Catcalling Video Falls Flat in Polite New Zealand

Rob Waugh, Metro, November 4, 2014

Attractive women, take note! The streets of sleepy little Auckland are entirely safe – as a slightly disappointed New Zealand Herald found after hiring a sultry 26-year-old actress and yoga instructor to walk the streets in the hope of mimicking the now-famous ‘catcalling’ video in New York.

After hours on the streets of the New Zealand town, actress Nicola Simpson was bothered precisely twice – once by someone asking directions.

The only man who could even vaguely be described as pestering her asked her if she was Italian, said she looked ‘nice’, and then apologised profusely.

The New Zealand Herald noted, sniffily, that the man appeared to be a tourist.

‘It was nice, it was a change from New York. People were actually quite polite,’ Simpson said. ‘I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.’


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  • Cecil Broomsted

    When I watched the video of the woman in the Bronx what immediately came to my mind was Hannah Graham.

    • Dwight

      Same here. Didn’t get the majority of other comments made.

    • Sparky

      The same result would have been obtained in New Zealand had the same ingredients been used as in the Bronx. White woman and African men.

      • Cecil Broomsted

        I have no doubt of that.

      • benvad

        Of course the MSM will say it’s the British values of the New Zealand colonists of course. All the while neglecting that the majority of cat callers are Bantus & Mulattos.

  • phorning

    According to liberals this is impossible. Don’t believe your lying eyes.

    • TruthBeTold

      The difference is that this isn’t an ‘agenda’ video.

  • DaveMed

    What’s the difference between Auckland and the Bronx?

    Ask someone that question in 100 years, and he or she may be hard-pressed to come up with an answer.

    Judging by the video, Auckland is far more diverse than I had thought. And I’m no naif.

    • TheDude

      It also depends on which kind of diversity. Most of New Zealand’s non-white population is made of East Asians and other indigenous South Asians. Their black, Hispanic, and/or MENA population is negligible. And those three tend to be the biggest offenders when it comes to street harassment.

      • Gary John 金白龍

        Wrong. Polynesians (Samoa, Tonga, Fiji) plus Maori are higher in number, and have between 6-10 kids per family.

        • TheDude

          Well, that’s what I meant by the indigenous Asians. “Pacific” or something would’ve been more accurate. I don’t know how many children they have, but I certainly don’t hear as much complaint about them or their behavior as about blacks, Hispanics, or even Australian aborigines.

    • StillModerated

      A lot of Chinese writing on the shops.

  • MekongDelta69

    How many blacks and browns live in Auckland, N.Z.?

    • Frank_DeScushin

      I’ve been to Auckland. Not too many blacks and hardly a Hispanic, but there are a fair number of Maori.

      • GM (Australia)

        Lots of Pacific Islanders also and I am sure the present government is encouraging more Indian, Asian, Muslim and African immigration.
        But to put this into another context, just remember that Auckland with a population of 1m is NZ’s only “Big bad sinful metropolis” complete with lots of multiculturalism and diversity and crime. (And even so it still looks very white) My observations are that with the notable exception of some Maori areas the rest of that island nation is almost 99% white & English speaking. A very good way to be!

        • benvad

          I work with a couple of Maoris and their behavior is very white. Hell the look more or less like tanned whites with slightly different looks.

          One things that’s curious is that they have a gaze that makes them look slightly angry, it actually scares and intimidates the Bantus here, it’s like they don’t act smart alecky around them out of fear.

          Well to tell you the truth it’s only American Blacks who are annoying. The Canadian ones behave exactly like whites, not very different from Carlton on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

          • HisGirl

            Your observation about the Maori gaze made me laugh. The Maori people have a definite set to their faces and eyes. They can do things with their facial expressions that Pakeha (white New Zealanders) simply cannot do. It’s well-known among Kiwi school children that the Maori kids are always getting told off for insolence or having an attitude simply because of the natural set of their faces and that kind of proud ferocity you noted in their direct gaze. It’s unfortunate but a source of considerable amusement.

          • HisGirl

            An example: a popular Maori singer performing at the New Zealand Music Video Awards, with traditional Maori dancers. You will see the expressions used by both the male and female dancers; these were originally to intimidate the enemy before a battle. The stuck-out tongue and rolling eyes displayed to your enemy the relish with which you would eat him to absorb his “mana” when you defeated him.


          • Token Finn

            As I understand it the maoris are like the abos of NZ; far more prone to crime and asocial behavior etc. although I’m assuming that there is a difference of degree with the maoris being less volatile and less inclined to sloth.

    • HisGirl

      Auckland is officially the city with the largest Polynesian/Pacific Islander population in the world. Lots of Maori, Samoans, Fijians, Tongans, Nieueans etc. NZ also has lots of Asians. There are pretty much no blacks. NZ is still largely white. In smaller towns and rural areas it’s basically white with a few Maori. The further south you go, the more whites, the fewer Maori.

      • Gary John 金白龍

        Whites are now a minority in Auckland.

      • MekongDelta69

        I was sort of being semi-sarcastic, but I appreciate the info.

        (Btw, if that’s you in your icon, you’re very pretty – and very married!)

        [And that’s no cat call!]

        • HisGirl

          It occurred to me that it was a rhetorical question after I posted my response.

          And thank you! I’m very married, it’s true. That will tickle my guy’s funny bone.

      • StillModerated

        Nevertheless thoee Polynesians are much better behaved than our home-grown Africans.

        • benvad

          Without question that is true. I believe they are quite rude and arrogant in Hawaii but generally amiable in the rest of the Polynesian nations.

    • A. Windaus

      I’m an Australian but I have travelled through New Zealand on several occasions. The inner city of Auckland during the day is almost completely white and east-Asian. In 2013 Maori made up 14.9% of the New Zealand population, 11.8% Asian, 7.4% Pacific Islander (wikipedia). If you avoid Auckland you avoid most of the diversity in New Zealand, Auckland is considered “the capital of the Pacific Islands”. South Auckland is quite dangerous at night because that is where most of the poor immigrants live, for white people it should be avoided at all costs if you value your well-being and your property. The South Island is mostly white, a few Asians in Christchurch and a few Maori on farms, but that is about it from what I saw. I read that Maori make up 51% of the New Zealand prison population. If you see a black person they will almost always be refugees from Africa, which New Zealand is required to bring in under the UN refugee quota system.

      • Guest

        I live in Auckland and there have been stories in the news lately about criminals from South Auckland driving over the harbour bridge to the affluent North Shore to target East Asian women for bag-snatching and elderly white women for ‘shoulder surfing’ to obtain PIN numbers.The women are then followed home and their bank cards are stolen.This has been going on for decades now as younger criminals learn the ropes. Four people have been arrested and fourteen women have been victims in the latest crime spree. I worry about my mother,who can now be seen by predators as ‘elderly’.

    • Gary John 金白龍

      About 1/3 of the Auckland population.

    • DD-762

      According to my research, there are not many Blacks or Browns but their are lots of Smiths.

  • superlloyd

    No wonder New Zealand is the destination of choice for would be 1st world emigrants fleeing from multicultural insanity.

    • Gary John 金白龍

      I’m from NZ. I lived in Auckland. You are wrong. Auckland is a diverse hellhole. There are places there you do not want to go alone if you are White.

      • Anonymous

        I highly doubt it. My friend lives in Auckland now. He is pursuing his Phd and his girlfriend is in med school. They are both White and they are happy.

        • Gary John 金白龍

          They must live in White majority areas, which are rapidly decreasing.

          • Sloppo

            A friend of mine told me the same thing you are saying. It’s very sad.

        • JackKrak

          Gary’s right – NZ is fully on board with the “What we need around here is a million people who depend on donkeys for transportation” mentality. Auckland will soon be a hellhole in an otherwise good and functioning society – just like London, LA, Miami, Paris….

          • Nancy

            Still…it’s my family’s Number One “Expat” destination, should it come to that. Both of us have occupations that NZ considers “high demand”, according to the requirements for work visas.

  • Some Maori men might have given her problems.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Once Were Warriors – great NZ film about those guys. Had the guy who played the bounty hunter in Star Wars as the heavy. Very good film.

      • HisGirl

        Amazing movie. One of my favorites. Temuera Morrison and Rena Owen are brilliant in their roles.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Yeah, one of my favorites too.

          So many Maoris have been involved in New Zealand’s strange fantasy film niche too. Funny.

    • HisGirl

      In my experience, most Maori men are not much different from white men in terms of their public behavior towards women.

  • newscomments70

    This isn’t working. Liberal media needs to hire white male actors to harrass her and then film. Many are stupid enough to believe fiction is real. The “What would you do” series accomplishes this very well. Reality doesn’t work well for the liberal agenda.

    • TruthBeTold

      It will be interesting to see if ‘What Would You Do’ runs this experiment and what men they use to harass women.

      • newscomments70

        They have done something similar. They have a fictional scenario of a blond haired white man attacking his black girlfriend.

    • Christorchaos

      Liberal media needs to hire white male actors to harrass her and then film.

      Isnt the YouTube revolution great! Reality trumping Hollywood on 1/1000000th of the budget.

      Of course this is only as long as Google (YouTube’s owner), which is an evil liberal company and in no way neutral, allows it to happen.

      • newscomments70

        They have already censored race realist videos, but they allow some. Everything anti-white is of course allowed. If they become too draconian, a race realist entrepreneur can start a new site.

        • Winston_Jack

          There already is–TruTube.TV. Here is their current disclaimer:


    • benvad

      Just get a load of Italians/Greeks that’ll do the trick.

      • SlizzardAjeosshi

        Only Italians south of the Po River. You can live in Milan, or even worse Turin, as an expat and spend years with literally nobody ever acknowledging your existence outside of your workplace. Even if you look like Cindy Crawford in her prime.

        Northern Italians are quintessentially alpine people: not exactly the party central of the planet

        • HE2

          That is my experience as well, Slizzard.
          Northern Italians not only look different, they are a breed apart. Much more diffident and restrained.

          I get on with them better than their flirtatious Southern counterparts who seem to be drawn to my blond hair [so they say].
          Unless I am obviously pregnant or have my children with me, they catcall. The Northerners do not.

  • Tim

    This isn’t news here in Europe, where the same stunt was performed just a couple of years ago with even more x-rated results. When I saw the Bronx experiment, I immediately knew I had seen it before. I actually believe it was copied from the European experiment.

    A White Belgian woman named Sofie Peeters decided to use hidden cameras to document the EXACT same thing: non-white men (either muslim or black/mixed) harassing her non-stop on her way to work in Brussels (where 40% of inhabitants are muslim). They said far worse things than those jungle machos in the Bronx, even calling her a whore/tramp.

    The whole story was framed by the mainstream media as a feminist issue and patriarchy was blamed for everything wrong in society during the debates that followed. And guess what? She was also accused of racism because the guys in the video were mostly mohammedans.

    We can always count on reality to be consistently racist!

    • OS-Q

      I’m in the US and YouTube is blocking me from seeing it: “This video is not available in your country.” ridiculous.

      • Sloppo

        Perhaps it is be on another site like “truetube”?

        • OS-Q

          liveleak has it. Thanks though.

    • HisGirl

      I immediately thought of that video, too. In fact, when I first saw the headline I thought it was a recycled story, until I saw that it was in the US.

  • Ike Eichenberg

    White people are more polite and respectful than brown people?
    Who knew?

  • ckmariner

    With Australia and New Zealand receiving more and more non-White immigrants each year, how long will it be before Auckland turns into the Bronx?

    • newscomments70

      Circular Quay in Sydney now looks like Mecca. I saw a recent photo of Bondi Beach…I didn’t see one white face. No exageration. I was once in the middle of a race riot in Sydney. I’ve been to the Bronx many times with no incident (although I know it’s not safe there).

  • pcmustgo

    Yeah, but she’s not in a skin tight outfit like that other girl and her body is boyish and not very curvy, sultry or sexy.

    • HisGirl

      Not voluptuous, true, but hardly boyish! A woman like the one in the American video would not have gotten catcalled in NZ. Kiwi men still prefer slender women, they haven’t been influenced by Hispanic and African tastes for big booties the way American men have.

      • pcmustgo

        Ok, but apparently American white men DO like big breasts. European men too? I know that liking big breasts might have something to do with Europeans drinking milk/dairy (it’s a white thing) and having sex facing the woman as opposed to doggy style (from the back, in which case the “booty” becomes more important).

        White males DO like slender women. However, in an ideal male fantasy world, like porn, most white men would like slim blonds with big breasts. Very rare for slender women to have big natural breasts. With men, it’s like they want it all. And it’s not just the “jewish influence” from porn. If you go back in history, ancient Eygptians also depicted their fantasy women as slender with huge breasts. Ancient East Indians depicted all those curvy, voluptuous (not fat, but certainly curvy) women with big chests and back sides. They have statues of them all over India and apparently the British colonizers were so upset by all this nudity they destroyed a lot of these sexual statues and alters.

        Ancient European fertility goddesses were all out fat women with big breasts and big everything. White women in the medievil times were ideally fat and pale , as you can see from all the paintings from that period. “The Birth of Venus”, by Boticelli, etc.

        Tanning didn’t come in til’ the 1920’s, with Coco Chanel making it trendy. Wouldn’t you say most men’s (sexual) ideal woman would be a slim tan blond with fake breasts?

        • TheDude

          That Auckland woman is attractive: face-wise, body-wise, and walking-wise.

          My sexual ideal is swarthy, naturally busty, voluptuous, and flaunty; my wifey/breeding ideal is plain beautiful white, preferably blonde or redhead.

          • HisGirl

            How strange! How do you reconcile the two?

          • Anonymous

            You don’t want a redhead…trust me…especially if you end up having sons. Red hair runs in my extended family and statistically, it only helps females. It hurts males. That is to say, if you are a female redhead, you are more likely than the average woman to get married and have children, but if you are a male redhead you are less likely than the average man to get married and have children.

          • HisGirl

            That’s true. I hate to say it, but I’ve never been attracted to a red-headed guy. Ugh, I feel so shallow. 🙁

          • TheDude

            Some of them are okay.

          • HisGirl

            I can concede that he is handsome, i.e. aesthetically pleasing, but I don’t find him sexually attractive.

          • TheDude

            Yeah, I see what you mean.

          • TheDude

            Well, hair color doesn’t usually show in men that much because most of them have short hair, and short hair usually looks darker than it actually is, if it can be distinguishible at all. My brown hair when slicked appears very dark, almost black. Same when I used to put gel in high school and college. So I think hair color is to an extent irrelevant in men.

            If I ever have redheaded sons, they can still be attractive by having the right attitude or being successful in life. Other things tend to matter more than looks in men. But anyway, that’s not very likely to happen since my fiancée is blonde, although we have red hair in both our ancestries.

          • HisGirl

            Just out of curiosity, to what do you attribute your sexual preference for “swarthy” women? I assume you are white yourself. I find this fascinating, because it makes me wonder what your tastes would have been had you been born a thousand years ago in northern Europe, with nary a swarthy woman to lay your eyes on. Have you ever wondered about it?

          • TheDude

            I am white, but I frankly don’t know why I’m attracted to that type. At first I thought it was because these women were out of my tribe, that it was attributed to some kind of conquering desire, but then I realized I wasn’t as much attracted to black and Asian women. But I still don’t rule that out completely. So again, I don’t know. It may be hereditary; it may be psychological. I hope it’s the latter. I don’t want to pass it on to my sons or my grandsons. I’d very much want them to stick to their race.

            If I were an eleventh-century Scandinavian, I would’ve just did with what I had around me. I would’ve probably never seen a non-(Nordic) white woman in my life. And as they say, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”.

        • HisGirl

          I don’t know about most men. I know that is the image that has been pushed in mass media as the ideal for several decades.

          Blond hair is certainly beautiful, eye-catching and relatively rare, which contributes to its appeal. My man prefers brunettes, always has. He also likes my petite frame and small perky breasts. I am a 30-something white woman, but God in his infinite wisdom saw fit to give me the body of a perpetually 16-year-old Asian girl. Luckily, he also saw fit to make me a guy who thinks I’m perfect.

          I think a slim tan blonde with full breasts is probably the most coveted female in most of the developed world. However, I think that men are influenced by status considerations. This type has been “advertised” as the highest-status female a man can get, and I think that has a lot to do with its ubiquitousness in male fantasy. Despite that, I think that there are a lot of men who are much more excited by other types. Some will admit it openly, while others know they are “supposed” to find the big-breasted blonde most attractive and will pretend they do for appearances’ sake.

          All that said, however, the woman in the video does have fairly full breasts under that rather shapeless top she’s wearing. She’s by no means flat.

  • Since the white NZ woman in the video is an actress, I suppose she’s been brainwashed into a pro-diversity mindset and will soon move to NYC where she can better pursue her career and enjoy diversity firsthand. Auckland is just too boring for a modern woman seeking diversity.

    In NYC she can enjoy the aggressive masculinity of black and Hispanic males, which starkly contrasts with the shyness and respect shown by the white male. She can also marry black and begin pumping out mulatto sprogs. When black hubby finds another white woman and tosses her to the vultures, she’ll try to go back to NZ with her sprogs. I hope they reject her.

    • HisGirl

      She is actually Maori.

      Edit: Well, now I’m not sure. I just Googled her and she doesn’t really look Maori, but nor does she look completely white. I’m not sure what her ancestry is, but there’s definitely something exotic in the mix.

      • Augustus3709

        Haven’t you heard, “exotic” is a new trigger word. It’s highly offensive and makes non Whites hide under their blankets.

        • HisGirl

          I will be sure to sprinkle it liberally throughout my conversation. 😉

  • Christorchaos

    Here is a college professor tying himself up in knots to try to prove that it is at least possible that what everybody with any lick of sense knows is true (including liberal Joyce Carol Oates) about this video is not true.

  • DavidLAlbert

    I’m 60 and I would gladly move to New Zealand if I had the means. I am so disgusted with this country. The liberties espoused here have given rise to the vote of the ignorant. The ignorant now outnumber the intelligent. Let me show you my shocked face! I grew up in a rich green Virginia countryside. I fished in the rivers and hiked along the Blue Ridge mountains. I would give it all up for the chance to live out my last days in a place where I don’t have to hear “Laquasha or Mokepeshia!”

    • newscomments70

      That region has ethnic and liberal problems as well…they are just different version of the same thing. Look up anti-white crime in New Zealand, there are several stories.

  • Christorchaos


    was bothered precisely twice – once by someone asking directions.

    And the guy who asked for directions (@1:27) appears to be black!

    2) @:22 Yep, right withing a few inches of a street construction crew … and still no harassment!

  • SubersivusMagnus

    OK, so now have such a woman walk the streets of Monroeville Liberia or Soweto South Africa. She won’t live to see the end of the day.

    • Stan D Mute

      Why stop at one? Let’s fill up a dozen cruise ships with them. Start them in South Africa and the ones who survive can go next to Zimbabwe and the survivors thence to Congo and so on until either no more survivors or no more negro run countries to visit. Sadly, I believe any who would take the offer to go are beyond learning the lesson. They’ll blame “white racism” right up to the moment the negro takes the last breath from their lungs. But I also believe there to be many who will pay lip service to the vile lies, but know in the private recesses of their minds that it is all a giant lie. These are the ones who refuse to live among diversities or go where the diversities go for recreation. The former group is incurable and the latter must be forced to openly embrace reality.

  • LHathaway

    Not to excuse the men who perhaps, go over the line, and give women a hard time, but I’d be curious to know how far below replacement level is the birth rate in New Zealand?

    The programming, for whites, is working as intended. ‘Men’ are too afraid to approach a women, outside of the internet, and in most cases, men would be better off having not approached them. What is the message (again) of this video? Don’t talk to white women. We need to protect white women Even More from dirty, smelly, racist, sexist men (who you would be if you talked to them) who it would be gross to even talk to.

    This is the point in my rant where the ‘white knights’ usually rush to defend womanhood, or the women I’ve ‘insulted’. They do so like a dog salivating at the sound of a dinner bell. Perhaps they think this will make them first pick. Perhaps they think black men won’t beat them up, if they maintain political correctness. If they keep up in their efforts, and they appear reasonably strong and healthy, maybe they will be picked. Keeping up could be a lifelong effort. Instead of using the word ‘them’, earlier, perhaps I should have said ‘these victims’?

    • TheDude

      White men do approach and flirt with women. They just don’t do it like dogs during breeding season.

  • Caucasoid88

    There is a video that just came out with a good looking guy getting catcalled in NY. A lot. Everyone has their problems. It seems not-whites and liberal women are simply louder about theirs.

    • LHathaway

      Called to by women, I hope!

      • Caucasoid88

        Bout 75 percent women, 25 percent ‘mos.

  • HisGirl

    Removing my erroneous comment… my bad! 🙂

  • mrfinoni

    It was a huge fail for the feminazis. I have discussed this with my friends. The lefty women set up an experiment and proved that not all men are pigs, just some men. The oppressed women justified racist attitudes towards Black men and to a lesser extent Latino. they have been back pedalling since. Even the White women I talked laughed as they new only Black men display consistent boorish behaviour in public. The feminists accidentally gave White men a major victory. they inadvertantly let the cat out of the bag. How will the feminazis feel when their macho Black Muslims take over. It will be their Utopia as they are beaten bullied and raped by the enlightened 3rd worlders.

    • HisGirl

      They’ll probably love every minute of it. A strident, rebellious woman is more often than not a woman who is seeking to be put in her place. That’s why the more white men concede to them, the more outrageous and provocative they become. They are like angry children acting out as extremely as they can in the subconscious hope that their overly-permissive parents will finally give them a spanking and set some firm boundaries. If the white men won’t do it, their replacements surely will.

      • Pearlbuck

        Some white men are up to the task. At least one is.

        • HisGirl

          I found one, too, so that’s at least two of you! Hope springs eternal…

          • Pearlbuck

            Well, I *am* one, actually. I made this account quickly and anonymously and just threw that name down for some reason. Anyway, congrats.

          • HisGirl

            Oh, I know you are, that’s why I said “two of you”. Thank you. 🙂

      • TheDude

        Come on. The fact that the female finds pleasure in being submissive in certain contexts aside, you don’t think any of these feminists just want to be treated with dignity as equally valued members of the society? You don’t believe some of them are genuinely offended at the double standard in treatment, or at women being viewed as mere decorative elements and/or breeding machines, depending on the society? That they’re free game if they’re not dressed the right way? Aren’t those legitimate reasons for anger?

        It’s that kind of self-depreciating attitude that makes me want to slap a woman unconscious more than anything else.

        By the way, some of them do campaign along with Africans and Middle Easterners for a better treatment of women in those regions (full of blacks and Muslims), and they use the same marxist language with them as they here. Legislation concerning women has been going leftward these recent years in some of these dreaded Muslim countries.

        The only reason they keep focusing on white men is the same reason all liberals, men and women alike, keep focusing on white men when it comes to out-of-line behavior: they don’t want to sound racist and want to remain politically correct. It’s the same reason many liberals throw fits at Christian fundies saying “God hates f**s” while giving a free pass to Muslims.

        They also cut blacks and Middle Easterners more slack because they believe they have been oppressed historically and/or presently.

        And there won’t be any replacements to white men. The white dudes are here to stay.

        • HisGirl

          Women in western nations ARE treated with dignity as equally-valued members of society. Where anyone gets the absurd notion that they’re not is beyond me.

          I do not agree there is a “double standard”, a phrase which implies unfairness. There are different standards for men and women because – gasp! – men and women are different, and that’s perfectly equitable.

          Women ARE decorative elements, to varying degrees, regardless of all other considerations; anyone who thinks otherwise must never have looked at them.

          Breeding machines? Western women haven’t been viewed that way in a long time, some would say to our demographic detriment. Societies that do view women that way are none of my concern, nor any business of western feminists.

          Most of western society strongly disagrees with the idea that a woman is “free game” if she is dressed a certain way; but to ignore that dressing a certain way is likely to inspire less-than-chivalrous thoughts and/or behavior in men is to ignore biological reality.

          So, no, I don’t think any of those things are reasons for anger, legitimate or otherwise, in western women. As a woman, I will stick with my opinion that the source of most female frustration and acting-out is exactly what I said: the failure of men to collectively assert their dominance and rein it in. In fact, when men first capitulated to feminism, those who opposed it could see exactly what was going on and predicted our current state of affairs with amazing and excruciating accuracy.

          As for being self-depreciating, I am not doing that in the least. A society that recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of each sex and structures itself accordingly depreciates neither and elevates both to their natural glory. I hold myself in good regard. My husband is the boss, and I treat him like a king, *because he deserves it*. In return, he treats me like a princess and keeps me in line when I get ornery. I have never been so cherished, safe and secure in my life.

          • TheDude

            Some of my descriptions concerned other societies. There are still many sexist and depreciating behaviors in Western societies regarding women. It’s just so defeatist to take every problem and add to “to a certain extent”, then it’s okay. You’re merely minimizing each of my point without denying it altogether, which is an easy way out. The exact opposite attitude of that has allowed women to vote, participate in politics, allowed a higher percentage of them to get an education, and more, which is what feminism has done up till today. You should be thankful. You’re ingatefully spitting on all these efforts and regard them as mere “women acting out”. The only reason you feel comparatively safer and more valued in Western society is because of the efforts put by these feminists you despise. That’s the main reason we’re not like some Middle Eastern societies.

            “those who opposed it could see exactly what was going on and predicted our current state of affairs with amazing and excruciating accuracy.”

            What current state of affairs?!

          • HisGirl

            You are wrong. Northern European women have always enjoyed a position in society far higher than women anywhere else in the world. I believe in a family vote, so you’re not going to get me with that one. Education was available to women long before feminism. Basically, you and I have utterly different views on the sexes. Where you see “sexist and depreciating behaviors”, I see natural differences. I think we can call this an impasse and agree to disagree.

            Btw, I was not trying to minimize your points. I genuinely disagree that they are even issues. That was MY point. 🙂

          • TheDude

            Just one example on Northern Europe: Marital rape was only made illegal in the 1960’s in Scandinavia.* You can spit in the face of those feminists acting out for making that happen. And today, people in the Western World act all surprised outraged when they see this behavior accepted among Middle Easterners.

            In most of Europe, up until the 20’s century, women weren’t allowed to go out unchaperoned by a male guardian, just like today’s Saudi Arabia. If this attitude remained to this day, they would still not be allowed to drive a car on their own.

            I could cite you many examples of the sort. But I’ll sum it up like this: the conservative attitudes of Christian Europeans a few centuries ago were almost a carbon copy of today’s Saudis’ or Iranians’ (homosexuals executed by the State, literature bowdlerized, ridiculously strict decency laws (whatever you wore today when you went out was considered outrageous and indecent a century ago in Europe), sickening puritanism, etc). The only reason Westerners feel so superior to Muslims today (in their social attitudes, not achievements) is because many of these backward behaviors (that were defeatingly attributed to God, nature, or whatever) have been eradicated and so we’re not used to them anymore. And that’s thanks to changes brought by years of struggle from the very people you despise, against the “hey, that’s how God/nature intended it, what are you gon’ do!” folks.

            If you listen to today’s Arabs, they have exactly the same arguments (religion, “that’s just how things are”).

            And if you can’t conceive that a woman can have an independent political position and opinion, and vote accordingly, then you are depreciating women.



          • HisGirl

            Marital rape was not considered rape. A husband and wife were considered to have a legal right to the sexual use of each other’s bodies. Yes, both of them.

            I have no idea where your second assertion about chaperonage by a male guardian comes from. It flies in the face of everything I know about historical Europe, and I have done a LOT of research on this topic. Nowhere have I ever seen any evidence of this chaperonage requirement, and I have seen a lot to the contrary.

            Your comparison of Christian Europe to Saudi Arabia or Iran is ridiculous. The existence of standards of modesty and distinct sex roles in any two societies does not make them the same. These things exist in every society, it is a matter of degree. The historical clothing of Christian Europe would be considered indecent by modern Saudi Arabia and Iran, and the freedom women had to move about would be likewise scandalous and immoral.

            I find it ironic that you berate me for my ingratitude in “despising” feminists, while in the same breath you denigrate the entire history and culture of your ancestors by calling them “backward” and “defeatist”.

            The things you are talking about are no longer applicable to modern society, as you yourself have stated. Which brings me back to the original statement: today’s feminists have nothing to be so angry about. They are simply acting up because no one is stopping them.

          • TheDude

            Of course it wasn’t considered rape in yesteryear. I mean, the man does pay the dowry when the woman gets handed to him by the father. And, as such, he is entitled to enjoy her whenever he pleases. “I bartered two cows for your fat a** with that haggling old man of yours so you can tell me ‘I’m tired tonight’?!”

            Okay. More seriously, there is such a thing as marital rape, as the husband can physically force his wife to sex at a moment she doesn’t want to. And some do. That’s marital rape.

            Rarely did women go out unchaperoned in Europe. Especially upper-class women. That was very much socially unacceptable and indecent.

            I called some of my ancestors backward and defeatists, because they were. Thinking gay sex warrants the death penalty, that’s pretty backward, regardless of how one feels about homos. And that was just as early as the 19th-century England.

            Okay, you’re not suggesting current jeans, sleeveless shirts and (not necessarily short) skirts for women wouldn’t have been perceived as indecent a century ago? Today, they’re not.

            You weren’t only talking about today’s feminists. You said that previous feminists have led to us to our current (miserable, I suppose?) “state of affairs”.

            You say these things aren’t applicable to modern society. The reason there is such a thing as modern society, as opposed to the old one, is the changes in attitudes, mentalities, and legislations regarding many social issues, thanks to efforts made by theym darn femineysts. It’s not just the technology alone that makes the modern society modern.

            But even when it comes to today’s feminists. It’s all about the issue. I disagree with them on some issues. But on this one for example, street harassment, I’m glad they’re acting on it. And I wish it gets outlawed. I wouldn’t want to know my sister harassed on the streets when I’m not with her.

      • Malgus

        Agree with most of what you say, except “their replacements”.

        I have little tolerance for stupidity, rebelliousness, abuse, etc. Willful or otherwise. “Acting out” is included in that. In past relationships, it was “One and done”. You want to be in this relationship, then this is how you are expected to behave. Violate that, you get a warning. Violate it again, you’re gone. Pack your s—, you’re fired. I don’t have to put up with that and there’s millions more where you came from…

        I’m an Alpha, and I married an Alpha female. I didn’t want a servant or a toy. I wanted a partner, and I found one. Our relationship has been… interesting… about how you would expect with two strong personalities living in the same space. Compounding the problem is that she is a twin, which brings in a whole new dynamic. Vying with and competing with her twin sister growing up? Yeah, there’s been some blowback on this end.

        I give her a lot of lead and there’s always going to be give-and-take, but when it comes down to brass tacks, we have a “Come To Jesus” conversation – You are out of line and this is why. Your actions will not be tolerated. But those are admittedly rare.

        Or when there is some type of crisis – the family looks to me to make the hard decisions and to lead. I don’t mind input from other sources – the main job of a “Number 1” is to question every decision and offer possible alternatives. I don’t care where good ideas come from. But that doesn’t include usurping authority and overriding the Chief Executive. Not gonna happen.

    • LHathaway

      Actually, in all societies, men are more likely to be assaulted. I heard someone proclaim the other day, “When men fight, it is always really over women”. At first, I dismissed the comment.

    • TheDude

      “How will the feminazis feel when their macho Black Muslims take over.”

      Blacks and Muslims will never take over anything. The formers can’t feed a family of four; as for the latters, we’re bombing the c out of them for trying to set up their caliphate miles away from us, let alone if they try that s here.

  • bubo

    A year or so ago there was a video of a young woman walking through a city in Europe, possibly Brussels, Belgium or perhaps the Netherlands and having much the same unwanted attention as the lady in New York. The video was full of muslim and African men making crude gestures and generally acting like rabid animals at the sight of an attractive white woman walking by herself. Is that really what leftists want for their daughters?

    • SlizzardAjeosshi

      NO it’s what they want for the daughters of white working class families

  • Itooktheredpill

    I was born and raised in New York so I have a fair amount of experience regarding this kind of behavior. 99.99% of it is done by blacks and hispanics. I have often spoken to my white girlfriends about it and 99.99% of them find it revolting and in no way appealing what so ever.

    I have then gone on to speak to some of my hispanic acquaintances about it and they genuinely think its a viable way to attract women. Of course they are absolutely correct when talking about black and hispanic women I have seen it work many times. But thats not surprising based on their low IQ and primitive nature.

    I have NEVER seen it work on a white woman. Does not stop them from trying though.

    • LHathaway

      I took the red pill, too. Was probably a mistake on my part.

      • Itooktheredpill

        No way “unplugging from the matrix” has genuinely made my life better and made me a better more mature person. Its not just regarding the racial question but many other aspects regarding life on this planet . In this case ignorance is not bliss. I like to face my problems not bury my head in the sand. Survival of the fittest.

  • Elleborus

    I find more concerning that 80% of the passers by in the video are not white.

  • SlizzardAjeosshi

    A quick update on the Shoshana Roberts affair: apparently in order to deflect allegations of rayssssissssmmmm the production company behind it is now claiming they filmed a lot of harassing white guys but for some mysterious reason they got edited out.

    No further comment needed

    • OS-Q

      Ha! The Huffington post article mentioned that, and their mods probably deleted about a 100 comments and replies mocking it or even just pointing it out. Including several of mine with various levels of snark. They seem less likely to delete an initial post, but much more likely to get rid of a reply if it disputes comments that are on their side.

  • Mord

    Her shirt is all wrong. It should have been close to skin-tight to emulate the video from NYC. I should be careful, I could be accused of sexism for saying women are perceived differently based on what clothes they wear…