In Democratic Election Ads in South, a Focus on Racial Scars

Jeremy W. Peters, New York Times, October 30, 2014

In the final days before the election, Democrats in the closest Senate races across the South are turning to racially charged messages–invoking Trayvon Martin’s death, the unrest in Ferguson, Mo., and Jim Crow-era segregation–to jolt African-Americans into voting and stop a Republican takeover in Washington.

The images and words they are using are striking for how overtly they play on fears of intimidation and repression. And their source is surprising. The effort is being led by national Democrats and their state party organizations–not, in most instances, by the shadowy and often untraceable political action committees that typically employ such provocative messages.

In North Carolina, the “super PAC” started by Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, ran an ad on black radio that accused the Republican candidate, Thom Tillis, of leading an effort to pass the kind of gun law that “caused the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.”

In Georgia, Democrats are circulating a flier warning that voting is the only way “to prevent another Ferguson.” It shows two black children holding cardboard signs that say “Don’t shoot.”

The messages are coursing through the campaigns like a riptide, powerful and under the surface, largely avoiding television and out of view of white voters. That has led Republicans to accuse Democrats of turning to race-baiting in a desperate bid to win at the polls next Tuesday.

“They have been playing on this nerve in the black community that if you even so much as look at a Republican, churches will start to burn, your civil rights will be taken away and young black men like Trayvon Martin will die,” said Michael Steele, a former chairman of the Republican Party. “The reality of it is, the Democrats realize that their most loyal constituency is not as loyal as they once were.”


One way to hang on is to increase the share of the black vote that typically turns out in a midterm election. To do so, Democrats are seizing on racial mistrust and unease, the same complicated emotions often used against them in the South.


The group started by Mr. Reid, Senate Majority PAC, ran the ad on black radio that Republicans said all but accused Mr. Tillis, the Republican speaker of the State House, of killing Mr. Martin, an unarmed black teenager who was fatally shot in Florida in 2012. In the ad, the announcer reads through a list of policies Mr. Tillis supported that blacks are likely to find offensive, like curtailing early voting in the state. And then it turns more ominous.

“Tillis even led the effort to pass the type of ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws that caused the shooting death of Trayvon Martin,” the announcer says. The music playing in the background abruptly stops.

Republicans have slammed the ad as race-baiting. “Have you heard this race-hustling Kay Hagan ad paid for by Harry Reid’s super PAC?” a new radio ad paid for by a conservative group asks, referring to the Democratic incumbent. “Probably not. Because they’re not running it on this station.”

Though Mr. Tillis was the speaker of the State Assembly at the time the law passed, he was not an ardent supporter of it. One local gun-rights group criticized him for not being supportive enough at the time.


At a campaign rally over the weekend for Senator Hagan, one of her supporters, Alma Adams, who is in the State Legislature, said, “We need to send Uncle Thom–Tillis, that is–home.”

Ms. Hagan’s campaign has often referred to remarks in which Mr. Tillis appeared to equate reparations for slavery with social welfare programs. Governments created such public assistance programs, he said in 2007, based in part on the “belief that we should provide additional reparations” to those whose ancestors were enslaved.

In addition, at a black church in Fayetteville, leaflets with a grainy image of a lynching have appeared, warning voters that if Ms. Hagan loses, President Obama will be impeached.


In Arkansas, voters are opening mailboxes to find leaflets with images of the Ferguson protests and the words: “Enough! Republicans are targeting our kids, silencing our voices and even trying to impeach our president.” The group distributing them is Color of Change, a grass-roots civil rights organization.

In Georgia, the state Democratic Party is mixing themes of racial discrimination with appeals to rally behind the only black man elected president. “It’s up to us to vote to protect the legacy of the first African-American president,” one flier reads.

Another invokes Ferguson. “If you want to prevent another Ferguson in their future,” the leaflet says over a picture of two young black children, “vote. It’s up to you to make change happen.”


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  • Shorter Harry Reid:

    If only Kay Hagan was in the Senate in February 2012, and if only the Democrats ran the Senate in the past few years, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown would still be alive today.

    Small print: Kay Hagan was in the Senate in February 2012, and Democrats have been in control of the Senate since 2007.

    Ms. Hagan’s campaign has often referred to remarks in which Mr. Tillis appeared to equate reparations for slavery with social welfare programs.

    De facto reparations for slavery was one of the openly stated rationales for enacting the Great Society’s various welfare programs in the 1960s.

    • me

      Insanity on a scale not seen since St. Vitus Dance seized Europe, or the tulip craze hit Holland….Negromania is what I call it.
      In the future, people will shake their heads at the ‘flat earth’ race deniers and excuse-making Negrophiles, and how they were able to monopolize public policy and discourse.

    • Fed Up

      Duh? How can reparations (extortion money) make up for what happened mrore than a century and a half in the past). I concede to being unaware of any Black living today, who has served in slavery prior to 1865.

  • Kenner

    Yes, voting can ‘prevent another Ferguson’. Blacks can’t grasp the irony.

    • Oil Can Harry

      So voting will prevent another white cop from shooting a black thug in self-defense?

      • Kenner

        Voting for candidates who stand for ‘law and order’ lets the police know we have their back against ferals that burn, loot and riot.

        • Oil Can Harry

          That’s true, but I was mocking the Georgia ad where blacks were told that their getting out and voting will prevent another Ferguson.

          • me

            They need a mascot for the Negro voters. How about ‘Blackie the Bear’? “Only YOU can prevent Black crime. Don’t do it!”

          • Kenner

            How about ‘Leroy the Leech’.

      • HE2

        Oil Can, stop it this minute. You are thinking.
        Clichés were not meant to be thought through. That is the point. Banality.

    • 1stworlder

      I wonder how much it would cost for a PANTS UP DONT LOOT billboard.

  • MekongDelta69

    Ask the New York Slimes to run an ad, requesting all White people who have been attacked by blacks, to send in pictures of their “Racial Scars.”

    I’ll wait…

    • R L Buds

      It’s funny, in a screwed up way, that some of us have actual scars due to their racism but the MSM only cares about black feelings getting hurt because we try to hold them to some reasonable standard. That reasonable standard being what’s expected of us minus at least 35%.

      Of course many whites who are their victims never think it’s a black thing, they think the attacker could have been any race, which is true, but it’s usually a darkie.

  • dd121

    Here in Colorado one of the anti-republican adverts states that the republican candidate whats to stop the sale of condoms. Are the dems that desperate or do they think people will believe that?

    • Pure desperation, and also indicative of something else.

      Even if Republicans “drop the social issues,” (i.e. move left), the Democrats can be counted on to go even further to the left on social issues.

      For grins and giggles, I called a Wal-Martinez in Denver late in the day yesterday and asked the Mangler if the store had any condoms. He said they did, and the way he chuckled, it seemed like he knew why I was asking.

      • Robert Binion

        Further left as in “Cash for Condoms”?

  • Frank_DeScushin

    The most troubling thing for me about this New York Times article was not its contents (we expect that from Democrats), but the positive reaction to the Democrats’ tactics from NYT’s commenters. I expected a shred of integrity from the white Liberals who read the Times, but I grossly underestimated their white guilt. I sorted the articles comments by “Best Rated”, and saw that the best rated comments were not only ones that supported the Democrats’ tactics but also applauded them. These are the self-loathing whites we are up against.

    • me

      And these same self-loathing Whites will be screaming for help when their neighborhoods go up in the flames of rioting by their pets. The White policemen should just let them reap what they’ve sown.

      • I want that sign … it’s beautiful.

        • The All Seeing Bry

          No, you don’t want that neighbor

    • Don’t be too deceived by comments on leftist-controlled sites. You can bet that the most convincing realist posts were buried or deleted quickly. Many MSM sites don’t even allow comments anymore, because there are so many of us willing to state the truth.

      We’re not nearly as alone as they want us to think.

  • guest

    “In Georgia, Democrats are circulating a flier warning that voting is the only way “to prevent another Ferguson.” It shows two black children holding cardboard signs that say “Don’t shoot.”

    Once again, Democrats have shown how out of touch with reality they really are. As long as more black criminals get killed, we can only look forward to more Fergusons happening. The only thing Whites need to take from the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases is to arm and protect themselves at all times when something like that happens.

    • John

      On their own, blacks aren’t creative enough to come up with this. Some white liberal traitors at “Demoncrat” central came up with this campaign spiel and implemented it.

      • Ringo Lennon

        Very disturbing. But what’s a boy to do? (acting gay)

  • “If you want to prevent another Ferguson in their future,” the leaflet
    says over a picture of two young black children, “vote. It’s up to you
    to make change happen.”

    That one is actually true to an extent.

  • Conrad

    “One flier says voting is the only thing that can ‘prevent another Ferguson.'”
    We can all vote any way we please, it will not change what is coming. It is unnatural & dangerous to mix different races, religions, cultures and nations together.

  • libertarian1234

    “One flier says voting is the only thing that can “prevent another Ferguson.”

    Yes, that’s true. But the vote will have to be in favor of returning the whites to Ferguson and shipping the blacks home to Liberia, all wearing Hazmat suits, with their reparation money in their back pockets.

    Then the vote needs to be the same for the rest of them throughout the country.

  • Tucker

    I think that, in order to make sure I do not succumb to a chronic and uncontrollable period of projectile vomiting, I will make an extra effort over the next few days to avoid listening to Rush Scumbaugh or to the rancid, diseased polyp-protege that he harvested from his bowels who calls himself Sean Insanity.

    I’ll make a prediction about both of these two nauseating, race whipped, disgusting RINO whiners. In fact, they’ve already started doing exactly what I expected from them.

    Which is: They will get on their radio shows and play clips from these race baiting ads of the ‘evil DemoNRats’, and then they’ll whine and wring their hands and gush forth with torrents of righteous indignation, shrieking like a schoolyard playground full of little girls and expressing their ‘shock’ and ‘horror’ over how the evil Ds could resort to using such diabolically evil and sinister tactics and try to ‘falsely smear’ the GOP when the GOP absolutely LOVES and WORSHIPS blacks so much that Juan Boehner’s daughter even married a burr headed, dope smoking black from Jamaica, and Paul Ryan’s belt has a special ‘black chick’ notch from his college days carved into it, and Mittens Romney even got so physically sick over having an all-white family that he went out an adopted a black orphan crumb cruncher, and not to be bested in the race treason department – Juan McInsane’s own son stepped up to the miscegenation altar and married himself a black chick!

    Conclusion: This is not going to be a winning strategy, folks. Groveling and pandering and resorting to falling down on our White knees and licking the toe jam off of the feet of blacks who hate our White guts and who are NEVER going to vote for any Republican politician – not matter how big of a White race treasonous RINO Rat he or she tries to be – this kind of White behavior is not only humiliating and embarrassing, but it is also shamefully unmanly.

    Do these nitwit White politicians and these overpaid, oxycotin addicted, 400 lb tubs of RINO media lard think that blacks are not able to recognize a White politician who is openly committing race treason against his own people? And then, do these race traitors think that blacks are going to trust or have any respect for such a despicable piece of filth as that?

    How do blacks react when one of their fellow blacks engages in race treason? They tear the race traitor a new hiney, right? They heap shame and scorn upon them, right? Or, even over on the evil D side of the political fence – if a White ‘D’ goes up against a black ‘D’ candidate, who do the blacks vote for? Did they vote for the Hildebeast or for ObongoMugabe when they were running against each other for the nomination? Who did Oprah vote for? The answer is obvious.

    Do you know what the most effective response should be by the GOP to these race baiting tactics of the evil DemonRats? Simple. They pulled off the gloves on the race issue, and so should the GOP. Counter their race baiting tactics with easily verifiable and undeniable facts and statistics on issues like black violent crime, black on white crime, black welfare dependency, the dismal black academic non-achievement statistics. Cite the cheating scandals and academic corruption that goes on at every major college – such as the recent exposure of the UNC Tar Heels athletic program’s dishonesty and deliberate malfeasance that was institutionalized and designed to keep their low IQ black football players academically eligible to play for the Tar Heels when they should have been kicked off the team. Dredge up the stories we’ve seen in the news where even high schools and middle schools in predominantly black areas like Atlanta and Philadelphia have been exposed for having school faculty members (usually blacks) either giving the kids the answers to the tests or fixing their answers after the fact in order to make sure they passed.

    But, no, the Stupid Party – lead by absolute imbeciles like Rush Scumbaugh and Sean Insanity and Juan Boehner and Juan McInsane – are too spineless to grow a pair of white racial gonads and hit the evil Ds with the same tactics that they having been using against the GOP ever since the 1950s. This cowardice, despite the fact that we have the FACTS and the TRUTH and race realism on our side – and all the evil Ds have are lies, false scaremongering stories and their simmering caldron of anti-White hatred and venom.

    Remember: The DemonRATS took the gloves off on the race issue. It is time for the GOP to grow a spine and do likewise. Stop pandering to minorities who are NEVER going to vote for your party. They are our enemies and it is time to openly acknowledge that truth.

    • The GOP are controlled opposition. They aren’t spineless; they are traitors. Their job is to corral white votes into meaninglessness. As long as whites can rant against “Democrats,” they have no driving desire to figure out who is really behind the wheel of this big old shuddering rig we used to call a country.

  • Fed Up

    Race-baiting really is the best weapon in the Democrat’s political arsenal. That, of course, and handing out billions of tax dollars to minorities, to buy their elections with.

  • Fed Up

    I personally am only too aware of the penchant for Blacks to crimes of violence. I therefore CARRY a loaded automatic and a spare clip. Leave me in peace and you’d never have cause to know I am armed. But let a gang of Black thugs come at me in a highly threatening manner — then the first blood spilled will NOT be mine! I spent enough hours and dollars on the gunnery range to hone my proficiency in fast, accurate, close-range defensive shooting!

    You liberals have a problem with that? TOUGH!