Students at Colgate U. Stage Sit-In over ‘Institutionalized Racism’

Andy Thomason, Chronicle of Higher Education, September 24, 2014

A group of students has staged a sit-in for the past two days at Colgate University’s admissions office, protesting what they call “institutionalized racism, macro-, and micro-aggressions that have been happening at Colgate and nationwide for a long time.”

The students have presented the New York university’s administration with a petition that includes a list of demands calling for, among other things, more diversity training campuswide, according to an email from the group.

Colgate’s president, Jeffrey Herbst, has voiced support for the protesters in two written statements this week. “As recently as this weekend, a community member witnessed Colgate students yelling racial and homophobic slurs,” Mr. Herbst said in a statement on Monday. {snip}

Mr. Herbst said in a statement on Tuesday that the administration planned to present a response to the protesters’ petition on Wednesday.

[Editor’s Note: The full student petition is available here.]

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  • J.D.

    Slow news day, eh AR. In other words, what’s new?

  • MekongDelta69

    “Colgate’s president, Jeffrey Herbst, has voiced support for the protesters”

    Well, hell yeah he did. He’d be fired if he didn’t.
    (Plus, he’s just an undergrad in his brain anyway. He grew older, but never grew up.)

    • 1stworlder

      Its a long way from the n1663r aggression we see posted on this site.

    • Adolf Verloc

      Sorry, MekongDelta69 – didn’t see that you had already proposed “nano-aggressions.”

    • DNA Explains It All

      And after that Pico-Aggressions cannot be long in following.

      • Max

        And “femto-aggressions”. Could have a double meaning that way.

  • Koriel

    The thought police have arrived.

    • propagandaoftruth

      If it weren’t so pathetic it would be hilarious, these educated-beyond-intelligence ivory towered idiots mouthing their crypto-Marxist jargon, all upset over something made up…

      They’re worse than serious cos-play nerds getting all steamed over something related to Star Wars or some super hero.

      Unlike cos-play nerds, they should all be hanged before they reproduce. Cos-play nerds are far more productive members of society than these by simply not being destructive when bored.

    • Mack0

      We’ll all be wearing armbands with a white R on it before we know it.

      • I want a red-and-white armband with a black “R”. Fortunately, I already own a pair of horsehide jackboots.

    • 1stworlder

      You have had too much to think

    • DonReynolds

      Defiance is the first step toward freedom.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Know what your sissy white Democrat looks like, gentlemen. HE is a much bigger enemy than Al and Jesse combined, for they would not exist without the likes of Jeffery Herbst.

    • Jack Burton

      Could that beady-eyed face and smirk be any more Jewy?

      • Fathercoughlin

        Not unless he was tearfully crooning “My Yiddische Momma”

      • Ringo Lennon

        Jewsy. Hahaha

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        That triumphant smirk on his face is unbearable.

        • Ian Thomas

          I call it the “smug liberal” look.

        • I know several ways to remove that sort of smirk.

        • bcil

          He probably organized the ‘protest’ (assuming one can call that assortment individuals a protest).

    • bilderbuster

      It wouldn’t surprise me if he organized this so one of his fellow travelers can get the diversity training contract.
      He claims to be an “Africanist”.
      That doesn’t sound too White friendly to me.

    • Hunter Morrow

      He looks like a jew to me. There’s so many yids at my campus the place looks like a synagogue. With Jews, You Lose.

      • Ringo Lennon

        Sometimes you CAN tell a Jew by his looks. I don’t know, they kind of have a rodent look.

    • archer

      not to cast aspersions but he looks like a “long marcher” if I ever saw one, I wonder how many students with science courses are bothering to take part in this marxist attempt to destroy what’s left of our educational institutions.

    • How big a hurry do you reckon Mr. Herbst is in to give up his job to an Incompetant-American A.A. hire, D.B.?
      I didn’t think so, either.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Some needs to macro aggress their ass across the football field, then on a bus to the airport, then a one way ticket to Iraq where they can have diversity all day long.

  • Alright, which professor(s) put them up to it?

    • APaige

      Well, not from the science department. Will the professors be willing to give up their jobs for a minority? If the professors are minority, would they give up their job for a ‘double-minority’?

    • kikz2

      maybe ignatev still works on a consulting basis…….or simply one of his minions.

      • Fathercoughlin

        How did the Irish become white?What were the Irish before they were Irish—,Chinese?

        • DonReynolds

          Before they were white, they were Irish-low-life-Roman-Catholics. Yes, not everyone considers them white. I think WASP is a more useful term, or maybe Scot-Irish.

          • Fathercoughlin

            Stupid. Ignatiev wrote a book called How Did The Irish Become White. The point of the book is to destroy the unity of white people by pretending there is no such “people”. Idiots like you encourage him. Go live with negroes.

  • shmo123

    I can’t imagine being so spineless and milquetoast, that I would let a group of idiot, snot-nosed college sophomores make demands of me and tell me how to do my job. The guy must wear adult diapers.

    • And wear a size XXX-Small cup jock strap.

  • John

    I’m waiting for one of these kids with a proper upbringing to draw a line in the sand and state that they decided to attend that institution (wherever this occurs) to get an education, not for “diversity training”. Diversity training no doubt includes huge chunks of lying to oneself, as well as ignoring the published revelations in “The Color of Crime” and “The “Bell Curve”. Hopefully, that young man at Towson, Matt Heimbach, started a trend last year when he founded a white students organization that wasn’t shut down by the school’s administration.

  • humura

    The only real institutionalized racism in the US is called affirmative action. Worse, it is legal. Worse still, it is supported by the likes of Colgate’s President – and the Pres. of the US and many Republicans.

    • APaige

      Yes. To them in a perfect world every class would be taught by a Black lesbian in a wheel chair who is handicapable, with ‘natural’ Black hair.

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        The “best” minority would be a Black-Hispanic-Jewish mongrel, transgender bi-sexual, atheist-communist and handicapped.

  • Like I always say, never donate money to a university. And keep your kids out of places like Colgate, which will saddle them with a lifetime of debt and a warped mind.

    • bilderbuster

      Nothing makes my blood boil more than reading that some uber rich White geezer left millions for his alma mater to build a new sports stadium or for minority scholarships.
      That money could be much better spent on so many great White causes that will make a better world.

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        At least the Jews support their own, but Whites always practise out-group altruism.

        • bilderbuster

          Even Famous Blacks will lend their names (if not their money) to support Black and anti-White causes.
          I can understand that wealthy Whites might feel pressure not to go public but at least they should financially support the courageous ones who do.
          And they should definitely leave them something in their will.

  • Adolf Verloc

    “. . .institutionalized racism, macro-, and micro-aggressions that have been happening at Colgate and nationwide for a long time.” Don’t forget nano-aggressions. Those little boogers are the worst.

    This spineless president should have laughed the protesters out of his office.

  • [Guest]

    Approximately 100 percent of “institutionalized racism” in the U.S. today is against white people, and everyone knows it.

  • Conrad

    Okay! But if any of you white girls go missing… don’t call us.

  • Alucard_the_last

    There is intuitional racism. Whites are blamed for every evil in the world which is taught at these university’s.

  • Puggg

    Well I know a good running back they could admit. Bailing him out of jail might be a problem though.

    • Ringo Lennon

      Yikes!. How would you like that j. going out with your white daughter? Hahaha.

  • WR_the_realist

    Now you know why I never donate to our “higher educational institutions”.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Liberty University deserves to be put out of business for lacking the discernment to reject this fungus we call “multiracialism.”

  • dd121

    I just wonder how Colgate, or any students could be conned into having themselves displaced. I guess IQs suddenly dropped in the last 25 years or so.


      “students could be conned into having themselves displaced” – Students? Where have you been for the last 40 years friend? It’s not simply students who’ve been conned into having themselves displaced. It’s a good 40 to 50% of all White Americans, of all ages, and regrettably of all so-called “main stream” political parties. <- ( Demoncrafts and Republicants ) And not only have they been conned into being both displaced and replaced, they've been conned into celebrating their displacement and replacement. And they've even been conned into saying and believing, that their displacement is their country's greatest strength.

      • dd121

        True, but the article was about students at Colgate.

        • If these were genuine students, they would have coursework to do for two days, instead of throwing a collective tantrum at the admissions office.

  • Tarczan

    This will only change when the traditional schools are replaced, say by on-line schools.

  • 4321realist

    “Students at Colgate U. Stage Sit-In over ‘Institutionalized Racism’,”
    Good lord. After all this time there are STILL gullible fools like this who are no more than mentally conditioned Kool-Aid drinkers who respond no differently than a lab rat.
    The VAST MAJORITY of blacks are too dumb for higher education. In fact they’re too dumb for high school. Their inabilities, incompetence and lack of intellect have nothing to do with racism, slavery or institutional racism.

  • OS-Q

    The real news is the college students yelling slurs, this is just damage control by a minority of libtards and their pets.

    • bilderbuster

      What’s wrong if someone gets insulted from time to time?
      Sometimes people do stupid things and get called names as well they should.
      If you’re trying to insult someone, insulting their race makes more sense than telling to them to perform an impossible sex act on themselves.

      • OS-Q

        College students are supposed to be extra liberal, if they’re anything else it scares the establishment.

        • Ian Thomas


  • italian guy

    Why do they want “change” though? cultural relativism doesn’t apply to
    White people apparently, i mean if race doesn’t matter and we are all
    the same, why do they care if something is “too white”? they are a
    little hypocritical aren’t they?

  • Zimriel

    They go there to get hooked into the power-structure. They go there to become our masters. The indoctrination means nothing to them because they are true-believers before they show up.

    An earlier post on this site discussed protesters at a high-school in Colorado. They were mouthing the same cant.

  • jim

    When are we finally going to tell them to go F off. If everyone did that for a few months I would bet things would change pretty fast.

  • Valmont

    Does this school at least teach them something useful, like how to make toothpaste?

    • bilderbuster

      Teach them how to make it?
      Isn’t teaching college age Blacks how to use it difficult enough?

  • Adolf Verloc

    When I was in college in the late sixties, spineless administrators caving to protesters was a common occurrence. The difference was that there were often hundreds or thousands of protesters who could really disrupt the campus. What are there here, 15 or 20? The problem is that today’s administrators are yesterday’s protesters, and they feel morally disarmed by any lout with a sign.

  • Jack Burton

    Isn’t it funny hearing complaints about aggression from the most violent, criminal and aggressive race in America?

    Their list of demands and protesting are examples of aggression.

    The idea of “microaggressions” has some truth to it, although that is human nature itself. I encounter “microaggressions” or rather passive-aggressive behavior on a daily basis from people, this is nothing new or odd. Not really something you can completely eliminate.

    Macroaggression doesn’t make any sense, are they involved in a war? They’re idiots.

    I read their poorly written list of demands. Which is pretty funny in itself, students don’t “demand” things of the faculty and school.

    The following are the real motives for their aggressive whining, exploit whites for more money and force them into further psychological submission:

    “that more monies are available to award to need-based students”

    “that all faculty, staff, and administrators be engaged in sustained diversity training

    that all applications to work for Colgate (faculty and staff) state Colgate requires or strongly suggests each candidate be familiar with conversations/issues about diversity, privilege”

  • kikz2

    can i upvote this twice>:)????

  • Fathercoughlin

    Blacks are sadistic bullies by nature,highly aggressive.Always looking for some perceived slight,as in prison,where a strict code of “respect” is upheld.You diss me ah be fin to bbust you up! Microaggression is bullying and pushing around the white students,daring them to talk back,all for fun.

  • Lee_CPA

    Colgate is a small, liberal arts school with an undergraduate student population of about 2900. Tuition, fees, and room and board run about $55,000 per year. The school’s endowment fund is about $687 MILLION, which they no doubt use to pay for all these “diverse” students to attend.
    My solution would be to load all these “protesters” in a van and drop them off in front of the nearest housing project. Let them learn first hand about racism. I figure that running for your life in a black ghetto would make that grade of “D” you got in African American Studies class look inconsequential.

    • One would think that for 55 big ones a year, these dumb $#!&$ would want some value for their money. I wonder how many of these whiners will be back home a year from now, living in mom’s basement, serving lattes at Starbucks for minimum wage and griping about how unfair life is while planning their next demonstration: $15 an hour for the unskilled McJobs they will have relegated themselves to, via their determination to turn their freshman undergrad year into a political circus, rather than any sort of educational experience.
      It occurs to me that nobody who can swing almost a quarter million dollars worth of four-year college education is in any way entitled to lecture the rest of society about “privilege”.

  • Ghost

    Man o man. They would just looove me on that campus. Maybe a prolonged midnight shouting of niiiiiigggggerrrrr from the shadows. Or perhaps a walk by niiiiggggggerrrrr whispered through an open window? How about random pieces of paper with IHATENIGGERS strewn about?

    • OhWow

      I mean, if they are going to complain about micro aggressions, you might as well give them what they really want. You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t with blacks. Might as well be honest and not hold back.

  • OhWow

    Lol you really can’t make this stuff up. One non-white girl said a white man she was with had a fetish for whatever race she was. Do you know how common it is to have sexual fetishes? White men seem to be sexually attracted to asian women because they tend to act like our white women pre-feminism i.e. sweet, traditional, quiet, nurturing, submissive, and in shape. Many asian women also have fetishes for white men. The fact that this white man had a fetish was called “racist”. LOL. You really can’t make it up.

    I saw this article on my Facebook and I almost never try to rock the boat with my name attached to anything on Facebook, but I questioned the article someone posted. I asked why the students were complaining about not having enough diversity when they knew it was mostly white when they applied and accepted the offer? You don’t buy a computer and then try to take it back to Apple, complaining that it doesn’t have a feature you knew it didn’t have when you bought it. It makes zero sense. You want diversity? Go to a diverse school. You don’t like it? Go to a homogeneous school. Both exist.

    The level of liberal, white-guilt indoctrination done to our people is really quite amazing. The fact that they are protesting made me remember a funny story. In my undergrad alma mater, I remember there was a bunch of blacks and hispanics protesting that the campus was “racist”. I saw one black student heading over and I was curious so I asked what they were protesting about and why he was going. He literally said, “I don’t really know…I just feel like it’s for a good cause”. LOL! So these people protest over literally nothing. I’m Italian and I’ve had other races of women approach me and tell me they loved Italian men. Should I protest and call them racist for seeing me as a fetish?

    • I was told that white men who like east Asian women are “racist” while an undergrad at UC Santa Cruz, and that was over 25 years ago. It’s funny, though; I don’t recall any of these Cultural Marxist whiners sending me two letters a month for the three years I was locked up, while the gal I later married did just that.

      • Ultimate187

        Either she doesn’t know how you truly feel about Asians, or she knows and she’s self-hating. I suspect it’s the latter, but nevertheless it’s one or the other, and neither is a good sign. You being on this site is a slap in her face.

        • I was loaned to a Japanese chemical company for the summer of 1994. I really liked it there, and in fact was depressed when I returned home to Colorado. I hadn’t used any vacation time that year, so I took it all off at once. It was that or I was going to quit. I was more unhappy on returning to my Company X here in Colorado Springs from Company Y in a certain Tokyo suburb than I later was over being locked up.

          I don’t intend to get myself locked up for any felonies again, but then I don’t intend to work for bosses like those in Company X any more, either.

          Assimilated North American Chinese – and I met quite a lot of them during my undergrad years in California – weren’t very different from whites. I’ve heard the term “banana” applied to them by their own unassimilated relatives. This means yellow on the outside and white on the inside. Assimilated Australian Chinese were about the same.

          How do I feel about Asians? It depends on which Asians one is talking about. Do you mean the Jihadist Pakistanis, the Stinking- Polluted-River-Full-O-Dead-Bodies-Bathing Indians (dot, not feathers), the Corrupt Police State Mainland Chinese, or relatively normal Japanese, Taiwanese and Californians?

          Unlike you, I am not really an orc, so I am intelligent and civilized enough to make these distinctions.

          As for me being on this site, she posted here for a short stretch some years ago.

          • Ultimate187

            If she knows that you post here and approves of it, then she’s self hating. Congrats

  • OhWow

    See the white girl in the white shirt? She is probably in the crosshairs of countless black men on campus. “Oh damnz she mus like da bruddaz outchea protestin wid us mang!”.

    Wouldn’t be shocked if she was abducted next by a “gentle giant”.

    • Ringo Lennon

      I see that white broad.

    • Max

      She probably consoles them on a regular basis between her girlfriends.

    • DonReynolds

      I do not believe any “gentle giant” would ever need to abduct her.

  • Ringo Lennon

    Students at Colgate U. Stage Sit-In over ‘Institutionalized Racism

    I wish someone would protest for whites that have to flee changing neighborhoods. I don’t understand concept of fleeing. If whites didn’t move minorities wouldn’t be in neighborhood.

  • Hannon

    I bet there’s going to be at least one single mother produced in that group, that nobody will care for after she’s stuck with a brown baby and she’s seen as tainted by other men.

  • Julius Caesar

    I feel terrible about wasting my time going to college, like I’m doing right now, but so many businesses just won’t give you the time of day unless you have one of those useless pieces of paper that they call your “degree”. I’m not even going into a career in business, rather I’ll be starting my “career” as a politician (that actually has integrity and stands for the truth). Of course I understand that I’m going to have a really rough going trying to make a living off of that, so this again is where the degree comes in handy. Not to mention my parents expected me to go to college my whole life, not knowing what kind of hell they’d be sending me to. I didn’t want to disappoint my parents, but I’m making damn sure I don’t fall prey to the Marxists-inspired leftist vile that is thrown at me every day; on the contrary, I’m actively speaking out against it.

    • christine

      That’s exactly why I went back to school too. I have been told by hiring managers on more than one occasion that even though I had a more impressive work history, the other candidate had a degree which is why they “had to” go with them.

      Now I’m in college and it is very depressing. There are no white men! I’ve been on a full bus going to school and the only man on board is the driver. I have entire classes with no white men in them at all. The other day, this girl in the hall was telling me how her sister goes to an all-girls’ school, and I looked around at all the guys in skinny jeans and said “yeah so do I.”

    • DonReynolds

      Let me help you a little bit. Politics is what you do AFTER you make money. That is why it is called “f*ck you money”. Once you have the money you need, then you have a measure of independence in your politics. If you want to be a ward heeler or a palace guard, no need to go to college at all.
      Get the money first…..then if you still give a crap, you can spend it on politics.

  • Ian Thomas

    Those poor brainwashed whites in the crowd, they don’t realize how silly they look aww.

  • Paleoconn

    Those clueless White broads are cheering on their own disposession, their own extinction.

  • Paleoconn

    Those students have a future…as members of the faculty at Colgate.

  • DonReynolds

    They are beyond redemption. Give them all a length of rope and tell them all to hang themselves. They have nothing to live for but guilt…. may as well off themselves now.

  • DonReynolds

    You might find the old movie “Zardoz” more useful. There are three sides (or more) to the conflict….but they cannot all survive and coexist much longer.