Our Futile Efforts to Boost Children’s IQ

Charles Murray, Bloomberg View, November 14, 2014

It’s one thing to point out that programs to improve children’s cognitive functioning have had a dismal track record. We can always focus on short-term improvements, blame the long-term failures on poor execution or lack of follow-up and try, try again. It’s another to say that it’s impossible to do much to permanently improve children’s intellectual ability through outside interventions. But that’s increasingly where the data are pointing.

Two studies published this year have made life significantly more difficult for those who continue to be optimists. The first one is by Florida State University’s Kevin Beaver and five colleagues, who asked how much effect parenting has on IQ independently of genes. The database they used, the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, is large, nationally representative and highly regarded. The measures of parenting included indicators for parental engagement, attachment, involvement and permissiveness. The researchers controlled for age, sex, race and neighborhood disadvantage. Their analytic model, which compares adoptees with biological children, is powerful, and their statistical methods are sophisticated and rigorous.

The answer to their question? Not much. “Taken together,” the authors write, “the results . . . indicate that family and parenting characteristics are not significant contributors to variations in IQ scores.” It gets worse: Some of the slight effects they did find were in the “wrong” direction. For example, maternal attachment was negatively associated with IQ in the children.

There’s nothing new in the finding that the home environment doesn’t explain much about a child’s IQ after controlling for the parents’ IQ, but the quality of the data and analysis in this study address many of the objections that the environmentalists have raised about such results. Their scholarly wiggle-room for disagreement is shrinking.

The second study breaks new ground. Six of its eight authors come from King’s College London, home to what is probably the world’s leading center for the study of the interplay among genes, environment and developmental factors. The authors applied one of the powerful new methods enabled by the decoding of the genome, “Genome-wide Complex Trait Analysis,” to ask how much effect socioeconomic status has on IQ independently of genes. The technique does not identify the causal role of specific genes, but rather enables researchers to identify patterns that permit conclusions like the one they reached in this study: “When genes associated with children’s IQ are identified, the same genes will also be likely to be associated with family SES.” Specifically, the researchers calculated that 94 percent of the correlation between socioeconomic status and IQ was mediated by genes at age 7 and 56 percent at age 12.

How can parenting and socioeconomic status play such minor roles in determining IQ, when scholars on all sides of the nature-nurture debate agree that somewhere around half of the variation in IQ is environmental? The short answer is that the environment that affects IQ doesn’t consist of the advantages that most people have in mind–parents who talk a lot to their toddlers, many books in in the house for the older children, high-quality schools and the like. Instead, studies over the past two decades have consistently found that an amorphous thing called the “nonshared” environment accounts for most (in many studies, nearly all) of the environmentally grounded variation. Scholars are still trying to figure out what features of the nonshared environment are important. Peers? Events in the womb? Accidents? We can be sure only of this: The nonshared environment does not lend itself to policy interventions intended to affect education, parenting, income or family structure.


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  • For example, maternal attachment was negatively associated with IQ in the children.

    Is that truly a correlation or just correlation without causation? For what I’m thinking, the reason why this is so might have something to do with blacks being both low IQ and matriarchal. That and high IQ children really don’t want to be tethered to their home environments, low IQ children do.

    The last paragraph here is a long and fancy way of saying that people create their environment far more than the environment creates people. If both the “shared” and “nonshared” factors exists in environments with high IQ people, it is because high IQ people created environments where those factors thrive.

    • WR_the_realist

      Well, technically “nonshared environment” consists of those parts of your environment that are not shared with your siblings. Your parents’ income, neighborhood, and, most likely, school, are all part of the shared environment. In fact “nonshared environment” is rather nebulous because it’s negatively defined. But it turns out to be the part of the “environment” that has the most influence on IQ after genes.

  • me

    It’s genetics. You can’t fix stupid….

  • 48224

    Everyone in my family is a high school drop-out except for me. I have a master’s degree. As part of figuring out my family tree, I had one of those genealogy DNA tests to find out who I am related to. I had two exact 67 out of 67 Y chromosome matches. Both guys are long lost 6-8th cousins and both are engineers. I am not a degreed engineer but I work in the field and have my own company, we do engineering work and I sub it out to a licensed engineer when required. Coincidence that my two matches are engineers???? Is intelligence genetic…..I think so. A roll of the genetic dice determines who gets the brains in some families.

    One day they will figure out which genes make a person smart, dumb, a drunk, gay or whatever.

    • me

      They already have….but it’s forbidden knowledge, according to the globalist/socialists.

    • dd121

      There is tons of evidence that your IQ is pretty much fixed. The liberals defy the science to hold out hope that blacks can have their IQs raised to the level of whites. If they don’t entertain that myth then what’s the point of even trying things like Head Start. PS and they think we’re all a bunch of redneck fools by denying the “science” of global warming.

      • ElComadreja

        They think that if whites miscegenate with blacks it will raise their (blacks) IQ’s to a white level. It only creates negros with a slightly higher IQ still well below that of whites.

        • Negros who hate their white half, like Eric Holder and President Obola.

        • Atheist Realist

          i think it has to do with the fact that the average IQ of a mudshark is probably lower than that of an average white. Not sure about white men dating black women since the former is way more common than the latter.

  • No wonder trying to educate blacks and bring them to academic parity with whites has proven so utterly futile for the past 50 years! A host of educators, of course, who have studied this stuff for decades have tried to tell us the same thing, but politically-correct liberals have refused to allow science any role in the matter.

    • superlloyd

      Arthur Jensen stated this in 1968 or 69 and was pilloried for it.

      • JohnEngelman

        Everything Arthur Jensen said has been proven right.

        • Max

          Correct is often the worst thing one can be.

  • superlloyd

    Not to criticise Charles Murray but the environmental contribution of 50% he states as a consensus is significantly overstated.

    ‘Estimates in the academic research of the heritability of IQ have varied from below 0.5 to a high of 0.9 (on a scale where 1.0 would signify that IQ is 100% inherited.) A 1996 statement by the American Psychological Association gave about .45 for children and about .75 during and after adolescence. A 2004 meta-analysis of reports in Current Directions in Psychological Science gave an overall estimate of around .85 for 18-year-olds and older.’

    And the above quote comes from Libtard central Wikipedia.

    That quibble aside, good article. The scholarly wiggle-room for environmentalists, especially in respect of the yawning IQ chasm between blacks and whites, is closing faster than businesses in Ferguson.

    • Daniel

      It’s somewhere around 70-85% for adults.

  • LHathaway

    There’s a difference between IQ and education. If you’re smart and white, you’d be best making sure you become educated and get that paper signifying a degree.

    • me

      Who can afford ‘college’ anymore? Better to go to trade school, and become something useful–like an electrician, plumber, carpenter, mechanic, etc.–rather than a debt-ridden, unemployable, indoctrinated idiot with a useless degree.

      • Daniel

        It depends on what you go to school for and where. I am in medical school and doing extremely well. I would not take out a 100k loan to get a PhD in queer theory.

        • me

          Good for you! Excellent! But tell us something….how many ‘racial sensitivity’, ‘historical/minority revision’ or ‘feminist studies’ classes do you have to survive to get your degree?

          • Daniel

            Yes, there are diversity requirements and social pseudo-science classes.

          • me

            Fake it ’till you make it!

      • LHathaway

        A debt-ridden, unemployable, indoctrinated idiot with a useless degree. . . that one must call boss.

      • Adolf Verloc

        Good point. IQ is very important in trade and technical jobs, too. What’s black and hangs from a wire? A dumb electrician.

        • IstvanIN

          Negro Power Co. Employee:

      • none of your business

        Subway Sandwich shop franchises are not all that expensive and are one of the best franchises for the franchisee. The most profitable small business is florist shops. They can be set up in any residential commercial area and the profit is great.

        • me

          Hopefully you have a rich uncle for startup money. And, let’s not even get started on bureaucratic red tape–unless you have a taco van or a hair weave salon….if you catch my drift.

          • none of your business

            No really, we’ve looked into many franchises. Subway is the best deal for the franchisee. Those Quinzos are gone because the parent company took all the profit leaving the franchisees with nothing. The cost of going to a private college along with living expenses is a down payment on a Subway franchisee. A small apartment house is also a better deal than college.
            It is all very well to say get a useful degree, but the employers want only Asian and indian engineers, programmers and other tech workers. Even accountants are being replace by Filipino women.
            It’s time to take care of yourself and your family.

          • There are other ways to go, like getting a real-estate license or a license to sell insurance, or selling cars at a dealership somewhere. Those are competitive fields, however, and real estate is prone to the usual and well-known “boom-bust” cycles (new car sales to a slightly lesser extent).

        • My first job after returning home from federal prison was at a Subway. I loved it, and would bring my own tools after returning back after eating dinner. The owner had me fixing things in the store, and then I was eventually manager. We received a lot of “party sub” orders from various churches, and I was always called in to help put them together.

          • none of your business

            I personally think Subway sandwiches are disgusting. The meat is barely fit for humans. It is barely above dog food grade. Vegetation does not belong in sandwiches. Stuffing a salad into a baguette and eating it like a wild animal tearing apart prey is disgusting. But Subway is the best of the food franchisees for the money. The parent company is honest and well thought of.
            Some accountants have told me that florist is the most profitable small business around. 18 year old boys might resist such an effeminate occupation but it is very, very profitable.

          • At least the meat at Subway is already pre-cooked, so you don’t have to worry about some lazy idiot in the back giving you something that is full of Salmonella or E. coli. Moreover, corporate policy says that it is only allowed to stay on the line for 48 hours after the packages are opened, even refrigerated below 40F. Any overage meat gets weighed out, accounted for and condemned.

  • EiSkogsNisse

    This is more evidence which confirms what we already know, and this is also how you know that you have a rigorous scientific theory; all the pieces of the puzzle fit. The available evidence points to genes being the major factor(80%) in intelligence differences between the races, thus the different racial gaps in intelligence will not be diminished by environmental interventions. And this is what new data continues to show which is also in line with previous data. The “which came first the chicken or the egg” riddle regarding whether Negros are dysfunctional because of genes or because of the environment has been solved and we know that the reason for they are so dysfunctional is due to their genetic makeup.

    The scientific illiteracy of the general population is uncanny. Some of it is motivated by a religious zeal for the modern society, for others it is largely ignorance as a result of the mass media keeping a tight lid on any research of this kind. There is little to be done regarding the religious zealots but I’m pretty sure that if you were to ask someone, who is just ignorant about the realities of race differences, about the likelihood of all the races after having been separated from several millenia to develop exactly the same, then a lightbuld would turn on inside that person’s head.

    • me

      Nice handle you have there! Do you raise Christmas trees? Skoal!

    • It is “Cargo Cult” of the purest ray supreme. The Fed-tards believe that if we “gibs dem dat” some shiny tings, they will naturally level-up as our equals. They believe in sympathetic magic.

      • me

        Or, forced integration will have our ‘White privilege’ advantages in genetics magically rub off on the Negro. And, by living in White culture, the Negro will embrace White culture and White values. As if millennia of genetic and racial development has no bearing on racial disparities, they chalk it up to ‘White racism’. In the meantime, the ‘social engineers’ are pushing for race mixing like never before. Do they think that the Negro will be genetically improved, or that the White race will become genetically inferior? What, exactly, is the goal here, besides White displacement and genocide?

        • Spikeygrrl

          ” the Negro will embrace White culture and White values”

          Au contraire. People will always “follow the money.” That used to mean aping the conduct and culture of a rich aristocracy. Now, when entertainers rule the financial roost (actors, “musicians,” pro sports stars, und so weiter>), we (Average America) ape them. Sad, really.

          • me

            That’s the dumbed-down Amerikan parent for ya. I won’t allow any of that crap, rap, or Wigger sh*t in my house.

          • Max

            U H8TR !

          • me

            O U!

        • Max

          -greasing squeaky wheels being turned by the Kleptocratic Kosher Kontingent.

  • dd121

    I thought it was settled science that IQs can’t be raised by more money or extra effort at an early age (Head Start). The liberals don’t ever seem to get that memo.

    • It is settled science. But settled science means nothing to Federal budgets.

      Between its inception and 2010, there was a total of $150 billion of Federal money spent on Head Start. Just as one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, there are those who interpret that $150 billion as a waste of money, while others think that it was money well spent.

      • dd121

        It’s amazing that no politician will stick his head up and say Head Start is a failure, let’s defund it. They’re all so afraid of the “R” word.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        Those of us that had to pay the $150 billion think it is a waste of money. Those people that got a portion of the $150 billion think it was a great idea. The children that were part of the head start experiment want to know if you want fries with your burger.

    • LHathaway

      Even the staunchest biological determinists like Murray admit it’s 50%. Perhaps he meant in the context of life success. Murray seems to have changed his mind. If all things Were equal any remaining gap in intelligence between one person and another would have to be entirely biological. It’s interesting (and pleasurable) to read about this field but going on about high IQ’s does nothing to change the policies of social workers intent on making things unequal for whites. It could possibly have the opposite effect. We serve as evidence of ‘latent bigotry’ they are railing against. Whites and their educations become an afterthought if that. No, something to sacrifice for a noble purpose.

      The idea, put forth by Abraham Lincoln, that each person should be allowed to live up to their full potential, in this day and age seems to be a forgotten relic of the past.

      • none of your business

        Our high or normal IQs are evidence of our White privilege and that we are spawn of the devil.. If they can’t burn it out of us, they will make sure we can’t use it in careers through affirmative action.

      • Max

        It is not forgotten. It is suppressed by the left because they want to continue in some irrational belief that if the outcomes for various groups are not the same, those people have not been ALLOWED to live up to their “potential”. Whites must be holding them back.

    • The problem they are addressing isn’t raising IQs. The real goal is to spend our money to provide people of the proper racial background with high-paying, make-work government jobs.

      • dd121

        They don’t need sham education to do that. Just hire them, it’s the law.

      • Ike Eichenberg

        Yes, and I would add to give a “head start” on indoctrinating the coloreds and stupid whites to vote for socialists.

      • Max

        Yeah, all 250,000 of these babysitting jobs.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus


    “Professor Robert Plomin, the world’s leading behavioural geneticist, met the Secretary of State for Education [Michael Gove] and ministers at the Department for Education in the summer. Mr Gove’s policy adviser, Dominic Cummings, provoked outcry yesterday when it emerged he had backed Professor Plomin’s research that genes accounted for up to 70 per cent of a child’s cognitive abilities. Mr Cummings, in a 250-page ‘private thesis’, said the link between intelligence and genetics had been overlooked in the education system and wanted to introduce Professor Plomin to ministers to redress the balance.”*

    *Michael Gove held talks with ‘IQ genes’ professor
    The Independent
    13 OCTOBER 2013

    • Adolf Verloc

      That will happen with our Federal government on a day when pigs are whizzing through the skies.

      • Max

        indeed, they will likely have GMO flying pigs before the genetic reality of racial differences in intelligence is addressed.

  • Alex Miller

    You mean the billions we keep spending on programs like Head Start and Women Infants Children [WIC] is just a waste of money…

    Well now that we got that all straightened out, I’m sure the new Republican Congress will introduce a bill abolishing these colossal failures just as soon as they take over early next year! I wouldn’t be surprised if Speaker Boehner is crafting the bill right this very minute [with the aid of his black son-in-law no doubt].

    • Vito Powers

      Republicans aren’t interested in abolishing or even reform Head Start or WIC. In fact, they recently voted to increase the Child Care Tax Credit.

      No, Republicans seem hellbent on “reforming entitlements’ like Social Security and Medicare. You know, programs that benefit white groups like seniors and the aging baby boomers.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        Republicans won’t attack any program that disproportionately benefits illegals. Getting rid of these programs would take away incentives for their precious cheap labor to continue coming to America, which would infuriate the donors.

      • Alex Miller

        yes, Paul Ryan the budget “wonk” wants to privatize one of the few gov’t programs that disproportionately benefits whites… Medicaid.
        And then people wonder about all those “missing” white voters who didn’t show up last time and thus help re elect Barack Hussein Obama.

        • Sick of it

          Quite a few of us weren’t missing, we just voted for a 3rd Party.

      • none of your business

        True,I remember before the 2012 election Fox news kept going on and on about medicare and social security things Whites start contributing to in their late teens. But never a word about welfare for blacks.

        • Vito Powers

          I can remember an NY Times piece from the early 90s about three generations of Latino women in one household receiving public assistance and Grandma was just 32 years old.

          Weasels like Paul Ryan love to suck up to minorities, but don’t dare mention things like where’s Baby Daddy.

          • Who Me?

            Or the fact that two out of the three weren’t absolutely sure WHO was baby daddy.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        Republicans are also welfare recipients. They just get it in the form of useless or unnecessary work like building Aircraft Carriers. The US Navy has 10 carriers now, and is building 3 more. The Navy doesn’t want them, but the congress-critters do, so their constituents have jobs and they get re-elected.


  • Augustus3709

    So you can’t teach one sub-species into becoming another. How shocking.

    But actually I think some people are getting even dumber. Look at these black riots. I mean at least the tribal Africans could live on their own.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      Dysgenic trends in all Western countries seem more pronounced in the black community. From Richard Lynn’s 2012 address to the American Renaissance Conference:


      White Women and IQ = – .162; White Women and Education = – .209

      White Men and IQ = – .089; White Men and Education = – .087

      Black Women and IQ = – .271; Black Women and Education = – .359

      Black Men and IQ = – .049; Black Men and Education = – .092

      Total and IQ = – .166; Total and Education = – .186

      Correlations are higher for women than for men, and for blacks than whites.

      SOURCE: data from National Longitudinal Study of Youth, Gerhard Meisenberg, 2010

    • LexiconD1

      With a LOT of world food organizations.

      • Augustus3709

        I meant before the population inflation caused by Western generosity.

  • RacialRay

    Liberal, academic elites may fantasize about blacks being able to “hike up their genes”, but they persist in wearing them down low, ghetto-style.


  • JohnEngelman

    When I was in the third grade I started reading Kingsblood Royal by Sinclair Lewis, and Uncle Tom’s Children by Richard Wright. I wish my parents encouraged me to read books like that. Instead, Dad told me those books were too grim for a child.

    When I read them as grownup, they were grim all right, but I remembered the parts I had read as an eight year old.

    Parents should recognize and encourage intellectual interests in their children. They should not try to force something that does not exist.

    • me

      That’s fine and dandy for White and Asian children, but what are you going to do with the ‘diversity’ kids when Dr. Seuss is a challenge?

      • JohnEngelman

        They are seldom worth anything.

      • Give them each a push-broom, a mop, a bucket and a wringer when they turn 15. Floors don’t clean themselves.

    • JohnEngelman

      This is a side issue.

      Kingsblood Royal is about an Army veteran of World War II whose promising career and good marriage are ruined when he discovers that a distant ancestor of his was a Negro.

      Uncle Tom’s Children is about innocent blacks in the South suffering, and often being murdered by white racists.

      Both of these books influenced the way I felt about racial matters until I was robbed at gunpoint by two blacks.

      During the civil rights movement segregationists did a bad job of getting their message out. The other side had better writers. They had better leaders. You can say what you want about Martin Luther King. He was an effective leader who made the 1960’s what they were. It would have been a different decade without him.

      Despite his academic plagiarism he wrote his own speeches. His I Have a Dream speech is one of the best in the English language. His Letter from a Birmingham Jail is a masterpiece.

      Despite his womanizing he successfully projected the image of a humble man of God who was too good of a Christian to hate his enemies.

      Martin Luther King also knew how to bring out the worst in his enemies. It was difficult to convince whites with little experience with blacks that many of them are dangerous when the public image of civil rights demonstrations was of peaceful demonstrators being jeered at, beaten up, and sometimes killed by segregationists.

  • Itooktheredpill

    I went to a a 95% white catholic elementary school in NYC. Just about all the kids came from a middle class back round and it was clear that most of the parents cared enough about education to shell out 5000-6000$ a year for school. It was quite a good control group, all white, all middle class, all from happy normal homes, good neighborhoods so the playing field was more or less even.

    Yet from the youngest ages (1st grade) a very static intellectual hierarchy established itself that barely budged until our graduation in 8th grade. The kids that had the highest grades, the best standardized testing scores, wrote the best papers etc etc did so year after year. The kids that did average in school did average just about every year and the kids that did poorly in school did so year after year with very little change.

    I keep in touch or at least know of what going on with most of my graduating class as were a pretty tight knit group. Lets put it this way….based off life outcomes, decisions made, run ins with the law, drugs, alcohol, college completion etc etc that same intellectual ranking has not budged throughout our life. All the smartest kids are doing best in life and many of the dumbest kids should not have even passed high school but did so due to lowered standards.

    Intelligence you either have it or you dont I am sorry…the worlds a tough place get over it

    • LHathaway

      How to explain children of parents with high incomes of all races doing better on tests and in school? Keep in mind ‘regression to the mean’ that the children of intelligent parents will be less intelligent than their parents and closer to average.

      • Who Me?

        How to explain children of parents with high incomes of all races doing better on tests and in school?
        Intelligent people stay in school, learn skills and get jobs that generate higher family incomes. These intelligent people then produce intelligent children, that also do well. Higher intelligence creates higher income, higher income does not greatly increase intelligence, genetics do. Proof? Look at adoption. Wealthy parents adopt children of unknown pedigree, they do not always live up to the parents and others’ expectations. They just don’t have the genetic material to do so.

        • Itooktheredpill

          I once had a conversation about the topic with a friend of mine about how the vast majority of adopted kids we know are complete and utter screw ups despite being given a great environment to grow up in. Most of them did poorly in school, had a lot of disciplinary issues, started using drugs profusely when that age came around, had a lot of unsafe sex at a very young age, mental instability etc etc.

          At the time I could not figure out why the percentage was so high. I chalked it up to life being more difficult for an adopted kid because they knew those where not their real parents. (Even then I did not truly believe this but did not really see another option)

          It was not until a few years later when I took a keen interest in genetics and human biochemistry that it became obvious its almost unquestionably genetics that are the culprit.

          Children given up for adoption are a lot more likely to come from biological parents that are low IQ. , drug addicted, impulsive, have mental health issues, run ins with the law etc etc. Those traits have a much higher probability of being passed on their kids despite the fact that there kids grew up in white middle class homes.

          • none of your business

            You re right. When I was in law enforcement the feds gave a lot of grant hustlers contracts to “train” us. One was a psychologist who told us the same thing about adopted children. The early and middle 20th century was the heyday of White adopted children. As early as 1940 it became known in mental health circles that adopted children had a lot of problems. It was kept hidden for fear that no middle class people would want to adopt the kids and society would be stuck with single Mothers on welfare and or low wages.
            The adoptive parents were always told it was nice intelligent college students from “good” families who made a mistake and thought themselves too young to take proper care of a baby. ha ha.
            The Fathers were lowlifes and the Mothers were too. The children turned out exactly like their parents.

          • Itooktheredpill

            Its uncanny at how high the percentage of adopted kids that are screw ups is in my circle of acquaintances. Without exaggeration we are speaking of 80% and up. Its no surprise the truth is masked and hidden as usual.

            Its a great example of the power of genetics for those that already know the deal. You will never convince libtards with that example. They would probably create some theory about how oppressed adopted kids are and society looks down on them or something out of their loony bin of ideas.

            Honestly I see bits of my mom and my dad in me everyday. Obviously there is also a large part of my personality that is simply me but no doubt about it that bits and pieces of my parents live on with me.

          • I once worked as a gadget-builder summers home from college, and some of the guys from the research group I worked for once told my ex-father if he ever doubted I was really his son, he didn’t need to worry anymore, and that was just about conversations I had with those guys over lunch.

            Neither my sister nor I are as fanatically organized as our mother. My ex-father used to do crossword puzzles and cryptoquotes in pen. I do crossword puzzles in pen, but my epics in patience were working up load data for handloading discontinued military rifle and pistol calibers, for which I could find no references in print, after making the cartridge cases by reforming other brass. That’s what I did for fun when I was a chemical engineer in the microelectronics industry.

            My sister does emergency room radiology and ultrasound, and given her way with animals, she doubtless has an easy time with people who are badly hurt and very worried, despite their usual injections of Valium and Demerol. She has told me that people in car accidents are a lot like spiders; the arms and legs come off quite easily. That wasn’t exactly a surprise given my own experiences, but I’ll bet she hasn’t told her patients that.

            Even mom’s dad would have been very surprised at how much – for lack of a better word – “trash” I can incorporate into building something quite functional and attractive, but Norman was really good at it as well.

            Blood will tell, and I’ll bet perceptive people from any family will say the same.

          • none of your business

            There is an egg donor child in my family. They paid $80,000 for that egg and they got what they paid for; a tall pretty natural blonde with an IQ in the 130’s who unlike most women is better at math than verbal. Unfortunately she is a White American and her STEM education can’t be used because she is not an Asian or indian immigrant.

          • I imagine a lot of the Russian kids up for adoption here – until a year or so ago – were equally problematical. Drug addiction and alcoholism among young unwed mothers there is a major problem, you you get a kid who’s been damaged before he or she is out of the gate.

          • LexiconD1

            Those kids have R.A.D.

            Remember the woman who sent her kid back to Russia? That kids had/has it. Russia is famous for sending their problems here. I’m glad they stopped allowing American’s to adopt.

            I know someone who adopted one of these kids, unintentionally. That kid was scary, and I’m glad they don’t know where I live.

          • none of your business

            They are famous for being difficult. What does one expect after 70 years of malnutrition, alcohol poisoning, poor medical care and traumas. The last 20 years have been almost as bad for the average person.

          • Max

            From “Anne of Green Gables”. Rachel Lynde: “That’s the kind what puts strychnine in the well!”
            And so they often are.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Explain to me then how involved, educated, culturally literate, IQs 110-120, White adoptive parents — managed to raise an IQ 160-ish White adopted child.

          • me

            An exception does not disprove the rule.

          • Itooktheredpill

            There is really no reason to get all butt hurt and upset. There are obviously exceptions. I did not say 100%. I do know a few perfectly normal adopted kids but they are not the norm in my circle of acquaintance.

          • The child apparently had inherited a high IQ from natural parents. Think Steve Jobs.

          • You and your logic and common sense response, how dare you!

          • A friend of the family is a doctor who does biomedical research in Denver, and he was adopted. He merely had the right pair of birth parents. He was able to reach his full potential because of the educational opportunities his wealthy and stable adoptive parents provided.

            His adopted sister ended up as a complete low-rent loser: different birth parents.

          • JohnEngelman


          • none of your business

            Steve Jobs parents were both graduate students at very prestigious universities. Many adoptive parents have been told the parents were college students but the parents were high school drop outs in and out of juvenile hall.

        • Intelligent parents are also not likely to tolerate their children quitting school. Dropping out of high school is generally a surefire recipe for downward social mobility at express-elevator speed; later on in life, nobody is going to pay these idiot “yoofs” a living wage to go hang out at the mall, or sit on a porch drinking malt liquor and smoking blunts or screwing like crazed weasels. At best, these kids grow up to compete with illegal aliens for menial jobs. Intelligent parents don’t want that for their kids.

      • JohnEngelman

        They don’t always. Nevertheless, intelligent people tend to be prosperous. They tend to have intelligent children.

        In The Bell Curve Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray demonstrated that a child’s IQ, when tested at the age of seven, is a better predictor of adult earning than the earnings of the parents.

      • none of your business

        In America people go up and down the scale over the generations. I am sure the Chinese American kids of a couple generations ago whose parents took them out of school at 14 to work full time in the restaurant or sweatshop were as intelligent as their grandchildren who are now Drs and STEM workers but circumstances sent them to the sweatshop.

      • Max

        The people you might expect really don’t do so well on the tests *regardless* of parent’s income. Blacks on average, from families making $200,000/yr score barely better than white kids from homes making $20,000/yr. on SAT. The score-raising effect of income is surprisingly low. They do somewhat better than the black kids from poor homes but it isn’t saying much.

  • Realist

    You can’t fix stupid.

  • M&S


    The technique does not identify the causal role of specific genes, but rather enables researchers to identify patterns that permit conclusions like the one they reached in this study: “When genes associated with children’s IQ are identified, the same genes will also be likely to be associated with family SES.” Specifically, the researchers calculated that 94 percent of the correlation between socioeconomic status and IQ was mediated by genes at age 7 and 56 percent at age 12.

    Makes no sense to me.

    First, if the genes are relative to Socio Economic Status, why aren’t the typed for math/spatial, verbal/conceptual and logic (vs.) empathy etc.?

    That’s what a longitudinal study /does/ in terms of backtracing outcomes from causation.
    If you are only looking at 7-12, you are only looking at a snapshop of the PARENTS SES condition (divorce, raises, continuing education or investment approaches), not the childs.

    Unless the qualitative or quantitative role/presence/function of the genes changes with growth conditions (i.e. is controlled for by epigenetic or hormonal function) there is something really wrong with an analysis that is both short term and centered on specific growth transition time frame, ending with puberty.

    What is happening at X? What is the correlate effect?

  • Anglo

    I only want to say this much: I know a high IQ is a good determination of how well one will do in life. However, IQ is neither everything nor a guarantee of a successful and well-lived life. I’ll give an example: Back many years ago, when I lived in Atlanta, a young man lived in my apartment building with a degree from Georgia Tech in aeronautical engineering. He didn’t work (I assume his parents must have given him money). He rode his bicycle a lot and did things like go to North Carolina in the summer to pick peanuts…pick peanuts(?!). He was sort of nerdy. I hope he finally did something useful with his life. I’ve known other similar individuals. They have the ability to achieve, to be successful, and throw it all away – drugs, bad home life, no moral integrity, immaturity, mental problems, a need for God, or whatever it may be – their lives are wasted. On the other hand, I know many average IQ people who work hard, provide and care for themselves and their families. They have many fine qualities and talents; they have lived their lives well. I get a little annoyed with people who always like to talk about how smart they are. My point is IQ is important, but there is more to success in life than just an IQ.

    • Sick of it

      That sounds all fine and good, but this world ruled by slightly above average individuals is falling completely apart. IQ IS key.

      • Anglo

        Yes, the world is falling apart, over populated with too many unintelligent people; and part of the reason is high IQ sociopaths. I believe our government is full of sociopaths. That’s all I was trying to point out.

        • The government is certainly full of sociopaths, but I am not convinced they are particularly smart. The government’s eager flip-flopping on inheritance taxes for example, has made estate planning in the US effectively impossible in the long term, even though the long term is the entire damned point to estate planning.

          • Anglo

            You’re right; I didn’t mean to imply all are intelligent. Many are simply short-sighted, greedy, a part of the spoils system. I read a quote once I’ve always remembered, “Everything that comprises this world is in some state of decay or deterioration.”

          • Max

            Yes but each temporary regime has its own long-term “plan” and YOUR financial success is not part of it.

    • LexiconD1

      Here’s the difference between this guy, and a high school drop out of low intelligence. Your buddy can always change, dust himself off, put on a suit, and go to work. It wouldn’t be hard for him. At least picking peanuts pays for the lifestyle he wants, and he has work experience.

      The HS drop out is, more likely than not, always going to live on the fringes of society, and scratch out a substandard living, probably off the backs of the taxpayers.

    • Anna Tree

      From my readings, I understand that sometimes a very high IQ is also a bother: some lucky to adapt to our world will be geniuses and will give society leaps of progress but some will just drift in life. It is the above average to highly above average that steadily further the progress around the geniuses inventions. Those are the motors of our civilization.

    • Max

      I know a fellow much as you describe, one of the most intelligent, well read and personable fellows you could meet, a couple of science degrees but lives a very modest life alone, working a minimal job though he will sometimes teach a university course to pick up a few extra bucks. There is another important factor here however, that of low-stress self-satisfaction. “Success” has many meanings and they do not equate to money or fame. It does sound like the fellow you reference is at least reasonably self-satisfied with his station independent of what others have or even what he *could* have on his own. The real social problems arise I think, (i.e. racial class differences) where one is *unsatisfied* with his life, particularly in the case of low-capacity individuals who do not comprehend the reason for their unsatisfying existence and likely could not effect much improvement if they did comprehend. They then strike out at the perceived external cause of their discomfort. “White people gots lotsa stuff an;’ I wants it. I don’t gots the same stuff. White peoples must have the stuff dats mine day be keepin it from us black folks”. -or some such erroneous -and convenient- conclusion.

  • guest

    There is a fundamental distinction to be made between boosting IQ within normal living
    situations (if at varied social class levels ) and liberating IQ from punishing and debilitating
    environmental influences. If the genetic dice throw equips some children of deprived
    environments to learn well enough to escape the environment, then it is tragic indeed to allow the limitations of a mentally retarded mother (and father?) to dull the otherwise stimulating interaction between child and immediate caregivers–adequate baby talk exchanges, adequate interactive games, etc. When science arrives at the point that a “genetic X-ray”, as it were, will reveal which newborns in an inner city ghetto (or an Appalachian remote rural village ) have a “dice throw” making regression (moving upward) toward the mean within biological reach, evidence can be confronted regarding this distinction.

  • LeonNJ

    Is our children learning?

    • me

      My Pet Goat Bush did the best that he could, being a POTUS that was technically retarded. Anyways, Obongola is much worse, being an anti-White, anti-West shill. And now, here comes Jeb, the demented walrus that crawled out of the same putrid vag that Bush Two did. Nipping at his heels, contending to become the next dictator of Amerika, is the Babylonian b*tch Hillarious Clit-on. Can’t we do better?!

      • LeonNJ

        It really is a sad thing that it will probably be Jebby vs the sea hag. Oh well.

  • none of your business

    I wonder what effect a few more generations of affirmative action will have on the SES of high IQ people? If high IQ people are affirmative actioned out of education and employment their SES will go down. Probably in another hundred years America will be a Planet of the Apes ruled by the low IQ high SES groups.

  • Fr. John+

    This is the sorry conclusion of the highly depression dystopian novel, “Earth Abides.” (1949) The intelligent White man of the novel, in coupling with a Negress, has children and (then) grandchildren (of increasing racial slippery slope, shall we say?) that regress to a paleolithic state by the book (and the main character’s) end. Genetics (breeding) will out, and we had to waste the last 65 years, to (as Anna Russell used to say) ‘end up right back where you started from!’ The heresy of Democracy is almost as bad as the heresy of universalism. Sadly, since Vatican Ewww, we’ve had both in ample supply.

  • Excellent comments and very true!

  • me


  • I already have a MS in chemical engineering and 79 US and foreign patents awarded, but in 2008 I started studying welding at Pikes Peak Community College. I’m not professional-grade at welding, but pretty good. I I won’t weld something like an altered drive-shaft, but it brings in money when I do minor jobs, and I get to talk with people who via word of mouth get me more work. My last really good work was resurfacing the worn teeth on a dozer blade. They dropped it off in my garage, and I had it ready again in two days. At least this way, I can work from home and I am not working for complete jerks more than once.

    I ran into one of my former neighbors half an hour ago. He’s an older Thai, and as sweet as a summer day. He’s getting divorced; he was only separated when he was living across from us. He reconciled with his wife in July, but it hasn’t worked, so he has moved out. He was depressed about that, but I pointed out that the weather today has been glorious; how can one be depressed about that?

    I told him that when at times I was alone, the joy of being alone was completely glorious, and that the sky here is beautiful today.
    Every day I am not locked up is already good. Those are cheap, but very valuable to me,

  • Anna Tree

    I think they knew the truth, and many today know the truth. But they are told ad nauseum that they are equal in intelligence, that it is the “white privilege” that keeps them down etc so they believe. Of course they do, the truth is harsh, the lie is pleasant.
    I also don’t get why it is such a problem and secret: we obviously not all look alike, some are better looking than others. It doesn’t hurt my feelings to meet a more beautiful woman. And when I meet someone less beautiful than me, I don’t rub it to her either. Same with intelligence or anything else. The truth is the truth and it really set one free.

    • lordhumungusthegreat

      Because it runs counter to new age thinking enlightenment where one of the core tenants is egalitarianism and the thought that we are all the same. To admit that we are not would shatter many Liberals worldview.

  • Max

    ” I am the first one to recognize what things in life I am good at and what things in life I am not good at – and, I do not need to have someone else point these things out to me.”
    The difference is that there is some minimal level of cognition, irrespective of whatever contribution derives from personality (“ego” or whatever) below which the incompetent do not recognize their level of incompetence.
    This seems to be where many of these less-capable are stuck. This in my view is evinced by surveys indicating the general high regard with which black gradeschool boys hold their own scholastic accomplishments even in the face of admitted poor grades. It is some sort of cognitive detachment. There are people too dull to realize that they are dull.