The Loathsome Britain First Are Trying to Hijack the Poppy–Don’t Let Them

Willard Foxton, Telegraph, November 4, 2014

You may not have heard of the pound-shop fascists of Britain First. They are, in many ways pathetic losers of the Oswald Mosely type–right down to having uniforms, flags, driving around in what they boast are “armoured land rovers” and even going on “invasions” of local mosques.

However, Britain First differ from your classic two-bit paramilitary hate group in one crucial way–they have developed a formidable social media presence and are using it to scoop up charitable donations.

The way this works is they’ll typically share an image which reaches out to decent people’s patriotism–a classic is an aged Normandy veteran kneeling over some poppies on a beach with a message like “SHARE if you support veteran’s rights”. Of course, many people who support veteran’s rights will see it and immediately share the image. Variations include dogs wounded in dog fights, with messages like “SHARE if you want to end animal cruelty”, or recently, “RIP Actress Lynda Bellingham. Britain First”. As blogger Thomas G Clark points out in great detail, these images are “honey traps”.

As soon as you like or share these images, you’ll see more of them–Britain first usually post 20 or so images with provocative titles on them a day. As a result of these tactics, 500,000 people have “liked” them on Facebook, giving them an estimated reach of 20 million people–a third of the UK.

Just under a quarter of these images are requests for funding in one form or another–be it donations to “prevent animal cruelty” or selling a wide variety of ugly clothing which I can only describe as “skinhead chic”.

Of course, there’s not a huge market for fascist fashion–“marine green” jackets and polo shirts and the like–to most of the decent people Britain First are selling to. Hence, they’ve started to use a symbol more usually associated with the Royal British Legion, the poppy. As well as using the poppy symbol on things like their jackets, they advertise a variety of overtly poppy-themed products through an organisation called “Lionheart GB”.

On Lionheart GB, you can find lots of remembrance pin-badges and so on, selling for about £5 a time. As someone from a service family, who lost relatives in the First World War, it absolutely turned my stomach to see the poppy used by a violent, intolerant far-Right group, as a way of conning people into funding them.

Ultimately, the core of this problem is social media–we need to be much more careful about what we “like” and “share”, and inquire about where that material comes from. Over the last few months, I’ve had to point out to friends and relatives that the apparently inoffensive material they are sharing comes from a BNP-fascist offshoot.

Talking about similar schemes in the USA, Daniel Borochoff, president of Charity Watch, said “They get away with it because it’s a hero charity. It’s an emotional give; people make snap decisions. They don’t do their homework.”

If you know what Britain First is, you should confront people sharing their images too. If you don’t, then they’ll keep spreading their message of hate, and keep stealing donations intended for veteran’s charities.

A Royal British Legion spokesperson said: “The Royal British Legion does not authorise the use of the red poppy for political or partisan use. The poppy is a symbol of remembrance and hope, which is a trademark of The Royal British Legion used for supporting our Armed Forces community. We ask consumers to make sure the products they purchase are official poppy merchandise supplied through our licensed partners or”


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  • Sick of it

    “As someone from a service family, who lost relatives in the First World
    War, it absolutely turned my stomach to see the poppy used by a violent,
    intolerant far-Right group, as a way of conning people into funding

    I’m sure your ancestor would be turning in his grave to know how you live your life. To know the depravity you accept as normal.

    • TruthBeTold

      It’s like reading about someone who automatically hates his own people and history based on a fashion trend.

      How do you reach these people? How do you get them to understand the consequences of their beliefs?

      • Sick of it

        Until they learn to care for their own people, you will likely never reach them. It may be impossible, as many despise their own NUCLEAR FAMILY. Liberalism is best rooted in dysfunctional families.

        • Ella

          Libtards believe that they have a higher moral calling in the social political world. Family-life can be sacrificed for their “callings” and “righteous” beliefs.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        Deport them along with the objects of their misplaced sympathies…

    • Sue

      Doesn’t mean there is any truth to the statement or anyone that actually said it.

      • none of your business

        Sounds like the weepy mawkish statements liberals make up.

    • rightrightright

      When scribblers pontificate along these lines, they take care not to know that supporters of ‘a violent, intolerant far-Right group’ also have relatives who lie dead in northern France.

      • Sick of it

        It rather irks me when liberals over here, many of them descendants of recent immigrants, act like they own the place when my people have been here for 400 years.

  • WR_the_realist

    What about Labour’s message of hate? You don’t rub people’s noses in diversity because you love them. I know nothing about Britain First, but I do know that merely being labeled “fascist” by the mainstream press means nothing other than that they probably have some sensible views hated by our controllers.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      ‘…Accuse others of what you do…’ –Karl Marx

      It’s a Marxism tenet.

      • tlk244182

        Also of another group which Marx belonged to.

        • David Ashton

          And which he attacked in a “notorious” essay.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          Oy vay!

      • David Ashton

        Yes, and Lenin worked “character assassination” into a recommended tactic.

        • Sick of it

          In all fairness to Lenin, he seemed to prefer physical assassination.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            …but was ultimately hoist on his own petard…!

      • Earl P. Holt III

        Psychologists call that phenomenon “Projection”…

    • Earl P. Holt III

      TOUCHE` !

    • none of your business

      If the Telegraph calls Britain First fascist and disapproves, I am all for it. I have found that the quickest way to form an opinion is to just read the mainstream liberal media.
      Whatever they dislike is always good. What they like is always bad.
      Simple and saves time.

  • TruthBeTold

    I have two disqus accounts. Both are banned by the UK Telegraph.

    I like how the author tries to expose the tactics of the right. One will rarely read an expose of the same tactics used by the sinless left.

    • rightrightright

      Everybody who is anybody is banned by the DT. A badge of honour. Paul Weston of Liberty GB still makes it through, but it is only a matter of time until even he is culled.

      I got lifetime banned for expressing the wish that Saudi,which funds ISIS, should be rewarded in kind.

      The banned one are turning up on Breitbart instead.

  • Mary

    I doubt this jerk actually cares about his ancestors’ military service. After all, they were probably some stuffy, uncool White people fighting for an all-White country. He’s a product of the new, diverse, dynamic Britain! Complete with beheadings, murders, rapes, and even a Muslim plot to kill the Queen. But at least he’s bravely putting those “fascists” in their place.

    • none of your business

      His ancestors probably worked in some military office job making up irksome regulations for the fighting men.

  • MekongDelta69

    Sooooo Willard Foxton of the (leftist) Telegraph — how many mooz-lims live in YOUR neighborhood?

    Yeah – thought not…

  • David Ashton

    Mosley (correct spelling) was never “pathetic”. As for being a loser, he didn’t do too badly when he was banned from radio,TV and the national press for 36 years, denied indoor halls and outdoor meeting sites all over Britain, with many meetings attacked by armed leftists including at least one murder attempt, and then imprisoned without charge or trial, and smeared continuously in opposition literature and broadcasts. As the Labour MP and writer Richard Crossman dared to say, If history had gone a different way, Mosley would now be regarded as respectable as Adenauer in defending the West against the Chinese peril. Mosley never invaded any places of worship, but was the first public opponent on mass Afro-Asian immigration. Read his ACTUAL ideas, for example, the extracts in Michael Quill’s “Revolution by Reason” or his own books available on the web. Jared Taylor talks about European Brotherhood – well, we can still learn a lot from Mosley. Dead men cannot bite, but they can still teach us a thing or too.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Glad to see you again, David.

      • David Ashton

        Thank you.

        • Nicholas I

          “the communist Solly Kaye” = the K*** Solly Kaye

    • none of your business

      He and Dianna and even the first wife were heroes. And that scum war monger Churchill imprisoned them for the duration of the war. I’ve read a lot about Mosley.
      I despise those mawkish remembrance day fiestas. There was a joke in both those wars that was all too true. “England will fight to the last Frenchman.” I might add, England will fight to the last American dollar. Thanks a lot Mr. Churchill, you helped Stalin grab a big chunk of Europe and gave Mao China.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        The guy to really thank was Alger Hiss, who had complete control of the agenda at Yalta, just as every Cold Warrior has argued for 70 years…

        • none of your business

          I know, being the daughter of commies I know all about the commies of America. Churchill and FDR were more culpable than Hiss because he was only an aide. Smithsonian channel recently ran a documentary still claiming even after the Venona files that the great hero and martyr Joe McCarthy falsely accused Hiss.
          Back in 1939 the head of security for the state department gave FDR a list of known communists in his administration. Hiss’s name was on that list. You probably know the name of the state depts. security man. Name was Carmel Offie I think?

          • Earl P. Holt III

            Roosevelt was nearly deaf, had experienced a series of strokes, and sat drooling throughout most of the Yalta Conference, staring into space. He and brand-new Secretary of State George Stettinius deferred to Alger Hiss (Soviet Codename “Lawyer”) on EVERY issue.

            I don’t really understand what happened to Churchill, but I do recommend M.Stanton Evans’ “Stalin’s Secret Agents” (2012) for a play-by-play chronicling how we “won the war but lost the peace”…

          • Nicholas I

            See David Irving’s video speeches on Churchill, a ho for The K

      • Nicholas I

        Jews will fight to the last White meat puppet.

    • MBlanc46

      Thanks for that, David. I was hoping you’d weigh in on this.

    • IstvanIN

      First name Oswald for those who would like to read about Sir Mosley.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    The lies have gotten so baroque they are hard to follow.
    This story is about what now? Poppies and people who eat margarine instead of butter?

  • Yves Vannes

    Sounds to me like Britain First is doing the work the British government should be performing. It is the UK that has been invaded; why is it that private organization are the ones who have to push back?

    • rightrightright

      Britain First has a strong Christian ethos. More reason for the state to find a way to crash down on it.

  • E7 sharp 9

    God, I love watching cultural Marxists gnashing their teeth at being unable to completely dominate the message! Truth will out.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    So Willard “The Rat” Foxton of the Telegraph supports the race-replacement of Native Born White Britons by fast-breeding Muslims and blacks?

    Apparently so.

    IOW, he supports the genocide of the White race and should be considered a deadly enemy of Whites everywhere.

    • DNA Explains It All

      Rivers of blood are a flowing, too bad no one saw it coming or warned them.

      • HepburnFixation

        Enoch Powell warned them and they refused to heed his warning.

  • Northern American-Nationalist

    This is a news article?

  • newscomments70

    Effeminate, liberal, white beta males are pathetic, not patriots willing to stand up to enemy invaders. Britain First female patriots are physically stronger than white liberal males. Willard Foxton does not allow comments on his article, nor does he list his email. He knows what will happen. He cannot fight, even verbally.

  • OS-Q

    So the writer is in complete denial that 500,000 people could “like” them on Facebook without being “trapped” by images of white veterans, dogs, and unmasked women; all things Muslims despise and blacks abuse.

    It doesn’t help his cause that a 15 year old poppy seller was attacked with a homemade flamethrower lately.

  • We should not kid ourselves that Britain First are in any way racially motivated, for they are not. They are generally an incoherent rabble of what may be called “patriots” and people generally sick of “Political Correctness” and, particularly, Islam.

    The said incoherence gets on my nerves to be honest – as does their rather inane modus operandi, but I have to admit that their representatives are quite brave when taking on the establishment and, recently, groups of Muslims.

    Further, the one who was kicking off and laying down the patter was a pretty feisty female – which is quite rare in this general side of life.

    Although (in the video of her I am thinking of) there is a signal or two of complete incoherence and ‘gifts’ for any opposition to prise apart… on the whole she seemed to be doing a good job right on the coal face. Much better than I could do.

    So yeah, not my cup of tea at all…..but I do give some credit where it is due. They are out there trying to do something at least.

    The same goes for an EDL video I was pointed to the other month where they are giving the BBC a blast and really ripping into the institution for their bias and smears. Putting the “E-E-EDL” chants to one side, it was pretty good and again much better than I could ever do. Well done to them.

    It’s a shame that Britain First and EDL are in some kind of “weird space” though. One that seems to believe in multi-racialism, the Queen, upholding “liberal values” (gay rights against Muslim extremism, for example).

    I console myself that they may be a “conveyor belt” to progress up the scale, or at the least, agitation agents to cause destabilisation in the public sphere. Articles like this one in the British Press are part and parcel of that general agitation I suppose.

    The trouble is, without a coherent message or conclusion to aim for, there is a risk that these kinds of side-shows will just grind on relentlessly as the nation slips down the pan, with the mainstream media (and anybody solid in their ideologies) can run rings around them on anything deeper than ‘Islamic extremism’.

    • M&S

      Win the moral point, lose the cultural if not physical genocide.
      The man who wrote the article sounds reasonably intelligent, yet he cannot be bothered himself to ‘do the research’ by which it would rapidly become obvious that the soldiers of both the Great and Second World Wars were a lot closer to the Beef Eater tradition of a white Imperialist Britain forever snubbing The Outside-Other in the competition we call civilization but which is really evolution in action and principle.
      You however have a different problem, ultimately no less hypocritical than the above writer in that you judge and approve the artistic talents, feisty femme personalities and overall notion of taking down The Leftist Establishment a peg or three.
      Telling us that you could never do what they do with half the bravado or artistry.
      Yet you bemoan the fact that they have no coherence of unifying racial ideation to go with their ultra conservative Britain for British idealism.
      Failing to see as it were that Britain was what it once was, because it was based on white, not brown, genetics.
      Can you not then see the obvious? You don’t have to have their artistic talent or gusto. You don’t have to stand in the spotlight, risking everything. All’s you have to do is talk to them. Get them to wrap their heads as much as their hearts around the concepts you already understand.
      And with the same talent but a refined vision, they can change up their message:
      “Indigene Britons, come to us. Your nation has great need for you to be the heroes that your Brave Tommy Fathers once were. Come to us, with skills and ideas, and a willingness to work to achieve them. That we may save the Britain we know from the leadership* which betrays our future as our past. Come to a chat room and listen to what we have to say, and if it disgusts you horribly, you need never be bothered by us again. But if it makes sense, if it’s something you want to talk more about, leave us a message, as you exit the chat room, and we will come to you. Privately.”
      This is how you build select inclusivism through elitist messaging. Because I guarantee you that the browns and blacks are utterly uninterested in anything that doesn’t involve their present and hoped for future.
      White’s present, past or future means nothing to them, except as a dying beast they can already cut bloody chunks from.
      Now, with your unique understanding of what it is to be British and a captive audience whom you can talk with casually or arbitrarily cut off, expelling them from the chat room, you can start to say things which, while guardedly neutral and ‘positively upbeat’ in their assertions (jobs, housing, safe food, safe neighborhoods, help moving, a chance to make a difference for those who share your beliefs) to avoid the Draconian British hate speech laws, can begin to broach the idea of a collectively insular social condition.
      ‘To preserve what is endangered in Britain.’
      You then use the Real Name + EML or Phone Number to execute a social vetting process, allowing you to weed out the fence sitters and the ex-cons and the too-good-to-be-true government plants. The too old and the too young and the too radical in their politics liberals, skinheads and the like.
      To instead put together a list of those who want to make a real stand with.
      White. Hetero. Married and with a family or intent to have them. Willing to trade a mortgage for a move. With a useful job skill and working history.
      You give these people an interview. And if they sound realistic and level headed, you drop some barriers to make blunt assertions: “We want whites. Not because we hate other races but because we believe we represent something uniquely British that other, more recent, immigrants cannot bring to our community.”
      If they agree, you make them face a commitment test. NOT MONEY. But something like a community project. A home of an elderly white couple that needs renovating ‘and will some day be left to us.’. An weekend evaluatory tour of several cities where the group might put down roots based on a pledge to invest in property. A series of doctor/lawyer/auto-mechanic ‘free pitstop’ service offerings to other members of the group. Even something as simple as a willingness to provide unpaid daycare to children once or twice a month.
      Something that shows they are willing to do their part as pledge members.
      And then, when everyone has met, broken bread or ground and agreed to some community rules as directions, you up the ante. “This is where you cross the line. This is where you politicize by becoming a member in good standing with a real pledge to join us, physically, at location-X. Vote for group Y. And recruit others to our side.” Make it a binding contract deal.
      You have to build a moral majority which benefits from community. You cannot simply expect remote consensus from strangers who have to withstand the enormous implosive forces of societal expectations _designed_ to fragment white cultural benefits.
      Not without equal and opposed outward pressure-hull bulwarking from the friends and colleagues who stand at their back, share the same beliefs and support them when the pressure gets tough.
      Benefiting each other in a shared outcome existence..
      Risk:Reward must be balanced.
      Use your own intelligence to exploit the existing Britain First network and broach an idea which equates to Whites Going Their Own Way as an economic solution within the political schema.
      And based on how successful you are, you will start to see the fragmented groups of British Nationalism come together and achieve that coherent message you talk about.

      • Thank you for your insightful reply.

        Some of the aspects you raised actually tie into a new project that is taking place in this country, which aims to take a completely different approach to nationalist endeavours.

        For too long now, myself and others have put forward the case for why our messages are coherent and why those different organisations are barking up the wrong tree.

        Much like many decades of ‘factional’ groups and parties though, it has generally been a waste of time, because in hindsight it was all being done wrongly.

        For example, on some influential sites, it often involved spats and vicious wars of words that only served to make others dig their heels in even more.

        Myself, I have always tried to calmly explain myself and my views and why I think I am on the correct paths, but I acknowledge that I was only ever getting a small audience.

        On both sides of this effort I think it has become apparent to all of us that you’re just not going to get “unity” within the movement because there are so many different factions and egos in the mix.

        Further, there is such a vast ocean of people out there that tinker around various issues – that it is getting past the point in this country where so much effort can be spent working on them to bring them and the wider public ‘up to speed’ and become unified as a serious force.

        The old attempts were generally to try and get parties and organisations to shift our way. I think that has been one of the major stumbling blocks.

        So concentrated were we on trying to bolster support for “our team” (ie, “our party”) over that of others, that we lost sight of what options were really available to us. We were too rigid in our thinking.

        You’d probably laugh at the amount of writing and ‘convincing’ I have tried to do to win people over to the correct side of the fence over the last decade, which has not had all that much success, but as I say, I think it is time for fresh tactics to organise whites into an entirely different kind of counter-force.

        This is where the new organisation comes in. It is not political, it is not a street protest group, it is not tied to any “faction” or whatever else that may put up walls between our people. This helps from the outset. Rather than being “us and them” it has a welcome mat placed at the door for all those who wish to be part of it.

        It involves all sorts of measures, some of which you mention, including entry-ism to other groups and mainstream parties, physical relocation for those suited to do so, “in group” benefits for those who are on board, and generally working more on “individuals” to come on side than trying it on whole ‘entities’, such as “Britain First”.

        This is why I have come to appreciate such groups as Britain First and the EDL as part of a conveyor belt….organisations which have the potential to provide waters which can be fished for people that are more racially aware and willing to push a little further our way or ultimately just come along to our side of the tracks.

        We absolutely must stand our ground and not be so blasé to just tolerate anything. We must always state where these organisations are going wrong. But that does not mean attacking people in these groups or demeaning their efforts – including some efforts which I would be reluctant to participate in myself these days.

        Credit has to be given where it is due, and it is better to try and use such gifts to project our own messages than to dismiss it all entirely as “unworkable”. So yeah, credit to EDL and the Britain First lot…. it is, as you say, up to the rest of us to try and send their supporters more our way.

        The only disclaimer I would have on that are when they are groups and organisations which risk jeopardising the future of whites, groups which completely send nationalism back 40 years with crude stunts and stereotypical imagery and commentary.

        I have no problem with the EDL “missing the point” on some subjects, for they can be worked on.

        However, I suppose I do still have a problem with liabilities and entities which are so ‘off-the-hook’ stereotypical “white neo-nazi supremacist” that they could easily be mistaken for being ‘state’ honey-traps.

        I have to say that I am generally burnt out and sick of it all – but I am not completely finished yet. I hope that others can take both your and my advice and become another brick in the wall defence of our people and our nation.

        Despite years of factionalism and barriers, I think that, paradoxically, the more the British Nationalist movement imploded, the more things are getting better in the movement as the dust settles.

        It has opened up new opportunities, and it is those that have to be worked upon instead of being sorrowful about the losses we have suffered.

        • M&S

          People will indeed judge you for your correctness but contrary to popular belief, especially as things continue to slip off the tilting edge, they will judge you based on economic not PC outcomes.
          I would offer that your biggest allies are going to be those who see their own cities dividing into no-go zones and want out. Even if it means leaving a house and a job behind.
          And that you need to find amongst those Few, a core group whose economic competence (he can make money anywhere, but he _chose_ us) and social status (she is from a good family in the upper class, our views are not outlier, they are mainstream!), can be used to land a whale willing to commit some land or some money to a discretionary trust which is managed by a board of directors in whom he has some say in s/electing.
          The sooner you build something up, the whiter it will be possible to remain, you cannot afford to look for a hedge fund from amongst those who are already dancing a desperate tune on the razor’s fine edge.
          However; to get that whale is to be willing to at least commit to something that gives -him- (or her) an edge as well. Could you move to Scotland if a community was opening up which needed whites to push it’s economic as class status upwards? How about Ireland? Cornwall? Wales?
          If you won’t, then you need to expand your horizons because you may have to go a fair piece to find a part of the UK which is rural enough to have need of an urban environment and not so deep into the multicultural malaise that they no longer think in terms of ‘now + 10’ as a function of “Well, someone will urbanize this region, it might as well be….you. Mr. White, Skilled and Law Abiding.”
          This is why I suggested a tour of cities which might be a little off the beaten path but were suitable as investment centers for white wealth building.
          Because as the Wealth Class succeed in imploding Britain to force the onset of NWO remote globalism, there are going to be a LOT of Scotlands who want off the RMS Titanic.
          All that it would take would be one investment banker. One seated Sir in the House of Lords. To decide that, ‘whatever he said in public’, he wanted to be surrounded by level headed whites.
          And you have an in. Because once he commits, he cannot afford a stink. Not if he wants his Whiteopia and his reputation as his capital investment returns back.
          You’re not going to save all of Britain. Ironically, the people who will are the nutter skinheads and beyond the pale go-getters who, left to the tender mercies of The Horde, will cut a bloody swath or die trying. And find they rather like it. They will likely perish as heroes.
          What you can do is get the skills sets as moral center out of the free fire zone and when it’s all over, have the core cadre group with which to finish the idiots who started this and pick up the pieces with the inner-urban survivors.
          To start again.
          Nobody is thinking this way. Nobody has said: “It’s all over but the bloodbath itself. Where do we want to be /after/.”
          That is where people like you have your strongest cast to make. Before those who would sponsor you if you had a plan. And before those who want the illusion of an eternal present-tense. Even though they know the real reason they are there is because they are facing cultural genocide as replacement, where they are at now.
          I hope you can sell that. Because I no longer see a United Kingdom surviving the rise of Britainistan.
          But so long as there are dominant whites in charge of their own fate in the British Isles, there will always be an England.

  • Highlander

    The whole lefty press has been wrong footed by Britain First. I love it. Needs to be duplicated everywhere possible.

  • David Ashton

    The late Keith Stimely wrote a good article on OM which can be Googled easily. The full uniform was a mistake, although in those days peaked caps were worn by all sorts of people from the Salvation Army to postmen. Mosley;s northern organiser Nellie Driver thought they looked like bus conductors (not the SS). In any case, the blackshirts were worn for only four years during Mosley’s political life from 1920 to 1980. His prewar policy can be found in his books “Greater Britain” and “Tomorrow We Live”. Neither his intelligence nor his courage has ever been in doubt, even by his opponents.

  • Nicholas I

    Screw the poppy and all celebrations of a Brothers War that resulted in the decimation of Europe and the establishment of K*** power in Palestine, via shabbos goy US & UK sending meat puppets to die for kikery.

  • Nicholas I

    Sounds K. too