#FERGUSON Protesters Chant “BLACK POWER!” and “Hands Up, Fight Back!”

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit, August 18, 2014

Another day, another Ferguson riot.


Chris Hayes from FOX Channel 2 in St. Louis reported the chants changed from, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!” to “Hands Up, Fight Back!” [Editor’s Note: It sounds as though the reporter says the chants changed to “Hands up, shoot back.”]

And, Ferguson protesters were pumping their fists and chanting: “Black Power!”

[Editor’s Note: Below is a video of a Black Panther leading a crowd in chanting “What’s his name? Darren Wilson. How do we want him? Dead.”]

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  • alex

    Now I know why midnight basketball has failed: It didn’t involve shooting and looting.
    How about midnight rioting?

  • I had an epiphany, a face palm moment, this morning.

    That’s because I just realized something that I already figured out last week but didn’t realize it well enough:

    We’re living in the middle of damned TV show, an unscripted ratings-driven reality show.

    Last night was the ninth night of either rioting, contained near-rioting or a block party. As James Kirkpatrick noted, the 1965 Watts riots didn’t last this long, and those were real riots that were unusual for how long they lasted. Most riots burn out after 72 hours.

    And it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon.

    What’s the extra added fuel source to this fire?

    Someone jokingly tweeted last night that there were more old and new media people at Ground Zero than there were actual protesters and proto-rioters.

    That’s it. These are the first riots in the Web 2.0 social media era. The last real riots were in Cincinnati in 2001, well before.

    First off, there’s this tube and that tube, this stream and that stream, Instagram and Vine, Twitter and Facebook, World Star Hip Hop, and I could go on and on. Second, I bet half the people congregated and Ground Zero have a smartphone, which means at a moment’s notice it’s a video camera with worldwide connectivity.

    What’s fueling this hot ghetto mess, making it last longer that it should have, are the thousands of cameras around. People want to be on TV, nothing more.

    Which means this mess isn’t going to end until either very cool weather sets in, or the cops establish a civilian-free DMZ in the general area around Ground Zero and enforces it even to the point of shooting to kill. It can’t be done just by keeping the “regular” media out anymore, because anyone with a smartphone has become a reporter. It’s going to take keeping everyone out.

    Otherwise, get ready for a nightly episode of Survivor: Ferguson.

    • Evette Coutier

      That too true to be funny. We live in a dystopian tv show.

      • Alternatively, we’re living in an infinite loop of a movie version of The Bonfire of the Vanities.

        • Paleoconn

          QD, there was a movie made of that great Tom Wolfe book, albeit a flop by Brian De Palma that nobody ever saw, I bet.

          • Laika

            Nobody should ever see it.

            Tom Wolfe books are impossible to turn into movies, they are too complicated, layered, nuanced and it is Tom Wolfe’s use of language that makes his books so wonderful and unique. His books are to be read, not turned into Hollywood drivel.

            Bonfire of the Vanities was the last Tom Wolfe novel that Hollywood tried to film.

    • propagandaoftruth

      We’re living in the middle of damned TV show, an unscripted ratings-driven reality show.
      Get yer hands off me you damned dirty ape!

      Where’d that come from? Oh yeah, TV.

      • Laika

        Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!

        –Charlton Heston as George Taylor in Planet of the Apes

        Actually, it didn’t come from the TV. It originally came from a Hollywood script and hence from a movie screen, from the 1st Planet of the Apes.

        Back when Hollywood made good movies.

        I like this quote better: “It’s a mad house, a mad house!”

        • propagandaoftruth

          Yes, but…

          I never saw it anywhere but the boob tube, lol… I remember AMC’s “Labor Day Ape-athon” many years ago where they showed all apes, all weekend. Then on Tuesday it was back to teaching and the beat went on…

          It was rated G when it came out, you know.

    • Jack Burton

      If you’ve ever been around black groups, you’d know that it’s always like a dramatic TV show. They’re loud, dysfunctional and enjoy acting out.

      Being anti-social is a form of entertainment to blacks. Whites reaction to a fight is one of concern and conciliation. Blacks reaction to a fight is one of enjoyment, laughing and cheering. The latter is called being a sociopath.

      • Bossman

        Most Blacks lead a boring and meaningless day-to-day existence so an occasional riot brings meaning, purpose and excitement to their boring lives.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Don’t you Mexicans hate them? The boriquas breed with them, are them, but you Mexicans can’t stand ’em, right?

        • True, every time I get bored I invariably loot and torch a business.

          • adplatt126

            Proportions. Proportions are what matter. The proportion of geniuses in a population, the proportion of criminals, loafers, etc. Proportions are what separate us. No particular quality or virtue is race specific, but the kinds of proportions that lead to a functioning, wealthy and vibrant civilization, are.

          • Jack Burton


            Their archaic admixture, likely Homo erectus, is race specific to them.

          • adplatt126

            Well, there is some truth to that. This may be a borderline race specific quality, namely admixture with an unknown ancient ape species (not homo erectus mind you), according to recent genetic evidence. But no virtue (or character quality) is race specific. That statement I stand behind. Whites have their primitive types too, and if we’re really being strict about our language, whites even have group-members (albeit rare) that have a black progenitor.

          • Well said. Also I think there has been a dynamism in European civilization that you don’t see even in the most advanced Asian civilizations. Of course they can list their own special characteristics, and their elites are not demographically phasing them out.

          • Laika

            LaGriffeduLion calls this the smart fraction

            http //www lagriffedulion f2s com/sft2 htm

      • ElComadreja

        You can hear a group of them coming down the street from a block away.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      This is why we love you, dude.

    • Nancy

      Absolutely, QD. I’ve said somewhere on this site in the past, that the little inner-city kids (and their equally IQ-deficient “parents”) were obsessed with the idea that their little darlings would be on Star Search. (For those of you younger than 40, it was a show like America’s Got Talent.) Even though they had ZERO talent to qualify them for auditions, they made a big production out of buying new clothes, going downtown on audition day, etc. So this totally makes sense.

      In fact, when I participated in a huge acting/talent competition in Orlando a few years ago (I’m an actor), I learned the competition charges $200…for just one family member to WATCH you perform. See, there’s anywhere from 80-100 talent scouts, agents, casting directors, etc. doing the judging, including big names like Nickelodeon and Disney, so they restrict observers to just one per performer, then charge them $200 to watch.

      When I asked why this was, I was told by a nice race realist that if there weren’t restrictions, every black parent in the city would be dragging their kid over there and accosting the judges/talent agents. “Look! Look at mah baby! He can dance! Go on, DeShawnte’vious, show da man how you do dat Hammertime! An’ he sing, too!”

      They’ll do anything to get on TV…and even more than that, if it meant getting their no-talent kid on TV.

      • kikz2

        more like the gong show…….eyeroll..

    • Uncle_Dan

      In a word, they’re shooting pictures, not rioters. Watts “burned out” in 3 days because of the body count.

    • 1069rhythm

      Yeah, that’s it. Ferguson is black America’s racial selfie.

    • Nancy

      People are calling in to talk radio today, telling Rush and his ilk pretty much the same thing you just outlined. So hopefully more whites are coming to the same conclusion.

    • ElComadreja

      Maybe they’ve developed a taste for methedrine.

  • MekongDelta69

    I don’t know about you, but I have had it Up To Here with Trayvon – Take II

    This is the media:
    *click (The sound of me turning on the TV)

    Black Man – Good”
    “White Man – Evil”

    *click (The sound of me turning off the TV)

    • Laika


      Sound of me shooting out the TV screen. Just like Elvis.

  • Luca

    There is no appeasing these useful idiots. No matter how much money you throw at them they will always have an inferiority complex that will manifest itself in a constant state of anger towards Whites. It’s an endless circus side-show.

    Politicians and the media find it so easy to whip these folks into a phoney frenzy and sway their opinion. This is why the Democratic party loves them.

    • DNA Explains It All

      An inferiority complex? Yeah born of ACTUALLY BEING INFERIOR IN EVERY WAY (save maybe tree climbing).

      • ElComadreja

        You beat me to it.

    • Jack Burton

      You got it half right, they’re idiots. Useful? They’re the opposite of useful.

      • Luca

        “Useful idiots” is an idiomatic expression. They are useful to Democrats and liberals based upon their voting habits.

        • Jack Burton

          You used it in the wrong context.

    • dd121

      The question now is, now that they’ve whipped them into a frenzy, how do they get them to stop?

      • adplatt126

        People give the media too much credit. The media doesn’t whip anyone into a frenzy who doesn’t already have mush for brains to begin with. No one is caused by propaganda. One must already have the nature to receive it.

        • Laika

          Mush for brains increasingly describes the general American population; for blacks it is a natural trait inherent in their DNA. The American school system makes sure its graduates are uneducated but well-versed in Marxist opinion and thought.

          The media aren’t dumb, especially the anti-White TV and Hollywood industry. They know exactly what they’re doing in their effort to destroy White America, and they do it well.

          Given what the TV/Hollywood industrial complex puts out, along with the American education system, I don’t know how anyone could come to any conclusion except that the general American viewing population has mush for brains.

          This makes them, especially the black population, vulnerable to the Marxist messages that are fed to them, as in destroy Whites, Whitey owes you, Whites want to keep blacks down, you’re as intelligent as Whites but they hold you down, all failures are due to White racism and oppression.

          What does anyone expect when a low IQ population has been fed such a message from birth?

      • kikz2

        well, think about a ‘chimpanzee’ raiding party……usually that ends in at least one kill.

      • ElComadreja

        They’ve been whipped into a frenzy by paranoia, stupidity, drugs, booze, a well founded inferiority complex, fifty years of whitey kissing their rear ends, jealousy and envy of whites and many other things. The media is only part of the story. The biggest misconception is that they were on the road to civilization before 1964. Nothing could be further from the truth. The “Great Society” only made it worse.

    • Studies have shown that black kids have higher self-esteem than White kids, contrary to what decades of liberal propagandists have assumed.

      • Jack Burton

        Higher “self-esteem” is a euphemism for higher narcissism and sociopathy.

        • Spikeygrrl

          “Self-esteem” is unjustified self-regard. It’s free, and worth every penny you pay for it.

          “Self-RESPECT,” OTOH, must be EARNED. Doing that is a 24/7/365 job; as the old Peace Corps recruitment slogan went, “the toughest job you’ll ever love.”

        • Quite possibly, especially with Hollywood and other evildoers telling them they would all be astronauts and neurosurgeons if it weren’t for evil Whitie.

    • Laika

      Their low IQs and violent tendencies cannot cope with living in a First World culture and that is why there is no hope for blacks to assimilate, let alone function in the United States or Europe.

      Politicians and media use blacks as a cudgel against White America; they serve a useful purpose for their Democrat masters only for the moment. When White America is completely destroyed, whoever is left in control will eradicate the black population. No other racial group is forced to tolerate them except for Whites, and that is only because of government force.

  • Sonya610

    For those that would like to show support for Officer Darren Wilson, a fund has been setup. I donated earlier, and donations across the country are being added by the minute.

    This young officer deserves our support. I have no affiliation with the Wilson family or the fund but I am familiar with the good folks that post on Amren. Please support this officer if you are able to.

    It is a gofundme dot com site; just google that and the name Officer Darren Wilson. Over 30k has been donated so far, that is a very good thing.

    • There has already been two pro-Wilson rallies (one in front of the TV station that all but showed the undertow how to get to his house) around here and one is planned for this weekend.

    • DNA Explains It All

      Sent him $50.

      • Sonya610

        LOL just pulled up the site and I think you added a comment as well. 🙂

    • $54,657 as of a few seconds ago! Word is spreading and the donations are speeding up exponentially. They hit 50,000 about two hours after they commented “wow, we just hit $20,000 the support is amazing, thanks everyone!”

      reading through the donor comments, there are a ton of Asians donating, one even said something to the effect of “all Asians love you officer Wilson!” I’m thinking they’re just happy there’s one less black thug in the world to worry about, haha, but hey, can’t fault them there.

      • Jack Burton

        LOL, I bet QuikTrip and other local store owners donated thousands.

        • Laika

          QuikTrip, as of last night, sent in a crew to dig up and remove the gas tanks. Looks like they are pulling out of Ferguson, Mo.

          Wonder why.

      • Laika

        Asians disproportinately own businesses in black ghettoes and remember the LA riots.

    • tlk244182

      Just sent $25. Thanks for posting the info. Diversity equals White genocide.

    • Laika

      Let’s see:

      Lining up with the worthless black thug with unlimited:

      √ Holder and the entire DOJ Civil Rights Division

      √ President of the United States

      √ All Major Media

      √ Black Organizations like the NAACP

      √ Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson

      √ Racist agitators, loudmouths, assorted protesters

      Officer Darren Wilson:

      √ Us

  • anony

    It’s time for a separation. Now and forever.

    • DNA Explains It All

      That does seem to be the only workable solution doesn’t it?

      • anony

        After all the studies and attempts to “eliminate” racism for over 50 years, I think, yes, that is the answer.

        It is quite clear to any conscious person that diversity, affirmative action, set asides, etc. and the trillion of dollars spent to “eliminate poverty” simply do not work.

        Separation now, separation tomorrow, separation forever!

    • Jack Burton

      The people we really need to separate from are the white libs and communist Jews, who got us into this situation to begin with. They’re the ones who forced the South at gunpoint to integrate, remember that.

      • benvad

        Without those two rabble rousers we could’ve segregated them overseas somewhere in Brazil away from us.
        But of course that wouldn’t be fair.

  • Easyrhino

    Blacks don’t give a damn about whether other blacks are murdered or raped because if they did there are plenty of opportunities (daily) for protests, marches, candlelight vigils etc.

    No, blacks are only interested in crimes against blacks when the alleged perpetrator is White giving them the chance to play the role of the victim . And if the perpetrator isn’t White well then kill and rape away.

    Blacks don’t respect them selves and neither does anyone else.

    • Jack Burton

      As dumb as blacks are, they still know where the money is, who to exploit and extort. Parasites can’t live off of other parasites.

    • Paleoconn

      Or White enough like George Zimmerman

      • Jack Burton

        He’s not white enough, that’s what is so ridiculous about it. Zimmerman is actually part black himself, his own brother said that in an interview, that they and their mother are Afro-Peruvian.

        • Paleoconn

          I meant White enough for the anti-White narrative. You and I both know that Zim ain’t White.

          • Jack Burton

            I know what you meant, he’s not though, that’s the whole point, that’s what makes it ridiculous. He’s not white enough, not even close. It’s obvious he’s not white to anyone with half a brain. He’s part black! He’s a mestizo with African ancestry. That’s how stupid they are, that’s how deceptive they are, that’s how ignorant and asleep the population is now. The media create blatant lies and people don’t even question it.

  • Dave4088

    I heard today that the rioters will cease and desist if Rand Paul comes to give a speech and sign some autographs and even might consider becoming anti-racist libertarians.

    • Jack Burton

      Right, the “peaceful protesters” and “unarmed teens” are ready to sign up in droves to be good Republican supporters of Rand Paul, if he would only reach out to them with his messages of self-reliance, self-discipline, obeying laws and higher education.

      Rand should take a cue from Hillary Clinton and affect an Ebonics dialect and attitude, while acting hysterical on stage and twerking.

      • Pro_Whitey

        Rand Paul on the stump in front of blacks: “Look, all y’all, my hair is almost nappy! Seriously!”

        • tlk244182

          He’s got my vote! [sarc]

    • jayvbellis

      Yes. But before this great conversion to GOP Rand Paul Libertarians happens, the Black mobs will insist that Rand Paul first licks the dog feces boots of local Blood gang members, which Rand will,of course do.

  • Evette Coutier

    There can be no peaceful coexistence between blacks and whites, blacks and Hispanics, blacks and Asians, black and middle easterners, blacks and Jews, or even blacks with blacks. Blacks are at war with everyone.

    • Jack Burton

      The sub-Saharan subspecies, like Australoids, are archaic remnants of human evolution, vestigial forms of human life with little to no value.

      In a purely natural environment, without moralistic notions and sentimentality of the West, they would have been wiped out, replaced by superior Europeans/West Asians, similar to how other hominid species are now extinct. But even Neanderthals and Denisovans do live on to a small degree with admixture in our species.

      Blacks themselves are attempting that as well, integrate themselves as much as they can in our gene pools through miscegenation, it’s a survival strategy.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        You’ve had great comments tonight!

        I’ll suggest to you that humans are not only in competition with each other but with other organisms or the environment itself. Sub-Saharans might lose against hyenas . . .or viruses, or they may be wiped out by flooding or heat waves. But without our christian ethic, they would be hobbled, yes. As it is, we hobble ourselves for their sake.

        • adplatt126

          Christianity is as much of a disease as the negro race.

          • Kenner

            It’s fatally flawed.

          • Jack Burton

            It united the disparate European tribes, unfortunately it’s ultimately working to unite the disparate races.

            I’d rather go back to the days of the European tribes than see our race destroyed.

        • Jack Burton

          I’m here all week, try the veal.

          Humans are in direction competition with each other, your job won’t be taken by a hyena or a virus. Likewise they are not a reproductive threat. It’s not the same thing.

          In nature, competition over the same resources is resolved in one of two ways, either through displacement/extinction of one group or assimilation. You can see which way we’re going, it’s not in the white direction.

          Even when whites have dominated, but assimilated them, such as in Latin America, whites still lose and they win.

          The only long-term solution is geographic racial separation, that’s how the races developed to begin with.

      • Evette Coutier

        Great insight.

      • phillyguy

        Jack, I doubt they have the intelligence to pull off a strategy like that.

        • Jack Burton

          Philly, it has nothing to do with intelligence, it’s instinctive. They are doing it, open your eyes.

  • Jefferson

    Mark my words, we are going to have another Michael Brown/Trayvon Martin/Oscar Grant type circus show in 2016 just in time for the presidential election.

    2016 is going to be the year of “the evil racist neo nazi KKK White man” and “the innocent Black gentle soul who would not hurt a fly”.

    The DNC needs Black voter participation rate in 2016 to be equal to if not higher than in 2012 and 2008. Blacks are the heart and soul of The Democratic Party, the same way religious White Evangelicals and Mormons are the heart and soul of The Republican Party.

    • Jack Burton

      LOL, what do you mean another. It happens all the time. Other blacks have been arrested and shot during these protests. Are you unfamiliar with black crime? They could have a TV channel dedicated to this subject 24/7.

      It’s just if the media want to pick up on it or not, if certain parties want to invest their money to fabricate another civil rights event.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Great way to make NON-religious, conservative, race-realist Whites feel welcome, dude. Were I you, I wouldn’t be scratching ANY electoral and/or activist ally off my dance card right about now.

    • Irishgirl

      It can be tricky for illiterates to vote.

  • Ferguson is the best thing to ever happen to America in the last 10 years, at least. The true nature of the African-American is revealed. The media thought it had its racist KKK Kop, so went all in. They bet on the wrong gorilla, this time, just like they did with Trayvon.

    Best thing?
    1. Even the dumbest and densest of whites can see the media for the frauds they are.
    2. Everyone can see what liars blacks are.
    3. How dumb they are.
    4. How irrational they are.
    5. How pigheaded they are.
    6. How DANGEROUS they are.
    7. Their dysfunctional rap culture.
    8. Their parasitical nature. Those “slums” they live in look like my $800 a month little one bedroom apartment.
    9. How fat they are.
    10. All the time they have on their hands to get into mischief.
    11. How easily they’re led by idiots like Sharpton.
    12. How they targeted the innocent Hindu store owner where Mike Brown stole his blunts.
    13. What a pile of excrement Obama is for his sticking his nose in, just like he did with Trayboon. No question of his anti-white mindset.

    All this good, with only minor property loss and no horribly beat up or dead innocent white people. And, I hope, no chance that a new round of harsh “civil rights” legislation gets through Congress.

    • Jack Burton

      It’s not about the truth though, it’s about perception. They don’t care about facts, only what they can make people believe, it’s pure propaganda. The Devil himself couldn’t do a better job of manipulating and controlling the masses.

      • Irishgirl

        The Narrative trumps evidence.

    • journey

      There are still plenty of whites out there who still believe in the black victim myth. Otherwise, the entitlements would have been turned off long ago.

    • gemjunior

      Yes, you’re right, on the whole it is good. Any normal person, most likely white, can most likely see the lies and falsehoods everywhere. Gotta admit it was beautiful to see Holder get caught trying to cover up poor innocent unarmed teen Mike Brown “strong-arm” robbing & menacing a man half his size. It really shows him up for the piece of garbage he really is. I mean Holder, not Brown although he also qualifies. What an utterly useless group of apemen. The very idea that Al Sharpton was washed and put into a suit and in front of a camera shows that our country is in the hands of alien traitors.

  • RPG

    There are no circumstances under which a white, law enforcement or not, can defend himself from a black. That’s the principle they’re trying to establish. That’s what this all boils down to.

  • dd121

    The Democrats created these animals by teaching them to hate whites and blame us for everything bad in their lives. They succeeded. Now that they’re out in the streets rioting how do the libs put this genie back in the bottle? They’re trying to talk them down, but if that doesn’t work they’ve got a bit of a conundrum with deciding whether to shoot a few hundred or not.

    • journey

      The inherent genetic potential was always there except now enhanced by the entitlements from their eternal trust fund = tax dollars. Now those fools dare not turn it off. Guess the ever increasing Hispanics will have to do the job.

    • The Democrats created these animals by encouraging them to multiply and cover this country so as to gain more non-thinking votes.

  • baldowl

    They say they want Darren Wilson dead, but the fact is, they’d be just as happy to accept you or me or all of us as a sacrifice. They’re no more specifically interested in punishing Officer Wilson for the unholy act of defending himself against one of their own than they are in the truth about the character of Michael Brown, who is now beyond reproach in his negro sainthood. Hatred of whites goes to the core of these people, and they would have all of us dead or enslaved. They’re just chanting for the death of Darren Wilson because they think they’re entitled to him. The translation is: “Kill Whitey! Kill Whitey! Kill Whitey!”

    • me


  • Dave West

    Ferguson has not set a new precedent for blacks and white libtards.

    Now every time a white police officer has to use deadly force to defend himself, there will be calls to stop the “racist” cops and bring them to justice.

    I have a solution, all white cops can stop policing black neighborhoods and let blacks police their own areas, under one condition; the media and black activists must sign a treaty to never blame any inevitable increase in violence or dysfunction on “racism” or cops “ignoring communities of color.”

    • journey

      Yep. They can scream black power to each other. Better yet, deport them to Africa where they can really be free. Free to roam and do as pleased except they do have to forge for food.

    • Shawn_thefemale

      I’ve said that since the beginning- let all white police officers and government officials in that excuse for a city walk off, never to look back. You want it; you got it. Now, see how fast you can totally destroy it. But when you do, don’t call us. Ever again.

      • cherrie greenbaum123

        Blacks don’t seem to mind being surrounded in mayhem and anarchy. Heck, if they’re out of a job, it gives them an opportunity to get off the couch in the afternoon and party down with dare homies.

    • me

      No ‘amberlamps’ coming to your ‘hood, Latrinavous. No po po, neither, Tamponia. There won’t be any more convenience stores or other businesses in your ‘territory’, either. Just record the Blackopalypse and put it on World Star Hip Hop for the rest of us to enjoy. You’ve done crossed that solid line of ‘tolerance’, decency, and civility when you called for the blood of police officer Darren Wilson.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Don’t you get it yet? They’ll “sign” (well, X-mark) ANYTHING, wait for us to honor our end of the deal, then go ahead and do whatever they were gonna do anyway.

      Ha ha, YT, the joke’s on you.

    • anony

      “I have a solution, all white cops can stop policing black neighborhoods and let blacks police their own areas,…”

      Sounds great! In fact, let’s just continue that process until we are completely separated! Separation is the only answer. Repeat after me, Separation is the only answer.

  • Magician

    I hope all this chaos is enough to convince our sons and daughters to never ever date their sons and daughters ever in their lives!

    • adplatt126

      Fat chance. People are animals primarily, rational creatures secondarily. Most women just see a big d*ck, a boat load of delusional overconfidence, a culture that glamorizes the magic negro, and voila, they hop right on the horse, pun intended.

      • me

        Wut? It’s called PARENTING. No mass media, no ‘rap music’, and no freedom of association while under your roof. Your daughters and sons need to be taught the importance of whom they associate with and mate with, and the consequences of disownment if they violate your rules. Period.

        • adplatt126

          Yes, but the media and its social Marxist culture will infiltrate your home no matter what, by some means, and civil rights laws will ensure apes invade your community and the Federal Government will ensure more apes invade your society, and temptation and statistics simply take over. What’s more, parents believe they have far more influence over the behavior of their children than they really do. In fact, peers have a far greater influence than do parents on their long-term behavior. There is strong scientific evidence for this claim. Moreover, a heavy hand often leads to little except rebelliousness and the opinion of the youth that their parents’ generation holds antiquated and obstinate views which shouldn’t be heeded. Unless you are granted some right to protect your own, to associate with your own, to hire your own, to produce your own culture, to protect your own children, to sell homes in your community to who you wish, on a societal level, you’re in trouble. You can try to keep these things out but you’ll fail miserably, if you live under a tyrannical government, as we do. If you’re granted some of these things your civilization may survive, but if you’re granted none in the name of some sadistic social Marxist experiment, as we are, it is guaranteed to perish.

          • me

            Time to grow a pair, Adplatt126. Where’s your spirit of rebellion? Why so defeatist? What we all need to do is work covertly, eating away at the Yid Marxist ‘Utopia’ until it implodes under its own weighty problems. No whining allowed! Freedom or Valhalla!

          • adplatt126

            Agreed. All I was driving at was that parenting alone will not accomplish it.

          • me

            Segregation and the end of misplaced altruism would also help….

          • anony

            Separation is the only answer.

        • HE2

          Just recently told a member of our extended family, a beautiful 22 y.o girl historically close to me, that if she marries the mulatto with whom she now cohabits, I will turn my back on her.
          She no longer speaks to me.

      • Spikeygrrl

        Wow. Why don’t you tell us what you really think?

        I don’t imagine you get many dates with smart, hardworking, DECENT White women if that’s your pickup line.

        • Usually Much Calmer

          Yeah, bros on this site need to tone it down a bit, this is mixed company.

          I don’t show up at conferences and write check to JT to sponsor a forum where men I never met can tell me how awful and stupid I am.

          There are other places for that; find them and go there!

    • HE2

      Speaking of race mixing. Last night, before proceeding through the tunnel to my suburban home, I stopped for a few items at the local Safeway on the Berkeley/Oakland line.
      In the aisle with me was a mixed race couple, a coal burner with a black dude. She was a nice looking young woman, slender with a nice figure, well dressed and groomed, long blondish hair pulled into a neat ponytail.
      The darkie was slender, straight looking, good haircut, no bling, casually, but nicely dressed. He, too, looked well put together.
      In spite of their “together” looking appearance, it was still sickening to see.
      From all outward appearances, this young woman would have had good White offspring had she not hooked up a male from a subspecies.
      Sick, I tell you, sick. It might not have been so upsetting had she been a trashy looking fat slob.

      • Magician

        Last night, I saw a white girl walking hand in hand with well-built black man. She was neither gorgeous nor trashy looking. She had the kind of a butt that black men dream of (very very big)

        In my area, there are a plenty of blacks and whites and I see blacks and whites interracially dating maybe once a month. In the area where my parents live, there are a plenty of Asians, and when I paid my parents a visit last time, I noticed a growing number of young black males dating East Asian females around his age

        • HE2

          Magician, I do not care if Asians mix it up with blacks; neither is White. In my view, Asians need to go home too, taking their race mixing mates and sprogs with them.
          I care only about Whites, the posterity referenced in the Constitutional Preamble.
          The founders did not mention accommodation for every damned color on the planet.
          As it was, our colonial forefathers had their hands full with the violent, paleolithic immigrant red tribes attacking White settlers.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The commies, Black Panthers, Al Sharpton, professional agents provocateurs and race baiters like Holder have arrived in Ferguson.

    New Black Panther radicals have been joined in Missouri by Revolution Club Chicago, a Communist group that calls for a global revolution in order to bring down capitalism.

    Facts won’t stop this train. Nothing will derail it now.

    This stopped being about Michael Brown after the second day.

    The feds are orchestrating a prosecution campaign and murder conviction against Officer Wilson.

    Officer Wilson needs to get out of this country, NOW.

    I’d suggest joining Edward Snowden in Moscow.

    — “You’ve Killed Our Kind 4 Years But Won’t Sacrifice 1 Cop For Justice & To Save A Community & These Businesses”

    • jayvbellis

      OK. We need to just show these extremely bad guys saying and doing what they are doing – promoting murder and mayhem.

      The tide has turned, regular Americans now see these extremely bad guys doing what they always do. We just need some strong men to step up like a Sherrif Joe A in Arizona, like Philly police chief, mayor a Frank Rizzo in the late 1960s.

      When in doubt, always go for tough Italians.

      Never ever go with cowardly pussy footing a Lib Libertarians.

      I spend a terrible 15 minutes this afternoon arguing with a bright, young know it all as& Rand Paul staff member.

      • While I think Pat Buchanan is at his worst when he gets into his Nixon apologetics and excuseology, he is in a unique position to know how black riots leads to white political backlash. After all, he helped direct and lead some of that into Richard Nixon’s column. Though it should have gone all to Wallace.

    • Diana Moon Glampers

      Hm. Telling it like it is. We want blood, give is a human sacrifice and we will be placated. Savages.

    • To think, these people claim to profess a religion whose theology states that blood sacrifices stopped being a spiritual necessity some 2,000 years ago.

      • me

        Ha! When left to their own devices, they KILL AND EAT EACH OTHER. All hail Africa, the mother continent! What do they do to an ‘outsider’? Ask Michael Rockefeller…oh, yeah. You can’t, ’cause he was killed and eaten.

    • Spikeygrrl

      I’d suggest the Armed Forces. He’d be warmly welcomed as an ethical brother, his existing skills would quickly garner the appreciation they deserve, and his promotions through the NCO hierarchy very likely fast-tracked.

    • Jack Burton

      That’s a great picture, they want a human sacrifice for their community. We’re back to voodoo tribalism with these blacks.

      That’s “justice” to sub-humans, and if they don’t get their blood vengeance, they’re going to terrorize local businesses owned by whites and Asians.

    • jayvbellis

      Just get out the truth (Zane be very careful to only spread truth, not rumors) that the worst Black criminals, Antifa Comunists, Holder are leading the mobs. These types are their own worst enemy.

  • Lord Sandwich

    The reason that blacks attract the police is black criminality. Until blacks are made to accept what everyone knows is true, they will wrongly claim victimhood.

    • me

      Your avatar is creepy! You could stop the Ferguson riots just by dressing like your avatar and walking about….

      • Lord Sandwich

        Creepy? Really? Google, The Upper Crust band. I borrowed it from them. I figured his look of mild disapproval would be appropriate here.

        • tlk244182

          I’m too old to know the Upper Crust band, and from my perspective, the look of disapproval is overwhelmed by the look of ‘drag queen.” For looks of disapproval, I respectfully suggest a portrait of HL Mencken.

          • Lord Sandwich

            Oh, drag queen, very nice. It’s a pity you’re not old enough to remember when the aristocracy used to wear powdered wigs. HL Mencken, good one!

  • John

    If you ever have the misfortune to engage a black person on the subject of the events taking place right now in Ferguson, the following fact should serve you well. In the 513 days that elapsed between the Trayvon shooting and the Zimmerman verdict, 11106 blacks in this country were murdered by other blacks.

  • Paleoconn

    I wonder if I got in front of one of these mobs and started chanting ‘Black dysfunction’ or ‘Black illegitimacy rates’ or nonsense like ‘Black anemia’ or ‘Black gingivitis’ or ‘Black coefficient’ or ‘Black pleistocene’ how many I would get to chant along with me. My over under for this is 93%.

  • Repatriation, the gift that will keep on giving.

    • Maximo Partagas


  • Jack Burton

    I like how Fox combines coverage of blacks protesting with Middle Eastern terrorism and beheadings. I see what you did there, Fox. I agree, they’re both terrorism, too bad they don’t outright call it that.

    • Fantaman

      It is terrorism, there is no doubt about it. It’s a segment of the population, openly hostile to civility, calling for the death of law enforcers.

  • B.A_2014

    “what are you? Africans. who wants you? not whitey. how do we want you? … Yip i’d say dead too”.

  • mobilebay

    Even the Governor is calling for the prosecution of the officer. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty?” The mob would much prefer no trial, just string him up.

    • Maximo Partagas

      We are living in the Post-Constitutional America, i.e. Black Run America.

  • Laika

    Given that the government will use its unlimited funds to railroad Officer Wilson, he’s going to need all the support he can get.

    A worthy cause.

  • Magician

    Not “Every other night?” 😉 haha

  • Magician

    Another pathetic thing I notice is, whenever there is a female reporter and a male reporter communicating with each other on-air, it is a blond female reporter talking with a black male reporter. That makes me sad and upset as much as the dishonest “witness” who said Brown had his hands up

  • none of your business

    There is speculation on the internet that Brown’s DNA has been found on the officers gun. Some witnesses say that both Brown and his accomplice attacked the officer.

  • none of your business

    Good news, Thursday August 21 Am the fund reached One hundred eleven thousand five hundred. Keep contributing as his legal fees will reach one million.

  • Fantaman

    Please, negroes, go out in the streets and do that race war you’re always braying about. Let the whole world see your savagery and once it’ll be over, you’ll be crying for the good old days of segregation.