12 Atlanta Educators Face Trial in Widespread Cheating Scandal

David Beasley, Reuters, August 11, 2014

The trial of a dozen former Atlanta educators charged in one of the nation’s largest school test-cheating scandals began on Monday and could last several months, prosecutors said.

The group of former teachers, principals and administrators was accused of conspiring to alter students’ standardized test scores after a state investigation uncovered cheating at 44 Atlanta public schools in 2009.


In all, 35 public educators were indicted in the scandal, which rocked the school system. Most of them have resolved their cases by pleading guilty.

Former Atlanta school superintendent Beverly Hall was due to be among the final group headed to trial, but her case was delayed indefinitely after advanced breast cancer left her too sick to attend court proceedings.

Hall was named national superintendent of the year by the American Association of School Administrators the same year prosecutors contend widespread cheating took place. She received a $78,000 bonus in 2009 from the school system for improving its test scores, prosecutors said.

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  • dd121

    The black kids can’t be educated. The teachers are graded on how well they educate blacks. It’s a system that absolutely creates its own problem.

    • APaige

      What is worse is that they cheat and still score low.

      • dd121

        What you have to remember is that the teachers and administrators who did the cheating are black too.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      And it causes a lot of resentment from both sides. The black kids don’t want to learn and the teachers know it.

      • dd121

        Of course! They’re told the reason they can’t learn and think, is because of “racism”, which is code for white people.
        I don’t see how anybody who’s tried to teach blacks for more than a month could reach any conclusion but that they can’t be educated. Yet liberals still drink the kool aid of equality.

  • Should we bother? Is there any chance that any of these people (almost all black and mostly black women) will actually receive any real punishment even if they are found guilty?

    • willbest

      Not in Atlanta, the city is lost. It will be Detroit in 20-25 years.

      • IstvanIN

        20-25 years? What an optimist!

        • willbest

          It did take Detroit about 40 years to go from majority black to bankrupt. I guess it was starting in a better place and a better time, so maybe 15-20.

          • cherrie greenbaum123

            Different place, different time. For example, Detroit was prosperous, as was most of America in 1960. By 1990, thirty years later, Detroit was circling the bowl. Atlanta started to benefit from a “rebirth” and billed/sold itself as “The New South” around 1980. The party lasted through the 90’s. By 2014, Atlanta, long since a black run (down) town, is on its way to becoming a hopelessly congested clusterf*ck with a wildly disconnected downtown. The negro encroachment is inching ever closer to the center city. I give it five years at most before the black tipping point takes it completely over the edge.

          • saxonsun

            One of my sister’s neighbors is an elderly black man who once lived in Detroit. He told her he left because “the ni**ers destroyed it” and that all they ever did was make “bad energy.”

          • LHathaway

            Detroit went bankrupt 35 years ago. It was in the news 35 years ago. It’s been spending more money than it generates for 35 years now, the shortfall being made up by the state and federal government. I wouldn’t be surprised if the suburbs were taxed for this also. This latest ‘bankruptcy’ is in the news simply for the effect it will have on readers. Houses in Detroit sometimes sell for $1.00. Some houses in Detroit were selling for $1.00 35 years ago.

      • cherrie greenbaum123

        Try 3 to 5.

  • MekongDelta69

    Of course she ‘improved’ test scores. She ordered all teachers to give A’s to all non-White students.

    Voila – $78K Bonus for Beverly Hall.

    See how easy that was?!

  • I don’t know which of them is dumber and more unethical – the administrators who implement such stupid policies or the teachers and ‘educators’ who take full advantage of such stupidity?

    The situation is hopeless.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    A desperate attempt to keep the illusion of racial equality alive. This is the kind of behavior you get when society refuses to face racial differences in mental ability honestly.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      Really. The feigned “outrage” over this “scandal” would be laughable if it weren’t so tragically stupid. You can pretend that high black test scores can be obtained without cheating all you want. As mamma used to say, “Wishin’ don’t make it so, honey.”

  • 4321realist

    Lying, cheating, violence and crime come naturally to the vast majority of blacks.

    They’re the scourge of mankind.

  • De’Marquise Elkins

    ATL also has a monopoly on WorldStar fights that involve blacks.

  • JohnEngelman

    It was not necessary for teachers, administrators, and principals in white school districts to cheat.

    This scandal draws attention to the fact that No Child Left Behind left most black children behind. This in turn provides fresh evidence of the truth of The Bell Curve by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      Teaching a chimp to read, write, and do long division can be done, but it takes an extraordinary effort. Most teachers don’t have twenty years to get one year of curriculum into an empty Bantu head.

      • JohnEngelman

        I have talked to those who have tried to teach black students who have told me that many have difficulty understanding concepts as simple as negative numbers and fractions. It does not matter how the concepts are taught. Those people simply cannot learn.

        What makes teaching black students particularly frustrating is that in addition to being stupid, many are unruly, disrespectful, and even dangerous. Unfortunately, public schools are under pressure to reduce the expulsion of black students.

        No Child Left Behind has made public school teachers even less willing to teach blacks.

        Now liberals are saying that No Child Left Behind was insufficiently funded and badly executed. I think most liberals know what the truth is. They are afraid to think about it, so they punish those who talk about it.

        • LHathaway

          They punish whites/white children, who, by and large, aren’t given similar programs?

        • MooTieFighter

          You are exactly correct. I have had several teachers call me since pulling my kids from public school and we are now friends. They also let more bad behavior slide for the minorities. They pretty much tell me that if they sent them out for every infraction they would never be in class. The white kids have picked up on this, as well, and realize they have higher expectations regarding behavior.

    • MooTieFighter

      Great book. No one is accepting these facts but they have put in force a system that tries to tackle this obvious truth. My kids are now home schooled. The primary reason is simple. I have been blessed with bright kids, but they were being used. They would be educated on a new subject and then used to help teach the other kids. So the vast amount of their time was not being used to teach them new information but for them to help others (primarily black and Hispanic) to learn the info they had just received. They came home more frustrated about their “teaching job” than the new information. The only classes they enjoyed were their gifted classes. THEN, the school started getting criticism for having no blacks in the gifted program. So what happened? You guessed it, my kids started having to “teach” these “gifted” kids. I had enough. I pulled them and made sure everyone knew why. Many other parents have followed my lead.

      • JohnEngelman

        Different people learn best in different learning environments. I may have learned best in a home schooling situation. I have always learned best on my own.

        When I was twelve my parents gave me a Gilbert chemistry set. I became fascinated by chemistry. I did all of the experiments, and checked out books on chemistry from the school and neighborhood libraries.

        When I took a course in chemistry in the twelfth grade it killed my interest in chemistry. Everything I know about chemistry I taught myself when I was twelve to fourteen.

        Nevertheless, I also find that when I help others learn something I enhance my own knowledge. This is especially true in computer technology. Computer programmers often develop a non verbal understanding of what they are doing. If I can explain what I am doing to someone else, I understand it better.

  • MooTieFighter

    This is becoming more and more common. A city a few hundred miles south of Atlanta also under investigation for the same. Black schools are passing kids through (can’t fail everyone) and cheating, as well. Then often forced through quotas to get into colleges. Once in college no one wants to be the one to fail the few black kids so they squeeze through, then they are in the work force. It is slowly chipping away at our society. Colleges have also caught on to the financial possibilities here and developed easier programs that still offer a “degree”. Through tax payer grants and assistance programs we are paying the way for many (for several years) to get these “degrees”. Then have to hear the gripes and complaints of “racism” because they are not being hired. It never ends, and I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Shawn_thefemale

      “Slowly chipping away at our society.” Well put. You can see the subtle (and not so subtle) changes every day, in every area of your lives, particularly if you are lucky enough to live in an area blessed by diversity. Standards lowered and accepted, language skills decimated, more focus made on not hurting feelings than on enforcing laws and rules; having to earn respect rather than demand it for simply existing. Lives are in danger due to such muddying up of our society.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Typical. Corruption and the black race go hand in hand.

  • Since that school district doubtless received federal money, the feds can go after these corrupt “edumacatorists” as well. Doubtless Eric Holder has other priorities, like running guns to the Mexican narcos and profiling heterosexual white men as “terrorists”.