Two-Thirds Majority Back Current or Higher Immigration Intake

Natasha Bita, The Australian, July 16, 2014

Higher migration levels are favoured by a fifth of Australians, in an exclusive Newspoll survey revealing robust support for the most multicultural society on earth.

Nearly half the people ­surveyed support Australia’s ­existing immigration intake, which settled 190,000 immigrants last year in the world’s largest per capita intake. Two-thirds were skilled migrants.

Twenty-two per cent favour an even higher intake, with support strongest among the young, those on high incomes and capital city-dwellers.

European, African and Asian migration enjoys the strongest public support, with 26 per cent of Australians desiring more ­migrants from Europe. Another 18 per cent want to see more Asian migrants, and 20 per cent support more immigration from Africa.

In contrast, just 14 per cent of Australians want to see more Muslim migrants, and 37 per cent favour a cut.

The survey shows 27 per cent of Australians want the program cut, with low income earners the most likely to regard immigration as too high. Older Australians tend to favour the status quo, or a cut in immigration, while those aged 18 to 34 prefer an increase.

Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, the parliamentary secretary to the Minister for Social Services, says Australia has peacefully absorbed 7.5 million migrants since the end of the last World War, including 800,000 refugees.

“We put our commitment to Australia and its values first, and we are a culturally diverse nation with one of the most cohesive soc­ieties on earth,’’ the daughter of Italian immigrants said yesterday.

The Newspoll shows, however, that Australians still regard racism as a national trait, half a century after the White Australia policy was extinguished.

One in five people agrees the word “racist’’ describes Australians “a lot’’, while two-thirds agree it describes them “a little’’. Only 12 per cent of people believe Australians are not at all racist.

Women are more likely to regard Australians as very racist, along with people living in the capital cities, and those on high ­incomes.

Older Australians, and middle income earners, are the most likely to view Australia as a tolerant society.

Newspoll found that one in four Australians believes indigenous people remain as disadvantaged now as they were half a century ago.

Sixty per cent feel the gap ­between indigenous and other Australians in terms of health, job opportunities and education is smaller than it was 50 years ago.

The survey reveals a nation divided on indigenous assistance: nearly as many Australians believe governments must do more to close the gap, as those who think enough is being done.

Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane says 90 per cent of Aboriginal people have been verbally abused or insulted on racial grounds.

Australians engage in “casual racism’’, he says, disguising bigoted comments as “jokes’’ or off-hand remarks.

“You don’t have to be a card-carrying member of the Ku Klux Klan to say or do something with racist implications,’’ he said.

Federation of Ethnic Communities Council spokeswoman Eguenia Grammatikakis said racism should never be tolerated, but often faded with time.

“Every wave of migration in this country since the 1940s has experienced racism and xenophobia,’’ she said.

“But as they integrate into the community, and as the years go by, the broader Australian community has been very accepting.’’

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  • MekongDelta69

    I just know – somewhere in this world – there are other sensible White people, besides those who read AmRen.

    Has anyone seen any?

  • anew

    Higher migration levels are favoured by a fifth of Australians, in an
    exclusive Newspoll survey revealing robust support for the most
    multicultural society on earth.

    Is there a single Anglo-Saxon country does not claim to be the most multicultural and/or diverse country in the world? How perverse. And in this case especially, how ridiculous. Even now, Australia is actually one of the two or three least multicultural countries in the New World. Forget the New world, even by global standards, Australia (80-85% white, 50%+ British, 95% Christian or non-religious) is not very diverse. And if they had any sense, they would fight tooth-and-nail to preserve their current favorable arrangement.

    • SentryattheGate

      It is no surprise that it’s women and younger people who favor more immigration. Women are too often naive about foreigners; women project their values on people of other cultures/values. And younger white generations are more brain-washed by suicidal political correctness.

    • Erasmus

      Don’t believe this poll. We know from past experience that those like Murdoch who push for more immigration don’t blush at using misrepresentation or outright lies to achieve their ends.

  • JackKrak

    Real Australians – by which I mean white Australians – are some of the best people on Earth and aren’t stupid enough to give the answers that this survey claims to have uncovered.

    My guess is that it was carried out in central Sydney and Melbourne, where, just as in places like New York and London, there are almost no “real” citizens.

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    This article has my BS detector beeping at a high volume.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      This is the country that gave us Pauline Hanson and Cronulla. There’s no way Aussies could be this naive and gullible.

      • GM (Australia)

        To this way we a still being brainwashed into repenting for both of those “sins” you have mentioned.

  • Luca

    Maybe these idiots down under would like to take in 12 to 20-million hispanics that we desperately need to deport.

    • scottthestrategerist

      We don’t preserve America by deporting nonwhites to some other country, not even a truly stupid one like Sweden. No, the answer is to let them stay, but don’t open your heart. Open their hearts. Let’s harvest their organs. Then illegal aliens truly will be an opportunity which this country needs!

      • HE2

        scott:Let’s harvest their organs.

        No, not a good idea. These dodgy demographics are too often infected with one of the many Third World diseases that run rampant in such hellholes.
        I.e., HIV, Hep B and C, and parasitic infections, many with years long prodromal periods before symptoms appear and prove lethal.

        • scottthestrategerist

          Good point, but I’m sure there’s SOMETHING useful there. There are all kinds of tests we can run. Some of them have good blood and organs, and I am calling on you to judge them not on the color of their skins but on the quality of their organs!

          • HE2

            Still a problem. The window of opportunity for communicability varies from person to person.
            After exposure, but before an individual coverts to serum or tissue positive for any of these diseases, he/she is still capable of transmitting said disease.

          • scottthestrategerist

            Can’t we run blood tests? Aren’t such tests already run on blood donors? If you’re right, it will foil my plan, but not to worry! I have a back-up! We can use them for medical experimentation! As it turns out, Hispanics can make a meaningful contribution to science after all! 🙂

          • HE2

            scott:We can use them for medical experimentation!

            Now you are talking!
            Blood tests are not adequate. The window of opportunity as stated before is still the issue.
            Post exposure, delayed immune response with still negative serum, too risky.

          • scottthestrategerist

            Well, as long as we found a way for immigrants to enrich our lives and further science! Thanks for the help! Oh, and I LOVE your avatar! 🙂

          • HE2

            @scott: I knew we would find a resolution beneficial to White culture. See what smart people can do when they plan together? :]
            My avatar. A small minority of darkies protesting the statue of Lee at the eponymous southern Uni, demanding its removal so enraged, I thought it fit to render a personal homage at this site.

          • scottthestrategerist

            Professor Kevin MacDonald is right! We whites need to think as a group and work together, like the Jews do. If we are all lone individuals, we’ll get beaten out.

            Now speaking of beating, do you ever find that you want to validate your views by finding minorities who agree with you? Well, I for one have banished outgroup altruism. I don’t want Obama Phone Lady to agree with me! I’m not seeking a consensus with Trayvon Monster! So when blacks are on one side of an issue, I take it as validating my view when I’m on the other side! Thus, Confederate statues are right! See how easy that was? 🙂

          • HE2

            do you ever find that you want to validate your views by finding minorities who agree with you?

            As you posit, though it is a form of inverse “validation,” if a black takes a particular view, I know it is important to take the opposite.
            In fact, I am leery of the Magic Negro who claims to be on the side of race realism. Whites slobber all over themselves in submission, considering this the highest form of validation. We do not need validation form darkies.
            So, the answer is no. No!
            If a black agrees with a White about anything, it is a gamey, scam ploy that will ultimately blow up in Whitey’s face.

          • scottthestrategerist

            I’m not quite as leery as you are. I consider many of them as admissions against interest, but (and I admit I may still have some lingering accommodationist views in me) some of them are truly on our side. What about Clarence Thomas? What about Walter Williams? What about Rev. James David Manning? What about Colonel Allen West? On the other hand, are there any scammers on our side whom you can name? I don’t mean this question to challenge you. I’m only seeking information. 🙂

          • HE2

            @scott: some of them are truly on our side.
            I knew you would throw those names at me. ;]
            Let me ask you this, and this is a bottom line question I cannot answer either. Should the SHTF, whose side do you think your Magic negroes would take?

          • scottthestrategerist

            I named those names because those are about the only names to name. lol

            In all honesty, I think at least some of them would take our side. I know Clarence Thomas and Rev. Manning would. Dollars to doughnuts says Walter Williams would too. Considering how Colonel West has been treated by “his people” (aka Eric “my people” Holder), I say all of them take our side.

            At this point, I’ll take any ally I can get! I also think we can convince smart minorities to take our side for a white dominated society because, like I said, if whites are gone, the type of white society they like won’t exist. It certainly doesn’t exist in Africa.

            But please don’t think that I think that most of them can be reached. I’m only talking about, oh, maybe 5% on our best possible day if we’re handing out free white girls for all those who sign up. 🙂

            Having said that, I noticed that you and I live in the same county. Aren’t you sickened to go out and not only be surrounded by minorities EVERYWHERE, but then I see sooooo many pretty girls at the gym who are with their black “b/f’s.” I’m not mad at them. I know they’ve been brainwashed. But what will it take to shake the truth into them?

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Expulsion or extermination are the only options for dealing with them. Letting them stay is not.

  • Shadow

    When reading a “poll” such as this,we should always keep in mind the many salient warnings the folks at VDARE have issued about being ever watchful for what they call “pollaganda” (I.e.,self-serving propaganda masquerading as polling data).

    Reader beware.

  • Reminds me of Texas. The white and Jewish executives and business men love their filthy Mexican trash because they can save a few bucks when annual tree trimming and landscaping time comes. Disgusting, but economics motivates a lot of stupid, traitorous white people and Jews.

  • Pro_Whitey

    I doubt these results. Usually in these polls immigration is presented as if it is just an issue for the immigrants, and has no effect on the existing population. If they asked whether people would support the same or increased immigration if it meant fewer job opportunities, reduced wages, and degraded working conditions, I doubt so many would be on board.
    Fox still beats the MSM for the possibility of getting truth, but Rupert Murdoch is scum.

    • Scum wants to buy Time-Warner.

      I hope Obama has the DOJ anti-trust people block this, even if it is purely for cynical political reasons. It’s one of those broken clock is right twice a day things.

  • 4321realist

    “…..and 20 per cent support more immigration from Africa.”
    I can’t believe any of this.

    • Lagerstrom

      Mmmm, I’m suspicious too.

  • M.

    “20 per cent support more immigration from Africa.”

    Are these people on drugs or…

  • M.

    The article is a little misleading.

    At first, it makes it sound like most Aussies are multiculturalist hippies. But then you read that “26 per cent of Australians desiring more ­migrants from Europe,” which were counted among those who wish more immigration. Add to that those who want less immigration overall, and the end result would be that most Australians want to keep their country white, and are no multiculturalists by any means.

  • Capt. Bryant

    I would move to Australia but for two things the government bans personal firearms and they are also allowing the LEFT to destroy them like us.

    • newscomments70

      One more point to consider: they make it almost impossible for whites to immigrate there. They want the very wealthy (often from China), Muslim/Middle Eastern refugess and African refugees. They do not want educated, white middle class who vote conservative. If you’re white, middle class and you want to build a new life in Australia, that is not part of the plan. You are shut out.

      • Capt. Bryant

        Thats too bad I even considered joining the Australian Army when I saw they were taking ex serving US military. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Australians especially from the North or Top End as they call it.

  • MBlanc46

    How sad. And here I was beginning to hope that my Aussie cousins were starting to wake up.

    • Erasmus

      I’ll wager that those “Australians” who want more immigration from Africa and Asia are about as Australian as those “Americans” named Moammar, Rahim and Abdullah, who join Islamo-fascist groups in the ME, are American.

      • MBlanc46

        I hope you’re right and that Bruce and Sheila see the danger in losing the character of their nation.

  • MBlanc46

    Murdoch’s the creme de la corporate creme. I would be very long odds that he’d oppose mass immigration of Third Worlders.

    • Erasmus

      One hopes La Murdoch will shortly be joining Teddy Kennedy and Nelson Mandela in hell.

  • Paul

    One of the most deceitful and duplicitous articles I’ve read in a while.

    Read between the lines ‘Higher migration levels are favored by a fifth of Australians’ This means the nonwhites that were interviewed want more immigration and nobody else.

  • More White folks begging to be tossed onto the demographic barbie.

  • Greg Thomas

    This means that 1 in 5 Australians are no longer White.

  • IKUredux

    I don’t believe this poll. I don’t believe ANYTHING any government says ANYWHERE in the world. They are all liars. We the people, must look after ourselves. We the people, must reject all the B.S. that is coming at us from all sides. Please note, TPTB would like to exterminate we the people. We could make the French Revolution look like practice.

    • Lagerstrom

      I don’t believe it either. Us people down here are constantly bombarded with multicultural / tolerance propaganda, so much so that I don’t watch television or buy any newspapers.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Mandela Day is the holiday where blacks give whites a necklace.

    From Goodyear.

  • propagandaoftruth

    Yeah…a lot of those questions and the way they were asked seemed a little…


  • kikz2

    who controls the media controls the message…… in two words, the tribe.

  • Erasmus

    I’d take this with a big grain of salt. In fact, I’d take any survey that says a people favors more immigration with a big grain of salt.

    I will assume that any assertion that people want more immigration is an outright lie or based on misrepresentation of the issue to the people surveyed.

  • Peter Connor

    Hard to believe that Oz is that stupid…

  • Paul

    Please tell me where you get the 89% figure.

    • Wonganella

      2011 Census figures Paul

  • newscomments70

    I wager that you are right. Possibly white Austrailans want to help white South Africans…that somehow translates into “Australians want to allow millions of black Africans to immigrate to Australia”.