Former Police Chief Speaks on Latest Michael Brown Shooting Information

CBS St. Louis, October 20, 2014

Information about the Michael Brown fatal police shooting is beginning to leak out, and former St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch says it’s no accident the feds are allowing the information.

Fitch discussed a New York Times article indicating, according to federal investigators, there was a struggle that led up to the fatal police shooting of Brown, with KMOX’s Mark Reardon on Monday.

Fitch calls the information from the investigation coming out as phase two–to “coordinate leaks to the media, and to start getting some of the facts out there to kind of let people down slowly,” he says. “When I say this is phase two–phase one was really Eric Holder’s announcement how they were going to basically do a complete review and take over the Ferguson Police Department.”

Fitch says he thinks the feds recognize that it’s “probably very unlikely” that there’s going to be charges against Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

“There was a struggle over the weapon. Law enforcement, we know that about half the officers killed every year with firearms are killed with their own,” he says. “So the fact that he didn’t have his own doesn’t mean there wasn’t a weapon there available that could be used in deadly force use.”


He notes that the other key piece to the investigation is what happened after Wilson and Brown were out of the police vehicle.

“If Michael Brown was truly turned around and basically charging the officer, he already went for round one fighting over his handgun. Are you going to go for round two and take the chance of losing it this time?” Fitch asks. “I think that would be a more logical explanation as to why Officer Wilson would have discharged his firearm at Michael Brown.”


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  • Adolf Verloc

    Fitch makes a good point, that the Feds have been leaking exculpatory evidence on Wilson to prevent a major chimpout in case the grand jury no-bills him before the November elections. Fat chance. If I were a store owner in Ferguson, I’d be reducing inventory and boarding up windows. Right after the verdict, righteously indignant yoofs will be on the way to celebrate the life of the Gentle Giant by helping themselves to liquor, electronics and beauty supplies.

    • Periapsis

      They will certainly help themselves to any guns and ammunition they could steal for use against whites.

      • anony

        Bring it!

        • Julie – Walker2014

          Garrett Brown up to I looked at the draft 4 $7386, I did not believe that my brothers friend woz really taking home money part-time on their computer.. there dads buddy haz done this less than sixteen months and a short time ago took care of the morgage on their home and purchased a new Buick. go to,.…C&#97&#x73&#104&#83t&#111&#x72&#101d&#46&#x43&#111&#77

    • Garrett Brown

      And reloading.

    • anony

      There do not exist enough “beauty supplies” in this world to help them!

      Of course, they don’t know that.

  • Tim Fitch was the best St. Louis County Police chief in my conscious lifetime. So of course Charlie Dooley connived to get rid of him.

    That said, his thinking errs here:

    “If Michael Brown was truly turned around and basically charging the officer, he already went for round one fighting over his handgun. Are you going to go for round two and take the chance of losing it this time?” Fitch asks. “I think that would be a more logical explanation as to why Officer Wilson would have discharged his firearm at Michael Brown.”

    His problem here is that he’s thinking rationally. It’s a lot different when you’re a low IQ black, you’re all amped up on your adrenaline because you just committed a crime in a quickie mart, and all of a sudden this cop comes out of nowhere and is paying inordinate attention to you.

    • robinbishop34

      I remember the day this happened before all the fiasco took place and it was a routine story about a struggle over the gun inside the car. The gun was discharged in the cruiser. Can you imagine the BS that is going to happen when they don’t indict him?

    • Casper Flannigan

      Wonder if they will do a post mortem toxicology report? The thug fellas love their sherm. Maybe he liked his lean? Like Trayvon.

      • See the big news this morning. Yet more results from yet another autopsy. Weed, no hands up. Just like we knew all along.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      I think it is you that errs here.

      He’s talking from the police officers perspective, not the “gentle giant”.
      Officer Wilson had just been in round one in the car, with Brown going for his gun. Officer Wilson managed to fight him off and probably shot and wounded Brown.
      And then Brown is coming at him a second time and that’s where the explanation comes in.

      “If Michael Brown was truly turned around and basically charging the officer, he [the officer /my edit] already went for round one fighting over his handgun. Are you [as a police officer /my edit] going to go for round two and take the chance of losing it this time?”

  • John Smith

    There will be a Rodney King type reaction, but in more cities all over the US.

    Who do we have to thank for this? The filthy creatures that control the anti-white media cabal.

    • robinbishop34

      They are swine.

      • anony

        You’re insulting my bacon-makers. 🙂

        • robinbishop34


  • superlloyd

    None of this news management is a surprise neither is Darren Wilson’s complete innocence. I doubt that it will avert the category 5 chimp out, though.

    • Julius Caesar

      A cat-5? You think so? One can only hope for cultural enrichment of that magnitude. In all seriousness, bring on Helter Skelter. I could use some excitement in my life.

      • none of your business

        Some black guy was on video talking about the Ferguson riots. He called it Planet of the Apes part 3

      • Adolf Verloc

        Julius, that is the best infographic ever!

      • silviosilver

        That is hilarious. Great to see ‘white right’ talents put to productive use. Did you get that from the C–out site?

        • Julius Caesar

          Nope. The bottom right corner tells you where I got it from, but since that image-board no longer exists, /pol/ is the current equivalent.

      • Sighisoara

        Oh my, I haven’t laughed that hard in days, thanks for that one.

      • The right size for a t-shirt iron-on! At this rate, I will have to buy some more plain, white t-shirts at Wal Mart.

        • Julius Caesar

          If you actually have some of these made, I absolutely must have one.

  • Tarczan

    Too bad AmRen doesn’t do polls.

    After the refusal to indict, what will happen?

    A. Blacks and liberals accept the GJ’s interpretation of the facts, with no rioting or demonstrations.

    B. Minor demonstrations in Ferguson.

    C. Some rioting with property damage.

    D. Full African chimpout with rioting, looting, and burning of property. Injury and death to the public, but limited to the St. Louis area.

    E. Above chimpout in several cities.

    • It will depend on the weather at the time the news of no indictment comes out, and law enforcement preparedness, and law enforcement’s willingness to engage in force. If the weather is relatively warm, by November standards in St. Louis, and the cops are caught flat footed or are too scared to crack down, then it will be at least D maybe even E. If it’s a cold rainy November period, the cops are prepared and they’re uninhibited with their batons, then B.

      • Adolf Verloc

        Well said. Hope that the GJ drags its feet for as long as possible (I had read that they could theoretically go as far as early January) and that the weather is nice and cold and rainy. Delicate African violets aren’t fond of that.

      • none of your business

        I’ve always thought the results will be announced when it is 40 degrees with rain and sleet. January, or MLK month is coming up. I can just imagine what will happen then.

    • phillyguy

      E. chimpout in several cities.

      • Ringo Lennon

        Keep powder dry. I hope they come into white neighborhoods.

        • bilderbuster

          Mine has some particularly eager Whites with itchy trigger fingers.
          I could say that some are almost giddy at the thought of having visitors from “Da Hood”.

          • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

            I’m guessing they don’t have small children to protect in such an instance (or don’t understand the very real danger such an event really brings). I keep my weapons in good order, practice with them, and make sure my older sons do as well, exactly so I can defend my family if I need to. But I don’t relish the idea of needing to.

            It’s wise to be prepared for a fight. It’s foolish to want that fight brought to your own turf.

          • bilderbuster

            I was kidding about the giddy part.
            These people are all experienced hunters and know the lay of the land and no, they don’t exactly live in suburbia either but rather 20 miles outside of a large city.
            More like a semi rural crime watch/militia.

    • OS-Q

      C. Some rioting with property damage – just low enough to be plausibly deniable. There will be lots of finger wagging against us evil racists. MSM News will donate an additional dozen TV hours a week about how ashamed we should be.

    • Jessica Lee

      E for $1.00

    • C. Some rioting and prop damage for $10 please. Even tho they’ve been
      let down easy something will happen. Militarized police presence from
      earlier demonstrations have ’em a bit spooked.

    • bilderbuster

      Either way it happens I’m expecting to read and watch full blown massive and brutal Black Flash Mobs this coming Black Friday.
      The Era of Obama is far from over!

    • RedOnTheHead

      Indicted = celebratory riots
      No indictment = retaliatory riots
      Hung jury = obligatory black man jokes

    • I am hoping for “E”, as in “everything”. Let’s see handguns held sideways meet centerfire rifles. Or a coilgun. Even a level-headed individual with a good bow or crossbow could probably manage a tie against someone with a pistol held sideways. Once upon a time, I liked hand grenades and an axe at shorter ranges. Sadly, I can not have hand grenades, but I know how to make them.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “I think that would be a more logical explanation as to why Officer Wilson would have discharged his firearm at Michael Brown.”

    The problem here is that the Mike Brown protestors in specific and Liberals in general are not swayed by logic. In fact, I believe they are allergic to it.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    St. Louis County Police Chief has said he believes federal authorities are purposely leaking details of the Michael Brown case because they already know that no charges are going to be brought against Officer Darren Wilson.

    OK, got that.

    Anyone know what this means?

    “ So the fact that he didn’t have his own, doesn’t mean there wasn’t a weapon there available that could be used in deadly force use.”

    Or this?

    “federal authorities accept it is ‘probably very unlikely’ that the grand jury will recommend no charges be brought against 28-year-old Wilson and he expects to see more leaks like this in the next few weeks.”

    Why would they leak the information slowly? To avoid race rioting and looting? Or to give the rioters time to gather weapons, make fire bombs and scout out targets for rioting and looting,

    Release it all – hard and fast -let the Grand Jury release Officer Wilson and let ‘em burn the mother down.

  • IstvanIN

    Civil rights charges. They won’t give up until this poor cop is in jail. They have probably ruined his life and ended his career. He’ll probably never be able to get married, have kids and lead a normal life thanks to one ignorant thug and his ignorant race-mates. The blacks have won again.

    • Right you are. Officer Wilson is totally ruined–career, socially, financially. But there’s one dead black thug who won’t be strong arming anyone anymore. So, it’s not a total victory for the blacks.

      • IstvanIN

        Every White man they take out of the gene pool for any reason is a much bigger loss for us than one dead thug is for them. They reproduce like ants and the loss of one is of little consequence.

        • Breaker Morant

          They may reproduce like ants, but they abort they chilrens at about the same rate. If they allowed their chilrens to survive, instead of aborting them, they would have overtaken the white race in numbers a few decades ago. Their promiscuity is absolutely staggering. Planned Parenthood is the only reason their population percentage is so low.

      • Nonhumans

        He could write a book about the ordeal. His perspective would definitely be worth a read. And with nothing left to lose, he could be honest about his opinion of the animals.

    • Kenner

      The leak from the DOJ implied no civil rights charges. I hope that’s true.

    • anony

      He should move, change his name, and get some plastic surgery.

  • Let the arson, shooting, looting and root-a-toot tooting spread nationwide. Let everyone see how deranged blacks are. Let the cops in every city get really angry and disgusted with the black rioters in their cities. In fact, let the race war begin.

    Let the rioting spill out of black neighborhoods into liberal la-la lands that have been gentrified by white hipster liberal types. Let their houses be burned down with the white hipsters inside. Let white liberals learn a painful lesson. It’s by far the best sacrifice they could make on behalf of their beloved pets.

    • Germanicus

      I am inclined to agree that we are set on a grim course. I can think of no plausible way to get to a good resolution in America with reason and ballots. Everyday we are losing people who remembered a better time. Frankly, I do not care so much about about the American Dream as I care about America being a moral, vibrant and enterprising nation. Do this and due prosperity will come naturally as a reward, not a goal siezed. The demographics are changing fast. Full-blown invasion is underway. Euro-Americans will be persecuted mercilessly and are already being squeezed out of many sectors. Christian Whites are being squeezed out and neutralized even faster than Whites in general. Time is no longer an asset. This is one of the few instances where I disagree with Jared Taylor. Time is an e.nemy. Obama and the Regressives must be stopped. I wish that this could involve nothing more than a peaceful checkmate or good people taking over local elected offices. Show me that these things are practically possible. I want to be convinced that the worst is not necessary and inevitable. I want to be wrong about this.

      • IstvanIN

        The invasion has been very obviously stepped up, Obama is out of control like most African “presidents” and the Republicans are completely useless as the “loyal opposition”. I also agree about the loss of people who remember a better time. My parents have even said that growing up in the 1950s was probably the best time (they were both born in ’38). They missed the depression, were too young to worry about WW2 (except for the blackouts) and Korea. The future was bright.

        Although my generation had to worry about Vietnam fortunately the war ended while I was in High School and things were still looking up. Sure we had fuel embargoes and recession but we also had a sense of “nation”. A real nation, not just a country, lines on a map where we all cohabited. When we saw Ronald Reagan we saw us, not some interloper.

        Gerald Ford proved the system worked, the transfer of authority from Richard Nixon to the only person never elected either president or vice-president went smoothly. Jimmy Carter was a disaster but we got rid of him. The system worked.

        Then came Bill Clinton, the first president to openly celebrate the death of White America. And the most despicable for First Lady in my life time. Even if you didn’t like the president you generally had to respect the First Lady, or at least not blame her for anything. Hillary was horrible. Of course the man who set the end in motion was LBJ but we didn’t know it at the time. We knew he did some terrible things, like Vietnam and the Civil Rights act, but no one expected it to end so terribly and no one paid much attention to the 1965 Immigration Act.

        Wow, my generation was born at the beginning of the end.

        • Germanicus

          Indeed, these latter presidencies were the grim sequelae and epiphenomena that more or less, respectively, followed from the bad philosophies injected into the psyches of Americans certainly at the emergence from the 1800s, but really, no doubt in prior formulations much earlier–even before our founding. Sadly, it was a decent experiment, but flawed in ways that could not resist the poison. It was a instantiation of a political philosophy that claimed to have built into it safeguards that acknowledged that men are prone to evil, but then it undermined the possibility of recognizing sin. It is a philosophy of radical and false egalitarianism that could only be somewhat believable in a film or novel where the characters were premised to be disembodied spirits without sexual identity, natural variations in ability, no accumulation of wisdom with age or education, and who did not have to work to extract food from the surroundings. I say that “America” the idea would only work in a film at best, because I am convinced that this kind of philosophy fundamentally could not work in the real world or without partially suspended judgment. And in my humble opinion, and I really do not desire to be rudely argumentative or belabor a point, the American experiment incorporated beguiling, pernicious, Enlightenment corruptions right into its core. Certainly, I like the (what were) latitudinal freedoms of being an American in this Frontier, but by the time you and I arrived on the scene, these were already being rolled up like a carpet. For me, the question is how to preserve as much enterprising freedom as possible while rediscovering the sanity of the scholastic era uncontaminated by the heresies and ideologies that followed roughly in the 16th Century. (Sorry, my critique gets thin for earlier periods due to the inadequacies of my historical knowledge.) I do not give one wit of interest in sexual, drug or greed-based licentiousness: I do not see my Good as separated from the higher things that are also the Good of my neighbors. If I had to grasp at something, I would say that whatever this hellish funnel is like that we are about to go through, we need to do a few things. We need to re-discover masculinity. In critique of my own Church (RCC), we elevated women, but we have permitted masculinity be beaten apart in the process. This must be reversed. Next, we need a complete reset on the body of legal precedence. Affirmative action: No; Injustice gotta go! We need to let men run things and to be men. Women are intelligent, but a $%@&^# disaster when in power as the result feminist programs. Minorities get to compete not as members of a minority, but as individuals. Whites–as many here and elsewhere repeatedly say–need to go through a period of selection for proper in-group loyalty to balance the individualism. We need to learn to respect intellectual capability: it is the true first foundation for leadership, not how you look in a football jersey, whether your over 6′, or whether you made a bunch of cash. Theoretical knowledge needs to be balanced with sound practical knowledge (business, profession, etc.). There are a lot of egg heads that are a menace in government (I would mention the “O,” but frankly he does not impress me as an intellectual). There are a lot of good businessmen, even conservatives, that just do not have the depth to be juggernauting us around like they’re are taking our nations on a joy ride. Too often these fellows possessing only practical experience think that their “real-world” experience trumps good classical learning. It does not. Practical wisdom is a complement to really sharp theoretical wisdom. These types of practical specialists embarrass themselves, but a fawning media and public keeps them deluded. Look at Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, and George Soros: total meddling disgraces. Especially shame on Soros because his philosophical training was apparently culpably mal-developed. Well, I wonder if I will be around to watch. I suspect that the transition to a truly liberated state will only happen after–once again–mud meets blood, unless you can suggest a different lesson from history. I hope that you can. Since the destroyers are the ones that currently have the claim of legitimate force, I guess it will likely be me–not they–who will be sprouting the leaks.

        • Doesn’t any Executive appointment still require a Senate confirmation hearing?

      • KyraNelson

        Don’t forget that Missouri “State Senator” who threatened riots and violence if there was no indictment. Could politicians possibly get cut from a more depraved cloth? (Just got herself arrested, too)

        • bilderbuster

          She may be the next “Distinguished Representative from the great state of MO”.

    • none of your business

      That has occurred time and time again since the Watts riots 1964? The liberals never learn their lesson.

      • Kenner

        It’s becoming less containable, because of demography, section eight vouchers, and enforced diversity. Whites will feel cornered.

      • JohnEngelman

        During the late 1960’s liberal attention was drawn to the War in Vietnam. In addition, racial discrimination and Jim Crow legislation were recent memories. These caused white liberals to forgive black rioting. This time around I do not think blacks will find much white sympathy.

        The fact that a larger percentage of Americans are recent immigrants also means that there will be less tolerance for black ghetto rioting. Immigrants usually vote Democrat, but they do not feel guilty about black poverty. If anything they tend to be more hostile to blacks than whites are.

        • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

          I agree with you about immigrants’ attitudes toward black poverty and dysfunction, but I’m not so sure about your take on White sympathy. I hope you’re right, but I doubt it. So long as they can maintain a safe distance that will allow them to remain personally unaffected by the chimpouts, white liberals will continue to perform any mental gymnastics necessary to excuse them and find ways to blame them their socio/political enemies, namely white conservatives. Conservatives aren’t much better. They still harbor foolish ideas about blacks being just like us under the skin, and like to blame their woes on liberal policies which are largely irrelevant to the matter.

          The causes you listed are from fifty years ago, and all long since over. The people who were in their formative years during those events, or even remember them, now run the gamut from old to dead. Yet I see no evidence that their attitudes or those of their heirs have changed one bit. I see much evidence (Ferguson, Cincinnati, and LA to name a scant smattering), that they have not.

          • JohnEngelman

            The black response to the civil rights legislation and the war on poverty was five years of black ghetto rioting and more durable increases in black social pathology.

            These in turn caused white blue collar workers to leave the Democratic Party, and to begin voting Republican. Black social pathology destroyed the New Deal coalition, and lead to a Republican ascendancy that continues to dominate the United States.

            I cannot believe that I am the only Democrat who recognizes and deplores that.

          • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

            No John, I’m pretty sure lots of Democrats believe things that are patently absurd. Wow.

          • JohnEngelman

            Weak minds house strong opinions. This is true for those on each side of the political spectrum.

  • 4321realist

    A dream come true for many of us is for Wilson to be cleared entirely and the resulting black riots start a civil war which will finally bring about 75% of the white population out into the streets looking for targets.

    But that will never occur, because blacks are too cowardly to do anything but run their mouths and beat on their chests…..and of course loot and mob lone white people.

    • Adolf Verloc

      I think you can pretty well count on that. I was a young man during the riots of the 1960s, and blacks were always yelling about how next time, they would take the violence to white neighborhoods. They never did.

      I was home for the summer from college in Michigan when the 1967 Detroit riot took place. Many of my classmates lived in Detroit, which in those days had many white neighborhoods. Many of them described how men poured into the streets with hunting rifles and shotguns to defend their homes and neighborhoods. Blacks contented themselves with looting and burning white businesses in their own neighborhoods and then having the unmitigated gall to whine about the lack of shopping opportunities.

      • When the 1992 LA riots broke out, I was in a truck heading south from Boulder. We had disassembled some surplus work benches from a company that was down-sizing and were taking them home. We stopped at Castle Rock and I got a case of beer. I spent the next morning reloading .223″ brass for my Ruger Mini-14, and drove to work with that, the stock folded, under a blanket in the passenger’s side footwell of my RX-7. I remember that like it was yesterday.

        • Irishgirl

          I was a college student at UCLA during those riots. It was frankly terrifying. That was the beginning of my racial awakening, as I saw those animals roaming the streets looking for trouble to start.

  • journey

    Next “leak “phrase will be Brown was charging at the officer when told to stop. It has already been leaked that Brown was daring the officer to shoot him.

    Another down for Crump and the black grievance industry = no millions again. Don’t worry there’s another one coming down the track to entertain us.

    • bilderbuster

      Crump makes a fortune on the speaker circuit alone.

      • journey

        Don’t forget the Pigford haul. All taxpayers money.

    • Ed

      You called it leaks out today are saying just that. The black activists on Twitter are in a funk.

      • journey

        Good. Most of the black morons are just helping the inner group of the black grievance industry wealthy. In the meanwhile, their neighborhoods become deeper and deeper cesspools.

  • ncpride

    and to start getting some of the facts out there to kind of let people down slowly,” he says.

    This is scary as hell. Y’all get it? Instead of speaking to the truth that this White Officer is INNOCENT of wrong-doing as the facts support his claims, this nonsense reads completely as if they regret not being able to pin something…anything on him. This is the true state of Whites in this country, yet all we hear about is endless, pathetic claims about ‘White Privilege’. Tired of this BS White lurkers?

  • ViktorNN

    If Wilson gets off it will be a big defeat for the PC left. Their man Holder went all in. The feds have been deeply involved in the aftermath of the incident every step of the way.

    Given the fact that the Obama admin took such intense interest in the case the PC left will be forced to accept one of the following 3 conclusions:

    1. Wilson is innocent, or

    2. Holder and Obama betrayed them, or

    3. Holder and Obama are incompetents.

    Not that any of this will get in the way of them burning down some mini malls and stealing some pork rinds and hair weaves.

    • bilderbuster

      They will go with number 4. White racists tampered with evidence. Obama and Holder were thwarted by the racist police, courts and grand jury. Then there’s always the institutional racism of the whole “system”.

    • Ed

      Honestly I always viewed Holder going there as throwing crumbs to blacks. The Obama admin knew early on nothing was amiss but they know their people. They know them as silly and emotive, easily fooled.

      So what harm is there sending Holder to pump his fist in solidarity if it keeps folks from rioting?
      I mean the FBI still has a hotline for tips in Zimmerman case. It’s all a sham.

  • Robert Jennings

    When the full truth of the fact that this was just a thug that got what it deserved comes out and the apes start rioting, will Obama and the race baiters come on stage to sing the “if I had a son” hit single? Maybe they will speak the hard truth that blacks need to finally hear from their leaders. The truth that blacks get killed by cops at a higher rate than other races because they commit most of the violent crimes. The black on black murder rate surely must be enough evidence that an intelligent ape could see the truth, if it were intelligent.

  • none of your business

    There have been posts by highway patrol and various police departments that they are on standby to go to St. Louis because an announcement that the GJ will exonerate officer Wilson is expected soon.

  • This was not a bad idea to let them down slowly, Washington knows that giving too much information to such people will be denial, then back at destroying their own community, it would be chaos. and being that the state and feds seem to have lost the will to enforce laws and protect the innocent, this is the better idea.

  • Luca

    They should stall the verdict until there is a strong winter storm, then just like in the movie “Mars Attacks” they should drive through the streets blasting that Slim Whitman classic “Indian Love Call”.

  • Who Me?

    On my way over here just now, I see a big headline that says “Michael Brown may have been reaching for Officer’s Gun” like it was brand-new news and never before mentioned, a novel theory. WHERE have those people been hiding?(Or…do they think maybe they can “fool all of the people, all of the time”?)