Afghanistan Rally Hails Charlie Hebdo Attackers as ‘Heroes’

Sayed Sarwar Amani, Yahoo! News, January 11, 2015

Hundreds in southern Afghanistan rallied to praise the killing of 12 people at the French newspaper Charlie Hebdo, calling the two gunmen “heroes” who meted out punishment for cartoons disrespectful to Islam’s prophet, officials said Saturday.

The demonstrators also protested President Ashraf Ghani’s swift condemnation of the bloody attack on the satirical newspaper, according to the officials in Uruzgan province.

The rally came after worshippers left Friday prayers at a local mosque in Chora district and swelled to several hundred people, said Chora police chief Abdul Qawi.

“The protesters were calling the attackers heroes and were shouting that those who had mocked the Prophet Mohammad were punished,” Qawi said.


Afghan President Ghani issued a condemnation the day after the newspaper attack saying “there is no justification for this brutal act”.


Afghanistan remains a deeply conservative Muslim society, more than 13 years after the Taliban’s hardline Islamist regime was toppled by U.S.-backed forces for sheltering al Qaeda leaders suspected of planning the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the United States.

Previous insults to Islam have sparked protests that turned violent.

Seven U.N. workers were killed during protests that raged across Afghanistan for three days in April 2011 after a U.S. pastor burned a Koran in Florida.


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  • MekongDelta69

    More from ‘The Religion of Pieces,’ reported on by none other than Yahoo!’s Sayed Sarwar Amani Suit.

  • Dave4088

    If 13 years of nation building and winning hearts and minds can’t turn the Afghans into liberal, multicultural consumers then nothing can.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Nation-building doesn’t work with neanderthals.

      • Realist

        Only a neandethal would think nation biulding works. That would be Bush…Clinton, Obama or any of our idiot ‘leaders’.

  • Luca

    I am surprised they could tear themselves away from “tending” their goats to organize such an event. I hope they didn’t trip over their pants to run and attend the rally.

    • Mary

      Some have to cultivate their poppy plants, too.

    • Realist

      Excellent! LOL

  • IstvanIN

    This is another illustration of the folly of the US government’s desire to bring democracy to people who don’t want it and can not lives by it. Some nations needs a strong man, like Egypt’s current military president. The Shah of Iran was probably too fair minded for his nation’s own good, he should have known his people better and moved Iran into the 20th century more slowly. Saddam was probably better for Iraq than anyone or anything we can come up with. Everyone is not suited to a White, American form of government.

    • See The Future

      Sadam knew how to take care of business and he was fine until the we arranged for him to make some tactical errors.

    • Good points! It’s amazing how many so-called ‘educated’ people can’t see such an obvious point. In the same way they think that every ass-backward third-world sewer should be an American-style democracy (actually, we’re a republic), so also they believe that all peoples and cultures are equal. It’s the same delusional thinking.

      • propagandaoftruth

        I confess to not having read this. I saw the headline, something about Muslims in Afghanistan supporting murderous jihadists and thought too myself…

        Well imagine that!

        Think I’ll read it now. I’m sure it’s a very nice article and I’ll enjoy it.

      • John R

        It all started with World War Two, and a misreading of history. We thought since we changed Germany and Japan we could rescue the rest of the world, too. We have been paying for that misinterpretation ever since.

    • jaye ellis

      well said.

      The current very handsome, White looking secular strong man Assad in Syria is the best that can be hoped for with these people.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    Be repulsed by the message but enjoy the honesty. The European and American elites tell us that true Muslims abhor the Paris attacks, but here we see true Muslims who applaud the attacks. As usual, when it comes to what Muslims think I trust what actual Muslims do rather than what Eropean apologists say.

  • See The Future

    It is us or them. Do or die. There is no compromise. There is no co-existence.

  • dd121

    Sure that wasn’t an Obama staffer?

  • anony

    Islam has been “at the gates of Europe” for about 1500 years. Our “leaders” are traitors.

  • Mason Gull

    I personally don’t blame them, though I’m sorry that they’ve been forced to turn to the awful Taliban for defense. Afghanistan was destroyed by foreigners, first by the Soviets and then by the NATO. It’s no wonder that they’re happy to see foreigners getting killed.

    • Speedy Steve

      It was most likely destroyed by Afghans.

      • Mason Gull

        Them, along with the Soviet Union, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and of course NATO. They had a stable society until the Soviets overthrew their native government and installed a Communist one. It’s all downhill from there.

    • mark g.

      Well said. The biggest murderer since the Soviet Union’s demise is hyper-militarized Washington. Between Iraq and Afghanistan, our geniuses in Washington have blown trillions of tax dollars and killed one million people. Mass murder used to be a punishable offense. Can anyone explain why we’re still fighting in Afghanistan?

      If Israel has its way, US soldiers will soon die fighting in Iran. Onto the next war!

      • See The Future

        It has been written that the beginning of the end will start in the middle east.

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    What? Am I supposed to be shocked?

  • Albert

    I remember seeing the same reaction in Pakistan shortly after 9/11. You gotta love these idiots. They claim to be moderate muslims with no connection to the extremists, yet you can find them out dancing in the streets whenever the so called extremists go BOOM somewhere. Moderate Islam my arse! No such thing.

  • IKUredux

    Wow. Our foreign policy is working!

    !. No more of our White people should be sent to fight this “war”.

    2.No immigrants from the ME .

    3. My comment will be removed, if I say what I really think..

    • See The Future

      No doubt this site is monitored by the government who knows exactly who we all are. They have pretty much determined that it is just a bunch of hacks blowing off some hot air that will never amount to anything.

      Even people that get on the media to express any of these sentiments are not really taken all that seriously by most people so the status quo will continue.

      At least we get a few laughs out of it……….in a real tragic and sad sense.

      • antiquesunlight

        That was one reason I decided to use my picture as my avatar. They probably already know who I am. It’s my way of saying I mean what I say and am not scared.

  • Speedy Steve

    In Kabul one in 4 twentysomething males are heroin addicts. The country is a complete write-off. My solution is to cede Tadjik lands to Tajikistan, Uzbek lands to Uzbekistan, and divide what’s left between Iran and Pakistan.

    • jaye ellis

      No one has successfully ever rule the Afghan tribes. Not the British Raj in India. Not the Russian Soviets, not US intervention – it will never be a stable part of any country, civilization.

  • See The Future

    Good stuff! I hope the teacher was one of the millions marching for unity and votes for Hollande.

  • 62nitro

    This reminds me of the story about the rattlesnake that was trampled by a herd of cattle. An old cowboy found him, near death, took him home and nursed him for weeks until he was healthy enough to make it on his own. As the old cowboy opened the box to release him back into the wild, the snake turned and bit him. The old cowboy was baffled, saying “I nursed and fed you for weeks and weeks and then you turn and bite me?” The snake smiled and slithered away saying, “You knew I was a snake when you picked me up.”
    The middle east seems to be one big den of vipers, and the sooner we realize it, the better off we’ll be.

    • jaye ellis

      Afghanistan and Pakistan are not in the Middle East. They are in Asia.

      The nasty, brutal Paki Muslim gangs sexually grooming/raping poor English girls ini Yorkshire are not doing the terrible things to our people in not so merry old England because of political events in the Middle East. It isn’t all relate to US/UK policy in Palestine/Israel.

      These are nasty, mongrel Brown Muslims – higher caste, Whiter Hindus would take strong measure to contain, push away the nasty Muslim castes.

  • GovSlacker

    Afghanastan used to be a beautiful country. It was peaeful and easy to get around as a tourist. So waht happened? Three things: the Russians, the Taliban and the Americans. It was a question of who did the most damage.