The Skinheads of Europe Don’t Like Refugees. Neither Do the Doctors and Lawyers

Dalia Fahmy et al., Bloomberg, December 17, 2014

The diplomats, lawyers and celebrities living on the priciest street in Germany’s wealthiest city aren’t thrilled about their new neighbors.

Refugees fleeing war zones are moving into the empty office building around the corner from their lakefront road, Harvestehuder Weg, in Hamburg. The four-story building being transformed by borough Mayor Torsten Sevecke sits on a leafy plot abutting a luxury development where apartments cost as much as 7 million euros ($9 million). Locals are suing the city because they’re worried their properties will lose value.

“Where will these people buy their groceries? The cheaper supermarkets are far away,” said Barbara, a 70-year-old pensioner who lives in the area but spends most of the year in Spain. She asked that her last name not be published because it would be “embarrassing.” “I’d prefer if the government invests the money in a new building somewhere else.”

Record numbers of refugees are arriving in Europe, roiling regional politics and leaving local officials struggling to provide shelter while managing their constituents’ unhappiness. Most displaced people head to Germany and Sweden, where lodgings are being created any place there’s space: in empty schools, campgrounds, a boat on the River Elbe, even purpose-built aluminum crates that resemble shipping containers. In France and Italy, many end up on the street.

About 345,000 people applied for asylum in European Union nations in the first nine months of 2014, 23 percent more than a year earlier and the most since 2001. Germany, Sweden, France and Italy accounted for almost three-quarters of the total; Germany’s 113,000 exceeded the asylum applications in the U.S.

‘Foreigners Out’

The rising tide of refugees has fueled support for extremist politicians and protest movements. The Swedish government fell this month over the Sweden Democrats’ opposition to any legislation promoting immigration–in that case the nation’s 2015 budget. Neo-Nazis have joined demonstrations in Berlin chanting “Foreigners Out” and are suspected of torching three refugee homes outside Nuremberg last week.

In Hamburg, the protests are more genteel, although a town hall meeting erupted into its “liveliest” discussion ever when the plan to convert the office building into a refugee home in mid-2015 was announced, borough Mayor Sevecke said.

“Of course there’s a social gulf between millionaires and refugees, but this is also where Hamburg’s politically engaged upper-middle class live and they have the resources to help,” he said. “We’re not talking about social-welfare recipients here. These are businessmen from Kabul and lawyers from Syria.”

Container villages

With housing already in tight supply, officials say they’re doing their best. Berlin’s government will have spent 130 million euros to house refugees in 2014, after budgeting 40 million euros. About 43 million euros will be spent on new “container villages” in six districts around the city.


Hundreds of refugees live in such structures in the German capital: aluminum corrugated boxes stacked on top of each other and fitted with drywall, windows, kitchens and nurseries. The structures in the new villages have 15 square meters (161 square feet) of living space.


In France, the government lacks accommodation for about a third of asylum seekers, meaning that more than 20,000 people are forced to find housing with relatives or in shelters, said Laurent Delbos, advocacy manager at Forum Refugies-Cosi. Many end up in illegal squats or on the street.


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  • Ella

    I thought the Germans would give out free “refugee” housing in the US barreks and updated family housing units since they closed down so many post Cold War era. Germany has its own HUD/Section 8 program and the rich cannot escape it just yet!

  • DaveMed

    Any sane person who has gone through medical school understands the dangers associated with massive waves of poor immigrants.

    In fact, I’d wager that the majority of the lay people on AmRen have a better understanding of the health risks that immigration poses to our countries than that of the garden-variety bleeding-heart doctor.

    • John Smith

      I hope that most understand antibiotic resistance and why it seems to develop most often in the third world.

      • DaveMed

        Oh, they understand that.

        But it’s a coincidence, you see. It can’t be due to differences in intelligence and behavior patterns, right? That’s “racism.”

  • superlloyd

    The silent majority also don’t like refugees aka invading alien parasites.

  • Simonetta

    The Germans should dust off their old book of tricks and draft all the ‘refugees’ into the German Army. Then send them off to invade Poland and the Soviet Union (or whatever they’re calling themselves nowdays).

    If they win this time there will be plenty of ‘living room’ in the East for everybody to camp out. If they lose, then all the ‘refugees’ will be the ones getting killed and they can sign a truce when the Red Army (or whatever they’re calling themselves now) reaches the Elbe.

    What have they got to lose? The more things change, the more they remain the same.

    • Garrett Brown

      Germans died defending Germany from the Red Army. An extremely small percentage of immigrants were part of the Wehrmacht during WWII.

      • 1G25

        Uh, Germans died invading Russia.

        • Garrett Brown

          What is your comment responding to? No one ever stated they didn’t. Germans died everywhere in WWII. What’s your point?

          • 1G25

            “Germans died defending Germany from the Red Army.”

            My point is the stupidity of that statement. Germans wouldn’t have had to defend Germany but for operation Barbarossa.

          • Garrett Brown

            Germans were defending Germany for centuries before WWII. The only person making “stupid” and pointless statements is you.

          • 1G25

            You, literally, don’t know what Operation Barbarossa was.


    • Speedy Steve

      What do you have against Poland? It’s about the Whitest nation in Europe and has a healthy birthrate. Send the immigrants to invade Papua New Guinea, Tanzania and Kameroun — former German colonies all three.

      • Itooktheredpill

        They are one of the whitest nations left on the planet but their birth rate is just as bad as the rest of the white world. 1.3 when I last checked. Eastern europe is facing a demographic crisis as well the only difference is they are not facing massive 3rd world immigration….at least not yet in 30 years or so who knows.

        You got to understand most Westerners and especially americans are completely clueless about eastern Europe. I still regularly have americans try to convince me that Poland is a third world country.

      • Can someone list the white nations left in this world? Screwed up nations like Argentina, Ukraine. Eastern European EU like Poland, Baltic countries, are still white but will be invaded as soon as they get a bit richer. Like East Germany. Leaves, maybe, Chile and Uruguay.

        Switzerland may enact laws to save itself the last moment. Anyone can comment or complete the list?

        Leaves Japan, Korea, China to continue civilization in the next century.

    • John Smith

      Sounds more like the French, who sent their foreigners off to Africa, Mexico and Indochina.

  • SentryattheGate

    Germany has a record of being punished because they are so hard-working, inventive and successful! They had to bail-out the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Spain), after giving and loaning $$$ to help get some of them qualified to even get into the EU, now they have the largest number of refugees in the world forced on them!

    • Paleoconn

      You forgot Greece.

    • Kenner

      ireland has come back strong, unlike the rest.

    • saxonsun

      Germany still owes Greece war reparations. When they pay what they owe, then I’ll respect the Germans–not until then.

  • Jaggers

    Oh no, Bloomberg News is worried that Germans don’t want to live next to refugee scum. So let’s put them next to Michael Bloomberg’s residence…

    • LeonNJ

      He’s allowing them to do so on the promise they won’t drink soda and fatty foods.

      • DiversityIsDeath

        haha, or smoke cigarettes.

  • JustJeff

    Good. Only when the well off are forced to deal with the problems they forced on the working classes will things change.

    • John Smith

      They’ll just do something to dump them all back onto the working classes.

      • JustJeff

        They’ll be full soon enough and then things will look just like Turkey/Pakistan/Syria and the invaders will move elsewhere.

  • TruthBeTold

    “Where will these people buy their groceries? The cheaper supermarkets are far away,”

    She’s only concerned about their welfare. There’s nothing elitist here.

    • Paleoconn

      Yeah, she wants the government to build housing for these invaders elsewhere. Sorry, princess, you get to live next to the diversity for a change. Germany is in suicide mode.

      • Ella

        Unfortunately, I quietly ask who will commit suicide first, Europe or US? I think the US has started earlier from the 1965 Immigration act.

  • pcmustgo

    “where lodgings are being created any place there’s space: in empty schools, campgrounds, a boat on the River Elbe, even purpose-built aluminum crates that resemble shipping containers. In France and Italy, many end up on the street.”


  • MBlanc46

    It appears that a significant (i.e., visible) proportion of the German public has finally become upset enough with immigration to start pushing back. May we follow their lead.

    • John Smith

      It’s far easier where national and ethnic identity are so closely associated.

      • MBlanc46

        True. But whites in the US forged a white Christian (by culture if not practice) identity that kept blacks, Mexicans, and Asians under control. Then we gave it all up in the 1960s.

    • MannyR

      The minute 3white nationalists get together and start having thoughts of recruiting with bigger goals in mind a Tribesman and a team of FBI agents would arrest them on “bomb” making charges or trying to pay to have a judge killed. Presto! All dissent stifled before it even gets off the ground.

  • Jason Lewis

    Yet they’re still importing refugees.

  • John Smith

    These professionals represent the same mentality as white urban professionals here in the US – diversity is great so long as you don’t have to live with it on a daily basis.

  • LeonNJ

    I would be angry too if I saw a refugee within two days holding a smartphone and chasing down blonde girls with their new AirJordans on. Thanks taxpayers!

    • MannyR

      They’re blacks not refugees

  • A Freespeechzone

    That isn’t any different that here in the US; liberal Hollywood types never live anywhere near ‘diversity’.

  • OyVey00

    The irony is that these “doctors and lawyers” are the voter base for the Green Party, the ultimate cultural marxist party in Germany (even the Linke doesn’t come close).

    As a FDP politician once put it, Green voters are rich upper-class snobs living in secluded communities who are ashamed of their wealth and try to curb their conscience by donating money to children in Africa, supporting diversity programs and trying to save the environment. Experiencing “diversity” up-close is absolutely horrifying for them.

  • Latino Nationalist

    Do Asian countries ever accept refugees?

    • bubo

      Not in any real numbers, no. No such thing as yellow guilt.

    • LeonNJ

      I’ve been thinking about that for years. Countries such as S.Korea and Japan are extremely well off, very industrialized and high tech. Also, they have such a boring vanilla population where everyone looks the same and speak the same language. They really could use diversity.

      It’s funny really, where you see the UN fat cat Ban Ki-Moon lecture Europe that they need even more immigration especially from war torn Syria, but he never talks about his home country of S.Korea of opening the flood gates. I can’t blame him, but ironic that he wants whites countries to help the planet, but never Asian countries even if those Asian countries are just as rich and well off as European ones.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      Hell no, they ain’t crazy.

  • HE2

    I am confused. The author states, “We’re not talking about social-welfare recipients here. These are businessmen from Kabul and lawyers from Syria.”

    Is he referring to the invading army of “refugees,” or concerned in situ, wealthy residents?

    • LHathaway

      Good point. Yesterdays ‘refugees’ are today’s non-white establishment. A ‘patriotic’ German group who have ties that ‘go back generations’, if not ‘Centuries’. Millenia. They’re paying those archeologists for something. . .

      • HE2

        So, LHathaway, you think the author is referring to wealthy established long in country, nonWhite invaders objecting to the new wave of benefit dependent Third World economic “refugees?”

        According to my Hamburg Germany ex-in-laws, due the loss of an entire generation of their men, post WW2 Germany was obliged to import thousands of Turks, other Arabic types to help rebuild their bomb leveled country.
        Surviving native Germans were not happy about it, even less happy that the Arabs stayed, remained nonassimilated and tribally loyal, amassed wealth, and have the unmitigated gall to call themselves Germans.
        According to his family, many, of the old time Arabs, and I mean, many are on the dole and live in now established no-go freebies council housing areas.
        The beautiful Elbe River area house where my ex grew up has been leveled, high rise council housing built on that site. It, too, is now in the midst of a no-go area.
        To his family, the current flood of Arabs is the last straw.

  • Alucard_the_last

    Here is America, rich white liberals don’t live anywhere near blacks. Maybe that is why they love negroes so much.

    • Augustus3709

      They read Cultural Marxist History which emotionally paints the faux-narrative of the great White evils, and they absorb Cultural Marxist media, which showcases “the Magic Negro”, and the hopelessly inept and incompetent Whites, who clearly must have achieved historical success through dishonest means.

      So these now perverted White Liberals resolutely decide to punish all other White people (but not themselves). That’s social justice!

  • Augustus3709

    Good point. ‘Out of sight out of mind’ affects everyone. The well-to-do upper middle class will look down their noses at the “uncultured bigots” who are forced to live with the invaders. Rubbing the truth in hypocritical noses might bring about a positive change.

  • Augustus3709

    As a semantic issue I would ask Bloomberg or anything other “main stream” news outlet to justify and quantify the label “neo-Nazi”.

    What do they mean by it?

    Just yesterday I saw a video about Israelis being as harsh as possible to African migrants, which they call “infiltrators”. As we speak Africans are being rounded up and placed in a massive concentration camp in the desert, which they refer to as an “accommodation center”.

    What would Bloomberg label the people doing this?

    • The Dude

      Personally I would label them “folks with common sense”.

  • WR_the_realist

    That’s true everywhere. Skinheads in America don’t like blacks, but neither do the elites, if you look at where they buy their houses and what schools they send their kids to.

  • Earl Turner

    Why can’t Israel take in more of these refugees?

  • mobilebay

    Since the developed nations of the world share the upkeep of third worlds – US kicking in the most, I’m sure – why do they (we) have to take in the inhabitants? We could send billions and still come out better than having to take them in and take care of them here too.

  • LeonNJ

    Of course there’s whites living in those countries…even blacks, too!

    What we’re talking about is mass immigration. Why isn’t Japan opening up the flood gates like we see in Europe and USA? Why aren’t they bringing in tens of thousands of south asians, arabs, and sub Saharan africans? What’s stopping them from embracing multiculturalism and diversity?

    We all know why their doing it and it’s damn smart.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    Look, Asian nations may accept a few negroes, but not nearly at the same insane level that white countries do, and you know it. And, importantly, Asian nations don’t coddle and kowtow to their negro guests. You must be mighty ignorant if you imagine for a moment that Japan and S. Korea are setting up affirmative action programs and welfare programs for the parasitic, good-for-nothing negroes that plague white nations. Asians see what a mess it is for white western nations, what a pestilence the blacks are, and they are not about to make the same mistake. Yellows are a highly race conscious race, they do not believe negroes (or even Euros) to be equal to them in any way. They know that LACK of diversity is a strength, homogeneity is a strength. Sorry, but Whites are the most merciful to blacks, although you ignorant, brainwashed leftists would no doubt disagree, and fawn over the yellows who throw you some hard won crumbs, ha.