Elderly Couple Die After Being Brutally Beaten by Thief Who Left Three Others Dead

Annabel Grossman, Daily Mail (London), September 10, 2014

An elderly couple who were violently beaten in their home by a man on a deadly rampage across the neighborhood have died from their injuries just hours apart.

Ann Taylor, 86, and husband, George Taylor, 80, were the victims of a horrific attack that left three others dead in the Kansas City suburb.

Ann and George Taylor

Ann and George Taylor

Prosecutors allege that Brandon Howell beat the couple, then fatally shot three other people outside nearby homes before fleeing in the Taylors’ SUV.

Ann Taylor was taken off life support Monday night but lived until Tuesday, while her husband was removed from life support Tuesday morning and died soon after.

‘George and Ann died peacefully and we are blessed that they left this Earth together,’ family members said in a statement. ‘They were married more than 40 years, and loved each other dearly.’

The couple’s devastated family gathered together on Friday to ask for prayers as Ann and George fought for their lives.

‘We are heartbroken over this tragedy. The family is in complete shock,’ said a niece who asked reporters not to reveal her name as she spoke in the Taylors’ driveway.

‘We cannot understand how such a heinous crime could happen to two such wonderful and kindhearted people,’ she added, according to a report in the Kansas City Star.

‘We have cried many tears, but with each day we feel a little more strength to face an unknown future.’

Saturday afternoon, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced that Howell has been formally charged with three counts of first-degree murder.

Howell, a convicted felon, was arrested hours after the attack on the Taylors when police found him walking with a loaded shotgun in his pants.

Brandon Howell

Brandon Howell

The 34-year-old ex-convict also faces three counts of armed criminal action, two counts of first-degree assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft and felon in possession of a firearm.

The other victims of the shootings were identified as Lorene Hurst, 88; her son, Darrel Hurst, 63; and Susan Choucroun, 69, all deceased.

The pain of those victim’s families was also given a moment in the statement.

‘Our family would like to send our love, our thoughts, to the relatives and friends of Ann’s and George’s neighbors who tragically lost their lives that day,’ the niece read. ‘We believe they were killed trying to support Ann and George, and we are forever grateful.’

She also expressed gratitude to the local police, ambulance crews, medics, and the doctors now caring for the Taylors.

‘We have all the faith in the world they are doing everything they can to save Ann and George.’ she said.

She also thanked the community for their support.

‘Even in these troubled times, it is so heartwarming to see the entire community come together over this senseless crime that could affect any one of us,’ she said.

Family members said the Taylors created a blended family with each having children from previous marriages: three adult children to George and two adult children to Ann. They shared several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

They had lived on Woodbridge Lane for the last five years and spent nearly their entire lives in the Kansas City area.

Fox 4 KC reported that Ann was an entrepreneur and Red Hat society member while George was a veteran, brick mason, and sports fan.

The shootings Tuesday afternoon took place in two homes in a middle-class neighborhood.

The Hurst family said in a statement that Darrel was visiting his mother.

‘While we are unsure of all the events that transpired that day, but we are comforted knowing they are together,’ the statement said.

‘Our prayers go out to the other families and victims in the neighborhood as they are struggling to deal with their grief as well. Our hearts are broken and we ask for privacy during this difficult time.’

A couple of hours after the afternoon killing spree Tuesday, police learned that three people at a Motel 6 near I-29 and Barry Road had been physically assaulted, and another was nearly carjacked.

The police statement said no weapon was used in those assaults. In the course of the investigation, police found a 2002 Toyota Highlander that had been stolen from one of the crime scenes.

Shortly before midnight, officers arrested Brandon Howell, whom they positively identified as a suspect in the motel assaults, according to a police statement.

Responding police officers also seized a gun from the suspect at the time of his arrest, Fox 4 KC reported.

According to the shooting victims’ neighbors, the deadly spree resulted from a botched robbery.

Local residents speaking to the news channel said that Susan Choucroun and the Hursts spotted a man trying to steal a vintage Jaguar from their neighbors’ house on Woodbridge Lane.

Not knowing that the would-be car thief was armed with a shotgun, the victims came up to him as he was trying to drive away and were shot at a point-blank range.

The gunman then jumped into a Toyota Highlander belonging to the couple he had beaten up and took off from the scene.

Neighbor Vicki Gruver, 74, described Lorene Hurst as a lovely lady who enjoyed travel, and Darrel Hurst as a doting son.

Susan Choucroun is survived by her husband, Charles, who owns a beauty salon in Prairie Village. The elderly man was not home at the time of the tragedy.

Speaking to Fox4 KC, the devastated man tearfully recounted how he came home Tuesday only to discover crime scene tape around his block.

One of the police officers on the scene broke the news to him that his wife was among the victims.

More details also emerged today about the violent past of the man at the center of the triple murder investigation.

Brandon Howell was accused in the late 1990s of killing two teenagers in Johnson County, but in 2009 a jury found him not guilty.

The 34-year-old also has a prior conviction in connection to a 1999 burglary where a cat named Tony was beheaded. He was released on parole in 2011.

Tom Brewer, the father of 16-year-Tabitha Brewer who was killed along with her boyfriend, Nick Travis, 18, in 1998, told the Kansas City Star Wednesday that when he saw Howell’s picture on TV, he immediately recognized him as the man who was acquitted in his daughter’s murder.

‘I feel sorry for the jurors who acquitted him the last time because that is going to be hard for them to live with,’ Brewer said. ‘I believe justice is always served one way or another.’

The triple homicide–the most deadly incident Kansas City has seen in more than two years–left people living in the middle-class neighborhood shaken.

‘In the last few years we’ve had many young families move in. It is a very, very desirable place to live,’ Jo Lombardino, a member of the Woodbridge Homes Association, told the newspaper.


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  • MekongDelta69

    I’m sure this fine, upstanding black savage will make good friends with the Carr Brothers, etc., etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum (nauseous).

    • Holden

      And now, along with the Carr Brothers (I think their death sentences were overturned, right?), we get to feed, clothe, and house this guy with taxpayer money forever!

      • phillyguy

        and also free medical and dental care

        • All the “dentists” do in most US prisons is pull teeth. I never ate anything sweet and brushed the heck out of them when I was locked up.

    • Sam Spade

      Indeed. Where was the ‘outraged” Al Sharpton?

  • I hope for the death penalty. But there hasn’t been a successful death penalty case to come out of Jackson County in a very long time. The last one to come out of St. Louis City was 1994. The two most murderous jurisdictions in the state are the ones where it’s next to impossible to get a death sentence.

    • William Hinkle

      Hoping criminal negro Howell is released into the public domain as the ‘death penalty’ is no deterrent, much less any criminal proceedings. Perhaps he will join ‘manchurian candidate’ Obama and ‘criminal, social promoted negro’ Holder at the White House for a beer along with Holder’s ‘benefactor’ and rapist Bill Clinton. The jewi$h ‘kabuki theatre’ won’t stop until we stop it.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Another violent black person, according to the MSM black people are scared of white people,they need that talk. It does make you think. Nah this is just one of those odd things that happen once in a blue moon. truly nothing to worry about.

  • Like all negroes, this one is a coward as well as a savage. Beheading cats and beating up elderly and women is par for the course for blacks.

    My ancestors would already have him hanging from a tree, his body set on fire, and left hanging for a week as a reminder to all other blacks to behave.

    It’s time we go caveman again. My neanderthal DNA rages now. If not la lynching, can we at least have a quick trial and a quick execution. In honor of Tony the cat, I suggest this negro be beheaded.

    • [Guest]

      >>>If not la lynching, can we at least have a quick trial and a quick execution.

      From what I understand, most so-called lynchings (that is, executions) were carried out after the wrongdoers were tried and convicted of capital offenses. I suspect that the notion that lynchings were always done spontaneously without a trial is propaganda.

      Anyway, what I believe should happen is that savages should be given trials lasting at most three or four days, be found guilty, and then put to death in a very deliberate and relatively quick and demeaning way (such as public hanging) at sunrise two or three days after that.

      Such a system, if returned to, would work wonders.

      • William Hinkle

        Well stated and agreed.

      • archer

        I once read of an incidence where about five blacks were set to be hung in the nineteenth century down south for a capitol crime, after a more thorough investigation about two were released, I think that spontaneous lynching were more out of the ordinary than we are led to believe.

        • Holden

          I would refer you to Radish’s (radishmag) issue number 11, The Truth about Lynching. An absolutely fascinating read. Mr. Boetel covers a book by Winfield Hazlitt Collins entitled The Truth about Lynching and the Negro in the South, written in 1918.

          • [Guest]

            That book is available online at the following URL (replace the “[dot]” with a period):


            It makes for some very interesting reading.

      • Bantu_Education

        In China I believe trials and executions are frequently carried out in the same day.

        • bilderbuster

          I’m not sure what the going rate is for a China man’s life is, 4/5?
          A Black used to be worth 3/5 of a White man but that was a long time ago and the quality of Negros has dropped significantly.

    • Maybe they can do that, as Kansas appears to have reinstituted their death penalty.

    • DNA Explains It All

      Can’t fault your impeccable reasoning and logic, as usual.

  • dd121

    Did the whole white community explode in rioting?

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    “Woodbridge Homes Association”
    Video cameras are getting better and cheaper. Speaking from experience, an HOA that invests in multiple, visible night-vision video cameras can deter burglary in middle class neighborhoods. That kind of deterrence might have saved these five people. They interrupted an attempted robbery (attempted car theft).

    • [Guest]

      In addition to that deterrence (the desire not to be caught) should be the deterrence of harsh punishment for those who are caught. As things are, the criminal element doesn’t really fear the punishment.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        Cheapest route to radically notch up the harshness (but soul-uplifting quality) of prison punishment: play non-stop classical music. It would cut the recidivism rate to near zero.

      • Bantu_Education

        The so-called “punishment” of imprisonment – 3 meals a day, no accommodation or money worries, gymnasium, TV, homosexual sex, humiliation and rape of white prisoners, etc, etc – this is a virtual paradise for black thugs. And, unlike humans, captive specimens of Homo Africanus live longer than they would in the wild.

  • alex

    Susan Choucroun has been a board member at Metro Organization for Racial and Economic Equity. As with Amy Biehl, all liberal racial piety in the world won’t keep you safe.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      Jews should have the brain power to figure out we can’t civilize Africans, but there is a stubborn streak in the Askanazi genetics.

      • bilderbuster

        They knew that before they ever tried to impose them on us as our equals just like everyone else who had any experience with Africans and they’ve been dealing with Africans longer than the Europeans.

        • Ike Eichenberg

          Many Jews born in Europe and displaced in the 1930-1940s time frame had zero experience with Africans.

          Many of those Jews came to the US and had children who matured in the 1960s. Many of those kids had little experience with Africans, and were indoctrinated in US colleges to believe that blacks and all races were intellectually equal.

          Susan was likely one of those kids.

          • bilderbuster

            You don’t really believe that do you?
            Many “displaced” Jews were communists and they joined their coreligionists/fellow travelers here in the US.
            Their children were known as Red Diaper Babies who created the Neo-Con Movement as well as being Uber Capitalists in the Democratic Party.
            Both groups are Jewish,wealthy, warmed over Trotskyites who have been well versed in subversion.

          • Ike Eichenberg

            It’s not a matter of belief, it’s just a historically accurate representation of the facts.

            That European Jewry was heavily involved in Marxism does not change the fact that few Jews in Europe had any experience with Africans in those generations.

            The generation of US Jews that matured in the 1960s had little exposure to Africans, and were indoctrinated by university professors, many who were communists Jews, and many who probably knew reality that all races were not mentally equal.
            Those kids were indoctrinated, some figured out the truth, and many, like Susan, practiced denialism.

          • bilderbuster

            Susan was doing much more than practicing “denialism” (I’m going to have to remember that one).
            She was a board member, no less, of Metro Organization for Racial and Economical Equity.
            Organizations like that don’t “promote diversity” or “Equity” they are well funded subversives who are intentionally destructive and want to use the force of law against Whites to cause us harm.

          • none of your business

            You are right. I am the same age as the red diaper babies and believe me, they even carried around the quotations of Chairman Mao and believed it. They were also the middle and late baby boomers. When they got out of college their parents were early to mid fifties still working the older baby boomers snagged up the the rest of the jobs. LBJ, Nixon and Carter gave them all those do gooder War on Poverty type jobs and the federal govt funded their revolution in favor of blacks.
            Can’t believe what the red diaper babies spouted “every bite of food in an American child’s mouth is stolen from a third world child’s mouth”

          • none of your business

            It really wasn’t the few Jews who came in the 1930’s and 40’s. It was the Jews who started coming in the 1880’s. The NAACP was started and funded by rich German Jewish New York bankers 1910.
            Most of the presidents and executives of NAACP were Jews right up to 1970’s. You are right that the few Jews who arrived from E. Europe 1930’s and 40’s had no experience with blacks and just went along with what existing Jewish community’s pro black anti White stance.

  • ncpride

    I can’t even begin to articulate my contempt and hatred for such scum as this, who would beat defenseless elderly people to death……Well, actually I could but would be quickly deleted, and we all know, negroes seem to have the corner on this type of crime.

    • [Guest]

      I hold the same contempt for the savages, but I also have a ready supply for white people who hear hundreds upon hundreds of stories such as this year after year and yet still refuse to face the truth about blacks. It’s insane!

      • Bantu_Education

        The problem is that the vast majority of whites don’t hear or read of these black on white crimes or, if they do, they only hear of them very briefly before it is swept under the carpet – and not re-hashed in the media for months on end as with the rare white on black attacks.

  • Adolf Verloc

    Too bad that shotgun in his pants didn’t go off accidentally during his apprehension. This is a good case to keep bookmarked for the next time you see a post about the excessive number of young black men in prison.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    A nice slow lynching will do.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Black on white violent crime is a major American public health crisis, particularly for the elderly who are defenseless. Numerous elderly whites have been targeted by blacks.

    • bilderbuster

      A very stupid White punk wanted to bring attention to “The Knockout Game” and to see what Eric Holder would do about it so he clobbered some older Black man’s head and it made national news.
      A day or two later the DOJ charged him with a hate crime proving his point that there is a double standard.

  • OS-Q

    “‘I feel sorry for the jurors who acquitted him the last time because
    that is going to be hard for them to live with,’ Brewer said.”

    Not likely if the jury was significantly diverse/liberal.

    • William Hinkle

      Hoping the jurors and their addresses are made public. Hoping the local ‘jew controlled’ media interviews them.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Five elderly Whites snuffed out by a racist black…and the media are silent.

    Eric Holder will be all over this — to make sure the killer’s Civil Rights aren’t violated.

    And blacks wonder why we avoid them, don’t want to be around them, live around them or want them in our children’s schools.

    And, why it’s important to arm our elderly

    • [Guest]

      >>>And, why it’s important to arm our elderly

      The older I get, the clearer it becomes to me that I need to be able to count on others to help protect me. But I have no confidence whatsoever in the younger people of my own race. I believe they’d stand by holding their iPhones and saying “Oh, my gawd!” while watching a black savage beat me to death. I think white Americans have become that debased.

      It’s not black and browns who’re destroying us. It’s white people’s perverse, willful lack of racial self-interest.

    • Bantu_Education

      Arming the elderly wouldn’t do much good – they would be unlikely to be able to react quick enough if attacked. Complete segregation is the only solution.

    • bilderbuster

      Remember they’re doing just what Oprah wants.
      She wants all of the old (White People) racists to die and this is exactly the way her evil Winnie Mandela type brain had in mind for them to die.
      As violently as possible by the hands of Blacks.

  • [Guest]

    How many white people had their eyes opened by this act of black savagery? Any at all?

  • JSS

    Diversity equality and modern liberalism mean that elderly Whites have to live in fear of Africans in the land their ancestors tamed. But at least we have our reality tv shows, internet porn, gmo food, football and can vote. This is why we need a homeland.

  • Annabelle Pettyjohn

    Blacks rule! White Americans have no representation from their government. The Republican Party, a white party, takes our vote and gives us nothing. The tea party refuses to talk about racial inequities.

    • JohnEngelman

      The GOP has not cared about middle class Americans since the administration of Teddy Roosevelt. Unfortunately, the Democrats are not much help either if you are white.

      This is not your grandfather’s Democratic Party.

  • 313 48224

    Did white people riot?

    • A Freespeechzone

      Not until Whites rise up by the millions—and practice Peaceful Civil Disobedience as was practiced during the civil rights era, with the government be forced to change.

      Unfortunately, Obama and liberals KNOW that few Whites will do much beyond complain and literally do nothing…..which emboldens blacks to escalate their tyranny and violence upon the White community, knowing Obama/Holder will defend them over victims.

    • B.A_2014

      Why are they not rioting is a better question. If there ever comes a time when the whole thing crumbles, the smart whites would go straight to prison and release every non rapist ordinary decent white criminal ( yes even the murderers ) and snuff out every non white in his cell. If tyrone is there because he missed his child support payments or jamal was doing time for breaching building regulations then that’s tough luck.

      • none of your business

        Riots almost always happen cities,even small ones. We Whites are so spread out in the suburbs it would be hard even if we wanted to riot. i don’t believe there have ever been riots in the country side.

        I don’t know Kansas City but perhaps Whites live in the suburbs.
        School integration was 1956. Millions of White kids and teachers know the reality and have done nothing. I fought affirmative action for 40 years to no effect. TAke care of your family and a few like minded Whites. That is all we can do.

    • We do, but those are called wars.

      • 48224

        A war is a riot? The two are equal?

  • JohnEngelman

    Howell, a convicted felon, was arrested hours after the attack on the Taylors when police found him walking with a loaded shotgun in his pants.

    – Annabel Grossman, Daily Mail (London), September 10, 2014

    Of course he is a convicted felon. Blacks and their white enablers are pressuring for “ban the box” laws that would prevent employers from asking about felony convictions.

    A better idea would be to keep felons in prison. Rehabilitation is unreliable. The only factor that reliably reduces recidivism is age.

    • Jack Whistler

      and Termination.

      • B.A_2014

        Here if you break into someone’s house, are a known drug dealer, or attack the vulnerable you get shot in the ankles. You keep it up and they shoot you in the kneecaps after that you get what is called a six pack. I know a guy (decent fella I thought ) that had his fingers hacked off for steeling cars. An old friend of mine ( I never liked him but we hung about with each other ) was shot last week for getting drunk and beating up kids at the corner. If governments were concerned about maintaining order they would introduce the pash and the death penalty for anyone convicted on three seperate and serious crimes ( muggings, assaults, car theft, burglary ). The noose for those convicted for first degree murder.

        • none of your business

          N. Ireland private security forces?

          • B.A_2014

            something like that lol

    • My felony was a special matter. I wanted revenge against my ex-father over his cheating me and said nobody should interfere. Since he’s full of cancer and will never meet any of his grandchildren, I am done with that. This morning was great, though a bit cool. I made breakfast for the three of us, Sayaka drove the Pinzgauer to work, and I showed Ariadne what a little gopher snake looks like (there’s one in the landscaping rocks about a foot long.) I showed her the scalation on its head – completely different from a viper, with flat shields instead of the rugose scales and no infrared-sensing pits – and then we let it go. Now she’s working on some mathematics problems.

      I am a federal felon, but also a vegetable gardener, fishing fanatic, woodworker and naval historian. My sentence was in the 41 to 54 month range, and I received the minimum prison sentence but the maximum time (36 months) on probation. I have been home for 14 years and off paper for 11 years.

      • JohnEngelman

        You do not seem to be a career criminal. In your position I would have found legal ways to get revenge.

        • I found happiness instead.

          • Diana Moon Glampers

            Seems like for them to convict you, your father would have had to assist the prosecution against you. Even if he is a truly horrible bastard, there is some part of him that processes the fact that he worked to get his son sent to prison with rapists and murderers.
            I cannot imagine him a happy man. If you are a happy man, that IS revenge.

  • Bill Moore


    This happened in Kansas City, and the news story is in the London Daily Mail?

    I suppose the USA newspapers weren’t allowed to be racist.

    We’re finished as a country.

    Bill Moore

    • george00

      I live in Kansas City and read the news stories about this crime in the Kansas City Star and I got more information about what happened from the London Daily Mail.

      Unfortunately blacks killing Whites in Kansas City is a relatively common occurrence.

  • IKUredux

    This ugly, smugly faced cretin, should have died a long time ago. He should have been aborted. Why are we Whites being forced to pay for and take care of these blacks who are guilty of afrotrocities? Why, oh why, do we allow these people to live amongst us? We know what afrotrocities are, so, let’s start making them suffer.

  • He’ll get a nice big picture and be praised wearing a golden crown
    as giving the devil his payment due for not paying reparations at
    the FootSoldiers site .. they actually think murderers like this are
    Heros . . .

  • I feel terribly upset when I read stories like this,
    their murderers only wear crowns ..

  • William Hinkle

    It is a complete insult to Humanity that negro Howell was ‘arrested’. No point in it as the jury at his previous trial was as useless as he is. Hoping an immediate moratorium for arresting criminal negroes is enacted. The criminal negro and its jewi$h ‘enabler’ must be eradicated post haste.

  • OhWow

    When will whites fight back? I mean seriously the score is very lopsided.

  • B.A_2014

    Beheading this piece of human excrement ISIS style. That would be true justice.

  • KenelmDigby

    Some people who read my posts – and here I’m talking about the enemies of the White race who no doubt trawl and monitor this site – may well ask themselves ‘why the anger, hatred and cynicism?’ – Well the short answer is compare and contrast the total, absolute, saturation media blanket coverage of the Michael Brown case, a case which was broadcast urgently 24/7 worldwide as *the* leading news story, and the way that this case is completely and totally ignored by the media. That’s my case in its entirety.

  • ZB01

    The 34-year-old also has a prior conviction in connection to a 1999 burglary where a cat named Tony was beheaded.

    Watch out for anyone who has a propensity for cruelty to animals. If the person “happens to be black” then run for the hills. But of course, this beautiful couple would not have known this savage’s barbaric background. May they rest in peace.

  • archer

    Going to stop a potential car thief without being armed your self is “DUMB”. The fact that this savage was on parole just enforces my opinion of how useless our judicial system is.

  • archer

    Just saw the pics of the “two teens” he was a found not guilty of killing on new nation news, they were both white, the young woman’s body has never been found. Why am I not surprised.

  • Darb Janowsti

    I never would have heard of this tragedy if not for sites such as AMREN and COFCC. Where is the lame-stream media on this one ? If a white man gunned down a bunch of elderly blacks all hell would break loose.
    R.I.P to the victims and my condolences to their families.

  • Bantu_Education

    I don’t agree with executing these creatures. It smacks of knee-jerk revenge, and in any case as civilised humans we could not bring ourselves to give him the slow painful death he, and others like him, so richly deserve. But this fine specimen could be of use to medical science and may save human lives in the future. Or is the genetic distance from humans too great?

    • none of your business

      To do medical testing he would have to have the diseases and medical problems
      about which they were testing new meds and surgeries. Execution and not after 20 years on death row.
      Maybe neuro testing to see how the brain of a racist serial killer works.

    • bilderbuster

      The genetic distance to humans may be too great but I’m sure veterinarians could learn something useful with him even if he only ends up as fish food.

    • PvtCharlieSlate

      This is something that I have suggested before: put him in prison just long enough to get him cleaned off and cleaned out and as healthy as possible and then harvest his carcass for as many transplant parts as possible. The remainder is medical waste and is disposed of as such.
      A few people have suggested that there might be some who would object to receiving an organ from an executed prisoner based on the fact that he was executed and/or the type of person he was. One way around this would be to allow the organ receivers to opt out of transplants from executions.

  • none of your business

    Here are some more sites with info about this career criminal serial killer
    Brandon Howell’s family shocked, thought he turned life .. … As a juvenile, Brandon Howell, 34, racked up an extensive criminal …

    Mom describes triple homicide suspect Brandon Howell as …

  • none of your business

    “From what I understand, most so-called lynchings (that is, executions) were carried out after the wrongdoers were tried and convicted of capital offenses. I suspect that the notion that lynchings were always done spontaneously without a trial is propaganda.”

    Absolutely true. There was also a tradition brought from Ireland, Sicily and Scotland. When someone was arrested and there was convincing evidence of murder, the friends and relatives of the murderer/rapist would go around in masks and intimidate the witnesses, victims, police Judge, prosecutor and jury if the trial had proceeded that far.

    What often happened in the 19th century is that the people who were being intimidated by the friends and relatives of the accused would just get together and lynch him. Then it would all be over and the friends and relatives of the murderer would leave everyone alone.
    It happened mostly in rural areas with few and widely scattered police forces.

  • none of your business

    “. Far too many elderly whites have been targeted by blacks.”
    Since the 1940’s and when we were driven out of the northern cities by force, fear and terrorism the jew media and academics wrote hundreds of thousands of articles castigating us for leaving the poor, pitiful blacks to themselves to murder, rob and rape each other and destroy our great cities.

    Of course the haute WASPS were the ones who just turned over the media, the ivy league and especially the legal profession and the judiciary to the jews. It wasn’t us proles and rednecks.
    As Kevin MacDonald says, never in history has an elite given another country to a hostile elite in so short a time.

    I do my best, being a woman I just endlessly quote black rape statistics to White women.

  • bilderbuster

    Blacks are the stupidest of beasts.
    What kind of senseless idiot would slaughter so many people and think he would get away with it?
    How retarded is it to steal an antique import automobile and expect no one to notice?
    What chop shop would want it?
    Even the corner crack man wouldn’t give him anything for that car.
    What kind of retard thinks he can hide a shotgun in his pants while walking down the street?
    What kind of savage decapitates a cat during a burglary?
    So many questions but only one answer.
    Why only a Black man would of course!

    • none of your business

      According to John Derbyshire, 40 percent of blacks have IQs of 80 and below.

  • amren-reader

    When he goes to trial, hate crime charges will not be filed, just because he is black.

  • Magician

    Many senior white women suffer sexual crimes in the hands of young black males just as often as younger white women do

    There are very few things more cowardly than beating up seniors or women or children or weak animals……

  • none of your business

    Did the kansas City papers cover this or cover it up? Why do I have to read the UK Daily Mail to find out about black crime in America? Rhetorical question, I know the answer.