Portland Public Schools Must Spend $1.5 Million to Lower Discipline Rate

Kelly House, The Oregonian, October 3, 2014

For the third time since 2009, Portland Public Schools is facing state sanctions for suspending and expelling black special education students at a rate far higher than the general student body.

Under the Oregon Department of Education reprimand handed down in early August, PPS must dedicate $1.5 million, or 15 percent of its federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act dollars for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years, to improving its track record of over-disciplining black students who qualify for special education.

The sanctions follow Superintendent Carole Smith’s announcement that cutting back on so-called “exclusionary discipline” is a major priority this year.

The state department used discipline figures for the 2012-13 school year to determine that black PPS students who qualify for special education faced long-term suspension or expulsion at a rate five times more frequent than their peers in the general student body.

State standards mandate that racial and ethnic minority special education students cannot be disciplined more frequently than four times the rate of the general student body. In addition to this year, PPS missed that benchmark in 2009 and in 2011.


PPS was one of three Oregon districts to found to be in violation of the state standards, along with Albany and North Marion. North Marion successfully appealed its sanctions.

District special education director Mary Pearson said she “wasn’t shocked” by the sanctions, given the district’s history of failing to meet equitable discipline standards.

District-wide, 17 percent of black students were suspended or expelled in 2012-13, compared to only 4 percent of white students.

In response to this year’s sanction, PPS will dedicate a portion of its federal special education funds to so-called “early intervention,” training school psychologists and teachers to do a better job of meeting minority students’ needs before they end up in trouble.


Pearson said the plan was “already in the works well before we knew that we were going to be sanctioned.” As a result, she said, no PPS programs will lose funding so the district can respond to the sanctions.

She noted that although a wide gap between black students and white students still exists, PPS’ overall discipline rates have decreased. Nineteen black special education students were expelled or suspended in 2012-13, an improvement from 44 in 2009-10.


Smith has said she wants to cut the district’s suspension and expulsion rate in half this year, while closing the gap between black and white students. During an interview with The Oregonian earlier this year, Smith noted that when kids are excluded from school as punishment, they fall behind in classes and their education suffers.

Last week, the school board gave her permission to use $4 million of a recently discovered $16.8 million windfall to pursue that and two other goals. Smith has yet to spell out how the money will be spent, but she has hinted that restorative justice programs, which ask students to think about how their actions impact the school rather than resorting to punishment, could be a part of the plan.



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  • MekongDelta69

    It would never occur to the brain dead to try to lower the black crime rate. That would be ‘racist

    No – instead they’re going to waste more never-ending funds to lower the ‘disciplinary’ rate of blacks.

    Whenever something is considered normal in a normal society, you can be SURE that leftists will be 180 degrees away from ‘normal.’

    • A Freespeechzone

      They are sooo PC in Portland, a relatively lilly-White city full of naive liberal who have never been exposed to negroes.

      I’ve actually heard people say that they WANTED more ‘diversity’ in Portland….of course, they live in Beaverton, OR, or SW Portland the lilly White parts of town.

      Portland, Oregon is NOT a place with an understanding of race reality.

      • 1G25

        It’s easy to be a N-lover when the concept is abstract, and one has never had to live near them, in the barracks with them, or work with them.

        • Ike Eichenberg

          Timothy Treadwell loved bears, until he became bear food.
          Lefties are disconnected from reality.

      • Not all of us are. There was a trader joe and houseing development at an abandon lot, some black rose hell because, it was going to raise the price of houses, and bring in white people. This is what they said……Trader Joe pulled out. Their was a huge back lash on the black loud mouths who don’t know when it is time to quite running ones mouth. The local news tore them a new one. Don’t know how national it went, but the suposed leaders of this black comunity was squirming, one news station sent a black reportor, and he hit them with questions that he did not or could answer with out looking like a raciest tool. Then many other reporters decended on the whole neibohood. It was amusing to see blacks run from the reporters for 2 weeks.
        Non of them wanted to be caught on t.v saying we don’t like white people or we don’t want to improve our comunity.
        Oregon do have some liberal issues no doubt. But, we do have a strong conseritive base, We don’t take crap like this for too long. We don’t have a big issue with blacks here offten….there is a reason for that. Should take a look how our police deal with gangs, As for the schools they are as screwed up as any other place. Dumb every one down so every one can pass…..How about some kids repeteing a grade or simester or 4. Not every one has an IQ of 20 or 120 we shouldn’t punish every one for a select few.

        • meanqueen

          The conservative base in Oregon is in eastern Oregon – the Portland-Eugene corridor is all libtard. The the population density for the state is concentrated in the Portland metro area, which means that libtardism reigns. The thing about Trader Joe’s was a shocking travesty – so stupid. And the funniest thing, the most ironic thing, is that those “white people” who are moving into da hood are the libtards, and the blacks HATE them, but the libtards seem not to notice and seem not to understand that it is they who are displacing their pet negroes. I’ve been over there many times to visit a libtard family member and it is scary just walking around because the native blacks either glare or avoid eye contact and look sullen. They despise that the white libtard kids have moved in and gentrified the place, forcing the lowest of the low to move out to Gresham.

          • Hey say want you want i don’t mind them moving to the crap hole of Gresham. Portland is a nice city, the bike riders at times need to be slapped, People are freindly, in the mini hood of portland, yes white people are moving in. making all their houses look nice, yards taken care of. and if that chases out the black hood winks. to gresham. im all for it. I don’t mind black people who act civil and like humans.

          • meanqueen

            I don’t mind the civil/human blacks either, patrioticvigilantie – I was mainly just countering your comment about Oregon having a strong conservative base. It really doesn’t because of the Portland area liberals and you can see this reflected in voting outcomes. Oregon is a blue state and it has many moronic policies, just like this one. I know you have had reasonably good experiences with blacks there but in my profession, I came across all the gangbangers so my experience was very different, although admittedly “skewed” because of the nature of my work.

          • I did not mean to say that Or had a strong conservative base, but there are many of us here, just not the majority, and i am proud to say, we are not new york

        • meanqueen

          And the only reason we don’t have a problem with blacks is because they are vastly outnumbered, and there just aren’t very many of them, NOT because urban Oregonians are somehow tough conservatives. There are random assaults on white pedestrians and white bike riders all the time by black “youfs.”

          • The bike riders at times need to have their heads examined…..no doubt.
            As tough Conserviatives…lol not so much… Say what you want about the blacks hear. perhaps it is due to the population ratio…most hear are well behaved. and the ones i do know are very civilized and educated and speak well. In the mini hood we have, They don’t seem to riot and loot like we see in ferguson.

    • See The Future

      Absolute insanity!

  • There was only three mentions of a certain word in this article. Amazing that they could get through a whole article about this kind of subject matter yet only use the world thrice.

  • Luca

    This is the equivalent of realizing there are a disproportionate number of house fires in the black section of town and rather than have firemen use extra effort to fight and prevent those fires, they are instructed to set homes on fire in the White section of town.

    This is done for the purpose of not appearing racist and achieving parity among racial groups. Makes marvelous sense, wouldn’t you agree?

    • See The Future

      Our white male leaders are not rising to the top. We have given too much power to white women that tend to be bleeding heart types. Only when men become barbarians again and take charge will be make progress. Hillary Clinton is worse than a nightmare………..a complete and unadulterated failure of the white male species. Oh ya, almost forgot, she is the equal partner of Bill.

  • superlloyd

    Let the retarded blacks run wild. The lunatics have truly taken over the asylum. This applies as much to America as it does to Portland Schools.

    • See The Future

      The California asylum that houses Manson has allowed a white woman to marry him. Fortunately they will not be allowing conjugal visits. A truly sick white woman who admires his views of the environment………….sick
      The Portland School authorities are in place due to a voting process. The parents have the ability to force change, but that will take a strong male presence.

  • AmericanCitizen

    Once again, the toilet overflows and the Liberal solution is to raise the ceiling and explain away the bad smell.

  • Simonetta

    $1.5 million dollars to investigate why nineteen ‘special-ed students’ were suspended for disciplinary reasons? Geez, why not just give $79000 to each of the bozos to go away, far away, like distant Georgia or Saipan and not come back.

    Portland has got a serious “pet Negro” problem. They were imported here back in the 1940s and 1950s to spice up the place and do (a little) war-work. Then most got washed away in a big flood in the late 1940s. The remainder were forced to live in a small section of the city until they were driven out to the distant east-side strip-mall-dump suburbs in order to make room for the “Portlandia” crowd; productive young whites who wanted to live close to downtown and were willing to risk buying and renovating run-down old houses in iffy neighborhoods. Now the few Portland 80-IQ blacks (@ 8 % of the metro population) share the outer ring of the city with 60000 Soviets, 35000 Mexicans, 25000 Somalis, 15000 Vietnamese, and a smattering of other flotsam. A recipe for true disaster should the EBC cards just stop working. (But don’t worry, Gresham Oregon has over 50 professional police officers, which should be enough to handle anything that the 100000 3rd-world refugees can churn up (Irony, (that’s where the Iranians come from)).

    I call them ‘pet Negros’ because they’re so scarce and so valuable that everybody here just so much wants to have one a special friend, but there’s only so many and they’re all booked up for months. So there’s a -huge- social-services infrastructure that’s plugged into every gov’mint program imaginable to just ‘serve society’, and, more importantly, provide $65K-$125K annual salaries to the multitudes of those lucky and/or Master degree’d enough to administer a program to help ‘serve’ those in need.

    You probably know what I’m talking about. The only real difference between Portland and your town is that we’re so far away from the rest of the country. (Only two big cities within 700 miles, and one is in Canada), and your city has no shortage of Negros.

    • none of your business

      First thing I thought of when I read about the 1.5 million was more jobs for grant hustlers aka non profit pimps. 8 percent is too much. There are White special ed students who should not be subjected to their noise. As for the rest, 1 black per class is enough.

      • RacialRay

        That’s almost exactly 1 too many. I find them toxic in concentrations greater than one part in ten thousand. And I recall all too well from my own childhood that a single pickaninny in the classroom was more than enough upset for a poor, old white woman trying to maintain discipline.

    • evilsandmich

      That type of delusion can only be brought about by a lack of black interaction. I say that we turn East Cleveland into a traveling integration road show so that no area of the country need go without celebrating the joys of diversity.

    • meanqueen

      I’m from PDX, and everything you said is spot on.

    • See The Future

      When you have a beautiful lawn the weeds will always try to take root. If you are careful to destroy the weeds before they take root and expand your lawn will stay beautiful. Should you choose to ignore the presence of weeds they will soon overtake the beautiful and healthy grass. Once the weeds have taken a strong hold of the lawn it takes drastic measures to recover. The best option is not to allow the encroachment in the first instance.

  • Irishgirl

    A minor point in the article, but how does a school board just come across a “recently discovered $16.8 million windfall?” Maybe I should check under my mattress, just in case.

  • Yves Vannes

    I’m going to step out on a limb and predict that there will be a number of new private schools opening or expansions in the Portland area once this policy gets implemented. This is a real stretch.

    • evilsandmich

      The smart play is for the district to not count them as students (in some fashion) and then pocket the cash for ‘solving’ the problem.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        That would be a good idea, but I just can’t think of any way to implement it. I think the schools might simply try to count disciplinary actions against blacks as not being disciplinary actions. It’s a lot easier to fudge than not counting a student’s existence.

        Or they’ll just let the blacks run rampant, harming each other as they please, like so many other school districts do. That way the administrators can pocket the money for “solving” the problem while leaving the consequences of keeping violent blacks in class in the hands of the teachers.

        • evilsandmich

          Just thinking of Cleveland which got caught running a scam where if the student wasn’t there the first day of school they somehow never found their way into the official numbers for the student body, thus goosing the graduation rate. They probably need to do the reverse there and double count students so as to water down the discipline rates; see, nothing a little sloppy bookkeeping won’t solve! 😉

          • LHathaway

            This makes no sense at all. That makes absolutely no sense. Those schools are funded by the amount of pupils they have. There can be no better cause than increasing funding for largely at risk youth. I don’t believe you. Never-the-less, lying for a good cause is job one at some Ohio schools. So one year you have to pad the numbers with phantom students, another year you have to erase their numbers anyway possible. That is if you are to be believed and things have changed.

        • Max

          -or they may additionally find ways to penalize whites for the most minor of infractions to help diminish the ratio to “acceptable” levels of disparity, though that would be added work.

  • JohnEngelman

    Anyone who believes that too many blacks are being disciplined should work as a substitute teacher in a predominantly black public school.

  • Dave West

    Whenever you hear drivel such as, “maybe minority students would want to go to school if they weren’t being criminalized by racist teachers.” Or “all races of students cause problems, black students just get punished more.” It is almost certain that the only experience that writer has with blacks doesn’t go beyond watching 12 Years a Slave or reading To Kill a Mockingbird.

    Keeping trouble-making thugs in class doesn’t benefit anyone. Teachers are at more risk. It further distracts the few black students who are at the very least making an effort to not turn out to be completely useless. The thing I find most amusing is that there are scores of naive, white Teach for America types who think they can actually fix these thugs. The last things black thugs want to be subjected to is some white libtard, fresh out of the Ivy League, telling them about “setting an example,””their future,” or “learning about their history.” When you tell violent black thugs about those things you might as well be whispering to them from the other side of the Milky Way, it will not “sink in” nor will it “inspire” them. Teaching “urban” youth is already hard enough as it is and its a lot harder when you have 4 or 5 thugs in the class yelling, fighting, and throwing things.

    • meanqueen

      “Teaching “urban” youth . . .” I think you meant to type “Teaching” urban youth . . ” 🙂

  • libertarian1234

    “Oregon schools must not discipline blacks at more than four times the white.”
    Even though they commit crimes and disciplinary problems at forty times the rate of whites…..and every body else.
    Oregon administrators are a bunch of ignorant fools.

    • See The Future

      Send them to the middle east as permanent peace keepers.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    “In response to this year’s sanction, PPS will dedicate a portion of its
    federal special education funds to so-called “early intervention,”
    training school psychologists and teachers to do a better job of meeting
    minority students’ needs before they end up in trouble.”

    Maybe the psychologists can do a better job at meeting white students needs (like being away from blacks) before they get raped and/or murdered.


    • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

      Good point. What about mental and emotional needs of other students, teachers and school staff who have to daily be exposed to the uncivilized behavior while straight jacketed as to any meaningful, effective response.

      • M&S

        Thanks D,
        What it comes down to then is it being in the best interest of blacks to DEMAND that these reports be individualized so the not-so-bad can be separated from the oh-my-gawds on a case by case basis.
        That said, anytime public funding is being used, there usually has to be a large degree of oversight/openness in accountability and if need be parents in the school system can begin legal actions which start with a demand for depositions and testimony to establish the facts (governments love spending money to ‘uncover’ what should be openly available, it creates more bureaucracy).
        With that in mind: “So, officer X, what caused this individual to be expelled.” Begins a backtrail chase.
        Someone, somewhere, always knows the reality of what is going on. They keep a personal log. They know the victim parents. They know the aggressor parents who in turn are honest enough to say their kid is seriously messed up. They know the teachers who remember specifically bad days in class as the students who have a run of them.
        Anytime the figures run to seven or more places, whites should be _very_ suspicious of ‘free money’ and IMO, it would be better if we could get both sides of the story so that, again, those individuals who needed a personal mentor could get it without bleeding the system dry. Or terrorizing others within it.
        The second alternative is explicit and also in white self-interests: Make racial special needs funding a separate, fungible, line in all budget documents (interchangeable between ethnic groups to ‘protect’ racial statistics on the children involved but overall separate from whites) and then demand -added- funding for that that group as a whole which ensures it does not intrude upon the overall population.
        White, black or Hispanic, if you are Special Needs, you get put into this funding block.
        Separate facilities, separate levels of care, the Medicaid/Medicare approach.
        Again, provided this goes ONLY to special needs students, blacks in the general student population should neither suffer nor benefit in excess to their group presence.
        But where you are creating a policy that says X racial group has Y sub minority needing additional funding, that funding should be conditional to the idea that non Special Needs qualified students are not put at risk or defunded by force colocation or coallocation of moneys.
        Real English: Get them all the help they need but get them out of the system which supports non disruptive students, of all races. Period.

  • M&S

    1. Post a public list of the reasons the black students were oustered. If it’s things like spitting in the halls or saying bad words or backtalking to teachers, by all means let them come back. If the list reads more like ‘Selling drugs in the bathrooms, forcing white girls into corners and grope-raping them, bringing weapons to or fighting on school property’, then it’s time for white majority parents to _sue Oregon State_ and demand that ALL federal funding for black ‘special needs’ students be discontinued.

    Rather not have the cash if it’s going to be used as a lash and public knowledge of the whys and wherefores of black expulsion and suspension is the first step to deciding which side of the story has the most legitimate weight.

    2. Note here, 2009-2013, three years over a five year period. These are not the same students. Even if they are being held back multiple grades. This is blacks coming up from lower grades with the same problems as got their elder peers kicked out.
    Find out what causes them to develop these behaviors (Hormones, Puberty, +20% Testosterone in blood serum of both black males and females compared to whites and asians) and you will be on the way to making some real progress. Or at least understanding how much improvement can legitimately be expected.

    3. Finally, the obvious-

    She led a successful facility planning and community engagement process that resulted in Portland voters approving an eight-year, $482 million school construction bond in November 2012, with 66 percent support.

    Smith has placed equity at the center of school district priorities in an effort to erase race-based disparities in student outcomes. To do this, Smith has focused on transforming the culture of our schools and district.


    Militant, masculinized woman exercising her liberal authority to the hilt ‘for a good cause’, not in her race’s best interests
    Equality is not a topdown decreeable outcome. It can only be achieved by the will of those failing to try harder. And where they are already topped out for ability, no amount of social engineering is going to make a Ford into a Ferrari.
    Do midgets try out for the NBA? Genes Count.
    And if blacks had the balls to say Hell Yeah instead of ‘Oh No You Don’t!’; we might be on the road to Genomic Therapies improving ALL our intelligences. Given what we are allowing to be done to us in the false name of equity, egality or reparations, we whites could certainly use some added horsepower in the grey matter area.
    Find something which engages these young people and make them good enough at it that they can make a living, with or without oversight and aid, for the rest of their lives.
    DO NOT risk the future outcomes of white students by punishing them with lower than necessary expulsion rates of disruptive or dangerous students. No matter what their labeled victim status. No matter what their race.

    • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

      These articles never list the reasons or provide portions of school police officer reports. They continue to use boilerplate such as “minor offenses” or “same offenses for which white students receive in school punishment. ” I saw lots of these school incident and police reports in my job . The black behavior in them was extremely disrespectful to teachers involving max profanity, disrupting class, violent hitting classmates and teachers and other school staff, destroying school property, and inciting classmates to riot…On and on. The behavior merited expulsion in best interest of teacher and student safety.

    • See The Future

      Just what I have been saying about white feminist women. They are the white mans enemy.

      • M&S

        My father used to say, “The only people who have women scoped are other women. And they all hate each other.”

        I’m not quite that skeptical but am still working on a couple ideas myself, like Einstein, I’m hoping for a Unified Theory.

        I also believe in physiognomy as the means by which a person’s biological emphasis upon left:right brain hemisphere function can be somewhat determined by the degree of muscle tension they exhibit in their handed facial expressions.

        A good photographer can aid this interpretation with ‘best side’ camera angles and lighting.

        I don’t really care whether this woman is what she looks like.

        I do care about GIGO effect on her early education making her into a militant with a crusader complex as control theory ideation of what the rest of the world should be like as a function of that unfiltered masculine expression.

        Women who try to think-act like men seldom manage to do so with a rational balance.

        There can be no doubt now that women are increasingly taking over high leverage social roles as college trained job categories in a bid to remake the world to suit their own image of themselves. One could argue that America today is what it is because of this.

        As such, it is important that we make sure they have a sanity check ‘warning bell’, beyond The Little Princess effect that makes group conformity turn to personal rebellion when they hit their teenage years having grown up thinking that they can do no wrong.

  • LHathaway

    1.5 million? Sounds about like the amounts given to schools in previous decades for the sole purpose of promoting forced busing. That buys a lot of gloss over white misery.

  • JackKrak

    How many one-way tickets to Africa will $1.5 million buy?

    • See The Future

      The Chinese in Africa need more laborers.

  • Ed

    I take it no one in Oregon government has stumbled upon World Star Hip Hop?

    If they have they’d see why blacks are disciplined more.

  • bilderbuster

    This problem could be solved overnight by expelling all Blacks from the public schools.

    • Alexandra1973

      And out of the country.

      • bilderbuster

        Actually the schools would be a good place to gather them at before shipping them to the FEMA camps that the government is being so quiet about. Then it’s only a matter of getting them from there by rail to the ports. They can leave here the same way they got here.

    • See The Future

      When I went to grade school, the trouble makers all tended to be of fairly low intelligence. Much of the teachers effort was spent trying to maintain discipline and order in the classroom. The class would have been best served by the removal of the low achievers into a vocational program suited to their level of ability. Usually about ten to fifteen percent of a class of thirty.
      I can imagine a class of black under achievers would be unmanageable. There is only one action and that is separation. We are in big trouble folks and the solutions are anything but near on the horizon.

  • RacialRay

    Can’t we just encourage them to drop out sooner? Lower the legal age to that point where they become “race-aware” and let nature (and the legal system) work its magic.

    The hand-off from school to prison is seamless, but it just happens too late.

  • Maximo Partagas

    If I were on the school board I would propose that we need to end the disparity on the basketball court and the football field as well.

    • See The Future

      This disparity would end pretty quick if the stands were empty of white people.

  • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

    And keep in mind that special ed student = SSI check.

    • Max

      -plus enhanced budget allowance for the school.

  • Max

    This restriction on racial punishment quotas will no doubt, eventually be extended to adult criminals.

  • Jesse_from_Sweden

    Here’s my solution.

    The schools in question should start a program to help disadvantaged minority students requiring special attention.

    Those at-risk-youth who qualify under this program will receive extra tutelage so as to help them in their scholastic activities.

    This will be done during normal school hours in a separate class room specifically assigned to this program, together with teachers and teachers aides handpicked to work with these students under these special conditions.

    AKA put them in a special detention class with a special ed teacher and with some security officers constantly present to help keep order. And away from the rest of the schools students.

  • Max

    Indeed, why do we never hear that whites are “disproportionately burdened” by the expense of anti-social and criminal behavior or “overrepresented as victims”?
    (just a rhetorical question; we all know)

  • As you probably know, the gap between adult black incarceration rates and white incarceration rates is highest in the progressive Scandinavian and northern Germanic states of Minnesota and Wisconsin, and lowest in the Deep South. That may give you a running start.

  • johningermany

    Full time cameras in every room. Why not?

  • meanqueen

    Stop making sense!

  • Rusty Shackelford

    Yes, because not holding blacks accountable for their actions has worked out so well, so far. This won’t just be enforced by letting blacks slide. They will also come down on any white student, looking for an excuse. Pretty soon Billy will be punished just as harshly for playing Slipknot too loudly in the school parking lot as Fartavious will be for playing knockout game in the hallway.

  • OyVey00

    “special education students”

    As a non-American, I take it this is the pc term for “retarded, violent thugs”?