95 Percent of Deported Illegals Were Criminals

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, October 16, 2014

President Obama has generally kept true to his vow to deport only criminals and repeat immigration violators, according to a new report Thursday from the Migration Policy Institute that undercuts many of the fears immigrant rights advocates have about the severity of his policies.

MPI said that 95 percent of the immigrants deported from 2009 to 2013 met Mr. Obama’s stated national security priorities for deportations, meaning only about 77,000 of the 1.6 million illegal immigrants removed by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) over the last five years were rank-and-file border-crossers with clean records.

Mr. Obama has pledged to try to refine his deportation policies later this year, but the MPI study said he’ll have to make major changes such as carving out exceptions for substantial categories of illegal immigrants if he’s to make a dent in his deportation figures.

That’s because Mr. Obama has already placed most rank-and-file illegal immigrants living in the interior of the U.S. out of any danger for deportations, the MPI report concluded.


But the report also said it is unfair to describe it as a major shift, since even under President George W. Bush, 91 percent of deportations were of criminals, repeat-immigration violators or recent border crossers. Under Mr. Obama, that’s risen to 95 percent.

The MPI researchers said Mr. Obama has arguably added to the illegal immigrant population by nearly eliminating the risk that most illegal immigrants will be deported. The researchers said, however, that Mr. Obama’s policies could be deemed more “humane.”


While Mr. Obama has mostly kept his vow to only deport “priority” immigrants with criminal records, he has fallen short in overall deportations, according to statistics released Wednesday by the Center for Immigration Studies, which said in fiscal year 2014 ICE was projected to only deport about 312,000 immigrants.

That’s a drop of about 25 percent from the total that ICE has said it has the funding to deport each year.

ICE officials have countered that some deportations cost more than others, which might account for the steep drop.

The Center for Immigration Studies report also concluded that in fiscal year 2014, which ended Sept. 30, ICE agents encountered 585,000 potentially deportable immigrants, but released 442,000 of them without ever bothering to even try to deport them.


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  • Key sentence:

    That’s because Mr. Obama has already placed most rank-and-file illegal immigrants living in the interior of the U.S. out of any danger for deportations, the MPI report concluded.

    And on top of that, I bet most of the criminal illegal aliens that were “deported” weren’t really deported. They were only “deported” in the sense that some judge ordered them to go home.

    Now, you see, Razatards? You don’t need “comprehensive immigration reform” legislation and you don’t need a Presidential executive order to get what you want. All you need is for him or her not to enforce immigration law. And believe me, you’ve been getting that for quite a long time, and sans a political miracle, you’ll be getting it for at least four more years starting on January 20, 2017.

    • DonReynolds

      You are quite correct. The Obama administration redefined “deportation” to include removal of the illegal alien to ANOTHER STATE of the USA. This is where the ridiculous claim comes from that Obama has “deported” more illegals than any other president.

      • Pick up The Deporter by former (as the agency was called at the time) INS agent Ames Holbrook. You’ll be shocked on how excruciatingly difficult it is to deport an illegal alien truly and physically.

        • Robb

          “You’ll be shocked”…..

          Is there anything left that is shocking??

    • Robb

      QD for prez 2016!!! Funny thing is, you’re considered “too right”, but others would consider you “too left”..

      • Well, I’ve gotta warn you. If you give me control of the pen and phone, I’m not relinquishing it. They’ll have to take the pen and phone from my cold dead hands.

    • propagandaoftruth

      The statistic, 95% blah blah, taken out of the greater context – cherry picked – is meaningless!

      I love how you can lie by telling the truth. The challenge for a White man with a shred of self respect is to tell the truth by lying.

      But again, the arrogance evinced by throwing that chum stat out there for the p-nut brain gallery is the arrogance of treacherous libtard ideologues who detest God and Folk.

  • Mary

    Yep, that’s our Deporter-in-Chief!

    I believe Obama would not deport a single illegal if he could. The few that are actually deported are merely for show. Granted, Bush wasn’t much better, but I don’t think he was motivated by pure hatred for traditional White America in the same way that Obama clearly is.

    • phillyguy

      Mary you must mean our importer and chief

      • Mary

        Oh, yes, he definitely loves to import! He’d import half the third world if he could. Deporter-in-chief is just a reference to some stupid liberals who fatuously pretended to be angry with Obama when it was announced he was deporting more illegals than Bush. Like Bush deported so many! Total nonsense all around. I believe Obama’s former comparatively higher deportation record was due to obfuscation and distortion, anyway.

      • Robb


    • Robb

      …but….but….but… we get stories all the time about how Obola has deported many, many, many more illegals than Shush did….

  • Publius Pompilius Quietus

    100 percent of illegal aliens are criminals. The 95 percent merely compounded their
    illegality with violent delinquency. However, that isn’t how the US government would see it. The USA indeed is a not a nation but a bureaucracy these days, so our sovereignty isn’t very high on our government’s priority list.

  • Obama and Bush are palsy walsy. That’s because they’re both traitors. It would be nice if they could be tried together and then hung together when convicted of treason. Or taken out by a lawfully constituted firing squad.

    Where they’re different is Obama hates America while Bush just wanted cheap labor for his pals. I’d cut him some slack and allow him a blindfold if executed by firing squad.

  • MekongDelta69

    If NoBama completely had his way, he’d deport ALL of us

    • me

      I’m okay with that. Give me some reparations to make up for Negro and Mestizo criminality and put me on an all-White cruise ship to Iceland.

      • Iceland? Not enough space. If we’re going down this road, lets just switch places with Africans, they have tons of natural resources and farmland.

        • Augustus3709

          Heh heh. Yeah I was just thinking about that earlier. White people should colonize Africa and Asia. We need to spread out and not have all our eggs in so few baskets.

          And if the locals reject us, than we wallop them with racism-shaming. Probably wouldn’t work since only Whites seem to be susceptible to social justice buffoonery, but it’s worth a shot. At least create some martyrs. Take one for the team.

          • Robb

            ” racism-shaming.” only works on DWL’s

  • WR_the_realist

    If you are a legal immigrant and commit a felony you will be deported.

    Thus, we now make no distinction whatsoever between legal and illegal immigrants.

    Thanks a lot, Obama.

    • DonReynolds

      There are no “illegal immigrants”. There are no immigrants except those persons who came to this country legally and are in the immigration system. Otherwise, they are not “immigrants” of any sort.

      • me


    • Robb

      Even though 100% of jobs created since the year 2000 went to “immigrants” , you, white man, are not good enough to fill it. TPTB want to triple “legal” immigration.

  • dd121

    If the founders could have seen that our leaders would become so corrupt within 200 years I wonder if they would have aligned with Geo. III?

    • me

      Mad King George, with the mulatto queen? Take a look at Britain now, and you’ll have your answer.

      • Guest

        Yea but when did the monarchy end in Great Britain 1800’s? I’m pretty sure if they were still in control they wouldn’t let in ALL the blacks and browns in, wasn’t it Major Duncan Heyward from Coopers The Last of The Mohicans say…Isn’t it English policy to make the whole world England..

        • me

          No. The policy was to make a globalist empire.

        • dd121

          The Queen just hosted Angie Jollie the other day. She’s not a noted advocate of conservative policies.

          • Robb

            ..since when..?

      • dd121

        Go easy on old George, I’ve got porphyria too (just not the kind that makes you psychotic).

        • me

          Or marry a Charlotte…

          • dd121

            What’s the back story on her?

          • me

            Google is your friend. Too long to post, but very telling.

      • ThomasER916

        It’s BS.

        Look at the Culture of Critique and you’ll understand why Britain is being turned into Zimbabwe.

    • George Costanza

      I’m pretty sure they’re rolling in there graves, wondering why We The People. Aren’t exercising are 2nd Amendment right, for what it was written for…

  • DonReynolds

    And during 2013, some 32,000 criminals, who were also illegal aliens, were released onto the streets and neighborhoods of this country by the very agency responsible for deporting them…..with no mention of the millions…..yes, millions…..of deportation orders issued and soon forgotten by the Immigration Courts.
    The ONLY time the Obama administration gets desperate to deport ANY illegal aliens is in order to SAVE THEM from long-term incarceration or capital punishment.
    Deportation in this country has become a “Get-Out-of-Jail” Free Card for illegals.

  • Jaggers

    There are plenty of gradations of human beings between desirable citizen and criminal. I mean, could we be a little more discerning please?

  • redfeathers

    I just finished watching Ann Coulter on O’Reilly and she was wonderful. The segment was about why the Republican party has low approval ratings. Coulter says that the Democrats have been importing new voters since 1965 and they block vote, plus voter fraud. It was obvious that he wanted to steer her away from that by talking over her but it didn’t work. Coulter did a great job. He brought up Franken’s reelection in Minnesota and that he is surprised by his lead over the Republican. She talked about the obvious voter fraud in Franken’s first run six years ago. She was telling O’Reilly that this isn’t the same country anymore and the block voting of tens of thousands of Somalis, Hmong and Hispanics is the reason Franken is ahead. He was skeptical of there being so many Somalis there, but we sure aren’t.

    • mobilebay

      Thanks for the take on Ann Coulter on O’Reilly’s show. I dozed off and missed it. (I’m a very old person). She always has something cogent to say. However, The Factor isn’t the place to get your message out. O’Reilly would interrupt his own mother. He really needs a show without guests. A monologue would suit him perfectly. I’ve decided that he loves the sound of his own voice. I wonder, though, why his colleagues tolerate being talked down to? I pray one of them will get the courage to tell him off someday. It’s not his message. It’s the dismissive, rude way he has with them as well as others. I think he would try to instruct the Pope on Canon Law.

      • ‘I think he would try to instruct the Pope on Canon Law.’

        Somebody probably should.

    • Robb

      If anybody here thinks fox news or the oreilly factor is actual conservatism………

  • Lisa Kimble


  • LHathaway

    The article doesn’t say that if you’re an illegal caught committing a crime, you will be deported. It says that ‘Only criminal illegals’ will be deported.

  • mobilebay

    “98% of deported illegals were criminals.” Funny…I thought 100% of illegals were (are) criminals.

    • Alexandra1973

      I’m guessing they mean border-hopping aside.

    • The term “illegal” certainly implies criminality!

  • Earl P. Holt III

    I think it’s safe to say that 100% of all illegal aliens in this country are criminals…

  • kikz2

    he’s probably offered them a job in the US armed forces…. gee, as if they didn’t have enough access to weapons in the first place. makes perfect sense to me.