Councillor Attacks £23m Birmingham Bikes Scheme

Birmingham Mail, September 11, 2014

A £23 million scheme aiming to transform cycling in Birmingham has been blasted as discriminatory and a waste of money only catering for “white, young men”.

The Cycle City project, which hopes to get motorists to ditch their cars, will be backed by £6.3 million from the council, as well as a £17 million Department for Transport grant.

But Birmingham councillors described the plans as a “massive waste” and “absolute nonsense”, claiming such huge sums of public cash should not be spent on activities which exclude the elderly and some ethnic groups.

But at the Edgbaston District committee Coun Deirdre Alden (Con, Edgbaston) said she was concerned such a large amount of effort and investment being spent on a mode of transport predominantly used by young men.

“The vast majority of cyclists on our roads are young, white men,” she said.

She added that, while there are exceptions, “most elderly people are not going to cycle, and it would be dangerous for them to start on our streets now”.

And she added that disabled people do not benefit from cycling and that “women of any ethnic group who wish to wear modest clothing, and I count myself in that category, are not going to cycle. It is a discriminatory form of transport”.

Under the cycle revolution, cash will be used buy 5,000 bikes and set up cycle hubs from which they can be rented or used for training.

Councillors were stunned to find out that 2,000 of them would be given away. Coun Matthew Gregson (Lab, Quinton) said: “My concern is that we are giving these bikes away to people who are not going to use them. This would be a waste of public money.”

As well as bike loan and free bikes, there will also be a training courses to give people the confidence to take up cycling. The aim of the policy is to double the number of trips made by bike from five per cent to ten per cent of the total in the city by 2033 – with the aim of making the city greener, healthier and safer.

Proposals are currently out for public consultation.

Coun James McKay (Lab, Harborne), a cyclist, defended the investment, saying: “Everyone accepts the model of us all getting around in single occupancy cars is broken. With a rising population, this will lead to gridlock so we have to change our way of doing things.”

He said government had recognised this in issuing the grant money. His colleague Coun Badley added: “We are going to have to move to a position where we have more people using bikes and we know that many people do not use bikes because they do not feel safe. While there are some reservations, this investment is generally a good thing.”

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  • phorning

    I don’t care for the discrimination angle, but I am not going to defend government spending for free bikes. What does James McKay mean by “single occupancy cars?” All cars allow for more than one occupant, and biking is not always practical either.

    • LHathaway

      They are supposed to rent them out, too. Perhaps private ownership is an antiquated leftover from when Britain was still a capitalist society?

      • B.A_2014

        I support the scheme. I’m not a cyclist but it is a good excercise. With the Western peoples waistline expanding at a rapid rate some excercise is needed. It’s also a bonus if it pisses off liberals.

        • LHathaway

          Dude, I doubt a biking plan in and of itself will anger leftists. If we must imagine they are angry, to make us feel better, more power to us. It’s about time power shifted, back to it’s rightful owners.

          These days leftists are more reactionary than we are. Perhaps their leadership will tell them why biking is the latest evil. No doubt they would be on that in the blink of an eye.

          • Bicycling discriminates against lazy pieces of moderated. One of my friends realized he was closing in on 300 pounds, and didn’t want to die young, so he quit smoking and bought a decent bicycle. He took off 50 pounds in the first year. I didn’t get a driver’s license until I was 18, and grew up in hilly Boulder, so bicycling is second nature to me. Getting over a steep hill without having to stand on the pedals feels good, though it sometimes strains the seams on my jeans.

            I have four bicycles: three here and one at my mother’s house. We love bicycling together. I love to go really fast on the flats, but then I have to wait for her. Going that fast just feels good to me. The thrill and the endorphines released by exertion are a good combination. That one’s only an 18, but a bit lighter. My mother found it in the dumpster while I was locked up, wrestled it out and saved it for me. Sayaka has two bikes, one for here and one there. I got both of those out of apartment complex dumpsters while delivering pizza after my release from prison.

            One beneficial result is that at age 48, I still have the same 32-inch waistline I had at 17. My blood pressure at last test was 88/45, which was too low for me to donate blood.

            Being healthy feels good, and it’s cheap.

          • LHathaway

            “lazy pieces of moderated”
            Pretty good. You should try for a job writing at a paper in Boulder or Denver. Seriously. Call it a ‘diversity’ hire. We all know they desperately need it.
            If you’re worried about maybe saying something you shouldn’t, they’ve got editors for that. I’m not sure if you’re getting better and better from writing here on AmRen or if you’re just a natural talent, but it seems to me, you write pretty good.

          • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

            If your resting bp is really this value, something is wrong. You also would likely be having occasional dizzy spells like when you stand up quickly or even black outs. It’s rare for men to have bp this low, but not women. Beats per minute is the usual measure of heart fitness, especially compared to blood oxygen levels, while bp says more about the condition of your arteries and maybe your kidneys (hypertension). However, a very low bp like this can hint at heart problems. Check your personal data. If a heath care worker found this value, they should have also have given you some follow-up advice. There could be other explanations like the expertise of the person who was screening you. They ought to have asked you if you ever get dizzy, etc. But you may want to take a look at your electrolyte balances.

            From a S Gupta Q&A;

            “I am a little concerned about what you are writing. Blood pressure can be a tricky thing to understand because levels categorized as “too high” or “too low” in one person, may be normal for someone else.

            Once a person establishes his or her baseline number, it’s important to consult with a health-care provider to evaluate its specific impact.

            A normal blood pressure is essential to your heart because it
            promotes and allows healthy blood flow. And you are right–typically you hear people talking about the dangers of HIGH blood pressure because it can lead to heart disease. But low blood pressure, known as hypotension, can be dangerous as well.

            What’s too low? Anything below 90/60mm. Experts say that if you have a low BP level and are experiencing dizziness, fatigue, nausea it could be a sign of serious underlying conditions such as a heart condition, blood infection or damage to your nervous system. It is best to be evaluated to determine what could be the trigger.

            For those not experiencing symptoms, a low BP level is rarely of
            concern. You can boost your blood pressure levels naturally by staying hydrated throughout the day and increasing the amount of sodium in your diet.”

      • Banning private ownership is impossible. I built a 21-speed bike out of scrap: three gears in front and seven in back, and it is my favorite out of my four bikes. It’s good for going uphill, and I can move like the wind on flat ground with it. If I could make this one out of garbage, the commies have nothing left.

      • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

        I think it’s worked in Denmark. You buy a token and then you can leave a bike at a designated rack and then you get your token back. It’s the old European concept of “the village bike.”

        What we’ve really got here is another case of Western culture clashing with non-Western cultures. There are so many non-Westerners in England now that they feel that they can express disdain for the indigenous English in their own country, and expect to craft laws that cater to them, but abolish or prevent laws or acts that don’t cater to them, but they think will cost them money as taxpayers. What hypocrites!

        On another note, I don’t think this would ever work in the U.S. (Except in a few isolated places, maybe). They tried it in Portland, OR some years back and all the bikes were stolen.

    • Oaktown Jim

      The government subsidizes all kinds of transportation, from roads and highways to transit to airplane travel. Single occupancy means one person in the car, which underutilizes the capacity of a vehicle. A big road footprint for one person, who could just as easily be riding a bike. Not all people want to make this shift, but such projects have been very effective in some markets.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Never mind who pays the taxes. Never mind that there are no signs posted saying “Blacks not allowed.” Shows just how insane the formerly Great Britain has become.

    • LHathaway

      The day is likely coming, when white British men who want out may have the option of moving somewhere like the Pacific Northwest USA. They seem to be telling white men they are not wanted. How long have they already been telling them that in ‘formerly great’ Britain? At some point, sitting and watching the car crash unfold, or seeing the ball pulled away, as it were, is going to become a less desirable past time, no matter how masochistic one is. It’s only a matter of time before many of them get smart and leave?

      • Tim_in_Indiana

        I hate to think that leaving their own historic homeland is going to be the only option. The land, after all, is largely what made them as a people, and by leaving it, they would be leaving an essential part of themselves and their history behind.

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          It disturbs me how many Brits have already left. What good does leaving do? I feel the same way about Northern whites leaving the Northern United States in droves and heading South. Stay and fight for your area.

          Alabama is hardly the most luxurious place to live. It has one of the largest black populations in the country. Our cities are hardly anywhere near the top of the list when it comes to “interesting cultural cities in the white world”.

          But I stay here because this is my home. You make the best of your situation. The grass is hardly greener….etc…etc….you know the rest.

          • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

            You’re right in this; there is really nowhere left to go. I picked my ground for a number of reasons some years back and though not ideal, it is better than California – at least for a little while longer. I can see the same problems migrating (literally) up to this region, greatly assisted by the very leftist governments of both Oregon and Washington.

        • LHathaway

          Yes, good point. That’s why they will have Wales and Scotland to fall back on, to preserve these ties to the land and ‘soil’. There’s always an answer.

      • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

        The Pacific Northwest is full of Leftists and are very liberal in general and even Idaho is affected by “diversity.”

        • RealisticGuy

          Very true. More likely conservative Americans will be fleeing to Britain, and Europe, bringing their politics with them.

          • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

            Well, first off, American conservatives are very different from European types. Next, they are going to run into laws that will not allow them to own guns and that already have penalties for “hate speech” and the like. Also, I know that France’s conservatives also hate Americans, all of them. They are from the old Vichy regime (Marie le Pen) that fought the U.S. in WW2 and have some particular scores left to settle such as when the U.S. Fleet in the Mediterranean prevented them from taking over the Suez Canal and overthrowing the Egyptian government as part of their Algerian War in the 1950s.

            I tend to agree with those who say that we have to fight where we are, not flee off into scenarios we often don’t understand with expectations that are American based. Lao Tzu’s “Art of War” lists familiarity of terrain (your surroundings) to be one of the most important ingredients when planning your “battle.”

        • LHathaway

          It’s only a matter of time before ‘saving’ whites is a cause and the libbers join us. Right now, however, they are more afraid of being ‘racist’ than anything. This is so backward it’s incredible. Many of them no doubt relish the ability to instill fear in others being on the right side of the issues gives them. I’ve argued, many times before, this is the only reason they hold the views they do.

          Multiculturalism is the beginning of all different kinds of clashes of values. I suppose their fear of, and knuckling under, to non-whites is in it’s infancy. Now they are afraid of and animated mostly by political correctness. The day will come when physical fear of non-whites leads them.

          I don’t know, but I do suspect they will join us. It’s only a matter of time? We shouldn’t expect them to be too brave or vocal about it, I guess. How much real effort does it take, though, to make a choice in the voting booth? This may at last be their brave stand and their one moment of integrity.

          • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

            I hope that you are right, but I think there is a great deal of wishfulness in it. The complex that such whites need to overcome is very old and perhaps even genetically impressed. Christianity has instilled a general need to feel virtuous in most Western people. The emotionalism of most of these topics play right into that reflex. On top of that, the ultimate Marxist argument is also based on the virtue complex as well.

            This is why I have long (many years posting here) said that if we must have a religion, the best is a form of pre-Christian indigenous European outlook that is based on the worship of ancestry (very important) and the bond to our land. With this comes everything else, including the determination to preserve our ancestral lines and the absolute right to exist, especially within out traditional indigenous homelands. North American could be claimed as this because Europeans settled a primitive land when it was still tribal and backward, plus now the confirmation that Europeans had arrived before the Asians and settled in North America during the Ice Age (Soultrean, Clovis Culture). A good book on this with all the newly found archeological data is “Across Atlantic Ice,” by Stanford and Bradley. So it can be argued that in the Viking discovery and later successful settling, was merely a return because in Nordic and Celtic lore there was always a theme of a land to the west, etc.

            I suspect that nothing will change until the present system collapses and people make choices based on survival chances. The instinct to group with your own phenotype will return and trump the sociological forces preventing it now.

          • LHathaway

            So true. That’s all it is on my part, wishful thinking. Especially since, now, fear of political correctness runs their societies, in the future actual fear of non-whites beside them will control them. And it could be argued, 50% of the white population benefits from even that. Of course the other 50% seem direly eager to please the other 50% who benefit. If you look at whites who are, economically, at the top. It may be as much as even 70 or 80% of whites who in some way, either safety, or status, benefit.

            In the UK and the USA, I think it likely whites will have Scotland, Wales and the Pacific Northwest to fall back on in one way or another. I suspect whites in most of the rest of the world will be able to hold their banner up high, maintaining their level of purity relatively unstained. I’m not sure it can be done with a continuously open border. I’m not that confident.

            I know it’s propaganda, at least in the US, that has us all favoring people of color, but I suspect there is a genuine interest in the other. I’m not sure I completely buy, ‘people favor their own kind’ argument. At least I don’t buy it completely. I don’t know.

            You know, I genuinely think they might collapse the economy. That type of thing makes dispossessed whites feel better about being shut out and having backs turned on them. Maybe the powers that be would do it for real I don’t know. I suspect that type of thing, the woe is the world without whites (men) is mostly just propaganda to make the truly, utterly, disenfranchised and humiliated, feel a bit better.

            I truly hope we don’t turn our backs on christianity. I suspect most people do believe there is a higher power. I know I do.

          • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

            Interesting, but disjointed reply. Where to start?

            Without white men, there are no white women and hence, not whites at all. Since whites (men) were the driving force of Western civilization (backed by dedicated white women) when they are gone the world will collapse into chaos, I am sure of that, just look at the world now as we grow fewer and more of the others (including leftist women) take over.

            Many studies have been done that demonstrate that children flock to other children of their own race and most attacks at preschools and kindergartens usually feature a non-white attacking a white. It was happening even in the 1950s, when I was a child. Many other studies have shown that people feel the most secure among people with their own physical appearance. Some of these studies have been featured here in Amren articles. But common sense and honest objectivity would inform this as well. However, if you raise a black among whites, they will act and think they are white and otherwise. I like to tell the story of how when my older sister raised chickens they decided to raise a chick with a puppy. The chicken grew up thinking it was a dog. One day, some dogs were loose up the dirt road. The chicken saw them and ran up, expecting to be treated like a friendly dog. They killed the chicken. Get the point?

            I can and always will champion the argument that Christianity is the worst thing that has happened to the white race and holds us back now. Just because so many whites are the result of two millenia of a relentless, fear oriented campaign to brainwash them, making them reluctant to admit the obvious and change accordingly doesn’t make an argument against what I have written already written to you on this. Christianity has zero value for white survival other than supply a delusional state, which is harmful in the long run, as it is right now. it is the easiest tool to use against white separatism and identity because it removes identities and cultures and replaces them with its really incredible dogmas and sets of impossible assertions. That most people still believe in “a higher power” is not a mark of strength or distinction, but an admittance of an ongoing refusal to face reality and take personal charge of oneself and one’s world (affairs). Anyway, Christianity erases the valuable notion of the honoring and preserving of ancestors and ancestry. I am certain that without a refocusing on ancestry as our core spiritual concern and system of identity whites will not survive as a race or ethnic group much longer.

          • LHathaway

            I suspect we will get in touch with our past and some of our (long forgotten conservative ideals) but this will be no different than a religion (if/and where religion is a fiction). In our modern times, I do think we need to hold onto something stable, and there is much in the past we could hold onto. But this would seem to be, or it seems as if it will be, more about an illusion, or a feeling, or even a belief of some kind more so than anything else.

            I have to admit, the distant future frightens me, a little, (and this has nothing to do with racism), but I would like to think the true future of white societies belongs to young people, doing something perhaps, completely new. Again, perhaps wishful thinking on my part, but I would like to see the young forget all about us and go on to something new (they usually do, actually). Worse than wishful thinking, because this is also the way I feel, and I’m a old man: it’s time for something new. I want to do something new. Perhaps this is more than just wishful thinking or good feelings. Perhaps I’m just arrogant and conceited enough to want to do it.

            While I do think it’s likely we will reconnect with the past, let’s not turn the rediscovery into a ball and chain, weighing future generations in place. If there are things to hold onto from our past, let them consider them and evaluate them, or perhaps, even discover them on their own, again.

          • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

            All can do is quote this truth; “Those who do fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it,” and “Those who do not have a history (know it), have no future.”

            Again and again, I mostly see whites either woefully ignorant of their own history, supplanting it with historical myths and/or the assumption that the Christian religion somehow represents the Western experience/culture. These are fatal errors.

            When one is struggling to gather enough fuel for a fire and find food to eat, the rediscovery of history and culture takes a distant back seat. In two generations, you will likely have widespread illiteracy.

  • IstvanIN

    That race traitor needs to be “diversified”!!!!!

  • Newsflash: Massive bike wreck at the intersectionality of carbon neutrality and disparate impact.

    On the one hand, climate change, automobile traffic congestion, health and physical fitness.

    On the other hand, Muslim women who wear “modest clothing,” the elderly and disabled, anyone but “young white men.”

    As Rotherham demonstrated, anti-racism tends to win these intersectionality battles.

    • ViktorNN

      You’ve put quite nicely the many absurdities of the politically correct left all crashing into each other at once.

      As someone with some fairly liberal views of my own, I’d like to think that witnessing enough of these moments of ideological cognitive dissonance eventually wakes up many leftists to a more sophisticated view of the world. Sadly, it doesn’t nearly enough.

      • White liberals, the ones who actually believe in liberalism, and aren’t just in it to fake their way into political power, are in a very similar position to the white libertarian right. Both camps are pretty much open borders all the way, either overtly or as a net consequence of ideological rectitude, and mass non-white immigration and the browning of whatever formerly white country is the topic of discussion means that white liberal and right-libertarian line items will be impossible to implement.

        • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

          However, as we see with women’s rights missionaries, the very things they support, all along thinking that it would lead to a better deal for them turns out again and again to result in problems that any idiot could see coming, due to the accompanying postures of their own general liberalism. Example; “liberated” women walking around in public essentially in their underwear will predictably attract predators. I think that most of them don’t understand that the reason for their movements’ birth (special interest civil rights groups) came from the Communist Party USA and The Frankfurt School. The announced and well known goal was to destroy American society any way it could. They just don’t understand their role as useful idiots, but that time is nearing.

          • LHathaway

            I’m less hopeful for you in Britain. You will be lucky to be let in Scotland or Wales. Remaining in Britain, as you are forming a new people out of a multicultural assembly, will likely be just fine, as whites, also ‘assert their racial identity’. I truly suspect things will be just fine for those in Britain.

            You never know, though, in the film ‘Clockwork Orange’ at the end of the film the politician proclaims, ‘We’ll send him somewhere where he can never hurt you again’.

            What would be better than that? And who doesn’t use that film as a base for all of their political ideologies?

            But I have this fantasy for the US. After racial separation. After all the speeches are made, after all the votes are in, after whites conduct our own form of busing, perhaps. After it is all over, we say, thank you for the votes, but sorry, and kick offensive whites out of our new country. I even imagine doing it in a rude way. Middle of the night, in the most dramatic of cases, and left right outside the nearest border. Maybe it wouldn’t be that many people in total.

            That’s my dream. I won’t live to see it. Perhaps that’s a good thing. If I were in charge, I would start with and pay special attention to White Nationalist types. Oh how I would. Much like Stalin and others focused on members of their own parties.

            I certainly hope to live to see it. I want to see it so badly, it would only be amusing to me if I were one of the one’s kicked out. I think it would still make me happy. That’s commitment, lol.

          • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

            Is there a doctor in the house? Oh wait, that’s me. Diagnosis; delusional with visions of grandeur and anti-social mass-murder fantasies.

            Anyway, we’re way past the time where whites can vote themselves separate or legally separate.

            You seem to assume I live in Britain. I’ve lived in the U.S. as a citizen all my life, but have lived and worked as a private citizen in Europe. If anything near to your wild dreams ever did come true, the white nationalists would be the ones in charge, not Stalin worshiping feminazi. But if you really wish to examine it, Stalin killed people that threatened his power, not people who deserved it or were actually disloyal to the cause or party. The big problem with this vision is that the truth is that young power groups are always comprised of individuals who compete for dominance and that leads to great injustices and murder as with Hitler and Stalin (and Mao). Without a system to prevent that (peaceful transition of power, etc.,) your vision is only likely in a much different but more disparate version, with divisions on micro-local areas, like neighbors fighting for dominance in community decision making until someone makes a violent power move; “I never liked those Jone’s, anyway.”

            Nothing near your vision will ever happen. The Western societies are on the verge of collapse. As we see in Cabo San Lucus right now, where 11,000 tourist are being evacuated while all the Mexicans run wild, looting and one must assume, doing all the things that usually occur when the rule of law is suspended, the overwhelming issue will be survival in a state of affairs where third worlders are the majority population and we assume, whites have nowhere to evacuate to. Imagine the California Bay Area after the big earthquake or even Portland, OR (near where I live). Imagine St. Louis when the ripple affect arrives, etc.

            We’re nearing the event of collapse that will put nearly everyone, if not all instantly back in the dark ages with the feudal system (strongmen rule over less strong men) as the only sound Darwinian model. But this doesn’t even account for the problems that
            things like the lack of services and the loss of assumed comforts.
            Imagine, no internet, no tv, barely any radio, and on top of that, no
            guaranteed running or potable water, sewer, etc. Then, disease
            outbreaks that will make the current Ebola outbreak look like a walk in the park. (Is this situation, now supplied with a conduit to the U.S. thanks to Obama just the warm-up)? A perfect
            storm has been brewing for a long time, and there are no guaranteed
            winners. I do not hope to see this, but being realistic and as one with “my finger in the wind” for decades, I see it coming and sooner than later.

            I was a big fan of “A Clockwork Orange” for years. You’re taking that quote way out of context. Personal political hits are not new and that wasn’t the film’s point. But what remains outstanding to me from that film is its soundtrack.

          • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

            To add; anyone walking up to my door in the middle of the night better be careful and if coming with bad intentions better be well armed. My guess is that you don’t even know how to handle a firearm, but imagine reigning over henchmen who would do such deeds at your command. You’ve been playing to many computer games and/or watching too much tv and films.

          • LHathaway

            Definitely true, as regards to computer games. I could use to watch a good film, though, now and then. Your diagnosis may also be very close to the mark.

            My comment DID imply that white nationalists types would be in charge. Who knows about that? One interesting thing to me in British history is that after winning the WW2 Churchill lost the next election, forever abandoning the halls of power?

            I believe you are incorrect regarding one item, a purging. The ‘even’t would draw everyone together.

            What was the point of the film, ‘Clockwork Orange’, and are you a real doctor. . . .

          • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

            Oh boy…. What’s a “real doctor?” Anyone with a PhD is a doctor. But what does it matter, if the shoe fits, wear it. (Or at least engage in some self-examination). But people write all sorts of things on the net with varying degrees of sincerity.

            Purging did not draw people together in Russia or China and in Germany, it wasn’t generally known (political purging). What it did do was create societies where everyone lived in fear and insanity, worshiping a tyrant as a god. Learn from the past. Not my hope and dream for the future.

            The defeat of WC is not surprising if you pay attention to the historic period. The country felt it needed to implement strong social welfare laws in order to recover from the war. WC felt that this was too Marxist. On top of that, WC was an extreme nationalist and he began to be appear too nationalist or at least, not the man to lead the nation forward as social organization was not his forte. He was also virulently anti-communist and with good cause, he witnessed the purges and violence of Stalin, etc., and the bazaar implementation of Stalin’s Five Year Plans, and etc.

            It is just as well that he left public office because as a result of his retirement from national leadership and the parliament he finished his four volume work “The History of the English Speaking Peoples,” and wrote the six volume, “The Second World War,” receiving a Nobel Prize for them and providing a great comprehensive tome that may through its compactness serve to remind whites of their past some day if they remain literate. (I have a hardbound copy of the History of the English Speaking Peoples).

            As far a “A Clockwork Orange” is concerned, you can read reviews online. I haven’t watched it in years (although I own the dvd). For me it was a warning against the dangers of a new psychiatric therapy called “behavior modification,” now termed “aversion therapy,” coupled with a warning on the danger of liberal politics and social experimentation with assumptions around what constitutes “good” in any individual’s character. My favorite bits are the preacher who uses a form of it while preaching to the jail inmates (fear of god, hellfire) and later rages over the lack of choice that Alex has through his trained-in reflex to grow ill at the thought of violence. Lots of food for though there, at least for the thinking people out there.

  • ncpride

    Coun James McKay (Lab, Harborne), a cyclist, defended the investment, saying:……Blah, blah. Saying any and everything except what needs saying here. Where is their utter outrage about the race issue here? Why are they not demanding an apology and asking how DARE they say such things about Whites, who, no doubt, pay the MOST taxes still yet? Where is the anger and rage, people? What will it take to show some backbone? And I don’t mean just about this article…..just look at the news today…’s infuriating. When are we going to rally and tell our governments we’ve had enough?

    • LHathaway

      Vote UKIP or BNP.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    And she added that disabled people do not benefit from cycling and that “women of any ethnic group who wish to wear modest clothing, and I count myself in that category, are not going to cycle. It is a discriminatory form of transport”.

    This just in, biking is now inherently discriminatory because Muslim women choose to wear (or are forced by their husbands to wear) clothes that make it impossible or very difficult to bike.

    We made a massive mistake in letting these people in. They don’t only commit lots of terrorism, they also treat non-Muslims and non-Muslim countries as worthless and create all forms of insatiable, endless demands for accommodation of their lifestyle choices when they live in Western nations.

  • Traditionally, public works projects simply had to meet a cost/benefit test to justify them. Bikes give a net benefit to the community although many people will not ride them, so we go ahead with the project.

    Now, with cultural Marxists stirring the pot, public works projects have to meet a race test. That test usually goes this way, “Does my group get the benefits?”

    As you may know, San Antonio has the domed stadium called the Alamodome. When it was being considered for construction, the Mexicans raised a big stink just like the woman in this story. They were bought off by “minority contract” guarantees. If this woman had brains, she’d be calling for her group, presumably muzzies, to be cut in on the deal financially.

    BTW, the Alamodome is on the edges of the black part of town. The location is not sensible from the perspective of the white taxpayer or sports fan. It was put there to buy off the blacks when it should have been put on the far northside, where the affluent Mexicans and whites live in reasonable peace together.

    • MBlanc46

      She’s blonde. Appears to be European.

    • LHathaway

      I don’t know about cost/benefit analysis but city buses in US generally run about 50% over budget. That is, ticket and pass sales only cover about half of the cost of operating the buses. The rest is passed onto the State and Federal taxpayers, I believe.

  • none of your business

    “My concern is that we are giving these bikes away to people who are not going to use them.” I can see the lay abouts asking for a bike and selling it for maybe 60 pounds. As for dressing modestly, has Ms Alden ever seen pictures of 1890’s women cycling in ankle length skirts and the long sleeves and high collars of that era? I suppose having women’s and men’s bike’s to allow for burkahas and long skirts would be sex discrimination.

    Alden, another ancient anglo or saxon name whose current carrier haas turned traitor. Lefty environmental crusaders vs muslims and burkahas. I love it.

    • Leon NJ

      I didn’t understand the whole ‘modesty’ part of the article. Wouldn’t modest clothing be perfect for a bike? I wish that fictional global warming would sink Britain already!

    • rightrightright

      Her first name is Irish. I suspect she carries a chip on each shoulder and is deeply racist towards the English.

  • LHathaway

    I agree with you but I thought the underlying or beneath the text message of this article is that many if not most white men cannot afford a car and will have to bike? That’s likely the future for most white men in Birmingham if it is not already true now. I think we will live to see the end of the grievance industry as newspapers begin to cover reality, white men as victims, too. As of now ‘victimhood’ affords one a kind of power in a sense. I suspect when white men are covered as victims too, being a victim will just mean you are a loser. I suspect the ‘white men as victims’ accreditation with be the things that destroys 2 or 3 generations of white men. It will be like kicking out one leg of a whobbly table that is baring able to hold itself upright as it is. Then what will the respectable, the sensitive and enlightened, where will they lead us then?

  • Leon NJ

    This is discriminatory. Have you ever seen those burqa women walking the streets of England? You’d think you’re watching waddling whales trying to find the ocean. Those women are not made for bike riding.

    • rightrightright

      With the results of FGM under them, bike riding probably hurts.

  • MBlanc46

    This is a white woman. And a Conservative. What is Britain coming to?

    • Usually Much Calmer

      An end?

    • Jack Burton

      I bet you didn’t know, like most, that the first mosque in England was founded by a white Christian who converted to Islam, William Quilliam. He founded it on Christmas Day. He converted his own mother, his sons, and over a hundred others. Nice chap he was.

  • none of your business

    Article boils down to bike riding is discriminatory just as breast feeding is. Oaktown is right govts do subsidize all transport and build the roads. Govts always have. There was a small town in France that bought a lot of those Deux Chevaux sort of French VW bugs. They were parked downtown and anybody could use them. It worked fine. The cars were not stolen and no one appropriated a car for his or her exclusive use. It was a small town though, most people were related.
    This sounds like an effort by environmentalists to impose their bike riding on everyone. There was some sort of bike riders civil rights movement that demanded employers install shower and locker rooms for them to shower and change because they were “saving Mother Gaia” by biking to work. No consideration of the cost and space requirements of course.

  • bubo

    So because foreign women wearing curtains with eye slits can’t utilize the bikes, then no one should? Dumb woman.

  • rightrightright

    The blacks and browns will steal these bikes, which is the real reason this scheme isn’t going to work.

  • KenelmDigby

    You notice that the councillor in question represented the CONSERVATIVE party, and not those regular lunatics of British politics, the Labour Party.
    In all honesty, there is very, very little to choose in terms of adherence to political correctness and tolerance of mass third world immigration between the so called Conservatives and Labour, only that the Tories give out the superficial appearance of being not so extreme.
    If you are British then you must vote for UKIP in May 2015. UKIP really, honestly couldn’t give a damn about PC, in fact, they revel in violating PC.

  • Deiter Botha

    Without mass illegal and unwanted immigration there would not be a rising population in Britain or any other civilized nation so the gridlock argument is bullshit.

  • So in a city that is now minority white already, it is discriminatory against the majority to put money into something that these non-whites do not tend to use, despite the fact there is nothing stopping them using them and it being their own stupid fault that they do not ride bikes.

    Further, they are being told that because these non-whites are having so many goddam children (and because the government of both Labour and Conservatives are still piling the world and their dog into this land like there is no tomorrow) people are going to have to deal with this *self inflicted* overcrowding by getting on their bikes instead of cars.

    As for Birmingham and the bikes themselves, given the state of the demographics and given the state of the look and feel of the place in many areas, I think that those “Rickshaws” would feel much more at home for them to be getting around in.

    We have the non-white people, non-white shops, non-white courts, non-white bank accounts, non-white foods, non-white statues, non-white newspapers, non-white places of worship, so why not complete the thing with Rickshaws and a few donkeys?

    • IstvanIN

      Because the Rickshaws conflict with the Quron and the “new British” would just eat the donkeys.

      • That may be the case…..but surely it would only further put Britain into that whole “authentic outpost of the third world” thing we have going on? (lol).

        So when the “minority” is the minority….things are discriminatory against the minority.

        Yet when the “minority” is the majority,….things are discriminatory against the majority…..

        It doesn’t take a genius to understand the way this future is going to roll out…
        …but then again, with a nation of liberal idiots, they are not yet understanding the dynamic formulas of this particular equation.

    • LHathaway

      Because they resent your stereotyping, and they intend to ride the best seat in the house and drive you down, as is clear in the article.

      • Aye, they may well resent the stereotyping and it is a bit pithy of me, but hey, you have to have a laugh otherwise you’d cry.

  • Denver has a program like this, and it already looks like a 17th-World sewer to my eyes.

  • If I remember correctly, Deirdre is Gaelic for “sorrow”. The one I knew 25 years ago was rather unhappy as well.

  • Tarczan

    Any serious cyclist will turn their noses up at these one size fits all beasts. It’s very individual. These things probably weigh a ton and would have doubtful use as a training bike.

  • gemjunior

    It’s a discriminatory form of transport? SMH. Kids all over the western world couldn’t live without their bikes throughout most of their school age years, and for some it carried on. But it goes to show how sick pc is when a bike can be called “discriminatory transport”.

  • Paleoconn

    Why does she feel compelled to add ‘of all ethnicities’ when she talks about ‘modestly dressed women’? She is obviously agitating in favor of her brown friends.

    This reminds me of a city park I once visited with friends for a picnic, a park blessed with Muslim diversity. The ‘alcohol police’ on bikes were all over the picnic tables looking for beer and wine, clearly in the interest of protecting the sensibilities of the Hasans and Alis who smoked their hookahs with impunity at their crowded tables.

  • Lord Sandwich

    I love it when white liberal environmentalists wind up at odds with non-white liberal “diversity” pimps. Break out the Jiffy Pop! Watch the Vibrants turn in every single bike frame for scrap metal and pocket the change. If it can be stolen, it will be stolen. Duh.

  • You can’t argue with Marxists, especially in groups. What a stunning display of propaganda.

  • OS-Q

    I love how Tommy can make a whole group of grown libtard women shed tears like toddlers, even when a whole crowd is backing them up.

  • LHathaway

    It’s certainly true that racism always seems to mean whites. There are entire books on the subject, and it is agreed that being a racist is worse than being a killer, and they never once ponder whether or not whites can be victims of racism. It is always assumed that whites (or their societies) are the racism.

    I see it the opposite way. Perhaps just from years and years of living. . . In my own mind, I’ve come to see racism to mean blacks. ‘There is more and more racism in town’. ‘One must try and avoid racism if possible’, etc. At least that’s the way I’ve come to think of it. . .

    • Jack Burton

      It doesn’t seem that way, it is that way, it was designed that way since the conception of the term. Racism was invented by the same anti-white, revolutionary Jews that brought you all the other -isms. It never existed prior to the 20th century.

      • LHathaway

        In a sense, the lefties that push the idea are instilling an unconscious sense of superiority into the of those who read and react to it: everyone. I know I’ve claimed white men are ‘dehumanized’ in our current environment, and I believe they are, but perhaps they are also being turned into ‘supermen’ in a sense, robots of infinite polish who will ignore all injury. Everyone else will certainly be ignoring any injury done to them.

        • Jack Burton

          “Dehumanized” in the sense that white males are not a victim group with special privileges. It’s a reversal of values, valuing not the better man, but the lower or lowest man. The better/best man is privileged, a bully, a supremacist, a racist, a misogynist, etc.

          The Devil himself couldn’t do a better job.

          • LHathaway

            True true. It’s hardly limited to ‘racism’ and ‘sexism’. Everything seemingly good in this world has somehow been tied to racism on the road to eliminating it.

            One idea in your post is not correct. I will even have a go of it and say one idea in your post is ‘no longer correct’. White men are not the best individuals for the job.

            Genetics, biology, these things are not everything. They can be trumped by social condition.

            I guess at some point in the future it is likely white men will become part of the victim group. At that point, what will all this right-thinking really accomplish? We will all be victims.

  • jackryanvb

    This is a good Left, green and White program. Except for some of the highest paid professional sports, physical fitness and environmentalist activities are very white, or high east Asian. Bad Muslims don’t bike, hike, recycle etc. Poor Blacks and Mestizos are fat. Yeah, get out there White folks, bike, hike, reclaim our urban public space. And always look for ways to be Pro White and Leftist. Stop wasting all your time with gun fantasies.

  • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

    They always like to be seen smiling, as if they are so happy at the wisdom they dispense or that they are really so loving (and lure you in for the kill).

  • Fantaman

    Always with the tribal mentality. To the negro mind, every dollar not spend on them must be racist.