Black Activists Explode over ‘Racist’ Help for Ferguson Cop

Leo Hohmann, WND, August 27, 2014

A group founded by former Obama aide Van Jones and former activist James Rucker is calling on the Internet fundraising platform to take down its “Support Officer Darren Wilson” page, accusing the company of “profiting from racially motivated donors.”

The Color of Change, founded by Jones and Rucker in 2005 to “strengthen the political voice of Black America,” says on its website that donors to Officer Wilson are “celebrating Michael Brown’s death” and that GoFundMe should take down the police officer’s fundraising page and return any profits it has generated.

The fundraising campaign for Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson has exploded over the past nine days, raising more than $234,000 in the original GoFundMe page, as first reported Aug. 19 by WND.

Now Wilson’s supporters have started a second page raising more than $176,000 in six days from nearly 4,000 donors, with the goal of reaching $250,000.

“Every donation, kind word and prayer are deeply appreciated,” the supporters write on the GoFundMe page. “This page will replace the previous ‘Support Officer Wilson’ page, so that donations will be tax deductible through ‘Shield of Hope,’ a certified charity, and the official non-profit organization accepting donations for Officer Wilson at this time.”


The Color of Change cites several comments on the GoFundMe Officer Darren Wilson page as evidence that GoFundMe is profiting from white racists.


A form letter is then presented that the Color of Change says will be sent to GoFundMe executives.

Dear GoFundMe co-founders Brad Damphousse and Andy Ballester, and Kelsea of GoFundMe Customer Happiness,

I write demanding that you return any profits from donations for Darren Wilson on your platform. Further, please take down any related fundraising pages.

Your own terms of service prohibit ‘items that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime.’ If Darren Wilson is charged, then it would stand to reason that these fundraisers are in violation of your terms, specifically ‘financial exploitation of a crime.’

GoFundMe should return any money it has made from Darren Wilson fundraising pages, and take them down immediately. Profiting off the killing of Michael Brown is not okay. Profiting off of racially-motivated donors is not okay.

These types of disturbing fundraising efforts have no place on the world’s #1 personal fundraising site.

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  • MekongDelta69

    Van Jones is so beyond a black racist, he makes Sharp-Tone and Hi-Jackson seem tame. Plus he’s an avowed Communist.

    And his org – “Color of Change” should be renamed to “Black Color of (Loose) Change”.


    • SoCal88

      He’s also an “Obamarrhoid”.

  • I, Michael C. Scott am in fact celebrating Mike Brown’s death. Now go cry me a river, Jones and Rucker.

    • dukem1

      Is pilsner the kind of kind of light colored beer typical of most American beers?

      If so, that is what I am raising in a toast with you, my good man.

      • Most American beers technically qualify as “pale ales”. A Pilsner is a Bavarian-style, bottom-fermenting lager (“Lager” is the German word for “cellar”, so lagering is a slower, lower-temperature fermentation).

        • Garrett Brown

          Much better than American “piss” beer.

          • The death knell for good US beer for some decades was Prohibition. Until the “craft brewing” phenomenon really took off, most American beer was pretty bad, because stouts and others didn’t make a quick comeback after 1933. There’s some good local microbrewery stuff out there now, though you won’t find it at a supermarket.

            I specialized in hard cider, as so many other guys I know homebrew beer. One called to complain about a 40 of hard cranberry cider I gave him, and which he had drunk last Saturday night. It totally demolished him. He figured that since it was fizzy, it was about like beer. It tested at 13% alcohol here with a hydrometer. I’m used to it, though I know I am not going anywhere until two days later. It costs me about $3 a gallon to make: cheaper than gasoline.

    • Alexandra1973

      I personally am not celebrating it…my thinking, though, is more like, yep, one less thug on the streets. I shake my head and roll my eyes every time I hear about something like this, and wish someone would just send them home already.

      • Juggernaut3000

        I personally AM celebrating it. I hope every black thug meets the same fate as Brown and Trayvon.

        I’m for anything that makes the streets safer. These thugs have had too much control for too long. I’d like to see more taken out.

        • Alexandra1973

          Well, I’m happy that another thug’s off the streets. But I’m not into schaudenfreude.

          I am, however, sick and tired of these ignoramuses coddling them and catering to them.

    • Lagerstrom

      Is that a Bohemian Pilsner?
      I’m having a nice Australian Bitter Ale. Cheers!
      And, “Cheers” to all of you lot tonight!

      • sulbernick

        Whilst I’m having a beautifully crafted English IPA.

    • Da. Da. Da. And another one bites the dust

  • It’s “racist” to support the Ferguson police officer, but somehow NOT racist to give money to support Mike Brown or causes connected to him? Is that what they call ‘black logic’?

    • I believe the politically-correct term is “Thinking While Black”. They try not to do that because it gives them splitting headaches.

      • Juggernaut3000

        Those with IQs in the 75-80 range do not think because they are not capable of thinking past basic necessities.

        They act and react to their surroundings, nothing more. Any frustration when they don’t get their way sets them off into a murderous rage.

        They cannot be civilized.

    • APaige

      “Black logic” a true oxymoron. Not only are they illogical, they are flat-out wrong. Even if he is charged that does not violate the profiting from a crime term of service, only if convicted is it a crime. Even ‘smart’ ones are stupid.

    • TruthBeTold

      The thought process of the black mind is an enigma.

      • dukem1

        An enigma, wrapped inside a blunt.

        • bilderbuster

          Surrounded by confusion.

          • cherrie greenbaum123

            Covered by a veil of “gibsmuhdat”.

      • Spikeygrrl

        What thought process?

    • bilderbuster

      If I’m a racist because I side with the copper over the the Ferguson Blacks, the idiot governor, Holder and Sharpton then my donation will be in the mail tomorrow.

      • Juggernaut3000

        Donate it anyway. Officer Wilson and his family are going to need every penny for his defense. Already, the media, DOJ, “civil rights” organizations and loud-mouth politician like Nixon have come out against him. It’s going to take a lot of money to defend him.

    • Jake Frizzell

      Every time one of these ‘events’ takes place the publics’ perception of negroes being ‘retarded and violent’ overall is reinforced. The Traygone ‘event’ was another landmark ‘event’ – most negroes are hopelessly retarded and violent.

      • Juggernaut3000

        Unfortunately, good Whites are sacrificed in the process, and in this case, that includes Zimmerman.

        Zimmerman’s win in court was a Pyrrhic victory. It will be in Officer Wilson’s case too, even if he is not indicted.

        • John R

          True. And the news STILL showed Zimmerman’s picture when talking about this case! Hello! Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY! But, no, the news as much as said he was a murderer anyway. Outrageous that they get away with that.

          • It would technically be libel if they called him any sort of murderer, and since the news stations and papers have deep pockets, one of these outfits would make an attractive target for a lawsuit.

          • John R

            True. But they are too smart for that. They just show the picture and say things that IMPLY he is guilty of murder. No, don’t underestimate our enemies. They know exactly what they are doing.

    • John R

      And how about Mumia Abdul Jamal? Not racially motivated? Yeah, right.

  • Luca

    So now some blacks are against profiting off of racially motivated donations?

    Good. Will they be returning all that money that it cost us for Affirmative Action? American taxpayers donated to that racially motivated lost cause for far too long..

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      While we’re at it, let’s eliminate the United Negro College Fund, because I feel, as a White person, very uncomfortable with racially motivated donations.

    • R L Buds

      Luca, AA has costed much more than money it has costed lives-literaly. From AA docs and nurses to laborers who do inferior work. I
      n fact in think i was probably killed by a black man. About 14 years ago I worked in a car dealership’s garage. One day this AA guy took the air hose and blow off the dust from the front wheels of a car; he had filled the space with brake dust before we could stop him.
      My father-in-law probably died due to an AA hire. About 25 years ago some idiot blow out some scrubber equiment at the coal fired power plant he worked at, again filling the area with asbestos.

  • Puggg

    So Darren Wilson doesn’t deserve to have enough money to hire lawyers? Why don’t they just say what they really want, for the whole matter to go directly to altar sacrifice?

  • My website has been suspended by wordpress, so that I can’t post new material. It’s still up though. Someone complained about me publishing CNN’s Ed Lavandera’s home address after he broadcast from in front of Officer Wilson’s home.

    My site went viral with that post, with about 300,000 to 400,000 views over a three day period. So, it doesn’t surprise me that anything positive toward Officer Wilson and negative toward his enemies is going to be attacked by lefties.

    I’m going to have to take down the reporter’s address, which is public information, although wordpress calls it personal information, in violation of Terms of Service. Allegedly, once I hear back from them and get permission to take down the address, I’ll be able to post again.

    Some of you may know that the Daily Stormer was attacked via a pingback attack and has been sporadically down.

    I would hope the gofundme page stays up. I posted a piece with a link to it a week ago and he already had $113,000 in pledges. He’s going to need a lot more than that to pay for the lawyers. I spent $200,000, which was cheap.

    • jackryanvb

      Great job – really good, outstanding!

      I love it when someone on our side steps up to use the very effective tactics of our enemies. I want to work with you.

    • Nancy

      You take donations though, don’t you? I can only speak for myself, but our family will support you.

      • Thanks, but for now at least I’m not into donations, but Officer Wilson is going to need a few bucks from all of us.

        • Nancy

          Dude, I sent over cash for Wilson the second day the account went up.

          • Katherine McChesney

            It gave me great pleasure to donate to both fundraisings.

    • Paleoconn

      What is your site, bigone4u? Never been, would like to check it out.

      • RealisticGuy

        I second this. Would love to know more.

        • Usually Much Calmer

          Hover your mouse over his icon. Should pop up.

          • Paleoconn

            A-ha! Thank you, I am such a tech dunce sometimes.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            Me too.

      • saboteur365(dot)wordpress(dot)com

        I’m still suspended as I type these words, but when I get access again I’ll explain more about the situation in a new post and defend myself from liberals who have made false claims about the posting of the address.

        • Paleoconn


      • blight14

        ht tp:/ /sa bot eur36 5.wordpres s.c o m/

        • Paleoconn


    • Chris R

      Hahaha! I love it when the lefties get a taste of their own medicine. I’m reminded of an article from a few months ago which said that when you sit down at a poker game and you realize the game is rigged against you that you don’t sit and play nice, you flip the table.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      Good going! How about if you just leave information on your site for people who want to know what his address is and how to find it?

      • I’m still waiting for wordpress to give me access so I can delete his address. So, it’s still up on my site right now in the post that starts “Tit for tat”. Just put that phrase in the search box on saboteur365 and press enter.

        The irony is someone on amren posted it on this site last week and I replied back that I would post it to help spread it around. You can also google: Ed Lavander’s home address and it pops right up tonight on google, too.

        If you google it, you’ll see that a libtard website raked me over the coals, claiming that if Ed Lavandera is harmed, I should be charged as an accessory. That’s an amusing interpretation of the law. All I said when publishing the address was that some white folks should go picket Ed’s house for a few hours, and I specifically stated that I wished him no harm, other than maybe being fired.

  • Truthseeker

    I can’t tell you how nice it is to see Whites waking up and supporting one of their own against the shakedown artists. These people are nothing but cowards and bullies who love pushing people around but cry foul when people push back. The more people stand up to them, the less powerful they become.

  • journey

    So black radicals think they rule this country since they got one in the WH and DOJ. Our Founding Fathers are getting restless in their graves about what to do about all this ongoing nonsense.

    • Juggernaut3000

      Child-like blacks with IQs of 75-80 control exactly nothing in the U.S.

      Last time I checked, they do not control the media, financial systems, banks, Wall Street, Hollywood and the United States government top to bottom.

      Who controls America? The answers are right here:

      http //the-tap blogspot co uk/2013/11/who-controls-america html

      Blacks are nothing more than a battering ram used by their masters to destroy White America.

      After we’re systematically destroyed and left without a homeland, blacks will be completely eliminated.

      • journey

        Thanks for the link. Have added to my reference list among others. Latest MO = massive importation of low IQers from third world countries.

  • Nancy

    I mentioned in another post that I made bumper stickers that say things like, “Thank you Officer Wilson: We support the Ferguson Police and officers everywhere! ” as well as “Looting and rioting are NOT your ‘civil rights’!” Since I live in metro Atlanta, I get lots of “thumbs up” from drivers who, like me, are sick of the Bantus. (And since I ride with a concealed Glock, I don’t worry much about being “bothered”.)

    Man, Gofundme better not cave to these imbeciles.

    • jackryanvb

      Excellent. Here’s one more suggestion for a bumper sticker.

      “Strong armed robbery and Looting are Civil Rights” Cross out the “Rights” and substitute “Wrongs” so it reads they are “Civil Wrongs”

      We should also make banners supporting Officer Ferguson and parade at St. Louis Cardinal’s baseball games the fans are very White.

      • dukem1

        The best bumper sticker I ever saw was:

        “Church Ushers do it on Sunday Morning.”

        • Nancy

          I’ve got even better ones, but since I’m an internet moron, I can’t figure out how to put them up for sale at zazzle. My husband has to show me how tomorrow. (We’re at an Aerosmith concert right now, with our White brethren. )

          • Juggernaut3000

            Better is to write “I support Officer Wilson” on dollar bills, or any denomination. In Atlanta, they’re sure to make it into the black population. Think they’d rip up a twenty, ten or even a one dollar bill?

            Far safer for you, and your car.

            This is what I’m doing in my part of the country which is overrun with lefty whites and jews. I hope their heads explode…

          • Nancy

            Ah…but I attached the bumper stickers to magnetic sheets…so when my car is not in my immediate vicinity, the stickers come off. That way, I can also move them from car to car, depending on what I’m driving.

            But I LOVE the dollar bill idea, thanks!

        • Usually Much Calmer

          “Hot dog vendors do it with relish”

        • Juggernaut3000

          How about “Diversity” = White Genocide or “Multiculturalim” = White genocide.

          I wouldn’t put it on my car, around where I live, my car would be damaged – by rich lefty whites, not non-Whites.

          Better is to write it on one dollar bills, as many as possible.

      • Strider73

        Don’t forget Rams football games and Blues hockey games.

        Two more great bumper stickers:

        * “WORK HARDER — Millions on welfare are depending on you!’

        * Confederate soldier in front of battle flag with the caption “FIGHTING TERRORISM SINCE 1861”

        That last one was also on a T-shirt.

      • Spikeygrrl

        [Picture of Barry Soetoro] “Does this ASS make my car look big?”

      • anony

        Bumper sticker: “Separation is the only answer.”

    • Who Me?

      Nancy, good for you! (Do you sell the stickers?) I’m going to send another donation equal to the first one I sent. If GoFundMe caves in to this pressure from the Bantu tide, I hope someone will let us know where to send further funds if needed for the brave Officer Wilson.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Glock won’t help you with vandalism, bear in mind.

      I support you, though.

    • 1stworlder

      No bumper stickers on my car because I leave it alone from time to time. I am more than willing to wear shirts with messages though

      • Alexandra1973

        I took all my bumper stickers off. I don’t feel like being profiled as a “domestic terrorist.” They probably would have had issues with my sticker from Repent America saying “America–Bless God.”

        • Lagerstrom

          I think it’s best not to attract attention to your vehicle.

          • Nancy

            I’m telling you: the magnetic sheets are cheap, and sold at all your craft stores.

    • SoCal88

      I fear for your safety, Brave Lady.

    • Juggernaut3000

      You had better be very very careful. Cars with bumperstickers such as yours have been known to have their tires slashed, their windshields broken and water poured in their gas tanks.

      • journey

        Same where I live. We can’t even feel safe putting up any indications of being Republican.

  • 313 48224

    Van Jones…..A CNN favorite. Need I say more?

  • journey

    Don’t give up yet. Most whites support Officer Wilson as shown by the majority of comments posted on various articles concerning Ferguson.


      BUT the problem is most whites don’t have a backbone. That’s the big issue. It’s one thing that most whites think like us, but many of us roll over. I’m not perfect either, but anymore it’s not the blacks, the mexicans, the muslims, the “finns” (as ramzpaul calls the “J” people) that I’m mad at. I’m mad us white people for letting them do these things to us. We could refuse to take any money from the J people. We could refuse to not let them control us with white guilt or self hatred. We could expel the third-world parasites from our lands. We have the resources and the numbers. We lack the will!

      • Whitetrashgang

        The Finns run the whole show, the problem is just like in Russia people cower and hope its not them next. The answer is not to collect material things but think of future generations.The Average American is a fat slob looking for a good PS3 game or a whore on line.People have to stand up. Its kind of like that movie from the 70s throw out your TV and start looking around and say how you feel and start fighting the system.


          But at least the Russians will fight their enemies in the street, just as the Bulgarians, Greeks, Hungarians and a growing number of Europeans. White Americans and lots of Western European countries might not like what’s going on, we might be angry quietly, but we do nothing. “Oh, golly gee, why we’ll wait until the next election and vote em’ all out!” or “They can’t do that! Why we have a constitution, blah blah blah”

          • journey

            It takes strong leaders to keep “them” out of the control of this country and our monetary system. I believed the last that tried was JFK.
            And we all know what happened to him. “They” make strong examples. Currently, “they” control the global monetary system. “They” have been at it for centuries. Whoever controls the money controls the world.
            To really take back the control of this country is to take back the political and monetary institutions. The whites possess a potent gene pool and that’s the main reason why “they” are encouraging miscegenation hog wild and other kinds of distractions.

  • jackryanvb

    A New York City Police Sargents association took out a full page advert in the New York Times stating that the Democrat national convention should not be held in New York City because the City was sliding back in to 1980s, early 1990s criminal anarchy. The advert also expressed opposition to the new Lib mayor and racial demogogues.

    Here in Chicago there is an excellent blog by Chicago Police, retired cops stating the truth about city crime and openly promoting the defense of Ferguson MO police officer Wilson.

    So our side is out there, get connected and especially work hard to get connect, get effective LOCALLY. Don’t just whine about national politics, the biased national media. THere are solid, brave folks on our side in your local area, get to knokw them, get connected. And work extra hard to only tell the truth.

    The truth is the best propaganda.

    • TruthBeTold

      I wish they wouldn’t have given any warning and let them hold the convention there.

    • 1stworlder

      Hell the cops should have let the DNC convention there and gone on strike when they got there or had a call off campaign.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Oh, hey neighbor!

    • Puggg

      Second City Cop or True News USA?

  • TruthBeTold

    I write demanding that you return any profits from donations for Darren
    Wilson on your platform. Further, please take down any related
    fundraising pages.

    They DEMAND?

    Who do these creeps think they are?

    I take among other things they believe gofundme is for ‘progressive’ liberal causes only.

    • UnCL3

      “They DEMAND? Who do these creeps think they are?”
      I think they are just || | gg3rs displaying TNB.
      But maybe that’s just me…

    • kikz2

      don’t know bout y’all.. but i suffer ‘nigga demand’ fatigue……..

    • Alexandra1973

      I wonder if it’s legal to use it to get money to buy a new car…? Right now I view it as more or less an Internet panhandling site…of course I’m hearing mostly about the panhandlers.

      It’s great that my church pulled together (without my asking) and helped me get shocks for my van…but now I have to get a new muffler, which I do have money for…the thing’s a 1997 and I don’t know how long it’ll keep going.

      Just asking…and venting about my jalopy. At least I have something that runs!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Black activists explode over ‘racist’ help for Ferguson cop

    That makes my donation worth every single penny and further motives me make another donation.

    Anything to make racist, anti-White black activists’ heads explode.

    I am celebrating – and am grateful- that Officer Wilson survived his confrontation with a racist, violent, black thug.

    http //www gofundme com/OfficerWilsonfundraiser

    Celebrate this!!:

    Officer ‘let his police dog URINATE on Michael Brown memorial then patrol cars ran over shrine

    http //www dailymail co uk/news/article-2736788/Officer-let-police-dog-URINATE-Michael-Brown-memorial-patrol-cars-ran-claims-report html#ixzz3BjRrEey8

    • Maybe they shouldn’t have put their “shrine” in the middle of a city street. Streets are for vehicle traffic, not shrines.

      • DNA Explains It All

        That line of thinking is born of your damn white privilege. Black folk are above our Eurocentric ideals of “civilization” and “rule of law”. You keeping the brothers down man.

        • Of course! That’s because I am a racist. My white privilege also had me think of a way of using scraps of window screen netting as a mask for spray-painting fishing lures today, so they wound up with beautiful iridescent scale patterns.

          White privilege is like the Energizer Bunny; it keeps going and going.

    • TruthBeTold

      I don’t know about the dog but they seem to have the memorial in the street. Hello? That’s where cars travel.

      And let’s not forget that this started with Mr. Brown walking in the street.

      Why was Mr. Brown walking in the street?

      Because Mr. Brown didn’t believe he had to follow anyones’ rules. Mr. Brown was walking in the street because he wanted to intimidate drivers. Mr. Brown was challenging people to confront him. What Mr. Brown didn’t count on was that the person who confronted him was a cop with a gun.

      Stupid is as stupid does.

    • UnCL3

      Too effin’ bad, darkness!

    • Chasmania

      The only reason the cop ran over the shrine and the dog took a leak on it was because Michael Brown wasn’t available to do it to.

  • MBlanc46

    Leave it to blacks.


    I’ve really grown to dislike a lot of blacks the past five years.

    • journey

      Some of our postings got deleted. Was too un-PC.

    • John

      I dislike 99% of them and am indifferent to the other 1%.

    • blanjm5

      Racism is a horrible disease. You catch it by being around blacks…

      • John

        There’s a variation of that saying that goes as follows: “antisemitism is a disease caused by exposure to semitism”.

    • You’re not alone. 5 years ago I thought our biggest problems were global warming and North Korea.

  • Paleoconn

    GoFundMe should tell these jokers to have a gander at the dear departed’s aspiring rapper lyrics of only liking White men on dollar bills and being a real killa killa, and perhaps they can petition to have gentle giant’s fundraising stopped on account of hateful racism.

    Then GoFundMe should tell them GoF***Yourselves.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    I’m so happy that Darren Wilson is getting a lot of donations. He’s gotten way more so far than the family of Michael Brown, which means that despite the media and education system’s best efforts, white Americans haven’t been completely brainwashed yet.

    It feels good to see liberals getting so furious that normal white Americans won’t go along with the media’s “evil white cop shot an innocent unarmed black child” story.

    • Long Live Dixie

      I’m so happy that Darren Wilson is getting a lot of donations. He’s gotten way more so far than the family of Michael Brown, which means that despite the media and education system’s best efforts, white Americans haven’t been completely brainwashed yet.

      I’m sensing a lot of white anger at the clearly biased media coverage. I think they overplayed their hand this time. It follows too closely after the Saint Trayvon incident.

      • 1stworlder

        The good people over at the Conservative Treehouse have done a good job deconstructing both including catching a background conversation in a video that supports the cop, & bringing up “Hands up” witness having a warrant for his arrest. Lamestream even edited out important parts at the beginning and end of the liquor store robbery.

        • journey

          Thanks for mentioning that website. Believe it was the same website involved in trying to get the truth out about our other famous thug, trayvon?

    • willbest

      He is going to need it. He will never be able to work as a cop again and he is going to need to move to rural South Dakota or some other rural white enclave if he is going to have any shot at protecting himself.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    The letter reads like a 5 year old wrote it.

    • UnCL3

      Pretty typical…

  • Alexandra1973

    Meanwhile we’re not squawking about St. Swisher’s family getting donations. We just view it as money thrown down a gopher hole.

    • UnCL3

      Mo’ gibsmedats

    • The Brown “fambly” will spend that money on bling, and it will end up right back in the mostly-white economy.

      Prediction #1: With this sudden windfall, and their son worth more dead than he ever would have alive, the family will fight about the money, the same way Martin Luther King’s family has.

      Prediction #2: The lawyers they hire suing each other for bling money will make out like bandits.

      Prediction #3: Every member of Brown’s extended “fambly” will be bankrupt long before retirement age.

      • Douglas Quaid

        Right, I read an article tonight on the money the Brown’s are getting, the article explicitly said none of it was going to be used for court costs. It was all designated for personal expenses, the funeral being a small one, the new Cadillac being a larger one. St. Michael getting shot was like hitting the lottery for these people…which brings us back to prediction #3 above.

        • Not one of them will think to pay a professional financial planner $200 and sit down for an hour to work things out in detail. Heck; a lot of white people wouldn’t, but certainly these ghetto rats won’t.

          We see this all the time with lottery winners, too.

  • Sick of it

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle…black.

  • UnCL3

    You || | gg3rz can go f|_| c|< yo'sevs

    • journey

      You slipped this one through!

      • UnCL3

        We’ll see for how long…some folks may ook and eek enough to flag it off.
        Da trufe hurts

        • journey

          It’s gone! Was fun while it lasted.


    A group called The (( COLOR )) Of Change, who’s sole goal and reason for it’s very existence is to “strengthen the political voice of (( BLACK )) America”. Which almost certainly, just like 85 to 90% < and that's being generous ) of all of black America instantly made up their minds as to who was the victim and who was the perpetrator. After learning nothing more than the color of each persons skin. Has the gall to "demand" that GoFundMe pull down a fund raising campaign because "White racist" ( Says this organization dedicated to one race and one race alone ) are contributing to it. A blatantly Racist organization is making "demands" over their own Racist claims that White people are being racist because they support a police officer who happens to be White. It's not Racist for black people to support black people though. Nope once again that is a Privilege reserved for White people, and only White people! The hypocrisy out there is just sickening!

    • journey

      Blacks do not see themselves as “racist” because they are the eternal victims. You know who started all this mess? Our “guests”, the ones who started NAACP and for open borders.

      • UnCL3

        Yeah…try and start a group “NAAWP” and watch the ensuing chimpouts…

        • journey

          Don’t have to. Already hollering about “institutional racism”.

  • Alexandra1973

    There’s a feedback form at Color of Change’s site….

  • Ograf

    Tell them to go take a flying leap. I bet if the fundraiser was for anything black it would be praised to high heaven. They have a lot of damned nerve trying to tell people to not donate their money to help a fellow White man. See, we have brothers also, and their is no justification to hurt a human being just because you are an overgrown thug.

  • MoMo

    The prosecution will be funded by governmental support and just who do you think pays taxes in this country? Would the African – Americans who are apparently so outraged -raise a half a million dollars to prosecute white police officer if only African – Americans could contribute? Hardly!

    The simple fact is that the government will put several million dollars into the prosecution and we will have to raise at least one million just to have a chance. I expect that this case may turn into the battle of the experts: medical experts, forensic experts, ballistics experts, psychological experts, racial profile experts, economic experts, sociological experts, police experts, and experts on experts.

    The problem with the case is that there are no “class one” witnesses (witnesses who actually saw the complete episode). Consequently, there will be a complete battery of witnesses who are considered to be “experts” and therefore the law will allow them to give opinions as to what they believed had happened. Moreover, there will be overwhelming pressure on the jurors to convict – their names will be leaked to the press, either directly or indirectly. Imagine what would happen to a white juror in Ferguson who voted to acquit?

    Then there is also the distinct possibility that the police officer may be guilty of, at the most, manslaughter. But I doubt that manslaughter will be included in a “lesser included” as the prosecution will have to go exclusively for a murder conviction.

    Of course there will be constant “marching for justice”, constant biased news reporting, constant biased opining, with constant racial inferences. The bottom line is that when the police officer goes to trial he will have just about as much chance of winning as does a non star participant in the “Hunger Games.” In short: “the odds will NOT be with him.”

    This police officer needs our help. Remember, when he goes to trial we go to trial!


  • Kenner

    Don’t give Michelle any ideas.

  • Dan B. Cooper

    Boycott Fox News

    • Katherine McChesney


    • SoCal88


      • Dan B. Cooper

        Fox News is liberal, you moron.

  • dirtybastard65

    Screw the niqqers. This good officer was merely doing his lawful duty when the criminal Brown lunged at the officer and became a threat to his safety. Had this been a niqqer cop who killed a white suspect, as happened in Utah, we would never hear about it because unlike niqqers, humans accept responsibility for their actions unlike the feral niqqer beasts.If a page was dedicated to raising funds to help a niqqer cop the niqqers would be ooking and eeking how it be raycis an’ sheeeit not to donate.

  • Vernon Alarcon Jr.

    jiqqity riggity figures …… I seldomly donates to niqqers

  • A Freespeechzone

    Make NO mistake, if these ‘activists’ could get away with it, they would dispense with a FAIR trial, with adequate defense and literally kill this officer in revenge.

    This is just yet another example of the fact that many blacks and minorities WANT the ability to attack and literally destroy any White they choose without being held accountable.

    When Whites are the minority, unless stopped, the payback, retribution and punishment for being White will be the rule–with the concurrence of the media and government.

    This is a result of being complacent….

  • IstvanIN

    The search page comes up with a chest camera fund for cops and the rest are anti-officer Wilson pages.

    • Valhalla

      See my reply for a link address

  • Valhalla

    I tried posting the link, but not sure links are allowed here.

    The address is www (dot) gofundme (dot) com (slash) OfficerWilsonFundraiser

  • david dorian

    ‘Racists’ are people too, and they have rights.

    So stop the hate. Why do these guys hate so much???

    Oh yeah. Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-white.

  • none of your business

    Couple days ago the fund reached $400,000. Hurrah for our side.

  • none of your business

    Speaking of blacks,there is an article in the Sacramento Bee Ca claiming that solar energy discriminates against blacks. Racism in front of me, racism behind me, racism below and on top of me racism racism everywhere I go racism racism.

  • “If Darren Wilson is charged, then it would stand to reason that these fundraisers are in violation of your terms, specifically ‘financial exploitation of a crime.’”

    Notice that? Not found guilty, but “charged.” Yet more proof that blacks and Whites should live in separate neighborhoods, in separate nations, separated by at least one of the world’s larger oceans.

    • anony

      Correct. Separation is the only answer.

    • Dale McNamee

      Today, “Charged” means “Convicted “, “Not Guilty” or “Innocent” means ” Indicted “…

      From Isiah 5:20 : ” Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! “

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    I get so sick of these black bitches saying sh*t like, “It is NOT OKAY, okay?” This garbage has now gotten so completely out of hand it’s ridiculous. I’m still on the fence with the whole police response, but dammit the cop deserves a fair shake. Nobody has even heard his side of the story and yet these c* * ns are ready to sentence him without so much as a trial. Absolute jungle fever has taken over what little sense they had to begin with. God has given YT a gift, packaged as Ebola, and sent special delivery to Africa. Let any silly white do gooder liberal doctors, nurses, preachers, go over there to kiss negro azz and catch it. I don’t care. Let the Africans solve their own problems, since they obviously hold the key to all knowledge and are the cradle of civilization. Probably nothing disgusts me more than these pseudo intellectual blacks mouthing off about who is a “racially motivated donor”. Just what the f**K is that? What does it even mean? Are they magically able to peer into the minds of people sending money to help the cop’s legal defense fund? Is this yet more evidence of the negro belief in magic?

  • Uncle_Dan

    They closed out the original site at $234,910, and started a new site collecting charitable donations, http://www.gofundme[dot]com/OfficerWilsonFundraiser which has raised $194,566 in 7 days. It’s still open, goal of $250,000. If Van Jones hates it, that’s good enough for me.

  • none of your business

    * “WORK HARDER — Millions on welfare are depending on you!’
    I’m sending this to all my relatives, especially my daughter and son in law.

    • Nancy

      I’ve got another one that reads: “Let’s all move to Mexico and see if they follow us.”

      Hey, if I’m forced to waste precious hours of my life sitting in Atlanta traffic, I’m at least going to irritate as many libtards as possible.

  • none of your business

    The “shrine” was dead flowers. Good for the dog!!!!!!

  • RHG

    In other words, they don’t want this cop to have any support so it will be easier to railroad him into prison.

  • none of your business

    The rioters are suing Ferguson PD for 40 million for the eeeeevvvviiiiiillllll tort of quelling the riot. Hope they win and the rotten city goes bankrupt and has to reduce the PD to one chief and one dispatcher. Then they can kill each other without interference.

  • Douglas Quaid

    They are just upset that the race card doesn’t get the mileage that it used to, the lopsided support for the officer over St. Michael (aka “The Gentle Giant” aka “Big Mike” aka “Mike Mike” aka “Unarmed Black Teen”) shows that people are buying their narrative.

  • Lagerstrom

    That ol’ Black Magic?

  • Earl Turner

    This gives me some hope for the future. Not a lot, but a nice little spark of hope all the same.

  • archer

    As Nancy Reagan used to say “just say no”, no to intimidation, no I will not bend to your will. Notice how they already have judged Wilson to be guilty when it is highly probable at this point in time that he acted in self defense. Never give in never give up your values.

  • Juggernaut3000

    Your link leads directly to Go Fund Me’s home page – where a donation for Thug Brown is prominently displayed.

    Better link right to Officer Wilson’s donation page:

    https //www gofundme com/OfficerWilsonFundraiser

  • Juggernaut3000

    Then please donate to his site. He’s going to need every single penny and more to fight the lefties that are hell-bent on railroading him on a murder charge.

  • Juggernaut3000

    I’m reading a lot of comments from people who are “thinking” about donating. How about just DOING it? Even $5 will help this Officer and his family.

    If you want to “get out the message” that you support Officer Wilson, write “I stand with Officer Wilson!” on every dollar bill you have and then use them to pay for things. That will get the message out without you putting your car in danger of being damaged or you getting assaulted if you wear a T-shirt with a support- Officer Wilson message.

    I want the message out too, but I want everyone to stay safe.

  • John R

    “profiting from racially motivated donors.”
    Talk about the pot calling the kettle….

    • Michael Gabriel

      This one is the black calling the kettle pot.

  • Jim Davis

    Gotta say something here, and it may be unpopular. I for one am not defending this cop for one simple reason:

    I feel no pity for any white officer who is dumb enough to be a cop in an all black city. To me it’s like saying some guy taped $100 bills on his clothes then walked down a dark alley, now I’m supposed to feel sorry for him that he got beaten and robbed?

    Of course I agree blacks are being idiots about this as usual and making a hero out of scumbag, but what else is new? When are white people going to wake up? There are other jobs whites could take besides being a cop in a black city or town.

    This guy was probably one of those fools who believed he was going to “make a difference”, now he’s put himself and his family in jeopardy, FOR WHAT? A bunch of dirtballs who obviously never liked him in the first place. This should be a lesson to all white cops out there, and if you don’t get it, I have no sympathy for you.

    • Whitetrashgang

      True, but that city was almost all white and turned mostly black. In a different circumstance I would agree.

      • Jim Davis

        Whatever it may have been, it’s not now, unless those officers are blind they’ve noticed this, they could transfer or find another occupation. No paycheck is worth putting yourself or your family in danger.

    • anony

      He’s a fellow White. Defend him.

      • Jim Davis

        I don’t blindly defend anyone. “Fellow Whites” are the jackasses who brought blacks into this country in the first place because they were too damn lazy and greedy to pick their own cotton or pay a white American to do it, now we have to suffer the consequences.

        “Fellow Whites” are generally throwing more venom and hatred at me than most non-whites, fact is, most of these problems are the result of actions by my fellow whites. Fellow Whites are trying like mad to allow even more non-whites into this country.

        • anony

          And therein lies a part of the problem we have as a race.

          We cannot seem to come together in solidarity on any issue whereas other races appear to be able to do this very well. In fact, one such group/tribe/race does it masterfully.

          I agree that many Whites are mis-guided, but to refuse to defend this officer sends a signal to the other races that we don’t care about our own, and I think that further emboldens them.

          • Jim Davis

            Well he’s not “my own”. Certainly race is one of the deciding factors as to the type of community I would like to live in, but it’s by far not the only factor. I wouldn’t want gay whites in my community, for example, several other factors would be involved.

            Any white person who takes a job like this in a violent black community is not very intelligent, I don’t want to be around dumb whites anymore than I do dumb non-whites, dumb whites are the one’s who allowed these things to happen to their country in the first place as I said.

            Many whites are not just misguided, many of them are just plain stupid, and as mentioned earlier many of them are just thinking about their own pocketbooks and political careers. The message whites like ourselves should be sending is “this is what happens when you try to be some PC multiculturalist”, so now you’ve been mugged by reality, take your medicine.

    • Puggg

      And if they have no bread, let them eat cake.

    • Is it really an ‘all black city’? I heard that it was (naturally) once all white, and the change has happened mostly in the last few decades. So if the area is still mixed, what are people supposed to do, have no white officers at all? I just do not see it working that way.

      If he had applied for a job in the heart of Detroit, or New Orleans, or something like that because he stated he “wanted to make a difference” then that would be different, and we don’t even know the mind of this policeman or that his reasons for patrolling dangerous districts in Ferguson were about “making a difference” in that liberal kind of way.

      Maybe he just wanted to keep people safe? Maybe he was fully aware of the blight that Black people are and wanted to keep it in check so that what’s left of the white population are a little more safer?

      I can appreciate what you’re saying about just donating money willy-nilly to somebody you don’t know, and who may not be actually on our side! I had the same dilemma with the infamous “Tram Lady” a few years ago.

      Despite everybody fawning over her as some kind of white hero, you know what, I did not agree with her foul mouthed way of going about it, I knew she could not have argued her way out of a wet paper bag if confronted on the subject properly and it turned out in the end that the support by “racists” had allegedly caused her distress and that she did not agree with what they were saying.

      On the other hand, we have seen people arrested, hounded out of jobs, etc for really standing up properly to our situation. I would rather these kinds of people, who we know the minds of, were supported more than people who may well turn against our interests and messages.

      In the case of this police officer, I see no way in which he is going to receive a fair trail or fair investigation. If he cannot afford lawyers or all the other things that may be required in America to defend oneself against such a powerful outcry from Blacks, liberals and the government, then maybe enough could be raised to cover that.

      On that, I think he may deserve the support and for the pressure that he, as a white man, has been put under and the attack he has gone through. For anything more, I suppose I would be cautious of until I knew what his attitudes and positions were.

      • Jim Davis

        Maybe it was a white town – once – as you said, it’s not anymore. This guy has been there for 6yrs, plenty of time to see the changes, if he wants to protect whites he should move to a white town, in fact I think all white cops, or just cops in general should be cops in their own towns, why anyone wants to risk their safety for someone else’s town rather than their own is a mystery to me.

        As for letting the blacks get their way, I somewhat see your point on that, but then again, maybe the more things like this happen the more whites will wake up, and realize they need to just seperate themselves and stop trying to play the appeasement game.

    • I’m not defending him because he’s a cop: I’m an ex-con. I’m also not defending him because he’s white: I’m 3/16 Injun and married to a Japanese. I’m defending Mr. Wilson because he did the right thing at the time.

      • Jim Davis

        If I was on the jury and I heard all the evidence and there was good reason for him to shoot in self-defense, I would set him free, I’m just saying, I’m not going to cough up my money for someone who brought this on himself by taking a job that could easily lead to something like this, much like the person walking in the alley in my example above.

        • Puggg

          Since Darren Wilson has no bread, you will give him none and instead tell him to go eat cake.

          I have a different phrase in mind, since Wilson and I are in the same line of work: There but for the grace of God go I.

          Because of you, once my overtime pay gets direct deposited into my bank account, I’m doubling what I’m giving to Wilson’s legal defense fund from $1,000 to $2,000.

          • Jim Davis

            No, I’ll tell him he should have been a cop in a nice small town where people actually knew him and considered him a friend and appreciated the job he does, if he couldn’t find a small town then choose a different career: truck driver, plumber, electrician, whatever.

            If a black person happened to pass through his town and this same incident happened, THEN I would support him 100%.

            If you are also a cop in a crime ridden area and something like this doesn’t shake you out of your slumber, I’d have no pity for you either if you wound up in similar situation, you know better and would have no one to blame but yourself.

          • Puggg

            I’ll tell him he should have been a cop in a nice small town

            Again with the let ’em eat cake attitude from you.

            If that’s the way you think, then you blame white people for being victims of black crime because they did something slightly incorrect.

          • Jim Davis

            Boy, talk about a strawman, you’re getting pretty desperate.

          • Nancy

            Well said, Puggg. My best friend is married to a cop, and I can tell you that trying to get a position in a safe, primarily-white force is like trying to get a teaching position (I’m a former teacher) in nice areas: EVERYONE who applies wants those positions. Because my friend’s husband was a relatively new officer (around 5 years), he took a position with a smaller jurisdiction, and had to start at the bottom. But it’s what he had to do to feed his family.

            Many folks here have heard me complain about my few short years in the inner-city schools, but the truth is: I was fortunate to be young, unmarried, and able to walk away from that hellhole and back in with my parents until I could find a position in a private school. I had to give up my health insurance, of course, but it only affected me…not any spouse or children.

            I don’t know what Officer Wilson’s reasoning behind working at the Ferguson force, but I’m willing to bet that there were more reasons for him staying than just ideological ones.

            I’m also pleased that other people are donating triple- and quadruple-digit sums besides us. But everyone should do what they can: the Bantus and their ilk are trying to destroy the concept of due process, so by our donations, we’re trying to preserve our rule of law and way of life just as much as defending Darren Wilson personally.

          • Jim Davis

            So don’t be a cop, or a teacher, last time I checked there is a laundry list of occupations out there that pay equally well, or even better, and they don’t require years of schooling.

          • Jim Davis

            Wow, talk about a straw man argument, you’re really getting desperate.

          • Jim Davis

            Boy Amren is censoring me now? I didn’t cuss or anything, what’s the deal? All I did was accuse Puggg of making a straw man, that’s grounds for deletion? Well, it is their site.

  • journey

    Goggle Shield of Hope Darren Wilson will take to the correct page.

  • journey

    Shield of Hope is now handling donations. Just Goggle, Shield of Hope Darren Wilson as one search.

  • SoCal88

    Marion “Suge” Knight of Death Row Records was shot outside a West Hollywood nightclub early Sunday morning. This first report stated that he was shot six times and was expected to survive. My first thought was like “Whoa, God not only exists, but has an acute sense of ironic humor!” Subsequent reports said that he had six wounds, but they were uncertain how many rounds had penetrated his body. Then I went “OK, so it’s different with a cadaver, because the coroner dude can stick a rod in an entry wound, push on it, then see where it comes out.” Then I read that rolley poley “Suge” told the cops in an interview “I’m no snitch”. Then I’m like “Interview? WTF? Those raciss West Hollywood cops better watch it or they will be getting some big dumb you-know-what as their new Chief Blabbermouth.” Then I read the most recent report has his lard butt-ness getting released from the hospital on Wednesday. Then I went back to sticking pins in my Al Sharpton doll. I’m focusing on a specific part of the African brain known as the “Abdullah Oblongatta”. I think my diligent poking may be starting have an effect.

  • Garrett Brown

    I’ve already donated 40 two weeks ago plus an extra 40$ on Monday. I might give more, but I most certainly will never give any money willingly to negro thugs.

    • Alexandra1973

      You stingy! LOL

      I’ve heard that from some black kid when we were in first grade and I wasn’t willing to give him part of my lunch at school.

      • Garrett Brown

        Don’t worry, a few years later our government decided to just steal more of our tax money and give it to them for free 🙂

  • candide

    Start constructing reeducation camps for young black males.

    • Michael Gabriel

      I know some camps in eastern Germany and Poland that would be perfect.

    • SoCal88

      … China. The program could be called “Outsourcing Adult Re-education”.

  • candide

    Camps for black males would save their lives and the lives and property of many Americans of all backgrounds. In the camps they would learn what their churches and families have failed to give them: a work ethic, morality, and punishment when deserved. They would at least progress from being the undeserving poor to the deserving poor. Perhaps they would even become real human being.

  • candide

    Have you ever considered that perhaps when the Good Lord created blacks he could have been very fatigued? Perhaps he should have waited for their creation until after the Sabbath Day of rest.

    • Michael Gabriel

      They’re a failed ape species.

    • Nancy

      I’ve often wondered what He was thinking as well. The only consolation is that He seems to have no problem with wiping out entire cities, nations, races, or ethnicities if they turn out to be too violent, immoral, or otherwise provoked Him. So it’s only a matter of time.

    • Al Rex

      It wasn’t God who created the savage Africans. It was the devil who created them. In fact who would in their right mind believe that such ugly people were created in the image of God?

  • Dale McNamee

    From the article : ” The Color of Change, founded by Jones and Rucker in 2005 to “strengthen the political voice of Black America…”

    So, defending Officer Darren Wilson causes black racist activists “upset” ? Let’s drive them over the edge by opening as many pages in support of Officer Wilson as can reasonably handled…

    I can’t wait to see them gibber & caper…

  • Christorchaos

    Can you imagine how Darren Wilson feels right now? He is going to be hunted the rest of his life like Cornel Wilde in the 1965 film “The Naked Prey”. Almost better to be in solitary confinement in prison.

    • jayvbellis

      Upstate New York police officer Steven Pagonus (spelled wrong there) was also smeared by the Sharpton led Black mob, he was smeared with raping and humiliating Tawana Brawley a Black teen.

      It looked terrible for Officer Pagonus, but eventually the truth came out. I think he is doing OK now, though Sharpton never paid the civil judgment against him.

      • Juggernaut3000

        Steven Pagones.

        He wasn’t a police officer, he was an assistant DA.

        The judgement against Sharpton was paid for by his friends and supporters.

        • jayvbellis

          Thanks. I stand corrected. This was the case that launched Sharpton’s incite the black mob career.

    • SoCal88

      You may be overestimating their attention span. I’ve had conversations with school teachers about this. They’re saying that Officer Wilson will be forgotten in month or so, and it is likely they will have moved on to some other “grievance du jour”. “Wilson” is a very common name. He just needs to move to Idaho, grow a mustache, get a new hair style, and spend a lot of time at the range.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Remember Mark Furman of OJ Trial fame?

        When the “dream team” gang of lawyers tried to make the entire trial about the use of the “n-word” said by Mark Furman on a tape 10 years before?

        Although he retired from the LAPD well before the plea, he is prohibited from ever serving as a police officer in most states again. He is the only person to have been convicted of criminal charges related to the Simpson case.

        After the trial, Fuhrman retired to Sandpoint, Idaho.

    • John

      “The Naked Prey” and “Zulu” with Michael Caine are my 2 most favorite movies of all time. Wonder why that is?

  • kikz2

    have you seen this s*it today?


    Judicial Watch reports that the Department of Justice is giving liberal activist groups money from a $16.6 billion settlement with Bank of America.

    The groups benefitting from the lawsuit, according to Investor’s Business Daily,
    are the National Council of La Raza, Operation Hope, National Community
    Reinvestment Coalition, and Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of
    America. The money also went to “delinquent borrowers” in Chicago,
    Oakland, Detroit, Philadelphia and other major “Democrat strongholds.”

    “This is a wealth redistribution scheme disguised as a lawsuit,” Tom
    Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, told The Daily Caller. “And who
    benefits from the distribution? Interest groups the administration
    relies on, outside interest groups, allies and politicians in
    communities trying to benefit as well.”

    Fitton noted that these liberal groups are basically what’s left of the
    Association of Community Organization for Reform Now (ACORN) network,
    and that President Barack Obama has ties to ACORN.
    Read more at The Daily Caller

  • ghettovalley

    Without knowing any true facts of this case whatsoever other than a black was shot by a white police officer, blacks all over America rioted, looted stores, and automatically decided that this was some sort of racist modern day lynching. Despite the fact that blacks kill and rape thousands of whites a year, when a white justifiably shoots a black they act like it’s open season on all blacks and their kids aren’t safe in the streets.
    It amazes me that people can’t see its the exact opposite, in reality. It’s OUR kids who aren’t safe in the streets. It’s the blacks who are the real racists. How can there be even a shadow of a doubt to ANYONE that they have absolutely no place in western civilization?

    • Douglas Quaid

      Right, completely irrational behavior. They have this narrative in their heads that whites are oppressing/killing them and they conform every event to that narrative disregarding any objective facts that don’t comport with said narrative. I read an article in the local paper today by a SC “representative” (black of course) talking about how to prevent a Ferguson from happening here, it was nothing but nonsense on stilts. But, by God the paper published it like it was to be taken seriously.

  • Pro_Whitey

    Mr. Jones, would funding the defense of Mumia Bleepeater be . . .OK! It would? Oh, I think I get it now.

  • Pro_Whitey

    I’ve heard people refer with reverence to John Adams’s defense of the British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre pro bono, and he got them acquitted of murder. The modern equivalent of Adams would be someone taking on the case of Darren Wilson pro bono. Somehow I doubt the people who revere John Adams for his actions would feel the same about the lawyer who assists Wilson.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Good Doggie!!

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    The black lynch mob cries foul. They are as dumb as they look.

  • Katherine McChesney

    A black would never be organized or intelligent enough to create a site like GoFundMe. Remember that they’d rob it blind.

  • E. Newton

    The obvious goal in all of this, Officer Wilson, Zimmerman, is to make any self defense measures against murderous negroes essentially illegal and punishable by the worst possible personal persecution. It’s an unbelievably ambitious goal. Force normal, law abiding individuals to surrender their rights of self defense and by order of the state, succumb to a beating or killing at the hands of negroes. It’s a situation never even contemplated by some of the most creative writers that considered our future dystopian state.

  • Epiphany Strachan

    Every time I see an article like this I donate another $25. (I wish these articles would stop;)

  • steel

    Negro justice is a trial without a right to defense, a unanimously guilty verdict, and a death sentence followed by a dragging of the body through the streets

  • We celebrate “Rourke’s Drift Day” here every January 22. Colorado is a long away from there, but since my wife is also a racist, we appreciate the Zulus getting clobbered.

    I wish the movie could be redone, more in current movie style. I am not much disturbed by violence short of rocket artillery.

    • benvad

      “Rourke’s Drift Day” what is that about?

  • RealisticGuy

    I’m not sure I’d call ” WHERE id’ ‘ ” an algorithm, but they are definitely holding it back.

  • Nancy

    Yep…I actually have that one, too. Another nice characteristic of having the stickers on magnetic backings: I switch them out all the time, depending on what’s annoying me on that particular day.

  • Nancy

    Yeah, I went and looked it up. Some fool apparently complained that the tax credits given to families willing to install solar panels are “money given to the rich” in Malibu versus the poor in Compton. Luckily, someone wrote in to explain to the dingbat Bantu how tax credits work, and also broke the news to the Bantu that solar panel companies work for profits, and will go where the greatest number of buying customers happen to live.

    Again, more Black Logic that had to be refuted by another white, who hopefully pulled more folks to our side. People are getting sick of the “racist-under-every-rock” Bantus and their constant shrieking over perceived slights.

  • Jim Davis

    …and here we go with the other failed argument. So, “I did something I shouldn’t have because I needed a paycheck.” Friend, I can list several jobs (in fact I already did) that pay just as well, or even better than a cop, that tired old excuse does not fly.

    My view is not simplistic, it may not be the easy view, or the comfortable view, but it is the realistic view nonetheless, I am not a cop, I don’t have a fancy degree, I went to a 9 month trade school and I am doing just fine. There is no paycheck worth putting yourself, or especially your family, in this kind of danger.

  • justa nothernigger

    the black plague expands further everyday