Black Students Are Disciplined More Often Than Others in Louisiana Schools, Report Says

Danielle Dreilinger, NOLA, January 13, 2015

African-American students in Louisiana public schools are suspended and expelled at disproportionately high rates, according to a new report from the Education Department. It says that in the 2013-14 academic year, black children made up 44 percent of the public student body but received 63 percent of in-school suspensions, 67 percent of out-of-school suspensions and 68 percent of expulsions.

Overall, more than 72,000 of Louisiana’s 715,000 public school students received in-school suspensions last year, and more than 61,000 were sent home, according to the report. In addition, almost 4,400 students in K-12 received in-school expulsion, attending a separate program on their home campus, and 441 fifth- through 12th-graders were expelled and sent to alternative schools.

More than 15,500 students were sent home before they reached sixth grade. That included 1,040 kindergartners and 159 children in state-funded pre-kindergarten. {snip}

Comparable data from prior years was not immediately available. Still, the report seems likely to bolster calls for fewer out-of-school suspensions and more “restorative” measures such as mediation between students who are caught fighting. The data, including the racial disparity and the young ages of some students, are consistent with national trends that have led President Barack Obama’s administration to call for a crackdown on overly punitive school discipline policies.


Most of the suspensions were for willful disobedience, fighting, treating authority with disrespect, disturbing the school or violating rules. Expulsions tended to be for more serious reasons: fighting, followed by drugs. Still, “disturbs the school and violates school rules” came third. One hundred twenty-six students received in-school expulsion, a major consequence, for using profane or obscene language. See a list of incidents by cause.


Southern Poverty Law Center attorney Jennifer Coco said “there are serious risks” when children “are suspended for their inappropriate behavior instead of given a school-based disciplinary intervention and opportunity to learn why their behavior is inappropriate.”

To Coco, the report “poses an exciting opportunity for the advocacy community, concerned educators and the state’s top education officials to work together towards responsible and meaningful reforms to our school discipline laws.”



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  • MekongDelta69

    Same stats as always – same reasons as always.

    • APaige

      And the same ‘solutions’–mainly to lower Black suspensions via lenient punishment.
      The answer to disruptive behavior in school is more punishment, not less. I went to a super majority White public high school in the middle 1980’s. The punishment for fighting was 5 days out of school suspension for the person who started the fight and 3 days for anyone involved in a fight. The rule at the school was that a student lost 2% off their final grade in every class that semester for each day suspended. Starting a fight would drop you down a whole letter grade. Not too many fights.

  • It says that in the 2013-14 academic year, black children made up 44 percent of the public student body but received 63 percent of in-school suspensions, 67 percent of out-of-school suspensions and 68 percent of expulsions.

    That doesn’t seem to be too big of a disparity, relative to other states’ black-white disparities (I bet you Wisconsin and Minnesota will have the biggest ones), and relative to what we know are black-white crime perpetration rate multiples.

    Southern Poverty Law Center attorney Jennifer Coco said “there are serious risks” when children “are suspended for their inappropriate behavior instead of given a school-based disciplinary intervention and opportunity to learn why their behavior is inappropriate.”

    Ah yes, the “school to prison pipeline.” Which you will conclude has some leaks or is rusting or corroding after you read this story below; repairing the STPP better be our top national infrastructure priority.

    • Reverend Bacon

      You read my mind. The reason for such a slight disparity (i.e. lower than expected) probably is a de facto affirmative action for black delinquents. I’d bet a fair amount on it, actually, that blacks must be far worse to get expelled than their non-black peers.

      • Probably the best thing to do is compare Louisiana violent crime rates with these suspension rates. And it’s going to show just what you said, that a lot of blacks who should be suspended from “skoo” aren’t being suspended.

    • The Grizz

      For blacks, it is not so much a “school to prison” pipeline as a uterus to prison pipeline.

      • If we don’t want to repair the existing STPP, we could take up Engelman’s idea of totally rebuilding it such that it has a wider cylindrical volume and a more rapid flow. That maybe should be the pipeline we build first before Keystone XL.

        • bilderbuster

          I say remove the school from the pipeline for a more even flow.

    • Nancy

      I caught that “learn-why-their-behavior-is-inappropriate” nonsense, too. As though the only possible explanation for their misbehavior is a lack of understanding on their part.

      I can explain to my iguana why it’s inappropriate to use his water bowl as a toilet. That doesn’t mean he’s going to quit crapping in it.

  • Mary

    Blacks only represent 63% of suspensions and 68% of expulsions? I’m surprised it’s not much higher. It would be hovering close to 0% if the SPLC and the Obama Administration had their way. I’m sure that providing the budding thugs with an opportunity to “learn why their behavior is inappropriate”
    will be sooo effective.

    • Magister Luddite

      No kidding. As a Louisiana native, I can attest that these “good boys” are the reason I, like so many other middle-class whites, were sent to private schools. And you have a better chance of being robbed and gunned down by an Asian programmer in Silicon Valley than you do of teaching a mouth-breathing simian “why their behavior is inappropriate.”

  • superlloyd

    Ah, the solution to savage, negro delinquency is no sanctions at all. Brilliant. What ‘genius’ thought this up? Integrated schools are a disaster for whites and other non black races that want to be educated. Why bother with negro education at all? It’s glaringly obvious that they have neither the aptitude or the attitude to learn anything useful.

  • MBlanc46

    I’ll be surprised when I see a report that says white students are disciplined more often than blacks. I’ll also be very frightened.

  • JohnEngelman

    This is why it is important to remove taboos and sanctions against criticizing blacks. As long as it is dangerous to explain how dangerous many blacks are, those who present information like this will be able to convey the message that blacks are being unfairly singled out for discipline.

    • John

      1/2 way across the river the scorpion fatally stung the frog upon whose back he was riding. The frog cried out “what have you done? Now we’ll both drown!” To this, the scorpion replied “I couldn’t help myself, it’s my nature”.

    • Thank you. That is why I have been saying over and over here, that the Negro issue lies at the very heart of most of this country’s problems.

  • humura

    To Holder and Obama, the stats prove discrimination against Blacks. To sensible people, it proves that Blacks are presently more disruptive. Boys have a higher percentage of suspensions too. Does this prove anti-male discrimination? When will reason and reality win over Leftist ideology?

    • Spikeygrrl

      “Boys have a higher percentage of suspensions too. Does this prove anti-male discrimination?”

      YOU BETCHA it does. Education professionals have been trying for decades to make boys behave like girls in the classrom. BY NATURE boys are boisterous; nowadays this is considered “oppositional” behavior. Escalating punishment is applied. Eventually, after a slapdash examination and misdiagnosis by non-specialists, all too many boys are prescribed various unnecessary drugs.

      There are several really good books out about this, but I’m having an “Alzheimers moment ” on specific titles. Between Google and Amazon they shouldn’t be hard to find.

      • Alexandra1973

        Any time a teacher or principal has suggested medication for my son, I’ve said NO WAY.

  • IstvanIN

    I think we found our black North American homeland. 44% of public school kids are blacks? I say give the blacks Louisiana and get the Whites out.

    • Sick of it

      If we organized ourselves, I guarantee you we could destroy any group who tried to remove us…and kick out the blacks.

    • bilderbuster

      There’s no way we’re giving Blacks control of the mouth of the Mississippi River.
      We can ship them down the Mississippi and out to sea on their way back to the Dark Continent though.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Marxist lefties “refuse” to acknowledge that black students aren’t interested in education or acting in a civilized manner i.e., “Acting White.” For blacks, it is all about the here and now, instant gratification and thuggery, so of course they are going to be suspended more from schools.

    Black schools are holding pens for the Federal Pen.

    After working in a hellish black school for 9 long years, I can say they weren’t suspended enough.

    “Education officials say it’s difficult career suicide to pinpoint reasons for the disparities.”

    This is from 2002:

    A high school science teacher in Pasadena is on paid administrative leave for claiming in a letter to teachers that African-American students are the most poorly behaved at the school. Scott Phelps has taught at John Muir High School for 12 years. He was put on leave Monday by the Pasadena Unified School District for what board member Ed Honowitz calls a “disturbing” letter placed in teachers’ mailboxes on Friday.

    Phelps denies he is racist, saying he was trying to make a point that standardized test scores will go down next year at Muir because ninth- and 11th-grade classes are primarily low socio-economic African-Americans lacking academic focus.

    “If you look at their scores and track them over the years you will see that they’re horrible,’ Phelps said. “I’m not singling out a group.

    Phelps wrote that “overwhelmingly, the students whose behavior makes the hallways deafening, who yell out for the teacher and demand immediate attention in class, who cannot seem to stop chatting and are fascinated by each other and relationships but not with academics … are African-American.”

  • Luca

    Most of the White kids were probably disciplined for attempting to defend themselves by hitting back during an attack. Factor that one in too.

  • John

    Black anybodies are disciplined more often than anybody else regardless of what stage of their life they’re at and what they’re doing.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Just re-write this article 49 more times to cover each of the other states in the union. Same story everywhere.

    Then when you want “happy news,” write about the “first black, hispanic, asian, native american, gay, lesbian, transvestite, transgender” etc. appointed to this minor post or that one.

    That’s what makes up a typical newsday nowadays. Either endless hand-wringing over the universal and perfectly obvious or the celebrating of absolutely nothing.

    • And also, some dude in Orlando throwing a bottle of wine at his girlfriend being international news, some mental case college woman who was trying to rope in some guy made up a story about a whole house full of naked frat men walking all over broken glass to rape her. That’s what they call the news.

      • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

        Yes because George Zimmerman has to be pursued for the rest of his life until he snaps for his crime of being acquitted for legitimately shooting Trayvon Martin in self defense. Every time he has a fight with a girlfriend it’s now world news. I really cannot imagine the hell of his life.

  • Easyrhino

    “$PLC attorney Jennifer Coco said “there are serious risks” when children “are suspended for their inappropriate behavior instead of given a school-based disciplinary intervention and opportunity to learn why their behavior is inappropriate.”

    True, and those risks are to the health and mental well being of White teachers and students.

    • libertarian1234

      Right on.

      “… disciplinary intervention and opportunity to learn why their behavior is inappropriate.”

      They need to “learn” that slamming a teacher to the floor is inappropriate or dragging
      him/her around the classroom floor is a no-no, as is their rioting and fighting on campus and in the cafeteria? And once they’re “taught” this then the problem is solved? They won’t do it any more?

      Somebody needs to tell this SPLC Coco bluntly and point blank that she isn’t playing with a full deck.

      Did she really refer to these full grown black thugs as “children,” and does she believe they can be taught anything?

    • A Freespeechzone

      Not to mention society when these undisciplined, unskilled and entitled negroes drop out of school….

    • Robert Smith

      Cuckoo Coco needs an intervention. I swear, in the old days about 50% of our society would be in the nut factory for the behavior they exhibit.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Coco is loco.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble


    In the district in which I work, any White teachers hired are immediately sent into the worst ghetto schools. The district keeps very strict track of the racial balance of each of its schools – a yearly report must be sent in delineating the race of each teacher and “corrective measures” must be taken if the balance doesn’t meet district, state and federal standards. That, and it’s implicitly understood that White teachers are better educated, have a better work ethic, are smarter and more organized than black or brown teachers, although pointing that out is career suicide.

    A colleague in Philly tells me it’s far worse there -openings at the best schools post ‘AAO’ – meaning African American only, no Whites accepted. Whites are sent straight into Philly ghetto schools.

    It took me 9 years in the 7th circle of hell to get out – the school needed my White face for racial balance. I’m pretty tough, but I don’t think I would have survived another year would have had a complete breakdown when a White principal helped me to escape.

    It’s an utter, complete no-win situation for White teachers: We’re automatically considered a racist if we work in black schools, if we escape, we’re racist for leaving.

    • LHathaway

      Don’t worry, if they had their way, there would be black teachers at white schools, and black teachers at black schools. Don’t you know it and it would be celebrated as diversity (with promises to do even more).
      They just have too many white teachers because the colored population is much younger. . . That’s our fault, too, no doubt.

  • libertarian1234

    “Black Students Are Disciplined More Often Than Others in Louisiana Schools, Report Says”
    Let’s see now. We’re supposed to be concerned about the disparity in discipline cases
    not because black perps are prone to commit more crimes and infractions, but because they’re disciplined more than other races?
    Whether it’s leftists like this dreg Coco or it is the community organizer issuing an edict that blacks can’t be disciplined at greater rates than other races, they’re all helping to fill the prisons with future black inmates.
    The brilliant community organizer is encouraging even more black crime and violence, and by giving amnesty to Hispanics he’s taking away black jobs.

  • Christorchaos

    Any bad thing that happens, even a paper cut, to a black, gay or woman is “institutional” racism, homophobia, sexism. For a straight white male, to stay alive is a “privilege”. To question these truths is to be guilty as well. There, I just saved you the expense of a four-year college degree.

  • Evette Coutier

    The first time I saw someone stabbed was when I was in second grade in Detroit. I watched a black 5th grader knife a kid at school. Nothing more needs to be said about blacks.

    • Sick of it

      Black kids physically assaulted white students at an elementary school my nephew once attended. One stabbed a white kid with scissors.

      • Spaniard in LA

        My nephew goes to private school that cost about $1000 a month. Two years ago the school decided to recruit inner city kids in order to improve the football program. Since then bullying has gone up and lockers have been broken into. Teachers no longer leave their car windows down. It’s gone to hell.

        • Sick of it

          Apparently the administrators do not understand the reasons behind private schools. The school won’t survive this change in policy.

        • newscomments70

          And the thugs receive free tuition. Disgusting. You pay $20,000 or more per year to escape them, and the liberals bus them in on a free ride. They want better numbers for their sports teams…so that means the real students can’t play sports anymore. Wow, what an improvement.

          • Robert Smith

            Even worse than wanting to improve the football team, they want diversity because they want to show they aren’t racist.
            Most people who send their children to school there have good corporate positions and don’t want the money tree jeopardized by causing a ruckus about black chirrens going to the school.

          • newscomments70

            I went to a private school frome grades 6-12. We already had some forced diversity, but it was only a small handful. Now it is of course extreme. It started in my last year. These days, I am sent the alumni magazine every year. Every photo in the magazine displays forced diversity, as if we are supposed to be impressed…and then they beg for money. Most of my class is conservative. Who are they trying to impress, other than themselves?

          • Spaniard in LA

            Exactly! Those who $1000 a month can no longer play football or even tryout. Those spots are now reserved for Blacks and Samoans.

          • newscomments70

            We only had one black on our football team (private school). He used to smear feces on the wall and bully other students for their lunch money. Now he has a high paying government job, and has been placed in a position of power. (and no, he’s not Eric Holder. )

          • pwnful truth

            …And at those private schools, the negroes on a full ride are WORSHIPPED, because the sheltered white kids only know blacks from Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, and they ACTUALLY believe that blacks are naturally smarter, more moral, more studious, responsible, and gentle than the rest. My little sister (17 years younger than me, parents had more money by her time) went to a Catholic high school and very soon developed a mad crush on the homecoming king, Davonte. Luckily for her, there was a long line ahead of her for his affection, as each and every girl at school was madly in love with one of the 3 negroes

          • newscomments70

            Times change, I guess. We didn’t worship them. Furthermore, the novelty fades after knowing them for some years. One of the black girls was an ok kid (her parents even paid the tution.) We did not have a problem with interracial dating. Back then, we had something called “parenting”. The black kids dating their own kind in their own neighborhoods and vice versa. That actually worked. Introduce your sister to amren, perhaps.

          • pwnful truth

            Times do change, newscomment. You went to school before kid-targeted television JUMPED THE SHARK putting over blacks as superior to all in intelligence morality, study habits, work ethic, family values, but especially dancing and just being cool (in other words, the exact opposite of the truth, except in dancing and sports). Don’t believe me? take in Nick Junior or the Disney channel for a couple weeks and take note how blacks are portrayed. Parents are oblivious to it because they don’t watch with the kids. I went to private school 16 years before my kid sister, and the blacks in my school weretreated just like every other kid. But then, I graduated high school in 1992, right before the campaign really got off the ground

          • newscomments70

            I hear you and the media has tremendous influence in indoctricating children. Even if we had that, I recall our AA black football player smearing feces on the locker room walls. I don’t think any amount of Nick Junior could sway my opinion after seeing that.

          • newscomments70

            I remember one story. We had a far left girl (white, irish), who was always going on about some cause. One day, she brought in a black male as a date. She announced, “I’m dating him, he is my boyfriend.” and pranced around the campus with him. No one really cared or commented. It was just another one of her causes. The next week, she wrote an article about the stares and people saying the N-word (even though, no one said the N-word). We never saw her “boyfriend” again. It lasted two weeks.

          • Spaniard in LA

            Since the football players aren’t required to pay tuition like us hardworking folks, their parent has to volunteer a certain amount of hours per month. And guess what? They never show up.

          • newscomments70

            That reminds me of a documentary I saw about the plight of foreign illegal “immigrants” in Greece. A poor family from Afghanistan settled in Athens. The Greeks allowed their kids to attend public schools, but only if the couple helped clean the school on Saturday. The couple refused, the kids could not attend school. The liberal BBC commentator hysterically raved how “racist” this was.

    • Christorchaos

      All the crime I was ever a victim of from age 9 to about 25 was at the hands of blacks or personal property crimes that were in mostly black neighborhoods that I had ventured into for dining or sporting events. And that’s almost a universal experience among whites that I know. The crime statistics, I bet, don’t even scratch the surface, because so much goes unreported.

  • jim

    I would have to imagine no one has mulled over the theory that more black kids create the problems in the first place, right? I’m being facetious of course since I’m convinced they do indeed know this but refuse to entertain it since it would cause their lies to be exposed for all to see.

  • Guest

    The headline of this article sounds about as revolutionary as “The sky is blUE”

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I don’t recommend the teaching profession for ANYONE White. It’s very difficult and increasingly thankless – and completely saturated by entrenched anti-White Cultural Marxism top to bottom, there’s no escaping the constant drumming of the anti-White message every minute of every day. It’s difficult to suffer through meetings.

    What saves me is I teach electives, mostly art, where the anti-White message is far less entrenched (but it is still there).

    • My only professional teaching experience was undergrads in laboratory chemistry at CU Boulder and UNSW Sydney. I absolutely loved it, but those students were folks who really wanted to be there. I also ran a tutorial session in federal prison for guys who were working on their GED’s. I wouldn’t teach at a public middle school or high school for any amount of money.


        Why would you? The public education is a complete sham. Teachers are underpaid and the material being taught these days is complete gobbledygook. I respect the teachers, but they unfortunately get the short end of the stick every time.

    • Copyright101

      Respect to you for sticking it out. I don’t think I could stand one of those meetings now!

  • hastings88

    Sounds like whites are disproportionately disciplined–disproportionate to the rate of disruptive behavior.

  • IKUredux

    Blah, blah. Heard it before.Rinse . Repeat. Rinse. Repeat. No change. Not. Ever.

  • model1911

    Dang racist schools at it again, picking on poor She’niqavious and He’goinnowherivous.

  • RationaliseThis

    This means Blacks are 2.5 times more likely to require expulsion than the remainder of the school body. If one counts that the remainder are likely to contain a proportion Hispanics, 4% who are Somewhat less notorious but still more behaviourally unstable than Whites it’s still somewhat puzzling more aren’t expelled given the usual 8:1 crime ratios black:White. This suggests high leniency on Blacks.

    Private Louisiana schools handle about 16%, in their advertisements the private schools in the front page emphasise their “diversity” and 22% minority enrolment. Madness.

  • Dave West

    In libtard world, if blacks were never punished starting from an early age, then they would never commit any crimes!

  • Do you think the fact that black students are disciplined more often than White students might be caused by the fact that they are, on average, more likely to cause problems than White students? Oh, sorry, I know it was dreadful of me to even suggest that. Please, any African Americans, I sincerely apologize for that remark. (And if you don’t already know, yes, I am being sarcastic.)

  • Lkoehn

    This is because blacks display their disdain for education and their predisposition towards criminality at an earlier age then others. Trying to tailor education so that this side of the black students can get a diploma is what has ruined public education.

  • The Grizz

    What is “the advocacy community”? Is that yet another code word for jews?



    “There are among us persons of so refined and delicate a nature that they cannot bear the guilt even of crimes they have not committed. Their shame is so great that they turn their considerable talents to serve the demagogues of bias. In this essay we analyze their efforts to document racial discrimination in school discipline, and humbly offer advice on how to improve their methods.”

    lagriffedulion. f2s. com/discipline. htm

  • FozzieT

    Do the math and the numbers are appalling.

    44% of 715,000 students = 314,600 black students.
    63% of 72,000 in-school suspensions = 45,360 black in-school suspensions.
    67% of 61,000 sent home suspensions = 40,870 black sent-home suspensions.
    68% of 4,841 expulsions = 3,292 black expulsions

    Total number of blacks suspended or expelled: 89,522.
    89,522 / 314,600 = 28% of all black students either suspended or expelled.

  • The Grizz

    I always wonder why American right wingers are so anti abortion. There are certain groups I would make it compulsory for. I would offer a 40 of Colt 45 and a bucket of fried chicken with every one.

  • FozzieT

    Think about it: With a suspension/expulsion rate of 28%, in an all-black classroom of 18 students, 5 will be either suspended or expelled due to bad behavior. Which leads me to believe the other 13 aren’t just sitting quietly minding the teacher. An all-black classroom would be total anarchy.

  • The reason the kook left is locking onto this matter as tight as a vulture’s beak tearing up the meat of a carcass is because the left has convinced itself, as one could see in Waiting for Superman, that “bad schools” are at the absolute root of all the social ills that blacks (and to an extent, Hispanics) have. And a school, according to the same left wing, is “bad” only in the sense that the teachers are “bad” (i.e. old racist whites who aren’t down with the SJW zeitgeist), or that too many blacks get too many suspensions, thereby depriving them of nuclear physics lessons, thereby depriving them the ability to procure employment as a nuclear physicist, and thereby forcing them into a life of dope dealing and eventually prison. Therefore, the solution is never to suspend black students. See how easy that was?

    As an aside, we’ve been making jokes in this thread about “school to prison pipeline.” In reality, there is no such thing. It’s just the fake construct of this new shyster-left “bad schools” mentality. All the “STPP” really is is just the fact that the same young blacks that will do something bad in school that earns them a suspension will eventually become the same old blacks that will do something bad in society to earn them a prison term.

  • Sloppo

    If the non-black student body is predominately white, it’s possible that we may be looking at a story about racial discrimination. According to USDOJ statistics, blacks have a murder rate about 7 times higher than whites. If the black children outperform whites in school-based misbehavior to the same degree black people out-perform whites in the category of murder, then the white children in this district are being punished about three times more often than they should be.

  • guest

    “Physics envy” seems to make social science researchers feel “cheap and easy” if they
    supplement their stats with anecdotal evidence or with comments about the data from those in focus in the gathering of the data. Ask the more in-group successful and in-group admired Blacks about the topic. They don’t find it dubious that the stats read as they do. And they might have some realistic notions of how the situation could be improved.