Posted on August 5, 2014

Gaza Everywhere

Brett Stevens, American Renaissance, August 4, 2014

Israel withdrew its troops from Gaza last night, but the problems that brought them there remain. Two populations find themselves locked in a conflict with no end. Many people think this is a clash between different religions, but the roots lie deeper.

Many Western liberals see a group of poor people confronting relatively wealthy people, and using the logic of the French Revolution, assume that the rich oppress the poor. They accuse the victims of genocide during the Second World War of committing genocide when they defend themselves from poorer, browner Third-World people.

That view ignores historical fact. Both groups have had a chance to develop within the same territory. Israelis followed the European model and created a society of learning, technology, arts and culture. Palestinians remain a Third World people, and now that they have been displaced by Zionism, have added religious fanaticism to their traditional social organization. Across the Muslim world, religion tends to be more extreme and to guide collective action, whereas in the First World it is largely a personal moral imperative.

Some argue that societies are made of laws and that anyone may come, learn the laws, and become equally valuable citizens. History teaches otherwise. Third World populations bring with them not only their own habits and folkways, but ingrained tendencies and limitations that clash with the standards of the First World.

If the Third World lacks what the First World has, why haven’t Third-Worlders simply copied the successful methods of the First World? Why have they continued to act in ways that produce Third World conditions? It is because genetic differences constrain their choices.

Our dilemma in the United States is like that of Israel. The American remnant, a First World population, faces waves of Third World people claiming the right to live among us. They cannot adopt First World standards but will, if admitted in large numbers, reproduce the Third World, effectively destroying the First World nation that is their host. What had been a civilization becomes a warlord-dominated, individualistic/emotional, corrupt and disordered society. Most advanced nations face the same choice Israel does, but instead of fighting back, allow the Third World to pour across their borders.

Evolution rewards excellence and self-preservation. We in the West have achieved excellence but are failing at self-preservation. We may fool ourselves for a time by thinking that the differences in populations are merely religious or political. In fact, we are being assimilated by the parts of humanity that did not succeed, and they will destroy what we have and replace it with what they have.

Western journalists and elites seem to want to import the Third World. Perhaps they believe they can control a permanent, alien class of workers, voters, and tax-payers. Any who object to this displacement of the founding stock are silenced with ostracism and public shaming, but we are only defending our own society against invasion.

This problem, in Israel or elsewhere, cannot be solved until impermeable boundaries are drawn and enforced. Most of the world’s peoples will never rise above Third World status. It is not intolerance or lack of compassion to refuse to join them in failure.