‘You Are a White Lady Telling Me What Is Racist!’: Whoopi Goldberg Loses It with Rosie O’Donnell

Topper Toussaint, Daily Mail, December 18, 2014

A screaming match over racism erupted between Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell on Thursday’s episode of The View.

The show’s co-hosts were discussing the news that Barack Obama was mistaken for a valet.

Goldberg dismissed the confusion as one of stupidity, with Americans failing to identify the most important man in the country and the world.

But when O’Donnell suggested racism may have been a key factor in the incident, Goldberg became enraged.

‘You are a white lady telling me what is racist to you,’ she shouted.

O’Donnell hit back in the segment: ‘I’m a gay American whose been called an [expletive].

‘I have a black kid at my house, Whoopi. I have a black kid I raise!’

Goldberg exclaimed: ‘That is not the same thing.’

O’Donnell: ‘You don’t have to be black to know what racism is.’

Goldberg: ‘Yes you do.

‘America is not just a racist country, because there are white people who get it.

‘That is why I will not accept the blanket statement that American is racist.’

The fight comes just a day after the pair exchanged blows during an interview with former supermodel Beverly Johnson, who was on air discussing her claims against Bill Cosby.

The ex-supermodel had reached out to Whoopi privately to share her experience with Cosby after seeing the Oscar winner express endless support for the troubled TV icon on The View.

Goldberg asked Johnson to come on The View to discuss her story with their audience.

The supermodel said she would, but only if she could sit down one-on-one with Goldberg, who passed her desires along to the show’s producers.

‘Producers were willing to do whatever Beverly wanted to get her on the show and agreed to cut out Rosie as well as other co-hosts Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace.

‘That infuriated Rosie,’ the source explained.

O’Donnell hit the roof hearing that Johnson would appear on The View only in a sit down with Whoopi.

She felt the move was a ‘slap in the face,’ as she has been very vocal in her support for the victims and belief that Cosby is a rapist.

Her passion for the Cosby story has also created tension with fellow co-host Rosie Perez, as previously reported by Mail Online.

Perez had a major melt down after a hostile, gum-chewing Rosie O treated her with disdain during an on-air segment discussing the rape allegations against Bill Cosby.

Perez had argued that Cosby has been pilloried by social media and that there is no way to prove that the allegations are true. Perez attempted to defend her opinion to O’Donnell but O’Donnell wasn’t having it.

O’Donnell told producers she ‘would not stand for that,’ and escalated her complaint to ABC News, that now oversees The View.

She went to the network level and complained about the decision. After pleading her case, ABC News actually agreed with her and told producers to go back to Beverly and tell her she had to talk to all of the co-hosts,’ the source detailed.

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  • Easyrhino

    O’Donnell: ‘You don’t have to be black to know what racism is.’
    Goldberg: ‘Yes you do.

    For once I agree with O’Donnell, as anyone who reads this site or whitegirlbleedalot can confirm, Rosie gets this one right

    • Fair Dinkum

      Don’t you just hate it when someone with a personality as repellent as Rosie O’Donnell is actually right for once?

      • Cid Campeador

        That won’t last long. Rosie will be making a tearful apology on air soon just as Imus groveled before Sharpton.

        • Guest

          She should be fired and replaced with another heavy African American transgender with meaty traps.

    • Frank_DeScushin

      Yeah, but Rosie only gets half credit because she was trying to argue that the Michelle Obama incident at Target was racism, whereas Whoopi was arguing it was not racism. Rosie wants the ability for whites to call incidents racist so that she can call more incidents, not less incidents, the product of white racism. Rosie has a Grade A case of white guilt.

      So while I agree with Rosie that whites should obviously be able to say whether white-black interactions are racist or not, I already know what Rosie will conclude so I’m not too eager to hear her opinion.

      • Bryce Armstrong

        Conservatives love attempting to call nonracist things racist. The mainstream Conservative media ALWAYS attempts to play the race card on some trivial thing the Libs do, and after they cry so hard about being called racist.

        • Rizzo419

          So….. you think that Rosie O is a conservative because she called a non-racist thing racist? Or are you just using the old “they do it too” defense?

          • Bryce Armstrong

            Its just like the other headline, Im sick of people calling “innocent” Communist racist to discredit them. They have given the entire franchise over to minorities but people still use this tired insult to destroy people. Conservatives are always telling people like Whoopi Goldberg (blacks) that people like Rosie O’Donnel (socialist) are actually the racist. Why would anybody side with Rosie when shes finally gettinig her comeuppance?

    • Whiteplight

      I don’t think it matters who said, “You don’t have to be black to know what racism is.” It’s Whoppie Goldberg’s reply that matters; it shows that she and most of “her people” ARE racist and delusional about it, as well.

    • Rhialto

      “Racism” is a vague Liberal term with no denotation, and a muddled connotation. To me the argument is pointless.

      In any dispute between Black Whoopi (nee Caryn Johnson) and Feminist, gun hating Odonnel, I will side with Whoopi.

      • Jerrybear

        I agree. It seems even the leftist hens at the view can’t get along with the militant Bolshevik lesbian O’Donnell.

      • propagandaoftruth

        Skree! Skree! Skree!

        All I hear is the screeching of PC harpies one and all. Harridan-ocracy. Ugh…

    • newscomments70

      Rosie’s statement, taken out of context, is correct. I’m quite sure Rosie doesn’t mean it in the same way we do though. She would scream nazi, racist!, etc if we mentioned black on white crime stats to her.

  • Henry Higgins

    I have been suspicious of Beverly Johnson’s story. a) it sounds fake b) black women are coming out after the truth can no longer be repressed. Conclusion: Johnson and black women are probably attempting to defuse the reality that Cosby targeted white women. Why would Johnson want to talk with Whoopi when she’s been so challenging of the victims’ veracity? This about wraps it up for me.

    • BernieGoetzFan

      Of course it is a hoax. Just like college girls are taught that they are rape victims, blacks are taught they are victims of racism. There is no white racism toward blacks and very little real white male rape of white women. But since they can see no real examples of white male rape or white racism they just make it up and everyone is happy to have their worldview confirmed.


      One of the Black females making accusations against Cosby has been arrested a couple of times for prostitution.

      • Your point is what, exactly?

        • IBWHITE

          “Your point is what, exactly?”
          Mr. Higgins stated he doubted the claims against Cosby by a Black female. I acknowledged that one of them had been arrested more than once for prostitution which adds even more doubt to her story.
          What about that is so difficult to understand?

        • Original Prankster

          With a hooker it isn’t rape – it’s theft of services

  • Ed

    Whoopie 1
    Rosie -100000000000000000

    • GavinVolaire

      Sure if it were golf.

  • Simonetta

    Why are we taking seriously anything said by a black woman comedian who took the name “Woopie Goldberg” as a joke to get attention back in the 1980s?

    Why are we calling racist any Jewish comedian who takes the public name “LeAndre Washington X” as a joke to get attention in the 2010’s?

  • A Freespeechzone

    Honestly, I don’t give a crap what either of these clowns believe or don’t believe.

    Both believe in the disenfranchising of White, Christian America.

  • Henry Higgins

    Is Nicole Wallace a transsexual? She has a mighty deep voice for a woman, and some shoulders on her.

    • IstvanIN

      That must be RuPaul and the correct word is transvestite, transsexuals have had the big chop.

  • mattj458

    Screw both those heifers.

  • superlloyd

    Blacks own racism, stupidity and entitlement. More fool us for tolerating these ignorant, illogical idiots. Read Colin Flaherty to see the true, brutal face of black racism in the US today.

  • MekongDelta69

    “I’m oppressed

    “Oh yeah, well I’m really oppressed

    “Oh yeah, well I’m really, really oppressed

    “Oh yeah, oh yeah, well I’m perpetually oppressed

    “No you”
    “NO YOU”
    “Shut up”
    “Yo mama”

    Everybody’s vying to be proclaimed ‘THE BIGGEST VICTIM.’

    This reminds me of the schoolyard in the 50s. Leftists always grow old, but they never grow up.

    P.S. What the hell is that ‘thing’ in the middle?

    • Doomispixulated

      Wow, what a freak show…I don’t what that is either? Couldn’t take more than 2 minutes.

      • MekongDelta69

        I agree, but skip the first 5 mins. of insanity.
        Just watch the last 2 mins. of insanity.

    • Anna Tree

      While oppressing the white straight men…

      This reminds me of a short story from John Irving “Brennbar’s Rant”:
      a drunk justifies why pimples are a form of discrimination more vicious than normally what one experiences when one is a black, Jewish, poor or intelligent. It is a potent but brief rant well crafted into a situation.

      Here an excerpt:
      ” ‘The first form of discrimination I encountered while growing up is so subtle and pervasive that even to this day no group has been able to organize to protest it, no politician has dared mention it, no civil-liberty case has been taken to the courts. In no major, nor in any minor, city is there even a suitable ghetto where there sufferers can support one another. Discrimination against them is so total that they even discriminate against one another; they are ashamed to be what they are, they are ashamed of it when they’re alone – and all the more ashamed to be seen together.'”

  • italian guy

    There is a simple phrase that could be used in cases like this one: if racism is a one-way street (i.e Whites are the eternal racists and non-whites the perpetual victims), why should White people accept it in the first place? seriously, an ethnic group is literally keeping another race hostage with a one-sided ideology, there is going to be a backlash about it sooner or later I hope.

    • baldridge999

      Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-white.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Whoopi’s just mad because even the bruthas can’t stand her.
    Opening lyrics to “I Need Some P—y”, from Willie D’s album “Controversy” (1989):
    I ain`t had no p—- all godd— day.
    Now my d— is achin’ for some play.

    (Willie D is now sounding like he’s sobbing and crying):
    I gotta wear a jockstrap, y`all.
    ‘Cause my d— keeps bustin’ out my godd— drawers!

    (Back to normal)
    I need some p—- this mutha “loving” minute!
    Show me some p—- and I`ma go up in it!
    I`m so damn horny tonight for smash,
    that I`d f— Whoopie Goldberg’s ugly a–!
    I need some p—-…

    • MekongDelta69

      I’m taking odds that ‘Willie Dee’ (nee William James Dennis, b. 1966) is doin’ time.


      • Speedy Steve

        Ho hum.

    • FinnShane

      Ahh Urban Poetry. These precision crafted sonnets truly speak of the human condition.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Whoopie Goldberg proves evolution and nothing else of note.

      • bilderbuster

        If I were an ape and saw that as the future of my species I’d want my fellow apes to stop evolving and remain apes.

    • SentryattheGate

      This is a good example of why segregationists wanted to keep white kids away from blacks and their filthy culture!

      • bilderbuster

        And like any other Black man, if he were bored with nothing to do and ugly old Whoopie Goldberg came by with a couple of forties and offered to lay some Whoopie on him, he’d be all over it.

    • Cid Campeador

      He needs to face a firing squad. Obnoxious pendejo!

    • How utterly shocked i’m not, that the clown of Amren, D.B. Cooper, has an extensive collection of (c)rap lyrics and album covers. How enriched you are!

    • throttler

      Whoopi has had a lot of dumb white boyfriends, though. Go figure.

  • TomIron361

    You’re watching in that the combined intellect of a retarded, Cocker Spaniel puppy (no offense meant to the puppy).

  • 1G25

    That this “show” is on the air and attracts viewers enough to attract sponsors tells that America is past the point of no return.

    Time for Anglo-Saxons to Balkanize and form their own country.

    • phillyguy

      I have been saying it for the last 30 years, but we need a leader, where is our leader.

      • bilderbuster

        When David Duke ran for office in LA I sent money. When Pat Buchanan ran for president I sent money, volunteered my time for the campaign and voted. In my entire adult life those are the only racially aware people who spoke out and ran for public office.
        Every Black neighborhood in America has plenty of Black “community leaders” or organizers, usually some shifty Sharpton type “preacher”, but Whites have no one.
        The only organized Whites in America are the perverted lefty homosexuals.

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          and feminists.

          • bilderbuster

            A large percentage of them are included in the homosexual category and many of the leaders are Jewish.
            Gloria Steinem
            Betty Friedan
            Bella Abzug

    • Rick O’Shea

      “Anglo-Saxons” is an interesting term. I’m not sure whether I am one or not. My DNA test says I’m 100% Northern European, with about 90% of that attributed as “British & Irish” – apparently they can’t make a distinction between the two.

      To my knowledge, all my ancestors hail from Ireland, and the results are consistent with that (most of the remaining 10% is stuff like “nonspecific northern european” with just a small dash of Scandinavian likely from Viking incursions) but does that mean I’m a Celt? Or could I still be an Anglo-Saxon? I’m not sure. I know that the natives of Ireland were pushed back by other white groups on a few occasions, like by the Normans in the same way they did in England… at least that’s my understanding.

      Anglo-Saxon refers to Germanic tribes which invaded Britain and pushed aside Celts, at least that’s my understanding.

      So yea, I really don’t know if I’m a Celt or some sort of Germanic invader-spawn. Likely I’m a mix of the two, but if one is heavily favored in the mix I don’t know which it is. These two groups were closely related anyway so it’s probably not worth worrying about.

      I do know that my family reliably produces red heads, though typically not the really striking “ginger” types, something more subdued. We reliably produce freckles, green and blue eyes, and the whitest skin the species ever exhibits other than albinos.

      • Michigan Patriot

        Both sides are fourth generation Americans from Ireland; County Cork & Leatrim.

      • 1G25


        I think that’s a sort of generic term for your background – Northern European, stemming from the Dark Ages and the invasion of Britain by Angles, Saxons, Anglo-Saxons, Jutes, Vikings and Normans.

        Commonly known as “polar bears” in some quarters of America the Beautiful nowadays.

      • Manxman3

        My guess is that if you have solid Irish ancestry you are probably mainly Celt. Your analysis is correct. Did you know red is the least common hair colour in the world and is found more in Ireland than anywhere else? In some ways I think the Celts are the whitest of all whites. Celt is a more ‘pure’ breed to than Anglo Saxon I guess.

        People where I live now,(Isle of Man) have names and Celtic/ Viking DNA going back thousands of years on this one 32 mile long rock in the Irish sea and there are two medieval forts here, (more impressive than anything in the whole sub Saharan continent.

    • Jimmy Joseph

      Correction. It attracts a large audience of White females.

      White males don’t watch this crap.

    • Paleoconn

      The likes of Oprah and Whoopi can thanks millions of stupid White women every time they cash a check.

  • B.A_2014

    Why didn’t that white woman say something about affirmative action?

    Why didn’t she say something about the black on white crime?

    Another spineless liberal I gather.

    • MekongDelta69

      “Why didn’t that white woman say something about affirmative action? Why didn’t she say something about the black on white crime?”

      “Nicolle Wallace was a senior advisor to John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. She was also the communications director for President George W. Bush. Wallace is also a bestselling author and political analyst for MSNBC.”

      And there ya go…

    • Frank_DeScushin

      The best response to blacks saying that whites can’t talk about racism because they don’t know what it’s like to be black is to say, “Alright, then I never want to hear blacks talk about white privilege because you have no clue what it’s like to be white.”

      Seriously, blacks want to tell us how difficult it is to be black and how incredibly easy it is to be white — and they don’t want us to have a say in either. And the most shocking part of this intellectual diarrhea is that plenty of whites ladle it up.

      • SentryattheGate


      • Excellent, your comment takes the prize for the best one today! (I plan to use it too!)

      • HE2

        Brilliant, memorable deduction, Frank.
        How can a negro tell me about the White experience? Eh?
        It cannot.

      • Sam

        I freely admit that I have no idea what it’s like to be a primitive negro savage from Africa.

  • Dwight

    Hilarious. What a freak show.

    • Bryce Armstrong

      As Archie Bunker would say “Now thats what I call a full house”!

  • dd121

    Yeah, and I bet Rosie’s dad can beat up Whoopi’s. In other words, “You’re white, your argument is invalid”. Guess she missed the irony but it DOES sound a bit “racist”.

  • pcmustgo

    WHOOPI IS WRONG- BLACKS ARE NOT/SHOULD NOT BE VIEWED AS THE ONLY “AUTHORITY” FIGURES ON RACISM. Their feelings, experiences, etc, no more important than anyone elses!

  • phillyguy

    a Negro and a dyke battling it out on national TV, I love it!

    • bilderbuster

      My money’s on the White guy…I mean Rosie!

  • DD-762

    I cannot believe I not only read the article, but used up 7:27 of my life on the video.

    I need to seek help.

    • bilderbuster

      I watched the whole thing too.
      I think I need counselling.

    • Magician

      As soon as I realized the video will mostly contain a middle aged obese black woman and a middle aged obese white woman I decided I won’t watch this video

      Proof : I made a plenty of comoments under this amren entry but none of them is about the video

  • Julius Caesar

    You know something isn’t right when a black person is mistaken for someone with a job…

  • Alucard_the_last

    The one in the middle is either a full blown fag or a transsexual. There isn’t a chance in hell that it is a natural born woman.

  • Julius Caesar

    Let me also say that women should never have been given the right to vote, ever (I bring this up because watching these screeching old bats reminded me of it) . Call me what you want but I stand firm in my belief that they are simply not fit to operate in the political sphere.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I’d rather have shards of glass shoved in my eyes than watch The View

    I’ll settle the argument:

    Obama is not qualified to be a valet

    …or these two beasts could settle it in a mud wrestling match.

    The question is: Do we bet on the repulsive White Lesbian or the revolting Black Militant?

    • bilderbuster

      I have to go with White Rosie.
      It’s like the late Joe Sobran said when he watched the Animal Channel and there was a fight between a reptile and a mammal “I always want the mammal to win”.

    • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

      I’m guessing Godzilla is the black in this situation, as he needs two of his homeboys to help him gang up to take King Gidorah’s wallet.

  • Korean guy

    In Quebec City, Canada, there are a plenty of blacks and whites. I do not see a lot of Asians such as myself. Yes I do see interracial dating relationships among whites and blacks once in a while in Quebec City, but it is rare. More than 90% of blacks and whites date and marry someone of the same race.

    I am currently sitting in the quiet study area in the residence building at my school and having a break from doing my assignment, (woohoo, almost done) and I turned around and saw that there are seven black males with no females in the presence whatsoever. They are not directly bothering me, but they do talk a bit louder than non-blacks.

    One of my roommates was already living in this student residence suite before I moved in, and he came from France to study in Quebec City. He is very well-mannered and tried to help me improve my French skills. He is a blond guy but he occasionally posts a picture of his Senegalese girlfriend on facebook. He appears to be from quite a wealthy family. I have included a photo of them and while he is cool and well-rounded enough not to mind me posting their photo, I have cut off parts of their faces to respect their privacy.

    • Guest

      Interracial relationships will always happen once in a while. Expecting 1000 white men and women to not date interracially is like expecting 1000 men to be straight. There will always be one guy or two who is not straight. What disturbs me greatly is the mainstream media and politically correct education institutions around the country promoting and glorifying interracial relationships, while negatively portraying someone choosing to date and marry someone who shares the same race.

      • Magician

        The birthrate matters more than how often whites date or marry interracially.

        Blacks should only give births to ones they can practically and realistically afford to support, and whites should be encouraged to give more births.

        • Magician

          She does not feel ashamed one bit.

          • Disingenuous argument. African’ts and Orientals are not equal.

          • IstvanIN

            True, but it is still miscegenation and not something White people need more of at this point in time (no offense intended).

          • HE2

            Out-marrying, Asian or African and producing half-breeds, no difference to me.
            Both represent polluting one’s gene pool.
            Add a tablespoon of dog poo to a gallon of ice cream, is it still ice cream you would want?

          • ghettovalley

            I like your analogy. How much fecal matter can you sprinkle on an ice cream cone before it’s no longer vanilla? Not a lot.

          • HE2

            ghetto, I look at it this way.
            If one must seek a little oil driller or rice digging exotic action, go for it.
            For gawd’s sake, do not produce offspring as a consequence.
            Other races can breed down all they want, I do not care.
            But, I am deeply concerned about Euro Whites destructively race mixing themselves to extinction.
            Wake up, White men and women, marry and have children.

          • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

            Asians breeding down is their own damned problem. I don’t think breeding down is possible for blacks.

          • HE2

            I do not care if Asians breed down either.
            My concern is the White gene pool.
            Race mixing for us will we our death.

          • Cid Campeador

            I advise the young never to have coitus with someone that you couldn’t come to love.

          • HE2

            Agree, Cid.
            Casual hook ups and promiscuity are all around us, even encouraged.
            That stuff sells.

          • Cid Campeador

            There is a HUGE difference. First of all most Asians are paler than we are. Secondly I would hardly characterize a lovely East Asian woman as “Dog Poop”.

          • Cid Campeador

            Not even close!!
            Gong Li, Yuna Kim, Lucy Liu, Grace Park just to name a few and there are WAY more than just a few.

          • HE2

            So you are saying if the nonWhite object of your desire is attractive, it is okay to mate?
            I disagree. The result if exactly the same, biracial offspring.
            No thanks.

          • bilderbuster

            He should.

          • bilderbuster

            Every now and then you hear something about a woman who dies during childbirth and you have to ask “Why?”
            In this woman’s case you want to ask “Why not her?”

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            Shameful. The kids are an abomination

          • ghettovalley

            They don’t look natural. They look like some mad scientist’s horrible experiment gone awry. They look like something some drunk slapped together in their garage out of spare parts.

          • Ron Cheaters


          • Rick O’Shea

            I’ve lived around the states and I’ve never seen the number of white male/asian female couples come anywhere near the number of black male/white female couples that I see as I walk around.

            I’m sure it probably outnumbers them in some pockets like San Fran and other parts of CA, Seattle, etc. but in the majority of the country, black males with white females is by FAR the more common pairing.

            Particularly because there are vast areas of the nation where there aren’t even very many Asians in the first place.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Usually White men date Asian women due to the White females. I have explained this already in another post.

            White women in their 20s are not looking to settle down. They are “building a career” and “having fun”, which includes sex with bad boys that often includes blacks and browns.

            Only in their 30s do they become interested in the “provider white male” after rejecting him in their 20s while having sex with all these other types of men.

            The White male in his 30s decides to marry an Asian in her 20s, who respects the provider White male and doesn’t bang every bad boy and negro in sight.

            If the White women in their 20s were willing to marry the provider White male in his 20s, it would happen. They are the gatekeepers in their 20s.

          • Magician

            I wonder why this man, who won’t be able to spend all his money in his lifetime, married this woman

            And if he truly wanted an Asian woman specifically, why he did not choose a good looking one.

            (Speaking of which, most Asian women in the arms of white men look like aligators)

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Because she was the only woman who would date him in college.

            This guy is congruent with my previous statement.

          • Magician

            But there was nothing stopping him from dumping her and choosing a fabulous Victoria’s Secret model of his choice. Or, the best looking Asian woman he could ever find.

            A lot of young white men in their 20s proudly and frequently state, “If I ever make a lot of money, the first thing I will do is find a bombshell….”

          • newscomments70

            Maybe he loves her. If a person truly loves someone, they won’t want a super model. A friend fo mine was engaged to a super model when he graduated from med school. She was bulimic and addicted to cocaine. She was also having group sex with black gang members who sold her drugs. They even commandeered his condo for a few days. Super models look good in magazines…but sometimes there is more than meets the eye.

          • Korean guy

            “Maybe he loves her. If a person truly loves someone, they won’t want a super model.”

            LeBron James married his highschool sweetheart (a black woman) and she looks beautiful but certainly not a perfect 10

          • newscomments70

            Sometimes, the more average looking people age better than super models. Cocaine, meth and bulimia do not age a person that well.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Might be true that he could do that.

            However, that doesn’t negate my argument above about White women. He appears to be angry with them for rejecting him before he became so rich.

            Most White men won’t become a Zuckerberg billionaire. Ergo, this argument is meaningless.

          • hastings88

            It seems like I can’t go anywhere around northern Ohio without seeing black male/white female couples. A trip to the grocery store or a mall, and I see multiple instances of white women with their mulatto spawn.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            What are you talking about moron? You don’t blame White women for having kids with black men?

            Wow. Seen it all among the White Knight White Nationalists.

            Now they are blaming White women who have children with Blacks on White men!

          • Magician

            Of course I am never pleased to see white women having children with black men but I see white men going for non-white women five times more than I see white women having kids with black men.

            Maybe I should have worded it better.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Where do you live?

          • Magician

            I live in MA with my queen and two princesses. There are a plenty of international students from East Asia here.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            White men date Asian women due to the White females. I have explained this already in another post.

            White women in their 20s are not looking to settle down. They are “building a career” and “having fun”, which includes sex with bad boys that often includes blacks and browns.

            Only in their 30s do they become interested in the “provider white male” after rejecting him in their 20s while having sex with all these other types of men.

            The White male in his 30s decides to marry an Asian in her 20s, who respects the provider White male and doesn’t bang every bad boy and negro in sight.

            If the White women in their 20s were willing to marry the provider White male in his 20s, it would happen. They are the gatekeepers in their 20s.

          • Cid Campeador

            Well that statistic might be true but at least White Guys, with the exception of Mr. Zuckerberg, lean toward beautiful Asian women who generally don’t covet Black males to the degree that our White women do.|
            Where’s the “father” of those little ones in the above picture? From the look on Mom’s face, he’s, in typical Afro form, probably already “skated”on her. She has that “somebody please help me with these kids” look.
            I hope she can manage to raise those innocent kids to love their White side.
            It would be a pleasant diversion from the typical mulatto psyche as demonstrated by Hyper Obnoxious Melissa Harris Perry.

          • Magician

            “Well that statistic might be true but at least White Guys, with the exception of Mr. Zuckerberg, lean toward beautiful Asian women who generally don’t covet Black males to the degree that our White women do.”

            …. most Asian women in the arms of white men look either mediocre or unattractive….

            I rarely, if ever, see an attractive Asian woman in a white man’s arms such as the one in the other photo. That woman is Taiwanese.

          • hastings88

            The woman has a deer-in-the-headlights empty-mind look. The oldest child already has the expression of feral hostility we see in black criminals.

    • bilderbuster

      How are we supposed to shame them when you cut their faces out?

      • Korean guy

        Because the photo did not belong to me. I just wanted to prove my post, rather than letting you know exactly who he is. 🙂

        • bilderbuster

          She should be Miss Half France or Miss Mulatto.
          When it comes to communists everything is politics including what they eat for breakfast or even if they eat breakfast.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      What an abomination. I bet his dad or his mom did not teach him to respect his own race and to preserve it. Even though his face is cut off, I can tell he is handsome and his girl friend is not what anyone would call the most prettiest in the world. So he is degrading the gene pool.

      • Magician

        How beautiful a black woman is should not be relevant. No matter how beautiful or unattractive she is, a black woman or an Asian woman in the arms of a white man is not helping our own survive.

        And also, “dating” and “married and giving births” are greatly distinct from each other.

      • Korean guy

        He is always a pleasure to interact with because of his well-mannered personality. He is one of the best dressed guys I have ever met. He is also in very good shape. Wherever he goes, he won’t ever have any problem finding a girl to love him.

        His name is not easy for me to pronounce, and he and I agreed that I will mostly call him using the first four letters of his first name, which is easier for me to pronounce.

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          Well then tell him to stop degrading himself and to find a pure white girl and stop letting the voodoo from the Senegalese girl overpower him.

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          Well all that is good. Since he can get any girl he wants. Let him settle for a pure white girl

    • HE2

      Korean, I vomited on my keyboard.
      You owe me.

    • Korean guy

      A French Canadian girl gave me her phone # again….

      She was blond with glasses on. Quite talkative, outgoing and pleasing person.

    • Korean guy

      A French Canadian girl gave me her # again…

      She was blond, wore glasses and was quite talkative, outgoing and a pleasing person.

      ( Most of her # has been censored in this picture. )

      Maybe she just wants to give me a hand if I need anyone to help me with something.

    • Korean guy

      Another French Canadian girl gave me her # last evening. She was quite talkative, outgoing, blond and was a pleasing person overall. I still do not speak French well and we talked with each other in English mostly. She had a heavy accent when speaking in English, but I never pay attention to people’s accents. I have an accent myself.

      • Magician

        Even indigenous whites who were born and grew up in different parts of the United States have different accents. And African Americans have their own official language called “ebonics” I am not sure if you have watched the film but, the fictional character named “Thor” has an accent.

  • See The Future

    Goldberg’s racist outbursts are a reflection of the sad inner state of her mind. Wishes in the worst way she could have been born white. And bitter to the end.

  • nexus974

    I love watching the Left eat it’s own.

    • Bryce Armstrong

      Dont give Rosie any Ideas…

  • Speedy Steve

    The high yellow thing in the middle talks like an epicene man. Is it a tuck-and-roll-job? What a horrible show. I’m so glad I gave up television.

  • LACountyRedneck

    Does that “thing” in the center have a dick?

    • Nancy

      There’s a good chance, yes.

      • Cid Campeador

        Isn’t that Khalid Sheik Muhammed with a photo shopped face?
        He’s one hairy SOAMBEEATCH.
        He needs a NoNo the size of an Oreck Vacuum!
        Then let’s just execute him.

    • SentryattheGate

      That’s what I was wondering!

  • I want very much to have a billionaire who admits she wants whites extinct explain to me all about “privilege” and “racism”. Really.

  • antiquesunlight

    It would be hard to get a table full of dumber, more annoying people.

    • bilderbuster

      Jewish people are not only good at finding them but will pay them lots of money and give them TV shows.

  • Augustus3709

    Their delightful spat is a microcosm of the current state of the culture, where everybody is encouraged to enter the Victim Olympics and see if they can’t take the gold.

    All contestants are vying for lucrative cash prizes, all expenses paid for by able-privileged John Q Taxpayer.

    Favored Contenders include: Blacks, Feminists, Jews, Homosexuals, “People of Color”.

    • Manxman3

      Just a cultural observation but do all women in USA have those dumb million dollar hair styles?

      • Augustus3709

        It’s main stream media. They have embarrassingly large funds and professional hair stylists on set.

  • bilderbuster

    Who’s the tall Black Tranny in the middle?

  • Yves Vannes

    It` like tying to choose between Ebola an the Black Plague.

  • John Smith

    I have to say that I’d rather see even Whoopi than Rosie. It’s a sad day when you choose a dreadlocked Jewish Negro over a white bull dyke as being more sane and rational.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      That shows what a sad state America has come to.

    • Jimmy Joseph


      Guess this challenges the David Duke narrative huh?

      • ghettovalley

        Why is criticizing Jewish people in any way automatically associated with David Duke? I take it that you’re not a fan of blacks, does this make you a klansman? I came to my own conclusions regarding this subject. David Duke is completely irrelevant to this discussion.

        • newscomments70

          I used to be on the brigade that disdained David Duke.”David Duke doesn’t speak for me!”, etc Although I don’t agree with everything he says, I agree with most of it. I would vote for him, any day.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          Because David Duke is the biggest figure pushing the narrative that all problems are related to the “Jew”.

          Basically White women, Muslims, etc are all perfect angelic creatures that are being controlled by the Jews.

          I see only evidence of some Jews pushing for open borders, gay rights, feminism, etc.

          However, this is far from exclusive to Jews. Most White group are into this stuff as well. I see no differences in opinion on these issues and can conclude that this is a White Western problem more than a “Jew” problem.

          Please refute my argument that I have presented at the top of the page.

          • ghettovalley

            You’re right, not all Jews are bad. Not all blacks are low IQ criminals either, but I still don’t want them around.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            That is fine. But I am getting tired of all problems are the “Jew” rhetoric, when clearly liberal Jews are only one facet of the problem.

            Really doesn’t matter who you want around in the future, since White women don’t want to have kids. You will have no power to stop these minorities from taking over.

            I don’t see how this can be stopped unless we change the women. I don’t see this happening unless everything collapses.

          • ghettovalley

            I don’t disagree with everything that you’re saying here. They aren’t the only cause of our problems. Far from it. But they are certainly not an insignificant part of it. I’m not ignorant, or hateful, or anti-Semitic for noticing the negative ways that they influence our young people through the mass media and secondary education. I don’t go around blabbering about Jews 24/7, you steered the conversation in this direction. If you didn’t want to discuss it then you shouldn’t have brought it up in the first place.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Well I’m not speaking about you. I am speaking about the large contingent of David Duke people who always speak about Jews regardless of the situation.

            Examples include:

            1) White females are too feminist. Typical DD follower: Its the Jews fault
            2) White women are too career oriented and don’t want to marry in their 20s. They want to screw around, etc. DD follower response: Jews fails
            3) White liberal groups support open borders. DD follower= Jews fault
            4) Catholic Church wants open borders. DD follower= Jews fault
            5) Lutheran Church brings in Somalians. DD follower= Jews fault
            6) Warren Buffet, Gates, Walmart heirs, etc are all pushing for open borders. DD follower= its the Jews!
            7) Tim Cook CEO of Apple, good old boy from Alabama is a homosexual with open borders philosophy. DD follower= Jews brainwashed him.

            This is the normal discussions on here with these people.

          • Pat Kittle

            Jimmy Joseph the Israel troll:

            It was YOU, yes YOU, who brought David Duke into this discussion so you can now complain that his name is always brought up.

            Oh, the antisemitism! Oy vey oy vey oy vey…

          • Jimmy Joseph

            LOL ok then

        • Pat Kittle

          “Jimmy Joseph” is an Israel Internet troll, & most likely a paid onel.

          If you’re not familiar with his kind,
          Google [ Israel Internet troll ].

          His job is to troll pro-White websites and sow discord.

          I’ve come to realize it’s true, Jewish supremacists actually do use these “divide-&-conquer” tactics against us despised non-Jewish Whites, whether it’s using their “mainstream” media to foment anti-White race riots, or with trolls right here at AmRen.

          It’s great that AmRen allows this candid long-overdue debate to proceed.

    • Cid Campeador

      SHe’s not Jewish. That’s not her real name.

      • John Smith

        She’s a convert- just like Sammy Davis.

  • OyVey00

    Someone care to tell me what this is even about? This white O’Donnell woman suggested Obama was mistaken for a valet because of racism and Goldberg DISAGREED? lolwut?

    Also, I never noticed before, but… Goldberg? Must be some Jewish ancestry there.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      She is of the jewish faith. So black and jewish, double the trouble.

    • ghettovalley

      Black + Jewish = Blewish?

      • Jimmy Joseph

        Rather take a Black Jew than a fat lesbian Irish Catholic that calls white people “racist” and adopts African kids with her lesbian lover.

        • ghettovalley

          I kind of hate them both.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Dont support either.

            Just thought it was an interesting observation that again contradicts that David Duke narrative.

            I thought it was the “Jew” that pushed racism, feminism, etc.

            Yet here, the Fat Lesbian Irish Catholic woman berates the black Jew for not seeing racism in the White race.

            I see plenty of nominal Catholics that act this way. They are for open borders too.

          • ghettovalley

            Well if you want to get technical, at the end of the day, who is signing both of their paychecks? Besides, I seriously doubt that Whoopie Goldberg has any Jewish ancestry.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            That is the typical David Duke type response.

            However, anyone who has been around in real life, sees tons of White Catholic women that act IDENTICALLY to Rosie O’Donnell.

            I doubt her behavior is an “act” that the “Jews” orchestrated.

            Guess the “Jews have brainwashed” all these White people. Guess they are very weak minded.

          • ghettovalley

            What does David Duke have to do with anything? I’m not Mr. Duke, I can’t speak for him and he doesn’t speak for me. The real issue isn’t Rosie or Whoopie it’s the scumbags over at CBS or NBC or whatever who are really running the show. If the people, who happen to be Jewish, who ran these companies didn’t want a bunch of anti-white progressive liberal garbage on their station then it wouldn’t be there. If Rosie O’Donnell had a fatal heart attack right now it’s not like the propaganda would suddenly stop. I don’t believe that white Americans are stupid easily led lemmings but would you honestly deny that the mass media machine has absolutely no effect on the views and thoughts of the public? Propaganda has been around a long time, this is an art to them, and its something that has been studied and improved a great deal over the years. These liberal media outlets, all controlled by Jews, are nothing but propaganda machines. I don’t think that we’re a stupid nation we’ve just been brainwashed, conditioned, and indoctrinated since birth. I stand by my statement.

          • Manxman3

            It’s an interesting debate and something I’ll be reading more about. My opinion at the moment is that the Jew conspiracy thing makes us look a little wacky and won’t win over too many people.

            On the other hand have you looked at the YT video David Cole Auschwitz. An intelligent young Jewish guy who did a great expose on the gas chamber story there or the blog by Paul Eisen, again another Jewish man who supports some of these theories?

            One thing I think out of respect for those who run this site, Mr Taylor sticks to dealing with the facts around ‘race relations’ (and I think he is right to do so) and perhaps this discussion is best had elsewhere?

          • ghettovalley

            When we point out the criminal social pathology of blacks, we find it strange that we are seen as worse than the black criminals themselves. We are considered evil and hateful just for noticing. I find it odd that you experience a similar phenomenon here when you mention the tribe. When you point out the fact that they are extremely overrepresented in academia, politics, or media, you are an evil hateful person. Nevermind the fact that it’s all true, and these are all institutions which hold a great deal of power and influence. Nevermind the sick cultural Marxist propaganda playing 24/7. Nevermind the fact that universities are pumping out millions of brainwashed anti-white young people every year. You are evil for noticing, but they are perfectly fine for engaging in this devious subversive behavior. It seems a bit hypocritical.

          • Pat Kittle

            We lowly goyim certainly aren’t supposed to Google [ Israel did 9-11 ].

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Maybe we should have White women avoid watching this crap?

            They can watch youtube videos or something else instead of the “View”

          • Pat Kittle

            You may be a Catholic lesbian yourself, in which case you could easily be mistaken for a hired Israel Internet troll.

            For those who are familiar with the genre,
            Google [ Israel Internet troll ].

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Actually Hasbara provides me with free internet, a lambo and a 5 bedroom house with hookers.

            Damn life is good.

            Thanks Israelis aka “Jews” for the dollar dollar.

            Anyone who doesn’t agree with the David Duke clan clearly is working for the Israelis. I mean what other explanation can there be?

          • Pat Kittle

            Your satire is a bit clumsy.

            As for David Duke, he really surprised me when I finally saw what he has to say for himself, instead of letting people like you tell me what he says. I’d link to his website but that would almost certainly lead to this comment being censored.

            Even at a race-realist site like AmRen criticism of Jewish supremacism is likely to be censored.

            “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
            — Voltaire

          • Jimmy Joseph

            I’ve read David Duke’s website. All it talks about are Jews.

            Jew this and Jew that. Big deal. Its stale.

            The dude even appears to like Muslims these days.

          • Pat Kittle

            Is it OK with you Jewish supremacists if we lowly goyim check out David Duke for ourselves, and make up our own minds about what he has to say?

            Even if you despise him?

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Its fine with me. Just be able to debate with some intelligence when these topics come up.

            I love debates. The only thing I get from the low IQ David Dukers are:

            1) Accusations that “you’re a Jew”
            2) Accusations that “you work for the Israelies”.

            If you morons could debate without such stupidity, it would be more interesting.

            I am all for free speech. Please enlighten us with Jewish conspiracies in the future. But be ready to debate the topic.

            Blaming the “Jews” for everything is not a good tactic for White Nationalism.

          • Pat Kittle

            Your over-the-top self pity no longer serves you well — we simply know too much about you now.

            You claim to want a serious debate. Good. Let’s clear up a few obvious things for starters.

            1) You do unequivocally condemn laws (and those responsible) that imprison people who disagree with your version of WWII history. Right?

            2) Do you admit Israel knew fully well when it massacred the crew of the USS Liberty that it was a US Navy ship?

            3) Do you admit that Israel has nuclear weapons, the active ingredients of which it originally stole from the US?

          • Jimmy Joseph

            You know too much? You figured out that I’m a Hasbara spy yet? Damn you David Dukers got good detective skills! You got me man! Netanyahu paid me off specifically with whores, a big mansion and a lambo to post on Amren. Its that important to him.

            Ok lets “debate”:

            1) Yes I don’t think they should be jailed. Holocaust “deniers” can make themselves look stupid and continue to marginalize White Nationalists further but I don’t think they should be “jailed”. Trying to make the Nazis look good isn’t a good “strategy” for White Nationalism. The Jared Taylor strategy is much better.

            2) Don’t know enough about the USS Liberty. I know 34 sailors were killed on it. Considering all of the friendly fire losses in recent years and other incidents involving soldiers deaths, this is low on my priority list of concerns. It appears the Congress did an investigation and ruled it an accident. Considering they have the facts more than myself, I will take their word for it.

            3) Israel has nuclear weapons. Not sure if it was stolen from the US considering Jews invented the atomic bomb. They might have just gave each other the info.

            Good debate so far.

          • Pat Kittle


            You did not reply to me in the thread where this discussion was occurring. By detaching your response from the context of the tread you attempt to disguise the fact that you’re still not directly answering direct questions, in a debate you claim to welcome.

            You’ve made dozens of comments in this forum (so far), all of which promote the Jewish supremacist agenda. Of course you fastidiously tailor them to appeal to non-Jewish Whites by insinuating that you are one yourself.

            That is exactly what Israel’s hired Internet trolls are trained to do. Despite your puerile denials, anyone who’s not familiar with your kind can simply Google:
            — [ Israel Internet troll ].

            I don’t like repeating myself, but to re-establish the context of our discussion I am re-posting my 3 direct questions verbatim, and your evasive responses, verbatim.

            1) ME:
            “You do unequivocally condemn laws (and those responsible) that imprison people who disagree with your version of WWII history. Right?”
            1) YOU:
            “Yes I don’t think they should be jailed. Holocaust “deniers” can make themselves look stupid and continue to marginalize White Nationalists further but I don’t think they should be “jailed”. Trying to make the Nazis look good isn’t a good “strategy” for White Nationalism. The Jared Taylor strategy is much better.”

            —–You refuse to “unequivocally condemn” those laws (and those responsible for those laws).
            —–I accurately said those people are “imprisoned” — not merely “jailed.”
            —–You conflate all who dare to merely question your version of WWII history with (Holocaust) “deniers” & you mock them as “stupid.”

            The evidence overwhelming that you Jewish supremacists are the actual LIARS about your “Holocaust Industry” extortion racket, as Norman Finkelstein calls it. The grandmaster of Holocaust ceremonies is none other than lugubrious ElieWiesel, who everyone from David Duke on the right to Noah Chomsky on the left condemns. Chomsky calls him a “terrible fraud.”

            Despite all the evidence to the contrary, you Jewish supremacists demand that White Nationalists adhere rigidly to your “No criticism of us” canard.

            I’d gladly debunk your treacherous evasions the my other 2 questions, but it would take more room than is appropriate for one comment in a comments column.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            I unequivocally condemn jailing people over free speech unless there is violence. Don’t see me saying anything different.

            Now you have devolved again into ad hom attacks after I have easily crushed you in debate.

            You Dukers make WNs look like morons. Your debate style devolves into calling everyone a “Jew”. That moronic style hasn’t done well over the last 40 years.

            I can’t see how you fools would be able to go mainstream unless you can debate in a rational manner.

            Your Holocaust argument is stupid as well. I specifically wrote that “no good comes from the Holocaust denial movement for White Nationalists”.

            Even if you can get the number of deaths down slightly in the record, how does this benefit the White Nationalist movement? You make yourselves look like Hitler supporting loons.

          • Pat Kittle

            Jimmy Joseph the Israel troll:

            You whine about my “ad hom attacks” as you repeatedly call us “morons,” “fools,” “stupid,” and “loons.”

            Oy vey! You poor Jew — always the victim, never the perp!

            You persist in using your wiggle words to evade answering my direct question. I repeat:

            “You do unequivocally condemn laws (and those responsible) that imprison people who disagree with your version of WWII history. Right?”
            “I unequivocally condemn jailing people over free speech unless there is violence.”

            You insist that merely questioning your version of WWII history is “violent” — THAT IS THE EXCUSE FOR IMPRISONING THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

            So of course you approve of those non-Jewish European Whites doing hard time in prison for daring to question your precious Zionist version of WWII history.

            You pretend to support Finkelstein when in fact you Jewish supremacists despise him as a “self-hating Jew” which is your “ad hom” name for an honest Jew. As you know perfectly well, it is your precious Israel lobby that got Finkelstein fired & blacklisted.

            Your job in these AmRen comments is to promote your Jewish supremacist agenda by convincing White Nationalists you really care about Gentiles, and that only stupid Gentiles would question you.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Do you honestly believe you are important enough for the Israelis to actually pay me to debate you? Be honest with yourself man lol. You are nobody. Why would they be nervous?

            Once again calling me a “Jew”. Is that your only argument? Anyone who disagrees with the Dukers is automatically a “Jew”.

            This isn’t an effective debating tactic in normal society. Maybe in the Duker circles calling everyone that disagrees with you a “Jew” works? Don’t get it.

            Come back when you are able to argue coherently.

            Stop making White Nationalists look retarded.

          • Pat Kittle

            You repeatedly prove my point — it’s by now obvious that you refuse to condemn your fellow Jews responsible for imprisoning European Whites who dare to question the Official Infallible Jewish Version of WWII history.

            You try lamely to deflect attention away from that glaring fact.

            But we are seeing your agenda with ever greater clarity. We’re merely dumb goyim, but we’re not that dumb.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Its fine with me. Don’t believe in censorship.

            I love how the David Dukers call everyone “Jews” when they disagree with them. I read Stormfronters calling VNN “Jews” and vice versa. Its amusing.

            Ok let me give you the David Duke website cliff notes:

            1) Feminism is the fault of Jews
            2) Multi-culturalism is due to the Jews
            3) Homosexuality is due to the Jews

            Everything bad in the world is due to the Jews.

            Hell even Hitler was a Jew!

          • Pat Kittle

            Simply going to David Duke’s website would clear up your Jewish supremacist propaganda.

            AmRen won’t let us link directly to David Duke’s site, but it’s simple enough to find by using his name as keywords.

            BTW, your lamely attempt to dismiss all who admire David Duke as mindless groupies. Wrong again. I’m a pro-abortion pro-drug legalization atheist.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            The tactic of calling everyone a “Jew” that disagrees with you Dukers is getting old. Hell, you might be an undercover Israeli agent for all I know (you know, undercover in psych ops).

            Just a few posts ago I “might have been an Irish Catholic Lesbian”. Now I’m a Jewish supremacist.

            I’ve been on David Duke’s website. Pure garbage.

            Dukey’s website today:

            1) ZioMatrix is against North Korea over Sony hacks
            2) Zionists control US Government
            3) Zionists have German subs off of Iran
            4) ISIS created by the Zionists

            I have to go down about 3 pages of text before finding anything that the Jews didn’t do wrong.

            Hell the Jews are at fault from everything to ISIS, to Catholic Priest pedophiles, to Islamic terrorists, to controlling the world, etc.

            Gets old man and looks ridiculous.

          • Pat Kittle

            Boo-hoo, antisemitism is the only possible reason someone could have to criticize Jewish supremacism.

            As you know perfectly well, it’s Jewish SUPREMACISM that David Duke objects to — and it’s why you Jewish supremacists hate him.

            It’s you Jewish supremacists who are quick to find a White supremacist under every bedsheet, but you sure don’t like it when the tables are turned.

            Tell us, what is the harshest criticism of Israel that you accept without calling it “antisemitism”??

          • Jimmy Joseph

            I have no problems when someone criticizes Jews or anyone else.

            It is when there is some kind of pathological obsession with Jews like they rule the whole universe.

            All issues aren’t related to Jews.

          • Pat Kittle

            As always, you won’t answer a simple question.

            I repeat:
            Tell us, what is the harshest criticism of Israel that you accept without calling it “antisemitism”??

            I put that question to Jewish supremacists & so far none of you have answered it with a specific example.

            Be first!

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Duker, not everyone that disagrees with your moronic arguments are “Jewish supremacists”. I know thats hard to believe but its true.

            You can criticize Israel all you want. Im for free speech.

            Just have to back up claims. Bring it on son.

          • Pat Kittle

            Israel troll:

            Change the subject, but I called your bluff again.

            You’re OBVIOUSLY afraid to provide even ONE example of the following.

            Tell us, what is the harshest criticism of Israel that you accept without calling it “antisemitism”??


          • Jimmy Joseph

            Israel shouldn’t exist would be the harshest I can think of. Depends on context.

            Whats the harshest complaint I can make about your boyfriend David Duke before being called a “Jew”?

            Can I speak about how he banged other Klansmens wives like Don Black or Metzger? He surely was a ladies man when it came to banging other dudes wives. Got to give him credit on that.

            Or how he was a gambling addict that likes to gamble away his useful idiot followers money?

            Or wrote a sex book under a false name with some very abnormal sexual practices? Dude is like a deviant.

          • Pat Kittle

            Let’s be sure we’ve got this clear:

            You don’t consider it antisemitic to claim “Israel shouldn’t exist”?

            LIAR! Helen Thomas lost her half-century career for saying precisely that.

            I’m not a Duke groupie as I made clear. I just appreciate that Duke gets his facts straight about Jewish supremacism, which is what we’re discussing. You predictably conflate “Jew” with “Jewish SUPREMACISM.”

            Israel lobby groups like the $PLC, ACLU, ADL, JDL, etc. always slam “White Privilege” — cynically deflecting our attention from the vastly greater “Jew Privilege.”

          • Jimmy Joseph

            What does this have to do with me?

            Don’t care about Helen Thomas or any of this other nonsense.

          • Pat Kittle

            Play dumb as usual, but of course you know Helen Thomas said “Israel shouldn’t exist” and was fired from her job as a highly-respected senior White House correspondent.

            We see clearly that I asked you, several times, for an example of criticism of Israel you would tolerate without calling it “antisemitic.”

            You finally cited “Israel shouldn’t exist” as your example.

            Hard to believe you wouldn’t call that antisemitic, considering what happened to a decent woman like Helen Thomas.

            You can’t even keep track of your own contradictions.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            You asked the question.

            What the hell does that have to do with Helen Thomas? I didn’t fire Helen or do anything to her.

            Ergo, that is irrelevant to your question or my response.

            Straw man city!

          • Pat Kittle

            I’ve granted you too much of my time already.

            Others can draw their own conclusions about our discussion.


            (Take it away — you can have the last word.)

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Tell David hi from me.

            Ask him where he got such a fabulous plastic surgeon for his face. Truly remarkable nose job making him look more “nordic”. Very impressive.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Just went to David Duke’s website:

            Top articles include:
            1) ZioMatrix picking on North Korea over Sony hacks.

            Wait, I thought the Jewish communists supported North Korea? I’m confused?

            2) ISIS was made by Zionists
            3) Zionists control America
            4) Zionists hate Christians and Christmas
            5) Zionists picking on Palestinians
            6) ZIonists control the World and money supply
            7) Zionists control all media

            I have learned the Zionists are responsible for Islamic terrorists, Catholic pedophiles and everything else too.

            How is this going to be taken seriously?

            Pro Abortion Atheist? Wow you must be a Jew then. I thought only Jews support abortion and atheism?

            Hasbara troll!

          • Pat Kittle

            You call everyone who appreciates David Duke’s research “David Dukers” as if we’re some kind of groupies in a cult.

            I am proof that we are not — as I stated, I do not march in lockstep with David Duke.

            But I’ve repeatedly verified his claims about Jewish supremacism & found him to be highly credible — no wonder you Jewish supremacists hate him.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            LOL research.

            Please give me some actually research then. Instead of just calling everyone a “Jew”.

            Not every White that thinks you people are morons are “Jews”,

            I know it might make you feel better to hope I’m a “Jew” though. Some kind of psychological need.

          • Pat Kittle

            You are the one who keeps bringing up David Duke. Yes, you!

            Fortunately there’s a very simple way to find out about David Duke, without taking your word or my word about it.

            Google his website at [ David Duke ].

          • Jimmy Joseph

            I have.

            Told you it was trash already. See above.

          • Pat Kittle

            When an obnoxious Israel shyster like yourself badmouths something that’s as good a recommendation as there is to check it out.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            They should check it out.

            I have no problem with that. Its total worthless garbage but I have no issue with them checking it out.

            What does this have to do with our debate?

          • Pat Kittle

            Excellent, we agree:

            People can check out David Duke’s website & make up their own minds.

          • KyraNelson

            She has none. She just took the name for Showbiz.

          • JohnnySmoggins

            One fat Irish American Catholic lesbian does not disqualify the Jewish hand in all we see.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            LOL it isn’t just one. There are tons of these types.

            Don’t underestimate that and overplay the “Jew”.

          • Pat Kittle

            Israel hires tons of people like you, so it’s hard to “overplay” you.

            Google [ Israel Internet troll ].

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Yeah the Israelis are very concerned about some Duker on Amren.

            Do you really believe this stuff? LOL

            You’re not important enough for them to care.

          • Pat Kittle

            Then why does Israel hire all those Internet trolls?

            Google [ Israel Internet troll ].

            You say AmRen is “not important enough for them [Israel trolls] to care.”

            So what websites are important enough? All those Israel Internet trolls are going somewhere.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Don’t know if they do or not. It is irrelevant to my argument.

            I read any website on issues. I am open minded to all sources.

          • Pat Kittle

            You are an Israel troll who is clearly in over your head here bub.

            You Israel lobby types fail to intimidate us with insults, shame, threats, or actual violence.

            Yes, anti-White Israel lobby media moguls successfully portray violent black thugs as innocent “children,” murdered by white cops for no reason, in your time-honored divide-&-conquer fashion. Don’t pretend you’re a friend of non-Jewish Whites because we can see right through your little charade.

            The whole world is wising up to the fact that Israel harbors the world’s greatest war criminals. You will be held accountable.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            LOL yeah you figured me out man. Jew or Hasbro or some other crap.

            Just be careful with your wife around David bro.

            On second thought, he probably wouldn’t go for some trailer park hick’s fat ugly woman. Even he has standards.

          • Pat Kittle

            This particular corner of the Internet has a certain minimal expectation of accuracy, even in insults.

            Jews are smart, I have no doubt about that, despite your best efforts to convince me otherwise.

      • Cid Campeador

        It also equals Sammy Davis Jr.

    • Jimmy Joseph

      Yeah guess it doesn’t vibe with the David Duke opinion?

      The fat slob White Irish Lesbian woman is calling White people “racist” while the Black Jew is saying they AREN’T

      Guess you can’t understand this under your David Duke world view?

      • Pat Kittle

        Your job, as an Israel Internet troll, is to discourage non-Jewish Whites (aka “goyim”) from seeing anything, factual or otherwise, that you don’t want us to see.

        And contrary to what you would have us believe, David Duke presents a whole lot of FACTS highly embarrassing to you Jewish supremacists.

        AmRen won’t allow a link to his website, but it can be easily found by doing a simple search for his name.

  • bilderbuster

    It was at Target and she wasn’t mistaken for help.
    She was disguised and a smaller asked her if she could reach something for her.
    She’s lying.

  • IstvanIN

    I didn’t know that Rosie joined the Hollywood adopt a Negro pet brigade.

    • bilderbuster

      I didn’t either and unfortunately it’s now seared into my memory forever.

    • Those were the trendy fashion accessory for a while.

      • newscomments70

        I wonder when the first celebrity will be brutally attacked or murdered by their own adopted child.

  • Evette Coutier

    Dykes and negriods run America. It’s why we are in decline as a civilization.

  • tobytylersf

    I find it strange that liberals keep talking about treating blacks “like the help.” It really dates them.

    “The help” hasn’t been black since the 1960s, didn’t they notice? The help is now Hispanic, has been for years.

    Seriously, it never occurs to me to ask random black people to help me with things. Unless I need a bicycle stolen, or an iPad stolen when riding the bus. But help? Black people are no help. Go to a fast food restaurant or a store with a black clerk, and watch to see the quality of “help” you get.

    Liberals certainly love to live in the past, don’t they? Must mean they have no future.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    I just watched part of the movie ‘The Color Purple ‘and in it whoopee acts as a ugly housewife and people even say that she is ugly. She looks even uglier with those nasty dreadlocks.

  • JR Kipling

    Go Hollywood go…tear each other apart in the race to the top of the Liberal garbage pile. Who will win Rosie or Whoopi??…. place your bets.

  • ghettovalley

    The View is about as interesting as a brown paper bag full of carrots.

    • throttler

      I would rather watch paint dry.

  • davejon

    What’s that thing in the middle, in the pink pullover? Anybody know?

    • nexus974

      RuPaul(sp?) perhaps?

  • PopTheLid

    What kind of people actually tune in and watch these self serving idiotic hags?

    • Urbane Neanderthal

      The left HALF of the bell curve.

  • Robert Smith

    Rosie definitely has the guts to fight back, now if she only had a brain.

  • Malgus

    I had to go over to the VAMC for blood tests, and while I was waiting to be called, someone had left the TV in the waiting area tuned to “The View”. Not on purpose, though. It probably had on news and that mess came on afterwards…

    Sounded like a bunch of chickens clucking and squabbling over some particularly good tasting food pellets…

    I cannot fathom why this road-kill could be considered decent programming, nor why anyone would want to waste their lives watching it.

    I looked around and said “All in favor of turning this s**t off?”

    Every vet within earshot raised his hand. “The ‘ayes’ have it. Motion carried”

    I went and fetched the remote from a nurse and “Tschuß” to that pack of harpies… As far as whatever they were arguing about, I really don’t care, except to say it’s hilarious when the progs try to out-minority each other… Cultural Marxism is a death cult…

  • archer

    As soon as you let people like Whoopie label Americans racist you lose, white european Americans are really the least racist people on the planet, go anywhere in the world and you will find out what real racism is.

    • MannyR

      Walk in Mexico with a ghetto black by your side.

  • That’s one thing that jumped out at me when I first read the story. Blackie O was stark raving mad that the proles dared to mistake her and her husband for the lowly untouchable Target employee and black tie affair valet. If I was in some sort of PR capability for those two personally or the White House, I’d be ripping my increasingly graying hair out of my head.

    • Kenner

      ‘Blackie O’….excellent!

    • Malgus

      “Blackie O”… BAHH-HAHAHAH!!!!

      Oh man, I am so writing that down…

  • david dorian

    Two contemptible people claiming victimhood in order to attack and coerce other people.

    Disgusting sight.

  • Jimmy Joseph

    Unfortunately, Rosie O’Donnell represents a large segment of the White female population.

    This show is VERY POPULAR among White women.

    This is what we are up against fellas. Wake up.

    Whoopi Goldberg (half black, half Jew) was DEFENDING White people far more than this fat slob Rosie O’Donnell (White Catholic woman).

    I guess this doesn’t align with the David Duke narrative does it? I

    • Malgus

      You don’t get it.

      I don’t care what “narrative” these harpys “align” with… they are non-entities to me.

      As far as which “white women” watch this show, and possibly think it has any value whatsoever, they are the exact opposite type of white female I would have any interest in… so scratch them as well.

      Moreover, I care even less (if that’s possible) about anything Whoopi Goldbergsteinbein has to say or think… her, and that bloated hypocritical Snorlax can both take a flying leap…

      • Jimmy Joseph

        Yes they might be the “opposite type of White woman” you would want.

        However, those type of White women represent the majority. It is hard to ignore the majority of White women.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        Unfortunately, that is the majority of White women.

        Your viewpoint resonates only with the distinct minority of White women.

        White Nationalists need to recognize this reality. They have a huge hurdle to overcome with their own women.

        • Malgus

          Well, Jim… I’ll go you one better…

          I didn’t marry an American girl. I married a German girl.

          American females are – for the most part – spoiled rotten, vapid, oversexed, weak minded f*&^ toys who have fallen for the whole “girl power” line of bilge. They either enter University to get an “Mrs.” degree, or else they allow themselves to fall prey to the whole Cultural Marxist line of dogma. They actually believe the “We can do anything men can do, only better” Big Lie and view men as a toy, an accessory, a meal ticket or an inconvenience…

          This isn’t to say all are that way. But enough to thoroughly discourage American males. You act like a man – the way God intended – and you’re treated like a caveman or a barbarian or worse. To add insult to injury, if a male acts like one of these fruity Metro-sexual, emasculated, nail-polish-wearing milquetoasts, then any female worth having won’t want anything to do with him…

          So, I abandoned American females en masse. They started it, not me.

          My old daddy – God rest his soul – told me “Boy? If you want the best apple, don’t go to the barrel. Go to the tree.”

          So, I did. I went to my families’ ancestral homeland – Southern Germany – and found a plethora of worthy females of marriageable age.. I chose the best that would have me and I’ve been happy as hell ever since. She’s strong, pragmatic, lovely, intelligent and completely rejects Cultural Marxism as a whole. She knows there are differences between males and females – even celebrates those differences – and is often bewildered by the weak minded fools American women have become… she’s even grown to be a fair hand with a rifle, has a CCW and carries a .357 and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty…

          This isn’t to say it’s been all wine and roses… she’s an Alpha, like me. When two strong personalities get together in the same place, there is bound to be conflict of some sort. But, I couldn’t ask for a better life partner or wife…

          And I have advised our son to do the same – to not waste his time on corrupted American females, to go to our ancestral homelands – or somewhere close by equally suitable – when he wants to find a wife. America’s barrel of apples has – by it’s own efforts – spoiled beyond repair. And so, I abandon them…

          They made their choice. We have to make ours.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            good job man!

            Unfortunately, we’re not all as lucky as you. We have to work within the American system that is so thoroughly polluted.

            That is why some of these White dudes are going Asian. Very sad times.

          • Malgus

            I don’t understand the whole Asian fetish thing…

            I’ve always favored blue eyes and blonde hair.. (redheads are just flat crazy. Been there, done that. Got the scars to prove it). Only thing I can think is that asian females have the whole demure, subservient thing going on and haven’t been corrupted by the man-hating Feminazis yet… that can be a big draw.

            But, I didn’t want a servant. If I wanted a servant, I’d hire someone to walk 3 steps behind me all the time and call me “Sahib”…

            I wanted an equal to share in life and walk side by side… can’t get that from an asian…

            Edit: As far as “luck”… you just have to think it up and do it. Make your own luck. Either work for a Euro company and move there, or pile up your bucks as best you can and go there repeatedly… if a rube like me can pull it off, anyone can.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            ok good thoughts.

    • MannyR

      Yeah because one fat white race traitor obviously invalidates tons of real evidence of Tribal Involvement in a host of organized efforts to denigrate, destroy and enslave white Christians. Your protests are falling more and more on deaf ears as whites start to wake up. David Dake has a PHD and was a State Representative, what’s your bio?

      • Jimmy Joseph

        I never denied some Jewish element in pushing for open borders, immigration, etc. However, they are only one facet of the problem.

        You guys like to blame the almost exclusively and ignore a ton of other problems that are even bigger.

        If White women weren’t acting the way they act, would we be in the shape we are in, regardless of the “Jew”?

        Also, I notice a distinct attempt to ignore the fact that the Catholic Church, Lutheran Church, White Billionaires, etc all push open borders and multiculturalism as well.

        If some Jewish hegemony was fighting for open borders vs White billionaires, CC, Lutheran Church, etc, I would believe this case.

        However, when all of these White groups are on the page of open borders and multiculturalism, I tend to ignore this “Jewish” stuff.

        The Jewish groups act identically to the nonJewish groups on these issues.

        • Pat Kittle

          Many “White groups” have been bought & paid for by Israel lobby billionaires.

          As you know but won’t admit.

          For example, the Sierra Club mysteriously abandoned its long-standing opposition to immigration-fueled population growth.

          It remained a mystery until it was revealed a Jewish multi-billionaire (David Gelbaum) secretly bribed the Club with $100,000,000 if it would shut-up about immigration.

          Google [ Sierrans for US Population Stabilization ].

          • Jimmy Joseph

            So the Jews own the Catholic Church and Lutheran Churches too?

            Because both are for open borders and bringing in third worlders.

  • Jimmy Joseph

    Yet tons of White females worship this show and watch it.

  • Paleoconn

    O’Donnell once ambushed Tom Selleck on his NRA membership, and he blasted her for it. She is a gun control freak and it doesn’t surprise me that she tried to one-up Goldberg by stating that the alleged valet incident is a sign of racism rather than stupidity on the part of the offending party. Glad she got lashed for that, even though I don’t agree with Goldberg’s ridiculous comment that only blacks know about racism.

  • Paleoconn

    I am now blowing taps in memory of my brain cells that perished after watching that clip. Man, that’s a whole lot of stupid, but glaaaad the lesbo got lashed.

  • The All Seeing Bry

    If everyone just came out and said they were racist the world would be a much better place.

    I’ll start: I’m racist.

    • HE2

      As a recovering Berkeley-ite, I am one who has awakened and can see.
      If that makes me a racist, so be it.

    • Pat Kittle

      Race realist here.

  • LHathaway

    I couldn’t finish reading this one. There are times when there is only so much insanity I can endure. I couldn’t make it past the first few statements or so.

  • Manxman3

    God give me strength.

  • John Jackson

    The part of all this that I never hear discussed and it surprises me:

    OK, so, blacks are complaining that they get mistaken for valets, waiters, etc – what is wrong with being a valet or a waiter, or working at Target or whatever? So to these arrogant SOB’s if you hold one of those jobs you’re somehow less of a person?

    To me this whole thing seems like a slap in the face to all of us out there doing the blue collar jobs that allow all these politicians and celebrities to live their luxurious lifestyles.

    • Bobbala

      I look down on no working man. It’s a white thing.

      • ghettovalley

        Indeed, working as a valet is infinitely more respectable than being a welfare leech, or hanging out on your stoop drinking malt liquor and selling crack all day, common occupations within the black community.

    • newscomments70

      I believe mistaking Obama for a valet is an insult to valets. Valets of all races work very hard and produce something. The worthless Obamas simply consume and destroy.

  • LHathaway

    You have to be black to know what racism is. . .
    In Amerika, you have to repeat that or be outed as ‘insenstive’. Ironically, you have to repeats statements like, ‘you have to be black to really understand racism’ on a daily basis or else you will be considered a racist. Who is kidding who? In amerika if you are white, you are a racist.

  • Reynardine

    “O’Donnell: ‘You don’t have to be black to know what racism is.’

    Goldberg: ‘Yes you do.”

    The epistemological underpinnings of this piece of black philosophy are astounding. Blacks are literally trying to claim that racism is not objective, but rather subjective. Blacks believe, more or less, that only blacks can understand racism, and that given racism is universally wrong, the blacks are the only ones qualified to give moral advice about anything between blacks and whites.

    It’s a cute way of giving blacks authority over whites when it comes to any interracial interactions.

    • Pat Kittle

      The proper reply is:

      “Only Whites can understand anti-white racism. Yeah, you heard me right.”

  • Who Me?

    One snarling hippo (white) vs, another (black) hippo, with a couple indeterminate (gender? race? species?) clowns on the side all arguing about who’s the most victimized in this mess. It’s Advil time!

  • Jimmy Joseph

    To all the Jewish Conspiracy David Duke people on here:

    I would believe your argument that the “Jew” is at fault for all of these problems if all traditional White groups were fighting against them. However, I see no evidence of this. In fact, many “White” groups or institutions are for open borders and multiculturalism MORE than the Jews.

    1) Which White group is fighting against feminism and the destruction of family? It appears the Protestant Churches never fight it and the Catholic Church is ignoring it.

    2) Which groups are against open borders? Catholic Church, Protestant, White Billionaires (Walmart, Gates, Buffet, etc) are all for open borders

    3) Which groups are against multiculturalism? The Catholic Church hides illegals in their churches. Lutherans bring Somalians into Minnesota. White Billionaires act identically to George Soros open borders groups.

    4) Michael Savage (Jew) was banned from England for “inciting hate” against Muslims when he said that they shouldn’t be letting all the foreigners into England. White Liberals called a Jew “racist”. I see this often actually. You guys ignore this.

    The Rosie Odonnell incident is a White Irish Catholic calling a Black Jew out on “White racism”.

    Please refute my argument. All I see are stupid arguments that “Jews” control all the churches, billionaires, etc by “brainwashing” them. I guess White have a total lack of agency over their own behavior.

    If Whites are that stupid and totally lack agency over their actions, they are an inferior race that deserves to die off.

    • Pat Kittle

      Thanks to Jewish supremacists, Europeans are in European prisons right now for merely questioning the Official Infallible Zionist Version of WWII history.

      Do you have a problem with that? Answer the question directly, please.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        I am against jailing people for freedom of speech.

        However, this Holocaust “denial” makes WNs look like morons. They can’t win that debate, only marginalizes them further. Even if you prove the numbers are off slightly, I don’t see how this will change anything.

        Waisting time tactically on such a non issue is moronic.

        • Pat Kittle

          White non-Jewish Europeans spend YEARS IN PRISON for displeasing you Jewish supremacists & your version of WWII history.

          The laws that put them in prison are the direct result of you Jewish supremacists. Not surprisingly, you refuse to DIRECTLY CONDEMN those laws, AND those who are responsible for them.

          Instead you make a token reference to be against “jailing” non-Jewish white Europeans who say things you don’t like. Nice try, but we know you Isreal Internet shysters are trained to use absurd technicalities to avoid answering embarrassing questions.

          For example, you say you’re against “jailing” them, but that doesn’t mean you’re against “imprisoning” them — you call them “morons” simply because they say things you Jewish supremacists don’t want said.

          Your loyalty clearly is limited to Jews — and your approval of us goyim is clearly limited to those who unquestioningly support Jews.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            LOL your arguments are getting more moronic by the day.

            I just said I am against jailing people for speech.

            Then you come to “refute” me by saying that “you Jewish supremacists are putting people in jail”.

            I am not putting anyone in jail nor am I a jewish supremacist. I don’t see this as a debate but some ad hom attack based upon false assertions.

            You Dukers need to up your debate skills.

          • Pat Kittle

            It wasn’t Christians. It wasn’t Muslims. It wasn’t Buddhists.

            It wasn’t anybody else but you Jewish supremacists who got laws implemented in European countries that imprison non-Jewish European Whites for merely questioning your version of WWII history.

            You are clearly an Israel Internet troll, and quite likely a paid one. Anyone unfamiliar with the genre:
            Google [ Israel Internet troll ].

          • Jimmy Joseph

            LOL once again the Dukers are calling anyone who disagrees with them Jews. Dude this tactic is old and makes you look stupid.

            Imagine someone debating like this at college? This is why White Nationalists like yourself continue to make the movement fringe.

            Smarten up.

            Also, do you honestly think the Israelis care enough about some nerd on the internet debating to actually “pay me” for this?

            I waste my own time for free debating morons like you.

          • Pat Kittle

            Typical Israel Internet troll behavior.

            We’re still waiting for you to specifically condemn the Jews behind the imprisonment of European Whites in Europe who merely disagree with your official Jewish version of WWII European history.


          • Jimmy Joseph

            Ok broken record already. I have done that already, see above.

            You Dukers are running out of material. After the “Israeli troll” or “Jew” comments, you really have no debate ability. Kinda pathetic watching you dudes.

          • Pat Kittle

            You failed miserably (again) to condemn your fellow Jewish supremacists in Europe who are behind the long-term imprisonment of White Europeans who dare to criticize your WWII mythology.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            OK I’m done with this circular argument. I have already condemned any imprisonment over speech.

            When you Dukers can actually get on a subject to debate, let me know.

            Until then, go back to your trailer park and yell “Heil Hitler”.

          • Pat Kittle

            I am cross-examining you, giving you every opportunity to come clean.

            But you clearly won’t.

            You clearly will NOT condemn the specific Jewish traitors in Europe who maliciously betrayed European Whites in their own countries and had them thrown in prison and for what??

            For voicing an opinion of WWII history contrary to your own.

            You don’t fool us, shyster.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            You have debated or cross examined nothing.

            All I see are ad homs such as you’re a “jew”. That isn’t an actual debate.

            Ergo, I will speak back to you in a similar disrespectful manner. I know I am wasting my time with a trailer trash but I find it amusing.

            I hear that David Duke is looking for a couple of “good ladies”. Is your wife available?

            On second thought, David has standards. I don’t even think he could stoop that low. He doesn’t like toothless morbidly obese chicks.

          • Pat Kittle

            Such awesome wit.

            Israel apparently hires its left-50th of the Bell Curve losers for Internet troll duty.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Guess the Israelis didn’t think you were enough of a threat to spend much money on.

            Those Hasbro’s had budget cuts recently. Sorry man.

            They have about the budget of your trailer park these days.

          • Pat Kittle

            Not surprising that a Jewish supremacist like you would use anti-White racist slurs.

            “Trailer park” is an anti-White slur, as is “goyim,” “hillbilly,” “cracker,” “honkie,” “gringo,” “paleface,” and countless others.

            None of those anti-White slurs are censored, either here or virtually anywhere else online, and there’s no White equivalent of your Jewish supremacist $PLC, ADL, JDL, ACLU, etc. to make a Federal case of it.

            Are anti-Jewish slurs tolerated like that? We don’t need to ask.

            So don’t feel too bad, shyster, you still can take your “Jew Privilege” for granted.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            LOL must’ve been accurate

    • nBmnp

      What I don’t understand is how there seems to be this extreme polarization – either they are portrayed as omnipotent satanists or as perfectly innocent angels.

      Judaism as a religion is teaching that all non-jews are worthless cattle. That is a fact and can be found in Jewish scripture. Now of course not all Jews believe in Judaism but it’s certainly not surprising that such an education of hate is producing a lot of haters.

      To understand it better, one may look at Russia’s history: During the revolution and in the 1920’s the Jews occupied very important positions in the Soviet Union and had a lot of power – so much that many in the West were calling the SU a “Jewish state”.

      Which was not true – the SU was a “coalition of minorities”: Balts, Caucasians (from the Caucasus Mountains, like Stalin), Central Asians and practically any non-Russian group was overrepresented in the communist cadres. But many Jews gravitated to the most hateful (in both the sense of hating everybody and being hated by everybody) branch, the secret police – where they were even in the majority for some time.

      But the Jews gradually lost their power (and quite often also their lives) under Stalin which proves that the SU was not a Jewish conspiracy. Possibly one of the reasons was that they were universally hated after running the secret police. But the fact that the Jews share a lot of blame for the crimes of Communism remains nevertheless. It also shows that aggressive hate is not really a very good long-time survival strategy.

      In the US, they control the Federal Reserve since 1987, all the big networks except Fox, most big newspapers and Hollywood-studios. Again, this does not make the US a “Jewish conspiracy”, but they are to a large share responsible of what happens in the financial world (like the Banker-bailout) and especially what gets reported and produced in the movie industry. Also they gravitated towards the most hateful mass-profession available – lawyers.

      I think the zenith of Jewish power was probably under the first term of Bush II – the financial system is in a deep crisis that was not solved by the bailouts, all the newspapers are losing circulation, even the TV networks are losing influence.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        I am middle ground in my understand of Jews. I recognize problems of liberal/Communist Jews but I don’t blame all evils on them.

        David Dukers seem to be unable to make that distinction. Every issue is the “Jew”.

        Also, I don’t agree that Jews look at everyone as “cattle”. I am well versed in both Judaism and Christianity (as well as Islam and some of the Eastern religions).

        If you read the old Testament, there are many examples of “righteous” non Jews. They also have something called the 7 Noah laws that allow non Jews entrance into heaven.

        Considering Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism (Jesus and all of his apostles were Jews), that would be like arguing Christians look at all non Christians are cattle.

        There can be an argument that the Catholic Church looks upon all non Catholics are sinners going to hell.

        In fact, Catholic doctrine directly teaches that all non Catholics are going to hell including Protestants, Muslims, etc. I think they have changed their opinion on Jews recently.

        • ghettovalley

          Are you with the JIDF? Jews are barely ever even brought up here. I am really only concerned with Jews as far as reducing their media influence and their stranglehold on America’s purse strings. Would you want a bunch of white Christians running the media and controlling the finances in your country of Israel? Of course not. If that makes me a horrible evil anti-Semitic person so be it. But hey keep on jabbering about Catholics and David Duke if it makes you feel better.

        • nBmnp

          I also don’t think that all Jews view all non-Jews as cattle – but those that actually believe in Judaism do, because that is what it teaches.

          I also don’t blame all evils on them – but most of them support our enemies and/or our destruction, most of the time. In principle I would have no problem with Jews if they would support immigration restriction, family values and in general would “side with us” – but that is just not what is happening.

          In fact for quite a long time I had the illusion that we could build an alliance with them (which seems to be the mainstream-opinion on Amren) but what finally convinced me that that is impossible was the video of Swedish Jew (IIRC she was the head of the top Jewish-Swedish organization, can’t find the video at the moment, but it was some interview with a TV-reporter) who talked about how Sweden must become multicultural and that it “cannot survive” without massive inflows of 3rd-worlders.

          And this is in Sweden, where Jews where never harmed and never suffered even the slightest discrimination. And this is in Sweden where most immigrants are Jew-hating Moslems. If the Jews in Sweden hate the Swedes so much that they are willing to put up with a constant stream of terror from Muslim immigrants just to destroy the Swedes – how can anybody ever live in peace with them? If they are willing to destroy themselves just to destroy the Swedish Goys that saved them during the Holocaust – what basis for friendly coexistence is there? How can you ever trust people like that?

          And about theology: Of course heaven is only open to Christians, but Christianity preaches to treat all – also non-Christians – with fairness and respect – and in fact even more than that. The whole point of Christianity is to try to convert the non-Christians peacefully (just as Jesus did) to save them. (Calvinism has perverted that quite a lot, but Calvinism is not representative of Christianity)

          Anyway, even if you view the Old Testament as equal to the gospels (which of course it is not, because Christ’s teaching superseded it) and even if you cherry-pick the worst quotes you can find there, those are nothing compared to the pure hate that is contained in the Talmud.

          Also “Goy” literally also means “cattle”. So there you go.

          • Pat Kittle

            The Jewess traitor you’re thinking of is Barbara Spectre. See her in action at YouTube (until that video is banned anyway).

            When you’ve seen that video, check out the video “Anti-Racist Hitler”!

            Believe me, you won’t regret it.

  • Jimmy Joseph

    Ok well she is “Jewish” in name then and “ideology”.

    Doesn’t negate my argument about Rosie Odonnell.

  • baldridge999

    I think its great when anti-whites fight each other.

  • Gereng

    Who in the world cares what these ditzi broads talk about? None of them are talented or intelligent or well read or have any intellectual attainment that qualify them for anything but a silly round table discussion where they try to shout over one another’s inanities. Good grief!
    What times we live in when such blather constitutes prime time entertainment.

  • Cambrian Smith

    This looks like a bunch of people melting down over the reality that race plays in their everyday lives. Races are highly distinguishable and no amount of pretending will change it. So everyone’s racist? That’s it? If everyone’s racist, “racist” has no real meaning. How do people deal with the reality of racial differences without being “racist”? If a young black man is something like 20 times more likely to commit criminal behavior as compared to an Asian woman, are these people regarded as the same? If so, why? For pure political crusades? No thanks!

  • Epiminondas

    Would love to see those two shackled together, each armed with a box cutter.

  • Magician

    “Interracial relationships will always happen once in a while. Expecting 1000 white men and women to not date interracially is like expecting 1000 men to be straight. There will always be one guy or two who is not straight.”

    It looks like the above is correct.

    Look who this well-built black male bodybuilder is dating. You can see several photos of him and his lover in his facebook profile.

    Hint : This boy is not dating a white woman, but he is not dating a black woman either.

    It is also interesting that he loves animals and cares about animals’ safety in general.


    A pic from his facebook profile : (Personally, I love all animals as well)

  • Mentious

    Nice to see these loathsome Marxist culture-rotters tearing at each other. Keep it going on!

  • GavinVolaire

    Whoops, I just came from accounting and they gave me this fat paycheck. How do we get more of these?
    Follow my lead, Rose. Follow my lead….

  • OhWow

    Haha Rosie is the token white liberal who wants to make black friends so bad and identify with them so bad, but Whoopi just won’t let her in the cool victim club. “Buh…buh…I have a black child!”. “Buh…buh…I am a lesbian!”. Translation: “PLEASE LET ME IN YOUR VICTIM CLUB!”.

    But then Whoopi says you have to be black to understand racism. That is like saying you need to be a asian to understand math.