Oberlin College Denies Request to Suspend failing Grades to Give Relief to Students Who Demonstrated

Karen Farkas, Cleveland, December 16, 2014

Oberlin College has refused to suspend failing grades this semester despite requests for relief from students who skipped classes and missed study time to protest recent deaths at the hands of police across the nation.

A student petition, signed by more than 1,300, called for the college to institute a “no-fail mercy period” that would eliminate all failing grades and make a C the lowest possible grade a student could receive, the student newspaper reported.

President Marvin Krislov responded with an email to students on Sunday, saying he and the college’s deans opted not to grant the reprieve after giving the request serious consideration.

“We are in firm agreement that suspending grading protocols is not the way to achieve our shared goal of ensuring that students have every opportunity and resource to succeed,” he wrote.

Hundreds of students have participated in demonstrations in Oberlin and Cleveland in the wake of the fatal police shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice in Cleveland, the shooting death of Michael Brown by a suburban St. Louis officer and the death of Eric Garner in New York, the student newspaper reported.


The petition was given to Krislov on Friday.

“Administrators should require professors to exercise complete flexibility in what students are saying they can produce academically,” the petition said.

“Students in this moment should have complete access to alternative modes of learning while we process what’s happening. Basically, no student, especially black students and students of color, should be failing a class this semester. A “C” should be the lowest grade students can receive this semester.”


A memo sent last week to students said the college was extending the deadline for requesting incompletes in classes and changing a letter grade to a Pass/No Pass until the last day of finals.


University officials at Harvard, Georgetown and Columbia have said students can petition to have their exams rescheduled and the requests will be considered individually, a process their policies already provided, the Associated Press reported.

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  • dd121

    That’s a very bold step for Oberlin. Very bold.

    • Reynardine

      Not kowtowing to insane leftist demands is bold?

      How strange that doing one’s duty and following the rules is a bold – nigh revolutionary – act.

      • Frank_DeScushin

        Everything about Oberlin, including the administration, is insane Leftist.

    • John R

      Sad day when doing something that only makes sense is considered bold.

      • dd121

        It is considering they’re uber liberal.

    • Olorin

      Agreed. Though sad to say so.

      These uber-lefty liberal arts schools are seeing plummeting enrollments. Taxpayers are sick of their troglo-liberal politics and elitist working-person-bashing nonsense. Parents don’t want to pay through the nose to have their kids indoctrinated into stupidity. Kids are seeing older grads living in their parents’ basements at age 30 because their indoctrination was useless.

      The best possible lesson the grownups can teach these slackers-in-training is that 1) there are consequences for violating/abandoning commitments and that 2) political histrionics may be fun, and a good way to get laid by other drama queens and fill your imaginary sash with Activist Organizer Rebel badges…

      …but meanwhile, the world of the grownups goes on. Choose to be part of it, or choose not to. Your choice, kindern. And if you opt out, there are 1000 others perfectly happy to take your place.

  • phorning

    Given the way grade inflation has impacted higher education, I doubt more than a handful of students who are attending class regularly and trying to pass are failing. The President probably made a calculation that was enough.

  • baldowl

    Just common sense. It will never be permitted to stand

  • That sound you hear is half the current college student population trying to milk Brown/Garner as a way to get out of having to take finals.

    • John R

      ….and future employers considering a degree from that institution to be worthless.

    • Realist

      Yes, Basket Weaving is a demanding course.

    • Olorin

      Expect them eventually to demand SS disability for PTSD resulting from having riot videos flooding their iCrud and their resulting despair at the dreadfully sad lives of blacks in America.

  • Easyrhino

    “Activists wanted a “C” to be the lowest grade students could get this semester.”

    Wonder how they’d feel about going to a medical doctor whose med-school used the same grading protocol.

    • Ograf

      They are incapable of that type of reasoning or understanding. I mean we are talking about people who when they get angry burn their own houses down and ruin their neighborhood. I rest my case.

    • Bill Moore

      Hello Easyrhino,

      The Caucasian student’s request was only for “students of color, especially black students”.

      Unfortunately, medical schools were ordered to use the same grading protocol about ten years ago. Students of color, especially African medical students were not to fail courses so that there could be more non-Caucasian “doctors”.

      That is why a Caucasian should NEVER go to any doctor or dentist who is not a Caucasian.

      Recently, I needed to find a podiatrist to perform an operation on my foot. Before making an appointment, I did an internet search and eliminated any podiatrist that did not post their photo on their website. Then I eliminated all non-Caucasians.

      Works for me,
      Bill Moore

      • Sheik Yerbouti

        Whomever wrote this is clearly a racist for assuming that blacks would have a harder time keeping up grades. After all, race is only a social construct/we’re all the same inside/they’re just darker people.

        • ghettovalley

          For a group of people who seem to believe that we’re all the same deep down, they sure do seem to think that blacks need their help and can’t succeed without them. If we were truly equal, blacks wouldn’t need affirmative action, lowered academic standards, or any type of special consideration in order to succeed.

          • Sheik Yerbouti

            If they had any pride at all, they wouldn’t accept it. Instead they see it as revenge/justice for _____________.

    • TomIron361

      Faughettaboud doctors. I want 20% of airline pilots to be black just because they’re black. After all, blacks have been oppressed you know. I’m sure they will look great in their uniforms.

    • Realist

      “Wonder how they’d feel about going to a medical doctor whose med-school used the same grading protocol.”
      They probably will be.

    • Guest

      Come now. Who goes to Medical Doctors? They are imperialist patriarchal racist types who hate Mother Earth and deliberately inject children with autism.

      These activists go to the local “green cross” shop, or the homeopath, or the witch doctor, or the herbalist, or the naturopath, or the vegan dietary counselor.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    If the students are too stupid to figure out how to work their “protest” time around their studies so that it doesn’t affect their grades, then they don’t deserve to pass. Being a student requires a careful balance of extra curricular activities around scholarship, something that I miraculously was always somehow able to manage. Of course, I never involved myself in foolish protests in the first place.

    • John R

      Please. You mean asking the students to take some responsibility? That is so racist and so insensitive! Shame on you.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    The petition for no grade lower than a C appears to be written by a white Liberal. Notice how the petition emphasizes that “no student, especially black students and students of color, should be failing a class this semester.”

    There was another similar Oberlin story in the news today. A white Liberal wrote a long, flowery email to a professor suggesting that black and brown students be exempt from taking finals. After the long, flowery email the professor responded back with just “No.” The response sent the white Liberal into a tizzy and she posted the email exchange on Facebook with a “trigger warning”.

    White Liberals are truly weird people. Savior complex.

    • jim

      I just heard a story on the radio yesterday with a White liberal suggesting to parents not to buy their kids expensive items and have them show them off in school. Because, she said, it makes the “underprivileged” children feel bad. This country has gone completely looney.

      • Her real reason is that she’s tired of the blacks stealing the expensive items from her kids, and she’s hiding behind some liberal pablum.

        • John Smith

          That’s my belief – showing off gets your goodies lifted.

      • Realist

        “This country has gone completely looney.”
        You noticed?

    • Reynardine

      The trigger thing is just pure distilled insanity. Part of me wants to see what they come up next with.

    • ghettovalley

      The email in question is just about enough to make you throw up in your mouth a little bit. Trigger warning for sane and or white people

      • B.A_2014

        I just sent that to everyone on my phone. I had to. It was just too funny.

      • Greg Thomas

        The e-mail itself may induce queasiness, but the curt denial from the professor is quite soothing.

      • ThatWhiteGuy

        I don’t know whether I should laugh or be offended by her comparing Michael Brown’s death to 9/11.

      • Bill Moore

        Hello ghettovalley,

        MIchael Raney will soon be begging for forgiveness and trying to hang onto his job.

        Bill Moore

      • Raydonn

        Della Kurzer-Zlotnick, perhaps the name explains it all………….

        • ghettovalley

          Yes you’re correct, and we’re on the same page here. I googled her name and came up with this.

          “My name is Della Kurzer-Zlotnick, and I’m 18. My biggest passion is social justice and community organizing. My social justice journey started with the youth group at my synagogue, Shir Tikvah.”

          • Julius Caesar

            Oh, she’s Jewish? That’s just a coincidence. Go back to watching television goy-I mean, guys.

  • guest

    Just when you think our education system couldn’t get any lower, it keeps getting lower. It used to be you had to EARN good grades in school. Now they’re just giving them out to avoid offending people.

    To think, America’s school system was once one of the best in the world. Now it’s become such a huge joke that it can’t even be considered a school system anymore.

  • 4321realist

    Most people think AA just encompasses entry into an institution, but it does not.

    Universities have AA grading for blacks, as well as AA certification, and have a quota system where X number of blacks have to be passed whether they know the course material or not.

    How else could a black with an 85 to 100 I.Q. get a passing grade and certification? There’s very, very few of them who have an average white college student’s I.Q.

    The country is being flooded with incompetents. The most dangerous ones are in the medical field and pharmaceutical industry..

    • ghettovalley

      We should be focused on raising the bar, not lowering it. Who cares if some people get their feelings hurt? That’s just life, some sink and some swim. If your university refuses to fail any students your degrees aren’t worth the paper that they’re printed on. You would think that any college student could be able to easily understand this extremely simple concept.

  • TheCogitator

    I guess these fools would think that if instead of being in college the people were in the work world that they should be paid even though they chose to demonstrate rather than work. I wonder if reality will ever catch up to these folks.


    Talk about a massive Entitlement Complex! – “Gimme Gimme Gimme, Mine Mine Mine!” <- And this is the future? Our country is so screwed! )

  • DD-762

    I do believe Mr. Krislov will soon be history at Oberllin.

    • Raydonn

      Ha, not hardly, his name ensures ‘special’ treatment 24/7……………..his next door neighbors barbers cousin was a survivor™.

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    The extremist left, those in the Taliban Wing of the Democrat party are mentally defective. I cannot imagine someone grieving over the Michael Brown verdict.

  • Tarczan

    I live near Oberlin and a few years ago I went out there when they had an astronomy class open to the public. They have a new telescope in a real neat looking old observatory with the dome, etc. This class had the nicest, most respectful group of white kids. They were obviously very serious students. If the liberal BS is eliminated, it is a very good, very expensive school, and I am sure a lot of the students and teachers look down on these type of excuses to get out of studying.

    It was cloudy and I didn’t see any stars.

    • Yves Vannes

      Unfortunately, many small liberal arts colleges such as Oberlin are so far down the progressive rabbit hole that there is no hope for these kids until they get out and get a wake up call from the real world. Some of them will never recover.

      Before they became Maoist indoctrination camps run by movement red diaper doper babies they were some of the best colleges in the nation.

      • John Smith

        Oberlin has been far-left since almost the beginning.

        • Yves Vannes

          Oberlin maybe the first and oldest progressive rat hole along with Wisconsin in the 1870s. Unfortunately, small colleges almost everywhere have changed thanks to the 60s generation. They are the ones we can probably change back.

    • Here you go; Roman Republic silver denarius struck 74 B.C. I recently bought it for my little son who hopefully will NOT spend his whole elementary school days learning solely about Marget Tillman.


        Nice, I love ancient history. What did you pay for it, if you don’t mind me asking Claudius?

  • MBlanc46

    I can hardly believe this. I’d have thought that Oberlin would have given extra credit to students who were trying to destroy my country.

    • Ella

      Some anonymous professors will do it under some disguise or bogus make-up tests.

  • John Smith

    You can bet no black student receives below a “C” anyway.

  • Massif1

    Some adults have full time jobs + families and attend school. Should they be given automatic “C” even if failing? Blacks always want to get a handout no matter what.

  • John R

    I want to go to an American Renaissance conference and discuss race realism. Do you think my college will help me with my grades so I can do that?

    • Alexandra1973

      They might help you attain an F!

      • Olorin

        And expulsion and blacklisting and maybe even a call to the FBI.

        Oh, I’m sorry. Did I just write “blacklisting”? Racist me.

  • Realist

    All students who requested this should get an F in all subjects.

  • mike j

    Aw, come on! Oberlin hands our liberal arts degrees, right? Everybody knows that the typical liberal arts major, regardless of race, can neither count higher than ten without removing clothing nor read at a sixth grade level. If the kids want to substitute protest, pot smoking, and miscegenation for the study of Marxist philosophy, why should we care? As long as Mommy and Daddy are willing to pay the bill, what’s the problem? Give all of the silly beggars a C, regardless of their work or lack thereof, and see how they like that. I might see it differently if Oberlin were an engineering school, but then no such issue would arise, would it?

    • Ella

      I think that this was the first OH State college to protest their race laws on marriage. They promoted early bi-racial relationships so that I’m surprised that they did not manipulate the grades for being so liberal Left.

  • Lkoehn

    Prioritizing what is really important seems to escape students these days. Wasting opportunity to advance, that is secured by a good education, seems to be common especially in the black community. You are what you earn seems to be an evasive concept.

  • Alexandra1973

    I’d flunk them without batting an eye. Make them realize there are consequences for their actions.

  • Ella

    In the real world when you don’t do the work on time or show up for your job, it is called being FIRED!

    • John Jackson

      That used to be a sound statement, but if we’re honest that really isn’t true anymore. Sadly all this kind of garbage flows over into adult life too. Just go ask any business owner how hard it is to discipline or fire a worker.

  • nicholasstix


  • Paleoconn

    In liberal fantasy land everybody can be above average.