Shock: 80% of U.S. Population Growth Is from Immigrants, Resources Being Sucked Dry

Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner, July 30, 2014

A group dedicated to saving the planet by cutting runaway population increases is raising a new and shocking issue in Washington’s bitter fight over immigration reform: Most of the nation’s population growth is from immigrants, and they are consuming resources dangerously fast.

According to Negative Population Growth Inc., 80 percent of the growth in U.S. population comes from immigration, legal, illegal and among American-born children of immigrants.

“With increased population, we see a direct increase in the problems our nation faces on a daily basis: pollution, over-consumption, traffic gridlock, crowded schools and hospitals, overburdened social services, unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, urban sprawl, over-development, threatened or extinct animal and plant species, and dwindling natural resources,” said said Tracy Canada, the group’s deputy director.

She added, “Immigrants to the U.S. are also found to greatly increase their consumption–and their resulting footprints–upon settling here, which furthers our nation’s environmental impact.”

The group just published a new report warning that continued population growth could top a worldwide 10 billion by 2100. The report, “Our Plundered Planet,” said the result will be less energy and other resources for humans.


NPG President Donald Mann said the group is planning a public campaign to warn of the dangers to letting immigration continue unchecked.

“Our nation is already vastly overpopulated,” said Mann. “The evidence is all around us: Millions are out of work, schools and hospitals are overcrowded, our natural resources are dwindling, pollution is increasing, and our infrastructure and social services are crumbling under the strain. Yet U.S. population is still growing by an average of over 6,600 people per day, and nearly 2.5 million people per year. We simply cannot afford to continue our growth. It is unsustainable, and irresponsible policies are the driving force behind it.”


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  • MekongDelta69

    “Immigrants consume more resources in America than they would have at home.”

    Not ‘shocking.’ It’s all free for them. Paid for by us of course.

    • proud white

      If all whites would leave the country for 1 week all of these blacks and Spaniards might just kill themselves. Without whitey they have nothing. they’re like a bunch of 12 year old kids and whitey is the adult.
      I have a few random thoughts about some bickering between me and a group of blacks.
      first off I want to say if we could have had any other race as slaves they would be fully integrated into society by now, but no we had to have the dumbest race on the planet as our slaves.
      So the blacks have been telling me how they are physically superior and if it was them and a bunch of their friends out in the wild that they would kick the asses out of my friends and myself. I have to tell the blacks that my friends and myself would think of a weapon either faster, or make a better weapon and we would totally kill them all. The mind has developed to the point where it is a stronger tool than the body and whites are far superior than blacks.
      I have also been arguing with blacks about their low IQ’s. They get pissed off and say well there are black doctors and dentists and scientists so I must be wrong! I have to wait for them to finish and then tell them, hmmmm, and how did those people get those positions? Because of affirmative action you dummies! They got to those positions because they were given them. Then they say well they were disadvantaged to which I tell them no actually they were middle/upper class minorities. Then they say well you whites are why us blacks are in the ghettos. I must tell them that their low IQ and animal behavior puts themselves in the ghetto as evidenced by black civilizations across the world

  • Rhialto

    I’m glad that the Environmentalists are becoming involved in immigration control. Their support is most welcome.

    • Pro_Whitey

      They used to be more in favor of immigration control, but the Sierra Club was bought off years ago by some wealthy Jewish guy from Los Angeles who told them that he would give them money as long as they refrained from supporting immigration control.

  • This has been the case for at least two decades, that 80% of the USA population growth has come from post-1965 immigration and its progeny.

    • David Ashton

      Much the same in the “United Kingdom”.

    • Erasmus

      Look at the racial make-up of what’s now enrolled in our public schools.

      (And still the lefties haven’t figured out why Mbubu can’t read.)

  • Whitetrashgang

    Can you imagine how great the US would be if there was zero immigration since 1965? And also certain groups were sent home?Ever watch Moonraker, now that’s a good use of taxpayer dollars.

  • ncpride

    Seriously….this is ‘shocking’ to ANYBODY with an ounce of common sense? Give me a break here. Maybe when White America is down to the last drop of water and food, they’ll actually start fighting back, and kick these parasites out of our country.

  • LACountyRedneck

    Deport them all.

  • james AZ

    TICK…..TICK……TICK……TICK…….TICK…….BOOM ….ETHNIC CLEANING will start !!!!!!!

  • That’s why I don’t take most liberal concerns about climate change/pollution seriously. They have no credibility if they support open borders.

  • journey

    This is very old news. But no one wants to face the elephant in the room = mandatory birth control and selective breeding for nonwhites. Third world countries are the least able to fend for themselves but yet breed the most and at a very rapid rate. Usable water is increasing getting scarcer on a global basis along with arable land. So population control will have to be addressed either by nature or man. Those are the only two viable options.

    Sierra Club in the 70’s or 80’s chickened out on the environmental issues related to population pressures due to fears of being called racist. Hope this group has thicker skin
    and more courage.

    And last but not least, so this country along with other Western societies has allowed hordes of nonwhites into their countries without any benefit to them. Solution: real leadership who understand a quality demographics and genetic pool are vital to a progressive advanced society.

  • Patriot’s Notebook

    This is called ’embracing diversity’.

    Remember that when they come after you for MORE to redistribute to THEM.

    Afterall, they make better Americans than you do……

  • Like the old song from the idealistic 60s goes, “They tore down paradise and put up a parking lot.” (Can’t remember the name of the female singer).

    I use the environmental argument on liberals. It defuses the racial angle, so it’s one our side should use more often. Locally, San Antonio, Tx is turning into a mess due to population growth, but the city fathers, Mexicans all and their white traitor allies, see population growth as prosperity.

    What population growth does is make life miserable for most, while lining the pockets of the power elites with money. So, use the environmental argument to recruit for our cause, but leave race out of it when you talk about it.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Population growth also means that the white taxpayer has to pay for the capacity expansion needed to accommodate an exponentially growing population of nonwhites. This isn’t an investment at all because it doesn’t increase per capita utitlity. In reality, it’s a large burden on the taxpayer because it results in stasis, allowing the standard of living to remain the same while the population grows explosively. As the population increases, the cost of maintaining capacity, in the form of infrastructure, equipment and trained personnel, increases. The cost increases dramatically when growth diminishes the functional lifespan of more durable assets.

      Maintaining stasis also forces governments to raise taxes and service charges, which simultaneously raises the cost of living, but decreases spending power as goods and services become less affordable. This, of course, is precisely why population growth is so stupid. Whites are being forced by their traitorous elites to waste money that could have been spent on other things, such as improving the quality of life for themselves and white children.

      There is no “demographic dividend,” since population growth is not correlated with economic prosperity, but there is an “infrastructure dividend.” This is because reducing nonwhite population growth will free up resources that would otherwise be used for capacity expansion. Freeing up resources will provide the needed economic stimulus to jumpstart an economy plagued by a dearth of economic activity, the kind that comes with massive immigration-fueled population growth.

      • connorhus

        Yet up to a certain point population growth does increase government revenue and in the case of the growth the US is seeing it also increases voters willing to vote for more taxation especially on those who own real property. Giving kick backs and tax shelters to businesses who hire minorities also decreases those business’ taxes and shifts it more to the middle class.

        In the end it will still be economic ruin but for right now government and big business are getting their cake and eating it too with mass immigration.

    • MBlanc46

      Joni Mitchell.

      • dukem1

        Finally…You get to pick the next category!

        • MBlanc46

          Mass immigration?

    • SentryattheGate

      The singer was Joni Mitchell. I do the same; use the environmental argument against immigration on liberals. It’s weird how the “Democrat party is a collection of warring tribes that come together for a common plunder”.

  • Steven Williams

    When are we going to start the non-European deportation program? We really need one.

    • journey

      More than likely, after this country crashes and whites regain control again.

  • Irfiks

    Almost 50% of all births are paid for by Medicaid. Those people should not be breeding at all!

    • MBlanc46

      A lot of the American West is desert; Much of the Great Plains and the Southwest used to be referred to as the Great American Desert. Not sand desert like the Sahara, but with insufficient water to support a large population.

  • Steven Barr

    My impression was that the US has so many huge open spaces that this aspect of immigration was not an issue unlike in Europe. Are there many overcrowded areas?

    • kjh64

      Most people in the US live in or around big cities because that is where the jobs are so yes, it is an issue when cities get overcrowded and their aren’t enough jobs. Also, other things, such as water usage, especially in the Southwest, as well as using more and more electricity and shortages of both due to more people is an issue.

    • M&S

      Africa is 50% desert, 30% trying real hard Savannah (9 month drought, 3 month monsoon rains) and 10% jungle or mountainous zones too impassible to be considered habitable. White Europeans killed or drove off the koi sahn who were living in the last 10% and the blacks came a-runnin’ to demand that they have some of that.
      Thus Africa, one of the emptiest continents in terms or cities, actually has a massive population problem because the only environment suitable for living in is that associated with year long water availability from about five major rivers.
      Sharing your wash water with the latrine of the village or the wildebeest herd upstream and the predators and pathogens that come to feed off the dependent is a very bad idea because it makes ‘location, location, location’ an issue of limited expansion room.
      The U.S. is largely the reverse but -because- it has such large open areas, it has a lot of commitments that other nations do not. Including acting as bread basket to the world on huge corporate farms, the full extent of which you only see from the air.
      Unfortunately, contrary to what you might expect, those groups who grow up with plenty in a temperate climate see very little reason to breed like rats and use ‘all in the family’ numbers to grab arable land.
      In this, we are the reverse of primitive R-Breeding populations in that we will fight, often horrifically, for moral issues. But not to seize land from each other. Indeed, the men who have tried have typically been decried as either mad conquerors or (Hitler, Napoleon) or had their real, Imperial, ambitions artfully non-mentioned in the pages of history (Charlemagne, Caesar, Alexander).
      The real reason for this of course is that our Genetic Algorithm has selected for high social conformity and trust because we ‘grew up’, evolutionarily, on a sub-arctic, glaciated, Eurasian plateau. Where an excess of 2,500 calorie days just wasn’t going to happen and dumping a skilled hunter over a minor dispute was stupid.
      To a man whose existence is hot-band tribal, the quantitative value his fellow tribe member represents to his is proportionate to the amount of the pie he will himself take from any kill or conquest but at least he knows he will never freeze to death or starve without aid. While the existence of the tribe itself also means that he can walk away from any birth event he doesn’t feel like feeding. He has little to own or lose and little to drive himself towards a heightened degree of self development because his sole value is as part of an attrition based group of interrelated team players.
      And people who believe otherwise or call you out for being ‘racist’ need only look at the distributions of sub-90 IQs across the hot band latitudes of the major continents and between multiple racial groups therein to see what utter bogus nonsense it is to think that these groups will not bring their low IQ, high breeding rate, _genetic_ habits with them when they come to our world and see only an endless expanse of terrain for their own colonization.
      Genetics adopt similar solutions to similar, low productivity, environments. That Savannah Principle legacy of selected behavior _will not_ change, simply because old genes find themselves plopped down in a paradise environment.
      They have no cognizance of how hostile their Genetic Algorithm is because in places like Africa, India, South East Asia and Central America, the naturally hostile environment kills them off faster than they can Malthusian Deficit exceed it’s carrying capacity.

    • Europe will be flooded with Africans in the decades to come.

  • frank

    I was diagnosed with MS a few years ago, it got to the point where I could not work let alone function a normal life anymore, I went to my local Social Security office last year to signup for Social Security disability,not SSI, I paid taxes for over 30 years, seeing that I would get a fair shake for working for over 30 years in paying my fair share of taxes that I would be approved, but no I was turned down, I have to go back to the Social Security office to make an appeal for a hearing in front of a federal judge, when I went to the office the woman who is helping me fill out this paper work said “I can’t believe they turned you down you fit all the criteria” , at the same time bus load of 20 and 30 year old Asians who just came into the country walks into the Social Security office with to Chinese interpreters in the interpreters tell the woman at the desk we sign up for SSI,, I looked at the woman and said what the hell is this I’ve worked all my life and I have an incurable debilitating disease and a bus load of Asians who just sneak into the country coming here and try the sign up for SSI, this is one reason y everthing is drying up in this country close the door to all the immigration especially by Asians because they will be the real downfall of white American.

    • Sick of it

      I’ve been turned down for housing aid when I couldn’t afford my rent (due to a ridiculously low wage)…and had to move out/quit that job. Blacks ran the office.

    • journey

      Did you not know, welfare of anykind is automatic for non-natives? And those benefits are lifetime without any questions asked.

      • Bossman

        Immigrants come to the USA to work and to prosper, not to collect welfare.

        • Einsatzgrenadier

          Yeah right. If this is the case, why are Hispanic immigrants such welfare-leeching parasites?

          • journey

            Not just the Hispanics but the Asians with their mothers/grandmothers. Then we have the Arabs, driving around in their expensive cars, expensive clothing, jewelry, eye glasses, etc then pulls out a Medicaid card! A well known fact among health care providers.

        • journey

          Ah, you again with your intentional delusions.

        • Whitetrashgang

          So alternative universe it is?My dog just won the noble prize for playing Rock you like a hurricane note for note in German.

    • frank

      now I’m just going to sit here and watch a John Wayne movie and think about the good old days

      • journey

        Sometimes it’s best to tune out for awhile. Enjoy the movie!

      • dukem1

        Or pretty much anything on Turner Classics, at least during the day…Man, even the crooks wore suits and ties back then.
        Everything was better then.

        • Fugitive reruns in black & white does it for me.
          The last great days of USA.

    • Caucasoid88

      “Asians have higher IQs on average than whites.” -Engleman’s response

      • WR_the_realist

        Well, they’re smart enough to figure out how to get their grandparents on our welfare system.

      • Don’t forget “I have seen some attractive Caucasian women. All Asian women are enchantingly beautiful”

        And “quote from Jared Taylor about Asians scoring higher on IQ tests” (but leave off the last sentence where Mr. Taylor says “but that doesn’t mean I want America to become Asian” (not a direct quote, as I’m lazy, working, on my phone, and don’t have a .txt file on my desktop which I use for all my posts like Engelman ))

        And maybe a dash of “I have many Asian friends, they feed me Asian food, and it’s a multicultural delight!”

    • captainc

      why don’t you take your justice unto your hands, you pathetic. follow the illegals, bomb the office.

      • Mods? We have an imbecile here, pretty sure he’s flagrantly violating the rules…

        • captainc

          nah, that was just sarcasm.

          • Hmm… I thought that was an odd comment from you. The last three words are probably enough to get it deleted though, might want to edit it to be a little less risque?

  • shawnmer

    This obscure slice of the environmental movement was nearly forgotten, even though their position is perfectly consistent if you give a whit about resource consumption and environmental quality in your own backyard.

    A product of the coalitional nature of the Left. They need enviro-weinies AND all of the ethnic grievance lobbies, so the overpopulation plank of environmentalism had to go.

  • propagandaoftruth

    Why should American taxpayers be required to support those 30 million or more illegals with our hard-earned tax dollars?
    Official Federal Government policy to get us to all interbreed so everybody stinks. Then, permanent totalitarian messianic democratic totalitarianism for ever.

    Or at least for thousands of years while humanity re-evolves.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    You can be a racist and an environmentalist at the same time. I encourage all white racists to join the green movement. Love of nature is the perfect weapon against massive third world immigration and the tremendous amount of destruction it brings in its wake. Love of nature is a sign of Aryan nobility, since nonwhites do not care for nature. Both positions logically follow from the available evidence and are more plausible than the alternatives. Neo-Malthusianism and race realism are really complementary belief systems.

  • John R

    US population growth: 80% immigrants; 20% from welfare moms.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    I’m glad someone is calling the liberals, who sanctimoniously preach to us about the environment while at the same time welcoming millions of immigrants to this country, out on their hypocrisy

  • Jo

    This is just common sense, saying it for years.

    But, it’s good news for Whites if elites take NPG seriously, which is doubtful. We should use this study to our advantage, but it could backfire for Whites who might decide to have fewer babies.

    Despite this flood, the Census Bureau on June 26, 2014, revised previous population estimates. It claimed minority births were over 50% in 2012, but non-Hispanic single raced White births were 3000 more than minorities in 2013. Whites were still having more babies in 2013. All minorities, adult and children, were 37.4% of the population.

    “The country’s birthrate, which has been declining since 2007, hit a record low in 2013. Birthrate declines were especially steep for immigrant and Hispanic women. Asian birthrate is higher than Hispanics.” (Muslims?)

  • WR_the_realist

    What’s shocking here? This has been obvious for decades to anyone with a functioning brain.

  • WR_the_realist

    Many years ago I was a member of the Sierra Club. I actually thought they were pro-environment. Silly me. One year some dissident members of the Sierra Club ran some candidates for the board of directors who wanted to reduce immigration so we could stabilize our population. There was nothing racial about it, one of the candidates was a black man. The existing board ran a vicious smear campaign against the immigration reduction candidates and even offered up Morris Dees as a fake candidate to draw votes away from them. I quit in disgust.

  • Ultimate187

    Many Americans are concerned about overpopulation, but most Americans also won’t accept child limits either. This country now runs on immigrant growth, and nobody is going to stop immigration because doing so would mean political suicide. Some say the US will remain dominant for generations more, but the rapid unfavorable demographic changes and its future impact on this country are being underestimated for sure.

  • SentryattheGate

    Soon many low-skilled jobs will be replaced by robots & computers, so all these immigrants will be even more of a (welfare & crime) problem! Even China, w/all it’s ~2 billion people, is mechanizing. Whistleblower professor Darrell Hamamoto (see his youtube interviews) warns that masses of western Chinese will soon be sent to US! They are the poor and politically disruptive that China wants to dump on us!

    • frank

      they been coming here since the early 1990 s, buying up all property from money loaned to them by the Chinese mob, liberals call them Chinese businessmen, they turned good working class neighborhood into section 8 slums, hoard all their money or put it into Asian banks, only buy from other asians not putting a penny back into the American economy, they don’t pay taxes in America for most of the money that they make is all cash and they hide most of it,, beware of the Asians for they HATE white Americans, they are our real enemy here in American and globally,,90 percent of everything we buy is made it in China all trash,, we better wake up before it is too late.

      • SentryattheGate

        One of the first “red flags” that woke me up to the dangers of immigration was in the mid-90’s. Because Hong Kong was reverting to Chinese rule (with Britain’s 99 year lease ending in 1999), Hong Kong businessmen immigrated to the West, fearing that the Communist Chinese would then confiscate their billions in wealth. They bought blocks of apartment buildings, and put up signs that read “For rent, to Asians ONLY”. What a slap in the face to Western tolerance and generosity!

  • dd121

    In more civilized countries at least the Army would revolt occasionally.

    • frank

      but if you look at today’s American army it is made up mostly of blacks and Hispanics.

      • Dave West

        Not the combat units for the most part!

      • dd121

        Most of the combat troops are whites.

        • frank

          I hope they are we we might need them in the future

        • Paleoconn

          Agreed. Diversity is something that is not promoted where the totems of diversity can end up killed.

  • Paleoconn

    She added, “Immigrants to the U.S. are also found to greatly increase their consumption–and their resulting footprints–upon settling here, which furthers our nation’s environmental impact.”

    Ie. Whitey’s fault again for corrupting these new arrivals with our anti-environmental ways.

  • tabula la raza

  • none of your business

    50% of births are paid by mediaid. The real horror is that last I heard mediaid paid only $1,200 for a normal childbirth while the hospitals charged insurance companies $16,000 for a normal childbirth. If you wonder why women and newborns are ejected from hospitals exactly 24 hours after birth those out of control immigrant births are why.