10 Hours of Walking in Riga as a Woman

YouTube, November 10, 2014

Prompted by the discussion about walking in NYC as a woman, Madara Organic Skincare decided to experiment with the same in Riga, Latvia.


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  • dmxinc

    She was the hottest of the walkers too.

    • 48224

      I wonder what would happen if you had a white boy walk through an all black neighborhood wearing a $300 pair of air jordans and expensive sunglasses???

      • JustJeff

        Does it matter? The thought of dropping some sjw in the middle of the ghetto and driving off sounds too good to pass up.

        • Reverend Bacon

          SJW = “Social Justice Warrior?” I think he meant a real warrior.

          • bilderbuster

            Single J Woman?

          • Kenner

            Ha, I had to look up SJW, all I could think of was ‘single Jewish woman’ as well!

          • bilderbuster

            That’s how it’s done in the classifieds like with SWF and I’m sure Jeff doesn’t want to drop one of them off in Michael Brown Town (MBT).

          • Social Justice Warrior.

          • Garrett Brown

            Who would want one of those?

      • antiquesunlight

        That’s actually a brilliant idea. AmRen should hire a white person to walk around the hood for 10 hours and document all the harrassment.

        • You know… as long as the hood-walker had heavily armed protection that was close enough to back him up, i’d say this is actually an amazing idea … you might even be able to document repeated attempted muggings, and for a real bonus, potentially capture an attempted mugging/assault, followed by swift justice via execution, all caught on video.

          The black individual walking in the white hood … well, that would be incredibly boring, but an excellent contrast. You might even get a few pathetic liberals fawning over him, going out of their way to greet them, and getting their “nottarayciss” points for the day…

        • Tarczan

          There is no way AmRen should allow itself to be held liable for rape or murder.

      • Garrett Brown

        That would never be allowed to happen.

    • Sick of it

      I once knew a girl from Riga who was FAR more beautiful. Too bad she went back.

      • rebelcelt

        She is plenty gorgeous. Not sure if there is much room for another woman to be far prettier.

    • OS-Q

      Frankly even if she wasn’t the best looking of the walkers I’ve seen (I think she is) she seems to have a kind and sweet personality. Petting a dog, helping a stranger, and giving an old man a flower; all things SJWs like Shoshana would probably be terrified of doing in an American city

  • Incidentally, I now think that one of the hidden agendas of the first “walking as a woman” video, the one from Manhattan, is that almost all of the “harassment” (debatable, that) that the walking woman experience was in Harlem from black men. Therefore, expect liberal/feminism to be used as the excuse to deblackify what few blacks are left in Harlem.

    • SentryattheGate

      Yet I’ll bet it’s mostly liberal white women that end up dating black and brown men. First, those women think they’re being hip/cool by doing that (dating outside their race), and secondly, those men are usually much more forward and aggressive to women (which is the complaint, right?).

      • Ike Eichenberg

        I see more what I would call trailer trash women (usually 300 pounders) with blacks than women that look like libs.

        Anecdotal and no doubt regional factors would apply.

        • SentryattheGate

          Yeah, I’ve seen that too, but I live in a university town, with a college toom so lots of young people. It’s quite common to see white girls with blacks and Hispanics (like my nieces).

        • Whitetrashgang

          Trailer woman LOL.

      • Magician

        The brunette is from USA

        The blond is from UK

        The blond paid her price for trying too hard not to be a racist.

        • The Dude

          The one on the right could use some being chased by angry black mobs.

    • Dwight

      The “harassment” from blacks can get you raped and killed. They don’t play by the rules of the white man nor do they share his empathy for women.

      • Sparky

        It started out with a “harmless” flirt. For many white women it doesn’t end there.

    • kjh64

      Actually, it’s not “debatable”. If strangers are leering, speaking or making comments to another stranger in a sexual manner in public, it’s harassment. It doesn’t matter what women wear, there is no right to harass.

      I see men wear tight jeans, short shorts or go shirtless, yet women don’t harass them. It’s one thing to notice in your head, that is perfectly normal. If I see a shirtless man in public that is ripped, I definitely notice in my mind that he’s sexy, but I don’t leer or make comments. It’s one thing for a man to notice in his mind an attractive woman but wrong to harass.

      Most women don’t want this from strangers, it IS harassment, plain and simple and women often find it threatening due to the fact that some men will escalate it to more. It’s women who fear sex crimes from men, not the reverse.

      I’ll also note that it’s almost all Blacks that do this, occasionally Hispanics but almost never Whites. The racial angle is totally ignored. I personally find that Blacks are far more sexually aggressive and White men are seldom the problem with this. If a White man notices a woman stranger in say the park, he may try to strike up a neutral conversation to such as the weather but not be leering and gross. That’s a Black thing.

      • “Actually, it’s not “debatable”. If strangers are leering, speaking or making comments to another stranger in a sexual manner in public, it’s harassment. It doesn’t matter what women wear, there is no right to harass.”

        Actually, it is. QD is clearly referring to the very large number of incidences of “harassment” in the video, which were literally a “hello” or “good afternoon” or even “hello beautiful!” That last being somewhat crude, but not quite the same as “imma drag you behind that dumpster and rape you, ho”

        Are you a rabid feminist, or are your panties just a bit twisted this evening ?

        As per your “its never okay”. Thats just one of the most pathetic womens lib bs statements of all time. Rape is never okay, “harassment” ? Really? If a woman feels the need to wear shorts where her ass is literally hanging out the bottom, or exposing 90% of her breasts as she strolls down the street, then how can anyone in their right mind think a man noticing and saying “damn youre looking good!” Is a perfectly valid reason to blow her rape whistle and break down in tears at her hirrible harassment.

        This is assinine, and a huge part of why we are where we are today in this broken down, near worthless society. Its really quite simple, if you, as a woman, want to be treated with dignity and respect as you walk down the street, then present yourself as someone worthy of being dignified and respected! Dont lower yourself to the level of the nonwhite masses and cry about how you cant do ANYTHING you want without white men bowing and scraping before you.

        Would you consider it appropriate to attend a job interview for a fortune 500 company in lacy lingerie? Perhaps in daisy duke shorts and a tube too with cleavage split down the middle? Would yoy expect the interviewer to take you seriously?

        If the answer is “of course not” then why in the world dont you, and countless other women respect yourself enough to not “toe the line” with regards to appropriate clothing? Sure, harassment isn’t okay. But guess what? Dressing like a street whore in public isn’t okay either. Unless, of course, youre a whore.

        • Exuberant Auditor

          “If a woman feels the need to wear shorts where her rear end is literally hanging out the bottom, or exposing 90% of her breasts as she strolls down the street, then how can anyone in their right mind think a man noticing and saying “damn youre looking good!” Is a perfectly valid reason to blow her rape whistle and break down in tears at her horrible harassment.”

          You’re citing the most extreme example in women’s clothing coupling it with the softest forms of harassment along with the most asinine forms of overreaction. Way to be credible!

          “Its really quite simple, if you, as a woman, want to be treated with dignity and respect as you walk down the street, then present yourself as someone worthy of being dignified and respected!”

          What most, if not all, of these harassment videos are reacting to is women getting harassed despite wearing regular, modest clothing. Unless you consider these types as not “worthy of being dignified and respected”?

          “Would you consider it appropriate to attend a job interview for a Fortune 500 company in lacy lingerie? Perhaps in daisy duke shorts and a tube too with cleavage split down the middle? Would you expect the interviewer to take you seriously?”

          Again, who the hell does that?! And even if they do, I’d just tell them to leave my office for inappropriate dressing.

          So no, harassment isn’t okay regardless of what the other person wears. Mild catcalling may be fine in certain contexts. But harassment isn’t. And no number of outlandish and extreme examples will change that.

      • LHathaway

        “If a White man notices a woman stranger in say the park, he may try to strike up a neutral conversation such as the weather in order to get her attention but not be leering and gross”

        Thanks for giving us permission to talk to you at the end (in a manner of your choosing). Good news for those not wanting to eventually be stuck grunting to each other as the only approved means of communication.

        Many women Will be offended or disappointed if a white man does just that, “If a White man notices a woman stranger in say the park, he may try to strike up a neutral conversation such as the weather in order to get her attention but not be leering and gross”.

        If the white man is a conservative it is possible the offense taken will have consequences. Actually, it’s much more physically dangerous for men, when men and women talk.

        • The Dude

          I’m pretty sure most women would be quite content with men merely coming up to them and striking neutral conversations. Worked for me in college. “Hello.” with a smile; question or remark on some newly arrived professor or students; then gradually take it up a notch from there based on how she responds. At best, you hook up; at worst, she declines and gets flattered. Depending on your level of confidence and “smoothness”, you may spice the whole thing with some cocky remarks and jokes from time to time. Helps build up the attraction.

          However, I never harassed strangers either via catcalling, leered, or making crude remarks right off the bat, regardless of what they wear. That’s just not me. I also don’t think very highly of those who do, or those who excuse those who do.

          • M&S

            Saturation Threshold. When one person says high, it’s a pleasure. When a dozen people do, expecting a taste of femininity as soft voice, smile and bright eyes, you rapidly become a Pavlovian dog barking back at the stimulus.
            Since guys have roughly a 3-4,000 word per day speaking threshold and gals are around 9,000 or more, it should be intuitive to men what it feels like to be pursued by strangers wanting to chat you up.
            Sometimes a woman wants to be a witness to the story that is life, not a character in the drama.
            We have multiple venues, including online and social where ‘with intent to hook up’ is implied by the method or location of acquaintance building.
            If you want a _neutral_ conversation, rather than a mask for something else under the cover of ‘cocky good spirits’, then you should create a situation where that is possible too.
            A dance. A shooting event. Horseback riding. A museum tour.
            It’s simple enough to limit it to a ‘singles environment’ where ‘partners will be assigned if not brought’ and to imply race and age by the type of venue. Indeed, set any rules you want including an “Are we dating or just friendly.” opening declaration at the beginning.
            But it is up to the man to understand that the first date is not a tryout for bed, it’s just a trial for personality as shared interests.
            At the same time, I have no pity for women who walk alone in a strange city without male or other female company as escorts. They are meat on heels and they should know what happens when they make themselves potential victims, especially in this accursedly ‘diverse’ world.
            But by the same token, I do not believe that the PUA community has the answers we need to get our young people interested in each other as more than another tryst. And that is what you sound like.
            We are losing generations and decades to the fact that our young men and women are arriving at puberty and then at college within a social isolate bubble that precludes them from knowing what the simple rules of etiquette are for polite conversation and being a pretty as handsome companion who acts pleased to be there and makes the partner look good in the process.
            Once upon a time, a part of growing up was going to a dance or a party with the parents, mimicking their couple status with the girl next door, instead of staying with her older sister as a ‘bed-by-9 it’s a school night!’ baby sitter. Often it was sponsored by the church or the school or the lodge.
            We need, very much, in this ‘multicultural’ environment to remanifest something like that White Identity rite of passage where the POWER and PRIVILEGE of being considered a member of your parent’s society (dressing up, eating well, hearing adults talk about important things, having your opinion asked and knowing that you will someday make similar decisions) comes with a certain expectation of enacted behaviors.
            One of which is that you _will_ share your evening with a member of the opposite sex and you _will_ be expected to remain in close company as shared conversational partnership throughout a given activity.
            It’s not just a movie. It’s a movie with Susan and her family from down the street. Emphasis on Susan.
            What age we start this imprinting process (girls and boys are -okay- as pairs, not hostile space aliens!) is up to us. One of the privileges of being parents is saying when.
            But we have to get off our high horse as to the nature of biology and psychology normalizing young people to their opposites because _it serves a real purpose_. And it has a very narrow window to activate the brain psychology within.
            PUA and the art of hook(er)ing up is a perversion of that purpose, not it’s fulfillment. By the time you’re down to PUA, you have become jaded and missed the moment where innocence can become pleasure at the simple companionship of someone who treats you tenderly.
            That threshold only happens once as the sex hormones alter brain function around 12-14 and ‘widen the scope’ of both genders emotional intelligence. If you miss it, you never develop the social and courtship talents that derive from it.
            And 1.83 kids per white woman almost .25 below sustainment levels is the proof of the damage being done our people as a result.

    • Henry Higgins

      WRONG. The idea was to ‘prove’ that jewish women face the same kind of harassment from blacks and Hispanics as WHITE women do. By white, I mean American White aka northwestern europeans aka ‘anglo-celts.’ DNA studies prove what basic eyesight and interactions with other ethnicities demonstrate, which is that we are a race unto ourselves. A study was done in Europe; the peoples from the northwest of Europe cannot be divided from one another genetically, although we are easily divided from other groups like slavs and meds.
      We founded the US, and we are the hunted in this nation we built. Blondes and redheads only have to Breathe While Blonde to know the truth, which is that hateful blacks (and jews) hate US, not the semites or even other mediterraneans. Anglo celt blondes and redheads on here have even validated my point, which is that black harassers target plain or average blondes/redheads over prettier brunettes who are anglo celt. Fairhaireds are symbolic of our whole tribe.
      Redheads are also targeted worse than blondes, as we are the most recessive/rare expression of northwestern europeans and the color orange excites reaction.
      The jews don’t want real whites to crystallize that blacks are attacking us, not them, because the next step is to figure out who is backing this hatred from blacks. Hint: it ain’t us.

      • Henry Higgins

        And if you say, then why was this jewish woman so catcalled, I’d respond, all a blonde/redhead has to do is literally BREATHE. We don’t have to spray paint our clothes on and wiggle around the ‘ghetto.’ No, we get hunted down in our own white neighborhoods while wearing loose-fitting modest clothing…for gropings and way worse than just a catcall/pickup line.

        • MannyR

          I’ve seen the video… the Tribeslady in the video
          1. Could be easily mistaken for Hispanic/ latino or Puerto Rican with a big butt
          2. Was alive and breathing
          Both reasons that minorities would try to get her number. White guys do it to just not so aggressively.

    • Charles Martel

      I work in Midtown Manhattan and while it’s difficult to be sure, it looks like she covered quite a few neighborhoods. I don’t think the catcalls were restricted to Harlem (where there are still plenty of blacks!!).

      Apparently she got none in the Financial District!

  • B.A_2014

    Be nice to your women. But do not put them on a pedestal. Riga looks like a beautiful place with the beautiful women to match.

  • Go to the company’s YouTube page and see their other videos. They are so openly Nordic they’ll likely be banned in the US. The videos, imagery and people are beautiful. I say this as a Continental, non-nordic white, btw.

    • Rick O’Shea

      Agreed. Speaking as a full blooded Celt, with very Celtic features… there’s simply no denying that the Nordic people really exemplify what is most beautiful about the white race. Now, don’t get me wrong. I reserve the highest level of affection for my own people, and for red hair/freckles and that really strongly Irish look, which I find especially beautiful in women, but yea… I think all white people acknowledge just how good the Nordic stock look.

      Not just looks, either. I think they’ve got all around excellent genetics by any measure.

      This is why, even though my own family has never produced a blonde person (plenty of red heads, and plenty of blue eyes though) that I know of, or at least certainly not the striking platinum blonde type… it still is uniquely painful to see people like that with blacks, for instance. We all know the blacks go for them because they exemplify our race, and that is also why it is more painful.

  • Truthseeker

    How nice it must be to live in a country where everyone is White. How I long to have it one day.

    • Petronius

      “If the race is good, so is the place.” – Ralph W. Emerson

  • Dwight

    Where are all the Africans? Bill Cosby not on the scene either?

    • Harley Sims

      The number of accusers is now at 13. All claiming Cosby drugged and raped them. Some were teenagers. There seems to be a definite pattern with black men around white girls.

      • Ike Eichenberg

        Reminds me of this.

  • Larry Klein

    What’s prompting this provacative video, is an incompetent empty suit running for re-election in Riga as well?

    • Xerxes22

      It is an ad by a cosmetic company for a skin cream. Of course, you would never see a commercial like this in America. Our ads must contain lots of diversity and be offensive to Whites.

  • 48224

    I think Bill Cosby would love to “mentor her” with a date rape drug.

    • MannyR

      And a pudding pop

  • Did anyone else notice all the other “10 hours walking as a ________ in ________” videos? (on Youtube) It’s become a genre unto itself.

    • TruthBeTold

      The original feminist agenda video was so sanctimonious that it was wide-open to parody.

      And the fact that the producers were so concerned about their feminist agenda that they didn’t see the obvious racial angle.

      I like to call it the video that keeps on giving.

    • OS-Q

      Great I just wasted an hour watching parodies. This is probably my favorite, though it isn’t as funny as “Walking” as a Hipster, Asian, Jew, Batman, or chile pepper I think the creator had the best point:

      “10 Hours of Walking in Berlin as a Man”

      “I’m not some object you can say ‘hello’ to!”

  • Anglo

    I need to move to Riga.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Just don’t show that video to U.S. blacks, sub-Sahara blacks, northern-African Muslims, Pakistanis, etc., or they’ll all want in and ruin the place.

  • CJ Haze

    After the video is done, it sections off into suggested videos. I would love to know what our global brothers and sisters see as suggested videos.

    I’m here in America so it’s nothing but victimization suggestions: 10 hours of… walking in a Hajib… as a drag queen… as a black man.

    Multiculturalism has brought to the states not equality, but a new class; the victim class. Perpetually oppressed and never satisfied.


      You mean, “Perpetually claiming to be oppressed and never satisfied.” right?


    I’m just glad that whoever the “walking woman” is in this video wasn’t the “walking woman” in the original NYC walker video. Judging by the reaction and harassment that was dished out to the almost frumpy looking NYC walker. This walker very well may have been sexually assaulted by some of the Homies in the original. Especially the creepy scoundrel that walked 2 feet away from her for 10 to 15 minutes after not responding to his advances.

  • DaveMed

    “Truly Nordic.”

    How stirring that is. No offense to our cousins Slavic and Mediterranean cousins, of course.

  • antiquesunlight

    What a beautiful city. It is so quiet, sophisticated, clean – white.

  • De Doc

    This is a blatantly racist video! No Africans, Hispanics or assorted swarthy skinned types are featured and, more egregiously, none of the White folks have checked their privilege!

  • oscar1609

    I want to live in Riga.

  • Guest

    Something I noticed after I saw the clip filmed in NYC was, of course, majority of the men who made her feel uncomfortable were non-white, but she goes on and blames the entire men in general.

    If the men were white, then she would not have hesitated at all to blame specifically white men, and the video clip must have been aired five hundred times a week, and all feminists around the country would have arranged a Ferguson-style riot.

    And yet I have not seen one feminist discussing that video clip. Was there any?

    • B.E.L.

      You are making a good point that I think a lot of people here do not realize…..and that is, the NYC video was of a good looking woman walking around and being cat-called by mostly black and brown men. Out of the 15 plus people I saw commenting to her, only one was for sure white and there was a second that was possibly white.

      I wouldnt be surprised that they had to scour hours and hours of footage just to find those white guys, that way she could make the comment at the end of her video, “Involving people of all backgrounds.”

  • tobytylersf

    Is this meant to encourage American feminists to move to Latvia? If so, where and how can I contribute to this fine cause?

    • MBlanc46

      What a dreadful thing to wish on the poor Latvians.

  • dd121

    News flash! Whites are civilized. Pictures at 10.

    • OS-Q

      Haha for the original vid I should have posted:

      “ALARMING NEWS: Woman with Big Posterior Harassed by Urban Youth! White Male Patriarchy to blame!”

  • ViktorNN

    I wouldn’t call Nordics “warm” but we do tend to be friendly to strangers – up to a certain point. For the most part though, we mind our own business, we don’t force ourselves upon strangers, and we wish to be treated that way by others. It’s called “being civilized.”

    • Rick O’Shea

      Except back when you were raiding and raping on my ancestors’ island, of course 🙂

      I’m only joking. I have awe and respect for Nordics, and to be honest sometimes I wonder if my people (Celts, the Irish specifically) really measure up to some of the other Northern European sub-groups.

      We certainly struggled to match other groups culturally for a long time. I’d like to think we’ve since proven it was just a cultural snag, and not a genetic one (whereas other groups have proven that it was both.)

      Still, it doesn’t matter to me in the end for the same reason it doesn’t matter to me if Jews have a 115 average IQ or Japanese are smarter and more industrious… I love my people because they’re my people, and I want them to survive for that reason. I find many things about Ireland and Irish music, artistic design, etc. to be captivating.

      I feel kinship to Nordics (and have just a dash of “Scandinavian” in me according to my DNA test, possibly from those raids ha) and I passionately hope they survive too.

    • italian guy

      I’d say you just have a bigger personal space, but i always had positive relationships with Nordics, you just need more time to open up to someone.

  • The Dude

    I can’t believe when I hear some British and Irishmen complain about “Latvian immigrants” coming to their countries, as if they came from the jungles of the Congo. They’re obviously just as European as they are. Actually, those northeastern Europeans may very well be the last ones who would still be willing to come to the West in droves. Western Europeans should welcome them with open arms.

    Unfortunately, not enough of them are coming to the New World. According to the DHS, Mexico, China, India, Dominica, and the Philippines were our top 5 countries of origins immigrants came from in the year 2013. Disheartening.

    • willbest

      Because when you are 85% white you have the luxury of arguing over being the right sort of white.

    • Charles Martel

      I think they complain because Eastern Europeans either (i) undercut wages or (ii) don’t work and collect benefits instead. I’m not aware however of any stories of these immigrants raping, robbing or killing their hosts. If they only knew how good they had it! Keep in mind their experience of Africans comes almost entirely from American TV or films where blacks are cast as high powered lawyers, honest politicians or crusading journalists.

      • The Dude

        I never understood that whole “undercutting wages”. America has always had large and continuous influxes of immigrants. And yet we managed to have a very wide prosperous middle class.

        More people who come and work simply means more consumers, which means a bigger market, which means more opportunities to invest and create new companies and new jobs (sometimes by the immigrants themselves). That’s how wealth is created.

        I’m not against having new immigrants, even in large numbers. We just need to have the right ones. And by that I mostly mean the white ones.

        • Charles Martel

          Perhaps but the economies of the countries you noted in your intial comment (Ireland and the UK) are not nearly as dynamic as the America economy.

          • Linus ByfÃ¥nelund

            Exactly how is the american economy more dynamic? Less regulation?

          • OS-Q

            I would say in the US there is more room and more untapped natural resources, as well as less red tape. There still are plenty of people here wanting to stop development and lots and lots of decaying infrastructure however. We also have cities full of basically unemployable people.

        • An increased supply in something without a demand that is increasing just as fast will result in a lower equilibrium. Simple as that.

          Mass immigration doesn’t just exert downward pressure on the wage-salary equilibrium in industries that are supposedly dependent on mass immigration, it does that economy-wide. For instance, in Chicago, the skyscraper window washers used to make $50 and hour and now they only make $28 an hour. And it’s not because the skyscrapers suddenly shrunk in height by half or the work got only half as dangerous. And it’s not the kind of work that Juan, Jose and Raul do, it’s because of the domino effect of mass immigration hitting Chicago hard.

        • Linus ByfÃ¥nelund

          You are wrong. Wealth is not generated by a bigger market, but by more efficent production trough machines. If it was just the size of the market, India and China would be the richest nations on earth. China didnt take off until some get-rich-quick crazy americans started to ship entire factories to them. You seem to think that total GNP equals wealth, but GNP/capita is far more indicative of wealth.

          • The Dude

            I said that wealth was created by investing and creating companies. But those companies would be worthless if there wasn’t a market to consume the product.

            The reason the U.S. became wealthy was that there was a big market of people abroad willing to buy its products. That’s where big populations come in handy.

          • Brian david Riley

            Handy for whom you Americans.? You became wealthy because your ancestors annexed a vast continent from the native Americans.
            A big population constantly growing is not handy for India but a handicap. It not a handicap for you – yet. The US is a young star with bags of territorial hydrogen, India will soon be a red giant — excuse the astronomical analogies.

          • The Dude

            The land in itself is worthless; it’s what you do with it. The Amerindians had the land for centuries, but didn’t do much more than constant tribal warfare in it.

            The USA became wealthy because of greedy white guys who innovated, invested, and made successful products that were marketed worldwide, because of cheap labor that took the form of a constant flow of immigrants (especially Irishmen), and also because of an ever-growing consumer base to market our products and services locally.

            The American territory is still vast and can host the triple of today’s population. If the economy remains just as vibrant, that would ensure us the place of the number one world economy. That doesn’t mean we have to get there or swell the population by that much. But if we have to, I’d rather it be a white one, even if this means opening the doors the hordes of Eastern Europeans.

        • ViktorNN

          Lots of people and a larger market does not necessarily mean that society will become wealthier. Just look at India – billions and billions of people, but truly frightening levels of poverty.

          As far as immigration goes, it should be driven by carefully designed policies which keep the labor market tight, and only add new citizens who are highly productive or have the potential to be highly productive. Unfortunately, in the US, we have the exact opposite of this kind of policy.

          Wealth can be created by a small number of highly productive people making x amount of money with just their brainpower, or it can be made by vast numbers of people making x amount of money with their backs.

          Guess which country is more likely to be a first world nation with a high standard of living and high quality of life?

        • Brian david Riley

          We in the UK know that most east Europeans are honest and hard working( with the exception of the Roma) But its a question of quantity not quality. We have 265 persons per sq km, you have 35. in order to have our population density you would have to increase your numbers by two billion! Take in the whole population of China and you would still be less crowded than us. At the other extreme European Russia has only 30 persons per sq km. The entire white population of the US could move there and it would still be less than half as crowded as the UK — perhaps you should be learning to speak Russian ! Putin has been worried about Russia s falling population and hey its not a commie country anymore.

    • OS-Q

      White people are more acceptable targets, complaints about blacks or “Asians” are often censored or not noted.

    • Most of those types of complaints in the U.K. seem to be against eastern European immigrants, in particular complaints from people like Farage. I have heard it said, though I have my doubts about this claim, that it is a way to refer to gypsies, the Roma, without actually doing so explicitly because to do so, to refer to immigrants by race is apparently either criminalized already in Britain or so taboo it’s considered politically toxic, which is cowardice in the extreme if so.

      So, instead of saying gypsies, they talk about eastern Europeans which leaves Americans like you and me scratching our heads and wondering what they have against Romanians (not Roma). I’m not sure I really buy that story though; it seems a bit convoluted to me.

      • mancinblack

        England has become the most densely populated country in Europe and the fourth most densely populated in the world which alone is reason enough to end all immigration and politely ask people to leave. Then there’s the thousands of self employed Brits in the building trade who have been undercut and put out of work by east Europeans, who, having eliminated the competition, put their prices up higher than the Brits were charging. please remember, Britain is a small island and the British have a right to protect their own culture and traditions (like not eating swans bream and perch) ,

        • Oh, I get that there is sincere feeling of “the other” when a Brit deals with, say, a white guy from Poland or from Romania. That’s why I think it’s all a bit confusing if these terms are used interchangeably or cryptically to refer variously to the native white folk of these regions and also to the invader Indian-descended Roma migrants.

          I think one of the biggest problems Brits have in general in recognizing the true identity of their occupiers is that most are focused on the Muslims and the rest on traditional historic beefs with various white nations, of which there are many. French, Germans, and anyone else seems quite not British, quite true yet also quite exclusionary and makes Brits more easily pointed at various white patsies as scapegoats than at their true enemy.

          • mancinblack

            Indeed, even some British ‘nationalists’ seem to think we are still fighting WWII. The Muslim issue, aside from the rape gang issue, is one played up by the media and the result of government policy at home and in the M E.
            I had some second generation eastern European friends at school and in truth they were no different than the rest of us. However, as someone with a strong European identity (I’d seen all of Europe west of the old iron curtain by the age of twelve) I feel that Europe is losing it’s natural diversity and the things I love about my continent as a result of EU policy.
            What the British truly lack is racial loyalty, although we can have that in our own countries, but I see increasing racial loyalty as a prerequisite to the majority discovering the identity of our true enemy.

      • Copyright101

        I think there is something in that. The MSM and mainstream politics allow almost no criticism of non-whites but we are allowed to grumble about Poles. We are allowed to complain about Romanians but not Roma/gypsies. So to some extent complaints about East Europeans are dog whistling, most people who are half-way switched on arent overly concerned about other whites, or rather its less important by orders of magnitude. Looking online – any uncensored discussion rarely focuses on E. Europeans.

        Having said that the media hypocrite liars here seem to have had some success conflating Romanians/Roma to cover for gypsy crime and dysfunction. All I can say is we must challenge that lie whenever we can – that’s what I do online and IRL.

  • LHathaway

    10 hours in high heels? Special Forces couldn’t do that. Not without serious foot damage.

  • nBmnp

    A reference to the walking in NYC would have been nice…

  • tidus1991

    I’m so happy that Madara Organic Skincare decided to do this! Now people all over the world can see the difference between how a homogeneous country treats women vs a diversity filled country.

  • MannyR

    It saddens me to write this but America is nothing but a cesspool. Look at the environment in this video. No blacks and Mexicans cat calling women, no cars blaring rape music out of their speakers, no drug addictings sleeping in the street with their hands out, no graffiti spray painted onto every surface of every building and no one with their pants sagging shucking n jiving along the sidewalk. Greatest nation my ass. We fought on the wrong side of WW2and now I’m paying for it, anyone who thinks differently is a fool. Period

    • PvtCharlieSlate

      Parts of this country are cesspools and others are not.
      I’ve recently relocated from one to the other: from the northeast to the northwest. The young woman in that video could have been walking through my new hometown.

      It’s still America here and it’s worth defending by whatever means necessary.

    • Malgus

      Sooo, a female is filmed walking around The City of Turmoil that’s been overrun by Orcs for generations, and you use that as a basis for condemning the entire country?

      Sorry, ain’t buying it. Down here, there’s still men who open doors for women, say “Please” and “Thank You”, and any female over the age of 25 is “Ma’am”, no matter how old you happen to be…

      Might want to take your sanctimony and hit the road… you’ll find lots of places where The Rot hasn’t taken hold down here in the South. Usually, you’ll find it in small towns and villages… the major cities are a writeoff, of course, since they are magnets for the FSA, which is made up mostly of blacks and mestizos…

      • MannyR

        Like I said below, you can die for this heap then, I concentrate on saving other whites.

        • Malgus

          Hold on there, cowboy…

          The point is that you condemned an entire nation on the basis of one video that was shot in an admitted Tower of Babel of a city..

          I countered that you were being unfair and sanctimonious, since there are many places that still cleave to how things used to be in this nation. And you were being unfair…

          Your response to that was that I can go die, while simultaneously saying you “concentrate on saving whites”… No conflicting ideas there, are there?

          Based on one statement of mine, you assume a great deal about me, as well as attacking the person (me) and not arguing the facts. This is right out of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”.

          In point of fact, I am probably more dissatisfied with the current condition of this… well, I was going to say “Republic”, but I have no idea what we are right now… “Police State” is closer to the truth than “Republic”. That I control my emotions and don’t trumpet my preps from the rooftops to impress anyone doesn’t mean I don’t feel outrage or fury or that I have contingency plans…

          If I had to make a guess, I’d say you’re relatively young – at least under 30. Those of us who have a few more miles on the odometer know the deal as well as you do and have forseen the coming Turning long ago… we just didn’t know what to call it.

          What you fail to realize is that those of us who are farther along and enlightened, we know it is not our fate to “Win the day” and triumph over the evil in this nation. Any great and worthy undertaking in the history of man has always demanded a blood sacrifice. There is a cost in blood for wanting to be free.

          That is what my generation – and the one ahead of ours – are… we are the sacrifice, not the saviors.

          And, I’m at peace with that. It was never our destiny to see that “better world” – I have no place in it.

          My son’s generation – the Hero Generation – is not destined to burn themselves up in the initial squaring off against the ancient enemy… though no doubt some will obviously step up and do so.

          His generation is destined to partially deal with the conflict, but mostly with the aftermath of the conflict – rebuilding what they can into a better place, specifically avoiding that which ruined our Republic in the first place…

          You might find this interesting… I found it compelling. The book is well worth your time…


          Peace, brother…

          • MannyR

            Then how many more white men and women are supposed to die for this nation? How long are we gonna keep kidding ourselves that this is going to straighten out? How many generations from now? I can understand people’s opposition to my original post, in hindsight it might have been somewhat overly negative, but at a certain point you have to know when it’s not worth it anymore. That was my intention, I simply don’t care. Whites want to attack us for trying to wake them up so that they realize there’s a massacres everyday in this country against white couples or an elderly person by blacks. Fine so be it. Let the Marxist bisexual Muslim run up the debt to where we’ll never pay it off so minorities can have endless stuff. I don’t care. We do the standing up and get spit in the face for it. Screw it.

          • Malgus

            You ask a lot of righteous – and very valid – questions. And so I will answer them as best I can.

            “Then how many more white men and women are supposed to die for this nation?”

            Die for this nation? No. This assumes that “this nation” can be saved. It cannot. We passed our Rubicon a long time ago – too much damage done by too many maniacal, power-hungry psychopaths over too long a period of time. The damage is irreversible. We could not – cannot – stop our trajectory, even if we wanted to…

            Make no mistake. War is coming. Having seen my share, I pray it does not. But I fear it will whether I want it to or not… to answer you – “how many?” – it will take a tidal wave of Heroes Blood…

            “How long are we gonna keep kidding ourselves that this is going to straighten out?”

            See above. It can’t. I came to this realization back about 20 years ago. Probably when I was about your age (if you are indeed in your mid to late 20’s).

            “How many generations from now?”

            If you look at Rome during her last days and our present situation, we are where Rome was somewhere around the beginning of the 4th century. Rome was sacked in 410 AD. We have little time left. It will probably be Economic Ragnarök that sets it off, given our unlimited printing of fiat currency, levels of debt that border on insanity, the hunting and destruction of the middle class, etc…

            “I can understand people’s opposition to my original post, in hindsight it might have been somewhat overly negative, but at a certain point you have to know when it’s not worth it anymore. That was my intention, I simply don’t care.”

            I understand and I can sympathize. But you have to realize that America – even Western Civilization – was never anything more than an idea. Once people stop believing in that idea, then Western Civilization falls. Conversely, so long as there is one of us left alive who believes, then Western Civilization survives. There are things, and people, worth saving. You cannot save everyone and everything. Nobody can.

            You do what you can, maybe save a small piece worth preserving and perhaps your own kith and kin.

            “Whites want to attack us for trying to wake them up so that they realize there’s a massacres everyday in this country against white couples or an elderly person by blacks.”

            The cultural marxists of the 1960’s have moved into the very institutions that they originally excoriated and despised – government and Universities.

            They preach their dogma to mush-headed youngsters who have had critical thinking killed off. They are not taught “how” to think, they are taught “what” to think. Some wake up on their own and realize what they’ve been taught is a bag of green s–t. Some need prodding. Some are zealots and you will never be able to change their minds, no matter your efforts… you, by your very existence, prove that the generation behind ours is not beyond all hope.

            When the cultural marxists are gone, then we can begin undoing their damage on a wide scale. I will leave you to define “gone” as you see fit.

            “Let the Marxist bisexual Muslim run up the debt to where we’ll never pay it off so minorities can have endless stuff.”

            Unfortunately, it is not his responsibility alone. LBJ is the one who started the welfare state in this nation. Nixon aided and abetted it by separating gold from the dollar (temporarily) in 1971. Since, with gold-backed currency (which is actual “money”), you can only spend that which you have on hand, by separating the dollar from gold (which made it ‘fiat currency’.. fiat means “force”… so, fiat currency is that which we are forced to use by the Government) now our Government can spend unlimited amounts of currency. Realistically, there is nothing limiting that which The Fed prints.

            Our Emperor is just the latest in a long line of malefactors who have used The Fed as their own private piggy bank…

            If you want to truly understand how our debt works, the simplest way I can describe it is thus:

            The Fed has the only dollar in existence. The Government comes along and says “We want to borrow that dollar. We will pay you back that dollar, plus an additional dollar interest.”

            Question: Where does the second dollar come from?

            That’s how our system works…

            “We do the standing up and get spit in the face for it. Screw it.”

            Blow it off. It means nothing. Do not despair. Concentrate on saving who and what you can, while you can. Those who excoriate us have made their choice. When it all goes to hell, they will be the ones taking the King’s Shilling, while you will be free to live your life as you see fit… concentrate on your kith and kin and play the long game… public opinion, at this point, means little.

      • OS-Q

        “America begins at the Alleghenies.”
        -Herman Melville

  • Garrett Brown

    Didn’t even need to watch the video. It’s Latvia, she doesn’t get harassed even once.

    Before they even contemplated filming this video I could have told you that if it was in Latvia, everything would be fine.

  • puffdaddy

    I love Latvia!

  • BillMillerTime

    Riga suffers from a stark lack of diversity. It must be a real hardship for them. ^.^

  • withcaution

    Now let’s have a white woman walk through the streets of Mexico city and any capital city of any nation in Africa. It also be interesting to see an true African woman walk to the city of New York. I’m pretty sure she can walk around for days on end and not get any attention.

  • You’re acting like I think that the deblackifying and gentrification of Harlem is a bad thing. No, it’s a good thing. What frustrates me is that nobody seems to want to be honest about what’s going on and why it’s happening.

  • antiquesunlight

    Cops are supposed to stop you for traffic violations. That’s their job.

  • Lygeia

    Because white men know how to behave, at least in public they do and usually in private as well.

    Other races, well, that’s another story.

  • MannyR

    Ok there Margret when it hits the fan, make sure your the first on line to fire the opening shots, you can die for this mongrel abomination if you feel so deeply. I’m sure the paymasters and minorities will appreciate your sacrifice. Know when to fight, know when to run and know when to be indifferent.

  • OS-Q

    First World cities cease to be when third world populations live in them, no point in trying to teach them manners, actually it is harmful to do so because they can learn how to make YT let down his guard, like what happened in the 60s. It is also harmful because it would remove degrees of separation best left up.

    It is much easier to chatter at, snark at, and tease foes than engage them in their reach, that’s why I decided to identify with the squirrel. Americans have always fought the best when we’d shoot behind cover while the enemy was out in the open, there is nothing cowardly about it when you are outnumbered or outgunned. And yes, mocking them from a distance is effective, it gives other people reading it hope, and it blinds the enemy with anger.

    Shoshana brought in on herself by either supposedly editing out the white guys in her video or just plain lying about it – couldn’t risk racial realities interfering with her bread and butter.

    Where I live, a very vocal minority of the Scandinavian descended people are anti-white in ways that would put caricature-liberal East Coast Jews to shame. Check out Duluth’s Un-Fair campaign for an example. I’m happy that most white people of any background don’t feel that way, but frustrated how little they support each other when someone sticks their neck out.

    • Kenner

      I hear you, I’m in Seattle.

  • Tarczan

    I pulled a joke on my friend one time like this. I saw a darkie walking down the main drag in town and called up my friend and “hey Dave you are pretty up on the law and guns, I just saw a darkie walking down Pearl Rd. Is it ok if I shoot him in the butt with my bb gun? It won’t hurt him much, but it would let him know he’s not welcome.”

    A long pause before laughter.

  • David Ashton

    Presumably a camera crew was there?

  • M&S

    The juncture has arrived for positive leadership on the race realism front.
    White men have never stopped wanting to lead. White men never wanted to be negrophiled because white men find blacks unattractive as females and unpleasant (can’t critique for things that count like behavior and social potential) as competitors.
    This assumption is waaaaay over the line.
    People are waking up. It is time to feed them coffee and rundstykker, not mugs of bile that frankly sound rather puerile.
    No they are not. Today’s youth associate with blacks and Hispanics because they have no choice, it is expected of them. By the time they hit puberty they are two years behind the ethnic populations and totally subbed to them, I see it in every public venue where white and black youth cosocialize. Where there are more than one black, there is passive aggression and fall back but no attempt to eject the black. Where the are more than one black, they are always bigger and the white kids are always smaller and the blacks use this, along with their shuck and jive, as an open play for social dominance.
    TO MY EYES those kids are miserable, huddled up and small or trying to act proud and realizing they stand alone until they ‘switch sides’ which usually doesn’t work either. Such is what happens when one group has a 20% higher serum testosterone lead over the other. But nobody else see it because adults don’t want to look at kids being stupid teenagers, let alone stare past the black.
    This is the reality of the multicultism that white liberated females supported to gain their own ERA ends and which Hollywood was only too willing to support with massive miscegenation between whites and blacks. But never between white men and black women.
    If white males want to claim white culture is superior, and the white genome as well, then it’s time to start modeling that superiority. And from what I can see the time is quickly approaching ripe for that leadership.
    You don’t want white male leadership. Because white male leadership is patriarchy. Which pays women to get out of the workforce and spike our salaries back up to post 1960s levels commensurate with inflation. It means 3 kids with the oldest 8 before women go back to work. It means a prenup which is so penurious TO WOMEN if they try to get out of the marriage ‘because they’re not feeling it’ (70% of divorces are initiated, for just this reason, by females) that they don’t try to live on SWMW (Singe White Man Welfare) as Alimony and Child Support which never comes.
    Strange as it may seem, there are a lot of people who don’t have the Romantic Love that the Jews of Hollywood and Harlequin outline as a woman’s perfect right to dominate the relationship. But they still raise a family because instinct is harder than social entitlement.
    Try selling ANYTHING of what I have just said, as a return to female gender roles in society that protects male earning capability and results in non schizoid, attachment disordered children. Just try. And see how far your fellow feminists drop kick you so they don’t have to admit that female empowerment in a world of rising (patriarchal = high TFR) ethnies is the number one threat to the very chivalrous society they depend on to thumb their noses at men.

    I agree with the AmRen commenters who observe that there are white men who have yet to give up behaviors that I see rooted in the most toxic element of Negrophilia that they absorbed in the 1960s: a hatred of white women and a vicious desire to ridicule, minimize, and dominate them.
    No. There are white men who have never had a woman be nice to them when they were young enough to realize that you can own the whole world as material wealth but you can only be -given- a woman’s kindness and caring.
    White men entering marriage today are facing an almost certain outcome that is little better than (and may actually lead to) jail time in terms of what they have to do when their kids are taken away from them, they have to support two households and they can’t even afford a hole in the wall of their own.
    The simple fact is that women need to be held up to standards which are healthy for society but not ‘fulfilling’ for themselves and they have made marital life so toxic and mine filled that white men have a better time on the road to extinction than in ensuring women get all the agency.
    This has women scared.
    Because beneath it all, they are sexual beasts with a ticking bioclock that counts down mercilessly to a barren old maid life or to single parenthood from dial-a-sperm donors at the bank.
    And this dual whammy of material life without fulfillment and children without support and aid is NOT what their super-fem mother’s promised them.
    I am of Finnish and German extraction in the US and none of the white men in my family and closest circle of friends has these behaviors.
    All people have faces they show to their own and to strangers. It is inherent to the phrase ‘we only hurt the ones we love’ when those faces are brought too close together and there is no space for the man who needs both aspects of his identity to turn between them.
    Being German does not entitle you to determine what is acceptable in ‘your circle of friends’ as though they were a base metal to be beaten into form. It entitles you to treatment equivalent to that which you provide the opposite of. A tenderly dependent woman willing to take a supporting role rahther than a commanding one can own the world through a man’s actions if she doesn’t make her empathy a condition of their submission to her definition of who they are.
    We could “fix” tomorrow every pathological or degraded black person in the U.S., but civilization would not be safe so long as white men were creating resentment, hostility, and dissent among their own kind. That is OUR illness to heal, and fixing others won’t do it.
    Crime rates before the Civil Rights acts of 1964-65 do not support you.
    White men are wild today because white men have no reason to be domesticated labor beasts in a world that runs specifically along a path to their total disenfranchisement.
    The certainty that women too have lost a lot of their social intelligence as common wisdom is inherent to the idiotic assumption that disaffected behavior (we are never going to get the girl nor would we want to if we could, because of divorce and equality rules) would not be the result of men being disenfranchised from the control and benefit of a society they built for themselves but are being asked to give away to women and the dependent classes they throw at white men, as guilt and burden.
    People who have a surplus and a reason to share it, do.
    Men are people.
    Women are agents of their own destiny which doesn’t include ANY of the former benefits that used to come with associating with them and yet women are ‘shocked’ when /taking/ what they cannot hold with an average -4 IQ point deficit from the white norm and only 50% of male strength results in an unstable backslide to the primitive.
    Wake Up Women! Life was never fair because the gender roles are not designed that way and mortality sucks. But the /quality/ of a shared life that derives from a white-exclusive society did not begin to degrade until women began to demand independence without the ability to sustain what they took from men, on their own.

  • Brian david Riley

    who are the people traffickers someone has asked — a more relevant question would be who are the people being trafficked from Libya — Footage shows that the overwhelming majority are young males from the Muslim majority countries of sub Saharan Africa, countries that are poverty stricken with soaring rates of population growth. Gaddafi effectively stopped them from breaking into Europe – for a price. Overthrowing him was a big mistake.