Actor Who Played Somali Pirate in Tom Hanks Film Jailed for Attacking Men

Express, November 20, 2014

Mohammed Abdi had a minor role in the 2013 Tom Hanks movie Captain Phillips, which tells the story of the takeover of an oil tanker.

The sentencing judge told the court he had seen the film “more than once”, and had thought the actors playing the pirates were “fantastic”.

However, the court heard that Abdi was also part of a mob who ambushed rivals as they were coming out of south Manchester takeaways.

Mohammed Abdi

Mohammed Abdi

In the first attack, the victim was on his way out of a friend chicken shop when his assailants, led by Abdi, pulled up in a Nissan Micra and set upon him.

The man was kicked unconscious and suffered a fractured cheekbone before being bundled into a car, driven off, and released after an hour.

Prosecutor Katy Jones said Abdi had previously been involved in a fraud case with the victim, and called him a “grass” before the attack on March 2 last year.

The victim suffered a brain haemorrhage in the aftermath of the assault.

On August 17 this year, Abdi also took part in a gang attack on a man suspected of insulting his friend at a bakery.

The victim was cut on the arm after Abdi attacked him with a bottle in front of horrified staff and customers.

David Temkin, defending, said there was “another side” to Abdi, who had a well-paid sales job and had enjoyed the “privileged experience’ of nine weeks filming in Morocco after being cast in Captain Phillips.

Jailing Abdi, 29, of Moss Side, for two-and-half years after he admitted two GBH charges, the Judge Martin Rudland said it was a “great shame” to see him in the dock for the “deplorable” attacks after his role in the film.

He commented: “When I watched this film, I thought where have they got these fantastic Somali actors from? They are extremely convincing.”

Describing the first incident, Judge Rudland said: “It’s a whisker between behaviour of this sort and death, but you were completely unmindful of that.”

Abdi’s accomplices in that attack, Mohammed Omar Ali, 33, of Longsight, and Hamid Hassan, 27, of Hulme, were jailed for two years after admitting GBH.

His accomplices in the second attack, Ismail Warsama, 30, of London, and Abdi Arteh, of Moss Side, were handed 12-month suspended sentences after admitting affray.

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  • Easyrhino

    When I read the article title I wondered who the hell could this guy attack as the Somalis are all about 120 lbs dripping wet then I read:

    “Abdi was also part of a mob”

    and it made perfect sense.

  • TruthBeTold

    The age of the actor is long gone.

    ‘Actors’ are picked for roles not because they know how to act (play a wide range of characters as in Shakespeares’ day) but because they ARE the character they’re portraying.

    Actors are a dime a dozen today. Producers and directors just pick someone who fits the role (as opposed to an actor who creates the role).

    • IstvanIN

      A one-note Nelly who can only portray himself.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      They look good at playing the part because they are not acting; they are being their natural self.


    • none of your business

      That’s what I thought, just grab any random Somalian male between 20 and 40 and there is a pirate.

    • Nancy

      As a part-time actor myself, I can tell you that many jobs (say, the last commercial I was in) was looking for “realistic” actors (which was a euphemism for “non-union”) because they didn’t pay as much. If you didn’t have an agent, even better. The other woman in my scene wasn’t even an actor: she was there with her kid, who actually got the role, but they liked “her look” and cast her on the cheap.

      Sure, it makes for realistic scenes, if the person can memorize lines and speak naturally. And it’s more economical for them, as they don’t have to pay union fees or residuals. But there’s still an “art” to it…and especially an art to auditioning a “cold read” in a convincing way.

      Still, for me, it was the easiest $500 I ever made, for essentially one day’s work. (I would’ve done it for free.)

  • superlloyd

    Inter somali fighting I think. Importing their dysfunctional pathology into the Uk. Ah, the richness of unwanted diversity. Brings a tear to the eye. What would we have done without the flotsam and jetsam of the third world?

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “there was another side to Abdi, who had a well-paid sales job and had enjoyed the “privileged experience’ of nine weeks filming in Morocco”

    Impossible. My college professors assured me that poverty and poverty alone causes minority violence.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      …and only white people experience “privilege.”


  • EiSkogsNisse

    David Temkin, defending, said there was “another side” to Abdi, who had a well-paid sales job and had enjoyed the “privileged experience’ of nine weeks filming in Morocco after being cast in Captain Phillips.

    Well that’s just a lot of modern newspeak for Abdi is a Negro and thus will behave like one.

    • Mahound

      Somalis ain’t negros. I mean, they’re not bantu. They look like blacks because of their colour, but they’re not officially bantu. Very primitive folks sure, but that still doesn’t make them negro.

      • none of your business

        You are right, they are not Bantus. They are supposedly the results of pre Arab people from S. Arabia migrating to E. Africa thousands of years ago mixing with native black Africans. During the wars in which the USA has been so ridiculous to send troops the local somalians taunt our black troops by calling them gorillas.

      • Michigan Patriot

        You are wrong; do you homework.

      • PvtCharlieSlate

        Close enough for government work.

      • EiSkogsNisse

        While it is true that Somalis are not Bantus they are still black which makes the term Negro appropriate anyway.

        • me

          Or some other name that will get me the ban hammer….

      • nBmnp

        Exactly, they are Eurasians who have been blackified by thousands of generations without seasons, therefore no ability to control their impulses or plan for the future.

        They are the living proof how a white welfare-state would evolve if it were stable for such a long time.

        • ATBOTL

          East Africans are Semites mixed with earlier Eurasian migrants mixed with non-Bantu Africans. Their gene pool is quite diverse and includes contributions from various lost races. They have genetic connections to South Indians too.

  • OyVey00

    “When I watched this film, I thought where have they got these fantastic Somali actors from? They are extremely convincing.”

    No wonder, they probably weren’t acting. Threatening, assaulting and robbing people is just what they usually do.

  • superlloyd

    Interesting to note that the crime occurred outside a fried chicken shop.

  • For dark skins like the Somali, two and half years of three hots and a cot is no punishment at all. Neither is being lectured by a judge. I’m sure that pirate-boy was laughing at the judge as he was led back to his cell. A good beating like he gave his victims is the only thing these thick-headed dark skins understand. He’ll be in trouble again, quite possibly for murder next time.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      He will most likely get a scholarship to Harvard or Yale when he gets out.


    • Rhialto

      What punishment would be appropriate for the people responsible for Abdi being in the UK? In my opinion, more than 2 1/2 years of incarceration, much much more!

      • me

        The people responsible for mass immigration in the UK and USA should have to go to ‘da mudderland’ with the savages, and live out their days in the living hell ‘diversity’ that they’re so fond of….

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    “David Temkin, defending, said there was “another side” to Abdi,…”

    There is also another side to us, so-called, racists. Leave us alone and stop importing garbage into our neighborhoods, and we won’t hate minorities (who incidentally are NOT a minority). The only whites who don’t hate these people are the ones who don’t have to live or work around them on a daily basis.


  • dd121

    I doubt if that guy could even be a NJ cab driver.

  • dd121

    I doubt if that guy could even be a NJ cab driver.

  • dd121

    I doubt if that guy could even be a NJ cab driver.

  • none of your business

    The Somalians didn’t have to act, they just looked and behaved naturally.

  • a1781054

    No wonder he played the character so well – it was true to life.

  • Doomispixulated

    Think garden of Eden, and I’m not talking about Adam, Eve or the apple.

    • me

      Children of ‘Darkness’. Hee hee.

  • JInSanD

    According to Wikipedia, under the article entitled “Negroid”, African blacks are broken into two district groups. Congoid is what we think of as negroid and the rest are Capoids.

    Attached is a pretty interesting 1895 race map of the world from the article. I think it holds up more accurately than present day thinking.

    • JInSanD


  • We can see that Abdii’s role as “pirate” was actually a cameo appearance.

  • Anna Tree

    Arabs with little bantu admixture, therefore their Caucasoid features. Their skin colour seems to be mostly an environmental adaptation (convergent evolution) like with the Indians and Australoids.


    According to Y chromosome studies by Sanchez et al. (2005), Cruciani et al. (2004, 2007), the Somalis are paternally closely related to other Afro-Asiatic-speaking groups in Northeast Africa.[70][71][72] Besides comprising the majority of the Y-DNA in Somalis, the E1b1b1a (formerly E3b1a) haplogroup also makes up a significant proportion of the paternal DNA of Ethiopians, Sudanese, Egyptians, Berbers, North African Arabs, as well as many Mediterranean populations.[71][73] Sanchez et al. (2005) observed the M78 subclade of E1b1b in about 77% of their Somali male samples.[70]
    According to Cruciani et al. (2007), the presence of this subhaplogroup
    in the Horn region may represent the traces of an ancient migration
    from Egypt/Libya.[72] After haplogroup E1b1b, the second most frequently occurring Y-DNA haplogroup among Somalis is the West Asian haplogroup T (M70).[74]
    It is observed in slightly more than 10% of Somali males. Haplogroup T,
    like haplogroup E1b1b, is also typically found among populations of
    Northeast Africa, North Africa, the Near East and the Mediterranean.[75][76]


    According to mtDNA studies by Holden (2005) and Richards et al. (2006), a significant proportion of the maternal lineages of Somalis consists of the M1 haplogroup.[77][78] This mitochondrial clade is common among Ethiopians and North Africans, particularly Egyptians and Algerians.[79][80] M1 is believed to have originated in Asia,[81] where its parent M clade represents the majority of mtDNA lineages.[82] This haplogroup is also thought to possibly correlate with the Afro-Asiatic language family:[78]

    “We analysed mtDNA variation in ~250 persons from Libya, Somalia, and
    Congo/Zambia, as representatives of the three regions of interest. Our initial results indicate a sharp cline in M1 frequencies that generally does not extend into sub-Saharan Africa. While our North and especially East African samples contained frequencies of M1 over 20%, our sub-Saharan samples consisted almost entirely of the L1 or L2 haplogroups only. In addition, there existed a significant amount of homogeneity within the M1 haplogroup. This sharp cline indicates a history of little admixture between these regions. This could imply a
    more recent ancestry for M1 in Africa, as older lineages are more diverse and widespread by nature, and may be an indication of a back-migration into Africa from the Middle East.”[78]

    Autosomal DNA

    According to an autosomal DNA study by Hodgson et al. (2014), the Afro-Asiatic languages were likely spread across Africa and the Near East by an ancestral population(s) carrying a newly identified non-African genetic component, which the researchers dub the “Ethio-Somali”. This Ethio-Somali component is today
    most common among Afro-Asiatic-speaking populations in the Horn of Africa. It reaches a frequency peak among ethnic Somalis, representing the majority of their ancestry. The Ethio-Somali component is most closely related to the Maghrebi non-African genetic component, and is believed to have diverged from all other non-African ancestries at least 23,000 years ago. On this basis, the researchers suggest that the original Ethio-Somali carrying population(s) probably arrived in the pre-agricultural period from the Near East, having crossed over into northeastern Africa via the Sinai Peninsula. The population then likely split into two branches, with one group heading westward toward the Maghreb and the other moving south into the Horn.[83]

    HLA antigens

    The analysis of HLA antigens has also helped clarify the possible background of the Somali people, as the distribution of haplotype frequencies vary among population groups.[84] According to Mohamoud et al. (2006):[85]

    “HLA antigens of the Somali population are not categorised as well as those of other international ethnic groups. We analysed the HLA antigens of 76 unrelated Somalis who lived in the west of England. HLA -A, -B, -C and DRB1 typing was performed by polymerase chain reaction using sequence-specific oligonucleotide probes (PCR-SSOP) at a low-intermediate resolution level. Phenotype frequency, gene frequency and haplotype frequency were used to study the relationship between Somalis and other relevant populations. The antigens with highest
    frequencies were HLA -A1, A2, and A30; B7, B51 and B39; Cw7, Cw16, Cw17,
    Cw15 and Cw18; DR 13, DR17, DR8 and DR1. HLA haplotypes with high
    significance and characteristics of the Somali population are B7-Cw7,
    B39-Cw12, B51-Cw16, B57-Cw18. The result of HLA class I and class II antigen frequencies show that the Somali population appear more similar to Arab or Caucasoid than to African populations. The results are consistent with hypothesis, supported by cultural and historical evidence, of common origin of the Somali population.”[85]

  • Mybad

    You can take the black man out of Africa, but you can’t take the African out of the Black man. This was inevitable. Let his Hollywood homies save him now. They put him on that pedestal.

  • WR_the_realist

    Well, we finally have an example of an actor who did not have to pretend he was something he was not.

  • Len Guini

    Just goes to prove that you can take the Somalian out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the Somalian!

  • Abdi looks like one of the folks who pulled up and asked me last year where the leasing office here is (there isn’t one). I told them my townhouse complex is a home for people with incurable diseases. They got right the heck out of here.

  • archer

    for trying to kill someone they get 2 years?

    • me

      It’s called ‘Black Privilege’.

  • B.A_2014

    Why is the judge giving a review of captain Philip’s?

    Although I do agree with him that the film was very good and the savages playing the savages were very convincing savages.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      “Why is the judge giving a review of captain Philip’s?”

      Because the judge is an idiot. They are specially chosen by the ruling sociopaths so they can easily be manipulated. You wouldn’t want a judge that could think for himself – would you (if you were evil)?

      • me

        Ain’t that the truth! That’s why you can read about an outrageous and stupid ‘judge’ any day of the year, committing yet another travesty of ‘justice’..

    • Speedy Steve

      Not I. Hanks is little more than a propagandist, especially in Philadelphia. He was decent in Forest Gump and typecast in Bachelor Party.

  • M&S

    I don’t know to what degree of Assault the English Gross Bodily Harm corresponds to. I would have to assume that if you bust bones in the skull, it’s probably up there with ‘coulda killed him!’ Aggravated Assault And Battery (1st or 2nd degree)

    In Colorado, second and first degree assault charges are felony offenses, in line with aggravated-type assault offense definitions used nationally. According to a meta analysis compiled by the Uniform Crime Reports on violent crimes annually, there were 11,172 aggravated type assaults reported in Colorado in 2009.

    Defining Aggravated Assault in Colorado

    Assault in the third degree: Defined in Colorado as reckless acts causing bodily injury to a victim, or negligent acts with a deadly weapon causing bodily injury to a victim.

    Assault in the second degree: Defined in Colorado as acts with the intent to cause injury via the use of a deadly weapon, the reckless cause of serious injury via the use of a deadly weapon, acts with the intent to cause impairment or harm via drug or substance, or assaults committed upon law enforcement officers or public servants.

    Assault in the first degree: Defined in Colorado as acts with the intent to cause serious bodily injury via deadly weapon usage, acts with the intent to disfigure or disable a victim that actually cause such harms, and acts with the intent to cause serious bodily harm to a law enforcement officer or a public servant via the use of a deadly weapon.

    Sexual assaults, domestic assaults, other act-specific assaults, and repeat offenses of violence are chargeable as separate offenses, and in turn, carry varied definitions of the crime and different sentencing.

    Penalties for Aggravated Assault in Colorado:

    ChargeClassificationPenaltyAssault, Third DegreeMisdemeanor, Class 1 ElevatedIncarceration of not more than three (3) yearsAssault,

    Second DegreeFelony, Class 4Incarceration of four (4) to twelve (12) years, with fines not to exceed $500,000Assault,

    First DegreeFelony, Class 3Incarceration of eight (8) to twenty-four (24) years with fines not to exceed $750,000


    I can see a case for 2nd if there was no proof of a weapon in breaking the cheek bone. I can see a case for 3rd if he swung something.
    Which, to me, means he got off light.
    OTOH, as soon as they threw the victim in the car, that was unlawful detention.

    And if, in their hour long ride along, they crossed a major regional administrative demarcator as city-county-state equivalent, it likely became kidnapping.
    If someone in the Mafia did this, it would be an instant 20+ on RICO as guilt by association party mixing -and- 15 on the Kidnap.
    It’s getting to the point where you can judge the nature of criminal justice system’s over crowding and prosecutorial backlog, simply by how bad you can be and still get less than a nickel.
    I am generally easy going about crimes, I don’t believe prisons teach people to be better people, only harder felons. I also figure it’s easier to let a criminal establish proof of ongoing recidivist antisocial intent as a justification to execute after the third felony or the fifteenth misdemeanor (or some combination thereof).
    But in this case, you are talking about gang activity and often the only way to break the La Muerta code is to be arbitrary and deliberate in assigning long jail times so that there is no -support structure- by which criminality can become a mutually beneficial alibiing of bad acts as business endeavors.
    It begins small as petty frauds and protection rackets. But it never stays that way.

    • Cutting the victim in the bakery with that broken bottle would have been First Degree Assault here.

  • Token Finn

    I know for a fact that Somalis are despised in (extended) Scandinavia for their sloth and criminality and are supposedly titled the “gypsies of Africa”. Many not so racially aware people have a positive view of Kenyans, Ethiopians or whatever, because they are apparently far better behaved than Somalis.

  • Who Me?

    No idea of their origins other than what I have read on the comments here, but the look? Yes. Long, narrow faces. Deep, close-set beady eyes. Flat cheeks. Thin lips. All of them have that look. Much different from the round eyed, pump cheeked, fat lipped African-Americans we are used to putting up with on a daily basis.

  • Ants on their own are not that threatening, but you get several they are the most dangerous insect in the world