ISIS Releases Sickening Video Clip Showing Syrian Woman Being Stoned to Death

John Hall, Daily Mail, October 21, 2014

Islamic State militants fighting in Syria and Iraq have released a sickening video of a young woman being stoned to death by a group of men–including her own father.

The shocking footage is understood to have been filmed in the city of Hama and shows a bearded cleric ranting at the woman in Arabic and accusing her adultery while she pleads for her life.

The woman turns to her father and begs his forgiveness but he coldly rejects her, saying he would rather please God. He then turns to the men to give the signal for his daughter’s murder to begin.

Minutes later, as the men rain rocks down upon the helpless woman, her father steps forward with a large stone and the video fades to black.

It is believed he had been granted the barbaric ‘honour’ of being allowed end the life of the daughter he felt had betrayed both him and her religion.

In a separate incident a man was executed in Idlib province in an area controlled by Islamist groups including the Nusra Front, al Qaeda’s official affiliate in Syria, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which tracks violence on all sides of Syria’s civil war.

It is the first documented case of a man being stoned to death for adultery since Syria descended into civil war in 2011 and hardline Islamic groups emerged as powerful players in areas that slipped from government control, the Observatory said.

The sickening five-minute video emerged on ISIS-affiliated social media pages this morning. It is not clear when the footage was actually shot and has not been independently verified.

The exact accusations against the woman remain sketchy, although the cleric who appears at the start of mobile phone-filmed clip accuses her of committing adultery.

The militant orders her to be ‘content and happy’ that she is about to be stoned to death because, he says, her death has been ordered by God and is therefore required under Islamic law.

Asking her is she is now willing to ‘submit to God’ and be stoned to death, the young woman replies ‘yes’, before pleading with her father to forgive her.

After initially ignoring her, the man is eventually prompted into responding by the militant.

‘Don’t call me father,’ he tells his daughter, who responds by asking him to pray for her.

At this point her father turns to the ISIS fighters, who help him tie a rope around her neck and drag her to a pit, where the stoning begins.

As the militants rain down rocks on the defenseless woman, her father steps forward and picks up the largest rock before using it to strike and kill his daughter.

The exact moment of her death is not caught on camera as the footage fades to black moments before her father strikes her.

ISIS militants often use stoning to murder women they accuse of committing adultery.

Earlier this year the extremists stoned two women to death in Raqqa after accusing them of having sex outside marriage.  Both were placed in holes in the ground before a lorry arrived to dump large rocks for the men to use to brutally murder the women.

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  • Alexandra1973

    Muslim family values!

  • NoMosqueHere

    ISIS muslims are true muslims. They practice islam as it was practiced by the cruel, mass murdering pedophile Muhammed. Tens of thousands of these barbarians pour into the US via legal and illegal immigration every year. A total ban on muslim immigration to the US must be imposed immediately. It won’t stop unless we commit to protests and civil disobedience.

  • These critters are truly deserving of cluster bombs.

    • model1911

      Like this.

    • ViktorNN

      I have to admit, as much as a critic I’ve been of the U.S.’s military industrial complex over the years, it’s been a real pleasure to see how effectively our armament companies kill piles and piles of Muslims extremists.

      They don’t have many redeeming qualities – but they sure do make great targets.

      • slobotnavich

        And also Muslims suffering with piles!

  • Mary

    Another story that perfectly illustrates just why Muslims are such irresistible immigrants.
    Their humanitarian values are clearly a boon to any Western democracy. Maybe they can even be enlisted to fight that “war on women”, since they love and respect females so much.

  • Adolf Verloc

    A good reason to halt Muslim immigration to the US. A bad reason to provide “boots on the ground” against ISIS. So far, none of the regional powers – Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt have shown any worry about ISIS or any willingness to oppose them. If they’re not worried, why should we be?

    • benvad

      I just have sympathy for the minorities. They should arm, fight and declare their own Aramaic speaking state near Israel.

      Get as far away from Sunnis as possible.

      • Adolf Verloc

        Agreed, the minorities were far better off under Saddam Hussein and Bashir Al-Assad. Nasty dictators, but they refused to allow jihadis to run wild. Iraq under Saddam was in many ways a progressive and enlightened state in the Arab world.

        • benvad

          Neo cons disturb things were they shouldn’t be disturbed. Should let the Russians take Afghanistan Pakistan and Baluchistan in Iran.

          The could’ve probably civilized them after 100 years like they did with Tajiks and Uzbeks.

          • Adolf Verloc

            You could make a good case that the Soviet Afghan puppet government was the best and most enlightened they ever had. The problem was that primitive tribal yahoos were upset with restrictions on stoning adulteresses and chopping off heads.

        • benvad

          It reminds off how I heard how Southern Whites were troop leaders of Blacks in the segregated army during WWII. They we’re put in charge of these people because they had experience, background and understood their underlying nature and the limits they had to be constrained with.

          Same goes with the Wild Wild Middle East! Let the EXPERTS handle those savages. Westerners should stay away culturally, socially and economically for OUR own well being only.

    • WR_the_realist

      The Muslims who have been willing to stand up against ISIS are all the ones we labeled as terrorists and bad guys — the PKK, Hezbollah, and those parts of the Syrian army loyal to Assad. Although they aren’t actually fighting yet the Iranians are also very much against the Islamic State. And guess which country beheads more people than ISIS does? Saudi Arabia, our “ally”. As for the Israelis, I suspect they are happy with any group that causes mayhem in the Arab world, as it makes it harder for the Arabs to ally against them.

    • Bantu_Education

      If Israel attacked ISIS the various muslim factions would unite against Israel and stop killing each other. We don’t want that to happen do we?

  • IstvanIN

    Keep repeating: religion of peace, religion of peace, religion of peace………

    • Bantu_Education

      Mark Steyn calls it “a multi-cultural form of Tourette’s Syndrome”..!

  • Canadian Friend

    And liberal have been assuring us for decades that all cultures are equal, and who are we to judge…

    • bavieca

      oh we can judge alright but we can only judge them as good, never judge them as bad.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    All cultures are equal. You can’t judge.


    A. Liberal

    P. S. On that topic, Salon just had an article entitled, “There is no such thing as Islamic Extremism”. Judging from the comments, even many Liberals are no longer buying the Salon and Ben Affleck defenses of Islam.

    • Ron Cheaters

      I was listening to a CBC radio interview with a director behind the film “The Muslims Are Coming” while I was driving to town.
      He was trying to hammer these 2 points for about 1/2 hour:
      #1: ISIS does not practise Islam.
      #2: ISIS is nothing to be feared b/c ISIS paradoxically kills other Muslims more than it does Kaffir/infildels.

      He was making arguments that no-one in the US has reported being friends with muslims which in-turn makes them feel isolated and pushes them towards the more radical islam.. His solution to fight those who convert to radical islam is to tell those susceptible to being converted that ISIS is killing other muslims, most namely the sunnis.

      Yeah, right

    • Bantu_Education

      They’re right although for the wrong reasons. Islam is extremist by definition – you can’t have an extremist extremist.

  • Tarczan

    What a horrible “religion”. Mohammed was a rapist, slave owner, murderer, and pedophile, and also the perfect Muslim.

    A year ago or so Ann Barnhardt showed a photo of her holding a bumper sticker with Arabic words above the words “I will not submit”. I’m not a bumper sticker guy but I did an internet search and got one and put it on my car. The town I live in has a fair number of Musloids and I always try to pull in front of them so they get a good view of what I think.

    Watch that video, the poor girl is whimpering like a sheep being led to slaughter. What a gutter religion from a mass murderer. Too bad I don’t have a Koran handy.

    • Kenner

      It’s almost Koran burning weather.

  • John Smith

    I feel horrible for that woman. But what other races do on their own turf is their own business and out of our control.

    Unfortunately, their ahem, way of life (gang rapes, pedophile sex grooming, honor killings) is now infesting our turf.

    That is what really concerns me.

    • dd121

      That’s exactly the point of the left. The left want to undermine our civilization with these evil foreigners.

    • B.A_2014

      Exactly. I lose not a single second of sleep after watching this video. Their women, their rules. Keep it in their own sand boxes and let them practice their primitive backward religion. I would even supply them with the stones as the fussy faced freaks stay where they belong.

    • ViktorNN

      The truth in your statement is that we can’t police the world. The fault in your statement is that what these cowards do is their own business.

      To the extent that we are able to stop human cruelty – we should do it. In this case, we can do something.

      I am fully in favor in employing our armament workers to make bombs to drop on such scum. By most accounts, we have killed hundreds perhaps thousands of ISIS fighters so far. This is a great thing!

  • dd121

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. Different time, different religion.

    • Sick of it

      Best way to put it. Jesus did not condone adultery or hypocrites killing someone for, perhaps, the very same sin they have committed.

  • I’m for stoning to death Jesse Matthew, the murderer of Hannah Graham and most likely many other white girls. I’d cast the first stone myself, no matter what Jesus had to say about that issue. As to stoning women, make sure your wives and girlfriends prepare. Getting stoned is in their future and I don’t mean stoned on Colorado pot.

    • B.A_2014

      Don’t sink to their level. We are civilized folk. The noose or a single bullet is the way to go. I think the lash should be brought back. It still exists on the Isle of man (an Island of the coast of Britain and Ireland with zero amount of crime.)

    • Sick of it

      Getting stoned isn’t so bad. You should see what those third worlders do with knives.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Well I hate to disagree with everyone but most white woman have become pigs, I see nothing wrong with what the Muslims do.In fact they are not the fags most men are in this country, God Bless them.

    • IstvanIN

      Stoning women to death is a bit extreme. Certainly our society is overly sexualized, I agree with that, it seems like every other commercial is either viagra or double entendre, and we certainly need to get our moral back on track but stoning to death? If that really turns you on become a muslim and move there but don’t bring it here.

      Furthermore a group of men against one girl isn’t very tough, from my point of view.

    • MannyR

      I also tend to agree. White american women are beyond spoiled rotten. Narcissistic, foul, manipulative and uncaring are all words I’d use to describe the vast majority of females today. With that said stoning is barbaric distugusting and beneath white nationalism. It’s one thing to insist that women carry themselves with honor maturity and integrity but it’s another to demand public execution even for something like adultery.

    • Anglo

      How do you know she committed adultery? In their barbaric country, women are often raped; they’re nothing more than property less valued than a cow. I understand, girls/women there are raped, then accused of adultery and stoned to death. Of course, the poor woman would say anything, pleading for her life. Even if the facts are true, she didn’t deserve that. Her father is a monster who should have been stoned himself.

      • bavieca

        perhaps the father joined in the rape? i mean you’ve gotta give it to them, those desert chicks are hot like the desert they live in.

        • ViktorNN

          I prefer women who don’t have mustaches, thanks.

      • saxonsun

        But it doesn’t matter if she did “commit adultery.”

        • Anglo

          Well, not in that insane asylum they call a country? caliphate? or whatever.

    • ViktorNN

      Muslim men are about as fag as it gets. Boning little boys is considered a respectable past time to them.

      And stoning defenseless helpless women has to be the height of faggish cowardice.

      If there’s any upside to Muslims it’s that they’re piss poor fighters, they die easily and in droves, and they keep our armament companies busy.

    • saxonsun

      You forgot to take your meds today.

  • slobotnavich

    Well, I guess the old mantra, “Islam is religion of peace,” is true enough. They’re always getting their smelly asses kicked in military combat but excel in committing peaceful Sharia-directed religious murders.

  • Ron Cheaters

    If all the women wear face veils, how do they know they got the right one, or that it wasn’t a setup – or a scape-goat scenario? (pardon the pun)

    • IstvanIN

      I am sure from their point of view if she were innocent she would have survived the stoning as Allah would have intervened. Besides women words are not to be trusted in muslim society. Remember in a muslim society the woman is fault for a rape.

      • Who Me?

        For a man to be convicted of rape in one of those filthy muslim countries, the woman must have 4 male witnesses on her side. Now, granted, I hear they DO go in for gang rape, but I doubt 4 members of the gang are going to testify against one of them on the victim’s behalf.

    • Sick of it

      You make an excellent point. Another thing which must be mentioned is that those people over there are not only tribal, but very clannish. If you do something to a member of their clan, they take vengeance against you and often your womenfolk. The woman may not, herself, be the adulterer but rather a stand-in.


      No no, they know it was her because they could tell from her I.D. see? 😉

      • Ron Cheaters

        Man, if that doesn’t give you the creeps, what will?
        Looks like a muppet that wants to eat your baby.

        • Lord Sandwich

          Or a character from Pac-Man.

          • OS-Q

            Boomy the Ghost

  • JohnEngelman

    ISIS State militants are cruel, but honor killing is indigenous to the Arab culture. I have read about a Palestinian who killed his sister when she got pregnant. She had been raped by his other brother, who was not punished.

    Nevertheless, ISIS does not threaten the United States any more than the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army did. I do not think we should become deeply involved in fighting ISIS unless people in the area are willing to fight it.

    Public opinion surveys are more advanced now than they were during the War in Vietnam. We should poll those in the area about ISIS.I doubt most Sunni Arabs are willing to fight ISIS. Quite a few are probably sympathetic. Those most willing to fight ISIS will be Shiite Arabs, Iranians, Kurds, and Christians. We should be willing to help them, but this is their fight.

    • The US Border Patrol has arrested ISIS militants crossing from Mexico. I very much doubt they came here to open convenience stores.

      • JohnEngelman

        That is a problem for law enforcement, not the U.S. military.Al Qaeda destroyed the World Trade Center without the control of a single government.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      We should all feel sorry for those woman over there and spend millions of dollars on military operations to bring them all to the US where we can feed, cloth, and house them on your dime. In return they will bring all their relatives into the US.

      What I find funny/stupid is that all (most) whites on AR are concerned about an Islamic woman getting stoned to death, and want to attack the perpetrators, but when a white woman gets beaten to death by a black man nobody wants to take the same actions. Whites have to stop caring more about others than they do their own people.


    • Luca

      This is a problem Israel should be dealing with first and then Europe. They are capable of handling it and have a bigger dog in the fight.

      Unfortunately, when it comes to Middle East issues we frequently get involved on behalf of Israel and oil interests.

  • Donald

    I can think of nothing more monstrous than a father stoning to death his daughter.

    • bavieca

      i can, a daughter stoning her own father to death.

      • My own ex-father is permanently non-grata here, and I cheered when I was told he had incurable intestinal cancer. I have a particularly good cigar saved for when he finally karks it. He will never meet his grand-daughter.

    • slobotnavich

      Well, I dunno, I could sympathize with Bill Clinton stoning Hillary to death. Hell, I’d even be willing to pitch in and hand him the stones so he didn’t risk hurting his back again while bending over and picking up stones.

  • MannyR

    And young “women” in this country like Lena Dunham claim their being discriminated against because they have to shell out 9 bucks a month for birth control. American women are a joke!

    • Anglo

      I’m a woman. For me, American men are the joke!

      • Who Me?

        Hey! White men and women NEED each other. We need to quit fighting each other and learn to stand united against our enemies, who WILL use any and all means to divide and distract us, to more easily destroy us.

        • Anglo

          Yes, we do need to stand together; we do need each other, but sometimes I hear such anti-woman comments, I feel I have to say something. I had avoided revealing my sex so that my comments are not judged in a certain light because I’m a woman.

          • Who Me?

            Yes, I had somewhat suspected you were a fellow woman. In my case it’s not exactly a secret, but I purposely chose a gender neutral nickname for the same reasons.

          • MannyR

            With the exception of blacks and “those who shalt not be named” there is no other group of people in this country that supports benefits and props up the anti white cultural Marxist status qua more than young white women. Many nationalists like myself are fed up with attitude of white women. We attempt to enlighten and wake up females and get nothing but spite threats and disrespect from them in return. Stop blaming us for our attitudes toward you and start doing some of the hard work. Matthew Hale, Alex Curtis, Jared Taylor, Andrew Anglin etc…name me one female white nationalist who’s gone out of her way to speak publicly or even done prison time for her beliefs. None. Prussian Blue doesn’t count. You ride on our work and at the same time benefit from the ststem that we’re working against. You couldn’t organize 10 young white women to march for their race and you dare say I’m the problem? Avoiding this does nothing to fix the problem and the problem itself is lack of any serious white women in our cause.

          • Anglo

            This country is going to explode or implode, whichever comes first. I read Amren for news and insight, which I know I won’t get watching MSM. I’m an older woman; I’ve seen a lot; I’ve been through a lot. I was never involved in a feminist movement. I’ve worked all my life and never got anything I didn’t work for. I
            don’t believe in this anti-White Marxist takeover. It makes me sick to see what has happened to this country. I know the young White women have been completely brainwashed all the way from the cradle up by Marxist theology churches, schools, and even their idiot liberal parents. There’s a huge mental disease going on here.

            However, I can tell you, when I was a young woman, the biggest supporters of the Women’s Lib movement I knew were men because they were glad to have an excuse for being so irresponsible, lazy, immoral, and selfish (think hippie generation). Many men have a pathological hatred of women, and it has nothing to do with this politics of destruction going on. Earning respect works both ways and most men have done a poor job in earning my respect. For me, it’s come down to survival – I’m a survivor.

          • saxonsun

            There was a good and terrifying article in Life Magazine by Loudon Wainwright III about this hatred that many men have for women after Richard Speck murdered the nurses in Chicago. He talked about how many men he spoke to about this horror actually thought they deserved it. And notice that there’s a word for hatred of women–“misogyny,” but the opposite doesn’t exist? It’s all pretty clear and any woman who puts up with this male crap isn’t a real woman.

          • I don’t hate women. When I was locked up, my mother wrote to me every week, as did Sayaka, whom I later married.

            The word for which you are deliberately not looking is “misandry”.

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            “…there is no other group of people in this country that supports benefits
            and props up the anti white cultural Marxist status qua more than young
            white women.”

            Maybe they got that way because their negro loving football fanatic fathers made them that way. Maybe the stupid white male was so self absorbed into believing he was the worlds hero for saving humanity from the “nazis”, that he sold his sole and his family to the communist propagandists for that fairytale.

            White men have the physical power to overthrow the evil in this country, but they sit on their butts and chose not to. Woman support liberals views because they see white men as the wimps that they are.

            Carolyn Yeager is a woman who is fighting for white right. Sylvia Stolz defended Zundel and was thrown in jail for doing so.


          • meanqueen

            I don’t hate men, and I have a particular sympathy for white men. However, I have heard the point made that one reason stupid white women go for Muslim men is because Muslim men are still “macho.” A Muslim man will marry her before requiring sex, and it’s okay if she’s fat and ugly and couldn’t get a man to look at her before now. She wants a baby? great! He’s ready for her to start right away and have a bunch. He will pay off her AND her family’s debt (as a religious requirement, because it is against Islam to owe money and once you marry a woman, her family becomes your family), he generally does not drink alcohol or carouse around if he is truly religious, and he does not shrink from a fight. He is protective and authoritarian. (Okay, so he might cut off your head or throw acid on your face if you displease him – nobody’s perfect!) Contrast that to the New White Male that feminism has created: He doesn’t want to “commit,” he wants sex even though he’s not willing to give anything in return, like, love. He is never “ready” to have children. He is infantile in every way, throughout his entire life. He would like his woman to work and help support his needs. He shrinks from battle. He runs up debts. He drinks and cheats. He’s a pussy. No offense intended to those men here who are nothing like that, but you have to admit that we have far too many men who fit this description.

          • Anglo

            You said it better than I could; that’s what I was trying to express.

          • meanqueen

            Fighting on the front lines – that’s your responsibility, as a man. Women have different responsibilities more in keeping with their nature – it does not mean their contribution is any less. I’m not saying a woman couldn’t be a firebrand, like Ann Coulter just as one example, but a softer, gentler, behind the scenes approach can be very effective. Marching in a parade doesn’t accomplish that much. Gentle persuasion of friends and coworkers to marry within their race and bear children can do much. Then there’s bearing children, and raising them with the right values, and providing a secure and loving home to the men who are on the front lines, so that they have a refuge to come home to and rebuild their strength for the next battle – this is more important than jumping out into the spotlight and braying like a donkey. I swear sometimes I read comments on this site that are distressing. Don’t make readers wonder if you are worth saving.

      • Calufrax

        The woman-haters on this site are truly sick and vile. I suspect some are members of the utterly degenerate “manosphere”. By siding with those who gang rape white women, they show to the world what they really are.

    • bavieca

      the joke is on american men who keeps on caving in to the demands of those women. if all american men including those in the police and military stand their ground, what can those women do? grab ak-47 or f-16 and start an armed rebellion? good luck with that.

      isis is basically consisted of moslem men being real men and refuse to concede anything to their women other than what mandated in their quran and ahadith.

      • MannyR

        ISIS is a group of low IQed, violent, savage sand n!&&€Rs who use the idea of religion to bully and destroy anything and anyone around them. If your idea of a real man is someone who beheads retarded children and stones women to death please leave our movement. We don’t need you.

        • bavieca

          so what? the japs view americans as violent and saveges too, surely there were retarded children too during that awesome episode of fat man & little boy. and don’t tell me those what-would-jesus-do fine european christians stood their ground agaist the ottomans by employing flowery poetry, chess match and debate teams.

          • MannyR

            You already threw your hat with ISIS and Sunni extremism, both are threats to white Christian civilization. Your a fraud. Go fight for Allah and the Koran you are no white nationalist and you deserve no respect. Get off this site collaborator.

          • bavieca

            ‘You already threw your hat with ISIS and Sunni extremism, both are threats to white Christian civilization.’

            isis and islam itself are threat to all who are not them but it doesn’t mean you can’t learn anything from them. they are no bumbling buffoon of white fathers needs to be saved by their own wives and daughters in so many tv commercials.

            ‘Your a fraud. Go fight for Allah and the Koran you are no white nationalist and you deserve no respect.’

            allah is more powerful than me so it is only fair that it is him who must fight for me.

            ‘Get off this site collaborator.’

            i think i’ll stick around for a while so i guess if you don’t like it and if you’re the moderator then you’ll just have to ban me.

          • My wife is Japanese, but she doesn’t regard me as a savage, even though I have a federal felony conviction. I don’t regard her as a fish-eating n-word, either. Working for a US company, I had better relations with the on-loan Japanese engineers than with the Subcontinental Indians my bosses had hired. These “Japs” were completely decent people and I regard their nation’s atrocious behavior during the collection of wars we call World War Two as abnormal on their part. I used to take them – and sometimes their wives – shooting. When I was loaned to a Japanese chemical company in a Tokyo suburb, they were so kind to me that it was actually embarrassing.

            Sayaka’s main complaint about me is that I am massively disorganized, which is completely correct. I make decorative wooden storage boxes for things that belong together in order to help this character fault on my own part.

            Your mileage may vary.

          • Adolf Verloc

            My reading has been that the militarism and brutality that came to fruition in the 30s and 40s in Japan were stirred up as a political agenda of some folks. Japan received a humanitarian award from the International Committee of the Red Cross for her treatment of Russian POWs during the Russo-Japanese war. Hard to imagine that after a few decades of propaganda, the same folks could produce Nanking, the Bataan Death March and the Railway of Death. Under the right circumstances, any ethnic group will do anything.

          • HE2

            An Asian friend, though Korean, was raised in Japan.

            Now a retired professor and former officer in the S. Korean Army, he explained that Japanese cruelty exhibited during WW2 was related to the state conscripting soldiers from the lower classes and promoting them to positions of authority.

            Previously, according to him, boots on the ground soldiers were from a better stratum of Japanese society, the officers from aristocratic backgrounds.


        They are not being “Real Men” my friend, they are in fact being nothing more than deluded [email protected]#%$&G savages! Who are so high off their depraved desert dogma they see no problem with murdering their own Daughters for daring to be raped by their fellow idiots in faith! That is not the way “Real Men” treat their women, not even close. I sure hope you’re not saying that that is the way we White men should treat our women. Any man ever lays an unwanted hand on my Niece, there’s gonna be a stoning alright! However, it sure as hell won’t be her receiving those stones, it will be him, and with extreme prejudice I might add. Because that is the way real “Real Men” treat the women in our lives. They are not our property, quite the contrary, they are in fact the very carriers of our future. I know at times it’s hard for some to see that since Feminism came along, but I assure you it’s true.

      • ViktorNN

        ISIS is full of women-beating child molesters.

        Not sure what society you’re from, but in the West, these qualities do not define “real men.”

        • bavieca

          in the west what constitutes ‘real men’ is being redefined, a few instances :

          – real men look past women’s appearances – translation : all those great white men in history who allowed themselves be enamored with women’s beauty were less manly than our present-day fatty fuckers.

          – real men don’t smoke – winston churchill was no british chap, was he even a brit?

          – real men are into curves, only dogs love bones.

          – real men don’t look at other girls when go out with their girlfriends.

          – real men are monogamous – who’d knew that julius caesar, charlemagne, napoleon were no real men after all?

          – real men make their wives their queens.

          – real men helps around the house, cleans, cooks, washes dishes, help with the kids, take out the trash – i just realized that even my noble master the great hero el cid campeador himself was no real man, holy mary mother of god, is nothing sacred?

          • ViktorNN

            In the Muslim world, “real men” don’t even sexually desire women.

            They get together in packs and cowardly kill them.

            And then they go and bugger little boys.

            The West wins, and will continue to win as we always have.

            The body count proves it.

  • seapeaMP

    “young woman being stoned to death by a group of men–including her own father.”

    Here’s a lesson for all the ladies out there… DO NOT skip on those daddy presents (Fathers day, Birdthdays, Xmas, etc). It’s hard to imagine but she might still be alive today if she had only given her father a goat. tsk tsk tsk

    “Diversity”, you gotta love it! Unless you’re into adultery.

    • OS-Q

      After actually seeing a video of drone footage of tribals raping a kid goat (yes a group of men did it). I don’t laugh about it much anymore. They clearly killed it after they were done, probably because it was “unclean.” They did give it a quicker and cleaner death than they did for this woman. This gives you an idea to their mindset.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        Those Muslims will still be around in 100 years. I doubt white people will be.

        There will be Negros on every continent. They same can’t be said for whites.


  • Lord Sandwich

    Mecca and Medina. Fat Man and Little Boy.

  • Preparation H-Bomb

    I once saw a video of “the peaceful religionists” – Muslims – stoning a 12 year old girl to death. It was one of the most sickening sights I have ever seen — hundreds of men, reveling in the murder of a helpless child. I don’t believe Islam is a religion; I believe it’s a political system masquerading as a religion, so that it can get some legitimacy and in this country, tax breaks. But it is out to conquer the world by any means necessary. We ARE at war with Islam. It’s just that our misbegotten leaders refuse to admit it.

  • KenelmDigby

    As I’ve said many times before, the lefty/feminista coalition that runs the west – and is importing Muslims by the million – one day must choose between Islam and feminism.
    My guess is that Islam will eventually win out, and sharia law, along with the stoning of adultresses will be the norm in the west.

    • HE2

      Kenelm, hop on over to Gates of Vienna and read the latest on the muzzie invasion of Europe. They are smuggled in by the hundreds of thousands, several hundred a day at this point.

      Especially upsetting, the stupidity of Austria, other Euro countries allowing muzzies to run private schools wherein they teach extreme views from Kindergarten and beyond. The schools and their curricula are not subjected to state oversight.
      They are being groomed for martyrdom in these schools.

      Does one wonder why there is an uptick in young people [both male and female] traveling from Europe to the M.E. for jihadist training?
      Recommend clicking on the provided links within the articles for further info.

      It is terrifying, but we need to know that this is in store for us.

    • saxonsun

      And that is what you salivate over, no doubt.

      • KenelmDigby

        No it doesn’t.
        I’m merely trying to point out the obvious, by allying with muslims against White men as part of the ‘rainbow coalition’, White women are making a big mistake. Only White men can possibly take on Muslim men. White women cannot and will not do it.

        • Anglo

          I’ll give it a good try though; I’m not going down without a fight. I’m a wild cat when I have to be.

  • Gary John 金白龍

    Lest we forget, this ‘extremist’ action by non-Whites is just a diversionary tactic by the media.

    We do not need to care what non-Whites do.

    The real extremists are White Liberals…

    The White Liberal motto is: “Embrace diversity AT ALL COSTS, even when it means
    decreasing overall levels of happiness, unity and trust throughout society, and even when it means compromising one’s own safety and standard of living, and even when non-Whites put their own racial interests first.”

    Why are so many Whites celebrating diversity as they slowly become minorities in
    nations founded and built by Whites?

    White taxpayer money is being used to help fund diversity. In other words, Whites are
    paying to replace themselves by non-Whites.(read INSANITY)

    And they are celebrating it! (read EXTREME INSANITY and STUPIDITY)

    I repeat, White liberals are funding and celebrating their own ethnic displacement! This is
    LUNACY! No other race would do this.

    This is EXTREMISM. Extremely insane.

    • Celebrating diversity means the Libtards are dancing on their own mass grave. They are embracing a set of ideologies that expressly will not include their own. They do this because they hate conservative white Gentiles, but do not seem to understand that renting allies by giving them taxpayer-funded goodies can only be a short-term ploy.

  • Joey Patton

    Liberals love muslims.

    Go figure…

    • Luca

      They are both cults and their shared agenda is the destruction of White, Christians. The libs like the homosexuals and the Muslims don’t. That’s about the only difference.

      • Calufrax

        The Muslims CLAIM to be against homosexuality, but the truth of their behavior tells quite a different story. Oh, they also like goats.

  • her own father, dam, there is no room for this islam in a civilized country.

  • slobotnavich

    To be fair to these savages, they’re merely acting like some early Christians, who went in for stonings, stake-burnings, the stocks, etc. Unfortunately, this is the 21st Century and the civilized world no longer looks with favor upon such activities. (unless committed by Marxists, of course) These depredations should be met with napalm, CBUs, M61 20mm cannon fire, and, if necessary, a few healthy doses of Sarin gas.

    • Tarczan

      When Christians did those things they were acting contrary to the teachings of their founder, Christ. When Muslims do these things they are following the teachings of their founder, Muhammed.

      • M.

        Muhammad stole these laws from the Old Testament. Sharia is nearly a carbon copy of the laws in Leviticus and Deuteronomy.

        • Tarczan

          Christianity, not Judiasm.

          • M.

            “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” (Matthew 5:17)

            Now if you choose to ignore the Old Testament, that’s your call.

          • Tarczan

            You will have to show me where Christians or modern Jews advocate stoning.

            And nothing against gays except for the fact that if everyone were gay, there would be no mankind.

          • M.

            I didn’t say Christians and Jews advocated stoning; just that Muslims didn’t get that out of thin air.

            Lucky for you, everyone isn’t gay. The percentage of homosexuals and bisexuals combined is usually between 8 and 12% of the population, and is pretty much distributed equally in all societies, regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion.

          • Tarczan

            Yup, they didn’t get it out of thin air, but rather from the koran.

          • M.

            It’s not in the Koran. It’s in what they call the Hadith, which is a collection of the sayings of Mohammed. It’s still part of their Scripture though.

            But who do you think put those laws in their scriptures (Koran or other), some god? No, it was a bunch of 7th-century beduins. And those beduins stole those laws from the Jews that lived there at the time, although in small numbers.

            If you’re willing to condemn stoning to death in their Scripture, then you should also condemn it in the Book of Deuteronomy.

          • Tarczan

            It’s ironic that someone would come onto a thread about Muslims stoning a girl to death and complain about Christians and Jews intolerance to homosexuals.

          • M.

            What I said about homosexuals was just an example that Christians only recognize the Old Testament when it suits their views.

            My main point was that stoning to death is both in the Bible and in the Islamic traditions.

      • Anglo

        I understand the Muslims believe holy war will quickly usher in their “12th Iman” — some sort of Muslim messiah they believe is to come and the whole world will be under a caliphate.

        • M.

          The 12th Imam is the Shiites’ messiah. But the Sunnis have their own messiah too whom they believe will appear in the Levantine region and help them vanquish the Byzantines (today’s Westerners I guess) and whoever allies with them.

  • scutum

    A religion of peace!

  • ViktorNN

    Despite the fact that the West has utterly colonized the minds of third worlders like yourself, you will never understand our Civilization or the debates we are having in our countries over the impact of modernity.

    This is why what’s happening in the West makes no sense to you. We confuse you, and you hate us for it.

    But make no mistake, you owe the West everything. The material benefits of modernity that Western Civilization has granted you has also utterly framed how you understand and see the world. We have colonized your very minds, whether you understand it or not. You probably do understand it on some dim, primitive level, which explains your resentment.

    The only originality the Muslim world has its pathetic religion which selects for a static, stagnant subsistence level kind of civilization. Your religion is an expression of your genetic inferiority, and we sit it plain as day in your societies.

    The day will come when whites will expel you from our homelands. The debate over when this will happen is what we are struggling over on sites like Amren. But trust, me when the day comes that we do decide to take action, it will be as easy as all our contemporary wars against you, because you are a backward, inferior people.

    • bavieca

      ‘But make no mistake, you owe the West everything. The material benefits of modernity that Western Civilization has granted you has also utterly framed how you understand and see the world. We have colonized your very minds, whether you understand it or not. You probably do understand it on some dim, primitive level, which explains much of your resentment.’

      to a certain extent the romans also left cultural impact on the myriads of germanic barbarians and more or less added frame to how they viewed the world but who came out on top?

      the current state western civilization is tantamount to an aging rome, sure she still retain much of her military machines, courtesy of the older generation but the quality of her citizens as fighters and survivors was precipitously declining.

      the average western men are being henpecked by their wives whereas the average isis men are putting their boots upon their women’s neck. the average western men shudder at the horror of being accused as a racist, misogynist, islamophobe or what have you whereas the average isis men gleefully sawing off the necks of infidels and laugh their assess off at the thought of being accused as infidelophobe. the dynamics were not all that different from those between the aging rome and the germanic barbarians.

      ‘The day will come when whites will expel you from our homelands. The debate over when this will happen is what we are struggling over on sites like Amren. But trust me, when the day comes that we do decide to take action, it will be as easy as all our contemporary wars against you, because you are a backward, inferior people.’

      just make sure you let your women keep telling you what to do and how to do it, the day you so crave can come much sooner but the ramifications it’ll bring might not be what you had expected.

      • ViktorNN

        The struggle over the impact of modernity encompasses far more than the comparatively trivial boys vs. girls stuff that seems to be the main thing you want to talk about. I’ll leave it at that.

        As far as extremist Muslims, Islam in general, and the peoples of the Middle East go, they have nothing to offer white people. The West has taken whatever was worthwhile of theirs long ago. They deserve the right to exist and the right to self-determination, but they’ve also shown they need to be policed. This is a clear sign of inferiority.

        The fact that the West has been given the thankless task of policing them is a drag on our societies, much like welfare to non-whites within our countries is a drag. But that’s our burden as the most advanced people. I suppose there is a certain satisfaction that we can derive from Muslims and Mid Easterners in the same way that a parent can be proud of raising children. I will grant that.

  • jayvbellis

    An actor Ben Affleck will explain to is that we can not judge Islam in a bad way, or say that only Muslims are doing this. That would be racist.

    Here’s hoping Hollywood Libs do anti racism concerts in ISIS areas and are then kidnapped, tortured, beheaded and the dying Hollywood Lib’s last words were that they forgave their killers and blamed racism for all the world’s ills.

  • I help out around the house, clean, wash dishes, and I am really good at cooking. I am bad at at cleaning, but listening to Prussian marching songs while I work seems to help. Want a bathroom spotless? Play the Koniggratzer Marsch and then PreuBens Gloria here. Real men really do make their wives and their mothers their queens. Their appreciation when I reverse-engineer discontinued replacement parts for a broken whats-it is beyond price.

    For the benefit of unmarried ladies here, observe closely how your boyfriend treats his mother, because that is exactly how he will someday treat you.

    • bavieca

      ‘For the benefit of unmarried ladies here, observe closely how your
      boyfriend treats his mother, because that is exactly how he will someday treat you.’

      a man must always give top priority towards his own mother over any other woman or even his children. a man owe his life to his mother for she protected him when he was a defenseless baby,
      a man owes jack-shit towards women other than his own mother and perhaps his own grandmother.

      a man who treats his wife as good as he treated his own mother is inadvertently belittling the exploits of his own mother.

  • Anglo

    It was prophesied in Genesis 16:2 (New International Version)

    “He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and
    everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all
    his brothers.”

  • WR_the_realist

    I long ago realized that the professional feminists only hate straight white Christian men.