Eight Reported Dead in Attack on Ebola Workers in Guinea

Robyn Dixon, Los Angeles Times, September 18, 2014

When Guinean government officials visited the village of Womme in the country’s southeast, they planned to educate people about Ebola and show them how to avoid it–in a region where many still believe the virus doesn’t exist.

But it all went disastrously wrong.

Villagers responded furiously, pelting the delegation with stones and beating the visitors with clubs, according to Guinean radio. The delegation, which included doctors and journalists, fled into the bush after the attack Tuesday.

The Guinean government said Thursday that eight delegation members had been killed, including several journalists, news agencies reported. There also were reports that 21 people had been injured.

“It’s very sad and hard to believe, but they were killed in cold blood by the villagers,” government spokesman Albert Damantang Camara said, according to Agence France-Presse.

A local police officer, Richard Haba, said the villagers believed that Ebola “is nothing more than an invention of white people to kill black people.”


Womme is outside the town of Nzerekore, which saw a similar protest in recent weeks.

Since Ebola was first reported in this region in March–perhaps surfacing as early as December–medical agencies have experienced resistance from some residents. Doctors Without Borders, the main agency working in West Africa to stem Ebola, said it couldn’t work in at least 10 villages because of hostility among residents.

The World Health Organization announced Thursday that 2,622 people had died in West Africa, mostly in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, out of more than 5,300 reported cases. The epidemic has put ramshackle local health systems under intense pressure, leaving people no place to seek help for other ailments such as malaria, to give birth, or even to get treatment for broken limbs.

Many health workers have fled their posts, afraid to work where the disease has killed hundreds of doctors, nurses and hygienists.

One reason the outbreak spread out of control in West Africa was fear of an incurable disease that kills more than half those infected and suspicion of outsiders who came to take Ebola patients to hospitals. There was also alarm over warnings that people should abandon long, deeply held and important burial rituals, such as washing the bodies of the dead.

In Guinea’s southeast, a search team was sent to track down the delegation after the attack in Womme, but villagers destroyed a bridge to keep police or the military out, according to national radio.


A journalist who escaped the attack said she heard villagers hunting for delegation members, suggesting they may have been abducted, the BBC reported.

Guinean radio quoted one Womme resident as saying that the delegation was attacked after medical workers sprayed disinfectant to control the spread of the virus in public places.

The assault followed similar attacks against medical workers or health officials in several other villages and towns in recent weeks. Last month, riots erupted after a medical team sprayed a marketplace in the same region as rumors spread that it was a conspiracy to infect the population.

In Sierra Leone, government officials ordered everyone to stay at home for three days in an effort to control the spread of the disease. International medical groups including Doctors Without Borders have criticized the measure, saying it will not contain the crisis.


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  • Tim_in_Indiana

    No matter what whites do to help blacks, it’s always a plot against them. Is there any less grateful people in the whole history of the world?

    • Oil Can Harry

      Blacks are the same the world over: everything bad that happens to them is always someone else’s fault.

      • propagandaoftruth

        No good deed goes unpunished with them.

        • Shadow

          That is the spoiled fruit that naïve and guilt-ridden Whites can expect to harvest from foolishly attempting to “take up the White Man’s Burden”,in Kipling’s incisive phrasing.

      • Shadow

        “…everything bad that happens to them is always someone else’s fault.”

        That’s because they are always unwilling to take responsibility for their own actions…

        …like adults.

        • They’re not adults. Even in the developed West, blacks want the rights of adults without any of the responsibilities.

        • ElComadreja

          the majority of blacks never mentally develop beyond adolescence.

      • Karl Hungus

        They make perfect liberals in that sense.

        • benvad

          Well now that explains why Democrats want the voting age lowered.

    • Shadow

      “…Is there any less grateful people in the whole history of the world?”


      And I have no doubt that the Mexicans and Central Americans come in a very close second.

      • ElComadreja

        I’d say it’s a tie.

    • Leelywhite

      Fill full the mouth of Famine
      And bid the sickness cease;
      And when your goal is nearest
      The end for others sought,
      Watch sloth and heathen Folly
      Bring all your hopes to nought.
      Rudyard Kipling

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        ^^^ This should be posted in the feedback section beneath every online Ebola news story.

    • Marie

      Yes there is. “You know who.”

      • bilderbuster

        Everywhere they go they create anti-Semites.

      • none of your business

        I agree.

    • John R

      100 thumbs up! Yep, I guess your post nailed it.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      I think the paranoia of blacks is a reflection of their own natures, projected on to whites. If by some miracle we all woke up tomorrow with our positions reversed – blacks smart and powerful, whites dull and dependent – their own moral sense would drive them to attempt white extermination. Heck, they already attempt that. So by their own moral code they expect whites to do the same to them, and since they cannot conceive that the whole world doesn’t revolve around the Negro, it never occurs to them that whites would rather separate and be blissfully unconcerned with blacks altogether.

      • benvad

        I prefer to make their nightmare come true.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      “Is there any less grateful people in the whole history of the world?”

      Yes there is. Which group/country gets more free money, military aid, and has their crimes overlooked by western white government than blacks/Africa?


    • ElComadreja

      It’s time to stop. Stupid whites have been trying to civilize these primitive humanoids for hundreds of years. Let them perish. The world would be a better place without them. They contribute nothing but misery.

    • NoMosqueHere

      Many blacks in the US believe AIDS was invented by jewish and white scientists to exterminate them. The fact that so many sick liberal jews and self hating whites still cater to blacks astounds me.

      • benvad

        We’re the ones with delusions.

    • benvad

      I treat them in my personal life, exactly the way they accuse us of thinking.
      Giving wrong directions, cheating them I do as much damage as humanly possible.

  • MekongDelta69

    Only blacks would attack somebody trying to help them.

    That’s why you NEVER stop to help some black person ‘seemingly’ in trouble. You won’t live to regret it.

    • TruthBeTold

      An another chorus of blacks will rise to say Western nations aren’t doing enough.

      • Shadow

        When in fact we have done waayyy too much.

        • TruthBeTold

          Which is what we’re doing now (to our detriment).

      • bilderbuster

        They did it again last week.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Now you sound like John Derbyshire’s “The Talk”! As for this article, my fave line was:

      “It’s very sad and hard to believe, but they were killed in cold blood by the villagers.”

      Yeah, really SHOCKING that African villagers would act like violent savages. I’m sure most Amren readers had to be revived by smelling salts after learning of this massacre.

    • Shadow

      Exactly.The story of “The Good Samaritan” isn’t always a good example to follow;and that is especially true when it comes to the perilous prospect of “helping” any of the blacks.

      There is no shame in walking away;doing so will greatly increase your chances of living to see another day.And your family and friends will be greatful that you did.

  • phorning

    Now that multiple stories have come out about this insanity, maybe we
    can reach a critical mass with the public and restrict travel into the United States from these countries.

    • Oil Can Harry

      The only pol I know of who advocates this is liberal Democratic gadfly Alan Grayson, to his credit.

    • TruthBeTold

      If ONLY liberals would learn a lesson now and again.

      They’ll end up blaming themselves for the ‘misunderstanding’ and walk into the lions den again.

    • White Mom in WDC

      The you know who’s want to genocide Whites, so they put O Monkey in office and just let him do his anti White antics. They WANT Ebola in the USA so that we can be killed.

      • me

        This is just like some friggin’ horror movie. If the ‘government’ was truly the servant of the people and not our own worst nightmare, they would have closed the borders and stopped all flights and cargo ships for quarantine inspection. George Romero couldn’t have thought up such an insane and viciously macabre tale….

  • Whitetrashgang

    Black people being black, oy vey!

    • me

      Let them fix their own problem. We’ve done above and beyond what they will ever deserve or warrant. Let them be.

  • LHathaway

    There’s at least some chance the virus was created or fabricated. It’s incredibly unlikely any of these aid workers had anything to do with it.

  • John R

    Gee, those African blacks are almost as dumb as…..AMERICAN BLACKS!

    • American blacks are a bit smarter, due to a few centuries of miscegnation with whites and Amerinds.

  • Related news from nearby Sierra Leone:


    Here’s the kicker:

    Health workers planned to give each household a bar of soap during neighborhood canvassing. Once a house is visited it is to be marked with a sticker. President Ernest Bai Koroma urged Sierra Leoneans to cooperate. “The survival and dignity of each and every Sierra Leonean is at stake,” he said Thursday night in an address to the nation.

    If I was “My Sharona” Bai Koroma, I could have added:

    “Don’t be scared, it’s not part of a voodoo spell, it’s not an object affixed to a malicious spirit that wants to drain you of your male potency. Even though it’s a strange object to you, much like books, educational toys, classical music recordings and community volunteering bucket lists, it’s harmless.”

    “Just don’t drop it.”

    • tlk244182

      What I can’t understand is why do-gooder Peace Corps types are still at the stage where they’re passing out bars of soap and explaining the germ theory of disease. For Pete’s sake, that’s what they were doing when I was a little kid, back in the ’60’s. If Africans still don’t understand, I think our Christian obligation has been well discharged, and we are completely justified in leaving them to fend for themselves. Pigs can’t sing. Can’t. Cannot. Ever.

      • evilsandmich

        Soap: an idea too far ahead of it’s time for Africa.

  • Truthseeker

    Confirmation #3,000,000,000 that people are tribal by nature and ultimately want their own people leading them. Stop meddling in Africa, Westerners. We get nothing out of it.

    • mobilebay

      Exactly, Truthseeker. This is my feeling about the Middle East too. They have been fighting each other since time immemorial, and will continue long after we’re gone. We need alternative energy to reduce our dependence on them. Then…leave them to heaven!

      • Sick of it

        Yes, but alternative energy sources would not be monopolized by the usual suspects, thus it presents a problem for those who desire world domination.

        • White Mom in WDC

          Well then the you know who’s who desire world domination need to be kicked outta here

      • Periapsis

        Maybe we should blow them all to Hell, literally.

    • me

      Hear, hear!

    • TruthBeTold

      My suggestion for Africa.

      Put a 40 foot fence around it. Ever 20 feet post a sign, “ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK”.

      • Strider73

        Or take a page from Dante — “ABANDON ALL HOPE, YE WHO ENTER HERE.”

        • SentryattheGate

          The Heart of Darkness!

  • DaveMed

    Anti-Whites are always the ones who claim most loudly to understand how evolution works. Well, they might want to consider the implications for our species if they keep rescuing these… ahem… types of people.

    • White Mom in WDC

      The rescuers need to be expatriated outta here.

      • bilderbuster

        They need to be Death Squaded.

  • Maybe if they had proper hygiene and stopped eating monkey brains.

    • SentryattheGate

      The news had a story about bush meat being smuggled into the US and UK by Africans, WHICH COULD BRING IN EBOLA! It was selling for $20 a pound, for Africans wanting “a taste of home”! Rancid monkey meat—ugh!

      • Who Me?

        Where your Welfare dollar goes….

        • SentryattheGate

          That’s exactly what I was thinking when the $20/lb. was mentioned; that it was probably being bought by “poor” welfare recipients! I sure can’t afford $20/lb. and if I could, it would be for lobster, not rancid bush meat!

          • OS-Q

            Yuck! Considering it was like brought in the dark hold of a freighter unrefrigerated no doubt!

            Lamb, Elk, Emu, Goat, Crab, Tuna, Lobster, and dozens of exotic and mundane meats – who would skip these for maggot ridden monkey quarters?

  • Mack0

    Sadly its always naive whites who are the victims of this violence. Probably because blacks seldom volunteer to help the motherland

    • Mary

      Yes, but volunteering is mostly a White thing. That irrepressible altruism.

      • Mack0

        It’s a sad defect of the white character

        • Mary

          Absolutely, our fatal flaw.

          • Mack0

            Let’s hope natural selection weeds out these genetic dead enders

      • Germanicus

        Last summer children had splattered mud on my entrydway door and patio. I asked a young girl (she happened to be white) what had happened. She explained that another girl (happening to be black) smeared the mud on my place (there was no precipitating provocation). I took a walk and, while returning, but still at a great distance, I saw the blond white girl with cleaning supplies scrubbing my entrance way. At my place, I grabbed a bucket of soapy water and began to help her. A hispanic boy in the neighborhood came by and offered to join in but wanted to know how much I’d pay him. (My answer was “Zero” of course, just incase you’re wondering if I am a dupe. Eventually, a group of about ten children were helping out. Only near the end, did the older black girl come by and rather ineffectually join the fun. This tome see.ed like a microcosm of three racial responses that I would expect. From my own childhood till my adult years casually observing races and children, I have come to the firm conclusion that black children do not, play nice, they introduce bad moral ements into the play, and thatthe children themselves recognize it in therechdhood understanding of things.

    • bilderbuster

      They usually don’t possess any knowledge or skills to contribute.

      • none of your business

        I knew someone who did a peace corps stint in the biggest city in the Dominican Republic. She taught ballet in a girl’s school 2 days a week. She did not have a ballet teacher credential, had never been a professional dancer, just took ballet lessons off and on. She had a great time with the marine guards at the US embassy though.

        • bilderbuster

          I was referring to the lack of Black volunteers but I suppose you could put the peace corps down as good intentioned nit wits.
          The Dominican Republic has so many problems that just finding a place to start would be a monumental task.
          But teaching them ballet dancing is way funny.
          Sending our wanna be rappers to Africa to teach them hip-hop would be even funnier.

  • Alex Dihes

    A local police officer, Richard Haba, said the villagers BELIEVED that Ebola “is nothing more than an invention of white people to kill black people.”

    So what is wrong with the word I’ve highlighted! What one may expect of creatures with IQ 55 believe to!
    I am gloating. Creatures IQ 55 killed creatures IQ 55. Excuse me for a second. A liberal creature O. Papa pushing my elbow.
    — What is it, O. Papa?
    — The killed’s IQ is higher than 55?
    — I do not buy that? O. Papa. If their IQ had been above 55 they wouldn’t had undertaken such useless work.

  • JohnEngelman

    We should not even try to help those people. Let their witch doctors take care of Ebola.

    • Waterfall

      Unfortunately, we have to worry about it spreading and mutating.

    • me

      Let’s send our official witch doctor over there, permanently, with his brilliant medical plan, to take care of the problem.

      • Strider73

        If you like your witch doctor, you can keep your witch doctor . . .

    • bilderbuster

      The witch doctors already took care of it.
      Who do you think blamed it on the White man in the first place?

  • anony

    Give up! You can’t fix stupid!

  • Mary

    If you feel the urge to help living creatures in need, time and effort would be much better spent to aid shelter animals. It would be safer, and some of them might actually be grateful.

    • Mack0

      It’s fair to say a dog is less likely to bite the hand that feeds it.

      • none of your business

        How about a pit bull, Rottweiler, cane corso, mastiff rescue organization that sends these dogs to be adopted by Africans?

    • Quite correct. And thank you.

  • OS-Q

    I’ve read from Reuters that the bodies were found, some with their throats slit, in latrines by the village. Six, out of probably a hundred rioters were arrested.

    I have not heard the identity of the journalists or the other aid workers, or the conditions of their bodies, it makes me wonder if some body parts were taken – it would be even more of a “teachable moment” if that were the case.

  • Ian Thomas

    Godspeed Ebola-chan!

  • Conrad

    I see NO reason for whites to continue this waste of money & time on these savages. Even the Bible says to leave such people to their own devices.
    Matt. 10:14.
    14And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet. 15Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city.

    • TruthBeTold

      shake off the dust of your feet

      You can’t save people who can’t or won’t save themselves.

    • Anglo

      Yes, and it also says:

      not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls
      before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again
      and rend you.” Matthew 7:6 KJV

      • Nancy

        Darn right. God destroyed whole cities (and peoples) for far less than what these savages inflict on each other every day.

      • none of your business

        Copied, pasted and saved forever, especially the last 5 words. Thank you.

  • Jack Burton

    The majority of Africans are psychopathic retards, that’s not an insult, that’s a fact. Watch Vice Guide to Liberia.

    Nature is trying to help the species, let the virus takes its course. It is actually having a eugenic effect.

    Now, we can easily criticize and criminalize these African blacks. However, how stupid and irrational are the whites themselves who try to help them, when they know they risk their lives either through violence against them or infection, and then those who get infected and bring it back to our country to potentially infect others?? So there is plenty of stupidity and irrationality on both sides.

  • bubo

    Blacks in America believe that AIDS was created to kill blacks. They believe that Kool-aide makes black men sterile. They believe that Bush flooded New Orleans to kill blacks.

    They are an evolutionary throwback unable to live in our modern societies.

    • Simonetta

      I’m becoming convinced that the blacks in America are descendent from the dumbest people in Africa.

      During the days of slavery, when whites were bringing Africans to North America to pick cotton (as opposed Arabian slavery, where Moslems brought Africans to Arabia which still continues today), the local tribal leaders generally knew when the slave traders were in the area.

      They used that opportunity to get rid all the really dumb people in their tribe, and all the people that they just didn’t like, and occasionally some ordinary guy who had a pretty wife that the chief had an eye for.

      Slavery was just a 200 year long Mariel boat-lift for the Africans to get rid of all their bozos, flamers, and retards.

      And we’re still dealing with them and their descendents on a daily basis.

      • bilderbuster

        That’s always been my belief for the most part.
        As long as the Blacks were in good physical condition, off to market they went.

      • Beloved Comrade

        Not the first time this tactic was used. Remember how Castro cleared out the prisons and mental institutions for the Marielitos boatlift? Or the governments of Mexico and Guatemala ridding themselves of the most backwards, diseased citizens by pushing them across the border to America?

        The Cultural Marxists love it because diseased, violent, uneducated people help in their effort to destroy White America.

        If we Whites could put a stop to the war being waged against us, we could take care of blacks, Mexicans, etc., as we did in the old days.

    • Who Me?

      They know that White people are smarter than they are. They just think we’re smarter than we really are.

      • Who Me?

        Just in addition, most blacks are projecting, they imagine that we would do to them what they would do to us if they had the knowledge they think we have.

        • Nancy

          We used to call that the “You Spot It, You Got It” phenomenon.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      They really weren’t that great at pre-modern societies.

    • bilderbuster

      They must believe that we are as incompetent as they are.
      If there really was a “War Against Blacks” their gene pool would’ve been erased long ago without childish schemes like poison Kool-aide.

      • One of the main elements of stupidity is the inability to realize that one is a moderated idiot, and in a country like Equatorial Guinea, everybody anyone there knows is also a tard, so they don’t encounter intelligence. With an average national IQ of 66, if those folks were any dumber, we’d have to put them in pots and water them twice a day.

        • bilderbuster

          They have a nasty habit of always putting their own in pots and boiling each other.

          • It’s probably the only time any of them get bathed.

          • HE2

            I posted the following some time ago, and it was moderated.
            Wonder if it will pass the test today.
            A stand up comedian said he supported water boarding muzzie terrorist suspects for the same reason you state: it is probably the first bath they have ever had.

        • Nancy

          AHAHAHAHAHA! That was great, Michael. I’m totally stealing that.

          • The disturbing aspect is that half of Equatorial Guinea is actually dumber than IQ 66. Where does one make the intellectual cutoff between merely “retarded” and an animal?

          • Nancy

            Where are you getting the average IQ numbers for the countries? I’d love a link to such info.

          • “IQ and the Wealth of Nations”, and “IQ and Global Inequality” by Drs. Lynn and Vanhanen.

    • Beloved Comrade

      They believe Whites created AIDS, crack was poured into black communities, etc., to destroy them because they are taught to believe it.

      Blacks are a low IQ population driven by superstition and backwards belief and impervious to scientific reason or logic.

      The hostile elites know this and use it to turn blacks against White Americans.

  • Luca

    In dissecting the African DNA code, I am sure we will one day find that vast amounts are dedicated to blaming Whites for all their self inflicted woes.

  • dondavy

    Ignorant savages. They should be left to die where they are. If they try to cross the border, they should be shot and left where they lay.

  • Periapsis

    These blacks are dumber than bags of hammers. IF someone engineered a disease to exterminate them, it would first of all be nearly 100 percent fatal. Moreover it is possible to create designer diseases that would kill them and only them, never mind the moral abyss of doing such a thing. Since they regard whites as the enemy, no matter what the motives behind our actions, I say let them die in droves of the disease. Nature will correct this mistake in the human gene pool, because the survivors will know not to bite the hand that is trying to save their lives.

    • Bantu_Education

      Whites have more reason to worry – it has been rumoured for a long time that the North Koreans, with subliminal Chinese support, are working on a plague that will target white people only.

    • bilderbuster

      The more I see of the them the more appealing that “moral abyss” appears.

    • Moral abyss? As Friedrich Nietzsche once said, when you look into the Abyss, it also looks into you. I do fine work with the tools at my disposal, and we as a civilization should do likewise. Survival is always moral.

      • Periapsis

        Indeed, but the fallout from bio-warfare is forever, unlike nuclear warfare. If the Black Death teaches anything, there is no controlling a bio-weapon because it will eventually get your own population too.

        • The left always wants someone to blame, so they can blame me. I have zero respect for them anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

  • wildfirexx

    That’s why they are sending 3000 troops to Africa…to protect the workers, and try and contain the spread, due to ignorance and violence.

  • Sick of it

    “In Sierra Leone, government officials ordered everyone to stay at home
    for three days in an effort to control the spread of the disease.
    International medical groups including Doctors Without Borders have
    criticized the measure, saying it will not contain the crisis.”

    Apparently someone needs to explain the infectious disease process to “Doctors” Without Borders.

    • Beloved Comrade

      ….unless their agenda is to further spread the disease.

      • Sick of it

        Oh it is…Doctors Without Borders is a liberal pro-globalism organization. We have a local doctor who has worked with them. Their ideology trumps everything else.

    • OS-Q

      DWB statement was:

      “Forced quarantines and lockdowns are driving people underground and
      jeopardizing the trust between people and health providers,” the charity
      group said in a statement this month. “This is leading to the
      concealment of cases and is pushing the sick away from health systems.”

      What they mean is:



  • Bantu_Education

    Perhaps they thought they were wizards who came to steal their penises.

    • OS-Q

      Wizzle stole my pizzle fo shizzle.

    • Nancy

      That’s ALWAYS these fools’ first concern: their ability to have sex. Every threat, real or imagined, is in some way targeting the Afritards’ “manhood”.

      “That kid over there gave me the evil eye? My penis will fall off.”
      “My wife served me spoiled monkey meat? She’s trying to make my pecker shrivel up.”
      “Those so-called doctors spraying Lysol? I’m going to be rendered sterile.”

      If only it were that easy…

      • Church’s Chicken was once alleged to have a “secret ingredient” that made black men sterile. Congress even had the FDA investigate this mythical mystery drug unknown to medical science. Nothing was detected, so now it is alternately (A) an undetectable mystery drug, or (B) a massive cover-up.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Why does anyone even care about the Ebola outbreak in Africa? Why would anyone in his or her right mind even bother with trying to help?These people do not care and in fact do not want your/our/ The White Man’s help. Save White Man’s Medicine for White People.

    • OS-Q

      Some are concerned that staying out of it would let the virus mutate and spread to people worth saving.

      • UncleSham

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the reaction of a virus to modern medicine often the cause of its mutation? One of the reasons doctors fear over prescribing certain medications is because when they are over used it gives the virus a greater chance of evolving an immunity to the medicine. With this risk in mind, it might make more sense to save the medication for the few cases we are bound to have in the West. This would theoretically mitigate the risk of the virus evolving into something more deadly and difficult to control.

        • OS-Q

          General misuse is more of the problem, especially in Africa, where the locals often steal and SMOKE medication meant for AIDS/HIV patients.

          Viruses can mutate on their own, but one would imagine that this virus had been in millions of bats and monkeys already, a few thousand Africans might not make a difference in the overall chance of it mutating.

    • lily-white

      because this nation’s “usurper” has lineage and ancestry there… and that’s the best answer that I have heard to date!… and before it’s all said and done don’t be surprised when you start seeing headlines along the line of “afrikan’s infected with ebola given special refugee status” … it is becoming this nations forte to pipe in sick, infected third world peasantry…

    • wildfirexx

      Because it’s a shot in the dark (in the darkest continent) hoping that the european expertise can save the day and stop the spread of a possible World epidemic…
      …Lets hope it dies out like the “Sars virus” or the H1N1.
      But even after all is said and done, don’t expect them to thank us for our kindness and generous hospitality.
      The main stream media will continue to portray us as evil doers…to the third world!

    • MBlanc46

      I don’t recall having seen you lately. If I’ve just overlooked you, my apologies. If you’ve been gone, welcome back.

  • Adolf Verloc

    Some folks need a two-by-four to get their attention. Back in the time of the Shah, Baluchi tribesmen in eastern Iran killed government tax collectors sent to their encampments and thought that would be fine because it would be hard for the army to reach them. The government immediately sent out fighter-bombers with napalm and incinerated all the offending encampments. This resulted in much better behavior. When you’re dealing with savages, you sometimes have to use severe methods.

  • Adolf Verloc

    LOTS more. I read today that UN demographers said that world population might reach 13.2 billion by 2100 – 4 billion of those in Africa. But hey, who’s counting?

    • White Mom in WDC

      Beam me the eff off of this planet!

  • Caucasoid88

    Ebola is an invention of whites to kill blacks just like Smith and Wessen invented drive-by shootings.


    These so-called “people” are beyond stupid, in fact, they are down right retarded! It’s beyond clear that these so-called “people” have within them a racist hatred for White people. The same White people who send billions of dollars to that filthy continent every year to literally feed them. We give their countries billions in medical and military supplies. We’ve literally built dozens and dozens and dozens of water treatment facilities all over the continent, and even laid piping from these plants to far off villages. ALL FOR FREE!

    Yet this is how they show their gratitude, by murdering the people who are there to help them, once again entirely free of charge. They construct these blatantly racist kill Whitey conspiracies. Which say that the same White people who are there helping them, out of the misguided kindness of their hearts. Are actually the very people responsible for creating and infecting their so-called “people” with the virus. These so-called “people” are disgusting! We need to stop carrying their worthless continent and give them what they so clearly want, a world without White intervention in their countries. They need to be left to their own devices, either they help themselves or they don’t, it’s as easy as that.

    • UncleSham

      Africa is so much larger and resource-rich than Europe. I see no reason why all those resources should be wasted by allowing them to be controlled by Africans. We ought to conquer them and put those resources to good use for our people. Only this time without that silly White man’s burden concept. We could push all the Africans to parts of the continent that are less valuable to us.

  • Mack0

    The population explosion in Africa is the end result of removing environmental factors that are necessary in order to keep r-selected breeding behavior under control. We are seeing the same effects in the United States with the creation of the welfare state.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    With this slaughter of good-hearted medical workers, thus shall end white altruism, white guilt. There is no reason to suppose that these aid workers would not use black Africans as tools of racial reparative therapy for whites.

    Surely, most medical aid workers are motivated by Christianity, and for those killed, may their souls be at peace. However, white-guilt and making amends for the racial “sins” of colonialism had to have played a part in leading these white aid workers into the trap that killed them.

    • Beloved Comrade

      True, but if “White guilt” and “turning the other cheek” wasn’t shoved down our throats by the schools, media, Hollywood and government while they look the other way when it comes to Whites being hacked to death in South Africa we wouldn’t be in this position.

      This hateful guilt-trip, used ONLY against the White race, is being used to bankrupt us, justify open borders to the 3rd world, take our homelands and resources away from us and hand them over to non-Whites from the 3rd world.

      Again, it is the hateful anti-White agenda being pushed on us that must be stopped and the lefties who are pushing this, liquidated. Our White survival depends on it.

  • TruthBeTold

    CNN has this article:

    Ebola patients buying survivors’ blood from black market, WHO warns

    • me

      The horror….the horror……

      • lily-white

        the “horror” is that angelo pictured above could be one of our servicemen stateside in a base hospital in the near future…

        • Beloved Comrade

          The “humanitarian tour of duty” was to infect themselves with the ebola virus and bring it back to the U.S.

          The U.S. military is being used as an incubator for ebola.

    • none of your business

      Did the article say what they planned to do with it? Probably drink it like the desert tribes that survive by drinking the blood of their cattle.

  • Lagerstrom

    That’s it. I’m quitting my job with Mediciens San Frontiers.

  • The White Wolf

    The article states: “Many health workers have fled their posts, afraid to work where the disease has killed hundreds of doctors, nurses and hygienists.” And no wonder, with a 50-90% mortality rate, you’re a sitting duck. Anyone who goes there shouldn’t realistically expect to walk out alive.

    What these villegers did is detestable, wildly ignorant and supremely self-destructive, but being no more than tribal 3rd-worlders (holding superstitious beliefs about the dead and their continuing the ancient practices of washing corpses lending itself to the viruses spread) who in their right minds could expect less?

    No, whoever the (educated) geniuses are in the Guinean government that decided to send these ‘officials’ there in the first place are the real fools. Being from that continent, they should at least know something about their neighbors.

  • The Frog and the Scorpion ‘fable’ comes to mind..

  • Shadow

    If I was POTUS that’s EXACTLY what I do,but not until AFTER I sterilize all of those sons of b*****s!

    Our national security demands nothing less.

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    I am completely okay with this. Let the doctors, healthcare workers, UNICEF, nuns, priests, social workers, heck, even the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker go there if they want to. They’re getting exactly what they deserve – Ebola – or murder. Our first mistake in this country was bringing this third world species into this country. The second mistake was when we KEPT them after slavery was over. Third mistake was not forcibly repatriating them back to their mother country. Fourth mistake was integration. Fifth mistake was Affirmative Action. And NOW these namby-pamby white do-gooders want to go over there and interrupt NATURE TAKING ITS COURSE by trying to cure Ebola??? Lord God Almighty, WHY??? YT finally hits the triple bars and they want to mess it up? Personally, I think it’s wrong to interfere with the Africans’ religious beliefs. We devalue them by calling their beliefs “superstitious”. We deny their ethnic heritage when we keep them from cleansing the bodies of the dead victims. That there’s just hypocritical and wrong. Gnome sane?

    • Beloved Comrade

      Yes, no problem with “doctors, healthcare workers, UNICEF, nuns, priests, social workers….” etc., going to ebola-infested countries to futility help ultra-low IQ sub-humans who want to slit their throats.

      But… it should be a one-way trip, no returning to infect innocent citizens.

  • Surprise surprise, blacks blame whites for everything that happens to them, even where there are no whites. Now if only our fearless leaders could figure out that introducing whites into such a place is not exactly a solution.

    • Beloved Comrade

      With blacks and those who support, fund and control them, there will always be one or another excuse fed to them. Look how they reached all the way back to slavery to justify blacks beating the hell out of their kids and wives. Hey, it’s not the fault of violent blacks with shrunken frontal lobes and no impulse control, it’s the fault of a small group of Whites 300 years ago, so all Whites are to be forever blamed. Nevermind the 600,000 White Americans that lost their lives in the unjustifiable WBTS.

      The Cultural Marxist narrative that has taken over Amerikan culture demands that blacks be blameless and Whites at fault in every and all situations.

      This is to rile up blacks to attack and assault Whites and confiscate more money from Whites as reparations. It is the hateful, anti-White agenda that must be completely destroyed.

      • none of your business

        Historians have recently revised that figure to 750,000 White men and about 50,000 White and black men, women and children civilians in the border states who died of disease and malnutrition due to interference with food supplies.

  • Bantu_Education

    Were any of them white? I don’t know, just asking.

  • me

    Isn’t it a shame? Obongo sprints to the rescue if it’s another Negro–halfway across the world, even–, but perish the thought that our servicemen and countrymen should have any help from that jug-eared, racist, arrogant retard! He wouldn’t even interrupt his golf game if it were Americans dying from a pandemic.

    • lily-white

      if americans were dying from a pandemic, rest assured any action from him would be strictly political. we are talking about a man who : awarded the presidential medal of freedom to the likes of okra winfrey and bill clinton, told the director of NASA to “find a way to reach out to the muslem world”. (he and his just-us dept.) incessantly race bait at every available opportunity.

  • Ella

    “It’s very sad and hard to believe, but they were killed in cold blood by the villagers.” This happens in our streets from the knock out game to drive by shootings. I would classify these heinous crimes as “cold blooded.”

  • Rhialto

    The conduct of these Africans toward those trying to help them reminds me of something. It reminds me of the behavior of Liberals towards those trying to explain the reality of racial differences and the consequences of these differences.

    • Beloved Comrade

      That’s why lefties are always trying to criminalize speech, as they have in England and Canada, making any objections or truths pointed out about their nefarious agenda punishable by jail time, heavy fines and career destruction.

      Africans and blacks are merely pawns in the over-all anti-White agenda that’s being waged against us Whites.

      • One term I learned from the Libtards last year was “hate facts”. What they are saying whenever they use it is that they hate the truth.

  • Strider73

    Over the yearsI have received at least two letters from MSF (Idiots Doctors Without Borders) asking for money. I have always trashed them. If it happens again I might send them a harshly worded letter telling them they are indeed idiots for trying to help primitives who are incapable of being helped, therefore I will never give them a cent and will strongly advise everyone I know to do likewise. Perhaps if enough people openly boycott them, they will get the message. After all, without OPM they are totally screwed.

    • Beloved Comrade

      I wish White people would also boycott the anti-White media, all of it, and anything else that is anti-White like most TV shows, Hollywood movies, products promoted via anti-White advertising, the NFL and anything else that denigrates, debases or insults Whites.

      And let them know why.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        I’ve already scratched the NFL off my list. Forever. Seen the new Staples Office supply ad? Where they got all the white participants in the ad doing “rap dances” to rap “music.” Good thing my last purchases for office supplies before seeing this ad were at Office Depot and Office Max.
        Write off Staples, too.

        • tlk244182

          I saw those ads and had the same reaction. The real message is: imitate Black culture.

        • SolStans

          That Staples commercial is the worst! I guess “we’re all ebonists now.”

    • tlk244182

      I read somewhere that MSF is actually a “Communist” front group, whose real political purpose is to discredit Whites as racists. They go overseas, do some good deeds, and then call press conferences to issue fatwas condemning Western Civilization. The “doctor” shtick is to provide a veneer of intelligence, sophistication, objectivity (“without borders” i.e. without a political agenda,) and moral authority.

      • none of your business

        I’m pretty familiar with communist front groups. You are probably right.

      • Rhialto

        Communist front or just typical Liberal behavior?

  • adplatt126

    If only it were…

  • Jack Whistler

    Crack was invented to kill blacks.
    Menthols were invented to kill blacks.
    Malt-Booze was invented to kill blacks.

    The list goes on. Anymore, I can’t help but laugh, blacks want to blame everything on white malevolence. Most of them aren’t smart enough to realize that if the white race ever came to a united resolution to wipe out the negro once and for all. they’d be powerless to stop us. Spears and rocks do nothing against B-52’s and ICBM’s.

    Yet still whites try to help blacks, only to be repaid with robbery, rape, and murder.

    • Mack0

      The left and blacks specifically like to blame external forces for their problems. They believe by externalizing their problems it circumvents personal accountability. What the left is essentially saying, unintended or not, is that blacks lack the capacity to make their own decisions. For Liberals, blacks are the noble savages whom Rousseau wrote about, innately pure in character but corrupted by white civilization.

      White liberals have infantized the black community. Looking at black behavior from this perspective, riots and looting make a whole lot more sense. Black riots are childish temper tantrums encouraged by permissive parents(liberals) who can’t say NO.

    • Beloved Comrade

      “Crack was invented to kill blacks…”

      Myths encouraged and promoted by the Cultural Marxists that run the Amerikan government and media.

      For what purpose? To agitate blacks to attack and assault Whites and justify government theft of White monies to try to find a solution to these black problems, problems they themselves created.

      Repeat until White America and the White Race are thoroughly destroyed.

      • Crack was invented because blacks like Richard Pryor wanted a smokeable form of cocaine without the need to be careful to avoid setting themselves on fire, the way Richard Prior did.

        Coca is grown in South America by Mestizo greaseritos, refined into powder cocaine by Mestizo greaseritos, smuggled here by Mestizo greaseritos, and distributed in the ghettos by blacks. Whites enter the picture only when we are expected to pay taxes to support crack-heads on welfare, but it is somehow still all our fault.

        On a related note, blacks celebrate a hideous gang culture, gun each other down in droves, and blame us for that, too. They also get their girlfriends pregnant and then abandon them, and – you guessed it – blame us for that, as well. Is anyone detecting a theme here?

    • Whites invented B-52s and ICBMs to kill each other and the occasional Chinese, but not blacks.

    • Dale McNamee

      “Screwy Louie” and his moronic sect have been propogating this anti-white screed first uttered by Elijah Mohhammed…. He teaches that an evil white (ice people) scientist named “Dr.Yakub” created the AIDS virus to destroy the “sun people”…
      And that there’s a “great mothership” to take all of the believers before Allah (or some reasonable facscimilie) destroys the evil “ice people” and their works…

      They couldn’t leave soon enough !

    • Melvin Bonzarelli

      Don’t forget skittles and swisher cigars. They were invented to kill blacks too.

  • A village of apes is a village of apes, and no amount of ‘talk’ is going to change that.

  • AmericanCitizen

    Biting the hand that helps you is so African. Our inner city blacks here in America are barely a step above the African savage.

    • Alexandra1973

      Yeah, they bite the hand that feeds you…and demand more gibs.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    This won’t stop anybody, the guilty white liberals will just double down on stupid. If they admit that the Africans can’t be helped because of their backwards beliefs regarding Ebola and how it is spread, then all of their other proclamations regarding race would, by extension, have to be questioned as well. As long as there’s a gated neighborhood to retreat to, the white liberal will be with us.

  • Lord Sandwich

    If you like your Ebola, you can keep your Ebola.

  • Beloved Comrade

    The bodies were found tossed in a septic tank and with their throats slit.

    According to IQ and the Wealth of Nations, Guinea has an average IQ of 66 which means they are too stupid to accept help.

    A people ruled by “deeply held,” ignorant beliefs and superstition coupled with low IQ are not open to science, reason and logic. People like this cannot be helped.

    Guinea should be sealed off until ebola runs its course.

    • Melvin Bonzarelli

      I went to the U.N. website on African statistics to check your IQ number, and what I found is that the nation of Guinea has a TOTAL IQ of 66. That means that adding together the IQ’s of everyone in Guinea adds up to 66. That’s even worse than your ‘average IQ’ estimate.

      • My flippant comment about putting them in pots and watering them thus appears to have been quite accurate.

        • IstvanIN

          I wouldn’t expect any blooms.

  • Beloved Comrade

    Don’t think this won’t happen. The White -hating elites who are in control of this country believe African lives are worth more than White lives.

    I fully expect planeloads of ebola-infected Africans to be flow to the U.S. shortly. It’s a win-win for the elites because this will allow them to confiscate more White money to pay for transport and medical care, spread Ebola around the U.S., kill off millions of Whites and declare martial law on the population.

    Never forget that the Prime Directive of the hostile elites that control this country is to destroy White Western Civilization and the White Race (and ONLY the White race).

  • Augustus3709

    In a way it makes sense though. You need to put yourself in the shoes of a prehistoric savage.

    Imagine that you’re drunk, and high, and have a concussion, and haven’t slept in 36 hours.

    Now consider these weird people in space suits come to your quaint village, and it all has to to do with some magic disease which kills everybody.

    In your primitive logic you’d associate the doctors with the disease, and then in an act of self defense attempt to exterminate the threat.

    • Nancy

      They’re like animals. A dumb animal doesn’t know when you’re trying to help it by untangling it from a snare, or bandaging a limb, or giving it other life-saving medical care. It lashes out at everyone, scratching and biting, in it’s own fear and ignorance.

      I’ve owned reptiles with more sense than these fools.

      • I got a nasty tick out of my dog’s chest in high school, and he was calm about the process. Gregor knew I was helping him. I smeared the body of the tick with vaseline so it would back out, and cleansed the bite with alcohol.

        That schnauzer was smarter than these Afritards.

        • Nancy

          You, my friend, are a wealth of useful information. 😉

          • If one pulls a tick out, the head will stay behind and then the site gets infected.

          • Nancy

            That part I knew, I just didn’t know about the Vaseline trick.

            I’m telling you, when the Zombie Apocalypse happens (the day the EBT cards run out of money), we’re packing up our guns and ammo and heading to your neighborhood.

          • Two books I recommend are “Ditch Medicine”, by Hugh L. Coffee (ISBN 13-978-1-58160-398-3) and “Emergency War Surgery” by the US army (ISBN 978-1-61608-390-8).

          • MBlanc46

            Thanks for the references.

          • Ella

            Thanks for the vaccine feedback and the books that may come in handy. I’ve vaccinated by children too due to being an international cesspool but also had concerns of its side-effects.

        • Melvin Bonzarelli

          A tick that is deeply embedded into a dog, with its head and jaws holding on tight, can be weakened and stunned to let go by soaking a cotton ball or rolled up ball of (clean) toilet paper in rubbing alcohol or whiskey and squeezing the liquid onto the tick, and rubbing it in. That will stun the tick into releasing most of its grip. It’s then a lot easier to slowly extract the tick from the dog. Then rub in a little more rubbing alcohol or whiskey into the wound to sterilize it. I have always preferred to use whiskey because the dog may lick the wound area if accessible, and injesting the whiskey won’t hurt the dog, but the alcohol may cause a problem if the dog ingests it.
          Somehow we have gone from discussing African savages to parasitic ticks in the same topic, and, yet, strangely, it all fits together.

        • IstvanIN

          Amazng how a dog injured and in pain will allow its master to help it even though the owner is inflicting additional discomfort. They are pretty smart.

          • Dogs trust people who are always good to them. It’s like wearing safety glasses in a machine shop; you do it 100% or it is a waste of time.

            A domesticated critter will trust you because he or she loves you with reckless abandon. You don’t dare betray that trust.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Nancy… you are so funny! I read your article about what goes on in Gwinnett Co. its a small world… I;m in Gwinnett, too. Lord, the changes the past 20 years,.

  • jackryanvb

    Hey, liberals – have you hugged an Ebola victim today?

    • Mack0

      A quilt is being made right now

  • jackryanvb

    The Chinese seem to be doing rather well in Black Africa these days. Make projects, make deals with African elites, cut them in on some of the $. Don’t worry what the masses of ignorant, diseased Blacks think or say. Let the locals keep their own customs, if they infect theselves or slaughter themselves – that’s their way.

    Chinese have few if any problems with corrupt Judeo Christianity “White Man’s Burden” to “SAVE” all of Black Africa. Can’t be done.

    • Ultimate187

      China doesn’t have the colonial baggage that Western nations do when it comes to Africa. Their approach is business-like and quid pro quo, not altruistic.

      Goodwill is extended to China because of a difference in historical behavior compared to Europeans. When the Chinese explored a new land, they deemed the inhabitants uncivilized and then sailed home.When Europeans came to a new land, they deemed the inhabitants uncivilized, and then proceeded to conquer them.

      • IstvanIN

        And China did suffer under colonialism, both European and Japanese. Although their invasion of and colonization of Tibet should not be ignored. if China wanted Africa, especially once we are out of the picture, they will simply overwhelm the Africans with shear numbers.

  • Sick of it

    Meanwhile they claim they cannot seal our borders, enforce our immigration laws, repair/improve our rotting infrastructure, etc. I guess not if all the money is being spent on the third world and defense contractors. Not to mention welfare.

  • OS-Q

    Nah, if we tried to salvage the copper, some blacks would just steal it as soon as it gets ashore. So just scrub the stupid Zionist (not French!) poem off instead and replace her torch with the big neon sign that says “No Primitives Allowed.” or something along those lines.

  • Islam is evil. The only perfect convert to Islam is someone who is already evil.

  • The Statue of Liberty isn’t the Statue of Liberty anymore, it’s the Statue of Non-White Immigration.

    Another bug-a-boo is that even if it was, it’s in the wrong city. Do you think you’re really free in New York? Then I dare you to stand around, just stand there, on any given corner on the Upper East Side, with a 32 ounce or greater sugary soda in your hand, a tobacco cigarette in your mouth, an empty M16 strapped on your back, and you’re wearing a shirt that reads, “The Holocaust didn’t happen.” Count the seconds until one of New York’s Finest carts you off to Riker’s Island, then check and see if any of the great civil libertarians that New York is full of will help you out.

  • LHathaway

    Can you imagine the US government requiring everyone in the country to stay at home? We can’t even prevent those with Ebola from flying into the country from overseas.

  • Melvin Bonzarelli

    Yes I have, what’s your point?

  • My daughter and I are sitting here, enjoying vanilla ice cream with chocolate shavings and fresh berries. I threw some vodka on mine, for good measure. If those folks want to eat bats, they’re more than welcome.

    • none of your business

      Living well is the best revenge. After all you’ve been through, you deserve it.

  • John R

    Simply put: Don’t approach large groups of blacks, or any other lower primates. (Hey, you wouldn’t do it to a troop of chimps, or baboons, or gorillas, right? So…)

  • Bill Moore


    If Ebola is a plot to kill Africans, it’s the first intelligent thing that Caucasians have done in the last fifty years.

    Hurrah for Ebola!

    Thank you,
    Bill Moore

    • Mack0

      Not so intelligent if you think about all the money and effort we whites put in to helping Africans. It’s not like they are paying for the medicine or services.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        White altruism in this context is indeed a fatal flaw. If we saw tangible results and progress in Africans, and if they showed signs of becoming self-sufficient from what they learn from White-western aid workers, it would be worth it. But this is more evidence that wasting blood and treasure on those who don’t want anything to do with modern medicine, is indeed, a tragedy.

  • MBlanc46

    Some people refer to the Chinese as the “Jews of the Orient”.

    • Ringo Lennon

      That’s a lot of Jews.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Rather than sending 3,000 American soldiers to that hellhole, send liberal do-gooders there; if they become infected; don’t let back.

    • Mack0

      It should mandatory for black medical students to spent time in Africa.

      • lily-white

        It should be mandatory for black medical students to practice in Africa… exclusively… what better place to learn their heritage than from their tribal witch doctor…

      • Earl Turner

        You just gave me an idea!

        • Mack0

          Oh boy, sounds dangerous. haha

  • Allan477

    I am probably hoping against hope but I hope this will teach the Democrats that it is a very poor idea to send the military in to fight ebola, as Obama wants to do.

  • Jim

    “ ‘It’s very sad and hard to believe, but they were killed in cold blood
    by the villagers,’ government spokesman Albert Damantang Camara said….”

    The only thing that’s hard to believe is when people say it’s hard to believe.

  • Paleoconn

    Doctors without borders = altruists without brains.

    Telescopic philanthropy = narcissistic imbecility.

  • propagandaoftruth

    Islam is a black religion. In every sense of the word. It is inherently antithetical to us and our civilization.

    It’s the highest form of morality an 70 to 90 average IQ folk can handle.

    You can saw off evil Whitey’s head and get 50 eleven year old virgins in “heaven”, almost certainly little blonde White angels with whom to pass around.

    I prefer Valhalla. It’s full of Valkyries like those beautiful young Swedish women in that other article and since I’m White, what goes on there between me and the Valkyries is nobody’s business, you know?

    • Kenner

      What happens in Valhalla stays in Valhalla.

    • captainc

      from your words, it is proven that all races want blondes.

      • propagandaoftruth

        At least the Valkyries are of age and everything is consensual. We drink a lot of mead, throw the bones, sing songs, wrassle, and things happen. Next day more of the same, no hangover, no hassle.


        • captainc

          Your Valhalla is Muslims’ version of Paradise, 72 maidens of fair skins and lovely eyes with river of honey and wine nearby, eternal abode for warriors of Allah.


          • propagandaoftruth

            And roulette and all you can eat buffet’s and house brand cocktails with not a Sammy Davis Jr. in sight…

  • Alex Dihes

    Miss Janet Bolokada Conde leads Diwadou Barry to the principal of the Guinea magnet school and says, “Sir, he doesn’t belong to the first grade, little Diwadou knows too much, I suggest to transfer the boy to the third grade.
    — Well, Miss Conde, I’d like you to examine the student in my presence.
    — No problem, Sir. Little Diwadou, tell me what is that that a cow has four and I have only two?
    — The legs.
    — That’s right, and what is that that you have in your pants two and I have none?
    — The pockets.
    — Wait a minute, Miss Conde, let’s assign him to the fifth. I myself got the two questions wrong.

  • OS-Q

    About three days worth of ebola deaths without them spreading the sickness. I think Ebola has a 2-21 day incubation* period. So it will probably prevent some spreading. PC and some libertarians types hate quarantine efforts so it probably will be somewhat more effective than they will let us know.

    *time from infection with the virus to onset of symptoms

  • James Brown

    I have the unfortunate past of having lived in this country for almost 3 years. worked for the state dept. And all i can say is it couldnt have happened to a nicer country…

  • JustSayin

    On the surface it’s difficult to understand why those of the what we call “liberal” persuasion, who espouse the virtues of environmentalism and the moral imperative of mankind to leave nature in the most pristine of states, never the less go to great lengths to interfere with nature taking its course in Africa. That I see this as an opportunity for Bantus to rise to the challenge that mother nature has provided them while simultaneously bringing their numbers to a more manageable level may seem cruel, but that is the way of mother nature.

  • Mary

    Thoroughly disgusting, but naturally not surprising. Of course these people are only suffering due to White racism, so there is no price too high to pay to atone for our collective sins, I suppose.

  • ElComadreja

    Don’t forget the CIA invented crack and then twisted their arms to make them take it. Everything is a big plot by whitey to these paranoid low IQ sociopaths.

  • gah

    0bama is sending 3000 troops over there to “battle ebola.” We can expect more of these attacks by ungrateful Africans.

    • Chasmania

      Seems a waste to send 3000 guys there to help diseased, ungrateful Africans when we have millions of diseased, ungrateful ones right here in America.
      Why don’t we send all of our Africans over there and have them teach those Africans about how they only need more government and then they too can have EBT cards and section 8 housing ?

    • Christorchaos

      We can expect more of these attacks by ungrateful Africans.

      The concept of gratitude really does not exist outside of a religious context. So to the extent that Africans are still steeped in paganism, gratitude will be unknown.

  • Particularly since this is reported by the Los Angeles open-borders Times, and since the U.S. will be importing more and more of such engaged energetic indigenous peoples, shouldn’t we be more appreciative of their cherished beliefs in witchcraft, evil spirits, spells, black magic and the like, as well as their vigorous use of locally grown organic rocks and clubs to defend their way of life, as yet another vividly bright ribbon of color that will be woven into the very fabric of the ever more beautifully rich tapestry of vibrant robust multiculturalism that is wonderfully transforming America and all of the Western World?!

    • lily-white

      you should be a writer for the LA Times… for a moment you even had me convinced…

  • 4321realist

    “Last month, riots erupted after a medical team sprayed a marketplace in the same region as rumors spread that it was a conspiracy to infect the population.”
    Since blacks in the US think whites here introduced drugs into their neighborhoods, plus aids, and that they blew up the levees in N.O. to kill off all the blacks, and at least twenty other myths they pass around as irrefutable facts, it appears as if paranoia is an embedded trait that affects them all.
    Is it any wonder they go hysterically screaming down the street when one of their thugs has been justifiably shot by someone trying to protect himself, yet continue on with their nonsensical beliefs that the black was murdered long after the evidence proves he was not?
    Who could integrate with these evil morons? They love to include themselves in with non-whites called “people of color,” but it’s an indisputable fact that people of color want even less to do with them than whites.

    • WhiskeyJunkie

      There are non-Whites with such animosity towards blacks, the KKK and other WNs would wet their pants. Even Vlad the Impaler would vomit if he could.

  • De’Marquise Elkins

    Coming soon to Detroit ….

  • benvad

    The government is wasting funds trying to save these things? Stop all aid and destroy their ports/airports, so they can’t leave.

  • thegreennazi

    What happened to monkeys throwing poop?
    Hahaha thegreennazi strikes again

  • evilsandmich

    I recall that now that you mention it. Google up “Bangladesh peace corp rape” and you’ll see stories in the first half of 2011, and then nothing.

  • WhiskeyJunkie

    The Darwin awards latest winners!

  • Earl Turner

    A commenter below gave me an idea.

    Somehow we must start a rumor in Africa (I’d suggest getting the posters from 4chan’s /b/ to help, they’re good at this sort of thing. The rumor is that black doctors from America can cure ebola (and AIDs too, why not?) but white people won’t let them go to Africa.

  • Criticised when we do help (Liberals: “if this was happening to white people, there would be a cure by now”, Blacks: “this is invented by wicked whites to kill us all!”)….and criticised if we don’t.

    The white man cannot win no matter what we do.

    It really got on my nerves when I heard some liberals in the media suggest that we “western” nations are not working fast enough to come up with a cure, and, further, that if it was happening in Europe something would be done by now….implying racism and that ‘we don’t care’.

    Oh yeah? So where are all these African doctors and medicine pioneers in these places in Africa? Why do WE have to be responsible to sort it out and “invent” cures?

    We are scolded by both sides, then, via a manufactured anti-white position pushed on the world, told to clear off by the natives that westerners are trying to help!

    Suppose the bubonic plague swept Europe….I do ask myself: Would Africans rally around to save us? Would they muster the skills, the technology, the capacity of control and professionalism to save our bacon? Would they even care, on the whole?

    I seem to recall that a plague wiped out approximately 30% of the European population….However, we are now shrinking without plague, whilst Africa is set to reach 4 BILLION by the end of this century.

    The future of the world is very frightening. With westerners – the goose that lay the golden eggs – on the decline, our nations turning into outposts of the third world, the actual third world quadrupling in demographics all at the same time, coupled with lapse borders and little will to enforce European survival.

    A truly horrific nightmare unfolding.

    • Mack0

      Why are there African physicians living in the United States who are not taking their medical knowledge back to their homeland? They choose money and western comfort over their own people. These are the people who should be shameful.

    • propagandaoftruth

      It really got on my nerves when I heard some liberals in the media suggest that we “western” nations are not working fast enough to come up with a cure, and, further, that if it was happening in Europe something would be done by now….implying racism and that ‘we don’t care’.

      You know what I now hate that I used to think cool when I was a crypto-Marxist libtard?

      That movie where the coke bottle drops out of the sky and hits some bushman and complicates his life or something. “The Gods Must Be Crazy”.

      We God-like evil Whiteys made all the problems when we made the world and everything in it imperfect. We can’t even fix all the problems!

      Must be because we’re evil and don’t want to fix all the problems. I know I’m evil and I sure don’t want to solve all the problems.

      And I’m OK with that these days, you know?

      • It seems that even as a nationalist I cannot help but concern myself with the problems of Africa, both for their sake and our own!

        What is good and what is evil is not always so clear cut. Positions I hold now I would have shocked the old “libtard” version of me in my younger years, but knowing what to expect of Africa, Africans, and how things will pan out in the future, I have come to realise that sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind….or, as liberals like my former self would have it, “evil” and “bitter”.

        It is indeed going to be seen as nasty and evil to suggest that 30% of Africa should be wiped out with a terrible disease, to not give that “£2 per month” to some charity that “provides clean water” (as advertised on the TV), because all these starving and fly crusted babies are facing death.

        But on the other hand, knowing that those, say, 100,000 poor, uneducated, starving, or sick people with no prospects will soon quadruple to 400,000 starving, uneducated, sick people with no prospects….who is really the monster?

        Even as a nationalist it ‘bothers’ me how liberals keep allowing their demographics to mushroom, with no signs whatsoever of them being self sufficient or first world in standard. It is going to be terrible for them, terrible for us.

        I don’t know how liberals expect to cope with the future demographic projections and what could be biblical scale starvation or disease. They want to feel good and morally superior to everybody else for rescuing these poor souls….but like with Band Aid in 1985, it only pushes larger disaster down the line.

  • Alucard_the_last

    The ‘natives’ should realize that whites are the only people on earth that keeps coming to their rescue. Decade after decade; food, medicine and monetary aid and they are still in the Neolithic stage. We need to give up and let nature do what it has been trying to do for a long time.

  • HJ11

    First the pathological altruists and their fellow travellers complain about there being too many people on the planet and then they rush to save Blacks in Africa from nature’s ways of keeping the population down. Then, there are more Blacks having more children and the problems get larger.

    Let nature work without interference of Whites trying to save non-Whites. Butt out of Africa. Ebola, AIDS, and various other mass death events are sent by nature to limit the population.

    Whites should only try to save our fellow Whites. Let Blacks try to save their fellow Blacks.

    Do not interfere, Whitey. If you do, you’re just working against Whites.

    • OS-Q

      No, they think there are too many white people – the “carbon footprint” of a dozen starving Eithopian children is small compared to that of a white man who has to commute to work to avoid getting mugged on the sidewalk. That’s why they only want the white population at or below replacement level. Plus those children add diversity to the world, whereas whites take away from it.

      Over at VDARE their are articles in the archives about the Sierra Club’s civil war over the third world population and immigration issues in which the moneyed interests won out over the principled environmentalists.

  • Christorchaos

    Big fat missionary stew and I do mean stew.

  • Christorchaos

    This should be a huge story and cause the scales to fall from the eyes of not a few. I should be hearing more about this story than I am. Does anybody who follows the MSM know how much coverage the story is getting ? This is in the Los Angeles Times .. a good-sized organ.