Probe: Athletes Took Fake Classes at University of North Carolina

Marti Maguire, Reuters, October 22, 2014

More than 3,000 students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill received credit for fake classes over an 18-year period as part of a program that allowed many of them to remain eligible to play sports, according to a report released on Wednesday.

The investigation by former federal prosecutor Kenneth Wainstein is the latest of several attempts to unravel allegations of academic fraud involving student-athletes at a university known for both its academic rigor and athletics.


The report does not incriminate any coaches or athletic administrators in the scheme, which it said was carried out by a former department head and former office administrator within the African and Afro-American Studies department.

The “irregular classes” at UNC-Chapel Hill from 1993 to 2011 had no class attendance or faculty involvement, according to Wainstein’s independent investigation.

Student-athletes accounted for nearly half of enrollments in the irregular classes, the report found. Among the non-athletes, many were struggling students who were referred through academic support services.

Many of them were directed to the courses by counselors in the Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes, the report said, with some counselors going so far as to provide rosters of athletes and the grades they needed to maintain eligibility.


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  • This is so chronic and so pandemic that the easier list to compile is at which schools with a lot of black football and men’s basketball scholarship athletes is this not happening.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Not only is education made a joke by this, but feral blacks get to plow white fields by force or thanks to the brainwashing called “liberalism”.

      Making campus safe and learner friendly.

      • KristiMartin7

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        • I deliberately wrecked my Lotus Elise because I like my Ford GT-40 heaps better. The Lotus just plain sucks compared with a 1965 Ford GT-40. Ask me how!

          • propagandaoftruth

            She was busty.

          • archer

            How,if I’m thinking of the right car it stunned Ferrari at Le Mans took top 3 one year.

        • Greg Thomas

          Can you afford a shirt now or are you showing off some of your newly acquired “assets?”

    • MekongDelta69

      That’s easy — ZERO

    • Earl P. Holt III

      At least they had the decency to wear their S.A.T. scores on their UNC team jerseys…

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    What people won’t do for money down in the bible belt.

    • Anglokraut

      How do you figure? UNC isn’t affiliated with any denomination, is it?

  • Oil Can Harry

    I’m heartbroken that these athletes missed out on attending black studies classes.

    They could have learned that Cleopatra and the ancient Egyptians were black and built flying machines but their technology was stolen by those white devils the Wright Brothers.

    • Adolf Verloc

      I was arguing this point with somebody on HuffPo the other day. I linked to some steles from Queen Hatshepsut’s funerary temple that illustrated the expedition she sent to Punt. The illustrations of Negroes could have come out of 1930s Disney cartoons, and were obviously wildly different from the illustrations of Egyptians. Didn’t do a damned bit of good.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        “Dem folkses is jes’ plain, igorant…”

      • Nancy

        I’d like to see those, too. Have a link?

    • Julius Caesar

      You need to tell this HuffPo commenter, from a firsthand source, that I NEVER had an affair with a black Pharaoh!

  • By dumbing-down curricula, this makes degrees from these universities less valuable, and thus adversely impacts their ability to endlessly raise tuition rates. I’d say that they are in a bit of a bind in this respect.

    • phorning

      The problem is more and more employers are using a degree requirement to weed out job applicants, even if nothing about the job would require a degree. Many of the students taking these fake classes were not athletes. Allowing employers to do their own testing/screening without fear of lawsuits would cause an incredible change in higher education.

  • Adolf Verloc

    A long-delayed acknowledgement of the 800-lb gorilla in the parlor. There is probably justification for maybe 3-5 centers for African-American studies nationwide in schools with powerful history programs. They have proliferated like weeds and, not surprisingly, are prime sources for gut courses for “student athletes.”

  • Truthseeker

    Everyone knows big-time college sports is a lucrative industry masquerading as amateur athletics. These are the same institutions that indoctrinate the next generation into Cultural Marxism, so we shouldn’t expect any moral scruple out of them.

  • Dave West

    You mean to tell me that some ghetto thug NCAA basketball player who can barely speak English correctly didn’t actually get a 3.85 GPA at UNC or Duke; how shocking!

  • Whitetrashgang

    Yes the black students should not even attend classes or be on campus, just pay them all ready.If that doesn’t work maybe inform the fans their football and basketball worship in not really a good thing, in fact it makes them look kind of stupid.

    • MBlanc46

      Or give up the lie that big-time college sports are played by “student athletes” and have the NFL and NBA sponsor their own farm teams.

      • Anglokraut

        That might at least cut down on class size in the 101 and 102 level courses, and since they are not students, there is nothing wrong with escorting them off campus after practice.

  • JackKrak

    Now how long do we have to pretend this is an isolated incident rather than something that has been general standard practice across the country for 30+ years?

  • Anglokraut

    I howled with laughter when I read this story yesterday. I do have to wonder though: will any degrees issued in the 18-year time frame awarded to student-athletes be revoked as fraudulent?

    • jim

      Yes. Right after “Dr.” Michael King’s doctorate is revoked for plagiarism.

  • 4321realist

    Did anybody really believe these black ebonic experts could legitimately learn a subject well enough to get a passing grade? I mean besides the white weenies who comprise the Orwellian sect of political correctness?

    And does anybody really believe that these other black “college students” are anything but awardees of freebie certification whose ranks would decrease by about 95% if they were forced to earn entry, grading and certification?

    This entire society has turned into one big lie, based on make-believe and pretensions.

  • Mack0

    When I was in college I took a political science course. In the class there were a couple of black people The blacks students habitually came in late or didn’t show up at all. When one of the black students was asked a question he was barely intelligible. He could not string a sentence together to save his life.

    As part of the class, students exchanged papers for proof reading. I had the pleasure of proof reading both of the black students papers and I was aghast at the what I read. I’m no Shakespeare with language but what I read would not have earned a passing grade in an elementary school English class.

    I tried to help the best I could and offered suggestions for improving the paper. The black student showed me the paper after it had been graded by the professor and in bright bold red pen was a B+. I scanned the paper and he had changed nothing, not a single thing

    I was more liberal than I am today and I let it pass but it stuck with me. This wouldn’t be the last time I saw this kind of thing. The point of my story was that the issue of artificially inflating black academic performance goes way beyond athletics.

    • MBlanc46

      My very first step toward race realism came in 1967 when, quite by chance, I saw some papers by black high school students. I couldn’t believe that high school students appeared to be largely illiterate. I can believe it now.

  • MekongDelta69

    Did you see the word black in the article?

    Nah. Me neither…

    • MBlanc46

      They couldn’t avoid “African” or “Afro-American” though.

  • One other thing we have to remember from this scandal is the shameful way the school treated Mary Willingham for her whistleblowing. Of course, her great “sin” in life was calling out the black afawete for his chronic stupidity. That is, she noticed things about a group of people.

  • Luca

    This is no surprise. Blacks are faking their way through life most of the times anyway. And of course they have their liberal sponsors who pave the way for them.

    • TheAntidote

      True, true. There are many terms for this phenomenon: the token negro, the magic negro, the empty suit. The entire bl[email protected] boojwahzee is an artificial, Potemkin-like construct held up by gubmint money and coercion.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Every black imbecile with a pulse is encouraged to “be a college man,” receiving vast quantities of grants, “aid” and scholarship monies, while incurring massive amounts of debt that they eventually repudiate in one form or another.

    Meanwhile, very bright middle-class white kids get little or nothing.

    The very least these lazy, witless and incompetent black baboons could do is go to class and read the materials, and not game THIS system, too…!

  • Earl P. Holt III

    You’re right: The tail is wagging the dog, here…

  • dd121

    This isn’t exactly breaking news. Blacks can’t be educated but they can play football. You do the math.

  • Diversity Fatigue

    Ready to have your stomach turned by just how far colleges go to attract ghetto thugs into their sports programs? Most of them use “hostesses.” Need mor be said?

    Read about it here:


    • Dwight

      Sickening. The faked passing grades are not the half of it. Cars, big screen TVs, cash, and sex parties are common.

      • phillyguy

        I remember when Larry Johnson was Part of that “professional” basketball team act UNLV, after he was drafted by the NBA an interviewer asked him, what will be your biggest adjustment to the NBA, and he said on national TV “a pay cut”

    • Sparky

      Nevin Shapiro, who helped recruit highschool blacks for Miami’s football team once said, “If Jarnell likes blondes, he gets blondes.” He even paid for abortions for the girls. Google him.

      • Diversity Fatigue

        Yep, I think he is in prison now. The whole thing is a racket filled with corruption. Whites will do just about anything for their pet athletes. Rape? No problem, we’ll take care of it.

      • Julius Caesar

        Hmm…Shapiro…that name sounds oddly familiar. It’s almost like it’s a common last name for a certain group of people….nope. Nevermind, that just can’t be possible. He’s a fine upstanding “white” fella, he’d never do that.

    • If my daughter did that, her body would never be found.

    • M&S

      Birds of a feather…
      White Women typically have a much more tightly clustered distribution of IQs in the 97-105 range. White Men have a distribution that is stochastically scattered like birdshot from a 1,000m elevated shotgun but, at the college level, these numbers start to come together in groups, starting at 120 and moving up.
      Why do you think white women are attracted to blacks?
      Could it be that you are looking at the natural affinity of two near-equal IQ groups with a lot of empathy and social intelligence but little or no higher cognitive function engaging in a defacto conspiracy to promote the social order they feel most comfortable with?
      Naaaah, must be just the money.
      IMO, what you are seeing with the excoriation of racial exclusion norms and the liberation of females via their enmasse acceptance into the workforce, is the destruction of the two tier restrictor by which whites have been able to sustain their existence as a population.
      Women who don’t face social exile for going black because they can pay for their tastes in men with a salaried job that supports themselves can experiment (social life with The Gurlz) to the point where there are no white alternatives left and then settle for what’s left based on easy familiarity with what they already know.

    • Maximo Partagas

      That photo sickens me and this is why I do nothing to support college or pro sports.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Send your daughters to UNC so they can become culturally “enriched”…

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Turns out there WAS some use for the Afro-American/Black/African studies after all.

    Choose a major in “ethnic” studies such as “black or Chicano” history.

    Never attend a class, never write a paper, never study for a mid-term or final, never take notes…earn with a fake degree…

    And graduate to a government job in a fast-tracked supervisory position making six figures.

    Look, Obama has two fake degrees and look where it got him!!

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    Does it even chafe the black natterers that African Studies classes have no intellectual requirement for passing?

    • Jim Stiles

      I think that it offends a few Walter Williams types, but that is just about it. No mainstream (liberal) black gives it a second thought.

  • Strider73

    IIRC Division III schools do not offer athletic scholarships. Everyone is a walk-on. Those are the only decent colleges left.

    • John

      My alma mater was and still is NCAA Division III. When I attended, they didn’t have athletic scholarships and admission was based almost exclusively on academic qualifications. 80% of the people in my freshman class were in the top 10% of their HS graduating class. As a consequence, there were only 10 blacks in the entire undergraduate population and of them, only 1 participated in a sports program. He was a foreign exchange student from Africa and was an all conference soccer player. In my entire four years there, I didn’t have a single black in any of my classes. I’d have to say that it more than qualifies as a “decent college”, even today. “McDaniel College is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of
      the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and it is one of
      40 colleges profiled in the book ‘Colleges That Change Lives’ (3rd ed., 2006) by Loren Pope.” Back when I attended, it was known as Western Maryland College (established 1867).

    • Nancy

      I had a choice between going to FSU or Emory. In the end, the Emory degree served me better.

  • MBlanc46

    I realize that this despicable situation is largely down to blacks, but the fundamental dishonesty is institutions of higher education acting as if the minor league sports teams they sponsors are composed of students.

  • Blackhawk

    Investigate any other ACC or SEC school and I’m sure one will find the same results.

    Well, maybe not Duke or Vanderbilt.

  • Maaku

    Who cares

  • Douglas Quaid

    Given how illiterate black atheletes almost always appear when asked about a big win by a reporter, it’s painfully obvious that any college degree these guys have is the equivalent of a diploma out of a Cracker Jack box.

  • Randall Ward

    Anyone who has been to college knows about this sort of thing. They go to class and are given a passing grade for sitting in a seat.

  • Bill Moore


    Same goes for High schools. Public High Schools are there to provide education.

    If I were King, I would take a bulldozer to my granddaughter’s high school, and push all of the bleachers (three millions dollars), the fake grass on the fields (five million dollars) and the scoreboard (another million dollars) into a pile and burn them. Then sell the metal for scrap.

    Toss all of the uniforms and balls and bats and so forth onto the bonfire.

    Three weeks after they put a new fake grass field on the football field, the school board announced that there was not enough money for a textbook for each student, therefore three students would have to share one book.


    Thank you for letting me rant,
    Bill Moore

    • I graduated high school 30 years ago in an affluent school district (Boulder, Colorado), and it wasn’t like that. It was a lot like the movie “The Breakfast Club”, in which there were a bunch of cliques, but everyone found a comfortable group, all without any official school support. I never watched a single high school ball game, but I did take my girlfriend to some of the plays and concerts.

      I don’t want to watch a bunch of guys throw a ball around. Show me something interesting.

      The sports obsession that erstwhile “adults” enjoy is dumbing the whole nation down.

      • Anglokraut

        I think we should develop that game that was made up for the Sci-Fi show “Sliders”. It was a game with ball-passing and fancy footwork, but while playing the players were being grilled over Quiz Team questions, like the levels of the Linnaeus Classification System.

  • Bill Moore


    I get a kick out of these “football fans” (same goes for “basketball fans” and others).

    I laugh at them, and tell them they’re actually a “fan” of watching television and drinking beer.

    If they were actually “fan” of football (or basketball, baseball or others), they would take a football/basketball/baseball and go out with friends to a field and actually play the game.

    At my granddaughter’s public high school, there are a dozen athletes on the field, fifty more sitting on the bench, and another four thousand sitting on their butt watching and eating. It’s ridiculous.

    More of the school’s money is spent on these games than on the education of the children.

    Thank you for letting me rant,
    Bill Moore

    • That is about the best description of this phenomenon that I’ve ever read. I like fishing, but I’m not about to pay for cable TV just so I can watch professional bass fishing; cleaning out the basement would be a better use of time. I don’t like playing golf, but visiting my mother, we’ll watch the Master’s Tournament just to see Tiger Woods lose. Phil Mickelson’s shot out of the rough and through the trees a few years ago was also pretty impressive.

      If one is going to sit around drinking beer, why spoil it by having the TV on? One day two summers ago, while my wife and daughter were out in California, my neighbor Alex and I spent the whole day drinking on his patio, just chatting. No TV, but a whole lot of booze. We grilled lunch right there and kept drinking. Another neighbor came over and had us move her upright piano. Our reward was – yes – yet more booze. That was one of the best days of my life, and no hangover.

      We don’t get cable TV here, and broadcast reception was always terrible – too far from Pueblo to get good reception from there, and too close to Monument Hill to get it from Denver. When I feel the need to drink, I’ll sit down and plan out the next series of fishing lure builds. One technique that worked recently was using spare scraps of nylon window screen as painting masks to produce a fish-scale pattern on lures. It’s funny what you can think of after a few drinks when you don’t have negroball playing on negrovision.

      • Bill Moore

        Hello Michael Christopher Scott,

        Thank you for your reply.

        I haven’t watched television for three decades (except when in a “Sports Bar”, where I’m dismayed by the Caucasians transfixed by the Africans on the screen).

        I worked on television shows (Mr. Rogers Neighborhood for 37 years), (National Geographic for ten years) and numerous others for fifty years. It’s so full of propaganda that I can’t bear to watch it.

        At one station, there was a woman paid $150,000/year to watch the station’s output for eight hours a day (with the audio muted). Her job was to make sure the visual propaganda was appropriate for the agenda. Visual images are received by the brain as facts. Audio is received by the brain and analyzed. Her job was to make sure the visual images (e.g., an African, a Caucasian woman, and a male Caucasian are all on the set. The Caucasian woman is supposed to look longingly at the African and to express pleasant emotions as it speaks. If the Caucasian Male speaks, the woman’s expressions reflect scorn).

        I could go on and on with examples (e.g., try to catch a mixed race couple in the background of a street interview). When editing such material, the Caucasian female producer I was working with squealed with delight when she said, ” Use that shot! Use that shot”. She knew that the higher-ups would like the shot, and pat her on the head.

        That’s how it works.

        It’s all disgusting.

        Thank you,
        Bill Moore

        • I also did that with the volume off, which is a large part of of why I won’t watch TV.

        • Mr. Moore, have you ever thought of perhaps sitting down and writing an article for Amren based off of your work experiences? Just this little bit you relayed to Mr. Scott has a wealth of information, and I can only imagine a great deal of folks here other than myself would be interested in reading more.

          If not, well, ill just keep enjoying your posts when I see them!

    • Itooktheredpill

      Sports really are the opiate of the masses, especially in america. My sheeple friends are obsessed with the NFL, MLB, NBA there fantasy leagues. I occasionally like to watch a game but the way they go about it is just sad after a while. This is coming from someone who has enjoyed and been good at sports his whole life.

  • Augustus3709

    Kick Whites out of positions of cultural maintenance (about 60 years running now) and corruption of the institutions will skyrocket. This is the result.

    Desegregation is a failed experiment. It was an immoral and disingenuous endeavor in the first place. Those who enjoy it are selfish and blind.

    It’s time to hit the reset button on this civilization.

  • Alpin Thueson

    These ‘programs’ are little more than cogs in the khazar’s ‘planet of the apes’ machine. Make’em think they’re smart….

  • Sloppo

    I’ll go out on a limb here and speculate that there were no white South Africans in the fake class program at UNC.

  • archer

    Now they can become airline pilots.

  • Black Swan

    Logic, facts, empirical evidence, DNA evidence, rational debate, none of it works with lefties because they are brainwashed with lies.

    Put the info out there, expect it to be deleted immediately by HuffPo and move on.

  • Jim

    Another rousing validation for black studies.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    At least the basketball and football players had the decency to wear their S.A.T. scores on their jerseys…or were those their I.Q.s ?

  • Football football football football. The word “classes” did not appear once in your post.

  • afro American studies, that alone should of been a red flag of B.S classes.
    2. common core? is it not?
    3. this is why I would prefer not to have a doctor that is black. Asian middle east Indian, even a latino, I would not mind, but black as the system in the states works for the people of dark color, that diploma PhD ect. may not be worth the paper it is printed.
    I do know that there are many black decent who are smart enough to get a PHD, but
    being that the standard to make the Quota of race ratio I do believe they push people out the door so the school dose not look as if it is discriminating.
    I won’t see a black doctor because im raciest I won’t because I don’t trust the school nor system that he or she went to school.

    • Blackhawk

      Good move, Patrioticvigilantie. Remember, somebody has to finish last, even in medical school.

  • SolStans

    Well, now we can rest easy that we’ve found the urban youths who actually “din do nuffin”.

  • Curious

    I’ve been tested with a fairly high IQ, but I’ve learned to be really quiet about it because most of my friends become really hostile if I mention it. “IQ doesn’t matter”, they will self-righteously and defensively inform me, or sometimes say “There are many different kinds of intelligence”. They believe this like it’s a kind of religion. I wasn’t sure where this kind of thought came from, but I’d been hearing it espoused since about the late 70s as a way of demeaning me – demeaning me! – for being intelligent, as if I should be ashamed.

    It was only recently I researched this and found out that the primary reason IQ is now considered a “controversial” measure is that no method has been found to bring black IQ in line with white IQ, no matter how “fairly” the tests are designed. Suddenly, it all becomes clear… and this is part of it. Of course if they can’t measure up to a standard, the standard must be denigrated, declared worthless, and thrown out. But whatever they excel at – like football – must be celebrated even as their weaknesses are hidden.

    • ghettovalley

      IQ doesn’t exist, until some borderline mentally retarded black guy robs, rapes, and kills somebody’s grandmother. Then IQ magically exists again, and we can’t put to death a man with an IQ so low, that would be cruel. Just one of the countless examples of the hypocrisy of these types. Don’t worry about offending them with the facts, being ostracized by others for your views. You don’t want to be friends with these people anyway. Rub it in their stupid faces.

  • ghettovalley

    I was under the impression that they have been doing this for a while, with classes such as black studies.

  • meanqueen

    I attended UNC-CH back in the 1980’s. Two memories stick with me. Once, I saw a black football player in the library just ripping pages out of a book instead of taking the time to go to the copy machine and copy the pages, like normal students did. Secondly, there was a math class created for the black athletes that was presented as a college level, non remedial math class, but which was really just a fun and easy “isn’t this a neat thing about how math works” kind of class. I was told point blank by someone in the math department that they were told to create a class for the football and basketball teams.

  • meanqueen

    I never understood why athletics was part of college anyway.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Facts, evidence and reason don’t fare particularly well, either…

  • And thank you, sir, for the insight. I’d be willing to bet fairly high stakes that if this country was populated and even guided by more men like yourself throughout recent history, we’d be in a much more stable place today.

    Have you ever heard the rumours that Mr. Rogers himself was a decorated marine scout sniper? I always got a kick out of them, while some tiny bit of me wondered if maybe it was true. His exceedingly calm demeanor was always reminiscent to me of certain fellows in the special operations community who had truly seen a lot, and as a result took everything else in life as “nothing to worry about”.

  • fizmath

    The boosters who support these athletic programs are almost entirely white. They could be sponsoring scholarships for future scientists and artists instead of semi-literates.