NYPD Investigates Threats to Kill Officers on New Year’s Eve, Sources Say

Murray Weiss, DNA Info, December 31, 2014

The NYPD is investigating several threats to kill NYPD officers during New Year’s Eve celebrations, DNAinfo New York has learned.

Sources say there are several gang members on social media calling for New Year’s Eve to be “Kill a Pig Night” so that it will become “The New Year’s Eve Massacre 2014.”

The threats primarily come in tweets baring a host of vicious anti-NYPD hash tags including #@deadcopseveryday, #onlydeadcops, #wingsonpigs and #laughatyourdeaths, according to law enforcement sources.

One tweet reads: “Dear Police, Don’t think this cant happen again” accompanied by a photo of armed Blank Panthers from the 1960s and 1970s, sources say.


Sources say the NYPD has received 63 threats since the [Ismaaiyl Brinsley] shootings and there have been 16 arrests connected to them.



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  • In St. Louis, this crowd got an early start, by “occupying” St. Louis City PD HQ for a few minutes.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      They SHOULD be WAY TOO afraid to do such a thing: The Corrupt Leftist Media has made law enforcement hesitant, and that’s not good for law enforcement or the non-criminal (i.e., white) population…

    • Anon Emus

      If I was police chief they would get one stern warning to stop. Then they would be occupying a cell or maybe a hole in the ground.

  • MekongDelta69

    I hope the NYPD lights them all up tonight.

    When the ball falls, I hope all the thugs fall along with it.

    Happy[sic] New Year to all AmRen readers…

    • me

      Happy New Year, MekongDelta69!

  • D.B. Cooper

    We have a new year coming up. Let’s keep a tally of black on white murders and assaults, and white on black crimes. In 365 days, we’ll see who the real racists are.

    • Vyncennt

      “In 365 days, we’ll see who the real racists are.”

      The previous 365 days were rather revealing…

    • TruthBeTold

      Here in Buffalo, we have something like 62 murders this year, mostly black and Hispanic. We had 7 in just the last couple of weeks.

      Black leaders are of course denying there’s any problem in their community and insist such things happen in white communities too.

      Frequency and percentages seem lost on them.

      • Alucard_the_last

        Humans rarely murder over the last sip of malt liquor or the last chicken wing. Only the retarded i.e. the average black, robs a store for 15$ then murders the minimum wage worker then has the nerve to squeal ‘racism’ when they are sent to ‘def’ row for 20 years.

        • While managing a Subway restaurant in late August, 2004, I gave an employment application to a young black guy who came in. I explained that with the start of the school year, we would absolutely need new people for day shift. He then pulled out a pistol and robbed the store.

          His take was less than $500, and he got seven years in state prison for it. The really ironic aspect was that if he had worked 30 hours a week at the store instead, he’d have made about $750 a month with no worries about legal entanglements. He didn’t want to work, and that’s just the way they think.

          • Reynardine

            In Freakanomics, there’s that famous section where they reveal that working for minimum wage was much better than working as a criminal, except at the very highest levels.

            Blacks just want a life of crime because they want it. They don’t care about poverty, they just want to have power.

          • nBmnp

            Criminality is a little bit like the lottery: Although most people lose and although the winnings are usually tiny scraps, the few people who get the jackpot are making it very attractive for people with low attention spans.

          • Reynardine

            Consequently, scratch games and lottery tickets are popular in the ghettos for similar reasons.

          • Lotteries are a tax on people who don’t understand probability and statistics. They say lotto proceeds fund education, but probably not prob/stat classes.

            I have noticed that people no longer get hyped up over very large “Power” and “Mega” jackpots like they used to. Maybe the statistical futility is starting to dawn on them.

          • Thats completely regional, and i’d guess it has a direct relation to the number of low income folks in an area. NYC and surrounding ghettoes of NJ writhe in collective ecstasy every time the jackpots creep above $150,000,000 or so. (Or atleast they did as recently as a year ago)

          • Paleoconn

            Agreed QD, lotto is for suckers.

          • IBWHITE

            Many Blacks don’t seem to mind prison. Three hot’s and a cot with all the generic females you want to bed down. It’s like paradise to these erectines.

          • Speedy Steve

            Retire at 21.

          • Cid Campeador

            I’d wager that he’s out of prison before his 7 years are up.

          • Tarczan

            Criminals lack of calculating the risk to reward ratio of their endeavors always amazed me. “I could get 20 years in the joint, but if I’m lucky I’ll have 200 bucks!”

          • That’s what happens when your frontal lobe is so wee that you don’t understand future time orientation.

          • Nancy

            I’m sure Michael’s robber was just a taller version of those little idiots in the ghetto schools, who thought it was a successful day if they avoided any kind of work…the concept of “zero” in a grade book was meaningless.

            The only thing which DID catch their attention was finding out in May that they failed, were being held back a year. THEN I’d suddenly see little De’vontes or La’Quinita’s grandmama in the front office, yelling to the principal that “that little white b**** done fail my chirren. She racisss!”

            The principal would actually buckle, and promote the kid anyway.

          • Cid Campeador

            Grandma would probably be 30 years old.

          • Exactly this, they think neither of the long term consequences of criminal behaviour (jail, injury, death) nor of the higher profit potential of working a steady job, becauae they are incapable of understanding that the future is an actual thing. They can have $200 now, which is enough to purchase some malt likka, some weed, and buy a few plastic “spinner” rims from wal-mart.

            On a related note, I have a personal belief that a lot of the murders which happen during robberies/muggings are a result of the negro expecting more for his efforts, they go into a store to get $200 for a new car stereo. When the clerk empties the register and its only $75.83, the negro flies into a fit of rage because in his miniscule mind, he was supposed to get $200, but this rayciss clerk is hiding the rest from him, cheating and disrespecting him by not providing ALL of the money he needs.

            The negro then shoots the innocent clerk / jogger / housewife / businessman on his lunch break, etc. Taking out his anger at being “tricked” into only getting $75.83 for his hard work.

          • Cid Campeador

            You left out an important part. He’ll usually sexually assault the housewife even if she is an Octogenarian.
            The assault could occur either before or after the murder.

          • But then he’d have to pay for rent, his own food, taxes, and heating/ lighting. In prison all that’s paid for plus he gets some reputation & makes important contacts & skills.

      • St. Louis had the highest kill tally (159) since 2008, but far from the 267 record of 1993.

        The police chief has a pretty good theory why it was way higher in 2014 compared to 2013:

        Police Chief Sam Dotson said he believed one of the reasons for the
        increase here since August could be what he has called the “Ferguson
        effect,” the belief that criminals became more emboldened since the Aug.
        9 killing of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer. Dotson said he
        believed crime rose in part because police were diverted from regular
        patrols to special details focusing on civil unrest.

        Really now.


        • TruthBeTold

          Endless theories and excuses.

          • Ordinarily so, but Kansas City has had its lowest homicide tally in a lot of years. So I think this theory has some steam.

        • Cid Campeador

          I just went to that article. All the text has been gray lined out.

          • Soft paywall. If you answer the one maybe two questions, then it’ll unblock the rest of the article.

        • Speedy Steve

          If you look at an aerial photo of Saint Louis you’ll notice vast quantities of vacant lots, particularly on the North Side. Many have been plowed under since 1993. The city is losing population, which explains the lower body count, but how about the percentages? Anyway, Ferguson’s loss of Saint Swisher is the world’s gain.

          • I estimate the homicide rate among black city residents was at or near 100 per 100k in 2014. That would put it in ESL territory.

      • Nancy

        So does the term “average”. As in: the average black IQ is 15 points below the average white.

        They prefer to point to the rare outlier, the best-case, higher-end-of-the-bell-curve Negro and hold him up as a representative example of the race as a whole.

      • Jaime Lynn

        All poor and uneducated and low iq too…….which really is the determining factors of violence and crime not race alone……but no one here wants to see the big picture so it seems….

        • Hahaha, I responded to one of your ither comments earlier, and I was a bit harsh (I usually am) but with this second comment I see you’re a pure as the driven snow liberal here to save some souls from our own hatred and bigotry.

          So, i’d like to ask you if you’ve ever considered that maybe its the other way around? Maybe race, and by extension, genetics, (you even said low iq in your post) cause violence and crime (and poor education and low income as effects, not causes.)

          Lets think about the basically global failures of the black race to create a civilized, advanced society on their own or in the case of south africa, taking one which was completely built and functioning already, and all they had to do was keep the gears turning, and yet they failed … you really think that haiti, jamaica, detroit, south africa, all the rest of africa, are ALL the result of being “poor and uneducated” ?

          How is it that GLOBALLY they are all somehow poor and uneducated? Where do education and prosperity come from? The liberal solution is to teach them, and give them money, but who gave us the money? If the solution to fix crime, poverty, senseless violence is education and welfare, who was the guiding hand which lifted asians, and caucasians up from their dark times of poverty and stupidity? Who was the benevolent group of people who finally managed to stop us from robbing, raping, and murdering each other?

          Please … think about this critically for a moment, I know it makes you feel dirty, and guilty, and “rayciss!” … but its simple, and its honest, and its the the reality. With the acknowledgement that yes, they are lower IQ, and that affects EVERYTHING and we CANNOT “fix” that by pouring money into the black hole of negro shortcomings.

          We are not all the same. We are not all equal. And diversity is NOT strength.

          Also, welcome to the forums, I truly hope you spend some time reading, instead of just condemning, there is a wealth of solid information and truth here, a lot of it isn’t pretty, but the truth has no obligations to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy. (And the vast majority of us didnt grow up as evil racists who were taught to “hate them nigruhs” we grew up with multi-cult bs shoved down our throats till one day we vomited up the poison we were being fed, and looked out at the world with open eyes for the first time in our lives.)

          • Jaime Lynn

            wall of text……not gonna read it……sorry…….

    • MannyR

      And what, you think that’s going to change something? Blacks are ok with murdering innocent whites and the Marxist media simply ignores it. We all know the score it’s what we need to do to change it is the debate.

      • D.B. Cooper

        A lot of people don’t “know the score.” They are the white people with Obama bumber stickers. Racial awareness needs to start happening much earlier than the 30th birthday, which is how long it takes for too many people.

        • benvad

          Many more never learn.

        • Speedy Steve

          Further proof that liberalism is a mental illness. I heard tell that Afghanistan is lithium-rich. Those pills may be the cure we’re looking for.

    • Ograf

      Trouble is , as you well know D.B, they manipulate the statistics, even deny the truth by calling something a robbery gone bad, and calling Hispanics White on the crime stats. In my lifetime Army and lots of traveling around I have witnessed probably 40 or 50 to one on who commits the crimes. And it isn’t us.

      • benvad

        They label hispanics as white?

        • Cid Campeador

          Yes. George Zimmerman although he looked Peruvian, was counted as a White man due to his German surname.
          Unfortunately there’s a tendency to perceive “Hispanics” as a race. There are lots of them who ARE White. A good number of “Argentinos” are of Italian heritage. The Buenos Aires Spanish has a very distinct Italian intonation.
          There are plenty of Mexicans who are of pure Spanish heritage however the majority are mestizo.

          • Tarczan

            The European Mexicans understand race and are sending the Mestizos Mexicans here.

          • Cid Campeador

            True enough.
            The Euro-Mexicanos can be racist.
            IF only we had somewhere to send our “salvajes”.
            I wouldn’t do that to the Canadians.

        • Ograf

          The dept of justice in their crime statistics label White Hispanics as White when they commit crimes. They are not Anglo Saxons and the stats are manipulated any way they choose. Must make Whitey look bad.

          • Yes. These criminals are “white” according to the government.

          • Cid Campeador

            I’ll go with Rico Leo Torres as being White.
            What’s with Gwen Kohmacheet? First of all his surname is NOT Spanish and his first name is Gwen?

          • No, he’s clearly mestizo too. None of them could pass for white.

          • Speedy Steve

            Wrong! They are all White hipsanics!

          • “Hispanic” is a linguistic identifier, like anglophone or francophone. It has nothing to do with race. The only “white Hispanics” are Spanish-speaking people with 100% European blood in their veins.

          • Speedy Steve

            Think George Zimmerman — and many FBI Most Wanted posters.

        • Goigle fbi most wanted. A large number are usually hispanic, and under race it typically lists them as “white”.

          It was a real eye opener for me when I looked on the fbi’s own website and saw the deceit staring back at me, and realized how skewed the numbers would be if you could pick and choose who gets to be counted as white when gathering the data.

  • A Freespeechzone

    These threats are a direct result of race baiting cowards who support lawless criminals over the VERY difficult job of LE to keep the peace.

    Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Bill de Blasio, NYT and others have embolden negroes to target Whites and Police Officers and MAKE NO APOLOGIES.

    I hope to hell that the NYPD is well armed and is poised to eliminate any and all threats.

    In all honesty, minority gangs are nothing more than domestic terrorists and need to literally be eliminated from our mist.

    God Bless the NYPD!

    • TruthBeTold

      These provocateurs need to be exposed for who they really are.

      I hope people will be filming their antics and posting the videos.

  • MartelsGhost

    Let the Left have the war it thinks it wants………………they will lose very quickly.

    Happy New Year.

    Everyone stay safe.

    • benvad

      God willing

  • Reynardine

    If I ever meet a police officer who has killed a thug, I’ll buy him a beer and a box of ammo.

  • TruthBeTold

    I hope they don’t succeed but I do hope they get caught trying.

  • Ludwig

    What the hell is a blank panther?

    • anony

      A black panther who has had a brain scan.

      • Lenin


    • Reynardine

      Have you ever looked into a radical black’s eyes?

      • Ludwig

        Well, now that you put it like that.

      • benvad

        There’s no soul.

        • ElComadreja

          Not just the “radicals” either. They are truly hell spawn.

  • anony

    I hope these idiots (blacks) keep it up; they are truly showing their true colors for all to see.

    • dukem1

      I saw in the news the other day that Preezy-O stated that he thinks race relations have improved during his regime,,
      I kinda agree, insofar as He has created a whole lot of race realists, which can only be all upside for our future.
      All hail our historic last Black president!

      • Cid Campeador

        I still dwell on the South Central LA riots aka. The ROTney King riots. A National Guard arsenal was invaded and a large number of weapons and ammo were stolen. The story disappeared the next day and there never was anymore news on the incident.
        Friends insist that I imagined the incident. I don’t think so.

  • Luca

    These nigras are actually stupid enough to go up against well-armed police who have a legal right to blow them away in the process of protecting themselves. Let the games begin.

  • DD-762

    The thing that scares me the most regarding this threat is that some group, either foreign or domestic, could carry out some deed to make it look racial. This could really light the fuse for a major black/white confrontation. Although this confrontation is enevitable, I do not want it to happen at the expense of police officers.

    I just hope all goes well tonight for the NYPD.

    • Cid Campeador

      I pray that no one; especially a White person, makes a violent move against the President. That would provoke a Apocalyptic scenario.

    • The Islamotards usually leave a trail when they do something. They also prefer bombs and other big events, which amounts to their having penis size issues in a nation where aside from their medieval dysfunctionality, they’re irrelevant. Guys like N’DeShawntavious the Crip or Shitavious the Gangster Disciple, on the other hand couldn’t build functioning bombs to save their own lives, and anyone without very good training messing around with organic peroxide explosives will like as not kill himself first. Backshooting a couple of cops while they’re drinking coffee in their squad car on a cold, boring day is more blacks’ style, as we recently saw. Unfortunately, since no real organization is needed for this, these attacks are harder to prevent, as they’re not advertising their intentions via online chit-chat.

      Even the Tsarnaev brothers – also “lone wolves” – didn’t do very “well”, considering they had a packed crowd to work with. I wouldn’t have used pressure cookers, as the fragmentation effect from the thin-gauge stamped steel would naturally be weak. I suspect those ruptured and split, rather than splintering into lots of small fragments, though parts like hinges and latches would have formed a few substantial fragments; the poor victims who lost limbs were probably hit by things of that nature. Thick-walled steel pipe would have been more effective, or as the IRA used to do, placing the bomb in a cardboard box full of roofing nails. Of course, I would never blow up civilians who happened to be at a race or a concert. I was once a political case, but self de-radicalized, if anything. Just getting older probably helped, my mother sure did after my release from prison, and getting married and starting a family clinched the deal. When I am profoundly annoyed about politics, I get busy on projects in my shop. After I am done later on, I am only mildly irritated, and we have a lot of new, cool stuff in the bargain.

      The Islamitards also like going after soft targets, like the unfortunate spectators at the Boston Marathon, the schoolchildren at Beslan, disarmed army personnel at Ft. Hood, the London bus bombing and the Madrid train bombing. They’re not after cops one or two at a time.

      I doubt black radicals will attempt to disguise attacks on police as terrorist attacks of foreign origin. The two groups: militant blacks and Muslims may overlap to the extent that some militant blacks in the West are also Muslim, but the ideology, the level of skill and thus the methods they employ are completely different.

  • Caucasoid88

    Well, if they carry out on their threats to kill cops, I hope a few Antonio Martins and Mike Browns happen tonight.

    • Ograf

      A whole lot more than a few in my book.

  • Alucard_the_last

    Well the police should stay out of black neighborhoods for their safety. Let the animals police themselves. I’m sure the eternal whine will be squealed within a few days.

    • Cid Campeador

      Black Officers for Black “hoods” is the answer in every city. I trust that the Black cops aren’t going to take any crap from these detestable thugs. They (“Uncle Tom cops”) will have their work cut out for them.

      • ElComadreja

        Letting blacks on the police force to begin with was a mistake.

  • Cid Campeador

    Maybe the NYPD will institute a “VOID THE GROID”-night

  • RacialRay

    I’d love to see the ‘protestors’ try to get jiggy tonight down in Chinatown. The only NYPD the tong knows when it comes to protecting their own is, Now Ya’ll Plain Dead.

  • John Smith

    If right-wing groups or any “right wing” groups made social media comments no where near as inflammatory as what non-whites are doing, Eric Holder, law enforcement, and especially the filthy creatures in the anti-white media cabal would go into convulsions.

    It would be national news and everybody would know about it…another chance to lecture us about “white racism” that is lurking at every corner.

  • TheCogitator

    I don’t have much use for either blacks or cops. It wouldn’t bother me if they eliminated each other.

    • John Smith

      We need some cops, but it’s a growth industry and they have to look for problems where they don’t otherwise exist to justify their existence. If we dealt with minorities correctly, ended the War On Drugs, and pared down the number of laws by 90%, we could eliminate 2/3 of the cops in this country and put the remainder on more essential duties than fishing for arrests and throwing their weight around.

      • In the year 1700 the Bourbon Monarchy ruled all of Latin America with an army so small it has been described as little more than a palace guard. This encompassed the whole region from Argentina to Northern Mexico which included a sizable portion of what was to become the US. Brazil was excepted as it was ruled by Portugal.

        from the new book on “Mexico, 1810 to 1910”

        • Brutus

          The Bourbon Monarchy was overthrown by the Whiskey Rebellion.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    According to Accuweather, the temp in NY City will be 24 degrees tonight – “real feel” 4 degrees.

    A water cannon might control the crowd if they get too threatening.

    A water cannon should have been used on the IDIOTS in the NY City council when they pulled this little stunt:

    About half of the New York City Council blocked traffic on Broadway before marching into a stated meeting at City Hall, shouting “I can’t breathe” in protest of a grand jury’s decision not to indict a police officer in the death of Eric Garner on Staten Island.

    Only 24% of eligible voters turned out for the last election in NY City – so you got DeBlasio (or whatever the hell his name is) and his lesbian wife and a city council that sides with the thugs and criminals.

    Good going NY City.

    • Spikeygrrl

      “lesbian wife” = oxymoron

  • DaveMed

    They call the police “pigs”, but we know which side is the more animalistic.

    • Jim Kental

      I’d rather have pigs than dirty apes.

  • Fletch

    Let the gangbangers talk their trash. I’m putting my money on the cops.

    • Dwight

      Well said. Same here. You might find this interesting. My girlfriend gave me a wonderful Christmas gift. One that I will always treasure. It’s my favorite scene from Ferguson. She had it blown-up and framed. It’s hanging on my living room wall and is a great conversation piece.


      • Fletch

        That’s awsome, Dwight! It really speaks to supporting the police although I’m sure the criminal element would hate it.

      • She sounds like wife material, hahaha.

    • Spikeygrrl


  • Funruffian

    This is mostly organized by White Leftists. Which is alright since they make utter fools of themselves proving what jerks they are.

    • Yves Vannes

      When the balloon goes up anyone who sides with the blacks deserves to suffer the same consequences as blacks.

      • benvad

        They’ll be the first ones attacked by rabid negroes.

  • Ograf

    Backshooting, bushwacking cowards. If the police ever decide it is a war all you worthless people will be dead, then you can holler you can’t breathe.

    • Rustler

      Real nationalists don’t cheer for the NWO’s hired thugs.

      • Cid Campeador

        George H. W. Bush was the first one I heard declaring the New World Order.
        Republican/Democrat = SOS (I am not referring to the maritime distress signal).
        “Theyah aint a dahms woith o’ difference between a Democrat and a Ripublican.” George Corley Wallace (Somewhere in time). RIP

      • Ograf

        Those so called nwo’s thugs are mostly of our mind, and will be very much so when they aren’t under control of the enemy. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. As far as being a real nationalist, of me you know nothing. Perhaps you believe what you said because you lack a clear understanding of the forces and factors that work. Take your pick, NYPD, or sub human crack head. ?

        • The enemy of my enemy is usually also my enemy. I am very much a political realist.

        • I imagine he’s been “harassed” by the police before, which naturally makes every single officer everwhere for all time “jackbooted thug enforcers for the nwo” the military are probably countes as the same, eh “Rustler”?

          • Ograf

            Exactly, After reading a few of his comments I have just given it over to nonsensical drivel. Well put Wholly Unconvinced.

  • Guest

    If I was the police chief they would get one stern warning to stop. Then they would be occupying a cell or maybe a hole in the ground.

  • Brutus

    Um… sanity?

  • Capt. Bryant

    When violence is perpetrated against the Police I say “Black Rifles Matter”

  • Cid Campeador


    • Homeland Security is clearly of Jewish conception. The Germans called Germany the Fatherland, while Americans have never had such a term they attached to the country. Think about it.


      Where have you heard that very non-American term before?

  • Thank goodness they aren’t threatening lying, thieving, drug-addled, child-molesting TSA agents! The fact that most of those are probably illegal aliens would instantly put them on President Orangutan’s “protected species” list, and we couldn’t have the dear Greaserito y Greaserita “dreamers” feeling “unsafe”, now could we?