Rapper Repeatedly Shot While Filming Rap Video

Taleeb Starkes, American Thinker, August 7, 2014

Typically, art imitates life. But, with Rap music, the opposite is true . . . life imitates art, and oftentimes, with dire consequences.

In other words, “keepin’ it real” usually goes wrong.

Recently released video from a Bronx bodega, where two aspiring rappers where filming a no-budget video, shows one rapper pumping multiple, close range shots into his rap partner, then pistol-whipping him as he laid on the floor in critical condition–all without spilling his drink. (WARNING: Extremely violent video).

Adding insult to injury, the shooter and his entourage then calmly stepped over the 37-year-old victim, and exited stage left–so to speak.

According to store’s owner, the rappers “were fighting over who’s the star, who’s better. They were drunk. They spit at each other then one guy pulled out a gun and shot the other guy five times.’

A man who claimed to be friends with both men said, “They had what you call ‘artistic differences,’ and, unfortunately, that’s how it was resolved.”

For the average citizen, it’s unfathomable that “artistic differences” could have sparked such a despicable and primitive display of conflict resolution.

However, as emphasized in my book, “The Un-Civil War: Blacks vs Ni**ers,” there is a sociopathic subculture that fearlessly exists within the African-American community, and their hair-trigger temper routinely yield fierce (even deadly) ‘chest-beating contests’ over trivialities. In fact, a simple web search will confirm the seemingly infinite amount of senseless shootings and/or assaults stemming from “someone staring at someone” or “someone disrespecting someone.”

In their violent and dysfunctional subculture, life is a cheap commodity.

Despite this reality, the bleeding hearts would rather believe that this entire incident could have been avoided had someone reminded the shooter about New York’s gun ban.

As far as the shooting victim, I guess we’ll have to wait until their makeshift video premiers on B.E.T or World Star Hip Hop to see if he made the final cut.

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  • MekongDelta69

    He is… was an ‘aspiring’ rapper.

    • Luca

      Now he’s an ‘expiring’ rapper.

      Or to paraphrase an old saying: “The only good rapper is an ‘expiring’ rapper.”

      • MekongDelta69

        Da boy be dayed…

      • IBWHITE

        Just imagine the amount of taxpayer money saved by this simple but effective action.

    • TruthBeTold

      We need more aspiring rappers.

      • Whitetrashgang

        Could start with Obama, just a thought but isn’t he due to start aspiring?

      • LACountyRedneck

        Obama needs to attend more rap concerts.

        • MekongDelta69

          He doesn’t need to.

          He invites ALL of them to the black House.

          • LACountyRedneck

            I’d rather he be out amongst them. Rap concerts can be “eventful”.

        • TruthBeTold

          He won’t and we know why.

          • LACountyRedneck


    • Jack Burton

      The only good rapper is a dead rapper.

      • Strider73

        To paraphrase that famous line from It’s a Wonderful Life, every time a rapper dies another angel gets his wings.

    • Alucard_the_last

      Aren’t they all. It takes no talent to ‘rap’ so negros are drawn towards that.

      • When was the last time you heard acoustic instrumental music in a rap production?

        • Germanicus

          Ray Conniff needs to get into this act and make some easy listening, elevator music. Wait, is that Lawrence Welk’s gals coming to add some background visuals? (I kid you not, my fumblefinger and auto-misspellerin combo just inserted “blackgroynd.” I like it: “blackgroined music.”)

  • I don’t think we needed The Un-Civil War: Blacks vs Ni**ers to learn about their hair-trigger temper and their obsession over trivialities. The only book we needed was Helper’s Negroes in Negroland.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      The only book we really needed was British historian Edward Long’s History of Jamaica, which contains the first detailed description of negroid personality and behavioral traits. If we had followed Long’s sage advice, maybe we would have followed through with our plans to ship the negroes back to Africa before the outbreak of the American Civil War.

      • Nancy

        Hey Einsatz…is there a general area or page number where those descriptions are located within the book? I have it on kindle but it seems like the vast majority of it covers English common law and how to organize a government in Jamaica. The parts I read only mention negroes in terms of slave ownership.

        • Einsatzgrenadier

          There’s a fairly long discussion of negroes beginning on p. 351 of Volume II. Here’s a selection:

          In general, they are void of genius, and seem almost incapable of making any progress in civility or science. They have no plan or system of morality among them. Their barbarity to their children debases their nature even below that of brutes. They have no moral sensations; no taste but for women; gormondizing, and drinking to excess; no wish but to be idle. Their children, from their tenderest years, are suffered to deliver themselves up to all that nature suggests to them. Their houses are miserable cabins. They conceive no pleasure from the more beautiful parts of their country, preferring the more sterile. Their roads, as they call them, are mere sheep-paths, twice as long as they need be, and almost impassable. Their country in most parts is one continued wilderness, beset with briars and thorns. They use neither carriages, nor beasts of burden. They are represented by all authors as the vilest of the human kind, to which they have little more pretension of resemblance than what arises form their exterior form.

          In so vast a continent as that of Afric, and in so great a variety of climates and provinces, we might expect to find a proportionable diversity among the inhabitants, in regard to their qualifications of body and mind; strength, agility, industry, and dexterity, on the
          one hand; ingenuity, learning, arts, and sciences, on the other. But, on the contrary, a general uniformity runs through all these various regions of people; so that, if any difference be found, it is only in degrees of the same qualities; and, what is more strange, those of the worst kind; it being a common known proverb, that all people on the globe have some good as well as ill qualities, except the Africans.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      What kind of stupid white person needs to read this dumb book, “Blacks vs. N*****s”? What kind of clueless caucasoid needs to have TNB “broken down and explained to them” as if it is the physics theory of relativity or something? This dumb book is probably the type that sociology professors make their students purchase and study and discuss in class and write reports on, in order to indoctrinate them.

      • Nancy

        Not any sociology professor I know. It’s the furthest thing from PC as you can get. It WAS interesting to read about what the so-called Talented Tenth thinks about the rest of the Bantus, though.

      • That book is probably the bibliographical equivalent of clickbait.

    • Nancy

      Excellent book, QD. I read it cover to cover after you recommended it a few months back. But Taleeb’s book is good, too.

  • ncpride

    Who cares? After reading about nine year old Michael Verkerke, I could not care less about this ‘rapper’.

  • Luca

    So this is how blacks settle artistic differences? Maybe that will entice me to watch the next BET awards. Talk about entertainment.

    • TruthBeTold

      This is why we should encourage blacks to be rappers.

      • Chasmania

        I just wish these rappers were doing this back in the homeland.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Why can’t they do this c*ap to some Dianne Feinstein, Harry Reid types?

    • MekongDelta69

      I nominate one of our ‘favorite’ White-haters – Olivia Cole.

    • LACountyRedneck

      Those hypocrite traitors live in White ‘hoods.

    • Chasmania

      Maybe they can be in the sequel video ? Here’s hoping…..

    • serious123

      Because they live in gated commjnities with armed guards.

  • Shadow

    This is yet another example (among many) documenting why us Whites never want to live anywhere near these brainless savages:we prefer to live in a civilized society governed by the rule of law,and not in an anarchic dystopia ruled by the “laws” of the jungle.

    • Ian Thomas

      No matter how liberals try to bring other races together, White people will always find ways to self segregate. As white people, it is in our nature to want to be around our own kind.

  • Who Me?

    Two less (c)rappers we have to worry about, 1 dead, 1 locked up. Good work boys, keep it up.

  • “In their violent and dysfunctional subculture, life is a cheap commodity.”


    It’s not a subculture. It’s the one and only Negro culture. Note that NFL players are no different from the rappers.

    And Negro worshipping America honors these savages, even up to inviting them to the White House, which should be painted black, symbolizing the trashy occupants and “mourning in America.” Morning in America was 30 years ago. It was a false dawn.

  • gregCall

    TNB once again.

    • Rhialto

      This is a good example the behaviors that evolved in Africa over thousands of generations. Note the total indifference of the witnesses to the still living victim. In Africa, life is cheap.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Please forgive my ignorance: “TNB”?

      • Kenner

        ‘Typical [Negro] Behavior’.

        • Spikeygrrl

          Ah. Thank you.

  • IstvanIN

    This is pretty good news, too bad both didn’t get offed.

  • 4321realist

    “But, with Rap music, the opposite is true . . . life imitates art”

    God that’s funny. They’re calling rap art. LOL!

    Do they really think anybody with more than half a brain recognizes rap as art?

    Rap is inbred in blacks. It is the constant beat of the drums in the village as the tribe dances around the village fire and the tribal member with the golden tonsils jabbers out a litany of nonsense that shifts everybody into high gear. They’re ecstatic. You can see documentaries on youtube depicting exactly that.

    And regarding a twitching body on the floor as just business as usual is proof the hunter/gatherers have not evolved beyond their primitive level.

    They have no business in any society with indoor toilets, running water, and a bathtub and soap. It’s just too technically advanced for them.

    • Whitetrashgang

      I don’t know, I bet some blacks can operate a bar of soap.

      • IstvanIN

        You’d lose that bet 50% of the time.

        • Whitetrashgang

          Well at this point in my life 50 % right I will take it. Plus I like soap and lampshades.

          • Nancy

            That’s why blacks, particularly sheboons, are hands-down the WORST drivers in Atlanta. They behave as though no one is on the road but them, and use their rear-view mirrors to pick their teeth or check their weaves. They’re not programmed to properly operate something as advanced as a car.

            If they were still in their homeland, they’d be naked, barefoot, and covered in manure.

  • LACountyRedneck

    TNB. Please move along.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Rap has had a corrosive effect on our popular culture. In many cases rock music developed into art, but rap never evolved from obscenity and violence; in fact it gets more vulgar every year. Rap and black cultural violence against white youth is almost like an act of war and needs to be addressed in public forums.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    This wouldn’t happen if those darn Amish rappers would quit preaching violence!!

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Cultural Marxist Central=PBS/NPR, routinely denigrate the Amish. The Amish embody everything the Left hates.

      That tribal a-hole, “Weird” Al Yank-a-dick, is just one operative.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Andrew: According to Wikipedia and the site Jew or not Jew? Weird Al is not Jewish; he is of Yugoslavian, Italian and English descent.

        He is also creative, funny and supremely talented. I’m a huge fan, my family and I listened to him on the Dr. Demento show on Sunday nights for years and I’ve been to three of his concerts.

        Wiki: Yankovic identifies as Christian and has stated that a couple from his church appeared on the cover of Poodle Hat.

        http //www jewornotjew com/profile jsp?ID=386

        Sure the Cultural Marxists denigrate the Amish – so the media blaming THEM for black on White crimes makes perfect sense.

        As for Mr. Breitbart…He was raised Jewish and his funeral was held March 6, 2012, at a Jewish cemetery in West Los Angeles.

        http //en wikipedia org/wiki/Andrew_Breitbart

        • AndrewInterrupted

          Jack Burton would say there must have been a “schlomo in the woodpile”. What’s worse: anti-American tribal member or race traitor?

  • At least we can all rest easier knowing that under Mayor DeBlasio’s new policy, the police are no longer allowed to profile the poor dears.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    What exactly is the problem??

    Rappers getting shot during a shooting is nothing more than an Occupational Hazard.

    …Also a great PR move in the rap community and a “shot” of the body being walked over will make a notable cover for the CD.

    The shooter, victim and those who stepped over the twitching body have earned great street cred.

    Again, What’s the problem?

  • Vito Powers

    Perhaps I’m an overly harsh critic, but I found the acting to be terrible. The only memorable part of the video for me was that the victim’s white sneakers didn’t have any blood stains on them after the shooting.

    Maybe this was just a dress rehearsal?

  • Since this shooting was work-related, does that mean the victim will be eligible for worker’s comp if he survives?

    • IstvanIN

      If they paid into the worker’s compensation fund, otherwise it will be SSI.

  • LHathaway

    I hear even educated whites use this word, ‘respect’. Don’t these people ever watch daytime television talk shows? Don’t they realize the word is normally used there as one guest talks about why he shot and murdered another person?

  • IstvanIN

    Notice the total lack of a human response by any of the black on-lookers. No shock, no attempt to stop the shooting or beating, no attempt to help the victim, no shriek of horror, they don’t even run away. They just shuffle off. The black guy who was following the shooter was holding his *** as he filed past as if nothing happened. How can anyone call these things human?

    • Ian Thomas

      White people were uncivilized at one point. However we became civilized. Black people have never been civilized, ever, they still have that jungle mentality deep down, that is why they do not care about killing, robbing, and ruining this country.

    • Nancy

      I noticed that as well. Why buy a belt when you can hold your **** and your pants at the same time?

  • KenFedUpWithPC

    Oh well. No loss…

  • Jasper0123

    sick murdering basterds

  • “For the average citizen, it’s unfathomable”

    Average White citizen.

    • Chasmania

      Exactly. In the average BLACK community he was just ” Keepin’ it real “.

  • bubo

    Leftists will look at this video and blame the gun. Well, actually they will blame middle class white people first and then the gun. The blacks and the culture that spawned them receive no blame whatsoever.

    • Ian Thomas


    • Maximo Partagas

      They’ll blame the gun and George Bush.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Impulse control=frontal lobe. Their brains never made it to western civilization.

  • Ian Thomas

    Just another day of Thug Life.

  • Peter Connor

    “Artistic differences”–gotta love it.

  • Alucard_the_last

    I see nothing wrong. In fact, when a negro kills another negro, they shouldn’t go to jail. That is racist. It is when they leave that boundary is when a crime is committed.

  • SoCal88

    Nice shoes!