Second Attacker Threatened Woman with Rape as She Pleaded for Help: Prosecutors

Josh Saul, New York Post, September 25, 2014

The woman raped twice by two different men in one horrific hour in Brooklyn had gone up to the second attacker seeking help when he terrifyingly told her, “I’m going to do the same thing to you,” prosecutors revealed in court Thursday.

The 31-year-old victim was walking in Clinton Hill about 5 a.m. Aug. 31 when Nicholas Isaac, 17, allegedly threatened to shoot her if she didn’t comply and then raped her before fleeing with her pocketbook, prosecutors said.


The stunned woman approached Daquan Jackson, 20, a half-block away on Irving Place about 6 a.m. and tried to explain what had just happened to her as she asked for help, prosecutors said at Jackson’s Brooklyn criminal court arraignment.

“I’m going to do the same thing to you,” was his venal response, Assistant District Attorney Wilfredo Cotto said in court.

“You are going to s— my d— or I am going to shoot you, I have a gun,” Jackson then said, according to court papers.

During the assault, the woman said, “Get away from me, leave me alone,” Cotto said, but Jackson assaulted her anyway.


Daquan Jackson

Daquan Jackson

Defense attorney Josh Saunders said the man shown in the surveillance footage released by the NYPD was taller, skinnier, and had lighter skin than his client.


Jackson was collared after the NYPD released a video of the second attacker and Crime Stoppers got a call from a tipster who said, “He looks like ‘Quan, he’s a Crip, he hangs out on Graham and Putman,” Cotto said in court.

Isaac–the alleged first attacker–was arrested Saturday and faces sex assault and robbery raps after being identified in a lineup by the victim.


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  • Magician

    If you commit a sexual crime with a weapon you can expect quite a few years behind bars, and will be screwed by the world even if you do get out of prison a decade or two later….

  • Magician

    Here is a “sketch” who looks like what we all think he obviously would look like

    • I’m about 900 miles from New York yet I saw this very man five times today. The TALA Doctrine in full effect.

      • bilderbuster

        I saw him in commercials on the TV and in several ads online today.
        He seemed so nice and helpful to all of those stupid Whites.

        • Magician

          And white women love him on tv!!!

      • TL2014

        What’s the tala doctrine?

        • TALA = They All Look Alike

          • Magician

            They all love anaI (while serving sentences)

          • propagandaoftruth


            Which only applies to Whites. Oops.

      • sulbernick

        O’Barmy thought it was his son…

    • propagandaoftruth

      Um, lets see…

      What’s the solution to this problem? I know I have it somewhere…

      Ah, yes. There we go.

      • JohnEngelman

        Centuries of that kind of punishment removed those with criminal inclinations from the white population. Unfortunately most of us have become too civilized for our own good. Most whites are unable to understand the mentalities of individuals and races who are less evolved than they are.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Yeah, you really have to deprogram yourself. It’s like we need a new philosophical religion, or religious overlay, like some obverse “Vulcan” philosophy…

          Logic, yeah great, of course, manners, civility, family, blah blah blah, all that goody two shoes stuff, sure, but also…

          Dark Enlightenment. The understanding and appreciation that the world is not our oyster, and to arrogantly assume we can elevate all below us to our level through good intentions and soft handed oppression…is folly and evil.

          It is akin to leading the innocent to slaughter – no, it IS leading the innocent to slaughter. Degeneracy. Slavery to fear and politeness.

          Most of my ancestors were mid to high level retainers and servants of lords, kings, and charters. Perhaps this is why I detest what our delusions have done to good government (made it bad). My ancestors not only administered and did business, but also broke heads from time to time. Scottish highlanders, Swedish bondsmen and huscarls, Norman ARCHERS, Napoleonic Staff officers, and minor English nobility who kept the Irish in line for a while.

          Don’t get me started on the crazy Americans, ha ha!

          But I find it fascinating. My body and build betray my warrior heritage. But everyone alive is descended from warriors, you know Angle man.

          We really do need to harden ourselves some. The world is not our oyster.

          • rebelcelt

            I do not think we need a new religion. The Medieval Knights, American frontiersmen, English French, Germanic soldiers were the fiercest warriors in their time. It is this new multi culti stuff that is our undoing.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Well, as I’ve accepted the Lord Jesus Christ, forsaking all others as “my personal savior”, and that I AM the designated “mouthpiece of God”…

            I kind of agree with you. Although I so designate the Hippy Dude from Galilee as the thing I said above, I also consider the Buddha guy to be my guru, that Zarathustra fellow cherished guide, and I firmly respect Satan and think he actually works for God as his “left hand man”, so I have some respect if not much sympathy, you know?

            But one thing for sure about Christianity. If you only base it on the gospel of the Hippy Dude from Galilee, my personal savior, again…

            And ignore the scary A-hole or yore of the Old Testament…
            You’re probably an eloi libtard evolutionary disaster whose very presence in this black iron prison of a world brings misery and iniquity in proportion to the size of their bleeding hearts.
            That said, the medieval knights were a lot closer to their Valhalla and Olympian natures than are we. We are the products of a thousand +/- years of evolution and we are not quite the same.

            Look at his guy. “Charlie Bronson”, the most violent convict in Limey Land. Do a wiki search – he’s fascinating, and terrifying. He’s a good example of what many of our folk were like long ago. Him and hundreds like him would gather and quaff down some booze and powerful hallucinogenic mushrooms, get butt naked, paint themselves blue, and vector toward the enemy howling like scalded apes.

            Maybe Charlie Bronson and his type aren’t as crazy as they seem. Maybe this fellow and his like just need to be properly vectored, you know?

            Regardless, as much as I love Jesus and tradition I’m not sure it is enough by itself. I’m also not sure it’s entirely innocent in our collective neutering.

            A coward dies a thousand deaths – a brave man only once.

            Thanks, Odin All Father. Wise thou art.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Ugh. Why is there not a way to go back and edit in a graphic?

            Damn you disqus.

            Charlie Bronson. Unvectored peckerwood.

          • Katherine McChesney

            You’re mockery of Jesus Christ is rude.

          • propagandaoftruth

            I don’t mock him.

          • Katherine McChesney

            You can’t follow Jesus if you’re also into Buddha and Zarathustra. You’re no Christian.

          • propagandaoftruth

            I respect your opinion.

            I once got into a discussion with a young woman online when I considered myself a Buddhist, long before my real Christian conversion.

            Her, “How can you worship a fat man who hates God?”

            Me: “How can you love a God who hates a fat man?”

            That confused her.

          • Katherine McChesney

            You haven’t been converted based on your Buddhist, Zarathustra and Odin worship. You have no love for Jesus Christ. You are a PHONEY.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Well I’m certainly not giving you a thumbs up for that one dear. I’m an inveterate liar and sinner I’ll admit, so I know when I’m telling myself the truth, Truth, or any of the alternatives I assure you.

            Trust me, I was once an educated libtard, a master of self deception. Jesus did not equip me to free myself from those shackles. That was the Buddha who helped me out there.

            Buddhism can be a dangerous religion, of course, like all of them.
            I got into it initially because I was insane and desperate. Divorce, dying parents, severe cognitive dissonance and childhood traumas vectoring together, resulting in crushing depression and far worse – out of control panic attacks.

            Years of that Hell, dear. Does something to one. Usually kills.
            But after an especially tense and sweaty meditation at the local center I found myself s chock full of serenity and contentment I went home, parked my car and immediately strolled on down to Five Points and treated myself to scotch and sodas with lemon slices – on the rocks, of course.

            I can metastasize a prodigious amount of alcohol, by the way.
            The bartendress was a cute little porcelain skinned, dark haired woman who I quickly ascertained was of Spanish/Creole Mexican descent. That’s still White enough for me, especially after a couple of scotch n’ sodas, and me being fluent in Castillan and Mexican…

            Well, turned out her boyfriend was the cook, but upon this realization I backed off let him know my flirting was now faux and well within reason and taste vis-à-vis the modestly generous tips I was dropping. I’m a Southern White man with more education than my Neanderthalic heritage sometimes belies, you know?

            Didn’t matter. I was in a great mood, close to enlightenment. Maybe another drink or two or three. At some point I flipped the bird to some frat boy tough who was also hitting on the bartender, but not so gentlemanly, you know? No respect for her poor, hard working cook boyfriend slaving away back there and nervously looking at all the sluggos hitting on his hard working little woman.
            But frat boy toughs don’t get the subtleties, you know? They see some half enlightened Neanderthal flip them the bird and they see it as some sort of challenge or something. And poor me, all drunk on enlightenment and tipsy on scotch. I mistakenly assumed the frat boys would be wise and eff off, you know?

            Beware solipsistic thinking indeed. One of them exited the place and came back in behind me by the other entrance to the establishment. My friend was watching but separated by a few feet and dozens of sweaty, boozy bodies.

            The little guy punched my as hard as he could on the back of my head. I took another drink. He punched me again, same place. I don’t remember that part. I remember turning around, standing up.

            “Someone just hit me. YOU just hit me. Why did you just HIT me?”

            My enlightenment was melting away and the look on the little punk was indeed priceless. Unfortunately, his three friends who had not snuck around to the other exit were now behind me.

            It was at this point when I was rescued by Buddha.

            Buddha was this gigantic Italian guido guy from New Jersey with a shaved head and goatee thing. Bit fat guido type, but one of those muscle-under-fat type fat guys, you know? Thence the nickname, of course.

            “Hey I’m sorry buddy. I saw it from across the room but it takes a while to get through the crowd. You OK?”

            So I won the fight without throwing a punch, got to drink the rest of the night for free, had a couple of nasty knots on my head the next day, and the bartendress’ boyfriend was tragically run over by an out of control steamroller a couple of months later, sooooo….

            Nah, just kidding that last part. I wish.

          • Katherine McChesney

            That has to be the most boring comment I’ve read on the internet. All I have to say to you is GROW UP!

          • propagandaoftruth

            Well you read it, dear.

            Grow up indeed, lol…

        • proud white

          exactly John! It is called the first line of prevention. People are racists so that blacks don’t kill them, screw something up, or about a thousand other negative things they do. We all can’t live around the affirmative action types who hate us but wont harm us. unfortunately every place in the continental U.S. is just a plane or car ride away

      • Paleoconn

        The fact that there were only 4,000 lynchings or so, 1,200 of whom were White, by the way, proves how effective it was as a deterrent. There are far more of these black on White crimes nowadays than lynchings in the good old days. These animals are running wild with no fear.

      • dd121

        The Jim Crow laws were in place to protect whites. Can’t have that can we?

        • propagandaoftruth

          Yeah, as well pointed out above, the number of real life actual honest to gawd lynchin’s that really actually occurred outside a Hollywierd script and the minds of White hating “universitards”…

          Really, honestly…

          Well, compare it to the number of incarcerated negroes and negroes darwined by negroes today and ask yourself,

          “Self, what’s really best for the poor negroes?”

          Dark Enlightenment has many aspects.

          Paleoconn has the figgers, above.

    • sulbernick

      What is it with that bizarre ruler-straight hair line?

    • Who Me?

      Looks like a lot of “black men” I’ve seen, maybe a bit more intelligent than some … I really can’t tell them apart very well, unless they are exceptionally tall or short, or unless they are starving or morbidly obese (which by black standards usually means approaching 400 lbs.)

  • Truthseeker

    These people are not like us. They walk among us, but they are not our people. They lack our sense of right and wrong, and they lack the capacity for empathy. We are not compatible with each other, and should not be living together.

    • I’m afraid we have been lulled into a false sense of security about
      the culprits amongst us . . .They were right !!!

      • MBlanc46

        It’s not communism, but it’s a large element in the destruction of Western civilization.

    • TonyWestfield

      A couple days ago, a bear mauled a college student to death in New Jersey, and people are shocked…just SHOCKED.

      • Nimadan

        There is a real similarity between liberal attitudes towards blacks and the attitudes of “animal rightists” and vegans towards predatory species. The first few times I ran into it, I was astonished, although I don’t know why. The Animal Rights movement comes from the exact same cesspool of secularized Christianity blended with cultural marxism as the “civil rights” and multicultural movements so, of course, they exhibit the same patterns.

        • TonyWestfield

          This next piece of the picture will dovetail perfectly with your point, Nimadan. Several of the news accounts on day one of the bear/mauling story suggested that authorities were seeking the other persons at or near the scene…to find out if someone provoked the bear (and presumably to bring charges against the provocateur). Interpretation: The bear isn’t a bear until a human PROVOKES the bear into being a bear…another perfect analogy to what “progressives” express about certain criminal elements within the so-called human species.

          • Nimadan

            The default setting of modern sheeple is that the Universe is basically a benign, safe place. Any evidence to the contrary is deeply shocking to them and when forced to confront it, they will exhibit every conceivable mechanism of psychological resistance.

          • rebelcelt

            It is because our white ancestors tamed the land in which we lived. Now, many of the descendants assume that it is the natural way things work. I remember my former sister-in-law being shocked when her cat killed a bird after he just ate. She could not understand that the hunting instinct does not just stop after the stomach is sated.

          • Yancy Derringer

            Depends on the species. The vast majority kill only to eat. Cats, though; they seem to enjoy doing it any old time.

          • OS-Q

            Many, many, livestock are killed by coyotes, wolves, and, most of all, dogs without the carcasses touched afterwords – this practice keeps their skills sharp but they basically are killing for the fun of it.

          • Nimadan

            In other words, the same reason they think Whites don’t have to protect themselves from hostile tribes.

  • MekongDelta69

    She had NO business walking around Clinton Hill at 5am.

    That said, to reiterate what I said earlier this week on AmRen, NEVER, EVER stop to help a black person who says they need help. And on the flip side, NEVER, EVER ask a black person for their help.

    You probably won’t live to regret it. And if you do live, you’ll be scarred for life.

    • Christorchaos

      She had NO business walking around Clinton Hill at 5am.

      Welp, there have been civilizations where it is possible to walk anywhere, anytime. If America is not providing that, no other “freedom” matters. The right to vote? Hardee har har har.

      • MekongDelta69

        Welp, there have been civilizations where it is possible to walk anywhere, anytime.

        Yeah – it was called (the formerly great country) of America when and in which I grew up.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        America isn’t providing that because of feminism.

        These women vote for the most liberal politicians. They feel that the “black man was oppressed by the White man”.

        These women aren’t friends of White men.

        Don’t try to White Knight these women pretending they love you. They are the first to support affirmative action, anti- White male legislation, etc.

        • ViktorNN


          Japan doesn’t have a problem with black men raping Japanese women because there isn’t feminism there (there is) – they don’t have that problem because there are no blacks there.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Feminism in Japan is NOTHING like feminism in the West. They still have a relatively patriarchal society compared to the West.

            Also, the “grass eater” movement among Japanese men is largely mainstream.

            The men have decided to live totally for themselves and don’t want to provide for their women. This reaction is due to a much lower level of feminism than in the West.

            There are already consequences with both economic and demographic problems.

            The Japanese men are more aggressive in combating feminism than White men.

            Also, black men have been in the USA since almost the beginning of the society.

            What has changed since that period of time?

            White men are the biggest simps for feminism. Sad but true.

          • ViktorNN

            I see that the point of my comment zoomed over your head at about 30,000 feet.

            I’ll make it simple for you:

            Where black and whites live next to each other = interracial rape, with whites being the victims more, because, well, white men don’t rape black women.

            Where there are no blacks = no interracial rape, i.e. look at Japan.

            Which sustains christorchaos’ point which is that it is possible to have a society where people can walk safely at 5AM.

            Just not with blacks in it.


          • Jimmy Joseph

            You are the one who brought up Japan lol. Now it is “off topic”? I was responding to your post.

            Yes, black males are raping and killing White women in record numbers.

            Blacks have been in America for 100s of years. Why are they raping and killing so many White women these days vs 100 years ago?

            You haven’t answered that question. The difference is feminism, that has opened the gates to black males raping and killing White women.

            How many White female feminist groups blame blacks for their crime? They usually blame White male oppression causing blacks to act badly.

          • ViktorNN

            I brought up Japan to make the point that in a homogenous society, you don’t have interracial rape problems caused by blacks.

            Care to debate the point further? Or are you conceding it?

            As far as your other points go, I’m not following your argument.

            First off, I don’t know if blacks are raping and killing white women more than they were 100 years ago. If you have the stats to prove that, I’d be happy to check them out. I would be willing to bet that black males raped more than white males.

            Second, I’m not following why feminism leads to black males raping white women more. I doubt you’d find many white feminists who want to be raped.

            Further, black males behave badly because it’s in their nature to behave badly. Rates of rape are high in all countries with large black populations – including ones where there are very few white people at all, including white feminists.

            Given this, it seems that you need to be able to establish a very specific cause-effect relation between moments in the history of feminism and the rates of rape which then follow, because without that precise connection, it’s hard to say that blacks aren’t just doing what blacks do no matter where they are or who they live next to.

            If you’re not clear on the nature of black criminality, then stick around and read the comments because most regular Amren readers are well versed in it and have insightful things to say about the topic.

          • rommel10

            why do black men rape white women? every get close to a black women? they don’t wash, and just plain ol’ stink

    • Magician

      Your post reminds me of the Detroit man who fired at a young black woman with his shotgun and received 17 years….

      It is quite a “lose-lose” situation nowadays for us.

      We better be careful even when we give blacks a helping hand, and if we ever hurt a black person then we are badly screwed

      • Sick of it

        Which most likely means it is time to remove the many corrupt judges, prosecutors, and legislators from their vaunted positions.

    • proud white

      I tell my gf if god forbid a black ever goes to kidnap her, she should fight to the death right there because it will save her a lot of rape and torture

      • Usually Much Calmer

        Good for you. Your advice is, unfortunately, the exact opposite of the ubiquitous counsel to just go along because it is ‘safer’. That’s OK advice for a bank teller in front of a stick up man, the money is insured. It is terrible advice for a person who cannot undo their experiences.

        Anyone who tells a woman not to fight back has already dehumanized her to be able to say that. I hope she appreciates your message, proud white.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      My, isn’t it just WEIRD how all these blacks have run out of GAS, the poor dears, when they need $$$ to get gas to start their cars. One black woman approached me with this tale. When I pointed to the Chevron station 150 yards across the road and told her, “they can help you at the Chevron,” she disappeared.

      Another black woman showed up one day, explaining she had run out of gas up the road at the intersection. Well, dear, why did you come to me? To get to where I am, you passed another Chevron station. Stupid idiots.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        They do it because it works on some people.

        In this case, I’m going to say they are not stupid. Enough of their marks are.

      • dd121

        I’m amazed how many people have approached me while pumping gas, for me to buy their gas. I always tell them to buy their own gas and I don’t make any excuses for that answer.

    • George Costanza

      Clinton Hill is actually a very wealthy area HOWEVER it’s surrounded by black neighborhoods, Crown Heights & Bedford-Stuyvesant,

      • MekongDelta69

        I know. I grew up in Queens and Brooklyn. I know every bit of NYC by heart.

      • saxonsun

        And both are being gentrified.

    • Who Me?

      “She had NO business walking around Clinton Hill at 5 am.”
      Actually there is nothing at all in the article that says she was out running around drunk. There are 1001 perfectly logical and/or legitimate reasons she could have been out walking around at 5 am.
      I know you are going to ask for “just one”. Here’s one: My mother worked as a waitress, 7 blocks from our house. Her shift started at 6 am, She walked to work before 6 am 5 days a week so my stepdad could have the car, drop us kids off at school before driving 15 miles to work at 8 am.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Dunno if the victim is white but this story underlines the dangers white hipster “pioneers” face when moving into black and Hispanic Brooklyn neighborhoods in order to bring civilization there.

    • Lewis33

      Yes, like a friend of mine who is pioneering in the ghetto (she is wealthy, there by choice) who can’t walk her dog or even work in her yard unless her husband is with her as she gets repeatedly “approached for sex”.

      • Luca

        Pioneering? Does she think she’ll make a difference? The only difference will be that her and her husband will inevitably become crime statistics. Only a matter of time; guaranteed.

        • 4321realist

          Yes, if she’s turning down the bro’s, you can bet they’re building a rage at the uppity “white ho” who they feel thinks she’s better than they are, and will return one night after lights out.

      • Jack Burton

        Is the dumb bitch still egalitarian and anti-white?

      • Sick of it

        As many have said, those with money aren’t always bright.

    • Jack Burton

      Civilization? You must be joking. You mean their degenerate, self-hating mental illness and effeminate style wearing tight pants.

      • Yancy Derringer

        Tight pants? …. chuckling…

        • Jack Burton

          It’s disgusting, that’s one of the things they’re known for, wearing the style of jeans women wear, the skinny, tight, low-rise jeans.

  • dd121

    It just floors me that liberals can’t see through their own propaganda to see for themselves what incorrigible animals these ghetto blacks are.

    • Jack Burton

      Just remember, anytime you don’t understand stupid white behavior, the average white IQ is 100 and 1 in 4 Americans are mentally ill. Have you ever tried to talk to people with a 100 IQ? They’re really stupid. There are a few of them on here.

      • dd121

        1/4 blacks have an IQ of 75 or less. Try to talk to them. At best it’s like trying to communicate with a six year old child. My granddaddy had a PhD in Geology from the U of Chicago, Uncle PhD in Geophysics, daddy lawyer. Point is I’ve been exposed from an early age to a brighter class of human. I just don’t have much in common with your average slack-jawed liberal.

      • Sick of it

        It’s not polite to say, but true nonetheless. Consider the percentage of whites who are liberals, compare to mental illness percentage, say eureka.

      • Nimadan

        100 isn’t great but it’s not that bad. The real problem is that, by definition, half of Whites have IQs below 100. Unless they’ve been heavily socialized to be averse to it, people that dumb are spontaneously more attracted to black culture than to any form of higher civilization.

        • Jack Burton

          No, it is that bad. People don’t even start to make logical sense until 115 and above in my experience.

          • dd121

            I think you’re way too low.

      • Guest

        The average White IQ is 100, which means half of them are dumber than that.
        The average black IQ is 85, which means half of them are dumber than that.
        Add 1 in 4 Americans (presumably all colors) are mentally ill.
        What you’ve got isn’t “somebody hard to talk to.” What you’ve got is a person who is less intelligent than most house cats, and far less capable of taking care of themselves. They also come up with stupid stuff–like Liberalism.

        • Jack Burton

          Congratulations on pointing out the obvious, being redundant and misquoting me.

          My cat is laughing.

    • JohnEngelman

      They live in safe neighborhoods. They have contact with few blacks. The few they have contact with are exceptional, or they occupy subordinate positions without resentment.

  • Carnyx

    Will Eric Holder look into this case to make sure that these young men have their rights protected against a rush to judgment?

    • Jack Burton

      He stepped down, try to keep up.

      • nexus974

        Its all in the reflexes…

        • Jack Burton

          Like I told my last wife, I said honey I never drive faster than I can see, and besides that it’s all in the reflexes.

      • Carnyx

        Brother Jack,
        I wish that you were correct–but General “my people” Holder is still very much in office and may be until 2015–or until the president comes up with a nominee to replace him. So there is more mischief that Mr. Holder can do.

  • John R

    “No, not all black men are criminals. Oh, there may be a few bad ones, but generally they are good people just like everyone else…” Yeah, so, what are the odds that if a woman was violently raped by a random stranger, then fled to the next random stranger, that the second one would be a rapist as well? Very rare, unless, you are talking about blacks!

    • Sick of it

      Woah woah, Hispanics would also fit that bill.

  • Who Me?

    To be first victimized by a rapist, then further victimized by the person she asks for help–that is mostly unheard of in White society. I wish these scum could be publicly hanged.
    Blacks, sure. THEY do that. They also believe in gang rape, blindsiding an unsuspecting person walking past, and/or kicking someone when they’re down–especially when they’re down, and stomping on their heads too.
    NEVER ask a black for help, and though it may seem cruel, don’t stop and offer them help, either. Don’t let them in your car for any reason, or inside your house to use your phone or anything else. Just yell through the CLOSED AND LOCKED door that you are calling the police. If they really want and need help, they will stay till the cops get there, if not, usually they will disappear.

    • Jimmy Joseph

      White women have bought into feminism.

      Ergo, they are suffering the consequences of their actions. They believed they didn’t need “White men” protecting them. They felt that “White men are oppressors” and have far more sympathy for the “plight of the Black men”.

      Remember, this woman was likely a liberal who would always side with a Black man over a White male.

      • Ultimate187

        White men race mix more than White women do.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          Statistics on this?

          I don’t disagree with this assertion. Just have no evidence either way.

          I would say it was about even.

          With White women mixing with Black men more.

          And White men with Asian and some Latina women.

          I’ve noticed most of the eligible White male actors are literally running from White women and marrying Latinas or Arabs.

          Gosling and Clooney are the most recent ones.

          • Magician

            I sometimes wonder why I see more BM-WF than Asian male – White female

            There are some people who say

            “Because black men have a bigger stick”

            The size is irrelevant when women can make themselves happy just with her index and middle finger

          • Jimmy Joseph

            They like black due to testosterone and aggressiveness.

            The White male has become a simp who bows before his female.

            Women aren’t attached to simps. Women respect the black who beats them or keeps them under control.

            White women realize White men are a joke and can be pushed around. The Whole White society is anti-male and pro-female. White men are literally slaves to their women in divorce, child support, alimony, etc.

            How can women respect men who are so easily pushed around?

      • Who Me?

        I’m pretty sure neither Feminism or Liberalism had much to do with the second attack here. She probably ran to the first person she saw, black, white or otherwise after the first attack, to ask for help. The article doesn’t say what her views were before the first attack. She may have had a valid reason for being out that early in the morning in that part of town, or she may have been running around with blacks, inviting trouble. In any case she certainly found it, twice.
        I know I would be more likely to consider 5 am safer than say 12 pm. All the druggies, drunks and other punks ought to be getting ready to pass out in their beds by 5 am.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          LOL I dunno.

          I doubt many 18 year old girls were getting black out drunk and walking around without anyone before feminism.

          Nice try though. Also, wasn’t it closer to 12pm than 5AM when she was out walking around by herself?

          Don’t get blackout drunk at night. This isn’t “liberation” but just stupid.

          Lets keep White Knighting though. Women are never responsible for their actions.

          • Who Me?

            Nowhere does it say she was out getting blind drunk. Maybe you call this “White Knighting” or something, but there are PLENTY of valid reasons for a woman to be out at 5 am. which is when the first attack happened.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            If she was raped at 5AM, she must’ve been up well earlier than that.

            Was she going to work? The story doesn’t explain but it is highly suspect.

            Before feminism, how many White women walked around black communities early in the morning by themselves?

      • Yancy Derringer


        • Jimmy Joseph


          What is the chance of a White female hipster being pro White Nationalist?

          Have you even lived in NYC?

  • Man of the West

    Said it before and I’ll say it again. Extremely low IQ+extremely high testosterone+no socialization of any type=mindless, cold blooded,amoral,raping and killing machine. The crimes they commit are horrifying yet predictable and will not stop as long as they have no fear of the justice system. Buy a gun and carry if you can. If you live in a place that doesn’t then move. I think this problem will be solved one bullit at a time.

  • George Costanza

    Born and raised and still live in NYC, no matter how the times have changed, gentrification, yuppies, hipsters, coffee shops etc..THEY will never change!!

  • IKUredux

    So, why was this dumb ass broad walking around at five o’clock in the morning? And, why the hell are leftists insisting on a “perfect” world? Seriously, WTF is the matter with them? Hey! I got a news flash for all you dumb ass do gooders out there! THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN EVER DO TO MAKE HUMANS PERFECT. NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and by the way, there is nothing you can do to make people smarter. There is nothing you can do to make Blacks fit into this country. They have had four hundred years to do so. It isn’t like they don’t want to, it is because they can’t, and it frustrates them. You know what? I don’t fing care. Enough of our White blood, sweat, and tears has gone into the absolute worst and first “diverse” society. Why on earth would anyone want to bring this misery on themselves? Diversity is not a positive. Why oh why, would anyone in their right mind think so? Chinese and Indians, STINK!!! They fing STINK!!!! I don’t want to be in the same room with them. Muslims treat women like sh*t. They are nothing more than chattel. These Muslim men are so backward, and so stupid, that sex with a goat is fine with them. Western White men do not look at sex in that fashion. In fact, the whole concept of romantic love was conceived by White Western men. As was chivalry, and treating women with love and respect. It is time for White men and White women to put down the gloves, and embrace each other. What the hell are White women “fighting” for at this point in time? We Whites are facing extinction. Whites need to begat Whites. If we don’t? The world will fall into chaos. The so-called “climate change”, is the least of the world’s problems. Forget climate change, worry about people change.

    • Sloppo

      “why was this dumb ass broad walking around at five o’clock in the morning?”

      At that time she had not taken the course entitled “Introduction to Reality 101”. She has now though.

      • tlk244182

        And twice.

        • Sloppo

          True. Let’s hope that she learned enough that she doesn’t have to take it again.

    • AutomaticSlim

      Most likely drunk after a night out with her hipster friends.
      Still does not mean she deserved to be a victim, but very irresponsible.

    • Jimmy Joseph

      White men never took up their “gloves” in the first place.

      It was White women who actively put on “Gloves” to bash White men under the banner of feminism.

      White men are only now starting to fight back, as it has become abundantly obvious that feminism is about female supremacy and subjugation of men.

      Feminism’s worst enemy is the beta male (most White men). This is the guy who works hard, gets a good job, makes money, etc. This guy is an “oppressor” whose money should be taken from him for single moms, party girls, etc.

      White women have bought this stuff hook, line and sinker. They have ACTIVELY taken the side of minorities.

      The end game will be very bad for them due to loss of their rights. However, I don’t see them changing their tune.

      • IKUredux

        Oh Jimmy, think first, when you read heartiste, or whatever he’s called. White women are nothing more or less than the victim of their hormones. As our men. It is very simple, make the hormones work for you. Sometimes it is not any more difficult than playing “hard to get”.

        • Jimmy Joseph


          Feminism has never existed before the 1960s-1970s in any functioning society.

          I fail to see “hormones” being the sole issue here.

    • Jimmy Joseph

      Also, knocking Muslims for treating their women as “chattel” is another White Knight Nationalist move.

      Whose doing better demographically, feminized White nations or Muslim nations? Who is growing and who is retreating?

      All of the “equality” is really working out well for the White man. Single mommies, divorced women who throw men out of their homes on “domestic charges”, women who sleep with tons of men in their 20s but want to settle down in their 30s with a “nice guy”, etc.

      How is this “chivalry” and “treating women with respect” working out well for White men?

      At least Muslims have far more functional family structures. They don’t allow their women to be whores having sex with bad boys, etc. They make sure they marry early and focus on FAMILY.

      Wonder which system is better?

      Maybe we should learn something from the Muslims about male female relationships, since their family structures are FAR MORE STABLE.

      • Yancy Derringer

        Sorry, not interested in that.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          I know you’re not.

          That is why the West is doomed.

          Good luck with feminized West stopping the nonWhite hordes.

      • saxonsun

        “Allow?!” What medieval hellhole did you just arrive from?

        • Jimmy Joseph

          Born and raised in America.

          Just not a “mangina”. Understanding male-female dynamics is of utmost importance.

          You still seem brainwashed.

    • ViktorNN

      You’re exactly right about die-versity.

      Blacks, Chinese, Indians, and especially Muslims are alien, foreign races/religions that are incompatible with Western Civilization.

      The ideology of globalization, muliticulturalism, and die-versity needs to be rejected and we need to a re-awakening of white racial and cultural pride. Both white women and white men need to be involved in this re-awakening, obviously, as fighting together will be the only to replenish our numbers and build strong white families.

  • KenelmDigby

    Unfortunately, many White women have formed a political alliance with blacks, mestizos etc – in the Democrat Party – in a specific attempt to drag down White men and put themselves in a commanding position over and above White men, if this involves letting blacks dominate White men, many women think that it is so much the better,
    They are making a mistake. A very, very big mistake. A mistake which in the fullness of time which will cost them their lives, not to mention their inviolability.

    • Jimmy Joseph


      The single White female alliance with minorities has effectively destroyed the White race.

      Giving women the vote has been a shocking disaster.

      Who would’ve ever thought White women would turn on White men so badly?

      White men have been the most generous, caring race of men on the planet. No other race of women are treated as well.

      White men need to learn that “pandering” to their women is a disaster. The Bible taught this.

      White men are acting like Adam in the Garden of Eden.

    • Ultimate187

      Things aren’t going to change for Whites even if the Republicans get back in power.

      • Katherine McChesney

        “…Republicans get back in power.”

        Won’t happen. Wishful thinking.

  • Nimadan

    In one of his books about Africa, the late Peter Matthiessen described a remarkably similar incident that occurred in rural East Africa. His and his group were far out in the bush doing wildlife studies and one of the two male blacks involved was their cook. The victim was a black woman from the area they were in. The first attacker, besides raping her, also mortally injured her with a machete. After the assault, as she staggered away bleeding to death, she ran into their cook and begged him for help. Instead of helping, the cook also raped her.

    This incident was described in either “The Tree Where Man Was Born” or “The African Experience”. I’m sorry I can’t be more precise than that but it’s been almost twenty years since I read Matthiessen.

  • AutomaticSlim

    I worked in downtown Brooklyn for a few years. Clinton Hill is a strange little neighborhood. A small oasis of yuppies surrounded by black areas, most notably Bed-Sty. With a good smattering of section 8 residents thrown in. Can never understand how well off and middle class Whites would put themselves in a position like that.

  • tlk244182

    What kind of “help” was she asking for? Does that make sense? Just got raped by a Colored thug, so she asks a Colored thug for ‘help.’ What’s the rush, that she can’t wait for a little old lady, or a cop, if she need’s “help.?” This story doesn’t sound right.

  • Jimmy Joseph

    Another stupid White woman walking around a black community at 5AM. How is that diversity treating you?

    These women have almost no survival instinct. It’s shocking to watch these stories. See them everyday.

    Its like they get raped but never learn.

    • OS-Q

      Liberals have a smaller amygdala in their brains. The MSM bragged about how it meant that liberals are braver, but really it means they have less of a “flight or fight” reflex and are more likely do nothing when in danger, or, in this case, go out for help rather than do something themselves.

    • Douglas Quaid

      People have had it driven into their heads incessantly that basic survival instincts, like fear, stereotypes etc are racist and must be suppressed. This is the fruit of white guilt, being beaten and raped while asking for help.

  • TL2014

    Why would you ask someone for help who looks like that?

  • ElComadreja

    They’re not called “rape apes” for no reason.

  • propagandaoftruth

    Thanks for that. The

    • Conrad

      I don’t quite understand your comment but that’s okay. You’re right though, Martin Luther was a great man. He certainly knew who the antichrist was, as did all of the Protestant reformers.

      • propagandaoftruth

        ML, a former priest who married and had many children with a pretty former nun…

        Had some demons in him. Among the greater body of his work he ruminated upon his demons and recommended a pragmatic approach to dealing with them that did not involve slaying them at all.

        I think him an early proponent of channeling negativity into useful endeavor, spiritual and material. He was divinely human, understood himself better than the vast majority of his fellow sinners.

        He wasn’t a saint. He did not believe in them, you know?

        Happiness is not the default setting of life and we all have our demons. Understand and know happiness.

  • I’m checking… checking… nope; just don’t care. The hipster libtard probably voted for President Oogabooga, and now has received two hot injections of the diversity she thought was just great for everyone else. I still don’t care. Go cry me a river.

  • ViktorNN

    My point is far from meaningless. In fact, my point is a central, recurring topic on Amren and sites like Amren. And the point is quite simple: multiracial societies don’t work as well as racially homogenous ones. The best solution to the problems whites deal with by having to live next to blacks is to separate from blacks.

  • ViktorNN

    Good find re: the historical stats on black crime.

    The stats pretty much confirm what I suspected – black criminality is more or less constant throughout history (at least in the time frame the stats deal with), just as it is constant throughout the world today. Blacks are more likely to rape and murder than whites.

    Personally, I think it would be interesting for social scientists who are better than the two of us amateurs to study the relation between anti-white ideology and the rates of black-on-white interracial crime and see if there were any provable connection.

    This would require an academic environment where a person wouldn’t lose their job for asking such questions, so I won’t be holding my breath for any such studies to appear anytime soon.

    In the meantime, I think it’s enough to just raise the issue of interracial crime and keep asking questions about the nature of it – even if we don’t know the answers for certain.

    The goal isn’t to tell lies and sell falsehoods – the goal is to raise white racial self-awareness and self-identification. Without this turn in white consciousness there won’t be any movement forward.