Posted on October 14, 2014

Wichita Man Arrested in Connection with Rape of 100-Year-Old Woman

Roy Wenzlthe, Wichita Eagle, October 10, 2014

A 35-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the sexual assault last week of a 100-year-old woman, Wichita police said Friday.

The man was booked into the Sedgwick County Jail on suspicion of rape and aggravated burglary, Wichita police Capt. Troy Livingston said.

Police would not name the man, but jail and police records identified him as Kasey Nesbitt of Wichita. He was arrested Monday in connection with a separate burglary case, jail records show.

Nesbitt was arrested Thursday in connection with the woman’s rape and the burglary of her home. {snip}


The assault occurred overnight on Monday and Tuesday of last week, Livingston said. The woman walked to a neighbor’s house at about 7:15 a.m. Sept. 30 and told the neighbor there were people inside her house in the 800 block of South Crestway.


The woman, who lives alone, said she was awakened about 9 p.m. by the intruders inside her house, police said. One or more burglars forced their way inside through a back door. They remained in the house for several hours.


“This case was harder for our detectives to even grasp, not just the detectives on the case but all the detectives,” Livingston said.

“They were all pretty shocked by this.”