Texas Ebola Patient Thomas Eric Duncan Has Died

Gillian Mohney, ABC News, October 8, 2014

Thomas Eric Duncan, the patient who was being treated for Ebola in an isolation unit at a Texas hospital, has died, officials said today.

“It is with profound sadness and heartfelt disappointment that we must inform you of the death of Thomas Eric Duncan this morning at 7:51 a.m.,” the hospital said in a statement.

“Mr. Duncan succumbed to an insidious disease, Ebola. He fought courageously in this battle. Our professionals, the doctors and nurses in the unit, as well as the entire Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas community, are also grieving his passing,” the statement said.

Duncan, a Liberian man who had traveled to Texas to visit family, was the first person to be diagnosed with the disease while in the U.S. and became the first person to die of the disease in the U.S.


Duncan’s son, Karsiah Duncan, 19, told reporters Tuesday he was praying for his father’s recovery. Karsiah Duncan had not seen his father since he was 3, when he and his mother Louise Troh left Liberia, according to ABC News affiliate WFAA-TV in Dallas.

Troh and three other people are still in quarantine after they were exposed to Duncan while he had symptoms of Ebola.


Duncan was the first person to be given the experimental drug brincidofovir.


According to Duncan’s neighbors in Monrovia, Liberia, Duncan might have contracted the deadly virus when he helped take a pregnant woman to a hospital while she was vomiting blood. He traveled with the woman to several facilities that turned her away and then helped carry her back into her home. She died the next day and it was later determined that she died of Ebola.

When he departed Liberia on Sept. 19, his temperature was taken at the airport and he was determined to not have a fever. He checked a form at the airport before leaving indicating he had not been in contact with anyone infected by Ebola. It’s not clear whether he was aware at the time whether the pregnant woman he helped was suffering from Ebola.


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  • MekongDelta69

    He should never have been allowed to come into this country. Plus, he lied on his re-entrance form.

    • Charles Martel

      Remittance he was a Liberian national he lied on his visa. His family in the US are Liberian illegal aliens given amnesty by O-Hole in 2011

    • YT

      Just wait until his “family” files a federal lawsuit claiming a violation of their civil rights.

    • proud white

      The Ebola Virus was racist in killing him.

  • 4321realist

    “Texas Ebola Patient Thomas Eric Duncan Has Died,”

    I saw a story a short while ago wherein the son was whining about racism.

    • If he doesn’t like racism, he needs to find a country where there aren’t many whites. I’m going to suggest he leave Texas and move back to Liberia. Ebola after all is so much better than “racism”.

    • journey

      The screams of “racism” will be getting louder. Already an article by The Verge screaming about white privilege and not doing enough to put out another black created cesspool. Nothing about the blacks lifting a finger to take care of themselves starting with leaving the bats and monkeys alone.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Racism? …. RACISM? by whom and when? What was said, what was done?

      • LaughsAtHumans

        Indeed. I don’t have cable, so I don’t watch TV news. I’d like to hear the whole story about this.

        • SoulInvictus

          Alex Jones has covered it pretty well, especially since it’s happening not far from him.

  • He took a pregnant woman who was vomiting blood to a hospital but then claimed he had no knowledge of having been exposed to Ebola? I must admit that I am delighted this lying piece of refuse has died.

    • Stan D Mute

      We can be happy he died in misery too. He deliberately brought his lethal virus to America probably hoping that if the whiteys didn’t save him he would at least infect a whole bunch of us.

    • Charles Martel

      If he didn’t die he would have encouraged loads more to come to the US by lying.

  • Pathfinder75 (formerly Shadow)

    If and when the danger of his quarantined family developing symptoms of Ebola passes,they should immediately be deported back to Liberia where they belong!

    • QueFah

      Forget waiting. Put them all in body bags and slap some stamps on them.

  • I understand the “reverend” Jackson is going to Dallas to do what he does.

    • If we’re lucky, Jack$on will catch Ebola, too.

      • Why stop there maybe ebola will find it’s way to the oval office .. after all the chief executive says there’s no chance of spreading the virus in America.. He should be the first one to contract ebola if he’s wrong ..

      • cherrie greenbaum123

        Maybe he’ll bring Sharpton with him!

    • John Ambrose

      Here’s to hoping that while he’s there he gets up close and personal with as many of his fellow Africans as he possibly can…

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Spit in sandwiches? It’s OK, the CDC says that’s harmless.

      • LaughsAtHumans

        Oh, good lord.

  • journey

    Blacks the curse of this planet.

  • MannyR


  • QueFah

    Close borders. Assemble every cargo plane and barge in the United States. Fill with negros. Deliver them to their jungle homeland.

    • journey

      Long overdue.

  • AmericanCitizen

    Why is the hospital sad that this lying individual, knowing he was exposed to Ebola, came here and potentially transmitted this horrible disease? Wouldn’t they be disgusted he made it here and let it be known that any people pulling this same move aren’t going to be met with open arms?

    • Greg Thomas

      Simply more evidence that political correctness in the name of diversity is more deadly than Ebola.

  • Ed

    Well I don’t wish ill on anyone so my condolences. However his family is trash for blaming his death on racism. I hope they’re deported if eligible.

    • QueFah

      Oh they’re eligible… Demand deportation and closed borders now. If it’s black, we don’t want it back.

      • Charles Martel

        O-Hole gave Liberian illegal alien administrative amnesty in 2011

    • Stan D Mute

      Noble thought Ed. Will you feel the same way when we start turning up white people, white kids, infected because of this savage scum?

      I am THRILLED he died and hope it was in unimaginable agony. He deliberately took action that may still result in the painful deaths of hundreds or even thousands of my brother white Americans.

      • 3G4Me

        SPOT ON. I have been praying he’d die, rather than survive and win the immigrant version of the ghetto lottery. May all his family end up likewise. Every last vile and illegal one of them.

  • Tarczan

    I am actually relieved that he died. I know that sounds terrible, but if this guy had survived it would only have encouraged other third worlders to invade the US. His death probably saved lives, white ones.

    • SentryattheGate

      My thoughts exactly! He selfishly exposed SO Many other people! If he had lived, he would have been allowed to stay, no doubt—enticing many other Africans to come get treatment and stay here too.

      • mobilebay

        I wonder if we’ll ever know the financial cost to the taxpayer for the treatment he received in the hospital, the quarantine of the family he stayed with, the crew that had to disinfect the area he was in, etc. Just multiply that be all those who will seek to come here for treatment. Even with the checks on the various airports, we know there will be those who manage to get through.

        • Jim Davis

          And what was the benefit to this country by letting him in? What did he and his Liberian brothers have to offer (besides Ebola!)?

    • OS-Q

      While nobody deserves that kind of death, part of me is relieved he didn’t make it, just because we couldn’t handle the resulting influx of Ebola refugees. We wouldn’t be able to help the Liberians if we were dealing with thousands of cases in the US anyway.

      • Stan D Mute

        You’re wrong. The Africans who were infected and died in Africa didn’t deserve such a miserable death, but Duncan deserved WORSE. We still don’t know how many others he has infected and he did it deliberately and maliciously. If there is a hell, I hope there is a special place reserved for him there.

        • OS-Q

          Hmm I don’t know, he was probably just a low IQ type and didn’t know any better – it would be like hating a rabid animal.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          It’s already starting:

          Ebola Scare Sends Dallas County Sheriff’s Deputy To Hospital

          The patient was identified as Dallas County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Michael Monnig of The Colony, who had accompanied county health officials Zachary Thompson and Christopher Perkins into the Dallas apartment where Thomas Eric Duncan had been staying when he fell ill with Ebola.

          He was in the apartment for 30 minutes, which we were told is no chance to contact the virus,” said Logan.

          http //dfw cbslocal com/2014/10/08/frisco-patient-exhibiting-ebola-symptoms/

          • Samuel Hathaway

            The Centers for Disease Control and other lying Ebola “experts” say Ebola is spread only through bodily fluids. I find it very difficult any county sherrif in Texas would have been dumb enough to allow this to happen to him. It had to have been airborne, as well is likely for the case of the NBC cameraman.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Sgt Monnig’s family said today the CDC had told them that their loved one was not at risk and they were just taking precautions

            I don’t believe a word the FedGov OR the CDC tell us.

            http //www dailymail co uk/news/article-2785514/Second-person-rushed-hospital-Ebola-symptoms-contact-patient-zero-Thomas-Duncan html#ixzz3FcF8ZKWM

      • Periapsis

        I disagree, there are those who deserve a horrible death, including Mr. Ebola Bringer. The list who deserves to die an agonizing death as far as I am concerned is very long.

        • Rick O’Shea

          Probably longer than the list of those who don’t.

          • tlk244182

            “Strive to enter by the narrow gate…”

      • He did his job . . .he exposed many other people . .he’s a murderer in the making ..

      • tlk244182

        I disagree that no one deserves that kind of death. And it suffering is sometimes a severe mercy, when it results in repentance. It’s better than eternal punishment in hell.

    • kikz2

      i just wish it had been somewhere else….

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      I disagree. I think Africans will do anything they can to get to the U.S. for treatment for ebola, including coming up through the Mexican border if they have to to get the best treatment the world has to offer.

      I think the FedGov believes this too – and won’t stop it or turn them away.

      How much did this lying, “dead man walking” from Liberia cost American taxpayers?

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama sends C-17s into Liberia to bring ebola patients to U.S. hospitals.

      If medical centers and funeral homes in cities are conducting preparations, you know the CDC is telling the medical community something quite different than the propaganda being served to the public.

      Guidance for Safe Handling of Human Remains of Ebola Patients in U. S. Hospitals and Mortuaries

      http //www cdc gov/vhf/ebola/hcp/guidance-safe-handling-human-remains-ebola-patients-us-hospitals-mortuaries html

      • Yancy Derringer

        That is some scary zhit. It sounds very possible.

      • I don’t think Ebola patients will be coming through the Mexican border; that would simply take them too long, and Ebola kills pretty quickly. Mexicans don’t like blacks, and I suspect that if blacks carrying Ebola started arriving in northern Mexico, doing something about them would quickly become an issue that both the narcos and Mexican law-enforcement could agree upon.

        • SoulInvictus

          Arabs, Africans, Chinese, etc have already been caught using the open southern border. The number is up to 70-80% OTM (other than Mexican) according to the border patrol.

  • journey

    The global elites are wanting 1 billion to contain another black created cesspool. But nothing in regard to population control on blacks. Ebola spreading like wildfire due to poverty, no sanitiation, no infrastructure of any kind, living in countless shanty towns, etc.

    • Ella

      Elites expect the US and Europe to cover the costs of infrastructure through humanitarian aid. I expect this to be thrown upon us as a way to prevent disease spreading into the Western world. US already pays for TB treatment along the TX border to prevent daily workers and travellers from contaminating US citizens.

    • Yancy Derringer

      “Poverty, no sanitiation, no infrastructure of any kind, living in countless shanty towns, etc.”

      You’ve just described large portions of Central America.

      • journey

        Just like to add no human endeavor whether effort or money can be adequate until population growth is decreased in those areas. And those populations at issue are unable to contain their increase in population for themselves which all means lots of hollering and screaming in the future.

  • Duncan, a Liberian man who had traveled to Texas to visit family

    Duncan, a Liberian man who traveled to Texas to mooch off of the American medical system…

    There, I fixed it.

    BTW, I’m sure you all saw this, about Jesse Jackson nosing in on the story:


    • Tarczan

      The Rev. met with the family? Here’s hopin’—-.

      • kikz2

        and may our local judge, who loves illegals from south of the border join him……..

      • The Holy man Reverend Jackson should hug the corpse in a gesture of compassion and goodwill. Then the healing process can begin.

        God’s speed, Reverend.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Jackson met with the family to work out the details of a wrongful death lawsuit.

        • Yancy Derringer

          I want to punch a wall, this makes me so angry. This hospital’s insurance company had better not settle for even one thin dime.

        • One good question relevant to the lawsuit will be “Did the Dallas hospital initially have the facilities to safely deal with a Level-4 biohazard case?”

    • Charles Martel

      to visit the illegal alien Liberians granted amnesty by O-hole family

    • Yancy Derringer

      “The civil rights leader said he came at the family’s request.”

      The civil rights leader is a liar.

  • Chip Carver

    They can blame his death on YT. Of course. He wasn’t treated with the secret miracle potion that saves whites will probably be at the top of the litany of complaints against whites when it comes to Africa’s latest gift to the world.

    • Bobbala

      From each according to their ability, To each according to need …

    • Yancy Derringer

      That’s right. They’re saying that. Jackson himself said it.

      • journey

        The media has already started. There’s an article by The Verge already starting in. But what is completely ignored is where is the black contribution to saving themselves including the most basic. Instead the most easiest route = fingerpointing at whites.

  • As I told my wife when she informed me. “Good”.

    This will somewhat lower the chances of others making the same trip in the hopes of America saving them. Deep down I hope that the hospital administration put together a special staff of diversitard affirmative action doctors and nurses to assign to him, both to ensure he didn’t live, and to act as a buffer against racism accusations. “But we had nurse shaniqua’a and Dr. D’vontay’tavious on the case, what could have gone wrong!”

    • SentryattheGate

      Great idea!

  • journey

    Duncan’s family is already hollering that he received substandard care and was short changed which is why he died. The low IQ savages are claiming no one dies of Ebola in this country. That “substandard” care probably costed over 1 million tax dollars.

    • Stan D Mute

      Let’s hope that our “racism” in not saving his life will prevent the rest of them from coming here with their virus.

      • journey

        Don’t hold your breathe. They are more than likely aready here or on their way. The fools are in a panic in “beefing” up airport screening but that’s limited as there is an incubation period of no symptoms.

    • Greg Thomas

      They are trying to hit the ghetto lottery. Of course, “Rev.” jesse jackson has arrived on scene to add a huge helping of “racism” into the mix.

    • “Short changed”?

      Is Ebola-boy’s “fambly” claiming that the moocher actually paid for the treatment?

      • journey

        Low IQ savages do not “think” that far. They only know how to open their mouths to demand as like it is their God given right.

    • Adolf Verloc

      I’m waiting for a lawsuit to be filed against the manufacturers of the experimental drug, blaming them for his death.

      • journey

        The blacks are hollering that Duncan was not treated at the hospitals the white Ebola patients were and that he was not given a blood transfusion with Ebola antibodies. What the low IQ savages do not realize is that the blood types have to match. And if the hospital is qualified, it is qualified no matter which hospital it is.

        As for the drug, the savages want it both ways. Plus there is no known “cure” for Ebola.

        • Ebola-boy was treated at a Dallas hospital, because – get this – the disease-spreading idiot deliberately WENT TO DALLAS.

          If he needed a blood transfusion with Ebola antibodies, why would anyone expect a random Dallas hospital to have any such thing? Ebola is not native to North America, after all, so randomly-selected US blood donors would not possess those antibodies.

          • journey

            The blacks are hollering that the first MD who was infected, was brought back here, and recovered, had donored his blood and Duncan did not receive any of it. But the low IQ savages refused to accept the fact that the blood type has to match. So, shake down Jackson is kicking the dust as usual looking for lucative handouts for himself by stirring up the savages about sub standard care because of being black.

    • Lygeia

      Thomas Eric Duncan did receive substandard care, and now we are spending millions of dollars after the fact on clean up efforts that aren’t going very well. One of the sheriff’s deputies who was on the clean-up crew at Thomas Eric Duncan’s apartment has been exposed to Ebola and is most likely infected. It doesn’t help that we left Thomas Eric Duncan’s apartment alone for a week before going in to decontaminate it.

      This Ebola infection is showing the broken links in our system.

      • journey

        The best care was not to let blacks into this country in the first place. The apartment complex he was staying at has thousands of low IQers from third world countries with 30 different languages spoken! This country is finished.

  • Steven Williams

    Why did God create the black race in the first place? To me, blacks aren’t humans and don’t understand that blacks can have babies with real human beings.

    • journey

      Early on, the black gene pool was supposed to be eliminated of any deranged strains. But the plan went awry. So, the ever growing problem keeps getting passed down to future generations.

    • Charles Martel

      Blacks fit into their environment until whitey started sending medicine and food there. Single moms could feed any kids that survived tropical diseases without a man around.

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    What can you say about a country so thoroughly in love with the negro that it imports them, diseased first with AIDS and now ebola. We apparently just can’t get enough of these negroes. We’ve had to send out for more, like you would do at a Super Bowl party. Not only that, but we are a country that absolutely insists that the negro be cradled by YT from birth to death. And the more the negro misbehaves, the bigger his reward. It’s like raising a self-centered, extraordinarily stupid, ugly, vile, ill-mannered child. It continues to act out, skip class, never show up for work, have sex indiscriminately, over eat, drink excessively, partake of numerous drugs, lie, cheat, and even steal. Then has the audacity to get mad when reprimanded. If a country had a suicide wish, it would succeed for no other reason that it imported negroes.

    • Tarczan

      You girls are on a roll.

    • Periapsis

      You mean our ruling elite. I for one have had more than enough. That is why I sleep with loaded guns in easy reach, carry loaded guns, and practice at a local range for the inevitable confrontation THEY will start with the wrong man. They’ll get a reward alright, but not the one they want.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      pardon the expression, but. Giiiirrrll….. you sho’ is baaaad.

    • E. Newton

      America sure do loves its negroes. I just read an article about a negro cop from Baltimore who beat his 7 month old puppy to death with a broom handle. The negro was using the white man’s magic sail foam to chat with its girlfriend about dinner and tossed in a picture of the dead puppy during the texting. They are not human.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Just a few months ago we were told “ebola will never reach America’s shores!”

    The Israeli news service reported that he’d died on Sunday – I think they were right, he HAD died and was kept on life support until the FedGov could figure out WHO to blame.

    He may be dead, but he can still vote Democrat in next month’s election.

    He fought courageously…

    Gimme a break! This guy knowingly lied to get out of Liberia, exposed others, knowingly brought this scourge to the U.S and now the media and CDC want to make him the newest black saint?

    • Ron Cheaters

      Exactly, why are they making excuses for him “It’s not clear whether he was aware at the time whether the pregnant woman he helped was suffering from Ebola.”

      They’re not that stupid. And if they are wouldn’t that be racist to imply?

      • Yancy Derringer

        And someone’s rewritten his story. The Daily Mail, for one, is saying that he went to Dallas to “re-unite with his loved one” in hopes of marrying her. Remember his fellow employees in Liberia saying he dropped everything, suddenly, and ran to the airport, after it became obvious the woman he lived with came down with ebola.

    • kikz2

      ‘xsuse me while i puke.. courageously…………………………*fume*

  • kikz2

    this afternoon wed, one of the sheriff’s deputies that entered the apt and dealt w/family following patient zero’s transport to the hosp has been taken in after he check’d in to an Urgent Care facility N. of Dallas in Fricso with some stomach pains….. that’s even closer to me…needless to say……i’m thrilled…. eyeroll…..

  • Ella

    “Karsiah Duncan had not seen his father since he was 3.” What did his Dad say? “Greetings, I am here in desperate times to visit my estranged family since I have Ebola and am probably dying. By the way, I just exposed you too.”

  • Simonetta

    It’s never a good thing to be happy about an ordinary person dying a horrible death. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before we’d be reading about this man’s death.

    But, having said that,….

    This is an AFRICAN problem, and it needs an African solution (to the extent that that is not a contradiction of terms). Let’s not forget that Nigeria produces $250,000,000 worth of oil EVERY DAY. (0.4% daily world production at @ $100/barrel )

    They have the money to deal with this themselves. Whether they have the intelligence and moral-character to deal with this problem is another story. Most likely, they don’t. Again, it’s not our problem. But there’s nothing like watching a hundred thousand of your people die every month to concentrate the thoughts spinning around in their pointed little burr-heads. Then again, the Nigerians just laughed and partied when millions of their Biafrian children starved to death in the late 1960s. So we know from history what kind of people that they are.

    Call me a heartless racist so saying that, but first give me $250 million a day, and see if I do the same thing that they do when given the responsibility for dealing with serious problems in a serious manner.

    We should throw a 30-day quarantine around anyone coming from the Ebola-infected countries. And make sure that anyone in this quarantine doesn’t infect any of the other people in the quarantine.

    • OS-Q

      They have more morals and intelligence then our leadership – the African countries are shooting border-jumpers that try to break quarantine. Whereas I hear constantly from liberal weenies that it would be impossible or racist to restrict travel from these countries.

    • Greg Thomas

      Under the circumstances, being a “heartless racist” is your best option.

  • Periapsis

    I fully expected Mr. Ebola to meet his maker, disintegrating inside and out, which he had today. Now apparently a Sheriff deputy is also probably going to follow him to the grave, along with members of his family, fellow officers as well as Mr. Ebola’s family. In two or three weeks time, we are going to see a LOT of people who had contact with objects and people Mr. Ebola infected. A Spanish nurse is now sick with Ebola, after catching it in Biosafety Level 4 gear caring for Ebola patients, with her husband and who knows who else in quarantine. I am sure others are going to turn up infected in Brussels, London and among the crews and passengers of the planes Mr. Ebola used to bring this disease here. He should have never been allowed to leave Liberia, and left to die there. As I have said before, the Obama, soon to be Ebola Administration wanted an Ebola pandemic here so they can grab power, and declare marital law.

  • Lygeia

    Apparently, Thomas Eric Duncan went to the hospital, told them he was from Liberia, was feeling sick and was worried he might have brought Ebola into the US by his being here, and the hospital sent him home with some garden variety antibiotics.

    Also, that Spanish nurse who now has Ebola begged, literally begged for treatment and help from the hospital where she worked after self-identifying that she had contracted Ebola at work. Her employer refused to help her. Unfortunately, she accidentally hit herself on her bare face with one of her Ebola-infected gloves while removing her decontamation suit by herself because no one assisted her in removing her suit. You can’t get out of those decontamination suits by yourself and if you have to do it by yourself you need to disinfect the gloves first which she didn’t do, but I can’t blame her, her colleagues were supposed to look out for her. Safety protocol is supposed to take into account that you can get disoriented, hot, and confused if you wear those suits for too long.

    And don’t get me started on the head of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) here in America who said quarantines don’t work.

    As much as the infected Africans from Liberia, Sierre Leone, and now Gambia are being let into our country with this illness or at least carriers of it, the medical profession is having some sort idiotic breakdown.

    It is the bright man’s burden to do things properly, no matter what the cause, or everything breaks down horribly.

  • HisGirl

    This is an interesting development in the context of the argument that Western treatment will increase the ebola survival rate. So far, those who have survived in the US have been white. I wonder if there are biological factors which make the disease more deadly to those with sub-Saharan ancestry.

    • Periapsis

      It’s possible, but blacks think Ebola is a bio-weapon designed to kill them. And for the record, whites have died of this disease during this outbreak. Two Spanish missionaries died of it, a nurse caught it from them despite wearing level 4 biosafety gear. Make no mistake, if an Ebola pandemic starts, millions of whites will die of the disease or the actions of the hostile elites ruling the country.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    One word: karma.

  • dd121

    Any decision our negro leader makes about Ebola which doesn’t quarantine Africa is a crime against humanity.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Let’s don’t forget the little dog that was euthanized as a result of being exposed to Ebola. The pet belonged to the Spanish nurse. Rest in Peace, little friend, run and frolick in Heaven with Mittens, Katie, Nikki, Eli, Bernie, Ellie, Hober, Checkers, Scooter, Dixie, Cheezie, Shorty, Corky, and our many rabbits, pigeons and tadpoles.

    • Jo

      That might occur here as well if conditions become bad enough. Over my dead body will they get my dog.

    • I think euthanizing that dog was a missed opportunity. They should have isolated the animal and kept it under observation, to monitor the course of the disease in non-primates. We already know Ebola kills humans, monkeys and apes – that’s nothing new, but what about other mammals?

      • Periapsis

        Of greater import is how likely dogs can spread Ebola among humans. Cats can transmit Bubonic plague if the bacterium invades the lungs. One cough from an infected cat is enough to spread it to man. We do not know about what role dogs play in the spread of Ebola. They should have kept the dog in isolation to see if it is infected.

        • Once Yersina pestis is transmitted by coughs, it is not bubonic anymore, but pneumonic. Much nastier. It short-circuits the whole need for flea bites.

          • Periapsis

            True, the agent remains the same, only the mode of transmission’s different.

  • Garrett Brown

    SO much for the liberal argument of no fatalities, everyone will be treated, etc…

  • benvad

    He didn’t know he was sick? Of course he did, he figured he’d get some white man voodoo to help him, be damned if others get infected of course.

  • RacialRay

    What did this man cost us on his way to the grave? I’d like to send the bill somewhere…

  • LaughsAtHumans

    Why on Earth are any humans allowed to leave Africa? Not just in general, but from an epidemic zone?

    Are hairless apes REALLY that blind about themselves?! I watched deer get regionally genoicded because of the fear of prion disease; the UK quarnatines all non-humans for six months, even you if you have proof of rabies shots, as I understand it, and should a cow or chicken sneeze, the resultant killing (in order to keep disease from spreading) makes the Holocaust look like a paintball match.

    If this were happening to anything but n—-rs in Africa, it’d be preventive culling time.

    But good lord, you no one will even restrict travel to and from the continent because “hoomin rights”. BLEAH!

  • journey

    Another virus called Marburg with similar symptoms to Ebola is popping up in Africa. First death was in Kenya. It also jumped from animal to human. Africa’s population growth will have to be seriously contained to control the breeding of prior non-existent diseases. The civilized world cannot keep up.

    • Marburg is a filovirus related to Ebola, but not quite so lethal. The southeast Asian version is Reston, and that doesn’t appear to kill humans at all, or pigs, either; antibodies to Reston have turned up in humans and pigs on farms in the Philippines. That said, something else spread by fruit bats was killing horses, groomers and jockies in Australia when I was there in 1997-98.

      • journey

        We are talking about Africa, Michael. Totally different animal. When Ebola first appeared in Africa, no one imagined it would be where it is now. Just saw on the news, they are starting to equate Ebola with AIDS (not the virus but the cost and amount of cases).

      • journey

        Did a more reading, the Marburg virus was first discovered in Germany. The Russians later developed it for biological warfare. Infections and deaths have been sporadic but more so in Africa. And bats again are the reservoirs.

        • There was a fairly short, minor Marburg outbreak in the area where Uganda, Kenya and southern Sudan come together, sometime about 30 years ago. The disease itself was first described in Germany in 1967, after medical workers experimenting with a shipment of Ugandan green monkeys became infected. Of the 30 in Germany who became ill, 7 died, for a fatality rate only a bit over 1/3 of what Ebola had been recently producing.