A Lot of Places Resemble Ferguson, Statistically

Alan Flippen, New York Times, August 29, 2014

Ferguson, Mo., stands out for the level of racial turbulence it has experienced this month. But as an economically lagging community that has undergone rapid demographic change in the last couple of decades, it’s not unusual at all.

An analysis performed for The Upshot by Andrew Beveridge, a sociology professor at Queens College, shows that there are 117 communities of 5,000 or more people in the United States that, like Ferguson, were over 50 percent white in 1990 and shifted to over 50 percent black in 2010.

Not all of them have the troubled racial history of Ferguson or its demographic mismatch between the population and the police, but they do resemble Ferguson in two ways: Most are suburban, and most are poorer than their overall metro area.

If you rank these communities according to the degree of change they have undergone, Ferguson comes out somewhere in the middle. It ranks 51st out of 117 in terms of the decline in the percentage of its population that is white (which was 73 percent in 1990, but 29 percent in 2010), and 38th if ranked by the growth in its black population (25 percent in 1990, 67 percent in 2010).

And by either measure, every community that has experienced more change than Ferguson is also a suburb. {snip}

Many other metro areas in the East, Midwest and South also have suburban areas on this list. They include Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia and Washington. But in the Rocky Mountains and on the Pacific coast, this phenomenon is unknown.


In all, 82, or 70 percent, of the 117 communities on the list are considered suburban by the Census Bureau–that is, they are within a Metropolitan Statistical Area but are not the central city of such an area. Seven central cities are also on the list, all in the South (Baton Rouge, at 229,493 population, is the largest of these); the remaining 28 are rural areas or nonmetropolitan towns, also all in the South.



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  • anony

    And we can expect many more “Fergusons”.

    How long will White police officers be willing to “police” these “Fergusons”?

    • Bartek

      How much longer will their be enough young Whites to become White police?

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      White police officers should refuse jobs in these Fergusons. Blacks should be policing their own communities. The result will be far more violence, but this is the way Blacks prefer to live. We are wasting our time policing Black communities. If Blacks want to live in a state of constant random violence, and think Whites who try to help them to maintain order and sanity are being “racist”, let them have their violent communities. White police should take a hands off approach to Black communities, but maintain a zero tolerance policy for Black violence when Blacks are outside of Black communities. This worked well in the old days down South.

      • benvad

        Well said.

      • I agree with your idea, provided that no black police officer is allowed to arrest any non-black for any reason.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          Yes. All non-Negroes need to leave these communities, and leave by choice. I would certainly leave a Ferguson as quickly as reasonably possible.

      • rommel10

        why should a white cop risk his life and his job only to be called a racist? your right, just let them police themselves

      • Michigan Patriot

        White officers were there way before blacks orbrowns move in and the quality of life dive bombs into a ” hood or jungle ” . These White police & firemen have senority; it would be stupid to quit and start anew in another non-jungle town with less money & no senority. How long will the new non-jungle town changes into another Ferguson ? Mohammad ali stated to his boxing opponets : ” You can run but can’t hide ” ; same with this more serious survival matter.

      • 1stworlder

        It was sect 8 housing that dumped the 3rdworld out of St Louis. The plan is to spread the black dysfunction around.

      • Laura Dilworth

        jobs are far and few, guess that’s why white cops do it

    • Cid Campeador

      NO longer if they’re smart. The order of the day re. Police activity is ” Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

      • anony

        I would like to see police forces around the country ignore the black neighborhoods and let nature take its course.

    • SoCal88

      Policing merely postpones the inevitable.

  • Dave4088

    This story doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know. Namely, that whites create livable communities, afro-mericans crash these communities and when their numbers reach critical mass it becomes a crime ridden, third world morass and microcosm of Detroit or Haiti. And whites are forced to flee for the safety of their families.

    • IstvanIN

      True, NJ has become paved over with escapees from the darkening tide.

      • benvad

        Whites/non blacks escaping Brooklyn/Queens?

    • Eddie Lutz

      Yes, but the question is: how are they able to invade without jobs, money, or credit? The answer is Democrats in congress. Anyone who votes Democrat is an orc lover/enabler/appeaser/white-hater.

      • APaige

        I grew up in a far south suburb of Chicago, so far away it is more precisely a subdivision of a small town. My parents as many others moved out of the city. Others moved from older suburbs that were quickly changing. What I have noticed in suburbs that so far have not changed are two things. One, do not build apartments ( or build more) and second, build huge expensive housing. When an area stays White the schools ‘somehow’ (?) stay very attractive. The increase in big homes increases the value of small homes and the lack of apartments keeps out section 8 and the push for ‘affordable housing.’ Anyone know of other things that keep an area great, or White?

        • M&S

          Jobs which only Whites or Asians can do.

          If only rich people come, housing values get pumped through the roof and _provided you keep the total numbers_ of development low, you can get political endorsement for high value economic zones. IT, Medical, Micro Industry, Robotics, Solar, even smart Agro.

          This can be encouraged by buying up unzoned land and remissioning it towards something untouchable. Elderly people for instance living in suburbs of small Missouri towns like Springfield, roughly 40 minutes out of town. They own HUGE spans of land and are not in any way interested in neighbors as they transition from major farmers in their own right to rent-a-graze subsistence. Get on their good side. Transition housing to new, young, families. Protect the land.

          I would also suggest remaining firmly disinterested in any home/travel/economics reviews by major magazines or social industry.

          And finally, the adoption of serious coop or similar purchasing authorities to keep things like major grocery and food chains OUT of the city.

          If you have to drive 20 miles down Route 10 to get to a Costco or the like, the threat of ‘out of towners’ wanting to come live with you is quite low.

          • Nancy

            Actually, something similar was developed just south of the Atlanta metro area, in Palmetto, GA. It’s called Serenbe, and it was started by two major Atlanta restauranteurs. They married, and their kids went to a private trendy school in Atlanta for a while, which was how I met them 20 years ago (I was one of their kids’ teachers). Back then, these folks just owned a huge swath of land in Palmetto and were kicking around the idea of developing it into a chic farming-style co-op. Now they have, and aside from the unfortunate fact that it’s filled with white liberals, the idea itself is fabulous..and entirely white, from what I heard.

            We like-minded folks could do something very similar (actually, my husband and his business partner intend to do just that in northern Utah, with horses, etc.).

            I think it’s just Serenbe[dot]com. They have pictures of home plans, explain the farming cooperatives, and are supposedly self-sustainable. (Of course, these well-insulated libs are the same race-traitors who voted for Obummer, so the REST of us can enjoy more “vibrancy” while they stay in their safe cocoon.)

          • M&S


            That is a stunning setting against which to have a life and raise a family. Liberals or no, they have stolen a march on escaping the urbs and the orcs.

            I am a little less certain about the practicality of the setup however.

            Serenbe Farms: A certified organic farm that provides over 300 varieties of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruits to each of our farm-to-table restaurants, plus our Saturday farmer’s market and annual community supported agriculture (CSA) program.


            This was all I could find about the farming element and I see no secondary business opportunities which, to me, means mom and dad are rich enough to have an apartment in town and/or manage the commute.

            That’s fine but it’s something which is beyond the majority white community to create a life from.

            In terms of sustainability, I see that they have some unique ideas about community planning and low impact. They are conserving marshlands and leaving very large open area landscaping for their nature trails.

            I really like this.

            I had considered what it might be like to do the reverse actually, buy up some swampy land along one of the river tributaries (the Platte River here is all but an industrial sewer after years of companies like Gate’s Rubber dumping into the watertable but if you head another 10-15 miles out of town, it gets better) and doing some recovery work in trade for access to adjoining acreage.

            One of the aerial photos from Serenbe looks like the winding greens of a golf course and if you could plant a water table stabilizing ‘hedge’ along one bank and maintain it as a kind of filtration system for well water that would let you create a green belt in the same moment you had an immediate profit band.

            On the inner side of your course would be another tree barrier and some low density, mid range, (100-400K) home lots which would serve to attract some wealthy older whites as your vestible partner base and beyond that would be a secondary set of lots for either trailer homes (now, don’t panic!) or high density condos. These would back up on a ‘community’ mall with more rentable apartments above the shops and acting as a kind of ‘main street’ which would be accessible to residents all year and to outsiders when (if) we felt a need for profit. Southglenn here has this kind of setup and it’s quite the quaint little thoroughfare compared to the old, dark, claustrophobic, cave of a super mall it used to be.

            Such a street would have front (retail: Barnes and Noble, Olive Garden, Outfitters etc. spaces) and back (utility) commercial spaces so that ordinary folks could put in the likes of hardware, automotive, medical/dentistry, legal and other practical application capacity, useful to the community without the hassle of a storefront experience.

            Beyond the mall would be a third tree barrier which would provide your final filtration protection for the farming lots beyond. Everyone would be expected to own a lot and produce from it but if they chose, they would be able to pay another resident to work them. This would provide a valuable means of supporting income for the kinds of young people I would want to take in. I would make sure that they had all the tools needed to make it less of a drudge and more of a privilege (kids might get shopping or food credits for working in the gardens for instance).

            Details: Transport within the community is by electric cart. Four or which will take the same space as a single car and thus be parked within shelters on the mall grounds or in the residential areas.

            All motor vehicles are kept in a multistory (2 above, 2 below?) parking garage on the edge of the land enclosure. Ideally, I would like to see young people (teens with good driving records) perform a vital labor role by acting as chauffers for a hybrid vehicle pools by which a a car pool system could be sustained to encourage people to sell off their primary vehicle and invest in a community leasing program like Hertz. This would be paid into as part of their yearly HOA dues and would be less than the amount they would pay for their own vehicles by half. Such as system gives the young people, whom I want to keep in the community as away from the rattenkrieg as much as possible, something other than fast food and retail-with-a-smile! to develop responsible habits in (maintaining a vehicle fleet).

            And again, while it forces the community to neck down on unnecessary expenses, contributing more towards ownership of their rental properties, it also teaches them to rely more on each other for essentials like common grocery runs.

            There might only be 25 vehicles per 100 people but there would always be an emergency reserve and of course cars would be reservable, first come, first served, for weekend use by residents (alternately, for a fee, you could keep your old car in part of the garage where it would be fueled and cleaned for use on a maintenance plan…).

            I mentioned trailer rentals because these can be put onto PSP matting rather than massively intrusive concrete pads and serviced by heated underground ducts for telecomms, electricity and plumbing run as a local grid from a single entry point transformer/public water entry point rather than through ‘mains’ (allowing community size to build gradually rather than with heavy street infrastructure prep). If my idea of electric carts works out, this would translate to much smaller lanes over all.

            Obviously, if you are doing a start up community and wish to keep your budgets under control a 100,000 family or 60,000 dollar used trailer rental also beats 250,000 worth of new home.

            And when you have enough ready cash built up from rentals and directed investment, you yank these temporary structures on out and move to a much lower density community standard.

            The idea being (and the reason for the whales to help invest) that you bring in a group of 500, working white, couples for a 5 year lease. And at the info-briefing you let them in on a secret: The whales will pay half their rent, (which should be pretty stiff) _if_ they all contribute to given community investment plan.

            Lease to own. But since the eventual plan is for only half as many homes as current trailer/condos, not everyone can be a winner who doesn’t invest like mad and master their stupid discretionary spending habits.

            Which introduces a theory of competition. Everyone gets a much improved status of living, away from The Horde and the pollution and the costs of urban living. And they get it for a decent rate with option to own. If they plug in enough community leveraging on a graded level of percentage income and lot size followon homes.

            And at the end of that five year period, you publish a winner’s list and everyone who is on that list gets to double or triple their property size and start to put up _Real Homes_.

            While the losers can either downgrade to one of the apartments in the mall area. Or move to the next community building 50-100 miles down the road.

            It’s not a perfect ideal. But it is a self-investment plan for non-10% (wealth class) whites. And it works by cooperatively sharing costs to build capital pools among those who have the energy and the understanding to want to _get out_ of the urban, multi-cult, hell that is coming.

            Imagine if you could take transport, food and cable bills and chop them in half? Imagine if, with no money changing hands, you could work ‘extra hard!’ to keep a doctor or a lawyer’s communal farm plot and thus get added investment credits towards owning your own home lot, even if it wasn’t the biggest?

            Imagine if you didn’t have a lot of pretension towards being a retail specialist but you were always good with your hands and hey, as long as people gotta eat, someone is going to need a plumber or a mechanic.

            This is what I am headed towards. Buy in. Buy in. Buy in. Every type of skillset. If you’re young, dedicated, moral and willing, we want YOU and we will find a way to make you successful. Because this is just the first community. And when we get enough communities together, we can start to parcel out skilled labor as professional classes _around the nation_.

            I want to get young people who have a chance at a 20 year residence. I want to get people who are peaked out in their yuppieocracy cubicle world and are hungry for more than month to month. I want some older, wiser, heads who can plan for the community and have the cash to invest in something bigger than a retirement home.

            And I want to put it together in such a way that it can (at internal fiscal need) serve other white communities on a gates-open, invitation-only ‘in your mailbox September specials, last cookout of the year!’, occasional basis with fairs and cook outs and…golf.

            All while setting itself up to make the transition step which is a pull back from urban dependence and opening up of additional land, ‘down the crick’, for that light industry I was talking about.

            With careful demographics planning, it can be done incrementally, so that as people hit their mid 20s to early 30s and want to build families, there is enough stability and wealth in the community to cross that threshold. With things like tailored, high end, electronic schooling with immediate college course auditing for students who make the grade.

            But it begins with buying in wealthy whites and making them feel like they have both a continuing and immediate income option (rental and…golf) and a ‘lords of the kingdom’ control over a vestible future where they get to choose who comes into OUR lands.

            If we don’t bail together, the boat will surely sink.

        • Hillbilly

          Give the town names like Fort Robert E Lee, David Dukes dugout , Don’tgimsmedat, Klan-ville. or my favorite Jim Crowville

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Yes. How about classy names, such as La Blancheville, Little Germany, or New Tyrolea? A mix of Confederate Flags with the flags of Scotland, Germany, Italy, etc. everywhere, to create the right atmosphere. Most of all, residents only selling homes or businesses to their kin. This would maintain a culturally European enclave.

          • anony

            Encourage White ethnic clubs and wear White ethnic polo shirts. Also, put White ethnic logos on your cars, and fly White ethnic flags. See patriotic-flagsdotcom for some of these items.

            Play classical music loudly in your car with the windows down. 🙂

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            I regularly listen to Alpine European style polkas, Flamenco Guitar, and Klezmer Clarinet albums in the car with the windows open, and the volume as loud as I please. White Americans need to return to our cultural roots.

          • Michigan Patriot

            White Christians have been living(? ) under an assorted levels of federal pogrom laws since 1964, collectively they are our Jim Croak laws which means terminal. I ‘ll take the lesser Jim Crow inflicted upon ourselves.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        Why do you believe republicans are any different?

      • Beetlejuice

        The answer is the Democrats and Republicans in congress.

        Neither party works in the interests of whites.

        • bilderbuster

          That’s to be expected when the largest donors to both parties are Jewish.

          • Michigan Patriot

            110 % correct !

        • Michigan Patriot

          100 % right on !

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Exactly. Affirmative Action is causing influxes of Negroes into many neighborhoods that had few to no Negroes a handful of years ago. This, plus Leftists thinking it is great to have Blacks with professional jobs invade their neighborhoods. Never mind that most of these Blacks are not good at their professional jobs, burdening White co-workers with a greater work load. The average professional Black does as little work as possible, but screams about racism when a White co-worker objects to their Slothfulness and bad attitude. Fergusons are being created by such Negroes. They have enough money to leave the ghetto, but none of this money has been earned through actual ability or hard work. Affirmative Action has created this monster

      • benvad

        The only reason to vote republican.

      • adplatt126

        Really? That’s funny, I thought it was Republicans always taking credit for the Civil Rights Act. It’s mandated by law that whites accept blacks into their communities, squander their precious resources on them, employ them, and send their daughters to school with them, so they’ll someday produce mentally challenged “beautiful” biracial babies. It has to do with the social Marxist tyranny you live under surely, but no more to do with Democrats than the others in the power structure.

    • Beetlejuice

      I would posit that Afro-Americans do not invade these communities at all, rather they are moved there by government social engineers for the express purpose of destroying white communities.

      That’s what all the evidence suggests.

      • Bill Moore


        Two cities near me;

        The first, Butler PA, recently moved a thousand African families into the city. The reason given for this by the city government was to have a larger population so that the city would be more important. Of course, the violent crime and drug problems increased. This, of course, requires a larger police department (a plus as far as the city government is concerned, because they can hire more of their relatives and friends), and an increase in school taxes (another plus as far as the city government is concerned, because there is more opportunity for graft and corruption).

        The second is Pittsburgh PA, where the city government agreed to allow the federal government to place five hundred Mexican families in Lawrenceville, which is a section of Pittsburgh. The reason the city government of Pittsburgh gave for allowing this is that there were empty houses in Lawrenceville, the 500 Mexican families will produce increased economic activity because Washington DC will pay for social workers to help the Mexicans acclimatize, Washington DC will pay the rent and/or buy the houses for the Mexicans to live in, pay the living expenses (food, clothing, utilities), and so forth.

        But, we all know that destroying white communities is the real reason.

        Thank you for letting me rant,
        Bill Moore

        • Cid Campeador

          Remember the Dubuque Iowa Mayor who solicited for Black families from S. CHicago to come to Dubuque to enrich the city with their diversity. Quite a few of these “families” took him up on the offer and within some months there was a spike in the violent crime rate and a KKK branch formed there.
          Oprah hosted a White self flagellation party on one of her afternoon shows.
          I think that the mayor was there (rhyme unintended) along with three skin head types who looked as though they were right out of Central Casting. There was all the same crap re. Racism, White Supremacy and other crap. No mention of the crimes committed by the new “Debuquians”. I made that up. They definitely weren’t Armenians.
          When time came for Q & A with the audience, a young White girl stood up and sobbed “I’m so ashamed to be White”!
          This HAD to be at least ten years ago.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            I remember seeing this. Another disgusting display of flagellating Negro worship. No community should waste a moment wondering whether to accept sociopathic criminals into their midst. I think this was during the later 90’s, if memory serves. Hopefully, the diversity headed to nearby Madison, WI, a city rife with Leftists who welcome their own dispossession. Leftists who welcome diversity should have to deal with the consequences of their Liberal fantasies coming to fruition.

        • 1stworlder

          3rdworlders will never contribute anywhere near as much as they cost the US.

      • Cid Campeador

        You are spot on right!!!!!
        The evidence doesn’t suggest it, It BELLOWS it!!!

    • Bartek

      Whites aren’t ‘escaping’
      Whites are self indulgent, self sterilized, and dying out.
      When they die, Western civilization dies with them.

      • David

        Exactly. I’m sick of sexless, Darwinian failure whites bitching about demographic displacement. If you don’t even have the vitality to have sex and perpetuate the race, you have zero right to complain about the fact we’re dying out. Zero.

        It’s amazing to me how many young and young-ish whites aren’t merely childless, but entirely sexless. Gross!

        • bilderbuster

          Maybe it’s because both White husband and wife have to work two jobs to pay taxes for all the large non White families and can barely afford their own.

          • David

            lol. MORE excuses to avoid sex. Creepy.

          • bilderbuster

            We have another one on the way and children are expensive to raise in a non multicultural environment without living out in deep country which you would know if you had any.
            We would like to have four but it’s a quality of life issue and just the property taxes alone to warehouse the Black and illegal uneducable children in the public schools that our children can’t even use is enormous.
            You sound like you’re the childless,sexless creep.

          • We’d like to have two more. With Ariadne past seven, we’d eventually have a babysitter.

          • Garrett Brown

            He’s young, excuse him.

          • Ella

            Many whites would really hurt financially at three children since we don’t qualify for the 18K of welfare benefits. It becomes a second job or overtime. Many whites claim that they want more children but can’t afford it or marry too late.

          • David

            Google: “HouseUnseen” as just one example of a beautiful white family with 7 beautiful, spirited children….living blissfully in an old two-bedroom house in rural Michigan.

            There are many people who live like this (although not enough). But white people would rather have the latest iPhone and trendy condo than, ya know, have sex and procreate.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            There are solutions to this. I’m not going to go into detail on this forum, but if you use your brain you can come up with ca$h.

          • captainc

            It is not only Whites phenomenon, but in all developed countries like China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and Japan.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            This is mostly a result of toxins they put in the food that both lowers fertility and makes people die at a younger age. This is combined with more common use of Birth Control. In the third world the 20 babies they had were all accidents. In the first world most children are planned and it is increasingly rare for accidental births. A lot of people trying to have children have difficulty doing it and when I tell them it is because of the toxins they put in the food and water they usually don’t want to believe me but you can look it up yourself. I’m glad they do it, we need population control but they should be focusing their birth control on the problem areas of the population instead it seems to work in reverse where the more well adjusted people are having less children.

          • captainc

            I don’t think it is about toxins, it is more about civilization has become more complex and woman’s expectation of eligible bachelor has become unrealistic, the underclass looks for their brides overseas.

          • Cid Campeador

            I don’t know that they’re “avoiding” sex, they’re merely using BC.
            That doesn’t weaken your point however. Either way we’re disappearing ourselves.

          • Your obsession with other people’s sexual activity is what’s “creepy”

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            This is exactly why the White birthrate is so low, at least here in the States. Our Government ships jobs to Asia, taxes us into oblivion to feed slothful Negroes, and imports legions of Mestizoes, who are proferred with preferential treatment at hiring time along with the Negroes. A responsible young White couple has every reason to not get pregnant. If a couple does have children and they express any healthy pride in being White at school, this is treated as a crime. A child dresses neatly and wears a Confederate Flag belt buckle, and more fuss is made than when a Negro student bullies and scares a White classmate. America is a disgusting, immoral, anti-White sewer that is no longer a decent place for a White child to grow up. This is why so many White couples are not having children.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I would seriously consider moving to another country, where the anti-white attitudes are not so prevalent. Lend your talents to building up and enriching those places. Obviously your talent and contributions aren’t appreciated here. You have a borderline genius white person and he will often be spit on, denied opportunity and treated like garbage, but a rapist, low I.Q. gang banger who never paid a dime in tax in his life will be welcomed with open arms and given a parade. Obviously our leaders want to destroy this country, so maybe it’s better to just leave. Or at least create a PLE where maybe the white hating attitudes aren’t as prevalent. I see a lot of complaining but not a lot of focus on actual solutions.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Creation of PLE settlements is nest. Secessionist movements are under way. That is a start. Northern California as the new state of Jefferson, the new state of Western Maryland.

          • 1stworlder

            All white nations are getting flooded with the turd world.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I was thinking of a south american nation or something. Even an Asian nation. Yet I don’t know of any that would be good. I have to do more research. South America the main problem are the socialist policies, which I’m fine with socialism to a degree but think the policies might be a problem. Asian nations are too corrupt except Japan which is over crowded.

            Ideally to live in a country that does not discriminate against whites. One that does not tolerate illegal immigration, and that has reasonable legal immigration policies. Where government corruption is not too high and basic services like clean water and viable roads exist. And where taxes are not too high. Other than that a colony or enclave can be established.

            The thing with the U.S. is if you buy some land and start growing your own food the government will come in and steal it from you and give it to an illegal immigrant. Then if you try to get a job will discriminate against you. Then if you simply try to create your own ethnic community to avoid the discrimination, they will bring federal charges against you for being racist, even though any non-white community can do the same and have no charges levied against them. The country is out right hostile towards whites or success. I mean if you could just go somewhere, pay your taxes, get a job and be left alone that would be a 100 times better than where the U.S. is heading. The U.S. is on a path towards South Africa style government where whites will probably be hunted down and killed at some point and there is no option to simply move away from it because they’ll hunt you down and redistribute whatever you have built for yourself.

          • 1stworlder

            Maybe Iceland or the Falkland islands. Iceland didn’t let its bankers off the hook with the market crash and benefited.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Well that’s what I’m getting at. Where I live now twenty years ago was a cheap white working class neighborhood that had zero crime other than pot smoking and maybe some minor gambling or prostitution (victimless crimes in other words). Now today it’s not a white community, people get their car stereos stolen, mugged, killed etc. You shouldn’t have to buy a million dollar home just to live in a safe neighborhood. It’s getting ridiculous. And eventually I think you will run out of ways to make money when every business is populated by dysfunctional idiots. There needs to be some focus on something more fundamental than simply moving to some expensive suburb. That would be something like a church, except the church values competence. It values good behavior. Like a Christian church will preach that its wrong to lie, cheat and steal, but then tolerate all the liars and theives and say “we’re all sinners”. I mean a church that will exclude people who commit crimes or seem too dumb to function in a basic way. Or maybe not so much a church but just a private society.

            For me I see the issue transcending race and is really about competence. I’m happy to work with people of any race if they can act human and maintain a first world living standard. By contrast I have no interest in white people who are ghettofied idiots shooting up battery acid or whatever to get high.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          Very few young Whites are sexless. Young Whites are afraid to have kids due to lack of income. Lack of income due to jobs having been sent to Asia, American employers refusing to pay decent wages, hiring lazy and stupid Negroes before Whites to meet Affirmative Action quotas, and White workers being taxed into oblivion to pay for the legions of lazy Negroes living off of welfare. Young Whites are confronted with an economic morass that makes having kids an economic burden many choose to purposely avoid. White ethnostates, with vital economies and sensible tax burdens, would make having children feasible for young couples. A responsible young couple who is well educated and hard working should not have to choose not to have kids so as to survive economically. A system that makes every effort to coddle Negroes is what causes this.

          • bilderbuster

            Don’t listen to that nonsense.
            White people love sex and have it as often as possible.
            But most of us are intelligent enough to practice birth control and also know that the consequences of promiscuity are mouths to feed/marriage/child support and or STDs.
            These are things Blacks and Latinos don’t seem to concern themselves with whether they’re having large families, usually from multiple partners, living off of White taxpayers here or whether they’re living and starving in squalor in their homelands.

        • KyraNelson

          Not to mention the millions of white children aborted since Roe vs. Wade.

          • The highest abortion rate in the US is among black women. White couples are generally bright enough to figure out how birth control works.

          • benvad

            Blacks use Planned Parenthood to get rid of their spawn. He’ll we should be grateful that this is provided. Conservatives would get rid of this if they could.

            There would be three times as many of them without PP.

        • Cid Campeador

          Sadly, your are correct.

        • Where do people go to meet quality partners these days? The bar scene here in Colorado Springs flat-out sucked in the early 1990s, and I’ll bet it hasn’t improved. For those of us who aren’t religious, church groups are non-starters. In college it was easy, because there were plenty of co-eds around, but dating a co-worker is a recipe for disaster; if you break up, you’re still stuck working together, and that’s awkward.

          Anymore, people fall in love with their hobbies and then wake up at the age of 40 wondering why they’re still alone. If Sayaka hadn’t written to me the three years I was locked up, I’d probably still be single and childless at 48. If I was still single, I’d spend all my time fishing and tying flies and making lures instead of simply a lot of it. In the 1990s, before my arrest, it was collecting old military rifles, shooting, case-forming and reloading. Toward the end, I also swaged bullets. The groove diameter of an 8mm Hungarian Mannlicher 1931 is .329″, so the usual .323″ 8mm bullets produce miserable accuracy. Lee Precision made me a .329″ bullet sizing die, and I used that to squeeze down Hornady .338″ bullets. I wrote most of the case-forming parts of the Wikipedia articles on rifle cartridges. I started work on a book on the subject in 2011 that I haven’t finished.

          I showed Ariadne how to make Colorado-style spinner lures. These don’t have a long, straight piece of wire with the rotor on a clevis, but instead use two barrel swivels with a split ring in the middle and one at the end. The one at the end holds the treble hook, and the one in the middle holds the rotating piece of shiny metal. They’re super-easy to make, which is why I got my seven year-old daughter started on those. I’ll take her fishing with them next weekend. Having a fish accept a lure you have made yourself is a special moment, and I want Sayaka to be around to see her smile.

          Hobbies and families do mix.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            You are a good man Michael Christopher Scott!! We need more families like yours out there, and White ethnostates where folks can live free of Negroes, and not have to worry about an influx of Negroes suddenly moving in. Families like yours deserve to live in peace, with no Negroes. We need segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.

          • David

            Beer is death on sperm count and testosterone, so people shouldn’t be meeting at bars in the first place. But, yeah, women never take men seriously at bars, and so they’ve always been a terrible place to meet girls. (The fact that Hollywood always shows bars as the premiere way to meet girls should tell you to avoid them like the plague!)

            It’s cool that you met a girl through fishing, apparently, but that’s the exception and not the rule. Most guys aren’t going to meet girls through their hobbies, though, and rightfully so: men and women are different, and so women aren’t going to be at many programming conventions, and men aren’t going to be at many scrapbooking conventions. Etc.

            And generally, I don’t believe that women truly want a man who’s their “best friend” and all that. They want a man who’s strong and self-motivated who she can love and support. Heartiste wrote:

            You shall make your mission, not your woman, your priority.
            Forget all those romantic cliches of the leading man proclaiming his undying love for the woman who completes him. Despite whatever protestations to the contrary, women do not want to be “The One” or the center of a man’s existence. They in fact want to subordinate themselves to a worthy man’s life purpose, to help him achieve that purpose with their feminine support, and to follow the path he lays out. You must respect a woman’s integrity and not lie to her that she is “your everything”. She is not your everything, and if she is, she will soon not be anymore.”

            That’s one of his “16 Commandments of Poon, and I think he is right.

            The best place to meet girls? The real world. Go up to girls wherever you see one you’re attracted to. Grocery stores, churches, coffee shops, on the street, etc., etc. Roosh’s book “Day Bang” is a great guide on this.

            Of course, if a man has shitty sperm counts and T levels, it’s all for naught, so I definitely recommend the paleo diet, which Dr. Duke talks about regularly in his radio show. Check out the free documentary, ‘Fat Head’.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            MCS speaks of fishing with his daughter. (C’mon now, no one finds a date fishing!)

            He met his wife, as I recall, randomly on a street in a Japanese city when she was a schoolgirl and got separated from her group. He may correct me if he responds to you.

            Life is stochastic. I talk to everyone because you never know. And I have met some very good men in bars.

            I will repeat myself: when damn near everyone is insane it is hard for two sane people to meet and mate if even to get their emotional needs met, much less to start families. It’s a numbers thing.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            If you want to work together we could possibly find solutions to such problems (like finding quality partners). What I mean simply it’s easier to meet women when traveling together. There are also options like simply write a woman in Russia or Ukraine- pretty much all they are interested is finding someone with a decent income. Not sure about the “quality” being there though.

          • captainc

            That is quite expensive, why not joining online dating services?

          • bilderbuster

            If bar girls are what someone’s interested in and they don’t like the bar scene then maybe they should try AA meetings.
            It’s the same people who used to be in bars but who are sober now.
            Without the liquor the dates are less expensive and no hangover afterwards.
            Of course you may have to swear off the bottle but it’s better than being alone.

          • Luca

            I’m trying to visualize that spinner but you’re leaving out part of the description or else my mind is not functioning properly. How do you mount the spinner blade on a split ring so that it rotates freely? The rest of your description makes sense and similar to something I do but I use the straight wire shaft for the blade.

          • 1stworlder

            Feminists don’t want women to know that after 35 their fertility drops like a rock, career women don’t look to have kids until their biological clock starts ticking.

    • M&S

      At some point soon whitey will run out of suburbs and exurbs to run to and will be forced to stand his ground and violently confront the black plague.

      At some point, whitey will have no more money left from having been forced to abandon huge swaths of territory as valuable Real Estate and the claws of demography will reach out with ‘Regional Equity’ and ‘Sustainable Growth’ to demand that those who cannot pay the absolute highest mortgage rates all move back to the cities where the vilest of the cretinous have been concentrated.

      The goal is to in fact -enforce- white flight, to the point of exhausting white finances.

      The cult will have their hybrid society of suitably stupid sheeple or they will swing from a rope off a monument to freedom.

    • One statistic I remember reading on this site years ago was that once an area is 30% black, it rapidly turns 70% black. The local economy then dries up at warp speed because it becomes impossible for companies to attract young professionals. Ferguson, MO is the headquarters of Emerson Electric, but who really wants to live there?

    • 313 48224

      I grew up in Detroit and we had to move several times because blacks would move in, crime goes up, property values go down, schools turn to crap.
      We finally had to leave the city when we ran out of place to run to. We gave our house away. Now that blacks have burned down most of the homes in the city, they are moving to the burbs. We plan to move again. If blacks ever have to move because of white genrification they scream bloody murder. However, whites just move with their tails between their legs and don’t say a word.

  • Luca

    There is a direct correlation between the black population and the increase of poverty and crime in any city, in any town, in any state, at any time in our history. Always happens, always will.

    • anony

      Where there are Africans, there is Africa.

      Separation is the only answer.

      • The solution is Africa in Africa.

        • anony

          However the separation is accomplished is fine with me.

          I haven’t thought through the best way to accomplish the separation, but this I know…,

          We cannot live together harmoniously.

          • benvad

            Maybe we have to listen to Farrakhan more intently, that Elijah Muhammad was a rational realistic leader.

        • benvad

          How are you going to accomplish that?

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Exactly. George Wallace had it right on the money. Segregation today, Segregation tomorrow, Segregation forever. This is the only sane solution to dealing with Blacks other than sending them back to Africa.

    • Beetlejuice

      This fact can also be repeated in Europe: in London, Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam and and any other city or country that lets in a black population.

    • As whites flee the violent crime blacks always bring with them, the local economy tanks. Crime thus causes poverty, rather than the other way ’round. How many of the owners of looted, burned businesses in Ferguson are going to take their insurance money and relocate to a whiter suburb?

      • Luca

        I always tell Liberals that if poverty caused crime we should have been wiped out during the Great Depression. In fact, crime rates have quadrupled since then and all because of Liberal policies instituted during the LBJ administration.

  • Puggg

    I looked at the article itself, and it says that the top 4 rapidly changed white to black communities in the country were all in St. Louis. Three are in north St. Louis county and the fourth is Cahokia, IL, which is directly south of East St. Louis, and that should answer that question for you.

    • Ringo Lennon

      St. Louis metro is 3 to 1 white to non white. As Chicago metro is 1.1 to 1. You got nothing to complain about

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        I moved to a Cincy suburb from Dallas 3 years ago. I spent a lot of time researching locations and Cincinnati and Pittsburgh were both at the top of my list. The schools are 90%+ white and crime is low. I heartily recommend it.

        • nexus974

          I have lived in the Cincinnati area since 2000. In the time I’ve lived here there has been 2 race riots over circumstances similar to Ferguson.

          • KevinPhillipsBong

            Which is why I live in a suburb. Cincinnati is regularly ranked among the most segregated cities in the US because there’s not a lot of mixing – black crime is therefore more limited to black areas. That’s not a problem for me and mine.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Cincinnati is a really racist city compared to other parts of the country which I guess would make people on this website happy. But it works both ways. There seems to be a lot of discrimination against white people. As well almost all the white communities in the city are now non-white. All that’s left are wealthier suburban areas. Even those areas seem to be rapidly changing. I mean where I’m at now my grandma moved to this neighborhood in the 1950s. They didn’t rent to black people until about the year 2000. It was always a working class neighborhood but now it seems to be decaying into ghetto. Seems like they are trying to revitalize some neighborhoods in the city though, especially around UC. The area around the college became all ghetto and college students were normally mugged, punched in the face for no reason, killed, robbed etc. so I guess they finally decided to tear down the buildings and build expensive apartments and try to bring life back to some of the neighborhoods in the city.

            St. Louis and Cincinnati are actually two historically German cities and also two areas that are much more racist than other parts of the country. Cincinnati is the only city to have race riots in recent history. It’s also the only city where they filmed cops and the city was too embarrassed to let them air the footage. Nobody knows what was filmed but it was replaced with something more kosher that eventually aired.

            It is ironic that Cincinnati does have good schools (as in high schools and such). There are also some good jobs here in regards to manufacturing but most of that has been shipped to China. Overall I would not recomend the city or the suburbs because most of the area around here is third world. The police are extremely soft on crime. And if you want to be discriminated against as a white male, you will experience a lot of it here. The only place worse, well saint louis or Detroit.

            I would say if you are a racist that simply wants to find a little community somewhere that also harbors racist attitudes well then I guess Cincinnati suburbs is the place to find that, especially in one that has a lot of Jews. But if you are trying to avoid third world conditions, dysfunctional government, dysfunctional colleges, dysfunctional and corrupt police, large pot holes in the road, a five mile stretch of highway that they have been “working on” since 1972 and still haven’t managed to complete, hollowed out middle class, skyrocketing crime rates that resemble a war zone etc. avoid cincinnati. St. Louis is almost exactly like Cincinatti but with even worse crime and ghettos.

            The one thing I really like about Cinci is all the old German buildings, but most of them are crumbling now. St. Louis has similar German architecture but to a lesser extent. Cincinnati is the number one city in America for “Gothic” Architecture, Germanic style buildings etc. It’s a shame these buildings are neglected and crumbling. A building just collapsed in the city last week.

            I think you could take a liberal to Cincinnati and turn them into a racist pretty quick here given the ridiculous environment.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            But where cinci is different from other cities is the city used to be segregated until they made it illegal in the 1960s. But really it stayed segregated up until the 1980s. Then some areas were segregated up until about 2000. Yet now the entire city seems to be turning into all blacks and a few mexican areas and a few remaining jewish areas. Before there was a German area, a hillbilly area, a jewish area, a black area etc. Now pretty much almost every neighborhood is black with only a few exceptions.

          • KevinPhillipsBong

            Out of a list of the 51 largest metro areas (city and suburbs) in the US, Cincinnati was the second whitest with 81.5% non-hispanic whites (2010 Census numbers). Given its proximity to Kentucky and the South, the folks are on average more conservative than other majority white metro areas. Pittsburgh was the whitest metro area at 86.9% non-hispanic whites. Cincinnati has a very literate white community as well, the main library is the busiest in the country.

          • Ella

            There seems to be many Blacks moving near the German town or historic city-part, with less ethnic shops of interest.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            All the small shops are closed down. Wall-mart basically put the mom and pop places out of business. All the historic German areas are now black. Over the Rhine, once named so because it was little Germany is the most ghettofied part of the city and all black. There are areas of Hamilton and nearby areas called “German town” literally the name of the place- almost entirely black. All the Germans moved out of the city long ago and live out in the woods or suburbs for the most part. There are still some German restaraunts, and the largest october fest outside of Germany, but I mean who really cares about that. We used to have a lot of small communities in the city with local shops etc. Between spreading ghettos and big box stores like walmart and Home Depot they are all shutered up. The only ones that survive take ebt and sell potato chips, cigarettes, rolling papers and beer.

          • Malgus

            You blame Big Box stores for the demise of mom-and-pop stores – specifically the German ones – but whose fault is it, really?

            The Big Box store for existing, or the communities – run by their respective governments – who allowed them to build the Big Box stores there in the first place? All they saw were dollar signs and extra tax revenue, and mom-and-pop stores paid the price. Actually, the entire community paid the price when the mom-and-pop stores went out of business. EVERYONE knows how predatory the Big Box stores are… it’s not like the city councils, etc, can claim ignorance…

            You have to ask yourself why the Germans moved in the first place. Cause and effect. Something caused them to move away. Since nature abhors a vacuum, something had to take their place. And take their place the blacks did… aided and abetted by the local, and Federal, government…

          • Raymond Kidwell

            In Cincinnati it started in the 1960s when they de-segregated the city. Once non-whites moved in a lot of whites moved out. I think also back in the early 1900s or whatever most of the people spoke German. Their grandchildren didn’t really speak German and were Americanized enough that they no longer felt any strong need to stay fixed in an ethnic enclave. I really wish they would take some effort to bring back an ethnic German community in the city. For some reason the government has went to great lengths to keep “china towns” ethnically chinese and they also have planned black communities in Cincinnati. Yet any kind of white community is “racist” and needs to be dismantled at once. Except for Jewish communities they seem to have mostly remained although they aren’t 100% Jewish and don’t have many ethnic shops or anything.

          • Malgus

            Messing with Jews is one of the 3rd rails of politics. Whites, especially Germans? Yeah, feel free to beat up on us all you want (my grandfather was born in Germany. So was my son. My father and I were not).

            And it’s not “for some reason”… the reason is obvious = in the name of the “diversity” you don’t seem to care about, whites are being pushed out. Literally ethnically cleansed, though only the bravest will call it that. The other racial groups are untouchables – Bantus, Mestizos, Jews, Hmong, Chinese, etc.. THEM tribing up and making little ethnic enclaves is just “ethnic pride”… but not you or any other white…

            Don’t you get it yet?

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I don’t know where you are getting your facts. The city is majority black, although the official stats usually state some even split between blacks and whites. The government is all black- black mayor etc. The suburbs are mostly white, but that is starting to change. There are a lot of wealthy communities that are mostly Jewish that makes the city very white on paper, but these Jews are not very open to non-Jewish whites. The main library down town is full of black people and mostly rents out movies to people. The libraries long ago abandoned books and are just a place to get on the internet, rent the latest rap CD, or check out the newest blockbuster movie.

            The one thing that does exist here are attitudes that would be considered unthinkable in other parts of the country. I have total strangers tell me about how upset they are that their community has a lot of blacks in it. When I was in Cincinnati State college doing a group assignment the people in the group started talking openly about how white girls that date black men are trashy and one of the guys in the group bragged that he still had his grandfather’s third reich uniform. People commonly wave German flags and there are a lot of blond nordic types. By contrast at the same Cincinnati State they made a strong effort to push out white people and recruit more blacks. I never expressed anything racist there and really only want to just do my work and go home. Yet the lady who runs the program would not let me finish my clinicals. When I kept pressing her for it, she finally said she hates men. I then realized all the people finishing the program were female. I also found out they had a 5% graduation rate which is unbelievable.

            I don’t really mind living in diversity, but I do mind the “ghettos” which there is a big difference. You have basically ghetto and wealthy neighborhoods now. There aren’t many decent affordable places to live. Even wealthy areas are turning non-white. The college is full of a lot of asians.

            I also don’t mind diversity but I do mind affirmitive action. Nearly every job is given to black people. For instance I have rode metro for years and seen thousands of drivers. All of them are black. The racism is obvious. I went to work for proctor and gamble and that entire division hired entirely black people. I go to work in fast food and a lot of the places will only hire blacks. If you try to get help with employment the job works program will take your social security number then pocket any money or benefits you receive, never giving them to you, and will not let you get any jobs if you are white. They had a lot of free clinics- they will not serve you if you are white. If you walk in the city and make a wrong turn black people will tell you that you are in “black territory” and they will kill you if you don’t get out- and they have killed before we have had some of the highest murder rates of any city.

            The one good thing I can say is that Cincinnati seems to actually be combating this now. They are actually working on de-ghettofying a lot of the neighborhoods. There are white neighborhoods but it will be a few blocks of white people surounded on all sides by abysmal black ghettos. I mean I tried driving through the city and exploring and no matter what direction I went in there were these obscene ghettos. I mean I wanted to cry when I saw how horrible the living conditions were. I can’t believe that exists in America. But now they are actually reclaiming a lot of areas trying to make the city livable again, but the problem is in order to do this they have to make everything expensive.

            Cincinnati has one of the highest concetrations of Jews of any city and I don’t think an anti-semite would like here. I personally don’t care really.

            About the South- the lower class here are culturally southern, mostly coming from Kentucky and Tennessee. It’s a redneck city, at least among the few white people that remain. Like I said the attitudes and culture here is really different from the rest of the country. I find it odd that people would say such openly racist things to me and not even know me personally. If they said that somewhere else in the country they would be lynched. But the racism is not something I enjoy because most of it is directed into discriminating against whites.

            Really if you live here the Kentucky side is nicer and they are tougher on crime. So all the ghetto people want to live here where they can get away with crime. They jails are over crowded. No matter how soft they go on crime, the majority of the people here are retarded criminals, so the jails over flow.

            And Indian Hill is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the country. If you are a millionaire I guess this might be a nice place to find some very “old money” type neighborhoods. But moving here from somewhere else- the weather sucks. The city is ghettofied.

            When I went to places like Virginia or Texas I was amazed. People were rich. Good jobs everywhere. I was used to Cincinnati which is like a third world nation. Poverty and crime everywhere. No opportunity unless you already have money or are Jewish. Yeah Jews also hire their own people so good luck finding a job as a white man. The hindus only hire blacks and other hindus. Government jobs like metro etc. go almost exclusively to blacks. Many entry level factory jobs cater to blacks. Other jobs only hire Jews. I would not be here if I wasn’t broke and family here. Most of the white people are moving out in droves. They are only here because their grandparents lived here- same reason I’m here.

            You should move to Texas or Virginia, or around huntsville alabama if you want to find good jobs, nice neighborhoods. Everything here is decaying and it seems like it’s just a non-white place to be.

            Now yes like I said there are some neighborhoods that might be a neo-nazis dream. When I went to middle school which was in a more suburban area of Cincinnati the majority of people there were blond and blue eyed and nearly everyone of German descent. There was only one person who was non-white in the entire school. But probably if I went back there today things are changing. I guess if you like blonds and people waving German flags and making racist statements maybe you will like this place. But for me I’m more concerned about economic opportunity, crime free neighborhoods etc.

          • Malgus

            “I mean Cincinnati is like some kind of race war”

            One of my earliest memories was my father helping my mother and us kids (there was just me and my sister at the time) climb up into the attic. The blacks in Cincinnati were rampaging, and everyone was worried they would cross the bridge into Kentucky. My old daddy gave mamma his shotgun and a box of shells. Mamma told us years later that the cops stopped the blacks at the bridge. Daddy worked downtown and, though it was against the law, he carried his old .45 from the Korean War with him.

            “I also don’t mind diversity but I do mind affirmitive action.”

            Yeah, well I DO mind “diversity”. We should be able to live amongst our own kind without interference from any other racial group. Frankly, it’s none of their d*mn business if we do or not. If other racial groups don’t like it, then let them form their own territories and stop following us around like a stray dog begging for a handout.

            Anyone who advocates for “diversity” is a fraud. If you ask a diversity advocate to list the benefits of “diversity” over a homogenous society, once the conversation moves past “ethnic restaurants” they run out of ideas… as if whites are so inept, we can’t cook the foods from other countries or racial groups. That’s like saying only Mexicans can cook Mexican food, which is idiotic.

            “About the South- the lower class here are culturally southern, mostly coming from Kentucky and Tennessee. It’s a redneck city, at least among the few white people that remain.”

            Oh? You’re an expert on us Southerners now because you met a few expats who live in the city? Your use of the pejorative “redneck” has no traction – anyone who knows the history of the word will take it as a source of pride, though I am surprised you would use it.

            “When I went to places like Virginia or Texas I was amazed. People were rich. Good jobs everywhere. I was used to Cincinnati which is like a third world nation. Poverty and crime everywhere.”

            You have no idea what real “poverty” is… none.

            Less than one hour’s drive east of where I am sitting right this second, live people who live in REAL poverty. Dirt floor poor. No running water poor. One pair of shoes poor. The poor whites in the Appalachian mountains live in REAL poverty… not the phony-baloney faux “poverty” that blacks live in with big screen TV’s, Obama phones, free housing, free schooling, EBT cards, SNAP, WIC, TANF, driving brand-new Escalades, wearing so much bling they look like dusky Christmas trees… phony baloney “poor” that are so “poor” that morbid obesity from overeating is rampant.

            Tell you what. Why don’t you take a drive down to Pikeville and then hook north, driving along the Appalachian Mountains and see some of these communities that have been gutted by Obama’s war on coal? Dead and dying towns, main street boarded up. People living in true squalor… then come back and compare those people to the “poor” diversity of Cincinnati… then we can talk.

            If you’re truly “concerned” about economic opportunity and crime free neighborhoods, then you need to abandon “diversity”, knock off guilt-by-association and stop using pejoratives like “neo-nazi”… one can be a pro-white nationalist without being a National Socialist. If you knew anything about what National Socialism actually is, you’d know that most of us reject socialism of all stripes – national or otherwise. Socialism is just Communism’s retarded second cousin anyways…

            Economic opportunity and low crime comes with homogenous white neighborhoods and free markets unrestrained by Government meddling…

          • Tarczan

            The NY Times just ran a story about the problems in WV, but they tried to blame it on everything but the fact that the coal mines were shutdown. They took there usual shots at the poor whites; they are uneducated,unwilling to leave.

            The story was informative for me in that it showed the underlying motivation of the NYT, and that is to push the Obama agenda.

          • Malgus


            Heh.. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the NYT. The people of the South, especially the mountain people, have been at the butt end of generations of untrue slander – that we’re all toothless, shoeless hayseeds skunked on our own homemade liquor… The NYT was just perpetuating the stereotype. I seriously doubt any member of the NYT has ever set foot in the mountains, or would ever lower themselves to do so – even if we paid their way.

            The Obama Admin. went after coal, using the EPA as their enforcers – so far, we’ve lost 5,000 jobs in the coal mines and 3 power plants have been shuttered. Then, they started trying to get people on welfare. What surprised them was that the people of the mountains are proud – often, too proud for handouts.

            The Administration took out billboards pushing welfare. People resisted. They took out radio ads (I’ve heard them). People still resisted. The carpetbagging Yankees couldn’t believe it. They finally had hundreds of minions go door to door in an effort to sign up as many as possible for welfare. It wasn’t exactly the rousing success they were hoping for. 🙂

            And that Allison Grimes person won’t win McConnell’s senate seat… we’re a bit off down here – we elect Republican senators, but Democratic Governors – but even us toothless, shoeless hayseeds can see that carpetbagging Yankees and Hollyweird elites are funding her push for the Senate… we know where her loyalties lie…

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Hey most of my family are from the appalachian mountains. Many people that live in Cincinnati came from there originally. Anyway I don’t have a problem with diversity, nor do I have a problem with a white community. I’m a civilized person, which means I don’t look for conflict. I don’t start unneccessary problems etc. like 90% of the people I deal with. If I see a white community, good. If I see diversity, good. Whereas you have these radical Marxist who will attack whites at every turn or extreme racists that will attack non-whites. I really don’t see any reason to tear others down and try to start problems like that. Specifically whites who want to live in a white community don’t bother me at all nor do non-whites. What is a problem is when I live somewhere with crime or levels of incompetence that really harm my quality of life. That’s when it crosses a level that can’t really be tolerated by me.

            Specifically I want to walk down the street and be safe from violent attacks, not have my property vandalized or stuff stolen, and I need to deal with people who are reliable in the smallest sense rather than complete social parasites. I’ve met good people from all races and bad people from all races. I’m mainly concerned about people’s behaviors and competency rather than race. Although I do feel it is important to preserve white people in at least some form. It would be a loss to humanity if they/we no longer exist.

            What i see online though are people who seem to have a lot of anger or hate and very little focus on solutions. I mean lots of people are living quite well and with a few simple adjustments we could do that ourselves.

          • adplatt126

            But your policies do cause unnecessary conflict. Saying you have no problem with diversity but avoid unnecessary conflict is a self-contradiction. Absent a police state, diversity leads to conflict. Always, everywhere. You talk about having a problem with things like crime, but your problem really is with diversity. You’re just not rational enough or brave enough to connect them. Problem is, when “diversity” reaches a certain point, bye bye civilization, because the systemic problems start eating away at every segment of society, bleeding into quality of life and other metrics. Being a coward does not make you noble. The problem with all of your arguments is that A) there is a strong correlation between race and competency/character, and B) not having a monoethnic, monocultural society leads to various problems, not merely violence and mistrust. The entire culture, in the aim to include and not judge or yield racist, unequal conclusions, often adopts the ideology and values of its lowest members. In other words, everything is rendered degenerate. Western society is not “doing well”. A veneer of relative affluence is camouflaging a consistent and deep-rooted rot at the heart of the civilization.

          • Malgus

            Nicely put, adplatt…

            The problem with “diversity” – also known as “multiculturalism” – is that multiple cultures cannot coexist in the same space at the same time. One has to dominate the others.

            When “others” first arrive in a host nation, they are relatively quiet and well behaved. They are acutely aware of being outnumbered, so they stay low and stay quiet.

            Then their numbers grow – enough to boost their percentage of the population a bit – and they start agitating, targeting the hated majority for who they are.

            A few more percentage points higher, and you have demonstrations and riots. They start insisting for preferential treatment because of their low percentage.

            At some point, when the population of other has reached 40% – which seems to be the magic number – then one of two things happens – the first is a full on police state, since only the heavy hand of government can keep the peace between the warring tribes… the second is that without that heavy hand to keep the peace, full on conflict between tribes will erupt…

          • Malgus

            “Hey most of my family are from the appalachian mountains.”

            I see. Sooo, when was the last time you were there? Curious, since you sound like an authority on the matter.

            “Anyway I don’t have a problem with diversity, nor do I have a problem with a white community. I’m a civilized person, which means I don’t look for conflict.”

            If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. And like I said, I DO have a problem with “diversity”… “multiculturalism” is not the default setting for humanity. If it was, it would occur naturally. Instead, it is being FORCED on us by our own government, battalions of lawyers, NGO’s, “community organizers” and other do-gooder types.

            And I’m a member of the Warrior Class. I was a soldier for most of my adult life. I was born to it. You don’t choose the life. The life chooses you. It doesn’t make me any less “civilized” than you because I enjoy a good fight on occasion.

            “Whereas you have these radical Marxist who will attack whites at every turn or extreme racists that will attack non-whites.”

            I assume you’re referring to whites with this “extreme racists” remark? Tell me, when was the last time you heard of whites hunting non-whites? Attacking them for no reason? I’m having a hard time thinking of the last time I heard of whites attacking non-whites on purpose for no reason… which is odd, because the MSM tends to trumpet such things from the rooftops when they do actually happen.

            You sound like someone desperately trying to convince himself that the truth is not the truth… you mouth the politically correct words, but don’t really believe them. You see the rot and degeneracy brought by the Bantu’s and Mestizos, but desperately try to blame it on anything OTHER than what it obviously is… you just haven’t made the jump yet, have you? Anyone who is a white nationalist or pro-white is a Neo-Nazi (just using your own words), but you know that’s not true, don’t you? But you just can’t bring yourself to get with the program and realize that this whole mess doesn’t pass the smell test…

            You end with moral equivocating… “I’ve met good and bad of all races”… That’s just the same old saw, rewarmed and served as leftovers. It’s used by folks who would rather not make a moral and/or ethical judgement on anyone else.

            Until you cowboy up, realize you were born with a set and take a stand, I can’t help you, son… I can lead you to the water, but you’ve got to be the one to jump in. Nobody is going to make you “safe” other than YOU, son… if that means you have to go heeled everywhere you go, then so be it. You play by one set of rules and then are surprised and outraged that your opponents are playing by a different set, or no set? LOL!!

            Once upon a time, folks made judgement calls on their fellow man – “This far, and no farther”. This is what used to comprise morality and ethics at a societal level and was a source of shaming for poor behavior – out of wedlock pregnancies, handouts, public lewdness, drunkenness…

            Moral equivocating throws all that out the window. No, not everyone is the same, with the exact same abilities or even the same potential… there are those who are stupid and brutish, but are completely capable of feeling envy at your success – and they will target you for that success… the sooner you realize this, the better…

            Damn, son… didn’t your old daddy teach you this stuff?

          • KevinPhillipsBong

            “You should move to Texas or Virginia”… I lived in Texas for 40 years. It is 44% white. That number is not increasing. It is estimated that Hispanics will be 50%+ of the population within 9 years. That estimation was from before this most recent border surge.

            When I was a kid growing up in northern Texas my community was 95% white, that’s all gone now. It’s almost impossible now to find ANY suburb in Texas that’s 90%+ white. Here around Cincinnati such communities abound. I live on the east side, south of Indian Hill, and it’s nothing but acres of little blond-headed white kids. With my Scots-Irish dark eyes and dark hair, I’m the swarthiest guy on the street. Lots of German Catholic moms with three to five kids. Every other car is a minivan. Cinci suburbs remind me of North Texas 40 years ago. I love the hills here and the changing seasons – I had none of that in north Texas where everything’s flat and scrubby. I like that there’s a ski resort within an hour’s drive. The zoo is great. Lots of decent camping and hiking within a few hours drive.

            “I don’t know where you are getting your facts. The city is majority black, although the official stats usually state some even split between blacks and whites. The government is all black- black major etc. The suburbs are mostly white, but that is starting to change.”

            I’m not talking about living in Avondale. I’m talking about the whole metropolitan area. It was 85% white (according to the Census) in 2000 that dropped to 82% white in 2010. The area may be losing some whites but not many. Cincinnati has black islands in a white ocean. When I was in Texas it was white islands in a brown and black ocean. If you want new building, go to Mason. It looks like a lot of newer Texas suburbs (except that Mason’s more white).

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Well like I was saying place I grew up in around Cincinnati were 100% white and if I go and visit them today I can bet whites are minority. You can’t compete with people who pop out 12 babies each, every one subsidized by the government. There is no running from this. All you can do is create a PLE and wait for the government to collapse. Unless people get fed up and radically change their social policies this can’t be sustained. The government simply cannot afford to have a shrinking group of the population support an ever increasing low I.Q. incapable segment of people. I am thinking it might be better to move out of the U.S. before SHTF. We already have had a taste with various riots and such.

            I can’t afford to live outside of the city right now. Like I said I am surprised they are fixing up Clifton and I actually think that is a nice place to live. I really wish I could live in an American city 30 years ago when they weren’t over run with criminals and degenerates. There would be a lot of culture, walk to the local store, lots of friends nearby within walking distance etc. It’s sad you either have to have a large income or live in the middle of nowhere just to avoid crime and hoards of impoverished morons.

            If I think back that just 20 years ago all these neighborhoods were white that are now over run with blacks, I mean what will 20 years in the future bring? I mean by then whites will be like 30% of the total U.S. population or something. I would think if you want to live in a white community you better have some sort of PLE that makes a clear statement of its intents to remain white. Otherwise it will be overrun given enough time, unless it is some super expensive area then it will just end up becoming a community of white/asian mixes.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            If you like blondes Cincinnati or Indiana or the far north (like the Dakotas) probably will be the best places for you, I have to admit that. But it really isn’t something that is important to me.

            What I meant in regards to Texas there is a low cost of living compared to relatively high wages and low unemployment. Cincinnati you mostly need a college degree to get a good job (or connections) and the region has some of the highest tuition in the country. It’s an old money area, not a good area to “work your way up”. Although my brother is making really good money I think part of that is because he works for a German company located around here rather than an American company. There’s some decent employment here but there are a lot of better places.

            Huntsville Alabama is another area. I think demographically it might be more white if that is what you like, but I’m focused on actually high paying jobs, low cost of living, decent weather. I just take crime, whites being a minority, corruption, inept government etc. for granted. It’s something I just need to learn to live with in the modern U.S. so I mainly just focus on where the economic opportunity is for someone like me.

            The Washington D.C. metro area is another good place.

            Cincinnati has a low cost of living but also low wages, average unemployment rates and high crime. Just looking solely at crime, and wages compared to cost of living (especially entry level jobs where you don’t need connections or advanced degree or need to be a minority to get hired) I think those other areas would be better choices. Of course if being around white people is important to you just move somewhere really cold. Most non-whites won’t venture up there besides eskimos. So like alaska or greenland or something. But myself I like warm weather and to have a chance at a reasonable income.

          • adplatt126

            …which were everywhere when Germans dominated the place.

          • I have found that the Germanic architecture in Cincinnati is older and more purely German than St. Louis’s, which has influences and hints of the French and English architecture of the times of their design. Since Cincinnati had its peak before St. Louis, and is east of St. Louis along what is now known as the Kraut Belt, it makes sense that its Germanic architecture is older.

            St. Louis, at least the City P.D., has never allowed or wanted “COPS” to ride along to record.

            As far as “racism,” I think a city with a lot of white ethnics and blacks is going to be “racist.” That describes any more cities than St. Louis and Cincinnati, though.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Cincinnati is the oldest city in America that is not on the East Coast (so Boston, and Philly are older but they are East Coast cities). The architecture is better as I mentioned but it is similar to a lesser extent in st. louis.

            I have been around the country and Cincinnati and St. Louis are the only two places I have visited where people openly spout racist things. They are also two of the worst cities in regards to crime and ghettos. I think the reason here is they are old cities.

            Like where I live my grandma moved here in the 1950s. And most people that complain about demographics are people who have seen the neighborhood they grew up in turn black and ghettofy. And St. Louis is similar I met one old man who was white and living in the middle of the black ghetto. When he bought the house in the 60s or something it was a nice neighborhood.

            And it seems like Americans don’t like old. Older places become ghettos, which is a shame. If you go to Huntsville Alabama this city built up recently. It’s mostly new construction. Most of Texas is that way as well. Seattle didn’t exist prior to the 1950s. A lot of the suburbs in Virginia are new. And there isn’t really much racial tension in these places, and people generally get along it seems.

            It’s the old cities like Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Detroit, St. Louis and such that seem like war zones and very racist attitudes exist. But even here Cincinnati and St. Louis have more blantant and open racism I don’t know if people of German descent are just more racist than other whites. Not sure why it is. oddly though while the people are on one hand very racist the other half all seem to be having mixed children.

            I think the difference here is it is unwelcome. Like I’m living in a white community and ten years later it’s a black community. Or I live in a crime free, fairly nice community and ten years later people are getting shot outside of my house. So that sort of elicits a reaction. Whereas the newer cities I guess people just sort of moved there recently and these huge demographic shifts aren’t happening.

          • Where there is a lot of white “racism” there is also a lot of black crime and ratchet ghettos. Who could have ever guessed? It’s like Patterson’s First Axiom, or something like that.

            I think there’s something to the German thing. Germans who settled in Dixie by and large did not like or use black slavery because they wanted blacks nowhere near them.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            It’s a chicken and egg thing. Blacks are more racist because whites are more racist, whites are more racist because blacks are more racist etc. The larger percentage of ghettos and displacement of white neighborhoods definitely has fueled racism. A lot of this doesn’t exist in other parts of the country where people generally get along with each other and there are few if any race issues. But also in those places crime and poverty are not as much of an issue nor are historic neighborhoods being over run with blacks or hispanics.

          • No chicken and no eggs. Black crime is the straw that stirs the drink when it comes to race relations between black people and white people, or black people and any non-black people.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Not every black person is a criminal. There are places that function somewhat well with a high level of diversity. There are high I.Q. black people as well. I understand what you are saying about the main bulk of black communities. But this is caused by government policies which have been lowering the I.Q.s of blacks since the 60s along with whites and other races.

            It’s not really black people that are stirring the straw, rather the government and media who seem to be using them as pawns to terrorize whites. Well terrorizing blacks as well in the process. They are harming blacks as well as whites. Welfare programs have caused more broken families and lowered black I.Q. since the 1960s as well as increasing crime that blacks must face as well as whites. They have also increased starvation and poverty in Africa through their charity programs. Basically government social policies are destroying the nation, spreading crime and poverty, lowering tax revenues, ballooning the debt. It would seem as if our leaders are purposely destroying the nation for some reason. It’s hard to believe that they are so dumb that they don’t realize what they are doing.

          • 1stworlder

            When you get anywhere near or over 1/2 a group saying NANALT loses out. Only 15% of blacks have an IQ of 100 or higher

          • Not every black person is a criminal

            Exceptions don’t disprove the rule.

            There are places that function somewhat well with a high level of diversity

            I agree. White people who have a diverse range of hair and eye colors can create a very functional locality.

            There are high I.Q. black people as well

            And they have their very own broom closet association.

            But this is caused by government policies which have been lowering the I.Q.s of blacks since the 60s along with whites and other races.

            There were newspaper articles in Philadelphia as far back as the 1830s complaining about high black crime rates and what we would now call the racial disproportionality of Philadelphia’s jail population.

            It’s not really black people that are stirring the straw, rather the government and media who seem to be using them as pawns to terrorize whites.

            And the state-media would not be able to use blacks and their crime as a bludgeon and a hustle against white society if blacks weren’t so criminally inclined. Which means black crime is the straw.

            Welfare programs have caused more broken families and lowered black I.Q. since the 1960s as well as increasing crime that blacks must face as well as whites.

            What broke up black families (“–“) wasn’t necessarily welfare but the gradual repudiation of the segregationist system which put pressure on black people to conform somewhat to white social norms.

            They have also increased starvation and poverty in Africa through their charity programs.

            The reason for increased starvation and poverty in Africa is that the charity and the do-gooderism has caused the black African population to explode.

            Basically government social policies are destroying the nation, spreading crime and poverty, lowering tax revenues, ballooning the debt.

            If we were a white ethnostate, nobody would think that a good chunk of those “government social policies” are “spreading crime and poverty” or “destroying the nation.”

            It would seem as if our leaders are purposely destroying the nation for some reason. It’s hard to believe that they are so dumb that they don’t realize what they are doing.

            The most likely thing that explains your “some reason” is short term partisan politics and short term attempts to hustle money or something else. They just want to get theirs while the gettin’ is good.

          • anony

            Racism is as natural as breathing. That it can be “eliminated” is one of those “liberal lies”.

          • Malgus

            I remember being very young and making the trip to Cincinnati from our home in Kentucky to see the Christmas decorations – especially the CG&E display… absolutely huge Christmas display with electric trains and all sorts of animated things… walking around downtown, going into the old stores that are now long gone… my father pointing out where my great-grandfather’s bookbinding business once stood (4th street). OTR was seedy by the 80’s and I wonder if it has managed to hit rock bottom by now. The huge, rambling old homes on the east side of town reminded me of castles when I was young… and I wonder if they still stand as well.

            I haven’t been back in a very long time… I understand downtown is dead. No reason to go downtown after 5pm anymore, as successive generations of leftist, liberal city governments have gutted the downtown economy. Once proud department stores are long gone, their buildings bulldozed for parking lots…

            The last time I saw Cincinnati was several weeks ago. We made the trip for my father’s funeral and I saw Holy Cross – Immaculata Church in Mount Adams from a distance… yes, I have prayed the steps once or twice in my time…

            Other than that, I don’t want to have anything to do with Cincinnati….

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Yes over the rhine is one of the most dangerous communities in America and buildings are collapsing but they actually have started to rebuild it and trying to de-ghettofy it with some success. I was also amazed recently when I went down to clifton. They are de-ghettofying a lot of neighborhoods and actually having some success with it. Nonetheless they have a long way to go.

          • Ella

            I agree with you. I’ve been to Cincinnati many times. It has deteriorated the last time I went through a few years ago, and it looked “poor.” The money and people have left for the burbs or smaller towns. You are correct about the changes; I would not move to Cincinnati looking at the latest ghetto-ized effects.

        • Ringo Lennon

          God bless you. Raise a nice family there.

        • Bill Moore

          Hello KevinPhillipsBong,

          I’ve been working in Pittsburgh for the past forty years.

          The African on Caucasian crime rate in Pittsburgh is astronomical. However, most crimes are not reported.

          I’ve witnessed several murders. One in broad daylight. I was across the street with several Caucasians. A car pulled over on the far side of the street, four Africans gunned down a Jewish priest, and drove off. The police arrived within a minute, and loaded up the body and left. The police did not even walk across the street to ask if we saw anything. And the murder was not reported on the news.

          Two other murders I witnessed were never reported on the news.

          Another incident: there was a shootout between several Africans and the city police outside a restaurant where we were having lunch. Four of us were working at a local TV station, and we went to lunch together. When we left the restaurant, the lady driving the car showed her TV ID, and we were allowed to drive among the dead bodies lying on the road to get back to work. Never reported on the news.

          I don’t think you can go by the reported crime statistics. The local government doesn’t want their city to be seen as a crime center. And crime reporting by local agencies is not mandatory.

          Thank you for letting me rant,
          Bill Moore

          • KyraNelson

            That would be “Rabbi,” not “Priest”. I don’t think you’re ranting.

          • Bill Moore

            Hello KyraNelson,

            I meant to say Rabbi. The poor man was wearing the black robe, a skull cap, and carrying a black umbrella. He had a long dark beard. It was a nice summer afternoon.

            The car with four Africans pulled up beside him, and the Africans immediately open fire with handguns. I would guess that he got hit with about 15-20 bullets.

            Within a minute, a Pittsburgh Police ambulance pulled up, with a squad car behind it. The ambulance people pulled out a gurney and put the body on it, and put the gurney in the ambulance. A cop picked up the umbrella and did a little dance while tossing the umbrella in on top of the body and closing the ambulance doors.

            The cops seemed to be amused by it all. They never even glanced at us standing across the street. The location was in the 4700 block (approximate) on Baum Boulevard, in Pittsburgh PA.

            The whole incident left me with a creepy feeling,
            Bill Moore

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Creepy is right. Shades of Crown Heights. The Rabbi should have pulled out a gun, picked off the African wildlife like good old Bernie Goetz, and told the police that he acted in self defense. Where were the young Jewish guys who should have been hunting Negroes for the next two weeks as a lesson to Negroes to leave Jewish folks alone or face consequences? That is the problem. Whites need to respond to this stuff with deadly force. That is what will stop Negroes, and is all that they will respect. You don’t reason with sociopaths.

          • anony

            You describe the kind of thinking that formed the KKK in the late 1900s.

            I hope we don’t have to do that again, but…

          • Raymond Kidwell

            You are right. Someone tried to kill me and the police didn’t even report it or take a statement. Several times I have gone into the police station to report crimes and they never report it. They try to intimidate me for reporting crimes and threaten me for “bothering” them. This seems to be in stark contrast to what I hear on the news about evil racist cops gunning down innocent black men. What we have here is basic lawlessness in which I guess you can do whatever you want with little fear of being arrested. It’s sort of like “the purge”. And then as well I have reported numerous civil rights violations to the FBI and they only seem interested in whether or not I have made a post on stormfront lately.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          Pittsburgh is good as far as big Metros in the States, but still has plenty of Negro problems. The city is 25% Negro, and there are burbs with huge Negro populations and the ensuing crime that resemble any Black neighborhood. The Black population is smaller, though, and Mestizoes are small in number, at least so far. Decent by stateside standards, and fairly socially Conservative with plenty of racial realists, but not as nice as most Canadian cities.

      • Puggg

        My county (Jefferson) is as close as it gets to all white. The cost of living is affordable, and the schools are generally decent. And my job pays well enough, as secure as any job can be these days, and I’m on the down hill slope of my mortgage. My problem with starting a family is that my first short failed marriage was the first bitten and now I’m twice shy.

        • If you are religious, join some church groups. If you aren’t religious, take a university art class like pottery. You’ll meet plenty of ladies there.

          • Hillbilly

            ………. or if you’re a religious person who likes dappling around with pottery, ask God for that DIY version “Babes R US”

  • Eddie Lutz

    This is due to the Fair Lending Act subprime mortage fiasco. Blacks buying homes that shouldn’t have been qualified. You can take the orc out Mordor but you can’t take Mordor out of the orc.

    • Beetlejuice

      It is due to blacks being moved out of large Section 8 apartment-type buildings like Cabrini-Green and either rebuilding those same Section 8 apartment-type buildings out in the ‘burbs or giving blacks Section 8 vouchers to move into your neighborhood.

      Not even the ultra-wealthy in Westchester county, New York were able to keep Section 8 housing out of their area. They fought for years and court and ultimately lost. This does not bode well for the rest of us.

    • adplatt126

      Orcs are mindless, primitive beasts hell-bent on cultivating evil in the world. To analogize them with the modern negro is well… wait a second, I withdraw my feigned outrage. Then again, there’s something offensive in it isn’t there? Orcs were useful and loyal soldiers, who understood command, discipline, and above all their place…

  • none of your business

    Thank you Richard Nixon for inventing section 8.

  • It’s all a part of the pattern that civic elites in older cities and metro areas that have a lot of blacks are trying to engineer: The central cities for young leftist whites and SWPLs, the older inner suburbs for the black undertow, and the outer suburbs for white bread white people.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      It works, doesn’t it though? (yes, I am serious)
      Our center cities (in the older urbs) are too nice to let decay and the Olive Garden types want no part of them. Who does? The anti-fragile punks like me, who are willing to be custodians to a robust built environment legacy. Blacks can have the decaying worker’s cottages while they continue to depreciate to nothing. And the non urban whites can live in the communities and housing stock of their choice, within its limited variety, which not only do they not seem to mind, their preferences seem to engender.


    “But in the Rocky Mountains and on the Pacific coast, this phenomenon is unknown” – Well well, it looks like the Rocky Mountains just got a whole heck of a lot more appealing for some reason. ( The Pacific Coast? < No Way JOSE! )

  • Bandmoo

    Know how to make ALL blacks want to move to Africa? Try this…Bring All the blacks from Africa here to the USA “United States of Anybody” and then send all Whites to Africa, in 8 months the blacks would be demanding to be sent to Africa.

    • bilderbuster

      You mean the ones who didn’t freeze during the winter would be demanding to be sent to Africa.

      • Bill Moore

        Hello bilderbuster,

        Or starve to death.

        In Pittsburgh PA, they brought hundreds of Pygmy families in, and gave them houses and allowances to live a good life. Six weeks later, the social workers went back to the houses to see how they were doing, and they were all dead.

        Seems that the Pygmys had no idea of how to get food, how to get water, how to operate a commode, and so forth. The solution was to have social workers live in with the Pygmys to acclimate them to civilization.

        Why do we bring these things to our country?

        Bill Moore

        • bilderbuster

          I didn’t hear about that one but it wouldn’t surprise me at all.
          Detroit is surrounded by water but their taps are about to be shut off and the Bantus there are clueless about what to do.
          You can count on them being without all of the modern necessities like water, sewage and electricity.
          They will have to use siphon hoses to travel because there will be no electricity for the fuel pumps at the gas stations and entire cities will burn down from out of control fires.
          Without Whites America would be Apocalyptic within 24 hours.

          • Siphoning gas manually from filling station reservoirs sounds like a risky thing to do for even very meticulous people with degrees in chemistry. I wouldn’t want to do it but would only in an apocalyptic situation.

          • bilderbuster

            I was referring to siphoning gas from other vehicles but either way Blacks would be doomed if magically, Whites disappeared, whereas if Blacks were to vanish the worse case scenario would be inconvenienced McDonald’s customers and unemployed prison guards, cops and court workers.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    they do resemble Ferguson in two ways: Most are suburban, and most are poorer than their overall metro area.

    This is the failure of the Great Society that has been foisted on us:

    *a large black underclass with high rates of unemployment and welfare use.

    *disrespect for the legal system and an orderly society.

    *black lawlessness in the schools, workplaces and streets.

    *70-80% of black homes without a father in them.

    Notice these black protesters and demonstrators in Ferguson have all the time in the world to go out in the streets day in and out for weeks?

    We Whites are the ones being victimized: We work so the money we earn can be confiscated from us and transferred to social programs like Section 8 housing so urban black can live near us, go to school with our White children and trash our once-beautiful cities.

    What’s in it for us? Nothing except unending violence, degradation and misery.

    Nothing we do will ever satisfy them. Nothing.

    We owe them nothing.

    Maybe this map will help the demographers figure out why Furgeson went from 73 percent White in 199 to 29 percent White in 2010.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      The closer you are to Section Ape housing, the nearer the doom of black undertow overwhelming a neighborhood. It’s a classic model of the “Domino Theory”, pushed by the elites during Vietnam. I’m watching something similar happen in my neighborhood. Fine old, inner ring suburb housing stock, mostly historic from the turn of the century in the Twenties, still well kept and tidy. As I make my way around on my morning walks, I see it beginning to fray around the edges. Section 8 around the corner, about a mile from my place. A steady increase, perhaps 2-3 per year, a trickle if you will, of black faces. Most, not all, appear to be working and keep to themselves. But I can smell disaster in the air. Particularly as this Ferguson mess unfolds. It may already be too late to get out. More and more “For Sale” signs, and a definite increase in renters (vs. owners). Trouble, with a capital “N” and same number of letters.

      • MBlanc46

        It’s not all Section 8. Working-class blacks seeking better housing move into white working-class suburbs. Whites start to move out. The schools start to deteriorate (a critical factor). The gangs and graffiti arrive. The burglaries start. Then the armed robberies. By now all the whites are gone and the working-class blacks are looking for greener pastures too. Within a couple of decades, you’ve got a new suburban ghetto.

        • bilderbuster

          The working class Blacks still have majority gang banger kids like all Black families do.

      • Vyncennt

        I’ve personally watched blacks trickle into, dominate, and then destroy three of the four neighborhoods I’ve lived in during my lifetime. The fourth, which is where I live now, is currently well on it’s way. It always begins with a few families, many of them hard workers, but with slightly different attitudes concerning respect for neighbors, neighboring properties, and child rearing.

        These minor (yet still aggravating) differences are usually ignored or absorbed by the majority of white/Asian neighbors. Then the large/loud parties start, the children grow older, their friends from back in the “hood” begin visiting, and the children start adopting the attitudes/mannerisms/behaviors of their “peers.”

        This immediately leads to the less tolerant whites selling their homes, often for less than their worth, and predominantly to blacks who can now afford the lower priced homes. These new blacks, wave 2 if you prefer, are cut from a different cloth than the 1st wave, and exhibit quite a bit more “ghetto” behaviors and mannerisms than their predecessors. This inevitably leads to the evacuation of any whites who can afford to leave and drops the housing prices to the floor.

        At this stage the investors swarm in, buy up all the super cheap properties, and begin renting them to the lowest classes (black, white & hispanic). These are the pure ghetto trash and their presence and actions will push out any remaining whites and the 1st wave of blacks. Many will even default on their mortgages to get out, credit be d*mned.

        Guess where that 1st wave of relocated blacks ends up?

        Rinse and repeat. Endlessly.

    • Bartek

      How about a large Black underclass that has an above replacement birth rate and is paid to breed.

  • Nancy

    “But in the Rocky Mountains and on the Pacific coast, this phenomenon is unknown.”

    Well, at least for now it is.

    • Beetlejuice

      The phenomenon in the Rocky Mountain area and Pacific coast is Hispanics displacing whites.

    • TruthBeTold

      This is what ‘progressive’ liberals dream of; the outliners.

      They desperately look for the ONE exception and believe that if that exception is true, it can be replicated everywhere.

      Their theories of equality are based on outliner assumptions.

      • 1stworlder

        I think you mean outlier

    • 1G25

      I think local demography has something to do with that.

  • Beetlejuice

    A better analysis would be why these communities have changed, what caused the change or rather were forced to change. Do blacks move into white communities of their own volition? Or are they enticed there by social engineers using Section 8 housing vouchers?

    What possible reason is there to move blacks into majority white communities unless it is to destroy those communities and terrorize the white residents?

    This is another part of the anti-white, war-on-whites agenda.

    • MBlanc46

      There’s also population pressure. As blacks have physically destroyed urban neighborhoods (such as Englewood or North Lawndale in Chicago), they’ve moved outwards to find new housing. The demolition of public housing is an instance of this. Section 8 is often an element in this migration. In other cases, middle-class blacks have attempted to move into previously white suburbs such as Hillside and Olympia Fields.

    • Vyncennt

      You forget that Section 8 pays prevailing rate in the area the rental is located in. A landlord with a property in a predominately white area will receive more money from the government for this property than a property in a predominately black area.

      There are Section 8 rentals in Manhattan. Google up how much money they’re receiving for these rentals and you’ll choke. Cap the maximum amount Section 8 pays to a bare minimum and the problem would be solved. Or simply eliminate section 8 (ya right…but we can dream, can’t we?)

  • TruthBeTold

    But as an economically lagging community that has undergone rapid
    demographic change in the last couple of decades, it’s not unusual at

    This single sentence could fill a book.

    Let’s see. It’s the same physical space it always was. What is the one variable that changed?

    Why did it change rapidly? Was this change organic or were there people behind the scene orchestrating these changes?

    Why did the economy lag when the one variable changed? Did business close for some reason?

    Of course this isn’t unusual. It’s de rigueur. It ALWAYS happens.

    The reasons are obvious. The excuses are endless.

  • David

    Yes, white people are not even screwing anymore, let alone procreating, and black people are amplifying their r-selection proclivities to new heights.

    White people: get healthy. Have sex. Have healthy children and raise them to be hard-working, proud whites. Right now. No excuses.

    • Ella

      There are trends for whites to be celibate or asexual. I don’t know if anyone ever educated them on how destructive it can be to practise celibacy for many, many years. At least for Catholics, church-goers may hear or read about the latest phenomenon.

      • Kenneth Arrow

        I know too many whites in their 20s who take pride in not wishing to have their own children. They think it is moral to adopt and have no qualms about adopting alien races. I’ve already told my sister I will treat her adoptee as any other foreigner if she chooses to adopt.

        I call this adoption craze pregnancy outsourcing. Many women are afraid of giving birth.

        • Ella

          It’ vanity mainly. Having babies from experience changed my ideal shape. I’ve spent hours exercising but the truth remains that the body changes after producing babies.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      You are missing the point. Whites are healthy. Whites are having sex. Whites are also using birth control. Whites are budgeting our money, and finding that we are being underpaid and overtaxed. The irresponsible and the wealthy are having children. The backbone of White working America cannot afford to have children. Racial realist Whites need to secede, and form White ethnostates. This is the route to economic recovery. Leave the darkies and Lefties behind. We need a robust economy, low taxes, and a clean, safe society. No Blacks is how this is achieved. Not Whites screwing like Negroes when there are no jobs paying decent wages, and we are taxed into oblivion. The Leftists have created an anti-White purgatory economically. This is why the White birth rate is so stinking low.

      • David

        No, whites aren’t healthy. And no, whites aren’t having sex (age-adjusted sexual frequency has been dropping for two decades).

        You started your comment with two bogus declarations, and so everything premised upon them is false.

        It’s great that we want an ethnostate. But there can’t be an ethnostate if there aren’t any people in the ethnicity.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          I’m not speaking of Leftists. They are elated when their Daughters and Grandaughters miscegenate with Donte and Trayvon. These idiots welcome their own dispossession, and think that race is a social construct. When Dontavius the Mulatto Grandson picks bullies White kids at school, they conjure fantasies of “racism” from the White kids who are being victimized by their little Bantu instead of facing reality, that their genetic inheritance has been chucked into the Negroid commode. These types of Whites are the ones that have enabled the destruction of our society. They belong with their mulatto offspring in Negro hell.

        • Vyncennt

          My wife and I are quite healthy. We are also quite active sexually. Yet we only have one child. We have one child because she is on birth control. No other reason.

          The average cost for child care where we live is nearly 95% of my wife’s salary. She works full time and I work 7 days a week, 10+ hours a day. Who, exactly, would be taking care of our infant while we are at work? Both of our parents work full time, and our grandparents are either deceased or much too old.

          It is not the cost of feeding, housing, and clothing a child that stops many of us from having more children. It is the cost of paying child care while we work. The only other solution is for one of the parents to quit their job, and as we all know, a single salary no longer cuts it for most of the middle class.

          • David

            ok. your choice. 1 child is below replacement level reproduction, so in evolutionary terms, you’re a failure

          • Vyncennt

            How much of your paycheck are you willing to part with to subsidize any further offspring I produce? We’ll have more when we are financially capable of sustaining more. Anything less would make us…well…black.

            On a side note….attacking those of us who are your only allies and/or calling us silly names does not produce anything of substance.

  • Simonetta

    Before automobiles, blacks lived on Southern farms as sharecroppers, whites (native born WASPs and the millions of new immigrants from Europe) lived in the hot sweltering cities.

    After World War II, in the era of 39 cent a gallon gasoline, whites moved to the outskirts of the cities. They drove 20-50 miles a day to work in the city centers. The blacks moved off the farm and into the hot sweltering urban ghettos.

    When the price of gasoline rose to $4+ a gallon, the whites moved back into the city centers, and rebuilt the ghettos into livable neighborhoods. The blacks were pushed out into the only housing that they could afford, which was in the distant suburbs. Where they lived on EBC cards and Oprah.

    This new reality reflects the situation found in European cities, where the wealthy and the productive middle class have always lived in the urban centers and the poor and marginal people live in the suburban ‘bandlieus’.

    Future American cities will have the productive middle classes living stacked up in dense urban centers and the marginal people scrapping out a meager existence on the city’s poor and bankrupt outskirts.

    As far as this ‘phenomenon’ not existing in the Western US or the Pacific Northwest, that’s complete nonsense. In fact, it is Portland, Oregon’s official policy to make this transformation a reality as quickly as possible. The local blacks are squeezed out of the areas that they’ve lived in since WWII and into Gresham, the most distant suburb.

    Which they share with 60,000 newly arrived Russians, 30,000 Somalis, 20,000 Mexicans and 15,000 white original Greshamites. And a police force of about 30 officers. Jeez, what could possibly go wrong?

  • Mrfinoni

    The elites are pushing out the Blacks to the suburbs and gentrifying the cities. i feel sorry for those whites losing their equity in their property which will be needed for retirement while urban developers get rich by forcing the darkies to the burbs.

  • IKUredux

    You know? The words in the Disqus rectangle say: “Join The Discussion”, O.K. maybe the caps are off. But, what I want to see is: “Join The Revolution”. Screw discussing. Screw typing. Time to start revoluting.

  • Ella

    I remember reading years ago about how minorities will be relocated to the burbs through Sec 8, HUD, and other Fed backed loans as the wealthier demand smaller commutes to their city-jobs. Then, the local gov. will bull-doze older housing in downtown areas, and the market for trendy loft homes begin. Many suburban houses require gutting after 30-50 years. Everyday, I see more nonwhites moving into our neighbourhoods; the schools, which were mostly all white 20 years ago, are barely 1/2 white now.

    • Bill Moore


      I work with a woman who moved from a suburb of Pittsburgh PA into the downtown area. I asked her how she liked it, since she’s now close to restaurants and night clubs and so forth and can just go for a short walk in the evening to those places for some dinner and entertainment.

      She looked at me oddly, and told me that when the sun goes down, she locks herself into her apartment, and does not go out until morning when its time to go to work.

      She’s a Caucasian, good looking, and risks robbery, rape, or death by going out on the Pittsburgh streets at night.

      Bill Moore

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Exactly. The United States of Obamaca. Blacks belly ache about racism, yet they rule the streets like a Gestsapo in so many cities. I remember visiting McKeesport, PA, a few years ago. Looked like a purgatory for a White person. Blacks are such horrific bullies. I’ve always detested bullies. This is why I detest the Negro race. They have destroyed our country by the way they act.

        • 1G25

          And by the way cowardly congressmen tolerate the way they act.

          If whitey rioted at the drop of a hat, things would get back to normal, because hats wouldn’t be dropping for long.

          • Sheik Yerbouti

            They are insulated from it. They are insulated from the middle class as well. It’s not possible for them to care because they have no stake.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Exactly. We live in a feudal system. The elites are insulated from racial reality, and think that working Whites are making this stuff up, that we are irrational when we do not trust Blacks.

      • Melvin Bonzarelli

        Pennsylvania is a concealed carry state. Does she know that? Might offer her a degree of protection.

      • Ella

        Women do at times think about ways to avoid being raped or killed, especially when you are single. Generally, married women stay in more at night with the family and avoid higher-risk areas of town.

    • Melvin Bonzarelli

      True. Many older houses in need of expensive repairs, rather than being sold are renting to blacks. See that in my town. They are flooding the public schools. Also have begun to see black high school males walking down the street after school proudly showing off their two or three white girlfriends lovingly hanging on to his arms

  • LHathaway

    “change” the new name for !#!#!#!#’s

    Couldn’t help myself. I may have to rethink calling them ‘racism’. That’s sad, because they certainly fit the definition of racism. It’s often best for you if you don’t run into racism.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    As the saying goes: Integration is the period from when the first black person moves in until the last white person moves out.

    • Melvin Bonzarelli

      Saul Alinsky wrote that. What he failed to address was why once an integrating neighborhood ‘tips’, the trickle of whites fleeing becomes a flood. Like most liberal journalists and politicians, Alinsky never had to live in a majority black area. If he had, he would understood why.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Exactly. He pretended that “White racism” was the problem, as Liberals and Jews afraid of anti-Semitism always do. Had he taken pause to truly look, listen, observe, and reflect, he would have realized that Black sociopathy is the root of the problem. He would have realized that Blacks, by and large, are bullies. Whites leave Black neighborhoods out of fear. If anyone is truly “racist” in this scenario, it is Blacks. Bullying your classmates because they are White, no other reason, fits the actual definition of racism 100%. As far as true racism, Blacks are the most racist people on earth.

  • Hillbilly

    For some strange reason I felt like I was back in Jr. High learning about the parasitic behaviors of some micro-organisms

  • Erika525

    If matters are to improve, we need an improved vocabulary. How about “community sensitive policing” that reflects letting blacks violate the law provided the victims are themselves black. Meanwhile, largely black schools will be called “schools that recognize the distinct black culture” insofar as they teach little and the students learn even less.

    Without a new vocabulary, the war cannot be won.

  • Melvin Bonzarelli

    The best advice that I ever got from a teacher in high school (back in the day, of course) was ‘plan for your future, don’t have kids until you can afford to provide for them, and don’t do drugs. Don’t act like the negroes’.
    And this was in New Jersey, not in the deep south

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Same here. This is why most Blacks have Grandparents under 60 years old at the age of 21. These days, those Grandparents are especially anti-White. They have had lives of preferential treatment and handouts, but pump the heads of their Grandchildren full of hatred for Whites. If liberals hate racism, you would think that they would hate older Blacks especially for their hateful racism against all non-Negroes. These aging Black baby boomers are fanning the flames of racial hatred by persuading teenaged Grandchildren that Whites are evil, encouraging violence against Whites.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      No one in my life was realist, I came here on my own.

      But ‘don’t act like negroes’ is a wonderful rule of thumb and I wish someone had shared it with me.

  • rommel10

    as soon as a negro moves in your neighborhood you have to sell asap. property value drops to nothing, and the neighborhood turns into a hell hole

  • SoCal88

    Black cops for black communities. Everybody’s happy

  • none of your business

    National Bar Association seeks police misconduct records from St. Louis and 24 other cities

    • SoCal88

      I smell class action lawsuits – lots of them

  • John R

    Well, this has been going on for years. Ethnic migration and the resulting blight, do not know municipal boundaries. Just the same old story: Wherever blacks are, things are bad; wherever blacks move, things get worse. But the races are all equal, right?

  • scutum

    I believe there are two things causing a drop in White birthrates.First of all most white liberals are to self indulgent and narcissistic to have children. Second, many young people are unable to afford children due to the fact that if they are working and productive, they are heavily taxed to support the “chillins” of minorities. In addition, if you want your children to have a decent education you must either send them to a parochial school or home school them. The public schools, at least in my area, are a disgrace and exist for two reasons. 1) To employ semi-literates as teachers. 2) To keep the gangbangers occupied with something besides shooting one another and or any bystanders that may be in their neighborhood.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    That looks intriguing, Raymond.
    Thank you for doing it. I was thinking only this morning about the oppression of living among incompetents.