One Austin, Muchas Comunidades

Marty Toohey, Austin American-Statesman, August 31, 2014

The writer and sociologist Joel Garreau once divided North America into nine regions, each with a distinctive cultural character. One, called MexAmerica, stretched from Southern California along the U.S.-Mexico border to South Texas. Its northern reach stopped just short of Austin.

Gus Garcia chuckles when he thinks about that boundary. Garreau drew it in 1981. That was before Garcia became the first Hispanic elected mayor of Austin. That was before Hispanics had moved in large numbers beyond the East Austin barrio to become a majority in wide swaths of North and South Austin. That was before a burgeoning Hispanic middle class emerged in Austin of doctors, lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs, even police chief.

“When (Garreau) wrote his book, MexAmerica ended at San Antonio,” Garcia, 80, said. “If he wrote the book now, it would end at Austin.”

Hispanics three decades ago made up just 18 percent of the Austin area’s population. Now one out of every three people here is Hispanic. Demographers expect Hispanics to become the area’s largest ethnic group–larger than whites–as soon as the early 2030s. Hispanics might become an outright majority by 2050. Perhaps the most important indicator of Austin’s demographic future: Hispanics are already a majority in Austin public schools.

The rapid growth of Austin’s Hispanic population, the result of both immigration and high birth rates, has far-reaching implications for Central Texas. Despite gains, Hispanics still lag behind the general population in education, job skills, income, health and political involvement, among other measures. How the region addresses those challenges will have a lot to do with Austin’s continued success as a center for innovation and job growth.

Austin’s Hispanic culture was never a geographic or social monolith. But there once was one easy-to-identify Hispanic community in Austin, with a social hierarchy, political ecosystem and geographic boundaries. Now there are several distinct communities, some of which have little in common with the glittering Austin of national repute.

But–perhaps more importantly–many Hispanics would no more identify themselves as part of a particular ethnic community than would their white neighbors. The civic activist, the lifelong educator, the politician, the mother trying to clean up her neighborhood, the poor immigrant family, the graduate student–each gives a glimpse into a population woven into virtually every aspect of Austin life.

“We’re a very diverse group,” Garcia said. “I don’t know who they all are now, because there are so many new ones starting up.”



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  • MekongDelta69

    Austin is a very leftist city – like Madison, Wisc., Seattle, Portland, etc., etc., etc.

    “Gus Garcia chuckles…”

    Oh, I’ll bet he does – along with all his brown invaders.

    • LHathaway

      Is there a single large city in the USA that is not home to a far left newspaper? One city with a population over 200,000? The irony being as people of color predominate less subscribe to the newspaper.

      Wealthy liberals are more anti-white in or near big cites than anywhere. They are genuinely close enough to people of color to be genuinely intimidated by them and their movements, so in this case, being closer to diversity does not automatically make one conservative. What they really want to do by getting closer to people of color, or their causes, borrowing their mojo in a sense, is to intimidate you. Listen closely to those following closest the PC banner, they are attempting to intimidate other whites. They are little different than a flash mob engaged in a beat down. .

      Conservative whites in large cities end up being AmRen types, and would only subscribe to the paper in the rarest of cases? Whites on the dole just don’t know what to do.

  • Michigan Patriot

    As long as Original-Americans ( Euro ) are displaced or genetically become extinct; that is just peachy keen and right on target of the leftist, globalists.

  • james AZ

    That ok more blacks and browns run over any cities in the world…. but can’t run over white rule in heaven…………

  • guest

    In Iraq (during our first “occupation”!) many Mexican-American soldiers were reflexively
    assumed by the native population to be “one of us” only for the natives of Iraq to discover
    that these soldiers spoke only English of English-Spanish. This inspires a “naughty thought”
    –namely, is it not possible to ship out (voluntarily) lots of Mexicans from both sides of our
    border to occupy Iraq to the extent that they can subjugate the natives into some meld that
    can muddle along without commotion to the then more nearly UNITED States of America??

    • M&S

      American SOF is divided into regional groups with Hispanics getting a lot of kickdown into the Southcom/Americom regions for this reason. With the location comes the high density language lessons which means that if you want someone to speak fifteen dialects of Arabic, Farsi or similar, you have to deliberately career path them into it, early on.
      There are two big problems with this of course: First, American SOF, as with the combat branches in general, are overwhelmingly white and competent. Hispanics place a good second with blacks pulling in last (though, unlike the other forces, nobody in SOCOM is a straphanger for long). Which leads to problem Two: Whites have a narrow, natural, geographic distribution due to our wealth and cultural preferences (we don’t like living in savage places and either fix them up or get out).
      That said, there was some serious concerted effort applied to your idea when we were desperately trying to roll up both ends of the rat lines through Iraq’s mosques. The problem proved to be intractable because Hispanics are Catholic by and large and most Muslim youth are rote taught the Koran before they turn 12.
      The is just no competing with ‘the real thing’ which is why we got into so much trouble with the CIA running the Insurgency Suppression Show using local-hire contractors until milintel was given the lead and it was basically too late to do much. You’d think they would have jotted something down after the whole Communist-Buddhist thing in that /other/ little war.
      (That whole ‘Arab Spring’ thing has CIA/MI6 1950s oil politics as coup de tat written BLOCK PRINT all over it. That is most likely where they were diverted to when hunting Bin Laden was no fun anymore and they’d thoroughly screwed up Iraq and AfG for the rest of our operators…).

  • Ella

    Austin is currently 49% White according to the 2010 Census if you include other nonwhite racial groups. All major cities in Texas are nonwhite with a lagging white population.

    • 1G25

      Much of that statistic is due to white flight to outside the city limits.

      • Ella

        The burbs or metro towns run around 50-75% white. It does not matter since the State is really less than 1/2 White, so it has really changed within the last 15 years. Many low income people have their Section 8 and HUD programs to integrate in the suburbs as the schools show the most current reflection of demographic changes. It’s a mess here.

  • IstvanIN

    Maybe Ebola wouldn’t be such a terrible thing after all……

  • none of your business

    I always assumed Austin was at least half messican already.

    “United States we knew and loved” I have hated this country since Nixon’s affirmative action.

    • adplatt126

      LOL. Love that. Some people will go on believing and promoting long after rational people have moved on. America the beautiful, what a fiction.

  • mobilebay

    Austin,huh? Well, they’re 26 miles away and marching toward my town. Oh, I forgot…they’re already here.

  • LHathaway

    It already is.

  • Augustus3709

    So how long will the lamenting continue and when will counter strategies be implemented? Any ideas? Is demographic decline inevitable or are there steps to be taken to thwart it? Language requirements, business hiring restrictions, neighborhood quotas, what??

    • LHathaway

      Reservations for whites. Preferably, one large one.

    • M&S

      Toss out Pantex and the B-1s at Dyess and hoist the Lone Star flag again. Make white residency in the state come with an instantaneous free ten year tax credit ‘for eligible professionals bringing valuable skills’ (takeable when you’re income says you’re ready) and zero-sum erasure of all prior American felony warrants related to gun ownership using a quota system for the equivalent of Steerage Class. You might also consider a one-time-only plane ticket for people like the Boers of South Africa, though I’m told that the ‘new Consitution’ has a no-whites-can-leave clause.
      You wouldn’t get the best whites but you would get a lot of’em and the residents would sort the mess from the best. At which point, you create class landscapes of wall to wall whites. Center groups get best land and amenities from civic centers. Outliers get to see more friendly Hispanics than they might like but at least have their backs to a wall of white help.
      There will still be issues because Texas still has several major ports and at one time there was this little ‘cut America in two’ plan of a transnational highway from Mexican ports as well.
      She ‘has a little oil left’ which would likely have to be dedicated to the profligate nature of her ex-mother country rather than international best Texan Dollar value.
      And of course she would sit astride the brown tide’s northwards path to globalism, any hard-stopping of which at a border country will throw off the ruling ‘leets whole golf game and maybe their lunch too.
      And you know how cranky these 60 somethings can get when their bowel’s upset.

  • MoMo

    There are only two issues involved:
    (1) Do Hispanics breed faster than whites?
    (2) Will the whites continue to support their own elimination?


  • Alexandra1973

    Oh, this brings back memories….

  • brior

    How many are criminal invaders? …. It’s later than you think.

  • ViktorNN

    White liberals somehow think there won’t be consequences for demographic displacement. They seem to think there will be a multiracial paradise where whites will no longer have power to express their innate evil racist selves.

    They’re going to sorely mistaken. There are very real consequences to becoming a demographic minority and none of them are good.

    Their children will hate them.

    • M&S

      Most especially since Mexico is a white racist paradise where the 10% of the country that can afford to import-blonde can manage to have their kids look white enough to follow their (criminal, cronyist, monopolistic) path to wealth and stabilize long enough to hold onto it. Look at their blonde-happy movies and soaps. Look at their pastes, creams, gels and the like.
      The whites who think that the Casta System doesn’t exist, have never been to South Mexico to see how the dark skinned natives who make up 70% of the population live with nothing while the mid skinned Mestizos look down on them with horrified disdain between moments of casting their own hopeful eyes skywards to the industry barons and drug lords who actually run Mexico.
      As the white’s they’d like to be.
      This is the truth of the Color Continuum. And it is that way across the planet.
      Just check the immigration policies of America’s top 5 contributor countries. Here’s a hint: If you don’t look like us, don’t bother coming with intent to stay.
      Which means that ‘racism’ is just a fad term to humiliate non-worldly whites who would otherwise be too proud of all that we have achieved in comparison with the other cultures of the world.
      No, this about genocide for Just One Special Group I’m sorry to say.

  • scutum

    You should all know by now that liberals are delusional. And I differentiate liberals from the hard core left that has been plotting the destruction of the United States for at least 60 years and probably longer. Most liberals really believe that we are all going to sit around, hold hands and sing kumbaya together. They refuse to see reality even when it smacks them right between the eyes. I don’t think the United States will exist in another 20 years and I am sure it will not exist in another 50 years. Large parts of the South and Southwest will have united with Mexico and I suppose some of the upper Midwestern states will join with Canada. I don’t know what will happen to the east coast and I don’t care. If Washington DC and New York City fell into the Atlantic ocean tomorrow it would be a blessing.

  • TXCriollo

    I guess they ignore the invasion from california that gets here daily in there prediction numbers