Missouri Governor Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Ruling on Ferguson Shooting

Scott Malone, Reuters, November 17, 2014

Missouri’s governor declared a state of emergency on Monday and authorized the state’s National Guard to support police in case of violence after a grand jury decides whether to indict a white police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black teenager.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to plan and be prepared for any contingency, it is necessary to have these resources in place in advance of any announcement of the grand jury’s decision,” Governor Jay Nixon said in a statement. The order also puts the St. Louis County Police Department, rather than police in Ferguson, Missouri, in charge of policing protests.


Some area schools have told parents they will dismiss students early when the decision comes and many businesses near the stretch of downtown that saw the worst rioting after Brown’s killing have boarded up their windows as a protective move.


Many protesters expressed anger at word over the weekend that Wilson may be able to return to his job if he is not indicted, although local police said he would be fired immediately if charges are brought.



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  • Expected low tonight of 11 degrees, wind chill a bit below zero. Tonight would be a good night for McCulloch to drop the no-bill announcement.

    • BillMillerTime

      Diversity seems to hate cold weather.

      • Diversity will live in cold weather but not riot in it.

        • Sick of it

          They have plenty of white liberal women to keep them warm, of course.

          • Pathfinder75

            Considering that most,if not all,White liberal women are as cold as a bucket of fish scooped up in the Arctic Ocean,which is why most normal White men don’t want anything to do with them,I seriously doubt that they’re capable of keeping any man warm at night.


          • Betsy Julio

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          • benvad

            That’s only with white men. The coldness comes to a screeching halt once they hot the wall at 40.

          • Snardley Butler

            Mmmm, I don’t know if the white women black men get are necessarily liberal, I’ve just noticed it’s usually nasty white trash women who get no attention from any one else of any race, but black men don’t seem to care as long as she’s white, so those women may not have any political views, they are just happy someone wants to bang them.

          • notyranny

            Mud sharks, the lowest of the low

          • Alucard_the_last

            You noticed this too. It is the morbidly obese women who go out with buck negroes. They should be charged with a crime or at least be put into a state hospital.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            That used to be the case in most Southern states, which had anti-miscegenation laws…

          • Who Me?

            They’re all fat, maybe that keeps their men warmer?

          • Alucard_the_last

            Those who practice bestiality. As far as the weather is concerned, the riff-raff only come out at night and when it is warm.

      • Tim

        I was walking home at 2am in sub freezing weather in a German Army greatcoat. Two thugs jumped out to rob me but I started jogging thru a golf course I was passing thru. They got about 150 feet from their car and gave up on me…

        • Aren’t wool greatcoats wonderful?

          • Hello, Sir. I’ve read your comments for years, but never said anything. I just want to express my admiration for your intellect, your words, and your lifestyle.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        As a slumlord, I learned that the optimal time to confront a tenant in arrears on their rent — in late Fall or Winter — was to catch them at home and in bed after Sunset. I also gave the same advice to Process Servers from the Sheriff’s Office, who carried out this function…

    • connorhus

      Suppose to start warming up tomorrow and 50’s by the weekend. Whata ya bet they announce it Wednesday so they can have the best weather for a love in.

      • Nancy

        Personally, I’d prefer their “die-in” option. The more, the better.

    • The Verdict of History

      Pants up!

      Don’t Loot!

    • Who Me?

      Send some of our weather down there. They’d be keeping their delicate backsides inside. It’s record-breaking stuff here, 10 o’clock in the morning, 16 degrees (F) out there, snow on the ground. Most years I have roses from my garden on the table for Thanksgiving dinner centerpieces. Where’s a little of that “Global Warming” when you need it?

  • Luca

    Good idea governor. If the grand jury indicts, there will be a victory riot. If they don’t, well then, the compulsory media extravaganza riot will ensue.

    • Valmont

      Maybe the governor can defuse the situation by signing a proclamation
      making December 25th Michael Brown Day.

  • DaveMed

    “We want justice! If we don’t get it, we will loot and destroy!”

    Oh, the irony.

    • Realist

      More like stupidity….these people can vote!

  • Easyrhino

    The fact that the governor has to declare a state of emergency in advance of a verdict pretty much confirms that a certain segment of society lacks basic impulse control, conflict resolution skills, sense of delayed gratification as well as respect for due process.

    These are things some of the things that keep White people from getting shot by cops, AKA White Privilege.

    • Yves Vannes

      This should be the first thing that comes to mind in this situation. But whatever happens you will not even get an inclining of this on the MSM including Fox.

    • This state of emergency order not only confirms that blacks lack impulse control, but also implicitly confirms that white “elites” understand exactly that.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        But, it also ‘…enables them…’. The baseless
        riot probably just doubled in size. I smell ZOG.

    • brior

      Refraining from trying to wrestle a cops gun from said cop …. like trying not to riot after the military is called in …. Can’t be done Christmas is too close!

  • MekongDelta69

    “Nixon Activates Missouri National Guard in Response to Potential ‘Period of Unrest’”

    ‘Period of Unrest’ = Rioting blacks

    This never would be allowed in a ‘normal’ White country (or America, the way it used to be)…

    • Realist

      Name a current normal white country.

  • anony

    Alinsky would be proud. Top down, bottom up.

    Oblabla met last week with the protest “leaders” and told them to “stay on message”!

    • benvad

      He (Alinsky) really did pull a fast one over the United States, didn’t he?

      • anony

        Divide and conquer.

        By fomenting low-level racial conflict, they keep our attention away from what they are doing to us. Works every time.

        • Juggernaut3000

          It is escalating and Whites are still blaming blacks. Non-Whites are the problem, but they are not black.

    • benvad

      Alinsky and his brethren really have pulled a fast one. Can’t leave good enough alone, have to reshape and destroy the country because, they were
      blackballed at a fraternity.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I actually hope they do riot. Do you hear me black people “spying” on us evil white racists?
    I want you to keep misbehaving. It’s good for business, if you know what I mean.

    • DaveMed

      I believe we all would like to see that happen.

      • Georgia Boy

        And that’s what gives me pause. The feds and black leaders are image conscious and they’ll stop and declare victory when they think the public opinion backhand is about to hit them.

        • DaveMed

          Can Black leaders control the packs?

          I’m not certain of the answer.

          • anony

            I am. No.

          • Sheik Yerbouti

            I’m more curious who the targets of all this “violence” will be?

    • Strider73

      I recently read that gun sales in that area are up 300%. The undertow may find itself caught in a buzz saw it never imagined.

      • anony

        If Whites “go to the guns”, it will give the “establishment” exactly what they want which is chaos. They will use the opportunity to enact draconian gun laws, declare martial law, and who knows what else.

        I see no good outcome to this situation.

        Alinsky: top down, bottom up. It works.

        • Realist

          Only if whites remain chickenshit….and they probably will.

          • See The Future

            Do not mistake chickenshit for intelligence.
            On the scale that perhaps might occur, the authorities will control the mob. Best approach is to stay away.

        • See The Future

          I agree with you that whites responding with firepower would be a very bad scenario. Unless your life is in imminent danger you must resist the temptation to act like the savages. Allow the authorities to manage the crisis if it develops. There will be time for that in the unpleasant future yet to be seen.

    • See The Future

      The media whores at CNN are salivating as they wait. Can’t wait to see Anderson and Costello out on the front lines.

  • shatwood

    The result of these protests will sound very familiar to the title of Enoch Powell’s famous speech.

    • Nancy

      Love your profile pic, Twisty!

      • shatwood

        I don’t believe we’ve seen the last of Jupiter, Florida’s favorite killer clown.

        • Nancy

          I dunno, man. That was a pretty definitive outcome the other week, and of course we have his bizarre, man-child wannabe to take his place (and he was pretty good at shutting up Patti laBelle).

          • shatwood

            Na, Twisty will come back at some point along with the rest of the Mordrake crew. He ain’t done.

          • Nancy

            Love Wes Bentley as Mordrake, though. Could look at him all day (even WITH his weird second face)! 😉

            You’re right, though…the Twisty story line was the best part of the show. Certainly better than listening to Lange’s caterwauling and unintelligible accent.

          • shatwood

            I don’t like Lange’s accent and I don’t like that Dandy character. Dude, you aint Patrick Bateman no matter how hard you try.

  • Dave West

    Give the protestors the addresses of Chris Hate-my-own-race, Rachel Madcow, and Lawrence O’Whiny and tell them it is Darren Wilson’s address.

    • Anglo

      That’s funny! LOL!

  • AmericanCitizen

    This should be a Chimpout for the ages when it gets going. I’m betting a lot of black Ferguson residents will use the grand jury result as an excuse to do some early Christmas shopping, free of charge.

    • benvad

      Puts a new spin on Black Friday?

      • Georgia Boy

        I am wondering if this is all going to end up anticlimactically. The black leadership has to be able to see that this is turning average MSM-believing whites away from being sympathetic to them. How far does a bully push people? As far as he thinks he can get away with. The feds are already committed to handing the city over to blacks in reward for the first round of riots.

        And Wilson could still be indicted, they tried Zimmerman for murder two after all.

        • DaveMed


          If he is indicted, the precedent will be set. The courts will be given a free pass to take potential Black reactions into consideration when judging such cases.

          • Georgia Boy

            I’ll contribute to his legal defense fund if they do.

    • Nancy

      One of those female “high profile” activists on another site was quoted as saying that all protesters should “be ready and willing to lay down their lives” during the riots, if necessary.

      From your mouth to God’s ears, honey.

      • Laying down one’s life for a pair of overpriced “afawete” shoes, some baggy clown-clothes and an Xbox console or a hair-hat and some tacky, big fingernails to glue on seems a bit sub-optimal to me.

        • Nancy

          Hehehehe…”baggy clown-clothes”.

          • The north end of Colorado Springs is quite nice; I’ve spent most of the last 24 years here. Ft. Collins is probably OK; since it is a university town, it is still mostly white. Boulder is politically weird and a bit expensive, but at least clean. Some of the mountain towns like Grand Lake and Grandby are decent, but work is problematical. There is quite a lot of standing beetle-kill (dead pine trees) on the west slope, which means that forest fires will remain a long-term worry for the area. Montrose is quaint, but probably full of Mexicans by now (I haven’t been there in about 20 years). Grand Junction is probably also full of Mexicans. Pueblo is full of Mexicans, and Denver is a “sacnctuary” city. Greely is a university town (the UNC campus is there), but is full of Mexicans anyway, due to the surrounding area’s agriculture. Trinidad is right up against Raton Pass, but I don’t know about the population demographics there.

            Flagstaff, AZ is – or was – apparently quite nice; at some 7000 feet elevation, they get a real change of seasons.

          • Nancy

            We love Flagstaff, as it’s still close to the desert if we get tired of the cold. I’ve never checked out the skiing there, however. We’re of course researching the Pacific NW areas, but need to figure out driving distance from the slopes.

          • Who Me?

            Check my reply above…

          • Who Me?

            Greeley is also full of Somalians and nobody with good sense wants to live there. Three mosques in a city of approx. 100,000, and the air stinks. (Literally, it smells bad.) I had the misfortune of living there 1974-1978. Before the Somali invasion, thank God. It was already about 60% Hispanic.

          • Who Me?

            Um, ever hear of Mt. Rainier? Snow year round, more skiing than you could ever use… Less than an hour outside Seattle, 2 hrs tops from just about anyplace in Washington, and if you don’t like it there, there’s plenty of places in Idaho and Oregon within a 2-4 hr radius in every direction from anywhere in the PNW.

          • Nancy

            Issues: Need to be less than an hour from a major airport (hence the reason Utah is a front runner). Also decent high schools. Idaho, for whatever reason, has a terrible school rating around Sandpoint and Driggs. Washington is awesome, but to the west is rather rainy, yes? We’d likely be better off on the eastern part, closer to Wenatchee.

          • Alexandra1973

            Look up zipskinny(dot)com. Just plug in a ZIP code and it’ll give you the demographics. That’s how I found out my town is only 0.2% black (out of a population of about 6000).

          • Montana.

        • Who Me?

          How do those women DO anything with those fake claws? Oh, wait…

      • Realist

        And it should be necessary.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      The more these feral Negroes chimp out over justice being served, the more Whites will wake up. I hope that the St. Louis area Negroes once again make complete jerks of themselves, this time over justice being served. Michael Brown gave Darren Wilson no choice other than to shoot him in self defense.

      • M&S

        They aren’t chimps.
        They are ugly and they are savage and they are more than occasionally stupid (Black People: If Mr. Brown attacked you, in a car, after beating up a guy in store for /cigars/ would you hesitate to use a gun on him to save your lives?).
        But they are not chimps.
        We do our cause no favors by pretending that Darwinian competition as evolutionary psychology (me victim, you privileged, give me your stuff or I’ll hurt you!) is anything but human trying to get over on human.
        Chimps don’t do this, they just take because they know they are stronger.
        Until and unless we can admit that _being human_ doesn’t rule out being totally incompatible at a social and racial (genetic algorithm) level, we have missed the point of what racial differences are really about:
        The protection of one group’s survival strategy approach to living, encapsulated in a genetic vessel and societal modality, vs. another’s desire to overwhelm and subsume that identity without really being able to continue it, on their own.
        In many ways, dehumanizing blacks as animal symbols shows we are fearful of their power and that is simply inexcusable of adults facing in a 13% minority population.
        Call a man black and you can say _worlds_ about the range of his expected behavior in a single word. But do call him a man. Because that is how you keep your own head level and your will focused on defeating a very dangerous, cunning, but still limited and mortal, opponent.
        For the good of your Kindred, do your enemy no favors.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          They are humans, yes, but they are supremely easy to control, from a psychological standpoint, if we cease to afford them the leeway we are presently affording them. Negro homicidal maniacs who are hung publicly for committing murder and/or rape are examples to other Negroes. When Negroes were afraid of Whites, they rarely visited their violence upon us. We need to take back our position of authority over Blacks as their rightful superiors.

          • M&S

            Sir, respectfully, I agree with what you say but I don’t believe you are looking at the longer view.
            WHY do we want to dominate blacks? We live in a post-industrial economy where the only thing that a return to menialism as necessary control over black violent tendencies can achieve is the shift away from automation in very high tech systems of manufacture (additive, nano-tech, rapidly reconfigurable automan) to an early 20th century reliance on the primitive.
            The Chinese and the Europeans will _not_ let our egalitarian obsession with blacks keep them from taking the next step.
            Central Americans will not stop coming over the border in the million man invasion armies that threaten to displace us entirely.
            If we do not make a deliberate decision that we are DONE with ditch digger conditioned living.
            With that as a given, we can no longer support high criminality (80 billion a year prison ‘industry’), low social achievement capacity, blacks in our midst.
            We just can’t.
            So it’s time to give them EXACTLY what they say they want as a one time gift:
            A land completely theirs to control. And reparative payments to resettle there.
            I believe it was Jesse Jackson who said a few weeks ago, about the Ferguson debate: “We survived on our own but we must now live together.”
            I humbly take the opposite opinion. Blacks survived in Africa, never making any progress despite the enormous resource pool available to them. Whites -excelled- in the hellish North. Learning to build and craft and plan and take great joy in creating ideas and societies that reflected our burgeoning understanding of the world.
            Thrown together, unwillingly on our part and with no little glee on theirs. Blacks still only survive. Whites are now reduced to their levels of barely hanging in there and worse, are failing to sustain our numbers because false egalitarianism (no such thing, among individuals, genders or races) has attacked our women as well as our dependent populations.
            That has to end.
            And the easiest way to do it is to give them 13% of contiguous U.S. territory and a small stipend to get them going in a region which has the ports or oil sufficient for them to live a hired-help welfare state existence as they do now.
            If that is what they choose.
            This is not about dominance. It is about escape.
            And a new life for properly chastised whites who no longer stupidly believe that race is social construct when CLEARLY societies are a racial one.
            One way to reach that understanding is to stop looking down on blacks and simply say: “Pick a direction, we are going the opposite way. If we catch you tailing us, you’re dead.”
            Because we are NOT responsible for their welfare.

          • Nancy

            “”Pick a direction, we are going the opposite way. If we catch you tailing us, you’re dead.”

            Words to live by.

            Is this too long for a bumper sticker, you think?

          • Nancy

            “The easiest way to do it is to give them 13% of contiguous U.S. territory and a small stipend to get them going in a region which has the ports or oil sufficient for them to live a hired-help welfare state existence as they do now.”

            Do we get a vote as to what 13% they can occupy?

            I say, Louisiana and Mississippi. Or perhaps New Jersey down to the DC area.

          • anony

            Here’s a bumper sticker: SEPARATION IS THE ONLY ANSWER.

          • Nancy

            Anony, we’ve had tons of bumper sticker suggestions, as I’ve actually made several. I put them on magnetic backs so I can switch them or remove them if needed.

            Currently I have two: One which reads “Mandatory Norplant for Welfare Cheats” (because Zazzle won’t print “welfare mothers”) with a picture of a sheboon and her tribe of 12 illegitimate low-IQ thuglets.

            The other reads: Say NO to Amnesty! We don’t ant ANOTHER ignorant, resentful lower class to support.

          • M&S


            Print some up and find out!

            Seriously, I wish I could do more than give you permission but if it can make a fellow white some added income, go for it.

            Just promise to try and sell some in Colorado. It will do my soul good to see it on a white person’s car.

          • Good points, but we are indeed responsible for their welfare. The government forces that on us. We have no choice but to support the parasitic minorities. Political correctness and affirmative action control everything and there’s no getting around it. Merit doesn’t matter…only racial preferences. Try to get around it; you can’t. I don’t believe we whites have any desire to dominate blacks nor do we wish most of them any harm; we just want to be Left Alone. We want freedom of association, a merit system for everything, and not to be forced to support them. Blacks and the government won’t allow that.

          • M&S


            I don’t believe we whites have any desire to dominate blacks nor do we wish most of them any harm; we just want to be Left Alone.

            Indeed. I live in the belief that ‘beneath it all’ we are all still sane, waiting for the reality of life to change just enough to let us loose the bonds of OUR enslavement to the predefined nature of Social Justice as a crackpot con game.

            What I further believe is that we are being quietly encouraged to form social microgroups as ‘market segments’ within a society which sees us only as commercial retail fodder.

            I don’t believe that this will work at all because it assumes that there is and always will be enough to make us all happy if we just back off on what the definition of ‘happy’ can be. A vision of your people spreading far and wide over a land that is yours to own and succeed in because it belongs TO YOU AND YOURS is too grand an idea to be contained within a social control theory based on materialist entropy.

            If the government will not allow us such a Larger VIew then we must make it ourselves, internally. And that is what our position is coming down to: a requirement to turn from the unwanted externalist influences being forced upon us to an inner vision which we share _only_ amongst ourselves.

            The view that blacks, as a 13% minority and socialist Marxism as evolutionary psychology (it is tribalism writ large) are overwhelming influences is based on the foolish notion that we cannot create or recreate that internal vision of our own identity, separate from them.
            We had it once. We can again.
            And to get there, to start waking up other whites to /what could/ still be, we need only adopt an ‘only for us’ set of rules by which we make it clear that being on our side is about gaining access to the very separation which so many seem to think is no longer possible.

            Get ten white friends together and move to a 2-bedroom rental where nobody will notice if you flop together, provided you keep it clean and quiet. Trade off the bedroom privileges for chores on a rotating schedule.
            NOBODY is allowed to avoid dating because the goal here is to bring more people into the group on a longterm basis.
            If none of you make more than 20,000 dollars a year, within a year of frathouse and microwave meal living, you can still put a gifted-to-respectable-guy (biggest salary) down payment on a condo that will get you good terms. Now you are paying to own and can invest in some lifestyle improvements.
            Use that once a year purchasing power to turn that property ownership into expanded lending credit for 2-3 more over the next five years, again making sure the guy who needs the lending power gets his name on the lease and you have a large enough down to keep the loan interest under control.

            When you’re all settled together and have hopefully worked on other ‘privileges’ like a shared car, furnishings and the like _get married_. To the kind of people you choose.

            Use a strict prenup that says: “Everything we have is ours because we act to make our brothers and sisters secure. We’re not a two-partner coital exchange system, we’re a ten person family.”

            Get 1-2 couples into a renovated (upstairs/downstairs separated households) house as a tax break for one of them.
            Transfer their condos to someone else in the original group and rent them to other whites whom you want to bring into your collective as a “See this, we made this, you can have entry, to the fully stood up, furnished, privileges attached, system; _free of charge_ (no rent = massive discretionary income boost), if you will dedicate X% of your income to a covenant torte between us:
            1. No non-whites.
            2. Couples only.
            3. Children within 5 years.
            4. Amicable divorce prep that considers the collective debt
            before the individual payout.
            5. We all share our job skills between us for free.”

            Use that property as collateral to move up again with another house entry on a cosign with the individuals who DON’T have a mortgage hanging over them.

            If the market supports it, flip the houses or the condos and gain liquidity, using your nest egg to buy from the ground up again.
            This time with 16 whites in on it.

            There is nothing else left for whites in this ruined nation but to turn to each other. What we do when we make that realization (as community rules to live by) will set how attractive we are to outsiders who want in.
            If enough whites with enough variety of compatible community rules get together, we can remake the white wealth base of this nation. Younger. Race Realist Smarter. And beyond the clawing grasp of the Marxists who seek to control our entry to the higher paying jobs with college trained subservience to their IDIOCRACY in progress.

            It is that rules driven alternative networking of resources that will give us the wealth base by which we take back our country.

            Because you are both right and wrong.

            We can’t save the ethnies from their genes. We shouldn’t want to dominate them. And we can’t escape them in a social context.

            But we can create the barriers to limit their presence in our private lives. And to ultimately break free from their forced association altogether.

            As the rich always do.

        • Nancy

          Good point. If Brown did the same thing to one of his own, he’d be dead two or three times over. These savages kill each other over the tiniest imagined slights. They’re just burned up that a white man did what we ALL know they would’ve done in the same situation, and for a lot less provocation.

        • I fear the government more than I fear blacks. The government uses situations like Ferguson as an excuse to impose ever more stringent PC rules over whites. We’re already forced by a corrupt US government to live and work amongst them, support them, and turn a blind eye to their inherent, uncivilized nature. And the current administration is right now dreaming up more ways to screw whitey with more destructive housing rules–just like the ones that destroyed the economy 6 years ago.

  • libertarian1234

    The community organizer secretly met with Al Sharpton and the protesters and encouraged them to “stay the course.”

    I just read it on WND and they referenced the Gateway Pundit.

    Is it any wonder this wimpy governor decided to invoke a state of emergency, since Obama’s secret meeting obviously encourages the rioters and looters to continue on unabated, probably knowing full well the black thug was more likely than not rushing the cop to try and kill him?

    This story should be the headline in every newspaper in the country. Can it be any clearer this community organizer has finally declared himself on the side of “his people,” and it doesn’t matter to him whether they’re right or wrong? White people could be killed over this kind of encouragement. And armed conflict could be the result of it.

    It can be found by Googling the first sentence of this post.

    • Yves Vannes

      I saw that. It it’s true and if violence breaks out will he take responsibility for the death? Destruction? Injured?

  • Alexandra1973

    I don’t know, fires would probably keep ’em nice and toasty.

    It’s pretty bad when you actually anticipate a riot.

    • Adolf Verloc

      Bunch of raging fires, a bottle of looted vodka under the coat – Kwanzaa came early!

    • M&S

      We need to avoid over reacting to this any implicit political incitation. Blacks are _very_ good at begging an escalation with a dare and then playing the victim when they are treated seriously.
      One could say that that is how this all began.
      I still believe that the real truth will only be SHOWN when we have enough masted sensors as standoff video tracking to let them have their march or their riot and then arrest them (if necessary) the morning after, using historical video traceback to crash pad addresses.
      This can be done without overt presence and it can be done in a way the grants the blacks the dignity of their own defeat and mourning of another black male’s suicide by cop.
      But it cannot begin with whites pushing blacks into violence with an instigating act that has ANY connection to ‘abuse of authority by police’ (military or anyone else).
      They need to be shown being themselves.
      One way. Or the other.
      The worst thing that could happen would be an indictment that leads to -white- insurrection and we must be particularly vigilant in telling especially our young people to stay away, stay clear headed and not be drawn into -anything-.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    God forbid these folks do something constructive, like vote or become engaged in their government by civil means. But then again there’s nothing as exciting as a riot, whereas governing is, to be honest, dull.

    • Nancy

      But choo cain’t gets yoo none o’ dat good gibs, like Nike shoes and flat-screen Tee-Vees, jus’ by votin’ an sheeeet.

      • M&S

        If Samaritan whites want to be responsible, they could help Kindred store owners evacuate high value goods to a secure storage area from all retail locations.
        That is productive self defense in that it doesn’t promote confrontation ‘through the broken glass’.
        Frankly, I don’t believe there is much left in Ferguson worth looting or burning as smart whites will have seen the writing on the wall and begun planning a move, many weeks ago. That town is doomed to desertification if blacks are not _very_ careful.
        Controlling other, adjacent, urban spaces may be an element of interest, especially if the planned protest marches in adjacent towns happens.
        Obama is no fool and thus any strategy session has to be held in deep suspicion for it’s unexpected game plan. I believe that whites may be surprised at the sophisticated nature of the response, whether it is planned by blacks or YKW and oversimplifying our expectations is not going to get us anywhere.
        Beware the: Multifront, media and internet savvy, political gamesmanship, proposing new legislation to ‘make sure this never happens again’, pushing racial guilt buttons as regional equity funding through one-sided ‘conversation’ interviews with black victims, exposing any counterproof that might exist, damning the Ferguson police response etc.
        A Spielberg-does-Negrolocaust type Shoah Business event.

    • Petronius

      All political power today belongs to those who can take control of the streets and to special interest groups.

      • M&S

        All political power belongs, as always, to the politicians who can spin an event to the interests of the power bloc sponsoring them. This is not street level politics. Street level politics is the Occupy Movement and nobody wanted to be associated with /them/, even when they had some sympathy.
        Blacks are large and in charge at the moment but they are finding that being the Establishment does not equate to instant authority they first thought it might. Specifically that they are being held to the same standards that whites once were and discovering the truth that White Works, irrespective of hulking presence in government.
        Until and unless blacks can make that a threatening or advantageous condition to the real leaders (as planners) behind this vicious comedy, there will be no change.
        That ‘My People’ Holder has been given his walking papers says a lot about the strategic reset that -may- be going on. But it is up to whites not to walk into the trap that is coming. You can be sure of it.

        • Nancy

          M&S, I don’t know anything about you personally, but you consistently speaketh the truth. Any chance you’re in the education or political science professions?

          • M&S

            Just an average guy Ma’am. Hootin’ and hecklin’ from the cheap seats.
            Question Diversity is (one of) our polysci guys, and Bon of Babble is one of several people here with frontline experience of our education system’s ‘minor flaws’.

          • Nancy

            Dude, I just perused your comments (seeing as it became clear I needed to “Follow you”, especially after the Robert Frost post), and came across your comments on what I can only assume is some kind of flight technology.

            We obviously need more “just regular guys”, since most of the ones I know personally, can barely string together 3 sentences without spelling or grammatical errors, let alone comment on aeronautical engineering with evident understanding.

            Seeing as I find it a personal triumph to help my 9th grader with her Algebra 1 homework, color me impressed.

            I graciously accept your humble explanation, honor your anonymity…and follow you anyway. 😉

          • M&S


            Thank you, I am deeply honored. I am indeed into tech stuff which goes swoosh and boom so I don’t exactly have a bevy of female associates, it takes me hours and hours to figure out what is appropriate to say to the sweeter members of our society which adds more appearance of depth than the substance of what I say really justifies.

            If you will allow me to paint you a simple word picture…

            “If I was 150lbs lighter and 25 years younger, I’d actually have to be careful about getting lost in the woods during moose season.”

            There are very few Jerrys for the Dorothys of this world.

            Aside from having done some really stupid things with my life that make Michael Christopher’s dalliance with the Terrorist Watch List look like tryouts for beatification, I -am- that ‘Can’t string three words into a coherent sentence with a girl’ shy type that would do you all manner of digestive ill service trying to hold a realtime adult conversation with.

            Safely behind a computer screen… I’m Jerry, Luke, Indy and James all in one pizza box.

            That said, I’m sure if ever we met in a dark alley and I ended up looking up at you and your family as you reloaded your Glock, I could die happy. :“]

            You stay right ontop of that daughter now. Homework first, no boyfriends, no Facebook, no excuses!
            Moving into Trig or Statistics in High School is another 20K on your starting salary coming out of college. Sixty grand at 25 is the difference between finding a man with a mission statement and having a life plan of your own.
            I know it can be hard if you are a teacher helping your own struggle thru. You see all the flaws and wonder about all the moments when you didn’t have the convincing answers to make it clear how important this dull but necessary time is.
            I grew up with two genius level intellects for parents and was ‘just ordinary’ despite all they could do to try and teach me. It was a constant, losing, war that ended very badly.
            Believe me, if you stay her friend -as- her parent she will appreciate everything you do for her, just because you’re the only one who can right now (when she cares to admit this is likely another decade or two out…).

          • Nancy

            Thank you so much, MS. I will take your wise words under advisement.

            I’ve told all three of my girls the Top Two Rules that my mother never explained to me as I entered college:

            1) DO NOT pick a major with the mindset of, “Oh, well…I know I won’t make much, but I’ll marry a man who’ll be the family breadwinner, so everything’s cool”. Even if you’re fabulously popular with the boys and super-cute (as all my girls take after their mother, haha), pick a career path with the mindset of, “Even if I DO marry someday, there’s always the chance that I’ll have to support myself, my kids, maybe even my unemployed husband”. (Life Lesson hard learned.)

            2) Stop gushing over the “cute” boys, as they may not always be the best potential mate. Pick a man in a lucrative career who was on the Chess Team or the AV Club in high school. Truly, it is the Geeks and Nerds who will inherit the Earth.

            I’ll change my profile pic for 24 hours, just for fun. Then it’s back to the Anonymous Snow Skier.

          • Nancy

            Thank you for your wise words, which I will take under serious advisement.

            I told my daughters Two Rules that I WISHED my own mother would have taught me before I went to college:

            1) Choose a major with an eye toward future income earnings. Seems like a no-brainer, I know, but my mother sent me to that school with an eye toward landing a doctor husband, not a self-supporting career. They need to choose wisely, because even if they DO marry later, there may come a time when they have to support themselves, their children, and their unemployed husband (Life Lesson hard learned).

            2) When selecting a future husband, quit gushing over the “cute” boys based on whether or not their hair looks like Justin Beiber’s. Select someone who was on the Chess Team or AV Club in high school instead. Truly, it is the Geeks and Nerds who will inherit the Earth*. (Another interesting lesson I discovered at my 20-year High School Reunion: The best looking, most popular jocks were either unemployed, marginally employed, or working for one of the Geeks.)

            * Relating to Number Two: Be nice to the Geeks and Nerds. They have long memories.

            I changed my avatar for 24 hours, then it’s back to the Anonymous Skier. 😉

          • Good advice, Nancy!

          • M&S

            Oh my. You are beautiful, lady. You put Katie Homes and the Duchess of Cambridge both to shame. I love your smile.

            I guess I’d better add Aikido to that to-do list.

            Because if your girls look anything like you, someone’s going to have to beat the boys back with a Jo Stick and you’re going to be run ragged once they figure out how much power pretty has.

            Was I right in reading awhile back that you had definite plans to get out of the urban jungle to an exurb state where white friends and neighbors brought a little safety and future?

            How far forward does Obama’s announcement push your schedule? Do you have skills or relatives that can help a sudden transition happen easily or are you tied to a pension plan?

            Also, if I may, what’s your area like, are you going to be okay if there is a flood of half a million more Hispanics across the border joining up with amnestied relatives?

            You don’t have to be specific but West Coast/East Coast/Southwest/Midwest?

            I’m a Coloradoan so we’re pretty much hip deep and sinking I’m sorry to say. Denver has so much sprawl that the suburbs form an iron ring based on tax codes and property values but things like the seven shopping malls and acres upon acres of Targets, Wally World and Mcdaco Bells brings Hispanics and other ethnies deeper and deeper into the white areas and nobody seems to pay attention to what this will ultimately mean as whites have fewer kids and neighhorhoods age and empty out.

            The big problem in my State is that the Hispanics have jumped that urban-suburb barrier and gone into the deep rural areas themselves, serving the construction industry, agro and ski resort towns. They dominate in places like the San Juan Valley where they live in the little outlier towns and get by on very primitive lifestyles and very large families (Wood Burning for winter heat!).

            Which is one of the reasons why I am not hopeful for passive aggressive counters to this insanity. A withdrawal of services or taxes as a Randian ‘strike’ that doesn’t include secession and expatriation of aliens from our own territories is not going to win us anything.
            Because the Hispanics are already checkerboarded throughout middle America and most whites don’t even know it. Only their prior, quiet, lifestyle as minority status kept us and them ignorant of each other’s presence.
            And that’s not gonna last.
            I hope you have a good plan to get out while the gettin’ is doable but even more, I hope you take a look at the location you’re headed to so that you know it’s a sanctuary and not a trap. ‘Regional Equity’ also needs to be taken into account.
            With regards to geeks and nerds. I am not sure if geeks and nerds are the future of this land or our people or not. You have to have a modern society to gain social benefit from high IQs and in the ethnically conscious places like China and Israel where that might buy you something, they have enough of their own people (China grads something like 50,000 STEM majors /each year/) to survive.
            Generalists don’t tend to write many papers for Nature or Law Review but they never seem to go away either. I think a part of that is that they have level headed ideals about family and meeting the responsibilities that go along with having one where High IQ types, excepting the Ashkenazi, seem to be self terminating.
            Whites surely need some strategic genius right now but just as much, we have to have a hard headed notion of what we can live with and what has to be fought for and maintained.
            I don’t see a lot of spine in genius personalities which may well be why whites have to reunify our classes as much as our race before we can project the Guard Dog /mean/ that says stay out or get mangled to the other populations that seem to think our land is their land.

            Thank You, for the 24 hours… 🙂

          • Nancy

            You’re so sweet, thank you. After passing 45 or so, women like me don’t get a whole lot of compliments like that (unless you count attention of Hispanics, who don’t have particularly keen discernment. Or eyes, apparently.

            I never thought of the Geek and Nerd advice in light of Obanchee’s latest nonsense. That’s something to consider. However, and as much as I don’t like to flag myself on the board, I I am able to emigrate my family to Israel if I choose. I qualify. Also, as a Messianic, I believe the eschatology from the Book as it relates to the End of Days, so everything Obongo does, while upsetting, isn’t surprising from that point of view. In fact, it’s exactly what’s supposed to happen. So while everyone is watching the US and Obummer, I’m watching Jerusalem. And waiting.

            So until then, we are shooting for Utah. Atlanta sucks, and has sucked for a long time, but my oldest really wants to finish out her Senior Year, and I can’t say no. My husband can live anywhere, so long as there’s an airport at a reasonable distance (and we’re 45 min away from the ATL airport, as most whites are). Most of his work is done by computer, but sometimes he has to go in person. I’m blessed that I don’t have to work (anymore…but ’07-12 SUCKED. Another Life Lesson learned: When you quit giving the bank money, they want their stuff back.)

            Colorado was a close second, especially out in Summit County/Lake Dillon. But Mike Scott already gave me the head’s up about the Mestizo invasion. In Summit County, UTAH, the same issue doesn’t exist…and then we’d be in the same town as the US Ski Team. (Seriously, if you ever saw my youngest ski, you’d understand why we’d need to be there. It’s a THING to behold.)

            Also, if things got ugly, everything north and West of us is White Country. We can easily bug out a little to our left, join the folks who plan to congregate in the Pacific NW “New White Homeland”….

            …and wait for the Rapture. 😉

    • They already do vote, three or four times each being a conservative estimate.

  • Tarczan

    Obama will fire up these protests and then announce amnesty.He will grant amnesty(illegally) right after the announcement not to prosecute.

    • The First Shoe-Shine-Boy In-Chief and his Attorney Railway Baggage-Porter General have no control over what a state or county court does.

      • M&S

        All state and most local police are now federally funded under the Patriot Act and taking tens of millions to militarize ‘in preparation for terrorist events’.
        Don’t assume anything about chains of command, undue influence or the power of state rights in the judiciary or executive branches.
        The last people who did that ended up losing a war (for all intents and purposes), to the blacks, in 1865.
        We MUST NOT confine our vision of the threat to the fine folk of Ferguson. They are, at best, foot soldiers. At worst, suicidal dupes.
        It is always the YKW who plot and plan and exploit events like this.

        • Spikeygrrl


          • Juggernaut3000

            I’d like to know what that means too.

          • I’m gonna go with yarmulke wearers. In context it seems to make sense.

          • Gentleman Jim Crow

            Do you think this indicates that those in the know already know the outcome? They would hardly be going to all this trouble if they thought he was going to be charged.

          • Outcome? Of what? The grand jury proceedings? Hell, I know the outcome: no charges.

          • Alexandra1973

            Probably means You Know Who.

            I know who. And they ain’t wearing yarmulkes.

      • Max

        Surely you defame shines and porters who provide valued services by comparing them to these sissy mongrel hucksters.

  • A Freespeechzone

    There should be a ‘state of emergency’ for the protesters to understand that NO violence, looting or arson will be tolerated.

    Moreover, failure to protest peacefully and without disruption will result in a swift and certain response from LE—using as much force as necessary.

    Of course, we KNOW that won’t happen as Obama/Holder will side with the rioters over LE…

    If you live nearby, be prepared to defend yourself and your family, you will not be able to depend upon LE. The SCOUS in 2005 validated that.

    Lock and Load.

    • M&S

      We should form counter movements (petitions and chief of police advisory councils) to encourage Ferguson and St. Louis police to take a firm and unyielding stance but not an arbitrary or combatant one.
      Allowing the blacks a couple of no-go zone churches to get riled and rowdy in should be accompanied by strict curfew areas for the business districts (block them off with fire trucks and use the water cannon).
      Security for white residential areas should NOT be the responsibility of citizens but of National Guard troops, preferably from another state.
      It will say a lot when Blacks realize there are no infantry with M4s every fifty feet on the side walk in their part of town but white areas _welcome the security_.
      Where rioting does occur, we should have flexible options between flying squad incursion teams on helicopters or in armored cars (for small groups of home invasion or arson type attackers) and standoff monitor-only conditions for full scale burn-down events.
      For the latter, we should be taking LOTS of high def video so that whatever flash mob situations do arise, perpetrators can be back tracked to their homes and arrested the next morning, as they lie in a stupor after venting their angst.
      It is absolutely critical not to get in black’s faces over this. But the rule of law must be maintained wherever whites are.
      As a final suggestion, turn off all cell access so that local groups have no netcentric means of coordinating forces. Shut down busses and taxi services as well.
      This is a preventative, deescalatory, strategy. Not a deliberate entrapment maneuver looking for max casualties as proof of black misbehavior.
      We do not need to be putting them on edge from the get-go.
      If blacks will be big enough to handle their rage and disappointment privately, we should be wise enough to let them find their own peace.
      If Wilson is indicted, we need to adopt the same stance of being good losers and planning the next step which should be a flood of money to help him fund the best legal defense possible. Along with a massive online campaign to overwhelm the MSM with counter-opinion too large to deny.

    • Juggernaut3000

      You would think so, wouldn’t you? Instead the government and black agitators are inciting the rioters against White America.

      This no longer has anything to do with Michael Brown or Officer Wilson. It is about terrorizing Whites using blacks as a tool. It is a part of the bigger picture, the ongoing war to destroy White America and its history, traditions and heritage.

      • It never had anything to do with Brown. Those nigs don’t care about him. They’re looking for ways to file lawsuits and win the ghetto lottery. Just as Trayvon’s parents did after their kid was justifiably killed for his thuggery. They’ve made the big bucks off that kid’s death; they didn’t give a shite about him. It was obvious. This Ferguson farce has nothing to do with anything but low IQ negroes doing what they always do—-look for ways to get more free stuff.

    • Who Me?

      We’ve seen the pictures, they have the tanks, line ’em up, load them with live ammo. At the first wave of protesters, sweep the streets. Doubt there’d be any need for anything else in the way of riot control.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Current wind chill is 13 degrees with gusty winds and blowing snow. Sunset is 4:45 PM.

    Imagine how much colder it would be if not for Global Warming.

    This would be a good time to bring out the water cannons to greet the protesters.

    Be aware also that this may be just the cover Obama needs to sign the illegal alien amnesty.

    Al’s call to action: Let’s get ready to Riot!!!

  • Mack0

    Obama is a disgusting human being for letting this farce get this far. Obama and Holder put politics over justice. The narrative must be maintained no matter the cost in blood.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Yes he is. Barry everything is about race Obongo only cares about Black homicidal maniacs being falsely portrayed as innocent.

  • Pathfinder75

    There is perhaps no greater indictment of the irrational and violence-prone mentality of blacks in our country than the fact that a state governor feels it necessary to declare a “state of emergency” in anticipation of them rioting as a result of their infantile refusal to accept a simple decision from a Grand Jury.

    How much more pathetic can you get than that?

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Exactly. This shows just how regressive and animalistic the Negro race truly is.

      • TheGothFather412

        ‘Animlistic’? That is an insult to animals! My pet dog and cat are more well behaved then many Negroes!

    • DaveMed

      Well put.

    • Nancy

      “How much more pathetic can you get than that?”

      The fact that the President is encouraging them to “stay on message”.

    • Juggernaut3000

      They are being organized and incited by outside agitators.

      Blacks couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag.

      Make no mistake: This is a war against White America and blacks are nothing more than tools being used in that effort.

  • Roninf9

    The National Guard and the police are there to protect the looters and rioters from something really dangerous – organized groups of armed citizens fed up and out to protect their lives and property. The government doesn’t want a repeat of what happened in Tulsa in 1921 and they definitely don’t want a repeat of 1776.

    • Nancy

      I’m surprised there aren’t people organizing for just such a purpose (aside from the Klan). Or are there? QD may have heard something, as he’s closer to Ground Zero out there.

      • Juggernaut3000

        Don’t think the Internet, Twitter and cell phones aren’t being monitored, they are. None of it will be shut down because it is evidence and will be used in court against Whites as proof of premeditation.

        The last thing the government wants is Whites banding together or defending themselves, their property and loved ones. Don’t think they don’t want this riot, they do, because it is directed specifically against Whites America. Obama even told the rioters to “stay the course.”

        If that is not blatant incitement against Ameriacan Whites, I don’t know what is.

        That’s why I’d like to b**** slap every White that voted for Obama.

      • Sheik Yerbouti

        They would be better served to keep their intentions entirely covert.

    • I’m not very confident that that’s true. The government could impose more stringent rules & restrictions on society if organized groups of armed, white citizens try to protect themselves. The government would love that! It didn’t take much of an excuse to implement the freedom-usurping, totally useless, expensive Patriot Act and its resultant Homeland Security.

  • notyranny

    SubSaharan genetic intelligence deficiency on display.

    • LHathaway

      Their intellectual deficiency causes them to rally around their own?

      • notyranny

        The ineffectual nature of their response. Destruction of their own habitat.

      • Nancy

        The fact that they actually believe that their 13% of the population can win a “Race War” against the rest of us. It’s like trying to kill an elephant with a fly swatter.

        • LHathaway

          I don’t know. I think we would lose such a race war. Maybe some whites would survive. Maybe those Whites could be taken care of later. Perhaps Whites even in a few North Western States would ‘win’. I think it’s foolish to underestimate one’s enemy, but that we have. That’s why we’re in the situation we’re in. ‘White supremacy’ will be the death of us all. Maybe a slow death. Maybe even a somewhat or fairly peaceful death, but an erasure just the same. Any ‘white supremacist’, with a platform, including AmRen, is no friend of Whites. A friend of a slow, peaceful death, yes, but no friend of Whites.

          • Juggernaut3000

            We Whites outnumber blacks 14-1 and are at least one SD ahead of them in intelligence.

            Blacks will never win once Whites find the will to take care of business and damn being called racists.

            The problem is, blacks have the force of government behind them and don’t think for a second the government wouldn’t open fire on us, release poison gas, hit us from the air, release drones in our direction. What we will be fighting against no longer takes an army.

            If we Whites don’t band together for strength and understand WHO our real enemy is it will be curtains for us. Our enemies mean to annihilate us, and they are not black.

            “What Good Can a Handgun Do Against an Army”

            http //www jeffhead com/liberty/handgun htm

          • LHathaway

            Whites would be crushed in nearly every big city in America, and likely many, many suburbs, before they even woke up or knew what was happening. Those 5 or 6 to 1 numbers would quickly be 2 to 3 figures and dropping. I suspect our elites are aware of this danger, although perhaps more as an after-thought than as something that motivates them. I suspect that once white men start having major problems, or these problems are revealed (especially after ‘tolerance’ is directed towards white men [something that will likely finish off a generation or two of them]) this is supposed to unconsciously ’empower’ blacks (they’ll certainly find it funny), thereby forestalling any revolutionary likelihood and perhaps inducing a kind of happy complacency.

            What is the point of discrediting tolerance? To convince us some problems in the past have always been caused by tolerance and sensitivity? I’ve always said, it will always, always, always, be about them, once you let them into your country. . .

            Do we discredit ‘tolerance’ because the world needs workers? I suspect the abysmal failure of tolerance and sensitivity will be meant to show to us there is Nothing that can be done to help white men. Perhaps that is just another sad reality.

            I suspect they more fear whites, actually. There will still be born far too many white boys. Their greater fear of White unrest is just something to account for. I’m not certain what they fear from young white men, revolution or work stoppage. Perhaps something else.

            In the end, they expect white women to vote for separation or a reservation for whites.

          • SolStans

            Blacks are 12-13% of the US population; whites makes up, at best, 60-65%. That has us outnumbering them by only 5:1. Say that 2 out of those 5 whites are traitorous, 2 are neutral, and the last 1 is sympathetic.

            That leaves the fifth guys on par, 1:1, with the black population. He also has to sway both neutrals in any battle of numbers (like American “democracy”) against the Coalition of the Oppressed.

            We’ve got a hard road ahead of us.

    • Juggernaut3000

      The cause is lead deficiency.

      Nothing an infusion of Lead won’t cure.

  • kikz2

    i’ve informed my kids’heads up’, so if they’re out at work, or at school when the ‘word’ comes….they hopefully won’t be taken off guard. this could get messy, even geographically removed from its epicenter.

  • ThatWhiteGuy

    I can’t wait to hear what all the SJWs here in CoMo have to say once the ruling comes out.

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse



  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    The thing I am most afraid of is the possibility of blacks blocking streets nation wide. I have heard terrible stories of what has happened to poor white people just driving down the road, doing what they have to do, in these scenarios.

    • Nancy

      Courtney, if you don’t already have one, get your concealed-carry permit. Then don’t leave home unarmed. I don’t travel any further than my own mailbox without a Glock under my shirt. And I’m a forty-something suburban mom, barely over five feet tall. They want to “start” something with me when I’m in my car? I’m prepared to finish it.

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        I agree fully. Good point!

      • Dave West

        Be careful, try not to shoot unless you have to!

        Remember these “peaceful protestors” are basically the property of the Federal Government and the cherished pets of white libtards across the country.

    • Uncle Bob

      Black commuters will be waved through while whites will find themselves surrounded by a hostile mob which will beat on their car and likely cause dents or broken windows until the driver panics, pushes the gas peddle, and plows through the crowd. Thus the rioters will then call police to report a hit and run. This has already occurred during minor protests in Ferguson. Anyone dumb enough to roll down a window and yell at them will most likely be pulled out of their car and given a beatdown. The best idea would be to get out of town or gather somewhere safe to avoid encountering these road blocks which create a high probability of bad things happening.

    • MBlanc46

      Now you’ve got me concerned. I live in the SW quarter of the village, which is mostly white, but the NE quarter is largely black.There hasn’t been any trouble here so far regarding the Brown shooting, but there’s no telling what those people might do.

      • anony

        Be prepared so that you don’t have to go out for a few days.

    • bubo

      They did this in the Miami riots of 1980. Killed some unsuspecting whites by incinerating them or pulling them out and beating them to death.

      • Juggernaut3000

        Which the media reported as the Whites’ fault.

    • Juggernaut3000

      I hope they do. I live in a near-majority Hispanic city in Arizona. Hispanics hate blacks do not want them around their neighborhoods or schools and, importantly, won’t be called out as “racists” when they address the issue.

    • Who Me?

      Reginald Denny

  • Whitesneedtobebrave

    Guys get your guns ready. We will need them to shoot the monkeys that attack us.

    • Chasmania

      Anyone posting about popping some pavement apes or other urban wildlife may wish to reconsider as it will be used as evidence against you in your trial.

      Just quietly put a few center body mass shots on the thing threatening your life THEN come tell us about it after you are cleared of any and all charges !

      Good hunting !

      • Whitesneedtobebrave

        Pavement apes. I like that.

  • LeonNJ

    Man the walls, the wildings are coming!

    • Kenner

      The skraelings are coming…

      • Juggernaut3000

        The White Walkers will answer.

  • [Guest]

    Wherever there are blacks, there’s a state of emergency.

    • Earl Turner

      Wherever there are African Americans, there is Africa.

  • tickyul

    Laughable and sad!
    Tail waggin the dog!
    Voting makes no difference at this point, see how wimpy and PC the Republicans are!
    Urban Americans could destroy 10 cities, and they would still get their butts kissed by many!

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      Exactly. White people in Alabama pretty much know the score on blacks. The main thing holding them back is fighting with each over who is better,…..the Alabama Crimson Tide or Auburn. I hate to say it, but most whites in my state would rather vote for Al sharpton as president than give up their football team. I tell people in my state all the time how ignorant they are to be occupying themselves with such a thing with our country in this condition. Football has got to be the dumbest issue out there for whites to be dividing themselves over. There have been murders in my state over this. It is absurd.

      • tickyul

        I agree with everything you posted. Unfortunately, I see now way forward for this once fine country. People actually believe that Urban Americans are going to evolve, if they are catered to enough, and suddenly be a good fit for the USA. The football worship idiocy among Whites…just lets Urban Americans get away with just that much more BS.

        • If not for legions of white jock-sniffers, Michael Vick would have been washing car windows on a street corner instead of watching dogs tear each other to pieces.

          • tickyul

            Sad but true, what a mess!

          • MannyR

            At work on Sundays all they play non stop is NFL games. I sit there on break and watch how obsessed and infantile grown men become over a bunch of over paid, black thug, football players and it’s all I can do to not just start proselytizing white nationalism right then and there.

          • Chasmania

            They need to be talked to. I have yet to meet any football fan who can articulate an answer that makes any sort of sense when asked WHY they like it so much.

            IMO it’s just another outlet for an addictive lifestyle coupled with loads of TV infused brainwashing.

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    I could care less if the Africans riot, as long as Whites are not injured or killed. Darren Wilson needs to be found innocent so that Blacks are shown that the justice system is here to protect decent, law abiding citizens and to punish sociopaths and homicidal maniacs for victimizing decent people. Darren Wilson is a decent man who was trying to do his job. It is s good thing that he pumped the rampaging, homicidal Michael Brown full of bullets when he did, or Darren Wilson would have become another slain officer.

  • Texan1st

    Police should have the fire department on stand by. Dousing non-peaceful protesters with fire hoses should feel really good when the water soaks into their clothing and the outside temperature is around 30 degrees.

    • Nancy

      Oh NO! Fire hoses??? The HORROR! “It’s Birmingham ’63 all over again!”

      Ugh. We’d never hear the end of THAT.

      I vote the Minutemen leave their border posts for a few days and put themselves to some good use in Ferguson.

      • Alexandra1973

        Would they rather have tasers?

        “Don’t hose me, bro–waitaminnit, don’t tase me, bro!”

  • RacialRay

    And I declare a state of giddy anticipation. All damned day I’ve been beaming like Flounder from Animal House…

    “Boy, oh boy, this is gonna be GREAT!”

    • Tim

      My sister sat behind the actor who played “D-Day” in Study Hall for four years growing up…

    • Juggernaut3000

      There’s been a run on popcorn, you’d better stock up now.

      • RacialRay

        I prefer to shoot Skittles in honor of my homeboys.

        • Juggernaut3000

          You’d be honoring two humble saints, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, now both are in the bosom of Abraham sipping on “Purple Drank.”

          • RacialRay

            Yo, Abraham, where da white women at?

          • tlk244182

            With Abraham, Martin, and John.

  • Young Werther

    uh…How can there be a state of emergency before there is a state of emergency?

    • Max


    • Ike Eichenberg

      Because the community agitator in chief is planning on stirring them up into a frenzy.

      A more interesting question is why are there 100 DHS vehicles staged and ready for something that should be outside of Federal law enforcement jurisdiction?

      argusnewsnow DOT com/story/2014/11/01/news/navy-veteran-fired-from-drury-plaza-hotel-for-posting-photos-of-homeland-security-vehicles-on-facebook/156.html

      • Young Werther

        In a SofE people are not allowed on the streets. They have to remain inside their dwellings or places of work unless it is the police or emergency people like doctors and firemen etc. So I don’t get the President telling the protestors to *stay the course* of protest. That is a President urging civilians to defy the state authorities…a support of revolt against local government. No President in the history of America has ever done that before.

      • Young Werther

        Well the local cops didn’t get that National Guard backing after all…so how did that work out for you?

  • Juggernaut3000

    They sure do. He said Officer Wilson should be “vigorously prosecuted” before any of the facts were in.

    • tlk244182

      Governor is a frightened, gutless tool of the Jews. But wise, very wise.

  • Alucard_the_last

    Napalm is the best way to end this lawlessness.

  • mael

    I hope they give the guardsmen bullets. They’re gonna need them.

    • MannyR

      Not a chance, the National Guard is usually less well trained than the dudes who play airsoft wars on the weekends. 60 % probably can’t even fire their rifles effectively or safely. It’s mostly people looking for a way to get the GIBill or a paycheck with the smallest amount of effort on their part.

  • TheGothFather412

    ‘And what, pray tell, would be the reason to terminate him from his job is he is not indicted?’

    Dat cracka beez raciss!!! Yo he iz a Whitey so dat how a brotha’ can tell.

  • TheGothFather412

    Wait a minute! I thought if the mulatto messiah Obama was elected that we would enter a post-racial era of no tension?!?!!

    It is hard to believe that so many naive Whites fell for it 6 years ago…

    • Max

      He failed to factor blacks into the equation.

      • Melvin Bonzarelli

        blacks + 0 = zero.

  • You say we need to have a conversation about race in America .. Fair enough. But this time, it has to be a two-way conversation. White America needs to be heard from, not just lectured to…. This time, the Silent Majority needs to have its convictions, grievances and demands heard.

    And among them are these:
    First, America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known.. Jeremiah Wright ought to go down on his knees and thank God he is an American.
    Second, no people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks than white Americans. Untold trillions have been spent since the ’60s on welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing, Pell grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credits and poverty programs designed to bring the African-American community into the mainstream. Governments, businesses and colleges have engaged in discrimination against white folks — with affirmative action, contract set-asides and quotas — to advance black applicants over white applicants. Churches, foundations, civic groups, schools and individuals all over America have donated their time and money to support soup kitchens, adult education, day care, retirement and nursing homes for blacks.
    We hear the grievances. Where is the gratitude??
    Obama talks about new ‘ladders of opportunity’ for blacks. Let him go to Altoona ? And Johnstown, and ask the white kids in Catholic schools how many were visited lately by Ivy League recruiters handing out scholarships for ‘deserving’ white kids…? Is white America really responsible for the fact that the crime and incarceration rates for African-Americans are seven times those of white America ? Is it really white America ‘s fault that illegitimacy in the African-American community has hit 70 percent and the black dropout rate from high schools in some cities has reached 50 percent?
    Is that the fault of white America or, first and foremost, a failure of the black community itself?
    As for racism, its ugliest manifestation is in interracial crime, and especially interracial crimes of violence. Is Barack Obama aware that while white criminals choose black victims 3 percent of the time, black criminals choose white victims 45 percent of the time?
    IsObama aware that black-on-white rapes are 100 times more common than the reverse, that black-on-white robberies were 139 times as common in the first three years of this decade as the reverse?
    We have all heard ad nauseam from the Rev. Al about Tawana Brawley, the Duke rape case and Jena . And all turned out to be hoaxes. But about the epidemic of black assaults on whites that are real, we hear nothing.
    Sorry, Barack, some of us have heard it all before, about 40 years and 40 trillion tax dollars ago. This needs to be passed around because, this is a message everyone needs to hear!!!
    Because I’m for a better America
    I am
    Not racist,
    Not violent,
    Just not silent anymore.

  • Michael Sullivan



    I accuse overpaid fat cats, presidents of universities, controlling boards, of TREASON.

    don’t give a rat’s a$$ about specific professors hiding like RATS
    thinking they are unseen. I recognize the funds of these institutions,
    these so-called places of “higher learning,” being directed towards

    how large are their castles? how great is their disdain?
    how much do they disregard the thoughts, feelings, and needs of
    American Citizens, while they redefine LIBERTY, the very reason for OUR

    Hell is on the way for these pigs; these pigs that put a LABEL ON ME ON ACCOUNT OF MY SKIN COLOR


    will not only be brought to them, but also to their families, and their
    extended, rich, privileged families, these massively rich PIGS that rip
    down LIBERTY, who NEGATE my humanity on account of my skin color, those
    PIGS who attack the very Nation, the very Constitution, that my
    grandparents fled to, the very same Nation for which my family died in
    BOTH world wars, which in their arrogance they now dismiss as

    dam these bastards, dam these traitors, and be
    advised; your “university position and special parking” will not prevent
    your being held to account for TREASON.


    • Young Werther

      You sound like you are having a really good day.

  • MannyR

    This isn’t about the shooting anymore, it’s about blacks letting society know “We will get our way or else”. The only way to stop it is to start shooting and arresting protestors en masse, that’s not gonna happen.

    • And if it did, they’d all be filing lawsuits claiming abuse. Negroes ALWAYS find a way to win the ghetto lottery.

      • MannyR

        They win it because certain segments of our society give them a platform to air their manufactured grievances and stand by them in order to advance an agenda. That segment of society must be dealt with before we can fix anything else. Google the 12 Protocols

  • My understanding is that they opened the exterior compartment of Mr. Denny’s semi- rig marked “Fire Extinguisher Inside” and then smashed his head with the aforementioned fire-extinguisher.

  • Just imagine how much this idiocy is costing taxpayers! Hugely expensive maneuvers have been employed over the justifiable killing of this criminal thug. It’s not cheap bringing-in extra police, National Guard, convening a grand jury. It’s insane that civilized, working taxpayers are forced to pay the bills for an uncivilized group of negroes to riot, vandalize, loot & destroy the lives & property of civilized taxpayers. Everyone with any common sense knows that that puke Brown is guilty, yet here we are protecting these retarded negroes as they destroy. What an utterly insane, backwards, dystopian world we live in.

  • M&S


    I would argue that blacks want what they are told they should want. That is what ‘black unity’ behind the civil rights agenda is about.
    And if you sell anything hard enough, while making the alternatives as disincentivized as possible, what they will want is:

    Of the crazy, hateful, disdainfully white, racist society that despises them.

    Having lived in shelters with blacks I can tell you that there are more than a few of the ‘taught by prison’ smarter ones who are reaching the obvious conclusion that a life among us is one of forever infantilized limitations and they would rather starve alone than be beholden to what they hate.

    Not bad enough to go to Africa.

    But maybe bad enough to want their very own ethnostate. And just like women joining the military to find strong alpha males, I bet a frontier attitude of “Yeah, ideals are fine but what are you doing for me?” toughness would draw black women who have no other hope of reproductive success in a society which is divesting itself of their men /anyway/.

    One jail sentence or bullet at a time.

    WRT: NAFTA and the like. When Lincoln first looked at resettlement of black slaves, one of the first places he looked at was Panama where it was believed that blacks could mine (very poor quality) coal for a living while maintaining control over the Canal and generally creating a firewall between South America and the U.S.

    Well the locals decided that they would rather fight us to the death than have blacks foisted off on them.

    And so that idea got put on hold while we starved them on Ile A Vache. Monrovia aborbed quite a few but also had little to grow a nation from, certainly to the standards blacks were already used to.

    Highlighting the fact that blacks are not dumb when it comes to personal quality of living. Which means you can’t snake oil them, even if you would lower the standard of a White Man’s Word to try.

    But let’s go back to Panama. And move it back towards…say, Texas. You have oil. You have ports. You have a landscape which is pretty rugged outside the coastal and capitol areas but _can be worked_ as agricultural access.

    You have a Red State getting ready to turn Blue because of the massive influx of Hispanics which white Texans have turned a blind eye to for so long that there is really no hope of our holding onto the state anyway.

    Texas, by itself, is equal to roughly 13% of our land mass.

    Sell. It. To. The. Blacks.

    It will mean an enormous hit on our economy. But it is enough of a treasure to entice even the laziest, most dependent, black into thinking about gains vs. losses.

    It would encourage on-shelf drilling in the GOM as well as expansion of oil production into the protected reserves of the North Slope. It would give us that stopper effect on Hispanics because I guarantee you that blacks would have NO PROBLEM with building a fence at the Rio Grande to keep Mexico in Mexico and out of their wallet.

    And finally, it would allow us to build a new fence, at Arizona border which is a lot more inhospitable to interlopers as a two-layer defense.

    Blacks get a 10-100,00 dollar incentive payment to move (the bigger the family, the more the payoff, though of course it’s in dad or mom’s hands). And we get to instantly curtail payments to the Judiciate and Penal ‘industries’ which produce nothing but better criminals.

    The way to beat the service job issue is for whites to embrace it, like our ancestors did, humbly and with pleasure.

    First with social offsets (Home or Car loan guarantees, education packages, insurance deals etc.) and then with robotics. Whereby a man can begin to undertake work with ten hands instead of just his two.

    Hitler took 250,000 people off the streets of Germany in a single year. Saving them from death by exposure through a work charity. In the next 5 years he put 1.5 million people under roofs at 25 marks per month. If they had a kid, part of their home loan was forgiven. If they had four, it all was.

    Hate the man for what he did in WWII. Take the idea of liberating our poorest and most downtrodden and _giving them shelter and hope_ while pumping up white numbers through productive marriages that push new workers into society.

    We control labor in this country and we control for the quality of immigrant that is useful to us. Taking away the wealth from those who own processes and giving it to those who own work product.

    Which is what NAFTA and the NAU seeks to derail to the point where whites cannot in fact make a living in their own homeland.


    There are some BIG sacrifices to be made in the coming years sir. When you are talking 310 million Americans, you can’t just dig some pits, pick a fight and ‘may the best race win’. Such would ruin us. Even if we could get enough whites to help us in the struggle, we would never live it down and the attrition scales would make WWII look like a playground fuss up.

    Blacks are dependent to the extent that they have nothing better. There are blacks who, as you say, will work for a chance at an improved alternate outcome.

    Blacks across society are well aware that we don’t want them here and they are disgusted with trying to prove they have a right to be.

    With their titanic egos, it is impossible to foresee a condition by which acting in -what they perceive- to be their own best interests ‘with money at the end’ could not be an attractive inducement, whatever the endgame (opposite side of the fence) was.

    Whatever you may think of them, personally, DEALING WITH (literally) the black problem is the first step towards making the choices which will save the majority of America, for whites.
    Because our leaders are either suicidal idealists or homicidal extinctionists who have no more interest in us, regardless.

    With the above as preconditional truths, if we don’t try, we’ll be wiped out, as an independent racial group, by 2100.
    1950: 27%
    2010: 16%
    2060: 9.8%
    2100: 4%
    Or nothing.