Watchful Waiting May Not Be Best for Black Men with Prostate Cancer

Health News, September 8, 2014

Monitoring early stage prostate cancer instead of treating it may not be appropriate for all patients, especially black men, a new study indicates.

According to background information with the study, there is currently controversy among oncologists over the best way to handle early stage prostate cancer, with some experts suggesting that regular monitoring–known as watchful waiting–of the disease is the best approach because it avoids overtreatment.

But this new study suggests that watchful waiting may not be suitable for all men with early stage prostate cancer, especially black patients.

“We know that African-American men have more aggressive prostate cancer than Caucasian men,” Dr. Kosj Yamoah, chief resident in the department of radiation oncology at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, said in a university news release.

“Our study shows that African-American men who are diagnosed with a low-grade cancer at first–the cancers that are sometimes watched rather than treated–are more likely to develop aggressive disease sooner than Caucasian men,” he said.

The researchers analyzed the medical records of men who were confirmed to have low-grade prostate cancer and had surgery to remove part or all of their prostate. Among these patients, blacks were more likely to have cancer progression and worse outcomes than whites.

Seven years after surgery, rates of disease control were 90 percent among whites and 79 percent among blacks, the study found.

The findings were published Sept. 8 in the journal Urologic Oncology.


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  • DaveMed


  • Annabelle Pettyjohn

    Let’s deny white men treatment is the underlying theme.

    • 1stworlder

      I thought it associated blacks with aggressive A-Holes.

  • dd121

    Based on the article, waiting should be the treatment of choice.

    • Melvin Bonzarelli

      If they die in the meantime, all of their insurance premiums should be refunded to them.

    • Markus Rose

      Are you saying the sooner old black men die the better? Sorry, that is nothing but hate… Old black men, old black people in general, pose no threat to anyone, give em a break.

      • dd121

        How do you know they don’t pose a threat?

      • Dan B. Cooper

        Get a job, or another hobby.

  • willbest

    tldr; Doctors are raciss

  • haroldcrews

    Who knew that genes were “racist”?

    • 1stworlder

      Even black men’s A-Holes are racist, but that might have been from other blacks in prison.

  • Ike Eichenberg

    Even cancer is racist.

  • Hillbilly

    I think it was a shame that project paper-clip didn’t bring any bio-genetics along to deal with America’s Bantu problem and control them like you would any other pestilence.

    • Too early, because the nature of DNA wasn’t well understood until Watson and Crick’s work in the early 1950s, although Russian Nikolai Koltsov correctly predicted the double-helix molecular structure in 1928.

  • Markus Rose

    I have heard that an abundance of testosterone is one of the main factors in causing testosterone to spread — my understanding is also that males of African descent have an abundance of testosterone. Perhaps this is an explanation.

    • Dan B. Cooper

      Why do you liberals continue to troll conservative websites?

    • 1stworlder

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  • Thorsted

    I do not if some of you know more of this. I have read that the biggest difference in races is in the “Junk DNA” and is was thought it didn´t matter. But in 2012 is was discovered that the “junk DNA” is active all the time and switches the transcription of genes on and off to stimuli all the time. There is a difference in races to cancers disorders and cancer in believed partly to be a result of a pathogen transcription. So it might be that we share genes for the same proteins ( as with monkeys) but we respond differently in epigenetic to various stimuli. In a depression a transcription factor might become inactive and you lose the ability to make new neurons. So the activity of transcriptions factor are there all the time -but might not respond the same way to stimuli- we can newer become the same by the same environment because epigeneticly we respond differently.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    I want the cancer to immediately take a tolerance class because obviously it’s behavior is backwards and outdated. Race doesn’t exist and the sooner mother nature learns this the better.