States Hit Snag Issuing Driver’s Licenses to Illegals

Elliot Jager, Newsmax, July 31, 2014

The rollout of special driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants has been delayed in some states by high demand and the need to redesign the documents to better distinguish them from ordinary licenses, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Starting Friday, illegal immigrants can drive in Colorado. The website of the motor vehicles office that schedules appointments for the licenses had to be repeatedly taken down because of overwhelming demand.

Immigration advocates in Colorado have complained that only five of 37 motor vehicle offices are geared up to process the special documents.


Colorado state officials have responded that the program is supposed to be self-funded and that opening more offices would raise the cost of the permits, the Journal reported.

In Illinois, where the illegal immigration population is about 500,000, the wait for so-called visitor licenses is three months, the Journal reported.

In California, where there are an estimated 2.5 million undocumented immigrants, officials will start processing license requests in January. {snip}


All told, 11 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws to enable undocumented aliens to obtain special permits to drive, the Journal said. {snip}

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  • JackKrak

    Seriously, name one official, government-endorsed sign that you, as a Mexican in the US illegally, are not welcome here or have any reason to stay in these “shadows” that we’re always hearing about?

    All you see when you look around is every school, welfare office, drivers license office, etc. bending over backwards to give you what you want, with no shortage of naive white cheerleaders there to praise the decision and plan the next giveaway.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    If a white American legally or illegally immigrated to Mexico, would he receive “free” welfare, “free” healthcare, a scholarship to the university or college of his choice, a driver’s license and a job in the Mexican federal government like so many of the invaders that come to this country?

    • IstvanIN

      Or make a mistake like our imprisoned marine?

  • LHathaway

    It’s good to know there have been times when I couldn’t get a license but illegal immigrants could get one, and feel indignant about it.

  • Stupid me. I used to think the idea was to ensure public safety by having illegals licensed and insured. The real agenda is to assist them in getting jobs and make sure they can drive themselves to work without getting arrested for driving without a license.

  • IstvanIN

    An American who makes no actual driving mistakes BUT has one beer or wine too many at dinner and gets caught in a roadside drunk driving round-up, gets arrested, loses his or her license, pays tremendous fines, really has their life bollixed up but a guy who is here ILLEGALLY gets a license, which the politicians constantly proclaim is a “privilege”? And if Jose gets caught driving drunk, and mean really drunk, he just goes one state over and gets a licenses as Mario.

    The country is mad. The amount of hangings needed after the treason trials would mean they would be going on long after I am dead of old age.

    • Ella

      About 7,000 American citizens die per year from illegals crashing into our vehicles, mostly drunk, and killing us at the accident scene. This will surely stop the problem. You mean illegals are actually paying a fee or tax in this country, wow!

  • WR_the_realist

    So eleven states plus Washington, D.C. have decided that it is okay to break federal law. Which federal laws am I allowed to break?

    • A Freespeechzone

      Embarrassingly—-the state I live in….Washington State, for one.

      Oregon has the initiative on the ballot to give illegals licenses… will probably pass.

      • Who Me?

        Washington State has been giving illegals driving licenses for years. We also have “motor voter” which means you just check the box and you get the ballot mailed right to your doorstep like everybody else (mail voting only here, also). I guess they are on the “honor system” to not vote if they are not supposed to. RIIIIGHT!
        I don’t know what all they require in the line of ID now, but in 1978 when I moved back here from Colorado, I had to show them my Colorado driver’s license, my birth certificate (to prove my age), my marriage license (to prove my name), my social security card (to prove I was a legal citizen–required back then) and about forty-eleven other documents. I’ve just paid and renewed ever since.
        Colorado used to put your SS# on the licence, Do they still do that?

  • Paleoconn

    Of course they’ll give them licenses. The DMV is a business. More moolah for them. Also, the more lousy drivers in the system, and these people are lousy drivers, the more pretext for strict laws that would otherwise be unnecessary. Anarcho-tyranny.

    • Alexandra1973

      Bingo. Problem-Reaction-Solution.

      Probably the reason why blacks are allowed to stay here.

  • Ngati Pakeha

    Alberto goes into the office to apply for a permit and gets “served” at the desk by Shaniqua. I can’t wait to see how that turns out. Predator v Aliens IV?

  • DonReynolds

    The hazard of course … we have eleven states plus the District of Corruption that will be passing out drivers licenses with no proof of identity…..whatsoever. Their name is whatever they say it is, they live wherever they say they live, and their birthday… whatever they say it is.

  • kjh64

    First of all, a Mexican national can drive on a Mexican driver’s license. The purpose of an American driver’s license is to give illegals an ID so they can vote. In a sane country, this wouldn’t be allowed but we are not a sane country.

  • Ella

    This might make future deportations easier……dreaming.

  • M&S

    Watch the rates go through the roof when these ‘insured at licensing’ (what, 500 bucks for a couple months?) Illegals get into wreck after wreck one month after their insurance slipped and there will be no end to the screaming until something is done to offset the liability effect.
    OTOH, if a man can pay 5,000-8,000 dollars just to get here…

    • No other choice but to pay up there gringo .

      • M&S

        There are options.
        1. Move from states which have limited liability insurance for IAs and will not generate a separate insurance rating for them alone. Profiling I believe it’s called.
        2. Get together with the rest of your homeys and refuse, as a group of several hundred thousand, to pay for your insurance either. Whites already tend to drive without it in alarming numbers but this would be something the Feds could not fail to respond to or deal with via administrative or judicial punishments (higher rates, a year in jail etc.). Civil Disobedience.
        3. Demand that safe rides be supplied to those who are willing to work or who are here on temporary work visas (i.e. creating a paper trail to ‘qualify’, similar to that which homeless people had to sign up for, winter before last as part of their healthcare population census or face ejection from the shelters) so that they can have a ride to the various Ready Man etc. day laborer positions. If you are getting up at 2-3 in the morning to be first in line at these places when they open at 4 because that is your only hope for getting one of the limited ‘tickets’ for decent jobs, you have a huge disincentive to get back on your feet if you’re a con or a transient laborer. However; if you can stay in bed until five, get your cuppa joe and maybe some oatmeal or donuts and then go straight to the work sight (which happens, if they like you enough to take you on for a full week), then you have some reason to play by the rules.
        I have seen these places and seen the way they pack people into them who have suspicious coughs, poor hygiene or various skin problems, any or all of which could be indicators for some _serious_ health problems.
        If you think motor vehicle insurance is bad now, you wait until you get a serious outbreak of TB or whooping cough or even just lice/scabies/chiggers in the homeless who -don’t- work. But who alternatively share the buying public’s retail spaces and the working aliens sleeping spaces as a bridge vector.
        If the Feds want to play into the cheap labor game all the way, they need to start setting up programs which document people and incentivize their participation in preventative health care and controlled transport to work sites might be just the thing to make that possible.
        Meanwhile, they have no excuse to be driving around, no insurance, plastered out of their minds, or ganged up.
        I know that there are a lot of angry people here whose answer to me is going to be flatly: “No, we will not legitimize them in -any- way!” But if you think about it as a force of force reconnaissance, plotting the enemy order of battle and dispositions, you can get something like an idea for the real SIZE of the threat facing us.
        And knowing your enemy’s needs is first order prerequisite to putting numbers on the table to fight back in terms of how much welfare, how much medical insurance and all the rest which, currently, is all dark data known only by The Feds.