Police Stop Turned into Melee in Delray Beach, Officers Say

Kate Jacobson, Chicago Sun-Sentinel, December 30, 2014

What started out as a simple stop for Delray Beach Police quickly turned into a 50-plus person melee.

A group of people formed a human shield to keep police officers from a man who police wanted to detain Saturday in a neighborhood. “The next thing they know, there’s 70 to 75 people out there,” Sgt. Nicole Guerriero said. “The officers had to use pepper spray to get the people back.”


The events began Saturday night when officers saw a man walking down the road and smoking, Delray Beach Police said. The officers smelled marijuana and decided to stop their police vehicle, according to Sgt. Nicole Guerriero.

But the man quickly scampered away, going into a house near the corner of Southwest Eighth Avenue and Southwest Third Court. Officers tried to talk to the man, but out from the house came about 20 people and they were forming a human shield.


“They formed this shield and started getting aggressive,” Guerriero said. “Someone hit the officer and pushed him away, they were throwing bottles, they were cursing and screaming at them.”

Two officers, who were sitting in a police cruiser, tried to intervene, but this made things worse. Guerriero said more people started showing up and the crowd grew to upward of 50 people. Officers called for backup.

“The next thing they know, there’s 70 to 75 people out there,” she said. “The officers had to use pepper spray to get the people back.”

When someone would throw a bottle toward officers, the human chain would push the person back behind them and stop officers from making an arrest, she said.

At one point, someone threw an object–either a bottle or a brick–and damaged the windshield of a police cruiser, Guerriero said.

Four were detained in the incident. {snip}





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  • A Freespeechzone

    Police are being neutered by the cowardly politicians who will cater to violent, lawless negroes and illegals—just remember that per the SCOUS in 2005, LE has NO OBLIGATION to protect you or your family.

    Had this lawless group of negroes been Whites, the Police would stop at NOTHING to retain order–including lethal force; but, even the most ‘law and order’ politicians will NOT support them.

    As lawlessness and violence increases exponentially, be smart and prepared—it IS a race war against Whites.

    • MannyR

      You are insanely correct, if whites blocked traffic on a highway, marched on city hall with rifles and handguns at their sides or participated in ” protesting” the way droves of blacks did in Ferguson police would beat the tar out of every single person involved. I’m not sticking up for them but look at the way some of The Occupy persons were beaten, pepper sprayed and struck repeatly with night sticks for protesting. It’s the media we need to blame. They stick up for and slant coverage in favor of these out of control negros, helping them gain sympathy from the public. Meanwhile they paint whites as blood drinking, racist, child molesting serial killers that have been handed everything and were born with silver spoons in their mouthes.

    • Jaime Lynn

      Don’t know about that. I see militarized cops that aren’t half the man the old six gun carrying deputy used to be. I also see them shooting first and asking questions later most times. I think one instance of cops being outsmarted isn’t a precedent of overzealous militarized police being neutered as you put it……

  • MekongDelta69

    Is that (L-R) Sharp-Tonnage, Hi-Jackson, Eric Hold ‘Em Up, and Nobama in that picture?

    • Speedy Steve

      Perp #1 has red eyes, and #3 looks zonked out on smack. Beard #2 is a mohammedan, and #4 has an IQ of 70 which makes him the brains of the operation.

      • Looks like the cast of The Walking Dead – congoid edition.

        • Sick of it

          As if blacks could survive a zombie apocalypse…

          • Kenner

            They’d just blend in.

          • Alucard_the_last

            They would be the ones eating the zombies.

      • John

        #3 also has that stylishly shaped “peanut head”. A favorite of amateur phrenologists everywhere these days. Did I read correctly that these 4 are officers in the local “Rocket Scientists of America” chapter?

        • Ron Cheaters

          #3 also has that “grill” he be proudly sporting.. which I’m betting an unfortunate white woman has financed.

        • Nancy

          They’re part of the deep-sea expedition trying to locate the exact whereabouts of Atlantis. They’ve made little progress to date, as several previous dives have been unsuccessful. However, they feel certain they’ll locate it…as soon as they can finally find a diver capable of holding his breath.

          • John

            Well golly gee (Gomer Pyle style). It must be that pesky black inability to swim in any environment but a kid’s wading pool come back once again to bite them in the rear end.

      • Jaime Lynn

        Dammmmnnn…..now that was funny.

    • David Ashton

      The one on the far left almost fits. Reverend Al, Free Beacon Man of the Year.

    • Nancy

      The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

  • John Smith

    Blacks are becoming more emboldened by the day. This is only going to continue to get worse.

    Even if one cop had (justifiably) defended himself or (justifiably) roughed up just one black, the cameras would have started rolling and the filthy creatures in the anti-white media cabal would have gone into “create another false narrative” mode.

    I would stay away from any public celebrations of New Years.

    Who is the #1 culprit in all this mess? C’mon, repeat after me…the filthy creatures in the anti-white media cabal !

    • correction to your comment: worse. better.

    • 4321realist

      “Blacks are becoming more emboldened by the day. This is only going to continue to get worse.”

      Absolutely right.

      It could well be that they’re over reaching this time with their nonsense protests based on nothing but lies. They’re image certainly is becoming worse and worse because of it.


        While I am delighted to see our white brethren in Europe standing up against their displacement, the question is when will whites in the USA finally physically strike back? I want to see these leftists and these black thugs and illegals so damn scared to even be around us. I want them to be so scared that they are fleeing everytime they see whites come near them. Look at Europe: they have the will, but not the means and they have everything stacked against them, yet they are still defying the odds. Here we have the freedom of speech, the right to remain silent, the fourth amendment and, of course, the right to own firearms. So quit telling me “oh, the government wouldn’t like that if we fought back” No, duh! Really? You’re never going to get the permission to fight back. It’s either kill or be killed. It’s that simple.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I think a few thousand white boy democrats will have to encounter those four model citizens in order to get a long overdue reality check. It’s the only way they’ll learn.

    • Cid Campeador

      The ” Downtown” Delray Beach is a great place. Interesting stores, great restaurants etc. Go west of I95 and it’s the same thing as any other place in the FTA of BHO. Go South to Broward County and Ft. Lauderdale is the same until you go West. Black areas in S. Florida are always between the Coastal Areas and the far Western areas of the Interstate.

  • Speedy Steve

    but out from the house came about 20 people …
    What kind of house was it? Standard Section 8 ghetto, or a crack house?

  • Yancy Derringer

    Only four detained? Should have been all of them, of course – 70 to 75, with police video to assure their prosecutions. Lawlessness begets more lawlessness. Government fails to uphold necessary standards of law and order once again.

  • Luca

    The last two on the right don’t look like they have enough room in their craniums to house anything approaching a normal-sized human brain. Especially that third pinhead, he looks like a photo from and old psychiatry book exemplifying a malformed mentally retarded mongoloid. And I don’t meant to insult retarded mongoloids.

    • IstvanIN

      Especially that third pinhead The acorn head with the grills? I agree.

    • Nancy

      He looks like a couple of the morons I used to teach in the ghetto.

      One kid in particular comes to mind…a kid named “Robert”, I think was his name. He was in my 3rd grade class of (should-have-been) 5th graders who’d already failed two grades in the past, and this was his second go-round with 3rd grade. He used to stand at the pencil sharpener all day, turning the handle of the sharpener around and around because he liked the noise it made. (He rarely put a pencil in it.)

      Back then, before the PC Machine took over the American vocabulary, we had a Special Ed. designation called MMR: Mildly Mentally Retarded. Robert had been recommended for Special Ed. testing in KINDERGARTEN, yet it took 5 years for the logjam of Special Ed. candidates to get through before it was his turn.

      So he was in the “slowest” of the 3rd grade classes (still legal to divide the grades by ability back then), but it was nevertheless a “regular” class. After I left the school, I heard he finally got diagnosed MMR and was spent to a special school.

      I imagine Robert today (if he’s alive) looks a lot like these model citizens.

  • DD-762

    Why is the same person pictured in the four photos? Was that a misprint?

    • DiversityIsDeath

      They DO all look alike. Ugly evil, subhuman.

  • Pepper spray? Can’t they pick up a surplus mini-gun or AC-130?

    • Cid Campeador

      How about a Sulfuric Acid cannon?

  • RacialRay

    Good Lord, those mugshots say it all.

    Emptiness. Like staring into the abyss.

    • John R

      Always that same, sullen expression.

      • 1G25

        The visage of an 85 average IQ.

        • LexiconD1

          You’re being much too generous. Much too generous.

        • USN Veteran

          you spelled cumulative wrong

          • 1G25

            Actually, I overlooked the truth which you discerned !

        • Nancy

          Not much different from their elementary school pictures, quite frankly. Bigger, pointier heads, perhaps a little more facial hair…but otherwise just the same.

  • Bryce Armstrong

    I’m a little confused about the title, it says someone formed a “Human” shield, but in the story it just mentions Blacks doing it, what am I missing?

  • MannyR

    You could easily place the photo above on an album cover and you’d have the next multi million dollar making rap stars complete with criminal records.

  • Conrad

    “The order of nature [is] that individual happiness shall be inseparable from the practice of virtue.” –Thomas Jefferson to M. Correa de Serra, 1814. ME 19:210

    “Without virtue, happiness cannot be.” –Thomas Jefferson to Amos J. Cook, 1816. ME 14:405

    “Follow truth as the only safe guide, and… eschew error, which bewilders us in one false consequence after another.” –Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, 1819. ME 15:234

    “I sincerely… believe… in the general existence of a moral instinct. I think it the brightest gem with which the human character is studded, and the want of it as more degrading than the most hideous of the bodily deformities.” –Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Law, 1814. ME 14:143

    “The practice of morality being necessary for the well-being of society, [our Creator] has taken care to impress its precepts so indelibly on our hearts that they shall not be effaced by the subtleties of our brain.” –Thomas Jefferson to James Fishback, 1809. ME 12:315

  • unnltnd

    Face it y’all, we regular folks have lost. Only the burial remains. I secede.

    • Albert

      To hell if we have. Our real “white skin privilege” lies in our abilities. If we can just drop all forms of affirmative action in favor of a system of merit, we will prosper again.

    • Speedy Steve

      Perhaps if we made the liberals into farm workers for seven years.


        I’d prefer these communists were….oh, better not say it.

  • Jim Kental

    I say let all the police withdraw from ALL black areas. In a very short time the blacks will kill each other off and then we won’t have a major crime problem in the new America.

    • They may well kill each other a lot, but they won’t kill each other off. Because it will be almost entirely boys and men killing other boys and men. Women/females of reproductive age are the population bottleneck of any species that uses sexual reproduction. If there are only ten people on Earth, all can reproduce, nine women and one man, you can have nine new people every nine months. (Assume no multiple births.) If it’s nine men and one woman, you can only have one new birth every nine months.

      Not even blacks are dumb enough to murder 20-year old Shaniquas in the kinds of numbers they would need to to make a serious dent in the black population.


      They’ll venture into white areas and/or they will place black/brown cops in our areas. Quit giving them concessions and running away. Whites have done that for too long now!

  • Texan1st

    Why bother with them? Let them run amuck as long as they keep it in their neighborhoods. Don’t pro actively police but don’t respond to cries for help either. Nothing good will come from it other than risking your life, the lives of your family, the lives of fellow cops, your reputation when the media reports it, and your possible incarceration once the confrontation becomes politicized and the Department of Social Justice gets ahold of it.

    And that’s just if you DEFEND yourself!!

    Why bother and take those risks? For what?

    • 4321realist

      I have to agree with that.

      One of the main complaints blacks have nowadays is that police arrest too many blacks and they’re also given sentences that are unnecessarily long.

      The police need to stay out of black neighborhoods as much as possible and do as they’re doing in N.Y. , which is to ignore minor crimes and traffic violations.

      And the courts need to give all the convicted criminals probation under the stipulation they stay in their own neighborhoods.

      • dukem1

        Think of the tax $$ that could be saved by not having to fund the battalions of LEO’s required for the typical urban paradise…
        From what I’ve heard on TV, all these denizins of the deep ‘hood are stellar citizens whose potential is constantly being squashed by YT…
        Give ’em all the freedom they think they want.

    • Bill Moore


      fredoneverything(dot)net has in interesting take on this in Fred’s blog today.

      Bill Moore

      • Weisheit77

        Thanks for the tip. That was a great read.

  • dd121

    Let me see, liberals want to give carte blanche to blacks to attack and murder whites but the cops aren’t supposed to react. How long do you think people will go along with that?

    • Yves Vannes

      Until we force a separation, liberals will never change.

      • Germanic Depressive

        I was a liberal, and I changed.

        I think a lot of the people who currently are liberals are not beyond hope. I think a lot of them are our natural brethren/allies and are simply taken in by the lies, the fact that they don’t see important information because the media hides it, and the desire to be “nice” at all costs.

        We cannot forget that white liberals are OUR people and they rightfully belong to us. They are our blood and kin.

        They are friends who have been stolen from us by lies and those who seek to destroy us.

        • Alucard_the_last

          I was once more liberal than I am now until I moved to San Francisco and saw and experienced TNB in its purest form. Talk about special rights. They have to murder someone right in front of a cop in order to get arrested. They steal from stores and then sell the goods right on the street. They defecate on the sidewalks and use/sell drug openly. I prefer to never see them again.


          Young liberals may be able to be redeemed, but certainly not the older ones. Even so, there are lots of whites whose loved one is killed by blacks and instead of wanting them dead, they empathize with them. There’s so many cases I could list that I’d be here all day. Liberalism is a mental disorder!

        • kinja95

          You’re wrong. white liberals who have sided with the black enemy are beyond hope and are not part of my people. Once you go black–proud white people don’t want you back.

      • Alucard_the_last

        A better idea is to force liberals to live with the negroes. A few weeks of living in their rotten neighborhoods and they go running back to their all white enclaves.

    • Nonhumans

      Until we put the libtards and the nonhumans in perspective for one another. Or until the economy collapses…. Probably the latter.

    • kinja95

      We could control blacks if it wasn’t for white liberals. They are the ones we need to target and eliminate. After that it would just be a matter of corralling and suppressing the africans. Easily done.

  • Musashi5000

    I like where this going.

  • MBlanc46

    This isn’t a Chicago publication. I believe it’s Miami.

  • Yet another collective chimpout over a petty misdemeanor! In most US jurisdictions, simple possession of marijuana earns one a ticket, and doesn’t result in an actual arrest, unlike things such as disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstructing a police officer. There’s nothing quite like people who can keep things in proportion and not lose their heads over the small stuff.

    • Tim

      “I favor the current enforcement strategy…” Texas Gov. Elect Greg Abbott….

  • Bill Moore


    I love the four photos of the detainees in the incident.

    They all look alike.

    Bill Moore

  • R L Buds

    The other day another innocent unarmed (he couldn’t reach his gun in time) black man was shot down in his prime by two officers. This happened in Bridgeton NJ on South Ave, where you are as likely to have a brick thrown thru your window as you are to get shot, during a routine stop.

    Anyway, the locals started yelling from “their” yards at the cops before things went “bad”, just because a black Jag had been stopped for no reason (in their “minds”). It seems like maybe they might have helped escalate the situation.

    This will probably not be national news because the officers may have been non-white.

    • Anglokraut

      Neither of the two murdered officers in NYC were White. Light color skin does not make a person “White” as it is popularly (and incorrectly) defined.

      • Speedy Steve

        By the same token; liberal outrage at the 2 cops’ execution would have been muted had the victims been White.

        • AFlaVet

          Nope…in the NYPD…..Blue is the only color that matters friend.

          • When it comes to being killed on the job by a filthy “thug life homie” sure. If you mean to imply that white and asian officers aren’t aware of the black and brown’s proclivities to violence, crime, and all around deviancy, i’m afraid youre mistaken. (And that does include the blacks and browns who happen to be dressed in blue.)

    • Cid Campeador

      Bridgeton certainly has changed since the last time I was there. Relatives of my wife owned the only seafood market in the city. I wouldn’t set foot there now.

      • R L Buds

        I don’t blame you, it’s very bad there. I live in Bridgeton and work in Thorofare, so I am between two worlds. The whites in Gloucester County don’t interact enough with them to fully understand, plus they have illegals everywhere cleaning up after them-compounding the issue with there money and laziness.
        Bridgeton was at one time the richest town in NJ, now it’s a third world hell-hole. Last nite I went downtown to get pizza and it’s like another world: people in the shadows, riding their bikes down the middle of the road, screams coming from the darkness answered with another call from the darkness, a gunshot rings out from the south-side.

  • Alpine

    Detained? Why not arrested? It’s well past time that these thugs were eliminated,they want to eliminate civilization-time to remove them from civilized society! I support the police 300 percent.

  • dd121

    So is every speeding ticket for blacks now cause for a race riot? The summer of 2015 is going to very hot.

    • Nonhumans

      And hilarious. The libtards are going to get what they’ve been preaching for. Oh let’s hope that the libtards (and their children) get some real-world, firsthand experience with the poor, oppressed, misunderstood, and harassed future rocket-surgeons who were tunnin deys life’s arounds (and only have 3 felonies on their records by 19) to become spirin rappers and afweets.

    • Epiminondas

      And those hot summers won’t be in Hattiesburg or Selma. They will be in Philadelphia, Chicago, and other large urban areas.

    • See The Future

      2015 will set a record for violence against whites by blacks.


        When will whites finally strike back? I’m tired of all this victim talk about what or who’s doing what to us and how we’re so helpless. We’re only weak if we choose to be!

  • LHathaway

    Organized. Non-violent. Multiple people cooperating. All the things ‘we’ say blacks can’t do.

    • HE2

      Twitter abounds with hash tagged organizational posts.
      These days, thugs can put a riot or flash mob together in minutes.
      It is scary to read what they are doing, the hatred and ignorance behind it.

    • John Smith

      What’s “non-violent” about throwing bricks?

      • LHathaway

        Destruction of property is a small price to pay for the real people and lives hurt by police?

        • John Smith

          The police do hurt people, but sometimes they did earn it. It’s important to be able to discern who did and didn’t.

        • AFlaVet

          Let them start with your property then….come back to us and let us know how that works out.

      • Nonhumans

        Well, when viewed through the eyes of a libtards.

    • Throwing bottles and bricks at officers is non violent? And a group of blacks responding to a negro who was probably their dealer, running up the stairs shouting “da po-lease! Da po-lease!” By stampeding outside in a mob to resist law and order (a common enemy) like the pack of mindless animals they are shows organization and cooperation?

      I already know you have a tenuous grasp on reality, my concern here is the four upvotes you recieved from peoole who apparently agree with the above.

    • 1G25

      At first, I thought your post was dripping with sarcasm.

      Now I understand that it was just dripping with something else.

  • finabiscotti

    Wow – looks like what Holder claims to be “his people.”

  • archer

    By arresting him for smoking weed how are they keeping the public safe, if he was driving erratically I could see it, but he was walking. Years ago the police would have driven by the clown and not tried to make a big deal out of it. Everything is becoming illegal now.

    • 1G25

      It’s illegal there. Did you miss that point ?

      Or were you too stoned to read all the words.

      • Hahaha, best response ever. Thanks!

      • archer

        That’s the problem, virtually everything is illegal now, you almost can’t leave your house without breaking a law you may not even be aware of, as far as me being stoned I’m a driver subject to random tests, it’s been many years since I indulged.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Lead is more effective than pepper-spray…

  • Earl Turner

    Keep it up, darkies! Be sure to use your Obamaphones to get it all on video and put it on WorldStarHipHop!

  • Alucard_the_last

    It is coming. The police will just stop enforcing laws in negro communities. Just wait until their feces hits their fans. They think crime is high now in their rotten neighborhoods. The NYPD is doing to the right thing by not arresting people in protest.

  • Lkoehn

    I wonder how many fatherless children those 4 have and how long their rap sheets are? I wonder if that neighborhood is a trashed out junk yard on the way to being pure ghetto. I wonder why they didn’t get more backup and arrest the whole neighborhood. Oh yes, they are black and just demonstrating their frustration over being such sorry citizens.

    • AFlaVet

      It’s really not a bad looking neighborhood…..surprisingly.

      • Lkoehn

        That surprises me but I will take your word for it. What causes the decision making ability of a neighborhood to be so impaired?

        • AFlaVet

          The majority of the homes in that area are all single family and from what I’ve seen as kept up as other neighborhoods. Delray does their best to keep the city looking good as it has a huge tourist business just a little east of this location. But…it’s the mob mentality in their DNA that subverts any other forms of reason or rationality. They see the whole world now as a monolithic us against them…that will drag them down further. These guys are unteachable and irredeemable.
          But…since this happened…I won’t be driving through there any time soon.

      • newscomments70

        It is one of those scenic beach communities in the sun belt where many Northerners would love to live. The problem is, the blacks destroy everything, and make the South unbearable for normal people to live in. Jacksonville, FL, for example, is a beautiful area…but black crime makes it horrible to live in.

  • Capn Dad

    The American Negro culture is incompatible with our culture. There will never be peace. Trying to put the square peg in the round hole will never work. Integration cannot be legislated, prayed for, adjudicated, financed or talk and talk for. We have tried all that over and over and then over again. Someone has to go. Us or them. Which will it be?

    • See The Future


    • Cid Campeador

      They perceive us as cowardly. This must change. They must fear us more than we fear them. Violence is the only thing that they understand. They attack us, they will pay dearly.


        That’s why in the old days you didn’t have blacks or muslims or Indians attack us for too long. They knew there would be hell to pay.

  • Anon Emus

    The one on the right is so cute. He got gold teef an sheeit

  • Darrell Standing

    Look at all those lovely son’s of Obolo! Anybody sick enough of this nonsense to push hard for a new segregation?!

  • MartelsGhost

    The same soulless stares from all four of them.

    They, that were never meant to be, must be returned to the jungles from whence they came and never allowed into the world of Men again.

  • Roninf9

    We aren’t fighting ‘a few bad apples’. Exceptions not withstanding we are fighting the entire nation. That is exactly what we are contending with, a borderless nation of people with values, customs, and interests diametrically opposed to our own. Our forefathers were smart enough to confine hostile Indian nations into their own geographic areas. Unfortunately, this tribe is spread all over, inside the gates.


      I’m sick of hearing this “oh, they’re not all like that!” I’m sick of hearing white conservatives pointing out to me how many nonwhites and women won political seats or how “it’s the democrats who are the racists!” Sick of it! True, you may have blacks who don’t like what’s going on in their communities, but how many of those blacks march in the streets for whites? How many of those blacks run out Louis Farrakhan or the New Black Panthers? How many of those ‘good blacks’ would step in to save your sorry white butts if you were getting attacked by a group of blacks?

      • Roninf9

        I know a few good blacks but the problem is you can’t make social policy based on the exceptions.

      • Nancy

        Oooo! Oooo! I know! Pick me! Pick me!
        ….Oh, wait…were those questions supposed to be rhetorical?

  • Jaime Lynn

    These low life clowns finally figured out a way to use the laws and out smart the cops….not actually a hard task…since most cops don’t really understand the laws they are hired to know and enforce. Not to mention the average cop isn’t much smarter than the average street clown. Sad part is as these concepts of how to out smart cops spreads………The politicians will create more laws which in effect will neuter the rest of Americans rights.

    • Four of them were arrested instead of one being detained and likely given a ticket… how exactly did they “use the laws to their advantage and out smart the cops…” ?

      Or did you not notice that your “argument” is supported by obama-esque hopes and dreams instead of reality in your rush to put down those evil po-leece?

      • Jaime Lynn

        50 to 75+ defending more than 4……committing crimes and disappearing in the crowd…… read the article…..

  • PouponMarx

    Like I don sade so meny tahms b’fo, dem Black piple needs only Black poe-lees an sheit in der nayborehoods. Keep Whitey and Honkeys outta der. When wees don hab no Whites tellin us watta do, den wecans breaf.

  • fgbrunner3

    Barack Obama is a racist agitator.

  • Paleoconn

    I think that photo is miscaptioned. I believe those gentlemen are last year’s Nobel recipients.

    Next time: Human shield, meet rubber bullets.

    • Vyncennt

      “Next time: Human shield, meet bullets.”

      You mistakenly added an extra word.

  • Vyncennt

    The 2010 census lists the (100% black) population at approximately 39,000,000. This does not include any of mixed race which would bring the number into the mid 40’s.

    The 2008 numbers for law enforcement, those with arrest powers to be specific, are 765,000 full time and 44,000 part time.

    The police are outnumbered 45 to 1 if we ignore the “part time” quantifier. This ratio becomes much worse, when factoring the criminal elements from all races combined, even when factoring out the percentages of the population that typically commit no crime.

    It was only a matter of time before the most aggressive among us discovered that their superior numbers, proclivity for violence, and nearly equal weaponry, would not only provide political support at the national level, but protection from prosecution at the street level.

    Events such as this, the spat of riots across the country, and unabashed public verbal/physical attacks on police officers will only embolden the rest who have been wary prior to these events. To date, there has been scant push back from authority figures or politicians, and little condemnation from the general public or media. The typical response has been less reactionary behavior and more acquiescence.

    At no time in the recorded history of man, has acceptance of or compliance with lawlessness, brutality, and willful ignorance, led to a more law abiding state or betterment of society. There can be no other end product but depravity.

  • Nancy

    That’s an apt observation…the part about the Negroes viewing cops as “white peoples’ bodyguards”.

    Well said.

  • kinja95

    Why does the article keep referring to these animals as people?

  • Augustus3709

    Unteachable, and now unpolicable.

    Let’s face it they are unlivewithable.