Police: 3 Men Caught on Video Attacking Woman In Brooklyn

CBS Brooklyn, October 20, 2014

A Brooklyn woman spoke out on Monday night, after being attacked by three men in Brooklyn.


Aspiring model Gwendolyn Reyes, 21, told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez that it was difficult to watch surveillance video of the men who ganged up on her and beat her as she lay helpless on the ground.


The video shows the three men walking in the opposite direction of Reyes. After the first man walks past her, another member of the group suddenly grabs her and pushes her to the wall of a nearby building.

The two struggle, and the man punches her twice, leaving her in a heap on the street. The man who beat her is seen walking away.

The other men are then seen trying to steal the Reyes’ purse that is over her shoulder. She is dragged down the street as the video cuts out.

“I just remember the whole attack, and for them leaving me, I remember them just dragging me, and then I started yelling for someone to help me,” Reyes said. “And then that’s when I realized blood was coming from my face, but I didn’t know where from my face.”

Police said the men got away with her purse and iPhone. Reyes was treated for a broken nose at a local hospital.



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  • Mack0

    Why did those three white punks attack that black woman?

    • Tarczan

      Because they knew they could never get a good looking black woman like her.

      • Anna Tree

        It seems Amren updated and put a video:

        The nerves of the traitorous media!

        They cut the video in two parts to misleadingly make the viewer believes that they beat her with the intent to steal her purse but that is not true. It is obvious from the full video that the stealing was an afterthought: they left but came back to take the purse!

    • Ron Cheaters

      They wanted to see what was in her “white privelege” purse?
      She was on the wrong side of the street?

      • LHathaway

        lol, they wanted to see what was in her white privilege nap-sack. . .

      • Mack0

        You’re closer to the truth than you realize. When you indoctrinate a someone from the cradle to the grave to believe a group of people are successful only as a result of exploiting you and others like you, it isn’t truly stealing but taking what is rightfully owed to you.

        It’s Marxist revolutionary theory dumbed down for the impulsive low IQ set. To blacks, whites have ceased to be human and become objects, walking ATMs.

        • Ron Cheaters

          Elusive point! Very true!

        • TonyWestfield

          Mack, a couple days ago I posted a comment in a similar vein to yours. One can compare the myths of our day to war propaganda, the purpose of which is to de-humanize the other side and thereby make it easier to harm them or even wipe them out. As for the myths, I find it astounding that so many people can be duped into believing that American (or European) scientists invented Ebola and introduced it to Africa in order to decimate the population there. A similar yarn was spun about AIDS. Combine this with the economic myth (you alluded to it) that America stole its prosperity from certain oppressed groups, and we are left with hoards of semi-literate “youths” who commit violent robberies such as the one in the video, above, and they are driven to rob not by force of necessity but by a story in their heads, a story that justifies the crimes as “just getting even” or some such nonsense. One more layer to the story: So-called intellectuals and leaders, all the way up to our present rent-free tenant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, do not punch people in the face and stomp them on the sidewalk, but they are the puppet masters of the street criminals. Elites are the ones who create and disseminate the myths that live in the heads of street thugs and motivate their attacks.

          • John Barleycorn

            EVER since the Los Angeles riots I’ve thought that race war is just a matter of time . . I think this Ferguson mess will spawn some
            deadly nationwide unrest, even as I continue to hope not inspite of making ammunition purchases from time to time in preparation ..

          • Jesse_from_Sweden

            A couple of things.

            First, a pet peeve of mine.
            AIDS is not a disease and isn’t contagious. It’s a a medical condition, just like a coma. The medical condition called AIDS (lack of a properly working immune system essentially) is usually caused a by HIV, which is a virus and so is a contagious disease.
            There are those who doubt that HIV causes AIDS and claim that AIDS is in fact caused by anti-retroviral drugs used to treat HIV.
            And there is also the problem that HIV and AIDS doesn’t actually kill people by itself, it just makes them extremely vulnerable to other diseases that will kill them.
            This is the reason why HIV and AIDS wasn’t “discovered” before the white man started doing large scale medical operations in Africa.
            Because the people that died from having AIDS died from other diseases and therefore couldn’t be connected to HIV before they actually learned about it.

            The second one is the marxist myth of limited wealth, which is what is causing a lot of the problems with these groups.
            Marxist doctrine claims that there is a limited amount of wealth in the world, meaning that for someone to get richer, someone else has to get poorer.
            You can only get rich by taking wealth from someone else.
            And since the western world is rich and the third world is poor, that is “evidence” that the west have exploited these countries and stolen their wealth.

            The problem with that reasoning is of course that it’s totally false. Wealth is created. It is created by the productivity of people.
            If a farmer can grow twice the amount of produce in the same amount of land and time, thanks to harder work and better methods and tools, that means that the farmer will become richer without anyone else getting poorer.
            The wealth of the west is caused by the simple fact that a worker in the west is far more productive than a worker in the third world.
            And one reason for this is a circle of productivity, excess of goods and research.
            In other words, we have a high enough productivity to create a surplus, allowing some people to stop working to produce necessary goods and instead spend time and resources on researching better methods and tools for those that work that will make them even more productive, creating an even larger surplus per worker.
            Which of course in the end results in the fact that western workers are very productive and as such there is a lot of wealth created in the west and the west is wealthy.
            It has nothing to do with the west stealing anything from anyone else.
            The colonization era was, if anything, actually a loss for the west, where they spent a lot of resources on colonies without getting enough back to actually make it a profit in most cases.
            The west did not get rich by colonizing other. Instead, they could colonize others just because of the fact that they were rich, and had the extra resources that could be spent on doing such things.
            The biggest gains from colonies and exploration was probably getting new crops, primarily from the “new world” (aka America), things like sugar cane, tobacco, corn, cotton etc.

            This production equals wealth thing can be easily seen in America.
            Why did certain colonies become rich (like USA and Canada) while others became poor (like Haiti).
            Production per worker.
            Just like any computer game that deals with economy really. If you increase the productivity, you get more items. More items without increasing the population means more items per person, which equals more wealth per person.

            Simple as that really.

            But marxists prefer their interpretation, because it’s far easier to blame someone else for your problems than to actually fix them yourself…… As well as using that as an excuse to take control over nations and people. Nevermind that the poor in communist states actually have it worse than the poor in capitalist states, despite their efforts of “equalizing the wealth”.

            Wow…..that was a long rant.

          • TonyWestfield

            You gave me a chuckle at the end, Jesse. Yes, you published a heck of a rant. All of your points are valid and worthy of consideration.

            The economic perspective of “the zero sum” is an instrument of troublemakers all over the world. Unfortunately, most of the seven billion creatures known as human beings actually BELIEVE this rubbish, having been indoctrinated or otherwise miseducated by “leaders” who pretend to be looking out for the interests of “the people.” Most of these believers do not even know they are Marxists and therefore would not describe themselves as such. But they vote. They form mobs and protest. They loot and set fire to buildings. They commit countless crimes on the streets and inside the homes and businesses of their perceived enemies. Ignorance is the plague of our age, and democracy is its stealth weapon. America is supposed to be the example for the world, with our explicit Constitution, holding back the low desires of majoritarian masses who would use the force of law to reward themselves and punish their rivals. Constitution isn’t working. What’s next? An incremental rise in direct action, up to and including civil war, seems inevitable; the early phases are already underway.

            As for HIV-AIDS, yes, the myths and misunderstandings abound. Don’t ever forget, Jesse, truth is the first casualty of war, as the old adage suggests. It would be futile to try persuading the ignorant masses who believe the myths–they hold their myths near and dear to their hearts. My favorite example of an absurd myth is the one about how a male can cleanse himself of HIV-AIDS by having sexual intercourse with a virgin female. This little gem of insanity is quite popular in several regions on the African continent. Truth does not matter. What matters is motivation. Our first mission is to learn about the motivation and rationale of those who see us as their enemy, i.e., we find out who our enemy is. Our second job (contemporaneous with the first) is to defeat them.

    • Christorchaos

      Mack0 good idea .. race reversal .. I’m going to steal that idea and use it. “Why did that white boy Jesse Matthews kill that black aspiring young college student?”.


      • TonyWestfield

        Christorchaos, you turbo-charged Mack0’s idea, which was good to begin with. I’m fantasizing about taking your question (exactly as you worded it, with the name of the perp) and sending it to MSNBC. Anybody working there, from on-air “talent” down to the newest unpaid intern, would likely start foaming at the mouth with joy and anticipation: “Wow, what a story! I’m going to google it RIGHT NOW”…then the face goes limp with disappointment when the real story comes up on the computer screen. Phase Two of my fantasy is that after a hundred such tricks, or maybe a thousand (heaven knows, it wouldn’t be difficult to point to a thousand such stories), the experience of seeing the actual players involved might educate the MSNBC types and turn them into realists. Well, this second phase is a pipe dream, but the core idea has potential. Just imagine sending a tip to Rachel Maddow about a breaking story, “Eve Carson, promising African-American college student, killed by white thugs.” I’d bet a couple bucks that Maddow would fall for it because she has never heard of Eve Carson. The list is endless: “Franklin-Triano case went cold 35 years ago, now solved with arrest of white man who was 15 years old when he raped and murdered his neighbor, a middle-aged black professional.” One more from my hit parade: “Lauren Rose Relyea, beautiful African-American girl, 10 years old, sexually assaulted and murdered by white adult male ‘friend’ of the family.”

        • Christorchaos

          “Young black college student Channon Christianson screamed for her daddy while being tortured and raped by three white thugs while their white girlfriend watched”.

          • TonyWestfield

            I sense the beginning stages of a new art form, the parody of awful events but with a “spin”…all aimed at shedding light on important truths. Something tells me that Eve Carson or Channon Christian or Chris Newsome, or ANY of the precious persons on that awful list, would approve of our using their names for a good cause. By the way, Christorchaos, you gave me a quick, sharp kick in the belly because I know that the testimony (from the devils who were the only ones alive to testify) suggests that Channon really did cry out for her “daddy” in the midst of her horror. Wow, this is powerful stuff. Thanks.

          • Christorchaos

            Just to be clear, it was sent in a letter to Channon’s father, written by a prison inmate who heard one of the perps tell what he did to poor Channon. Not to leave out what they did to Newsome which was in some ways worse.

          • TonyWestfield

            Thank you.
            Two points come to mind, one horrible and one ambiguous.
            Horrible: The perp must have been reminiscing, even boasting, about how they “did the girl”…no remorse!
            Ambiguous: I wonder, what was the motivation of the inmate who wrote to Channon’s father? Was he aiming to merely fill in some blank spots in the story? Was it sadistic, to rub it in the face of Channon’s dad?

          • Christorchaos

            I was wondering the EXACT same thing.

  • Alexandra1973

    Typical…attack in packs.

    • Anna Tree

      and on one unknowing weaker victim…

    • Christorchaos

      The thing that always surprises me is how Blacks get unanimity on what they are about to do. Surely they do not meet Like bad guys in the film noir plan out what they are going to do. Or are they always “prepared to do the worst” and just follow the cue of whoever impulsively does something awful?

      • bilderbuster

        The latter as can be seen in the film as soon as the one attacks the others instinctively join in without missing a step.

  • John Smith

    The filthy creatures who control the mainstream media cabal are the most subversive, destructive force facing Western Civilization – our #1 enemy.

    They are more dangerous from their omissions than when they slant coverage.

    Think of all the issues and stories that have been denied mainstream coverage.

    If this wasn’t the case, all the problems facing our people could be solved within a few months and we would be a prosperous society again.

    • LHathaway

      So true.

  • Knockout Martin Luther King.

    They probably only stole her purse and sail foam out of pure opportunism.

  • Anna Tree

    It’s not a game anymore and they robbed her only it seems as an afterthought:
    This is terrorism.
    They want to frighten us and so, silence and paralyze us.

  • IstvanIN

    And this is what the Europeans are importing each and every day. We are Zimbabwe.

  • Adolf Verloc

    I sometimes think that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to equip those surveillance cameras with remotely operated rifles and have continuous monitoring.

  • John

    It’s probably a good thing I’m a little older now because even so, after watching so many videos of this nature, I’m sorely tempted to go out and put myself in positions that would invite just this type of attack. Street justice would be dispensed and the cause of righteous vigilantism would be served. Any of you that remember the movie “Death Wish” will know exactly what I’m talking about.

    • Periapsis

      Indeed, but unlike the movie, whites who put themselves into a position that lures the filth in before they get a lethal lead injection would get life in prison if tried and convicted. Just be prepared to protect yourself and yours, and if need be kill an attacker or attackers. Don’t go looking for trouble, it will find all of us soon enough.

      • SentryattheGate

        Hurray for Bernard Goetz, the subway vigilante!

        • Ron Cheaters

          A couple months will be the 40 year anniversary

          • Cheri Rodriguez

            It was 1984, not 1974.

          • Ron Cheaters

            Yeah, I edited that.. I was time-travelling.. or my math was un-ravelling.

          • Cheri Rodriguez

            1974 was Charles Bronson in “Death Wish.” That may have caused the mix up.

          • benvad

            All the vagrants were whites. Jeff Goldblum was one of them.

        • Mr. Goetz should have been a bit more creative. I have, at various times used chainsaw chain and still carry a box-cutter with the hooked roofing cutter blade that one kind poster suggested here several years ago. The chainsaw chain leaves an attacker looking rather like a shark-attack victim and gives the lie to the common notion among blacks that white men are sissies.

          “I have five dollars for each of you.”

          “You don’t look so bad; here, have another.”
          –B. Goetz

          • IstvanIN

            Is Colorado metric? (90mm)

      • John

        Thanks for the advice. Seriously. Like I said, it’s a good thing I’m older now. As it stands right now, I go out of my way to avoid trouble and being retired, my excitement du jour is a trip to the gym followed by a trip to the library to pick up my holds.

    • Simonetta

      The other people are giving good advice against any lone individual being a “Death Wish”-style trolling vigilante today. Chances are good, given modern forensics, that you would be caught soon, if not immediately. And by being white, you would become a police priority. And there would be a lot of Al Sharpton’s people rabble-rousing hounding your trial demanding a guilty verdict, given that this is not exactly a self-defense type of situation.

      Nevertheless, if one were [I’m writing in a totally hypothetically here. I am not a lawyer, soldier, or law enforcement officer] to chose to attempt to draw out criminals by offering them targets of opportunity in this manner, then you wouldn’t want to do it alone. And you wouldn’t want to do it in a public place with cameras and witnesses. And, being a force of the civilized world, you would absolutely need to have guidelines about what you would be willing to do and not do with the criminals that you are targetting. You would want to be able to trust that you and your companions would follow these per-determined guidelines.

      Instead of street trolling, it would be better to induce the criminals to gather in a place where there would be little chance of either their escape or your capture.

      One might want to speak to people who actually do this kind of thing for a living (such as a sympathetic police officer) for advice about what not to do, and to act should things get out of control.

      Finally, it would be best if you don’t do this kind of thing yourself or with a group of people that you love and/or respect. Consider getting a “Charlene” [a small remote controlled robot drone weaponized quadcopter] to do it instead.

      This well-known video link below is likely a hoax or simulation, but it gives an idea to the future directions of street criminal control. The “Charlene” shown here would have very limited battery life and range, but if your group worked with the local nerds then they may come up with a Charlene that can be recharged by hovering over and connecting with the high-voltage electrical wires that are strung over every urban street.

      http://ww w dot youtube dot com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SNPJMk2fgJU

      • John

        Very good and well thought out advice. Thank you. Here’s hoping someone a lot younger than I that might, I repeat might, be inclined to actually do something like this, would take it to heart. I’m actually surprised some of our younger combat veterans haven’t acted somewhere along these lines already. The FBI published a short “watch” list of potential “domestic terrorists” a few years ago and vets and supporters of the Constitution were among those high on the list.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    But, but but…the New York times says that the Knockout Game is a “myth” and DeBlasio has made NY safe from Gun Violence.

    A young woman out alone 2:30 AM in Crown Heights?

    That’s when midnight basketball lets out!!

    Marlin Newburn spent 30 years in the criminal justice system learning about motives and racial violence. And hatred. Up close and personal. He has seen a lot of this: The violence is about hate. And the hate is about race.

    To people who practice this type of racial violence,all non-blacks are the enemy since they were weaned on the idea that whites/Asians/Hispanics/Martians were ‘keeping

    my people down.’

    They may be functionally illiterate, and I have yet to meet one that wasn’t, but their older family members or people in their neighborhood along with the popular culture drove that early message into their skulls.

    They believe that they have some black toxic-tribal license to attack, and the more brutal, the more “down with the struggle” they are. The degree of viciousness also demonstrates just how manly (or womanly) they are. In other words, the more sadistic, the higher the social and personal power status.

    It’s also great street cred for them, the sacred status for assaulting the all-pervasive and imaginary white power structure, and in regard to Asians and

    Hispanics, those people are just “takin’ jobs” from them.

    The people who practice this kind of racial violence — like the Knockout Game — have imaginary, social injustice tags as legitimate reasons to assault all non-blacks.

    To say the black assaults on non-blacks isn’t racist is a blatant lie. Black predators are racist to the bone. Most all live the part in prison.

    —Colin Flaherty, Knockout Game a Lie? Aw, Hell, No.

    • LHathaway

      Actually, the first picture you post, at the top, is a play act comedy piece. Some guy in a spiderman costume cartwheels in and ‘rescues’ her from this abuse shown in the picture. At least, that’s what I saw watching a video of these two on YouTube.

    • HE2

      The vic is not White; she looks multi-racial.
      And, what the heck was she doing walking alone in the wee hours of the morning in one of the worst ‘hoods possible?

  • dd121

    If more people carried this would happen less often. Oh wait, the left has made it illegal to defend yourself in New York

  • Julius Caesar

    Around blacks, NEVER relax.

  • In the deep south of my youth the adults would often talk about how screwed up the north was, where “n***ers” (a commonly used word) had politicians pandering to them and giving them generous welfare benefits. We heard stories about the coloreds beating up whites with impunity and were thankful to be living in the south, where such nonsense was not tolerated.

    The cops, all white in those days, took a rubber hose and beat uncooperative blacks just like a man might take a board and beat a stubborn mule. We knew what blacks were like and we fought the Feds and their integrationist policies as long as we could. For our efforts to preserve ourselves Walter Cronkite would demonize us on the news every night.

    Due to this history, to some degree I have little sympathy when Yankees are victimized by the plague you unleashed on us.

    • Who Me?

      Due to this history, to some degree I have little sympathy when Yankees are victimized by the plague you unleashed on us.
      In a way I can understand your resentment and dislike of northerners, Big. However, you will remember that anyone of voting age (21 or older) in 1965 would now be 70 years old or more. Also, remember that we get so tired of the blacks blaming us for the supposed “sins” of our possible ancestors, long gone. We don’t want to be doing the same thing to our own race. The arrogant Yankees who let the civil rights and immigration bills pass are mostly dead or old, toothless relics living out their last days in some well-deserved hell of a nursing home. The young people living there are probably not much better, but they are not the ones responsible for all the misfortunes rained down on all our heads from that region in the past. Yet it is the young ones, for the most part who are being assaulted and killed by the feral blacks. They too, are paying for the misdeeds of their parents or more likely, grandparents. I have no love for Yankees, and have no dog in this fight being western born and raised, but I do know that as Whites, especially racially aware Whites, we need to be better than blacks. We need to blame the right people, not their *possible* descendants. After all, how many of those same people there in the 50’s and 60’s have moved to Florida or Arizona in the decades since? Some, but certainly not all the people living there now could be their children and grandchildren, many others have almost certainly scattered to every corner of the nation (including the south) and indeed, everywhere in the world. And they are still not responsible for the sins of their fathers, anymore than all southerners today are in anyway responsible for slavery before 1865.

      • IstvanIN

        We need to stick together.

        • That’s what gets me about north-south mutual recrimination. Living in Colorado for most of my life has certainly helped, but it seems rather pointless 145 years later.

          • Malgus

            It has always been so, and likely will always be so…

            Even during the Colonial Era, Southerners were looked down upon as boorish, provincial hayseeds by the urban Northerners. What really set that way of thinking in stone was the modern era and the technologies it brought with it. Movies, for one. Most Southerners, especially those of us here in Appalachia, were portrayed as toothless, shoeless, inbred hicks skunked on our own homemade liquor, sitting barefoot on the porch in a rocking chair, ancient shotgun across our laps and quick to violence, distrustful of outsiders, clannish, if not outright psychotic (ever see “Deliverance”?)…

            I do hate to claim aggrieved status, but the antagonism seems to be all on one side. We didn’t make movies denigrating Yankees (or in more modern times, “reality TV”). We simply resent them doing it. To the best of my knowledge, all’s we have ever wanted is to be left alone. That hasn’t happened. In fact, the exact opposite has happened.

            I agree that we have to stick together, but I do not have a solution as to how we overcome the vast cultural chasm that separates us…

          • IstvanIN

            The south and fly-over states get picked on for being filled with “ignorant” and “unsophisticated” Whites. NJ 101.5 has two radio announcers who love to maker fun of White people who aren’t on the coasts. They say rude things about non-coastal Whites they would never say about blacks. We should stick together but the north is still unofficially down on the south.

      • ncpride

        I would agree with your post, however, Northerners, in my opinion, tend to be more liberal and ‘diversity loving’ than Southerners. I’ve seen them move from there to here (no doubt fleeing) and bring their liberal politics with them, seemingly refusing to admit they ruined their own states. While I certainly don’t blame ALL Northerners for our black problems, there is no excuse for any White person to be defending black dysfunction and still preaching White guilt, falling for that ‘diversity is our strength’ nonsense in 2014. I DO blame them for that.

        • Luca

          I find Liberals like to cluster in big cities where they can herd the minorities together for easier manipulation. That includes big cities in the south and the west. Is there any city more “liberal” than San Francisco? Chicago is a close second.

    • Alexandra1973

      Yes, I’m a lifelong Yankee, and I’ve had at least two ancestors in the Union Army…but please don’t blame me or any other Yankees on this forum. We didn’t ask for this.

      Our ancestors did it to us, too.

      I for one am glad to be free of the brainwashing.

      Blame the enablers.

    • MBlanc46

      In the Chicago area, blacks weren’t beating up whites with impunity. Those big Irish cops knew how to keep order, and I suspect that some of them enjoyed breaking black heads. My mother remembers during her childhood in the 1930s a sign at the limits of a nearby suburb “N—— Don’t Let the Sun Set on You Here”. There was plenty of race realism in the North. It wasn’t “Yankees” that did it, it was the elites.

    • Lord Sandwich

      I consider you a friend Bigone, I have lived in, and am very supportive of the South in general. (I’m currently reading the new biography of Robert E. Lee.) But it was not the northern states that shipped them here in the first place. They never should have been brought here at all. No amount of cotton revenue is worth what is happening to America now. I consider slavery wrong for that reason. They all should have been shipped back after the war. Lincoln knew that, and was working on a plan to make it happen when Booth shot him in the head. But I wish even more that they had never come. America should be a white country with a small racial minority without welfare, that assimilates. Slavery planted the seed of our demise. If the Civil War had never happened, do you think Southern slavery would have lasted into modern times? I don’t. I prefer separate continents to separate lunch counters. We may have to agree to disagree on who exactly unleashed the plague. Even so, I would never lack sympathy for a white victim of black violence, anywhere.

      • Christorchaos

        Of course this is very complicated issue. And reasonable people can disagree. But it is worth pointing out, I think, that the South was not going to be developed without inducing black immigration somehow. No other race could stand working in the fields with the subtropical sun. And blacks were not literate for the most part in Africa and so could not sign “employment contracts”.

        • Lord Sandwich

          Texas was settled and homesteaded by white immigrants. They managed quite well, and fought the Comanches and Mexicans in their spare time.

        • Malgus

          Well, I’m a lifelong Southerner.. also spent a few years on the equator..

          Granted, I don’t LIKE the heat and humidity and bugs. I’m not built for it. But I can stand it if I have to. Work’s gotta get done, no matter what the temperature and weather is like… it ain’t gonna do itself, much as I would like it to… 🙂

      • Malgus

        “If the Civil War had never happened, do you think Southern slavery would have lasted into modern times?”

        Possibly. The only reason I say that is because nobody came up with a decent cotton harvester until the 1950’s, which definitely falls into “modern times”. Up until then, it still had to be done by hand.

        • Lord Sandwich

          Why would slave labor be the only alternative to a mechanical harvester? Plenty of manual labor has gotten done by workers who were not slaves.

          • Malgus

            I said “possibly”. And slave labor isn’t the only alternative.

            I won’t go into the whole economic stream dealing with cotton, except to say that American cotton is recognized as being superior to either Egyptian or Indian cotton.

            You pay great numbers of people an increased wage to harvest it (which is the only way you’ll get them to do it, since it’s backbreaking labor), and the price goes up all down the line. Which means folks won’t buy as much product made from American cotton, since the same product made from Egyptian and Indian cotton will definitely cost less, despite being made from an inferior grade of cotton.

            Which means now you either have to engage in protectionism and slap tariffs on imported cotton goods, or let the American cotton market founder. Which puts people out of work.

            I never said I had all the answers… I’m just saying that until a good mechanized way to harvest cotton came along, which didn’t happen until the 1950’s, then it was possible that slavery could have continued to the modern era provided Mr. Lincoln’s War hadn’t been fought…

            Not defending slavery. No man should be beholden to any other for anything, much less outright owned… just saying the economics would have enabled it.

          • Lord Sandwich

            I guess the crux of my thought was that we today are paying a heavy price for the wealth created by the southern plantation owners. Not as heavy a price as the soldiers on both sides of the war, fortunately for us. The death and misery caused by negroes in America has never been worth whatever contributions they have made, past or present. Ultimately, Blacks have benefitted far more than whites have by their importation to the US. Though they would never say that. Funny how they’re not so keen on going back to the jungle.

          • Malgus

            Oh, I absolutely agree. No way it’s a fair trade… or even a reasonable one. They have benefited much more than we have by them being here… but, such were the economics of the 18th and 19th centuries.

            If I had a time machine, I’d make every effort to dissuade them from going down that path… though even without the slavery issue, the South would probably still have seceded.

    • Luca

      There’s two sides to that coin. Uber-wealthy Southerners should not have indulged in that worthless institution of slavery. It was wrong and destructive to society on all accounts. We are now reaping what that small minority of plantation owners had sown and they were the only ones who benefited from it and only for a short period of time.

      It had to end sometime and the sooner the better.

      • Malgus

        Whoa, hey.. hold on there cowboy…

        While I agree with the statement that it was wrong and destructive and had to end, I won’t accept hanging sole responsibility for it on the South. Especially when Yankee states engaged in it and Yankees aided and abetted in it for their own financial benefit.

        Hanging sole responsibility on the South is as false and simplistic as saying that Mr. Lincoln’s War was fought over slavery.

        • Luca

          Agreed. However, I assume you are talking about Northern shipping companies making money, as in the Atlantic slave trade.

          If so, Northerners generally only made money because Southerners created and perpetuated a demand.

          Northern states peacefully ended slavery in the north by way of laws, whereas Southern states refused to give it up. The South does not bear “sole” responsibility, but it does bear the overwhelming burden of maintaining slavery for the sake of a minority of rich plantation owners.

          Agree again. The Civil War was not just about slavery, but it too looms large in the list of reasons.

          • Malgus

            There’s this: “During and after the American Revolutionary War, between 1777 and 1804, anti-slavery laws or constitutions were passed in every state north of the Ohio River and the Mason-Dixon Line. By 1810, 75 percent of all African Americans in the North were free. By 1840, virtually all African Americans in the North were free.”

            Re: Your comment “whereas Southern states refused to give it up.” Implying that they were in some way in violation of the law, when in fact they were well within the Constitution.

            I give you: “Section 9 of Article I forbade the Federal government, from banning the “importation” of persons that an individual state’s laws considered “proper to admit” until January 1, 1808, though a tax of ten dollars each was allowed (and which was immediately imposed, after ratification). Article V prohibited amending those portions of Section 9 before 1808. By prohibiting Federal banning of the slave trade for two decades, Article V effectively protected the trade until 1808, giving the States 20 years to resolve this issue. During that time, planters in states of the Lower South imported tens of thousands of slaves, more than during any previous two decades in colonial history.”

            In other words, not only did the Federal Government not have any say whatsoever in the matter of “legal or not” – since it was and still is a States Rights issue – but they even made provisions to make a profit off of slavery even as they damned the South for it – charging a tax on every slave brought into the US. Pretty hypocritical, if you ask me.

            And I’m not even going to address the ‘75% of all slaves were free in 1810 in the Northern States’…. one wonders about the other 25%…

            In addition, slavery was recognized in ALL the colonies prior to the period 1777 – 1810.

            Heh.. I find your remarks about “rich Southerners” maintaining and perpetuating it because they made a profit rather simplistic. The British recognized the superiority of American cotton, which they needed to drive their textile industry. The cotton was brokered through Yankees and shipped from Yankee ports. Everyone had their fingers in that particular pie. So much so, that I could even argue successfully that it was the British, aided and abetted by Yankee brokers and shipping magnates, that created the need in the first place…

          • MBlanc46

            New England textile mills were major consumers of Southern cotton. In the years before the War, Whigs were divided into two factions, “Conscience Whigs”, who were anti-slavery, and “Cotton Whigs”, who tolerated it because they were involved in the textile industry in one way or another. It was mainly Northernerswho opposed slavery in one fashion or another, but the entire country was complicit in slavery.

          • IstvanIN

            An independent CSA would have forced the US to compete fair and square with Britain for the south’s cotton. Follow the money.

  • none of your business

    She’s lucky they only robbed and beat her. She could have been raped or murdered and disabled. 3 black men is almost always a mugging team.

  • 48224

    Amazing how the other two men just joined in without a second thought. I certainly hope this doesn’t turn the woman into a “racist”

  • Kenner

    Vic’s last name, Reyes. Hope this ramps up tension between Hispanics and blacks in NYC.

  • John Smith

    You’ve been enriched.

  • pcmustgo

    Her last name is Reyes. She’s some kind of Latina.

    • phillyguy

      blacks against the Browns

    • Xerxes22

      She was a White Hispanic. the brothas were just trying to get justice for St. Trayvon.

  • JohnEngelman

    When walking in or near a black neighborhood, always carry pepper spray, or a hand gun if you can get a permit to carry it. As you walk down a street look at windows to see if you are being followed. When you are approached by several young black men you do not know, cross the street.

    • Who Me?

      Just to clear up one small point here, when you are approached by several young men you do not know, of ANY color, cross the street. When you are approached by 2 or more blacks of either sex, male OR female, cross the street.

      • Ike Eichenberg

        Or more sensibly, do not stroll, walk, jog, bike, or drive in or near a black neighborhood.

        • The unfortunate problem with that line of reasoning is that HUD is deporting us to black neighborhoods via Section Eight, and is using our own tax money to do so.

          • Ike Eichenberg

            It is an unfortunate problem that calls for further white flight.

  • Evette Coutier

    We are out numbered. The law is not in our favor. Society has turned against us. In the famous words of Chesty Puller when he and his men were outnumbered and surrounded, “We got them right were we want them.” The American Revolution only had 30 percent support among the people. This is all still very winnable.


      Man I like your attitude Evette! I struggle at times to keep a positive attitude. However, I know that those who cave to pessimism have likely already lost the fight before it’s even begun. We need more people like you out here Evette, that is most certainly for sure.

      • Evette Coutier

        Thank you very much!!! I love the sting of battle. Numbers may be on their side right now, but these things are very fluid. Look How fast the Ebola scare has turned America around in many ways. I’m not preaching false hopes. This is the time for determination, long term thinking, and intelligent action. In the next decade the reality of genetic science will confirm the realities of race. We have to hold on until that happens, and then we will be vindicated.

    • MBlanc46

      Thanks for the encouragement, Evette. But to win it, we’re going to have to play to win, and it won’t be pretty.

      • Evette Coutier

        Hey Mel. It’s always good to read your comments. You are correct. We need to play to win. But to do that we need to define what a win is. We all want to preserve the white race, but we’ve not explored what that looks like in the world of today. We recognize the need for separation, but that’s mostly a vague notion in real world terms.

        My reference to Chesty Puller was not by accident. He saved his men because of guts to be sure, but he had a clearly defined objective that each man under his command understood, and they shared in the objective. I have a vision of what white genetic identity will look like and how to preserve it. But this is not about me. I am far too outspoken to be a leader. I will offer that as a group, we need to have a dialog, a meeting of the minds if you will, that charts a winnable path for the future of white genetics.

        You are a very intelligent and thoughtful person, your thoughts?

        • Anna Tree

          I think the Amren conferences are exactly for this purpose: to hear excellent motivational speeches and then go in groups and write down ideas and visions to win and then build an white Oriana country.

          What are your ideas?
          Some of mines: white-only date site, white “religion” (*), criteria for whiteness (**), potential Oriana locations, lists of vital professions – literary/scientific etc books – machinery/tools/blue prints etc, white racialist science fiction books for teens and children, school curriculum, the status of pro-white non-whites (like for example Mr. Hamadura in The Camps of the Saints) not in Oriana but outside of it or around it, pan-whitism…

          (*) amren com/features/2014/10/muslim-immigration-and-the-west/#comment-1644012646
          (**) amren com/news/2014/09/colorful-world-of-birding-has-conspicuous-lack-of-people-of-color/#comment-1612048370

          • Evette Coutier

            Hi Anna. I think your spot on with your thoughts. I tend to go a different direction. I think we need to start with more rebranding. Jared hit this on the money. However, I’d go further. For example, I get far more positive reactions when I speak of genetic reality than I do when I speak of race realism. We have been branded as right wing loonies, hate mongers, and bigots. If we are to grow, we need a mainstream image. I think it’s fairly simple. To achieve success, regardless of our goals, we need numbers. I see our future as a race tied to the acquisition of larger numbers of whites. Even if we’re just 2 or 3 percent of the population, we can maintain our genetics. The Jews have done this throughout history. Many other racial groups still do this today.

            I think we need to do the following in this process:
            Carefully crafted rebranding.
            Make women in general feel more safe and secure within our group.
            Target disenfranchised young and middle aged whites.
            Attract a younger and charismatic person to act as the Jon Stewart of our movement to attract the young market.
            Build and online YouTube presence that markets us to the young.
            Stop being the strict Dutch uncle and build fellowship, fraternity, and provide the family that so many young kids don’t get because they are from broken homes. To do this we become a repackaged “Great White Father.”
            Empower whites through identity with us.
            Give whites permission to be proud of their culture, heritage, and genetics.
            Acknowledge that with their support, we will return to power, success, and prosperity to them in a safe nation.
            We need to give people a reason to join us, a reason to be here, a place to be part of something greater than themselves.
            We need to highlight the injustices done against them and the losses they have incurred, and the losses they will incur in the future.
            I think we need a whites only online community where folks can come and socialize. These forums exist across the internet, and would be a good way to build friendships, do white only business, and even find love interests. To many of us feel isolated. We need a place to go to revitalize.

            Just a few thoughts. What are your thoughts?

          • Anna Tree

            But anyway, if we don’t fight the soonest to separate and have a white country here in North America, we will have to go and fight with the Europeans to save a white country there…

          • Evette Coutier

            The fight will require numbers and organization.

        • Luca

          If not a Chesty Puller, I will gladly settle for a George S. Patton.

          • Reinhard Heydrich.

            “In for a penny, in for a pound,” as the English saying goes. What are they going to do, call us “Nazis”?

        • MBlanc46

          Thanks, Evette, but I’m sure not intelligent or insightful enough to foresee what the range of options is, to say nothing of which one is most likely. It will have to emerge out of dialogue among ourselves and also the sequence of events that actually takes place. I’m pretty sure that we won’t get anything like everything that we want. Too many Hispanics and South Asians here already to just send them back home. We might just have to cede whole areas in California, Texas, and Florida to the Hispanics. For my part, I think that the answer for blacks is to grant them considerable autonomy is well-defined areas and let them live as they want. But these are just thoughts; time will tell.

    • bilderbuster

      The other 60% weren’t exactly actively opposing them though.

    • Luca

      “Great. Now we can shoot at those [email protected] from every direction.”
      Semper Fi Chesty.

      • Evette Coutier

        Chest was the ultimate optimist. We need more of his kind, and toss in a George S Patton or two, in our movement.

  • none of your business

    Can’t believe it, the video is on network news!

  • Magician

    Those men, even if they are caught, will be serving less than a year behind bars. Nowadays, if a black man kills a white man, he gets 5~10 years (and if he does nothing wrong he can be released in five years)


    That makes me wonder, what on earth does a criminal have to do to receive a life sentence? Kill 10 innocent non-white children or more? Burn an entire neighborhood down?

  • John Barleycorn

    I’ve been contemplating not obtaining a weapons permit for CC
    as I realize, that all I will do, is end up ending criminal lives . . .

    • crockadoodle6

      Yes, if I understand you correctly, once you register your weapon you are ‘in the system’. And that is never good, regardless of which government registry you find yourself on.
      I told my wife while driving away from the PD after getting our permit, ‘We are going to be the first to be hauled in when there is unrest. We just gave them our name and address and basically announced we were unhappy with the government simply by getting a permit to do something that is a guaranteed right.’
      I guess the trick is to have more than one gun so when they confiscate one you can say that is the only one you own.
      Good luck.

  • James Mayer

    Shoot to kill. No mercy.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      And then don’t hang around waiting for the cops. Get out fast and shut up. Everyone will think it was another black-on-black crime and it’ll soon be forgotten.

      • Who Me?

        That quite possibly happens occasionally…
        The thing is the police consider it routine to see the same bunch of people over and over again, One week they’re victims of some crime, another week they’re witnesses, Later on they’re suspects. When they end up dead in a back alley, it’s not unusual, or remarkable, it’s just business as usual and not particularly noteworthy.

  • Ed Troyer

    A ‘Rosewood’ on a national scale won’t come soon enough.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Looked like sub-human black sewer-rats to me…

  • Conrad

    “Frey says “new minorities”–Hispanics, Asians and multiracial Americans–are arriving as the USA’s white population is growing quite slowly and actually declining for the younger part of the population. “So it’s in fact a tonic,” he says. “We’re going to need this as we look ahead.”

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Obviously, race is a social construct invented by white folks to hold them down, when everyone already knows that we are all the same except for skin color…

  • He who bites the hand that feeds him will also lick the boot that kicks him.

  • Lord Sandwich

    I would love to live in the South again. But this is what is holding me back.