the 1960’s used to proclaim, “You do your thing; I’ll do mine. If we agree, it’s groovy; If not, we’ll travel our separate ways in peace.”

      Now that the Liberals are the establishment, the Liberals have became a bit less tolerant of those who travel separate ways. McCough provides a fine example.

      Thanks for the informative pic.

      • RationaliseThis

        He has become human pollution, his mind inflexibly fixated within the narrow range of thoughts and filtered factoids he has surrounded himself with since youth. Natures answer to this kind stagnation and corruption is a limited life span: death. I hope he gets a terminal disease soon. I will to do what it takes to outlive this hideous mental blob, this greasy, diseased plaque on decent humans.

  • Jaggers

    I’m not particularly interested in appearing “benign” to this poor excuse for a journalist.

  • Ella

    Once I believed I enjoyed white culture without having a student union or ethnic fest to celebrate heritage. Now, I live in a different world as I do not even see threads of European culture among the endless nonwhite immigration.

  • Ludwig

    They will never permit a pro white activist group. Then again, when have white Europeans ever had to ask for permission.

    • John Smith

      It will be soon.

  • FozzieT

    “Affirmation and uplift are more important to a group that has been oppressed and discriminated against than they are to the dominant majority.”

    Over the past 25 years, there is only one ethnic group that has been legally discriminated against in this country: Whites.

    • anony

      Let’s see, from 1968 to 2015 is about 46 years. that’s how long there has been affirmative action in the work place.

      Affirmative action is blatant discrimination against White men primarily but also White women.

      • FozzieT

        Right. Sorry, I was off by 21 years!

  • Michael Mason

    His anti-white hatred only encourages me to have more white pride. If these social justice warriors weren’t threatened by the slightest notion of white solidarity, they wouldn’t try so hard to stamp it out. In a country of millions where most peoples’ opinions are determined by what they hear on television, these people are terrified of just a few dozen European Americans getting together to discuss our heritage and interests. That says a lot.

  • james AZ

    February is black savage’s month. March to January for real white people’months…..

    • R L Buds

      We are too busy trying to feed our families and keep the lights on to worry about celebrating non-sense; I kind of feel bad for them, they need a whole month to make them feel like they are worth noticing.

      • Jack Whistler

        They don’t need a month to be noticed, all the theft, rape, and murder they commit during every month does plenty to get them noticed by people who aren’t wearing their rectums as a hat.

        • R L Buds

          There crimes are worth noticing and in fact are hard not to notice, but I meant that they think they have done stuff worth noticing, which is to say they think they have added to our country, LOL.

  • Zimriel

    … and this is where I quit lying to myself, and started commenting at AmRen.

    These liberals just don’t want whites as a culture to live, at least not past their own ability to jump off the dog’s back and climb onto some other dog.

    Speaking as one who is… not entirely of the dog himself, the least a symbiote can do is to provide some strength to his host.

    • Michael Mason

      Whites as a culture? What does that mean? We are a race of people.

      • Zimriel

        You’re right. Sorry. As you see, sometimes I misstep . . .

        But remember you are also BOTH. Syrian Christians were once a race and a culture: Aramaeans and Syrian Christians. Then they got conquered and lost both, and became just Arabs.

    • Albert

      I don’t think they qualify, last thing they are interesting in is a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship. Democrats and their dependents are much more parasitic in nature.

  • John Fitzgerald

    It’s not what he thinks, everyone has opinions, it’s whether he would do anything, other than typing, to stop white groups forming. Ask him.

  • Albert

    Tell the dean of a college that you would like to form your own on campus club. Tell him that the club is so that people of your kind can get together and enjoy a common fellowship that will seek to promote the protection and prosperity of your kind. His response will be very positive and sympathetic. Of course he will support said club and its noble ambitions– until you tell him its for European Americans.

  • Evette Coutier

    European Americans have become so benign it’s pathetic.

    • Ringo Lennon

      Media and Academia has become so strong it’s pathetic. Trying to control white people is pathetic

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    In some parallel universe without America’s history of white supremacy, an organization dedicated to the celebration of “European American culture” might be a benign exercise in ethnic affirmation. In our world, it ought to be a red–or white–flag.

    Anti-Whites like Michael McGough AND the anti-White Los Angeles Times believe it is perfectly moral to hold White children responsible for crimes that happened hundreds of years ago and thousands of miles away.

    No other race is held accountable for “past bad acts” and told to rectify for their sins generations later — Rectify meaning to open our doors to anyone and everyone.

    For YEARS Whites have been beaten down with hate words for wanting to preserve our race, culture, heritage and traditions. There are too many organizations such as the SPLC, the ADL and nearly all of the media that fight tooth and nail to prevent and denigrate Whites organizing for their interests.

    Anti-White monsters like McGough believe that any effort on the part of White European people to preserve themselves and their unique DNA is evil and racist, meaning he doesn’t believe we have a right to survive.

    Sounds like a recipe for White Genocide, doesn’t it?

    Truth is, if you’re White, “American” doesn’t mean anything any more. If anything being White in America is a burden. As a white American, you are a second-class citizen in jobs, education, and government benefits. No one cares about you and no one ever will. Those in power will deny that your suffering even exists.

    “A White who loves his own race is a Hater, but a white who hates whites or an American who hates America is an Idealist, an Intellectual.”

    ─Bob Whitaker

  • humura

    McGough is worried about the “false symmetry” that he hopes most will reject. Translate – he is afraid some will demand equal rights for whites to form clubs too. Equal rights for Whites! That would mean no more affirmative action preferences and privileges for the pet groups of the elite. Diversity would be exposed as the way lesser qualified folks are hired and promoted to much up the works. It would mean that the elite could no longer hide their plans so that amnesty will result in millions of invaders, here illegally, receiving preferences over law-abiding American citizens in jobs, promotions, univ. admissions, scholarships, business grants.
    McGough is not worried about symmetry – he rejects equal rights and equal opportunities for white people. No wonder his article is published in a major newspaper.

  • Germanic Depressive

    If five burglars break into a house they will not object to hearing one another list the items they hope to find, and discuss who’s going to take which bedroom to sleep in. Burglars compete for the best stuff, but they do tend to understand that their strength is in their numbers and they’ll have to tolerate each other and each other’s interests to complete their mutual goals.

    What gets them nervous is the idea of the home owners starting to speak their minds about the dispensation of the items and whether the burglars should even be there or have a right to anything there given they the family are the ones who paid for the house and it is after all their house, filled with their stuff, and those are their bedrooms.

    The burglars cannot treat the opinions of the owners the same way they treat the opinions of their fellow burglars because if they let those opinions be expressed, they might end up outside the house.

  • Ultimate187

    Stereotypes. Just as people here stereotype non-whites, the stereotype of whites being racist plays a part in this issue. A white student union is synonymous with white pride, which is associated with hatred, the KKK, Nazi Germany etc. The other part is the belief that the majority culture doesn’t need its own groups to celebrate, because the culture itself is already superimposed on society as a whole.

  • Ringo Lennon

    Why doesn’t someone form a European American society? Nobody would legally be able to stop them. They can have chapters in major cities. That’s baloney to say we can’t. Instead of complaining why doesn’t somebody do this. We could take note of people who oppose this.

    • Ella

      People do have private ethnic clubs as long as they have not been monitored by the tribe. The European ethnic clubs that I’ve visited seem to be more for socializing and drinking of course.

  • John Smith

    Just more proof that our leftist elites don’t want minorities to be equal to whites, but rather above them in status.

  • Evette Coutier

    Success is not final,
    Failure is not fatal,
    It is the courage to continue that counts.

  • MarcB1969

    “Yet only a moral idiot would perceive an equivalence between “Black History Month” and an imaginary “White History Month.”

    So this is what passes for professional journalism these days? No need to support the your case with any facts if you are attaching Whites. Ad hominem attacks now pass as editorial muster at the LA Times…

  • Ludwig

    “Deconstructing satire is always risky, but one takeaway from the spoof was that it was absurd for anyone-black or white-to be uplifted by the achievements of people who looked like.” So the authors suggestion is that it is absurd for white people to take pride in the achievements of our ancestors. Then he continues and mentions, “Americas history of white supremacy” is the reason why even a benign European heritage group is a ridiculous idea. So the author is suggesting that while we cannot take pride for white achievements of the past, we should still bear the full burden of perceived injustices of the past. His lack of logical thought is typical of this type of fool.

  • adplatt126

    Whites in America are certainly the majority, but they dominate nothing. Being the majority does not mean you dominate, from the standpoint of power and influence. See Brazilian history or Syria or South Africa twenty years ago. Having the numeric majority can mean quite little when under the domination of a tyrannical government or a foreign ethnic or tribal group.

  • Augustus3709

    In this article, this Michael McGough utterly fails at arguing why celebrating European Heritage is a bad thing.

    “Affirmation and uplift are more important to a group that has been oppressed and discriminated against than they are to the dominant majority.”

    Whites were fair to blacks. Whites ended and banned slavery, which was started by black people. Whites gave freed blacks their own country (Liberia). Whites are not “dominant” today and haven’t been for a long time. White people do not own the media networks and the movie houses. White people do not control the school curriculum.

    Even still, this writer says “affirmation and uplift are MORE important to…”. Notice he doesn’t say “only important to”. He’s hedging his bets and being non-committal.

    Finally, he says:

    “In some parallel universe without America’s history of white supremacy, an organization dedicated to the celebration of “European American culture” might be a benign exercise in ethnic affirmation. In our world, it ought to be a red–or white–flag.”

    We literally have millions of young White Americans who have lived in a country which has for their entire lives told them that being White is evil, White heritage is ugly, their ancestors were monsters, their accomplishments are tainted, and being White is a mark of guilt and shame.

    So many White people have been emotionally and psychologically traumatized by these never-ending, viscous racial accusations and agitation. Many become depressed and turn to substance abuse and even suicide.

    This author and anybody who agrees with his racially toxic rhetoric is a despicable bigot.

    We must actively promote and celebrate White European American Heritage, and White European heritage in every country which our people has created. Anybody who says otherwise is an enemy.