Posted on November 5, 2014

Catcalling Video Falls Flat in Polite New Zealand

Rob Waugh, Metro, November 4, 2014

Attractive women, take note! The streets of sleepy little Auckland are entirely safe – as a slightly disappointed New Zealand Herald found after hiring a sultry 26-year-old actress and yoga instructor to walk the streets in the hope of mimicking the now-famous ‘catcalling’ video in New York.

After hours on the streets of the New Zealand town, actress Nicola Simpson was bothered precisely twice – once by someone asking directions.

The only man who could even vaguely be described as pestering her asked her if she was Italian, said she looked ‘nice’, and then apologised profusely.

The New Zealand Herald noted, sniffily, that the man appeared to be a tourist.

‘It was nice, it was a change from New York. People were actually quite polite,’ Simpson said. ‘I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.’