Obama’s Deputies Prepare to Print Work Permits for Millions of Illegals

Neil Munro, Daily Caller, October 20, 2014

President Barack Obama deputies are secretly preparing to print work permits for up to 11 million illegal immigrants over the next two years, despite the nation’s high unemployment, stalled wages and increasing automation.

If Obama actually goes ahead with the plan that is sketched in a federal contract document, he would provide employers with the ability to legally hire 13 million foreign workers even as 12 million Americans turn 18 in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

The plan to print millions of work permits and green cards–dubbed “permanent resident cards”–is outlined in Oct. 3 and Oct. 6 federal announcements to contractors.

The contract plan was discovered by the Center for Immigration Studies, which favors a lower level of immigration.

“The objective of this procurement is . . . to produce Permanent Resident Cards (PRC) and Employment Authorization Documentation (EAD) cards,” said the Oct. 6 official announcement at FedBizOpps.gov.

“The requirement is for an estimated 4 million cards annually with the potential to buy as many as 34 million cards total,” the document says.

But the proposed five-year contract includes a so-called “surge” capability to produce an additional five million work-permit cards in one year.

“The Contractor shall demonstrate the capability to support potential ‘surge’ in PRC and EAD card demand for up to 9M [nine million] cards during the initial period of performance to support possible future immigration reform initiative requirements,” said the government’s description of the pending contract.

Those contract terms would give Obama the technical ability to hand out more than nine million work permits in one year, or 13 million in two years, as part of his much-touted unilateral immigration plan.

The plan could give work permits to more foreigners than the total number of U.S. jobs that have been created by businesses during his tenure.


Obama has promised progressives and advocates for immigrants that he will take major action on immigration by the end of the year.


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  • Here’s the catch:

    I don’t think he’s going to do it, is Obama, in one giant fell swoop, even after all the elections are over. I think he’s going to salami slice his way into it, with a combination of “refugee is the new amnesty” tactic and bureaucratic-administrative tactics. With both tactics, Obama can at least try to claim that he had nothing to do with it, that the bureaucrats were acting beyond his wishes, that he’s stark raving mad, then go out and play golf.

  • phorning

    Who has standing to sue the federal government and stop this?

    • MannyR

      Who at Camp Lejeune is making ready to throw this POS out of office by force? Who on the Republican side is readying articles of impeachment? That’s the real question.

      • You may think that that was a horrible thing for you to type and to submit as a comment in a medium like this.

        And others may think that it was a terrible thing to read.

        It also may be a thing that earns someone a “visit.”

        However, I’m 37, and if I live a normal life span, I think I will live long enough to see something like that happen. Not anytime very soon, or even moderately soon, though.

        • MannyR

          At federal agent wishing to “speak” with me is more than welcome to swing by and have a talk. I’ll tell straight to their face their a bunch oh goons enforcing an unjust system of taxation without representation and that no one I knows wants 34 million new people in this country. I’m open with many about my wish that Obama runs into the right type of person out there at some photo op. I’d celebrate it.

        • Realist.44

          To your point I’m still waiting for the Justice Department to investigate the many outright death threats made toward Romney by blacks via social media while he was running for president. Where are their “visits”?

        • propagandaoftruth

          If the blacks had any sense they would sense that 30 million low wage job competitors is a very bad thing for them.

          Perhaps they dream of Hispanics paying all their welfare reparations one day…

          HA HA HA!

      • HE2

        Manny, I read that a FEMA Camp was built either on or near Camp Lejeune.

  • Luca

    In a time when unemployment is high, welfare benefits are high, and hospitals and jails are overflowing what possible good can this do?

    Nothing like 11 to 34 million new, non-white, welfare cases and Democratic voters to keep the Liberal war machine greased.

    • Magician

      Obamoron’s next move – raise all taxes by 30% to help pay for the living of African American teenage single mothers around the country

  • Dave4088

    34 million green cards and work permits? And for over 15 years we’ve been told there’s only 11 million illegals. It turns out the racist reprobates and others were correct in their claims of up to 40 million illegals squatting in this country at present.

    • George Costanza

      I never believed that 11million number..NOT EVER

    • ViktorNN

      They’ve been lying to us. What a surprise.

      • Beloved Comrade

        Anyone who believes a single word the American government tells us is a fool.

    • mobilebay

      As slow as I am in math, Dave, those figures added up right away. That 11 million number has been tossed around for years. Looks like we were right all along.

  • Yeah, the economic consequences are going to be bad, but the cultural and social consequences will be worse. Whites will be taxed to pay benefits to these thurd world parasites, or the Federal Reserve will just print the money to pay the direct costs of their welcome to the former USA, now the USSA.

    If Kenyan dictator President Ebola is not a tyrant, then what word do you have that better describes him.

    • SentryattheGate

      President Ebola is a New World Order puppet.

    • Beloved Comrade

      What happens when there aren’t enough Whites left to tax? I’d say in about 20 years give or take five years, maybe sooner.

      By then, the fast-breeding, welfare dependent non-Whites will out number us.

      That’s when the fun will start. “Fun” meaning massive, bloody riots and violence with Whites as the target. After all, it is hammered into those fast-breeding non-Whites that Whites as the cause of all of their problems.

      We White taxpayers paid for the vile illegal alien ebola-carrier to be treated in the U.S. to the tune of $500,000 before he died and what’s the thanks we get?

      Screams of racism directed at us and lawsuits against the hospital.

  • Chip Carver

    One way or another, our enemies will make sure their puppet in black-face does all of their bidding in order to carry out their dream of destroying America. These hateful hypocrites can see Europe slipping away from their grasp, so they’re putting most of their efforts into finishing off the US. For whites, this may be better in the long run. If they take the initiative when the cracks give way to the final collapse.

    • Beloved Comrade

      They are leaving Europe in droves for their own homeland. A homeland these hypocrites deny for us. A homeland that is exporting its violent blacks to Sweden and Australia.

  • mobilebay

    Just heard this from FAIR before I came to AMREN. It’s unbelievable to me how we got in this fix – the leading country in the world being overcome by third world nations. It could only have happened with the assent and help of our own leaders from this and several past administrations. Supply cheap labor and you’ll get the vote – so simple and yet so sinister. It will eventually mean the end of this nation as we know it.

    • Sick of it

      All it took was one foreign tribe to destroy everything from within. That’s why we should have either been extremely particular about potential immigrants or sealed the borders generations ago.

      • phillyguy


      • Raydonn

        ‘Never Again’ perhaps? Paybacks are alleged to be Hades………..

      • Beloved Comrade

        The original Immigration act of 1790 only allowed Whites into the U.S.

        The borders were sealed in 1924, unfortunately after the foreign tribe had already infected our White homeland. It was this same tribe that pried open the borders of the U.S. in 1965 to admit fecund, violence-prone Africans.

        • Alexandra1973

          I wasn’t aware Catholicism was a tribe….

          After all, they’re the ones pushing amnesty. Mexico is predominantly Catholic, and given Catholicism’s pagan roots, it’s pretty well compatible with whatever religion the greaseritos had in the past.

          It’s not so much a racial war as a religious one at this point.

          • Sick of it

            “Jews” are our religious allies? That’s news to me.

          • LexiconD1

            Me too.

    • SentryattheGate

      It’s been the plan for decades! Both Bush presidents, Clinton and Obama all signed on to the North American Union w/heads of Canada and Mexico (aka the Security and Prosperity Partnership, and now another name, to keep it secretive), merging Mexico, Canada and the US. It’s a step in the UN’s plan to undermine national sovereignties by creating regional “gov’ts.” as was done to the European nations. There is also an African Union and a Southeast Asian Union. These are steps to a one world gov’t=the New World Order. The UN constitution DOES NOT acknowledge inalienable rights that come from God, but says that rights are granted by the UN, and the UN can also take them away! http://www.thenewamerican(DOT)com/world-news/north-america/item/19296-cfr-globalists-outline-strategy-for-north-american-community

      • Beloved Comrade

        Worse, this regime that currently and illegally occupies the White Hut have signed on to the UN’s Agenda 21.

        Agenda 21 is a NWO scheme that is quietly being forced on all and every White nation. It is anti-gun and anti-private property,the very foundations of liberty.

  • Anglo

    I just hope to see the Latino’s and Blacks start killing each other off.

  • Easyrhino

    Unless there’s millions of illegal software engineers just waiting for permits to go to work legally this is merely window dressing for Obama’s constituents, nothing else.

    First, having a work permit doesn’t give one any skills to get hired and second, the illegals that want to work are already doing so.

    • MannyR

      So… Ah, do you like want some frys with that homie? How bout some delicious rice n beans?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      It’s not about the work permits, baby! It’s all about the votes:

      “White House officials are making plans to act before November’s mid-term elections to grant work permits voter registration cards to potentially millions of immigrants who are in this country illegally, allowing them to stay vote in the mid-term elections without threat of deportation, according to advocates and lawmakers in touch with the administration.”

      • Beloved Comrade

        How right you are. It’s about votes, not about work permits. Work permits are an excuse to admit millions of Democrat voters and immediately grant them access to America’s lavish welfare programs.

        Votes for a permanent communist majority, plus further strain on a fragile economy plus flooding White homelands with non-Whites to compete with your children for resources.

        Who said Cloward-Piven, Agenda 21 and White Genocide aren’t being implemented?

  • MannyR

    As if we needed more confirmation that Blacks are absolute imbeciles, even with the information in this article how many African Americans will blindly vote Democrat in 14 more days, 90% maybe more? Absolutely stunning stupidity! As long their checks are there the 1st of the month, who cares….

    • Anglo

      Exactly. I’ve worked with enough of them to know how they think.

    • Sick of it

      They will be the first ones replaced by the guys with green cards.

  • libertarian1234

    Most of the objections to this man’s out-of-control, anti-constitutional actions by the posters on various forums chalk up his action to socialism or Marxism.
    They’re either in denial or they miss the point altogether. This man does what he does first, last and always, based on RACE which involves what he believes are paybacks to the white electorate in this country.
    Ruling against the citizenry time and again as a dictator without involving the other branches of government designed as checks and balances is exactly why the constitution was created as our basis of law.
    And flooding the country with tens of millions of Latins and Haitians severely violates the country’s national security.
    Now we can understand that the conservative military brass were purged in order to prevent a military coup for situations exactly as this one. The butt-kissers left would fire on their own countrymen before they would remove a despot from office who is running it as he pleases and thumbing his nose at every white in America today.
    If a leader stepped up and declared we should oppose any laws this miscreant might invoke by his phone and his pen and made a call to arms, the country could be saved.
    But who in this world of today has enough guts to speak out about the dangers, let alone issue an intent to take up arms?
    We’re leaderless. They’re hiding under their beds.

    • MannyR

      The Republicans have got to grab their balls and quit worry about “alienating” people. For god sakes this man would have been impeached years ago if he was white. People in this country want a strong leader that will bash Obama every chance they can instead we’ve got Rand Paul and Ted Cruz telling us we need more Mexicans and blacks in our party. Gimme a break!

    • Sick of it

      We have potential leaders, but few followers who will put their lives on the line. Too many excuses about losing jobs, etc. Well, we won’t HAVE any jobs or property or anything else in the near future. While separated from one another, we can easily be taken down by masses of government troops. United, they’re screwed.

    • phillyguy

      like I keep on saying we need a nationalist leader like the ones that came into power in Europe in the 1920’s,,,who’s up to the task?

      • Gary John 金白龍


    • B.A_2014

      It seems to me that your prez hates whitey more than he loves black people.

      Or maybe he’s the tool of big business lobbyists demanding he abolish the borders and national sovereignty so they can make a few bob.

    • WR_the_realist

      Indeed. Horrid as Obama is, where are the Republicans willing to impeach him for ruling by decree?

      • Sick of it

        They have more important things to worry about…like “immigration reform”

  • AmericanCitizen

    Obama did tell everyone he was going to fundamentally change the country.

    Maybe we should have pressed a bit harder and asked the question – what exactly are you talking about when using the vague term “change”? I don’t think a lot of Americans expected the exodus from South America and our government’s willingness to support and encourage the illegal immigrants in their journey here. I certainly don’t think most people want these illegals to receive amnesty for breaking the law to come into our country.

    • SentryattheGate

      Most of these 20+ million illegals came in during the Bush and Clinton presidencies. Both of them (and both parties) are doing the bidding of the UN and it’s regional gov’ts. plan of a North American Union (merging the US with Canada and Mexico).

    • HE2

      American, all one had to do was read Obummer’s ghost written books.

      His contempt for all things White was not written between the lines, it was there in the lines for all to see.

      Does anyone else remember BHO saying early on he would focus on the problems of Africa, that he would not stop until he did what it took?

      • mobilebay

        Nothing registered after BHO promised to “fundamentally change this country.” Why in the world would anyone want to vote for someone who uttered those frightening words? Did anyone understand? I thought I did, but I never dreamed to what extent he would take his threat.

        • HE2

          mobile, I had never heard of BHO who popped up out of nowhere to run for the highest office of the land.

          There was considerable information floating about on this creature
          before his puppet master handlers began scrubbing the Net, sealing files, creating the mythology of his background, sanitizing the reality.

          That he was half negro with a muslim name, born to a native Kenyan marxist man and White marxist teenaged girl, of late a Chicago activist and friend of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, attended Rev. Wright’s church, raised several red flags.

          I felt obliged to do deeper research.
          I read his Ayers written books twice, read what others, including former co-workers, had to report about him, reviewed his non-voting record, read his beard’s wife’s seventh grade level thesis, a veritable racist diatribe, and much more.
          It became clear that O. was not a man who should be leading MY country.
          I could foresee what he is doing now.

          What a nightmare to helplessly stand by and watch this dangerous man’s background go unvetted, his dodgy associations ignored, his lies unrefuted.
          And then, elected. Twice.

    • Lion’s Mane

      The thoroughly dyed-in-the-will White liberal Democrats still hold Obama in as high esteem as ever. Such people are incapable of believing that their Party can do anything wrong. They have taken optimism to the point of absurdity.

  • MekongDelta69

    When you’re a Dictator, you can do ANYTHING YOU WANT – and nobody can stop you.

    You think the LAST six years were bad? You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet…

    • Sick of it

      All it takes is one bullet. I guess all of the guys with sniper training work for the dictator.

      • TL2014

        Not really. We are still stuck with the dozens of millions of effin idiots who voted for him twice. Twice!!!

        • Lion’s Mane

          Whites have been their own worst enemy. It is difficult to conceive how they have so thoroughly lost their racial instincts. When it comes to Natural Selection, any living thing without such instincts will become extinct.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    President Barack Obama deputies are secretly preparing to print work permits for up to 11 million illegal immigrants

    Obama and his handlers have no worries about whether or not anything they do is legal or not, let alone constitutional.

    Who is going to stop him? The GOP? Congress? The Courts?

    We Whites have no one to represent our interests against this tyranny.

    I cannot think of anything more contemptuous of American citizens except allowing ebola to be flow into America to infect American citizens.

    The seasonally-adjusted SGS Alternate Unemployment Rate reflects current unemployment reporting methodology adjusted for SGS-estimated long-term discouraged workers, who were defined out of official existence in 1994. That estimate is added to the BLS estimate of U-6 unemployment, which includes short-term discouraged workers.

    *September Unemployment Rates: 5.9% (U.3), 11.8% (U.6), 23.1% (ShadowStats).

    Yeah, they’re lining up for their work permits….

  • Epiminondas

    The nation will break apart. There will be no way to keep it together if half the population cannot even speak English. Warn your grandchildren what to expect.

    • IstvanIN

      If we are lucky, I don’t have that much faith in my fellow Euro-Americans. In fact our people fill me with hopelessness.

      • Epiminondas

        I know, I know.

    • SentryattheGate

      And we should probably NOT learn Spanish! Let the invaders learn our language, except they are probably not capable, as many of them are illiterate, even in Spanish! But it is handy to know what they are saying “behind your back”.

      • Beloved Comrade

        They are calling you a White racist Nazi gringo behind your back.

        Nothing else you need to know.

  • IstvanIN

    He wanted a civilian army, I just never thought it would be 34 million.

  • WR_the_realist

    It is hard to beat George W. Bush’s record as the Worst U.S. President Ever but I’d say Obama seems likely to capture that prize.

    • libertarian1234

      Clinton and Carter need to be included with both Obama and Bush, but nobody went so far as to actively pursue a goal of ethnic cleansing against white people in this country as Obama, and certainly he has created more racial hostility than any of the others also.

  • if the GOP were in power, they would be doing the same thing.

    The corporations run this nation, and they want more more MOAR human livestock in the pen.

    More third world immigrants means more workers to lower wagers and more consumers to boost corporate revenues.

    GDP. Profits. Revenues. Labor. Consumers.

    That is what mass immigration and multiculturalism is all about.

    You heard romney get up on that debate stage 2 years ago and tout the benefits of immigration.

    These politicians, Dem or GOP, will do the bidding of the corporations.

    • MBlanc46

      That’s basically true. But it’s not enough to point figures at the opposite party. We have to oppose them both.

    • phillyguy

      both parties stink like a rotten corpse

      • SentryattheGate

        This professor was Clinton’s favorite mentor; he was allowed to study the records and plans of the Insiders (who run the world, and are the puppet masters of politicians). Prof.Quigley said: “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy” (Georgetown University Professor Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, 1966.)

      • Lion’s Mane

        The U.S. is a plutocracy. Greed is the downfall of this civilization. What is happening with this invasion is simply outright war — the “war that dare not speak its name.” Since this is promoted in the name of “peace” and “good will” and “superior morality,” the television-worshippers simply are filled with apathy — although perhaps with a little apprehension also.

  • Canadian Friend

    Obama wants to hurt the USA, that was obvious to only a handful of us back in early 2008, now it is obvious even to a growing number of Democrats, but back then some called me crazy and paranoid, but the more I read about Obama the more I was convinced that man was there to hurt the USA…back then it was hard to find someone who agreed with me, yet we see now that pretty much everything Obama does is bad for the USA….Obama will be remembered as the first anti-USA President of the USA.

    I will say this again; Obama will be remembered as the first anti USA president of the USA.

    Let’s hope he is the last…

    • SentryattheGate

      No, he is not the first: his predecessors had already let in 20+ million illegals, run up a $17+ trillion debt, tripled gov’t. spending in a couple decades, involved US in futile wars (directed by UN’s NATO), deliberately dumbed-down US education, let our jobs go overseas, passed the “Patriot” act and the NDAA, given away billions in foreign aid (to countries that hate us), let the Muslims into this country (including the 9/11 Arabs), etc, etc. NOT that I’m excusing Nerobama!

  • George Costanza

    The Dems are getting ready for that 2016 election, here comes Hitlery!!

  • LHathaway

    So, as white men are surging into the mid-east, brown men will be surging into their sisters bedrooms.

  • Gary John 金白龍

    And all it took was a handful of ‘hostile elite’ to turn a great nation on its head.


    • model1911

      Millions of ignorant voters did us in.

  • fgbrunner3

    Impeach Obama Now

  • Fox Blue River

    I have been liberal on some issues and always look at the facts and try to make up my own mind. I don’t listen to the cable TV so called “news” which is actually opinion and sensationalism for ratings. One thing I can’t possibly understand is how people on the left and many on the right don’t understand basic supply and demand economics. You flood this country with illegals and there is going to be even more of a surplus of unskilled laborers. I’m lucky enough to live in Wyoming which isn’t over run with spics yet and I have many times in my 36 year life been able to find simple extra work to pay bills. This will end unless the government finally starts doing what we pay them for: thinking about this country first.

  • travis scott

    Why is it that EVERY white country is forced to be multicultural/multiracial?

    Why is it that EVERY white country is told to end its own race/culture?

    No one asks that of -ANY- non-White country.

    Immigration/assimilation is FORCED upon ONLY White countries

    Anti-whites call themselves “anti-racists” but their actions lead to the elimination of only one race, the White race.

    The purpose of “anti-racism” is to genocide White children.

    Anti-racist is a code for anti-White

    • Lion’s Mane

      You’ve hit the nail on the head. White people do not properly love their own children. Spectacularly stupid selfishness and lack of empathy for White CHILDREN is destroying the West. Without healthy and happy White children, there can be no future for the White Race. As Charles Lindbergh said, it is our “precious inheritance of European blood” that should matter most to us!

      • IstvanIN

        A lot of White people don’t even want children or if they do they want non-Whites. Not all, not even the majority, but a significant minority.

        • Guest

          I wonder why some Whites want non-White children? Could it be that they fear for the future of the White Population? Or do they actually hate their own biological identity?

          A bright, healthy, happy White child is, in my eyes, the closest thing to a ‘miracle’ that Evolution has so far brought into being.

          I cannot understand wanting a non-White spouse or children.

          • Sloppo

            I agree. I have nothing against other races, but I want my children to look like my family.

      • Guest

        I think this picture sums it up.

    • Ringo Lennon

      Every race practices racism as a self defense mechanism, except whites. That’s because whites in white countries are controlled by Jewish handlers. Menbers of the tribe shouldn’t be allowed in white countries to own media outlets.

  • Beloved Comrade

    Those work permits will be as worthless as the American dollar.

  • Chris

    I love all this talk of “work”, “hire” , and “workers”. There are no jobs in America , and less everyday. These “cards” they are going to give out will simply be identification, so all these “workers” can readily cash their new welfare checks.

  • Chris

    One thing I do wonder about. Is if these permits and any move toward making these immigrants citizens, is to include registering for the Draft- -selective service.

    The powers that be, who run our government are not stupid, and it is highly unlikely they would intentionally destroy this country since the US is the only good lapdog Israel has.
    I think they are bringing in all these Middle Americans to fight the next war. A big war not the silly little stuff that has been happening the past 25 years. It must be apparent to the powers that be , that good US citizens are no longer enthused enough to go fight wars for big money, big oil, and other corporate interests, and the habitually indolent lower class makes lousy soldiers. So perhaps the NOW is betting they can make a fair US Army of Mexicans to fight WWIII(against China and Russia) for them.– Just a long view hunch I have

    • IstvanIN

      Mexicans, in general, would be no match for the Russians and certainly no match for the Chinese, who have not only modernized their military (thanks Bill and Israel) at our expense but have millions of expendable males they would happily dispose of. WW3 would simply be the end of us.

  • Guest

    There already are not enough jobs for Americans who were born in the States…..

  • Sick of it

    You know we did several times over in the South and were beaten down by the descendants of recent immigrants (i.e. Yankees). I reiterate my point.

  • Preparation H-Bomb

    I believe Obama and his henchmen have carefully studied the brilliant job that the Nazi Goebbels (the master propagandist) did over a period of 4 years in selling the majority of the German people on the ideas that (a) the Jews were to blame for all the economic problems in Germany, and (b) that since the Jews were to blame, they deserved all the ill treatment and murdering given them by the Nazi regime. I further believe that the Goebbels model of propaganda has been utilized, and slowly but surely implemented, in this nation – only the scapegoats here are the conservatives of all races (though primarily white) – rather than the Jews. It is a deadly radical liberal mindset that has infiltrated our educational system and every other part of the government of this country. It may well have started further back than Obama; this country is much larger and more “diverse” than Germany ever was, and it would therefore take much longer here than it took Hitler to accomplish his aims. But it’s here now. If you’re at all interested, take a look at the TV series “Naziism: Evolution of Evil”, and particularly the show entitled “The Final Solution.” The model is laid out in all its stark realism, right there, front and center — for those who have eyes to see…

  • Germanicus

    I want this man arrested. Certainly he has done somthing that is far outside of the law. I want him tried in whatever remains as a legitimate court. We cannot stand this destruction of our country. Americans foolishly thought there was an invincible country there that could be abused no end. Not so. The country is made up of each individual. Each individual’s character contributes go the survival ifcthe nation. Our influences are multiplicative, even exponentially so. If this goss down, I sure would not want to be on the side of the destroyers. It might be worse than what I fear for my beloved family, friends and fellow patriots.