Posted on September 22, 2014

Cops Post Video of Brutal Beating in Attempt to ID Suspects; YouTube Removes

Dave Urbanski, The Blaze, September 20, 2014

Remember the surveillance video showing six male suspects brutally beating a couple outside a club in downtown Springfield, Missouri?

Turns out Springfield police tried to harness YouTube in an attempt to solicit help in identifying the attackers, the Springfield News-Leader reported.

Well apparently that surveillance clip was a bit too much for YouTube.

Police on Friday said YouTube took down the video and issued cops an email saying the clip violated community guidelines, the News-Leader said.


In addition the online video giant warned the Springfield police that more violations might mean the department might lose the ability to post videos–or even see its account permanently suspended.

The News-Leader said that while bloggers have called the assault against a white couple by six black men a hate crime, police don’t believe the attack was racially motivated.