Disease Plagues Illegal Immigrants; Basic Hygiene, Lack of Medications Blamed

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, October 6, 2014

Communicable diseases continue to be a problem at the New Mexico facility built to house illegal immigrant families surging across the U.S.-Mexico border, and the immigrants themselves aren’t taking their own health care very seriously, according to an audit released Monday.

While the Border Patrol is doing a good job of handling the surge of illegal immigrant children traveling alone without their parents, the families who are being housed at a special facility continue to have health problems and trouble using the bathroom, the Homeland Security inspector general said.

“Family unit illnesses and unfamiliarity with bathroom facilities continued to result in unsanitary conditions,” Inspector General John Roth wrote in a memo to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

Mr. Roth said the illnesses–which put the facility in Artesia, New Mexico, on lockdown earlier this year, preventing any immigrants from being transferred in or out–have proved to be a continuing problem.

Part of the issue is the immigrants themselves, some of whom have never seen a doctor before, don’t follow up afterward, either for themselves or their children.


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  • AmericanCitizen

    This is a classic example of the direction this country is headed. Third world illegal immigrants who don’t understand basic sanitation are suddenly our hottest import. Anyone really surprised at the spread of diseases this fall, especially in schools?

    • IstvanIN

      A four year old boy, beautiful blond child, died from enterovirus and another is sick here in NJ. This is what our government has done to us.

      • George Costanza

        I was heart broken and infuriated when I found out.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Maybe they should pass out big diapies until the little brownies learn how to wipe and flush and we can pay for nursemaids for little wolf raised brownies.

          Magical but not potty trained.

      • HE2

        Istvan, a rare form of enterovirus has shown up in five California kids too.

        • mobilebay

          You mean the state the Mexican President just claimed for his?

          • HE2

            mobile: You mean the state the Mexican President just claimed for his?

            That is the one!

            If you are having trouble believing me, just pay a visit to So. Calif, the San Joaquin Valley or Sacramento area.

          • mobilebay

            Would like to remember that beautiful state as I last saw it in the eighties. If I really want to see “diversity” I need go no further than a few miles south to Austin – or if that’s not enough, I can continue on to San Antonio and really have a fiesta among the natives.

          • HE2

            mobile, how I wish. California, with the exception of a few areas too expensive for infestation, is gone.

            I read that mestizo vandals are even venturing out into the desert and graffiti-ing up Joshua Tree Nat’l Monument cacti.

        • IstvanIN

          “White children must die so Honduran children can live”: Barack Insane Obama.

          • HE2

            Istvan, I know [hope?] you are being ironic, but dang, I would not put it past the man to say something this nuts instead of just inferring it with his actions.
            He hates us.

          • IstvanIN

            I think Obama and Boehner and company are all OK with White children dying for their dreamers.

          • HE2

            Istvan, Weepin Johnny B. is too stupid to make a decision one way or the other.

            The Mocha Messiah is another story.

            He loathes all Whites, including his mum and grandmother.

            He would sacrifice us for a dime.

    • willbest

      In some countries the plumbing is not designed to handle anything but waste. You will actually get similar results from some whites who grow up in trailer parks.

  • I find this hard to believe.
    Just being in America guarantees success by any creed,religion an all that rot.

  • That’s right. With all the Ebola hype going on, I forgot about all the border surge people from earlier this year and all the hovels they’re crammed into. Maybe we can combine Guatemala and western Africa so that Ebola and TB can somehow mash up and create some sort of super duper bug. Now that would be diversity.

    • Adolf Verloc

      “With all the Ebola hype going on, I forgot about all the border surge people from earlier this year and all the hovels they’re crammed into.” Yep, I think that’s exactly the idea.

  • DaveMed

    Disease Plagues Illegal Immigrants; Basic Hygiene, Lack of Medications Blamed


    I’ll say. They’re called Depo-Provera, estrogen/progesterone, and methotrexate.

  • John Smith

    Duh ! Not only are they collectively far less “hygenic”, they are –

    -far more disease ridden
    -far more violent, predatory, and parasitic
    -far less educated and job skilled
    -far more of a drain on housing, education, medical, law enforcement infrastructures

    How in the world can even one person in the country think that massive third world immigration is a good thing?

  • Anglo

    “trouble using the bathroom”

    So this is the reason now if I visit a public restroom, hooks are torn off walls;
    toilets are unflushed, paper towels and toilet tissue everywhere and just general nastiness all around. Sometimes I have to simply turn around and walk out. Disgusting!

    • Whitetrashgang

      Its called the White house.

    • Adolf Verloc

      There is a charming custom of using toilet paper and disposing of it in a trash can instead of flushing it. Although, I am told that this is also the practice in Spain.

      • OS-Q

        That’s from being used to toilets that very little flushing power, so the tissues go in a regularly emptied basket.

        Destroying the bathroom and leaving such tissues laying around, however, is typical third world irresponsibility.

    • Ella

      I saw feces today on the metal handicap bar in the woman’s bathroom and walked away; I just cannot stand it at times. I would have never seen this 10 years ago. I live in a shathole border state and witness the decline daily. We have to sell our house before moving.

      • Anglo

        Bless your heart, Ella. I live in Alabama, but this third world plague is spreading everywhere.

  • MekongDelta69

    When you import the third world, you get the third world…

    • bilderbuster

      We get the refuse of the Third World.
      Our new “immigrants” can’t even live up to the standards there.

  • Christorchaos

    In St. Louis, it is known that some of the Bosnian immigrants take beer bottles into the toilet stalls and use it as a makeshift douche

    • Whitetrashgang

      That all I needed to know, Mars or bust.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      I only think that I have follow up questions.
      I’m sure I’m much happier confused.

      • Christorchaos

        I believe they shake up the beer or soda and create a fizzing/spraying effect. If you are too cheap to waste a beer or soda on it, I guess you could try it with water … and pour it the best you could….

        Tell me when it is getting to be too much information…

        • Usually Much Calmer

          Before you started.

  • We have to teach them young ‘uns not to drink out of the toilet. They can learn. My dogs learned.

    • bilderbuster

      Next you have to teach them that toothpaste after meals is not dessert.

    • Ragnarök

      I think your dogs may be smarter.

  • Truthseeker

    So basically, we’re getting stuck with hordes of people who don’t understand basic concepts of self-sufficiency. They break our laws and get rewarded with caretakers. And who foots the bill? Yep, you guessed it.

  • John

    These fools would be more at home in India where it is common place to defaecate outside and in public.

    • bilderbuster

      They’re more sophisticated south of the border where only store fronts, allies and doorways will do.

  • OS-Q

    I live in a white area, so I get sandwiches without tapeworms hopefully.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Honeybaked seems to be pretty safe. All the Subways are run by stingy East Indians and Pakistanis.

      • Ella

        They don’t like to put lettuce on your sandwich. I always have to complain about the green dot for my veggies.

      • kikz2

        saw the funniest Subway bacon commercial by them tonight…. it was definitely a slap in the face to those perpetually offended by pork :))) it made me laff 🙂 baconbaconbacon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope it totally offends and enrages any muslim who sees it….. 😀

  • [Guest]

    Years ago, after some children in New York City contracted encephalitis, it was determined that nannies were the source of the problem. Immigrants from south of the border were feeding the children of well-to-do families and were including in the meals extra ingredients as a result of bad hygiene. The children’s meals were enriched with the feces of their nannies after the diverse women defecated and then didn’t wash their hands before serving up lunch.

    The newspaper—I believe it was The New York Times—that ran the story made certain to mention that the nannies “had different notions of hygiene,” as if feeding poop to children was neither good nor bad but simply a matter of cultural diversity.

    Next on the list of things that “racist” white people are forbidden to do: Suggest that people practice basic cleanliness.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    I have a co-worker who witnessed a similar situation. A cook emerged from the bathroom while my co-worker acquaintance watched carefully to see if he would wash his hands for not. The restaurant worker did not. He was reported and soon thereafter, my co-worker acquaintance found out that the restaurant worker was FIRED. Yes, complaining and snitching does sometimes work.

    • Ella

      E. coli can be deadly to both children and seniors.

  • bilderbuster

    Or put on a slow boat back home.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Speaking of toilet paper if you’ve ever been to one of those nasty, junky flea markets that sell a conundrum of Korean and Chinese junk, and where Hispanics cram in with their broods in tow, you will understand why it’s best to use the bathroom at home before going.
    Seems like the Hispanics can’t make the connection between toilet paper and where it belongs after wiping themselves. they actually put it in the garbage cans. If the can is full, they just throw it on the floor.


    • willbest

      People that grow up with primitive plumbing systems do this because otherwise it clogs the toilet, makes cleaning the septic tank harder, etc.

  • Stan D Mute

    One obvious outcome here is that we will have “teen” boys, illiterate in any language, squatting over a sink in the girls’ bathroom taking a dump at schools all over this country.

    And I suppose we should consider that a good scenario as opposed to them simply going to the corner of the classroom to relieve themselves.

    But there are *only* 62,000,000 people in America today speaking a language other than English at home.

    And STILL we give grandma and grandpa a big old hug and talk about how they were the “greatest generation”. Anyone 18 years or older in 1965 is one of the guilty. They did this to America. And even now, while it stares them in the face, while its inescapable the result of their handiwork, while they see the Hell they spawned for their children and grandchildren, they do NOTHING to fix what they did. They would rather sit on their chinese made furniture watching their chinese made TV while their kids and grandkids are beaten, robbed, raped, jobless, homeless, destitute, with no hope whatever for the future. So while these alien invaders may be taking a dump in the sink, at least they’re not taking a dump on our heads the way our parents and grandparents did..

    • Julius Caesar

      The ’68ers are at fault here. Read “Generation Identity” by Markus Willinger if you haven’t already. Great book, very short and easy read.

    • Who Me?

      “Anyone 18 years or older in 1965 is one of the guilty. ”
      Just for the record, in 1965 you had to be 21 to vote. They didn’t change it to 18 until 1972.

      • Stan D Mute

        Fools. They should have made it 35. Or upon completion of service in military or upon completion of 5 years as taxpayer. We have children and idiots voting now which I suppose was the intent.

  • Anglo

    I rarely eat out anywhere. I’m very particular.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Remember that as you eat at a restaurant where these people work…..

  • William Hinkle

    Waiting to overthrow our ‘jewish/ marxist’ government.

  • R L Buds

    A while back I saw a show about medical mysteries. A rich white family couldn’t figure out why they had GI problems; well come to find out their maid (a nasty little mexi pig) didn’t wash after using the toilet and cooked some nice gut worms in their bread. Frankly these enablers got what they deserved.

    It was a mystery because we wash regularly and don’t have these issues.

    • Max

      There is a well-known case study (at least to parasitologists) where a family of Hassidic Jews had several members exhibiting memory loss, headaches, seizures, etc. They were all found to have Taenia solium (pork tapeworm) cerebral

      • Ella

        And yet, they process our pork meat, beef and chicken in the US and abroad. I still cook my pork to a white colour to kill parasites from animal or human contamination.

  • saxonsun

    Indians too. They wash BEFORE they do the deed, not after.

  • How complicated can it be to use a flush toilet? American kids normally can by the time they are about two years old. Heck, some folks here even toilet train their pet cats (it’s funny to watch a cat use the john, but it sure eliminates the nasty litter box odor).

    • HE2

      MCS, some day when not feeling a little queasy, will relate my experience in a Oaxaca Saturday festival’s latrine.

      Hint: next day, came down with dysentery from hell. Lost over five and a half kg in 4 days. Was dehydrated, electrolytes dangerously depleted.

      My then male companion was a fellow M.D. who said, “no Mexican needles in your arms, sweetie,” and packed me onto the plane.
      I do not remember the flight home.

  • mobilebay

    Do we have anyone coming in that isn’t from a third world country? I’m all for stopping legal immigration until we get this country back on track. As far as illegal immigration is concerned, I’m for sending every illegal alien home. But, since we have become a nation without laws and no longer sovereign, we’ll continue to be invaded…aided and abetted by our own elected leaders.

    • HE2

      mobile:Do we have anyone coming in that isn’t from a third world country?

      Wuuuul, no. Why would we want more racist Whites in? That will only add to the numbers who ceaselessly hunt down coloreds and shoot them like dogs in the street.

      [Misquoting the statement of that insane black TX congresswoman after St. Trayvon was justifiably whacked.]

  • John Smith

    This is my comment – “no sh_t?”

    These people are the biggest threat of an epidemic ravaging the US.