Brain Drain: Are We Evolving Stupidity?

Bob Holmes, New Scientist, August 20, 2014

In Denmark, every man is liable for military service at the age of 18. Nowadays, only a few thousand get conscripted but all have to be assessed, and that includes doing an IQ test. Until recently, the same one had been used since the 1950s. “We actually have the same test being administered to 25 to 30,000 young men every year,” says Thomas Teasdale, a psychologist at the University of Copenhagen.


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  • Puggg

    Look at the kind of immigrants Denmark has been accepting in recent years and decades, maybe that’s a clue.

    • Bartek

      Look at the White people who created and allowed those polices to take effect.
      They are so educated/indoctrinated, obviously very “intelligent”.

      • Jesse_from_Sweden

        Look up Game Theory and Tragedy of the Commons.

        Some people will act in a manner that benefits them personally, even if it affects society negatively. Even if it means that they themselves will lose out on it in the end.

        And this is especially true of those in power.
        Those that are in power are there because they want power. And they are willing to lie, cheat and backstab in order to get more and keep others from taking it away.
        Those that are not willing to do those things will be defeated by those that are.

        They are indeed educated and intelligent, but they are acting in their own self-interest instead of in societys best interest.
        And you can argue that we are stupid for voting for them but that only fails to take into account that these people know that very thing and are good at lying and making use of allies in the media to make sure that those things don’t show.
        There are no nice people amongst politicians, that has the societys best as their goal. Those people are quickly eaten alive by those whose main goal is to gather more power for themselves.

        Which is why even those politicians who claim to be against centralisation (which effectively means more power and influence for those that already have it) tends to switch stance on it once it is themselves that are benefitting from it.
        It’s all nice and well to make grand speeches when you are in the opposition, but their true colors show when they are in a position to actually make a difference.

        That’s why all these small opposition politicians seems like such a nice alternative.
        Because they have yet to show what kind of scumbags they really are.
        Or, they are just very good at lying and hiding their true motives.

        In the end, it’s all about power. Ideology and stuff doesn’t matter, only the power itself..

        • Bartek

          Everything you say is correct and exemplifies why Democratic systems lead to the destruction of society.
          Just look who promotes ‘Democracy’ and look where it has lead.

          • seahen

            But it’s also why dictatorships are worse.

        • Chris Granzow XI

          “Some people will act in a manner that benefits them personally, even if it affects society negatively. Even if it means that they themselves will lose out on it in the end. And this is especially true of those in power.Those that are in power are there because they want power. And they are willing to lie, cheat and back-stab in order to get more and keep others from taking it away.”

          This reminds me of Tony Blair and the whole “we’re going to change the face of Britain” thing.

      • IBWHITE

        Unfortunately intelligence and common sense don’t always go hand in hand. I remember years ago reading about some email scam victims who were practicing physicians. They were obviously very intelligent people who fell for a scam that most average IQ people would never have bought into.

      • adplatt126

        More intelligent than the whites here. We’ve let it happen even faster and done nothing to resist it. They’ve actually rewritten their immigration policies a few times from what I can recall. We’re closing in on fifty percent non-white. They’re closing in on what, twenty?

  • David Ashton

    The complacent editorial accompanying this is further proof of the weekly’s PC slant.

  • Luca

    Immigration from the third-world, their higher birth rates and inter-racial breeding should account for the lion’s share of IQ drop in any developed country.

    • adplatt126

      I actually doubt they’re not excluding citizens from immigrant backgrounds. I’d bet they’re controlling for this. They are scientists after all. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t given the extent of Marxist egalitarian propaganda in the Western World and its capacity to make everything shift a little, even common reason, but if I were a betting man, I’d bet they are.

  • Mack0

    The answer for the decline is obvious to anyone who gives it any real honest thought. Immigration and social programs encourage the proliferation of less intelligent individuals. Subsidizing the failures nullifies the natural selection process. Those who would not survive by their own initiative and skill not only survive but breed out of control.

  • IstvanIN

    We import and subsidize the breeding of the worst of the worst. Back when Whites were 1/3 of the world’s population the world was evolving. Now that the lowest are taking over we are devolving. It is also being sped up by high illegitimacy rate of blacks (do they really know who they are related to?) and the Muslims custom of cousins marrying cousins and uncles marrying nieces.

    • “Do they really know who they are related to?”

      We read here recently that a black 15 year-old murdered his 18 year-old cousin, so the answer is that they do not.

      • Neue Sachlichkeit

        I really should not be laughing at this, but something about “so the answer is that they do not” is cracking me right up.

  • Dave4088

    I’m not sure if Denmark as much to worry about as the USA with our tens of millions of low I.Q. mestizos, black male and white female couplings and low birthrates among whites with above average intelligence. We might even make Brazil look good before it’s all said and done.

    • Chris Granzow XI

      The great thing about Denmark is that they at least have open conversations about immigration and race (race to a lesser extent though). They make fun of Sweden for being so naively-PC and brainwashed. As long as they keep making progress and take the taboo away from mentioning race in public, they’ll be just fine in some decades time.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Richard Lynn delivered a classic, mind-altering presentation — “Eugenics and Dysgenics: A Promise Denied” — to the 2011 American Renaissance conference in Nashville. Do yourself a great service by watching Lynn’s lecture/purchasing the DVD. Here is a sample from the Q&A portion of the talk:

    QUESTION: Your final statement [that the “torch of civilization” will pass to the Chinese, because multiple dysgenic processes are entrenched in the Western democracies] caught my attention. Considering that it’s a repressive police state radically different from the Western tradition, do you really think it’s an optimistic note to think of “the torch of civilization” being passed to the Chinese?

    LYNN: Well, I used the phrase “qualified optimism.” What would happen if China didn’t exist? Then we’d be really pessimistic because all the rest of economically developed world, all the these countries, have democracies and, as I said, I don’t think the dysgenic problem can be solved in a democracy. So if civilization is to continue at all — even in China — the option is the extinction of civilization elsewhere in the world, I’d rather have it survive in China.

    • Bartek

      Ole Richard Lynn thinks he will survive in China, huh?
      Lynn, you won’t be permitted to survive in China, you will burn with the
      rest of us in the hell we allowed ourselves to descend into.
      I imagine the Chinese will continue to show their time honored racial cohesiveness and not permit themselves to be contaminated by multiculturalism from White refugees fleeing the civilization they willingly destroyed in the name of “fairness” and “equality”.
      Now perhaps we all can come to the realization why that Chinese tank ran over the asshole Western sycophant in Tiananmen Square.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        Richard Lynn is in his 80s. He’ll not be moving the China.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        “I imagine the Chinese will continue to show their time honored racial
        cohesiveness and not permit themselves to be contaminated with
        progressive, social justice, multiculturalism from White refugees
        fleeing the civilization they willingly destroyed in the name of
        “fairness” and “equality”.”

        Why not? They became communists and killed off all their smart people. Communism is about social justice and multiculturalism. It isn’t the fleeing whites that are the problem: It is the fleeing “others” that appear white that will destroy China.

        Did you think communism is about nationalism and fascism?


  • Usually Much Calmer

    I don’t give a damn about other demographics. I look around and suspect whites are in no small measure part of this decline.

    Eat right, exercise, and take time to reflect and use your mind in all of its capacities. It’s not everything but it’s something.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    I guess this can’t be proven, but the flynn effect largely has to do with medicine, nutrition and school. In the 1950s there were still a lot of ailments that weren’t cured, some people still were half starved due to low amounts of welfare and the biggest factor in the first world was that peasants were barely educated. They learned how to read and write and do basic math but other than that were not used to taking tests. So the flynn effect is totally or almost totally due to environment. The decrease we now see is almost totally from genetics.

    Noteworthy is that if you get prepped on how to take an I.Q. test you can improve your score by two or three points but not much more than that. The flynn effect seems to similarly involve an increase of a few points, this probably relates to compulsory schooling and people being more used to test taking procedures.

  • It won’t matter. Let us do a thought experiment: how many heavy shells on a position do you think it would take to cause Danes or Germans to run away? How many more for Scots? Why?

  • none of your business

    Consider my state California. Forget about the blacks and asians they are about 15 percent. The rest are Whites and hispanics just about equal a percentage point or 2 more hispanic I wont’t bother to google it. BTW, many of the asians are Vietnamese,Thai, Cambodian, Hmong, Laotian, and other way below 105 IQ asians.

    But about half hispanics are mixed average IQ 87 other half are indios average IQ 82 overall average hispanic IQ 84. Average White IQ 100 so the average IQ of the White and hispanic 85 percent of the population is 92 percent. 90 percent is the lowest IQ necessary to graduate from a low level but not special ed high school program.

    So average IQ in California goes down every year as more and more stone age 82 IQ indios are imported by big and small business. That 82 indio IQ is mexican indio IQ. Lord knows how low the average IQ of the Central American indios is.

    In 1960 Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty pointed out that Los Angeles had the highest school test scores of any big city in the country. That of course when Los Angeles was almost all White. When I was young in the early and mid sixties I dated some Silicon Valley engineers and programmers. They were all from back east. One of the ways they were recruited employers bragged about the excellent high ranking California public school system.
    By 1980 the California public school system ranked in the lowest 10 of all the states. By 1990 it always ranked 2 or 3 from the bottom, competing with 60??percent black Mississippi.

    20 years was all it took. Of course the 1970’s new math and a lot of nonsense such as not teaching reading did not help.
    20 years close to the bottom and 30 years at the bottom.

  • none of your business

    Dave4088 • 2 hours ago
    “USA with our tens of millions of low I.Q. mestizos and afro-mericans, black male and white female couplings”

    I think that every time a guy mentions black men White women we gals should mention 300 years of White men black women miscegnation without which the black population would probably be 3 to 6 million instead of 13 million. Jesse Jackson’s Father was White and Holder is more White than black. Being from the islands his White ancestors were White men, not White women.

    • B.A_2014

      From the figures Jared Taylor gave in his article (reply to John Derbyshire) about miscegenation the number of whites marrying out is minimal. More white men marry out. I dare say this is a reaction to the entitlement/princess family hating career minded mentality of most white women. Not to mention the sky high divorce rates among whites usually initiated by greedy white women. In regards to the mescegenation of white women. I can’t say I’m alarmed. Most of these women are beastly looking blobs with IQs comparable to that of a sack of rocks. Those who settle for non whites have been sexually rejected by their own race.

      • Chris Granzow XI

        That’s why polygamy wouldn’t be bad for white nations. If a white man could take on 2-3 wives, then there wouldn’t be these leftover women who need to date a non-white man. A lot of the women who go with black men tend to have low self-esteem, whether they want to admit it or not. Black men will be very aggressive and impolite, to the point that most women would qualify it as sexual harassment. But to the young white woman who comes from an area where white men are more laid back, less obnoxious, less belligerent and who never “holler” at her; this makes them feel attractive. So a lot of these women are initially drawn in because they feel attractive for the first time in their lives.

        • Korean guy

          “If a white man could take on 2-3 wives, then there wouldn’t these leftover women who need to date a non-white man.”

          But would not that make it harder for white men to find a white wife?

          • Chris Granzow XI

            That’s better than the reverse issue, which is leftover white women breeding with non-whites left and right. It might actually help solve the dysgenic issue too, assuming that the most well-adapted men get the most wives.

        • B.A_2014

          If polygamy was limited to a non-lemming intellectual elite i couldn’t say i would be opposed to polygamy. Maybe it should extend to proven and decorated combat warriors as well.

          • Chris Granzow XI

            Exactly, I’m talking about for a white-European country, too. Not here in diversity-land. I mean black men with 8 different baby mamas are already technically practicing polygamy.

          • B.A_2014

            I assumed you were talking about a white European state. Polygamy ( or rather rampant baby making casual sex ) amongst the mud people i doubt would be much of a problem. They have been practicing it for centuries and could not make it out of the stone age without the help of superior civilisations. Feminists would oppose it as well as the white knights and leftists ( who would have about as much rights in a militarised european eugenic state as a gazelle has in the the jaws of a lion ) but legalising such a practice would give men ( the right men anyway ) an incentive, after all which man wouldn’t want as many wives as legally possible without the possibility of divorce.

          • adplatt126

            Fighting for which government?

          • B.A_2014

            The republic of Benistan lol I’m building castles in the sky. Let me dream!

        • For most of my life I have been strongly against polygamy. I believe genetically and culturally the best environment for our children is the traditional family. I have recently started to become more open to the idea after seeing some practicing groups based off of religion. These groups do one thing that made me change my thinking: they have the women decide which families to join. There could be a male and female family for life but maybe a woman decides that she likes this family and wants to join, the existing family talks about it and makes a decision. This is also not a sexual relationship as most lower level thinkers would instantly take this issue. The women have their own rooms and they decide on who sleeps where and who goes on 1-on-1 dates so the whole family remains happy. If we could construct a very family oriented system that puts a lot of respect and consideration to the physical and emotional needs of the children and women as well as the men then I would fully support a polygamous system for white nations, at least for the time being.

  • Bartek

    Why do Whites derive satisfaction when they are labeled ‘intelligent’ by the social engineers and mass media?
    What do Whites do as a group to earn these dubious accolades?
    Are Whites intelligent when they feed, immunize, and breed Africans?
    Are White intelligent when they colonize their own homelands with the Africans they breed?
    Are Whites intelligent when they indoctrinate White people to be sterile and call it ‘responsibility’?
    Are Whites intelligent when they encourage prospective White mothers to adopt masculine, sterile roles and lifestyles so they can be “fulfilled”?
    If we measure success by Darwinian principles White’s as a group aren’t very “intelligent” at all, in fact they don’t even seem fit enough to survive.

  • 313 48224

    The fact that this thread has 13 comments and the White Girl Twerking story has over 100 is PROOF that we are devolving into stone cold stupidity. LOL.

  • redpill99

    i think its the result of social media twitter fb instagram iphones candy crush saga. i cant imagine being motivated to study math and physics with modern distractions

  • Korean guy

    I am sure this thread gives John E. a perfect reason to come and proclaim, “We better import those smart girls from China more”

    • It wouldn’t work. So long as civilized people are forced to pay taxes to subsidize black and Mexican reproduction, it doesn’t matter who’s picking up the check. The result is the same.

  • Mrfinoni

    I recently met a very bright university student of Chinese ancestry. Her hope upon graduation is to assist the developing world. Additionally she hopes in the future to adopt a Black baby from Africa, while foregoing marriage and family for herself. Where did she learn her values! This is Canada. She has already internalized the Liberal Western narrative. Work hard. Help Blacks. Turn all your wealth and effort over to the Blacks when you die so they might have a successful future. Whites or Western people are bad. Blacks are the only people that matter and paradoxically have zero culpability.

  • Mrfinoni

    IQ’s are dropping because smart people are having small families. Also the nurturing that goes along with the traditional family unit is in decline.

  • LHathaway

    If reaction time were the be-all, end-all of intelligence, African Americans would be at the top of the bell curve for intelligence. Maybe they are. No doubt reaction time has something to do with intelligence, but it might not be everything. What about figures like Abe Lincoln, someone who likely had slow reactions?

  • M&S

    I don’t worry too much about absolute variations of extreme IQ so much as percentile distribution scatter and reliable repeatability in particular regimes. If we could move our ‘100’ mean up to 125 and reset the board, the number of rightwards scattering (160-180, genius level innovators) high achievers would go up with it.

    Unfortunately, intelligence, like a lot of phenotype traits, doesn’t work the way it might. You have a specific set of alleles which, if selected, contribute their genes to the next generation. But if they are recombinatively nullified or selected out of sequence, the IQ peak in the parent’s generation slumps back to about halfway between racial group and parental norms.

    When that’s white, the variance between 135 and 100 is still about 115 and while not great, it gets you by. If you are of another ethny, a similar split between 135 and 83 or 87 means you are below the mean necessary to be functionally accelerated in a white society. Which is why it is so hard for blacks to develop class structures that honestly, rather than by A/A displacement of whites, are self perpetuating.

    Indeed, I believe that intelligence ‘rotates’, generationally, like your grandfather’s nose and that some women have the ability to stabilize or activate the relevant genetics in a fashion that keeps it ‘in the family’.

    This being the origins of the uncle-niece etc. relationships in that, ‘once a Jewish mother noticed who was navon and who was tipesh, she got together with other matrons and they made an ancestral list…’

    While I do not advise consanguinous inbreeding to create our own ‘bright’ vs. ‘plank’ groups, I do believe that this indicates that we have a relatively small number of variant genes to solve for to isolate (at least) that genetic trait which, in females, -stabilizes- a given IQ condition.

    The Jews certainly know something and it is by analyzing their success that we may be able to apply high technology to replace breeding programs.

    Three other things which need saying:

    Epigenetics seems to play a role.
    Men who sire children young have smarter kids than those who do so in middle age. Something about stewing in the juices of a full, male, life effects not just the quantity but the quality. The reverse seems to be true of women who enter into middle aged motherhood. The notion that you are encoding your child’s future within your behaviors and experiences _cannot_ be ignored.

    Currently, except for those conditions which are congenital defect related, the ‘official word’ is that the search for IQ has been put under moratorium by the leftist geneticists who fear the reality of acknowledging that some races are indeed inferior to others in the key areas of cognitive ability related to modern society. You cannot get funding for a study specifically to look for the basis of IQ.

    Back in 2010 or so, there was a flurry of articles which cautioned us to ‘not be in a rush to misconstrue or label those who might be thought of as in a specific group whose Intelligence put them at risk to social performance issues.’ It was a plea for sympathy and understanding about the same time that Watson made his announcement that blacks didn’t have much hope for real improvement as entry into society. He was pariahed and the work was buried. But it -did- show up in the journals. For a little while.

    IMO, these three factors, which are _critical_ for whites caught in the middle-road position of struggling to compete in a world where we are asked to lose dominant control over our own homelands at the same time evidence supporting the lower abilities of our designated replacement populations to sustain modern styles of living is so viciously suppressed, both from experts in the field and from deliberate investigation.

    The nature of society in which there is no god, no devil and no -reason- to slave away for 60-80 years, only to die forever, doesn’t support the notion that we are ‘preparing ourselves for something better’. Either in the afterlife or in the living existence, if in fact we treat the genetic basis for intelligence as a forbidden knowledge whose very admission is one of self-imposed social exile.

    The problems are going to get worse, not better, towards the end of this century as resource crises and overpopulation graphlines merge and peak out.

    We have made better weapons, toys and tools. But done nothing to really improve ourselves. Why?

  • Jack Whistler

    Flood your nation with low-IQ immigrants….

    Create welfare states that enable the least productive and often correspondingly least intelligent citizens to breed without limit…

    Create societal norms that teach women that having children is an imposition, impose these norms only on the most intelligent and productive portion of the population…

    Impose levels of taxation on those intelligent and productive members on society that wish to provide their children a comfortable life; that in turn make the task exponentially more difficult with each child…

    Sabotage the education system, re-purpose it to serve the functions of propaganda rather than enlightenment…

    Destroy the concept of masculinity ensuring that the men of the population will do nothing to stop these measures…

    Do all of these things, and the intellect of the collective population can do nothing but diminish.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      Bravo! A terse, devastating indictment of cultural Marxist modernity. It’s make a great campaign ad. Wonder if any GOP consultants will see its potential.

  • VladimirKnopka

    Great article {snip} Can’t read it on original sight ’cause I don’t have a subscription. So thank you for posting it here.

    1) ‘ For example, if mean IQ fell from 100 points to 97, it would almost halve the number of people who score above IQ 135. “It’s a leverage effect,” Woodley says.’

    Can somebody unpackage this point for me? Why would they use mean-IQs as a proxy to calculate above-135 scores, when they can actually go to the source and see if the # of people above-135 has dropped over that time period?

    2) I agree with LHathaway above: linking reaction time to intelligence is an extremely weak point in this argument.

    • Kenneth Arrow

      I think that’s because IQ test results are normalized. Mean is set to 100 and SD to 15. So it follows from formula that if you lower the mean by 3p, the frequency above 135p will diminish by X. IQ score tells you where you lie in respect to population not some innate ability.

      Edit: Wikipedia agrees.

    • 1stworlder

      They are pretending that 3rdworlders are equal and have an equal chance to breed with anyone.

  • Mack0

    Anyone with questions on what is happening need only read J. Philippe Rushton. Rushton’s work on r/K selection theory as it applies to humans will provide a great beginning for understanding the problem.

    Another theory on the development of intelligence that I find complimentary to Rushton’s work is the theory that at one point in history the wealthy and therefore on average more capable intelligent and had access to better to healthy care had more children than the poor. Over time, the greater number of intelligent individuals in a population was more likely to circulate genes that regulate intelligence in favor of overall higher IQs. I don’t remember the particular name of the theory or the author.

    Social programs have turned everything on its head. Those with a predisposition toward irresponsible breeding, usually those of low intelligence, poor future time orientation and limited impulse control, are capable of having a large number of children without the natural environmental checks keeping their behavior contained. Creating and maintaining social bounds are unnecessary. The state provides the basic needs and education for the children.

    In the end we are looking at two types of human populations, those who build, plan for the future and manipulate their environment (agriculture) verses those who are controlled BY their environment and live in the moment.

    • Kenneth Arrow

      Agreed. Unfortunate thing is that social state (at least in my part of Europe) is mostly paid from income tax. That means that middle class bears the brunt of the costs. This incentives even the most traditional hard-working middle class people to study and work less, since the tax rate so steeply increases with additional income. We are on the extreme – if you have children it doesn’t almost make any difference if you are engineer or factory worker. If you are factory worker you get free daycare, extra money per child…

      The social state slowly kills the middle class and creates divided society with uprooted welfare leeches on one side and mobile elites on the other. That breaks down the intranational solidarity and leads to the loss of patriotism.

      So I am one of the few Europeans that cringes when Americans elect another Democrat. Democrats have very European social programs that can only work in extremely homogenous and tight-knit countries. I can’t imagine myself working for some african or Middle Easterner or Mexican. If that ever happens I will hire a very good tax consultant.

      • Mack0

        I agree with your comments. What this also indicates to me is as the middle class is squeezed economically and genetically the number of individuals capable of supporting the system will be decline until the system itself collapses.

        • Kenneth Arrow

          I agree.

          But there might also be a technological component that drives this trend. The graphs for the most EU countries in recent years show that labour market is becoming increasingly polarized – there is a high growth of jobs in the highest and lowest educational and salary quintile but almost none or negative in the middle quintiles. The service economy needs ‘robots’ and symbolic workers but not much in between.

          That is a shame since I believe that middle class is what holds community together. They are these people who still have normal jobs and enough energy to do something beyond watching TV when they come home. Like playing with kids or visiting neighbors.

    • such a thing as you posted above was essentially as stated in Murray’s “The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Society”.

      • 1stworlder

        don’t forget the death tax when you pass.

  • John R

    Better conditions improve IQ? Only to a point.
    Post WWII America: Hey, I have a good paying union job! I can pay for college with the GI BIll! And, you know what? I might move to the suburbs and have lots of kids, who I expect to go to college as well. Lots of beautiful little White children in comfortable suburbs.
    Move ahead to today: Yeah, I have a decent job, but to make ends meet, my wife works, too. Don’t know about children. We might have one.
    On the other side of town, “Yeah, I gots twee baby mommas fer my key-ids. Dey iz on we-fare. I lives at ome wid my grn ma. Dunno, I might ave six key-idz….”
    Yeah, the welfare state and high taxes. No wonder average IQ’s are going down.

  • Fredrik Nero Negerfeldt

    I dont think people in the 50’s were so much dumber just slower to take tests. IQ tests do not just measure the ability to understand but also the processing speed of the brain. I suspect faster processing speed enabled the danish test takers to answer more questions before running out of time thus giving them a higher score. There are no other possible answers since neither the danish gene pool nor nutritional standards have improved since the 50’s.

    Timed IQtests (which are standard) are not very useful because two very different people – one with high G and average P and one with average G and high P will get scores that are not too different from each other. The high G guy is actually smart while the high P guy has a very high maximum stress level due to enhanced data processing.

  • while I do think that all people should have an education, not everyone learns the same, some are like sponges, and retain every thing, some not so much.
    but to hold back kids because of some who need some longer leaning times, is hurting every one.
    this should change. I don’t have the answer but to dumb down education is not the answer

  • none of your business

    After a few years of inflation my property tax was actually more than the mortgage. People complain about income tax but at least if you lose a well paid job you don’t have to pay the income tax on it. One can lessen sales tax by buying less.

    But those property taxes rise every year no matter what your income. It’s one tax over which you have no control.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    It’s hard to tell how much of this correlates to non-white immigration as the countries they list have all had significant non-white immigration, and immigration in general. Even the “white” immigrants to some of these countries (i.e. from Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, Romania) might have lower average IQs than the natives.

    One common thread is that all of these countries seem to deliberately dumb down their population by encouraging white natives to assimilate themselves to the “culture” and intelligence levels of non-whites, all in the name of “integration.” Just look at the 2012 London Olympic Games opening ceremony juxtaposed with the 2014 Sochi Games opening ceremony. At the London games, they had a black rapper named Dizzee Rascal singing a song where the chorus is “All I care about is sex and violence.” This is the song they chose to have represent their nation to the entire world, and it’s the government who arranged all of this. Now we even have the president meeting with ghetto classless musicians like Beyonce and Jay-z. Could you even imagine something like that back in 2000? I think they truly desire to see us dumbed down by mainstreaming ignorant black-culture and making it the norm. They export this “american culture” (read: black-american culture) to white countries across the globe. These governments also support ideas that are an insult to people’s
    intelligence, ie “race is just a social construct.” To be able to
    carry on as usual while all of this occurs and be none the wiser, you have to be very
    low-IQ and uninquisitive.

    I also wonder sometimes if all of these technological advancements aren’t interrupting natural selection. With current technology and welfare norms, instead of the unadapted dying off they instead get the opportunity to breed and create more unadapted beings. Couple all of the above with the probability that smarter people on average will have less children, and there you go: the current crisis.

  • Paleoconn

    The problem is twofold. Low IQ immigrants are bringing the average down. Also, our government spends money on the low end of the curve, neglecting the high end, the gifted.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      Federal education spending is around $7.5 Million on gifted students.
      It is around $11.5 Billion on the “disabled” bottom end.

      In the famous words of Rachel Jeantel, that’s retarded.

      • Paleoconn

        I remember reading that spending on the gifted is roughly 0.1% of the total and your numbers confirm that it’s even worse nowadays. Thank you.

  • Neue Sachlichkeit

    How disgusting is it that all of these publications are allowed to profane the word “science” while peddling this inane trash?

  • B.A_2014

    White men marrying out are just as bad. In my opinion they are probably worse because I recognise that women are very gullible and easily led by the propaganda that targets them relentlessly. And men that spend their lives glued to porn and football ( soccer on this side of the pond ) are best avoided by any right thinking woman.

  • adplatt126

    LOL. What??? HAHAHAHAHA. No.

  • adplatt126

    Yes, but not wholly inaccurate ones either, I would say.

  • Letting technology think and make decisions for you isn’t good. Computers cannot use common sense or genuine intelligence. If you let a smartphone do everything for you, you won’t learn from it.

    I have a 189 IQ, I learn from my mistakes and failures. I studied hard and I tried to get the most of each book I read and each class I took. People like me are made fun of and called geeks or nerds. Not invited to parties and bullied and harassed by people of low IQ.

    Unless one is born retarded, they have the potential to study hard and develop a high IQ. Problem is most people would rather be hip, cool, or popular instead of smart. They drop out of school or don’t bother studying very hard or don’t study at all. This is not a genetic issue, this is one of society and culture that worships ignorant people and punishes the smart ones.

    Many people of low IQ have high people and social skills so they can make others do the work for them. They end up in management, politics, or other leadership roles.

    In third world nations they just lack a proper education system and free access to books and other learning materials. Many drop out of school at a young age to work to help support their family. They have the potential for a high IQ, but due to having a bad life didn’t get a good education to develop it.

    Many youths in the USA want to be an artist, singer, sports star, and focus on becoming one of those instead of developing their IQ. They want power, wealth, fame, fortune, and sex, but they don’t have intelligence, they’d rather be what they call a baller.

    • I would like to see some proof behind your rhetoric. To begin with, what you refer to as “…people and social skills…” is actually called Emotional Intelligence and it’s not at all correlated to low IQ. Raw intelligence is entirely genetic and can not be taught, there are however those who train for the IQ tests and can raise their test scores but it’s not only an exception it’s test manipulation. I am currently doing my own studies into increasing IQ through supplementation and intellectual stimulation and currently believe if there is a way to increase raw IQ it’s minimal compared to the genetic variables. I am inclined to agree that our youth is being misled nowadays. Young humans have always been very impressionable and when pop culture makes something appealing using time-tested strategies then they will dance to the tune. I also am in entire agreement with technology. Unfortunately there has been a shift in the educational system, primarily in Economics, away from teaching theory towards technical models of analysis. Time after time these models have missed key variables that have been observed by a person outside the system who generally capitalizes on the computer models mistake.

  • This is a reality that I wish we could address publicly without receiving an explosion of emotion and irrationality that seems to be programmed into the general population, primarily those exposed to “progressive” information and education. By discussing openly we could alleviate fears, concerns and possibly receive better ideas leading to a peaceful world culture. Between college and commission reports on population issues specifically integration I do believe that some one somewhere has the knowledge necessary to implement a nearly transparent eugenic or dysgenic policy world wide. I have looked at variables from media ownership to money spent on fluoridation. I’ve read books such as “Class Warfare” dealing with our public school systems and “The End Of Racism” dealing with government programs aimed at closing the racial gaps. Everything is leading me to believe we are working towards a worldwide program aimed at integrating all of the races genetically, culturally and intellectually. Completed properly this could lead to a more similar people in the centuries of the future. My primary concern at this point in time is the holding back of my children. I do not nor do I expect anyone else to want our children subjected to anything that would rob them of family values and the quest for knowledge. I recently found this website and will now continue to visit and hopefully contribute to the spread of information.