Sen. Ted Lieu Wants Fox News Host to Resign over ‘Xenophobic’ Remarks

Javier Panzar, Los Angeles Times, July 12, 2014

Democratic state Sen. Ted Lieu of Torrance called on Fox News host Bob Beckel to resign Saturday after he said on the air Thursday that “Chinamen” are the single biggest threat to national security.

During an episode of the “The Five,” Beckel said: “As usual, we bring them over here and teach a bunch of Chinamen–Chinese people–how to do computers and then they go back to China and hack into us.”

“We should all be alarmed by the racist, xenophobic comments by Fox News host Bob Beckel,” Lieu said in a statement Saturday. “His comments have no place in America, and this is at least the second time he has used racial slurs. He must resign immediately.”

Beckel was commenting on a New York Times article that said Chinese hackers broke into the computer networks of a U.S. government agency that houses the personal information of all federal employees.



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  • Beckel and Lieu belong to the same political party, ironically.

    • The All Seeing Bry

      he’s getting a taste of his own medicine.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Let the record show Asian-American pols have no problem with Chinese spies stealing our military and industrial secrets, only with Bob Beckel broaching the subject.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        The bottom line is: Is Beckel right?

        In 1996, Congress passed a law making theft of industrial secrets a federal crime. The offense rises to espionage if the secrets are handed over to a foreign government. Every single person arrested or convicted under this law has been Asian and the vast majority have been Chinese.

        — Jared Taylor, White Identity, p. 214.

        • James Mayer

          Wang Dong!

  • MekongDelta69

    On FNC, Beckel, Colmes and Juan Williams are the far-leftist fools.

    I love it when the left eats their own.

  • JackKrak

    Ok, “Ted”. We all look forward to your next statement on the matter, as soon as you get off the phone with Beijing.

  • Truthseeker

    What about words like “Frenchman,” “Irishman,” “Englishman,” etc.? Are those offensive? “Chinaman” sounds like a generally descriptive term to me, not an offensive one. These PC types create a tyranny of precision, where they maintain power with the ability to attack anyone who steps the slightest bit outside of their narrow range of acceptable action.

  • Ethan Allen

    Chinaman? That’s a racial slur now? Who knew?

    • antiquesunlight

      You ought to know by now that anything true is racist.

    • nativist

      To say nothing of German.

    • CaptainCroMag

      Mainly it’s incorrect grammar. It should be Chineseman. After all it’s not Englandman or Franceman.

      Chinaman is just an old term from another time. It was never considered a racial slur. Many lefties get all bothered by old terms like, “oriental” or “colored” simply because they were used in the past. It’s because they consider themselves “progressive.”

      • Tim_in_Indiana

        Not really grammatically incorrect. “Chinaman” simply flows off the tongue more easily than “Chineseman.”

      • archer

        Is alright to say “chinks”, like every Friday my family likes to eat chink food.

    • JDInSanD

      I find it amusing to use Chinee when talking about one Chinaman. I think I got it from Steinbeck. Probably Cannery Row.

    • Irishman, Scotsman, Welshman, Frenchman…

      Curiously, nobody pretends to be “offended” by these.

  • David Ashton

    You must not oppose criminals if they are aliens, and you must not oppose aliens if they are criminals. Words change with fashion: a Chinese, not a Chinaman; a Jewish man, not a Jew….

    • He should say “Oriental” and watch everyone explode

  • M.Magog

    Well mr. Liu, you buy the station and you can call the shots.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    A Beckel specialty (in less factual language): warning against one-way, US-to-China technology transfer that the US facilitates with 225,000 Chinese students in the US at any one time studying mostly science, math and engineering at elite universities and with the H-1B visa program.
    Strange for a liberal. But his job is secure, in my estimation — because he’s so leftwing on other racial/diversity issues — he’s pretty much invulnerable to Senator Lieu.

  • Adolf Verloc

    Oh, for Christ’s sake! “Chinaman” is kind of weird and archaic, but hardly offensive. There are numerous epithets for Asians that ARE offensive. Lieu has too much time on his hands.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    An extraordinary piece by Duchesne worth googling:

    Multicultural Madness
    Ricardo Duchesne
    Fall, 2012
    (British Quarterly Review of Conservative Thought)

    Concluding remarks:

    Multiculturalism calls upon Canadians to ‘never again view Canada as a white [or] a British country’. This command has been thoroughly implemented in Vancouver. No one is allowed to call the city British. Anti-racist campaigns, regularly directed at whites, are enforced in the schools and workplaces. While the founders have been dispossessed, the Chinese migrants have been encouraged to celebrate their ethnic identity. How about some answers to these run of the mill questions: How can one argue that Han Chinese migration into Canada is a wonderful act of diversity when most of the ‘migrants’ come from places where diversity is suppressed and Han supremacist ideas are officially sanctioned? Why are ‘Anglo’ people the only ones disallowed from retaining their ethnic identity and ancestry? Why is the dismemberment of Anglo heritage, history, and ancestry in Canada viewed as progressive and its affirmation as xenophobic? Can we interpret Han migration into Vancouver, in combination with multiculturalism and the continuous campaigns against white racism, as a form of Sinicization? Why are whites the only people on the planet expected to accept diversity and massive immigration? Why is everyone assuming that pride, loyalty, and affection for Canada’s European heritage are incompatible with the liberal-democratic values Europeans developed?

    Indeed why is it that, not just within Canada, but across the world, the greatest intellectual movement in history, the European Enlightenment, that extraordinary flash of moral vision which rescued billions from ignorance, hunger, disease, slavery, anarchy and despair, creating the very opulence and freedom its critics bask in, has become the latter’s target?

    • Mrfinoni

      don’t forget the Renaissance, the age of exploration, the industrial revolution, the technological revolution, the scientific revolution and every social movement for the last 600 years… that is Civilisation as the modern world knows it.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        Duchesne treats of these in other pieces. Here (in the Salisbury Review) he is focused on the hostile Chinese colonization of Vancouver. More from the piece:

        The Anglo-French founders are mandated to be ethnically neutral and historically disinterested; representatives of certain deracinated values that belong to ‘humanity.’ While multicultural ideologues implicitly recognize that minorities have deep attachment to their ethnic backgrounds, and, in this vein, recognize that humans do have a natural love of their own heritage and ethnicity; they call upon whites to practice historical amnesia and pretend they were not the creators of Canada’s institutions, parliamentary traditions, and common law.


        The savviest user of the media in the advancement of Asian interests against Canada’s British heritage is Henry Yu. A history professor at the University of British Columbia, Yu accuses Canada of being ‘systematically racist’ and in need of reparations through massive immigration from the non-Western world. He is the recent recipient of two huge grants . . .

        AND, BEST OF ALL:

        In an Op Ed piece in The Vancouver Sun (February 2, 2010), ‘Vancouver’s Own Not-So Quiet Revolution’, Yu claimed that the English language ‘stunts diversity’. Calling it a ‘colonial’ language, he demanded that Asian languages, long ‘silenced’ by ‘white supremacists’, be given the same official status. He even equated the presence of a high number of whites in leadership positions with ‘the legacy of a long history of apartheid and white supremacy’. Elsewhere he added that the old bilingual Canada ‘no longer makes sense’. Canada has ceased to be a Western-Atlantic nation. Between 2001 and 2006, the top four places of births for immigrants were in Asia; the five largest Canadian cities are heavily populated by Chinese ‘migrants’. ‘In Vancouver, Canada’s third largest city, the visible minority is white.’ This ‘new Pacific Canada’, he observed, marks a return to a Canada originally Pacific. The ‘dominance of white supremacy in immigration policy’ between the 1920s and 1960s disrupted this founding Pacific orientation.

        • Bossman

          I’m firmly convinced that East Asians have a secret agenda to conquer North America. North Americans should wake up and see the world as it really is.

          • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

            Certainly the excerpt below — from the same Duchesne piece I referenced above — indicates that some Chinese, at least, are thinking in those terms:

            Our [Canadian] immigrants generally come from cultures which, by our standards, are not merely illiberal but vulgarly racist. The works of Frank Dikötter on Chinese racism are worth considering. In The Discourse of Race in Modern China (1992), he reveals how traditional Chinese notions about inferior ‘barbarians’ intermingled with Nazi forms of ‘scientific’ racism to form a distinctively Chinese racial consciousness in the 20th century.

            In Imperfect Conceptions: Medical Knowledge, Birth Defects, and Eugenics in China (1998), Dikötter references government publications calling for eugenics as a vital tool in the enhancement of the ‘biological fitness’ of the nation, and heralding the twenty-first century as an era to be dominated by ‘biological competition’ between the ‘white race’ and the ‘yellow race’.

  • Dave4088

    Nobody seems to understand the incongruous, screwy morality of American Marxists like Beckel. To them it’s still kind of, sort of, okay to ridicule Asians although not to the extent that they would pillory whites. But Beckel has nothing but fulsome praise for blacks and browns in general and especially adores our mulatto Mugabe.

    • ncpride

      Exactly. He’s called Whites racists on any number of occasions….quite funny to see him called one himself.

  • Luca

    The Left invents new words, menaings and phrases or reconstructs old ones. Then they decide who can and cannot use them and under what special mystical circumstances they are socially acceptable or not.

    Beckel just got a taste of his own liberal medicine. Rather bitter, eh Bob?

  • antiquesunlight

    lol Beckel gets fired the first time he says something sensible. But seriously, I hope they don’t let him go over this. He was right.

  • IstvanIN

    Senator Lier should be made to resign his position for failure to defend freedom of speech.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    People should be allowed to call others whatever they want, without having to worry about the interference of government or its self-appointed commissars. Freedom of speech is absolutely essential if one wishes to maintain a stable, functioning democracy. Freedom of speech enhances individual autonomy by giving one a much broader range of options to choose from. This maximizes human flourishing because it allows people to develop their cognitive abilities to a much greater extent than would have otherwise been possible, given the circumstances.

    Suppressing freedom of speech not only undermines democracy, but also inhibits personal intellectual and moral development. In these dark times, freedom of speech is our most valuable weapon, especially against the tyrannical multikulti “leaders” of the west. We must not surrender this liberty without a bitter fight. We must lay down our lives in order to preserve our liberty or risk certain annihilation at the hands of our western elites and their genocidal third world immigration policies.

    • IstvanIN

      In a sane world we would:
      1) Self-censor because using rude terms isn’t polite.
      2) Live in relatively homogenous societies so that we didn’t need to censor every thing we say.
      3) Learn to recognize the difference between a real slight and a simple statement not let every perceived insult drive us over the edge.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        Rights and liberties always work best when everybody belongs to the same race and ethnic group. Minimizing diversity allows us to both preserve and maintain our rights and liberties.

  • B.E.L.

    They are men and they are from China, whats the problem?

  • Bossman

    How come it is okay to say Englishman, Dutchman, Frenchman, Scotsman, Irishman and not okay to Chinaman? What is it about the word “Chinaman” that makes it so offensive to the Chinese? We can call British people “Brits” but we can’t call Japanese people ‘”Japs.” Why?

    • Visceral

      Excellent point. New information added to the mental race-realist database. I shall use that when making arguments in the future.

      • Bossman

        Glad that you liked those excellent points.

    • cranky_1970

      If you called Kal-El Superman, he would have to punch your head clean off.

  • baldowl

    “This isn’t a guy who built the railroads here. This is a guy…” who peed on The Dude’s rug.

  • cranky_1970

    Oh no, Ted Lieu is in a panic. Fat old white liberals have caught on to the Chinaman’s game plan.

  • dd121

    When Michelle was in China, I openly wondered if she was busy telling the Chinamen what to eat. Hope the mods don’t fire me.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    There was no problem with Beckel yelling “rednecks” against those who favor Voter ID laws. No problem at all.

    As for Ted Lieu:

    Ted Lieu promoted SB-5 that would have made AA, racial preferences, legal again for admission to California’s Universities, even though the California State Supreme Court has twice rejected challenges to Prop 209 which specifically prohibits use of race in college admissions.

    Ted Lieu only withdrew his support of SB-5 when he realized it would hurt Asian students in favor of lesser qualified blacks and Hispanics. He had no problem with laws that favor lesser qualified black and Hispanic students over more qualified White children, only when it happens to his own people.

    Lieu is an anti-White racist and bigot with a racist political agenda to shut up all speech HE doesn’t like and go after the speaker’s livelihood.

  • RHG

    The “model minority” is learning how to play the faux racial “outrage” game

  • Joe blow

    I saw this, and the blonde leg-crossers visibly cringed when he said it.

    • antiquesunlight

      lol blonde leg-crossers…. But it’s a shame the conservatives on the show are so weak. They should have said, “Hell yeah, Bob!” That’s what I would’ve said.

  • Joe blow

    This guy is a chink in the armor of the California State Senate.

  • Matt Turner

    Good to see Beckel basted by his political brethren.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      All he needs to do is grovel and he’ll probably be forgiven.

  • IKUredux

    Beckel, God Bless his little heart, is on the Five as the “Liberal” democrat. Frankly, his views about Chinamen, which makes his so called “conservative” co-hosts cringe, is right on the money. As are his views about Saudi Arabia. All this points out to me is that we need a third party. Beckel looks pained when forced into defending Obama and the democrat position. Beckel is part of a dying breed of the Democrat party. The people who used to swell the ranks of the Democrats. You remember them, don’t you? Pro America, pro union, patriotic, religious, civic minded, you know, REGULAR AMERICANS?????

  • Spikeygrrl

    Beckel sticks his foot in his mouth on a daily basis. I wonder what the state senator who called for his resignation has been doing in Lieu of his homework?

  • Valmont

    Mr. Lieu, thanks for your slant on that!

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    We really need to stop bringing Asians over to do sensitive computer work. They’re smart, to be sure, but we don’t need them and they’re a security threat.

    We should be hiring smart American men to do this stuff. There’s plenty of Americans (mostly white) who have degrees in the applicable areas and are unemployed or underemployed. Let’s use them instead.


    These people are absolutely ridiculous. Simply mentioning that they are Chinamen is grounds to call for a White man’s career to be destroyed? This is not done out of some genuine feeling of offense. This is done out of absolute HATRED for White people! As well as the secondary hope of scoring political points with their base. Which is always on the lookout for a candidate who enjoys robbing White men of their ability to make a living as much as they do. Our forefathers would be so ashamed of us if they could see what we’ve done to the country they created!

    • Grantland

      “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”
      ― H.L. Mencken

  • SoCal88

    I had a dream about a peaceful takeover of the U.S. by the Chinese for repayment of debts. Everything went well for a while, as they completely restored “Fourth World” areas like Detroit, Newark, Flint, East St. Louis, South Chicago,Trenton and Oakland. Then they re-instituted slavery and started forced sterilization and “culling” the population of undesirable elements. Don’t worry, it was just a dream.

  • I want Ted Lieu to resign from the Senate for being a blithering idiot.

  • DonReynolds

    Maybe Senator Lieu would be happier if Beckel had referred to them as “coolies”, or “Chinese gangsters”, or “Chinks”, or “footpads”, or “Gooks”. Yes, Senator Lieu…..there has been a problem with online piracy by Chinamen. (Since Mr. Lieu is from Taiwan, he probably thinks Beckel is talking about him….but I have been informed that Taiwan is not part of China… spite of the official “One China” policy.)