Obama to Announce Immigration Steps Thursday

Erica Werner and Jim Kuhnhenn, Big Story, November 19, 2014

Sidestepping Congress, President Barack Obama on Thursday will announce steps he will take to shield up to 5 million immigrants illegally in the United States from deportation, defying Republican lawmakers who say such a step would poison relations with the new GOP led legislature.

Obama, in a video released on Facebook, said he would make his announcement from the White House at 8 p.m. EST on Thursday, then would travel to Las Vegas to promote the plan Friday.

He said while everyone agrees the immigration system is broken, Washington has allowed the problem “to fester for too long.”

“What I’m going to be laying out is the things that I can do with my lawful authority as president to make the system better, even as I continue to work with Congress and encourage them to get a bipartisan, comprehensive bill that can solve the entire problem,” Obama said.

As many as 5 million people in the country illegally would be spared from deportation and made eligible for work permits. But the eligible immigrants would not be entitled to federal benefits–including health care tax credits–under the plan, officials said Wednesday.


Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Wednesday that Obama’s executive actions will be comprehensive and include border security measures. He said he believes that immigration changes that Obama will announce are not only legal but needed in light of inaction by Congress on immigration.


House Speaker John Boehner’s spokesman criticized Obama’s plans, noting that the president himself has said in the past that he is not “emperor” and is limited in his ability to act on his own.

“If ‘Emperor Obama’ ignores the American people and announces an amnesty plan that he himself has said over and over again exceeds his Constitutional authority, he will cement his legacy of lawlessness and ruin the chances for congressional action on this issue–and many others,” the spokesman, Michael Steel, said.

[Editor’s Note: The video below is a compilation of times Barack Obama insisted he could not act unilaterally on immigration.]

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  • Now the ball is in the Republicans’ court. If they don’t impeach, then they better play budget hardball. But there’s late breaking news on that front: The RINO establishment wants to keep Jeff Sessions from running Senate Budget and slide Mike Enzi in his place. Now, Enzi is okay in terms of voting the right way, but him running Senate Budget instead of Sessions is meant to punt the power of the purse. That might not matter as much as the House, for all spending bills must start in the House, and as you know, Hal Rogers runs House Budget, and he has every incentive in the world to make sure Obama’s EO amnesty happens unimpeded (a major campaign donor of his will make a lot of money printing the amnesty documents and cards).

    Also interesting to me is that Obama is telegraphing his intentions to the Hispanic media and Hispanic activist groups before everyone else. The only reason we gringos know the timing is that someone Razatard who got wind turned around and leaked it to a gringo MSM journalist. I think that’s a clue that what Obama is going to say in public is going to be different from what he actually does. In other words, his EO amnesty is actually going to be more generous than he’s going to put on.

    • MannyR

      They don’t have the votes to impeach him. They need to simply defund the entire federal government, nothing, no IRS, no ATF, no anything. The only people that’ll be hurt are government employees and deadbeats. Both groups are natural Dem voters so who cares anyway.

      • WR_the_realist

        No Democratic congressman would vote to impeach Obama — even if he was found in bed with a dead boy. Not even John Engelman, still proud to have voted for Obama, would impeach him. The only way to stop Obama is to cut off his budget for everything.

        • SentryattheGate

          I think the gov’t. shut-down was a good thing! Nonessential workers were on lay-off—that was ~2/3rds of the federal gov’t (if I remember correctly). Everybody knows that gov’t has 4 employees for every one employee needed, at taxpayer’s expense.

          • WR_the_realist

            I just wish they would shut down the wars and the NSA, but somehow both parties decide that those things are essential spending.

        • Bossman

          Do you know that a huge chunk of the budget goes to border and immigration enforcement?

          • FY 2014

            ICE + CBP = $18.24 billion

            Total Federal spending: $3,500 billion

            Which means 0.52%, barely more than a half of one percent. And don’t forget that ICE and CBP do a lot more than just border and immigration enforcement. Wear a pair of Google Glasses in a movie house, for instance, and you’ll see how fact ICE agents show up because they think you’re recording the movie for piracy purposes, and Hollywood/MPAA are big Democrat Party donors.

          • Bossman

            Anyway you look at it, Republicans will lose if they mess with the budget. Ordinary people can get real mean and angry if they are not paid on time or are laid off because of government action.

          • One who says there should be no impeachment and no budget hardball is de facto endorsing Obama’s executive order amnesty, as well as his upcoming dictatorial actions.

            Which makes me wonder…are you really Bossman, or is your real name Karl Roverrated?

          • Bossman

            Right wing talk radio and the Republicans don’t want to solve the problem of illegal immigration. It is the thing that keeps them employed.

          • As far as that goes, you’re right about the Republican establishment. They’ll give us a lot of talk but no action. They want amnesty and open borders to happen but want to harvest the opposition.

            However, I suspect you want to “solve the problem of illegal immigration” by removing the word “illegal” and nothing more. Completely open borders, anyone who sets toe here becomes an instant citizen.

            Are you a part of the WSJ editorial board?

          • SentryattheGate

            Yeah, I’ve been wondering about Bossman too–either young and ignorant of the facts or working against US!

          • MannyR

            Get off this site you race traitor Democrat fraud! There’s no problem with the immigration system. They want us to believe their is so some action is needed. Your not fooling anyone you Tribesman

          • notaliberal

            I don’t follow. Illegals have no right to be here so they should be deported without delay. There, solved.

          • MannyR

            Then what the F do you want them to do! The ” regular” people are the brain dead, NFL watching sheep who aren’t aware of what’s going on anyway, that put us in this mess by re electing this ass#ole. I mean what should we do? We can’t defund the government, we can’t depend on the Republicans because mouthpieces like you de ball them. The way I see it there’s only one response.

          • WR_the_realist

            I’d be delighted if nobody in the Department of Education got paid, nobody in the EEOC got paid, and nobody in the TSA got paid.

          • SentryattheGate

            NO, NOT a big chunk! Obama and the previous 3 presidents have all signed on to the North American Union (NAU), merging Mexico with US and Canada, WITHOUT knowledge nor consent of the citizens. That is why the borders weren’t enforced. This is regional governance as planned by the UN.

          • See The Future

            A north American version of the European union and you can well see the immigration that has resulted.

          • WR_the_realist

            One of the few worthwhile things our federal government spends money on.

      • You’re probably right that there aren’t 67 votes even in the upcoming new Senate to convict and remove him if the House does impeach him. But don’t be so cock sure of that to the point of death-and-taxes certainty.

        Remember, just as the Senators are de facto jurors in a de facto trial, real world lawyers will tell you that anything can happen in a real world jury.

        • WR_the_realist

          Every Democratic senator wants Obama to do this executive order amnesty since they voted for the bill that would do it legally but the bill failed. Harry Reid has made no attempt to hide his advocacy of Emperor Obama’s amnesty. Do not be naive. There will not be a single Democratic vote in the senate to convict and remove Obama.

          • Ike Eichenberg

            That and much of the GOP wants amnesty too.
            Obama’s action is a win-win for the GOP and at the same time a slow party suicide.

        • See The Future

          Numbers not there………but there is a principle to uphold and that is to make all efforts to succeed in impeachment of a traitor dictator.

    • Sick of it

      As I see it, we’re approximately 24 hours away from a full fledged, African style third world dictatorship.

      • See The Future

        With the full support of the congress and senate

    • Tarczan

      That’s pretty depressing about Hal Rogers. Thanks for posting it though.Whats’ the donors name? I could at least call my congressman and complain.

      • www breitbart com/Big-Government/2014/11/16/Exclusive-GOP-Rep-Hal-Rogers-Campaign-Donor-Stands-to-Profit-from-Executive-Amnesty

        Tea Party groups in the district are getting ready to audition primary challengers for 2016 if he winds up rolling over.

    • Realist

      The Republicans will do nothing….as usual.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Stop paying taxes and say why, sure its illegal but your Country will soon be a Mexican, black Garbage dump.Stop grabbing for the last dollar and look at what the future will be for fellow whites.Either that or just move in mass to Canada.5 million at a time and stick a fork in the US.

  • Julius Caesar

    I was watching an interview with Dick(head) Durbin, my state Senator, who urged Obama to take action by any and all means necessary to allow these illegal invaders to stay in our country. Mr. Durbin believes we have waited too long and that the time is now to act and bring over these enemies of the people, to hell with the law.

    • See The Future

      and he is supported by the electorate?

      • Julius Caesar

        It would seem as if.

  • Petronius

    An AR public service announcement (bugles and drums: ta-ta, ta-taa):

    The Emperor El Caudillisimo has undergone a metamorphosis.

    He has become a god.

    So when he ends his oath, “So help me God,” he is actually saying, “So help me me.”

    Henceforth he will be referred to as the divine Nerobama, or Nerobama maximus, or Jupiter, or Zeus.

    And by the way, the Empress Armtonia, Sasha, Melanina, and Mrs Robinson have become goddesses, too.

    And the White House will be called Mount Olympus.

    • anon

      Prefect Macro, nice to see you here.

      Were there only a Sejanus to throw to the Praetorian Guards for the edification of the governing class.

      • Petronius

        Another golden oldie:

        Caligula: Sometimes I think I’m going mad. Has that thought ever crossed your mind?

        Claudius: Never! That idea is preposterous. You set the standard for sanity for the whole world.

        Caligula: Then why is there always this galloping in my head? And why do I sleep so little?

        Claudius: Well. It’s your mortal disguise. You see, a physical body is a great strain if you’re not used to it . . . which a god isn’t. Um, err . . . And that explains, too, I think . . . the three hours sleep. You see, undisguised gods never sleep at all.

        Caligula: Yes, you’re probably right. But if I’m a god, which of course I am, why didn’t I think of that? Anyway, whatever the reason, it’s very hard being a god.

        From “I, Claudius” by Robert Graves

        • anon

          First century Rome gets all the press but I’m afraid the United States has leapfrogged into the mid-third-century.

          • Petronius

            Yes, the Crisis of the Third Century was characterized by conditions much like ours today — economic collapse, debasement of the coinage, endless internal infighting and civil wars, and intrusions by external enemies and mass migrations.

  • Roninf9

    King Obama would not be able to get away with this patently illegal, unconstitutional, unpopular, treasonous behavior without the 100% complicit GOP Establishment protecting him and fully funding his entire criminal Regime.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      The GOP are toasting Obama as I write this…

  • Whirlwinder

    Obammy will announce his imperial amnesty plans Thursday night, just before the riots in Ferguson start Friday night. The usual timing for the marxists on matters of importance to Americans. If the Republicans do not defund this effort, the Constitution is shot.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      Just typed the same thought in another story.

      Riots will give the media an excuse to ignore the Obamnesty and his repeated comments on video that he does not have the legal authority to grant it.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The executive action would also extend a path to citizenship to 500,000 tech workers and their spouses.

    OK, which one is the software engineer, the information systems analyst and/or the database administrator?

    • Sick of it

      Committing the crimes that white Americans won’t…

    • That picture is the true face of what Mexicans bring to the U.S.

  • TruthBeTold

    Obama shows his true color. A 3rd world Banana Republic African narcissist.

  • Extropico

    “Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Wednesday that Obama’s executive actions will be comprehensive and include border security measures.”

    Now right there the African Insecurity Secretary is testing to see if Americans got dumberer than they were when they went for Gruber’s Obamacare prevarications.

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    Being a lame duck, the elections over, he can act like the dictator he really wants to be. Lord knows, TWMNBN won’t allow him a place at the adults’ table when discussing foreign ensnagglements, so he’s taking out all those frustrations on YT and the land that belonged to YT’s forefathers. So, minus Reggie Love, this is as close as he comes to getting his “groove thang” on. Gnome sane?

  • cuxhaven

    The first non-white president will announce on Thursday that the US will forfeit it’s sovereignty in a brave effort to fast track this nation to a 3rd world country.A nation will only one ideology which just happens to be (Surprise,Surprise,Surprise) the very same ideology that got him in office to begin with.and our media will report it as the greatest thing to happen to the US.

  • Man of the West

    As a people we have failed our masters. They are so disappointed in the citizens of America that they have no choice but to replace us. /sarcasm off/. On the advise of many, I held my nose and voted for Republicans. Now to see if I’m a bigger fool than I thought. I believe the leadership had been bought and it is up to Cruz and others to stop this. If you believe in God, pray for our country.

    • Petronius

      Romanus orbis ruit et tamen cervix nostra erecta non flectitur.

      “The Roman world is collapsing, and yet we do not bow our heads.” – St Jerome

  • MannyR

    So here goes nothing…I enjoy posting on this site but at a certain point what’s right comes before my fear of being banned. Barrack Obama is a Democrat. The Democrat party supports what he’s about to do Thursday night by opening the flood gates to millions of Mexicans that will guarantee Whites are a minority in our own country within 25 years. The Tribe overwhelmily vote Democrat. At what point is Jared Taylor and this website going to wake up and admit that Tribesman aren’t white, they aren’t on our side and they shouldn’t be allowed into our movement. I mean what more proof does anyone need. Suit and tie Nationalism isn’t working. We’re losing our country bit by bit, piece by piece and were sitting back censoring ourselves, fighting to defend a group of people working against us at every turn. Wake up Mr. Taylor!!!!!!

  • dd121

    I hope the repubs have the articles of impeachment in hand. I wish I knew what it takes to light a fire underneath them.

  • Ngati Pakeha

    The problem is white people ask too many difficult questions of the 1%; this is why they despise us. Blacks, Latinos and other minorities are just not as inquisitive due to a lower base intellect. Traditionally white (pains me to use this sad but accurate term) countries now require “units” – not people, according to the immigration regimes in our once selective countries. Oh Ted & co, what were you thinking?

    • David Ashton

      Ted wasn’t thinking (just cheating) – but “& co” were.

  • DaveMed

    There needs to be some sort of organized action that we can take. Rallies are nice, but they don’t make all that much difference. I’m talking about something that will shake the country up.

    The problem is that most of us are too busy working for a living (or studying) to make such plans.

  • Whitesneedtobebrave

    Hopefully Odumba gets busy and does not go ahead with his immigration plan.

  • See The Future


  • Incoming more democratic voters so they have a chance to win elections.

    Raise minimum wage by enforcing current immigration laws, deporting illegals and going after employers.

    White people need a country of their own.

    • tidus1991

      Northwestfront huh? The Butler plan is flawed in my opinion, having whites all over the country move to one region, form a government, and ethnically cleanse the northwest of all non whites. This is not realistic in any way. Whites need to have communities all over the U.S., we don’t need our numbers concentrated in one region. Oh and yeah White people have a country of their own already, it’s called America.

  • David Ashton

    “Lawful” authority?

  • Whitesneedtobebrave

    Somebody needs to catch Odumba and send him back to Kenya. He can do mass amnesty there. Nobody will care over there.

  • One thing that somewhat disheartens me is that most of the conversation on the part of the most of the media talking heads is only about the means, not the ends. IOW, you hear almost nothing but conversation about the legality, legal rationales, legal or Constitutional justification, of what Obama is about to do. What you hear very little of is debate on whether what Obama is about to do is even desirable on its face.

    It’s like they’re creating an Overton Window for us, that we’re only allowed to debate about legalistic legal mumbo jumbo technicalities and not the big fundamental question. And no, gringo, don’t think you’re going to be able to ask questions or notice things vis-a-vis these actions and your own racial dispossession.

  • Whitetrashgang

    I didn’t mean legally, just use the BS the Mexicans use on the United States.

  • anon

    I fully expect the stupid party to do nothing in opposition to this as they want amnesty too.

    They’ll cluck and bluster whilst standing about with their pants down around their ankles as usual.