NPR Blogger Hammered After What She Said About ‘Diverse Sources’ and ‘White Guys’

Zach Noble, The Blaze, July 7, 2014

NPR’s education team sent out a curious tweet Wednesday that prompted an online backlash.



It took a few days for the @npr_ed tweet to gain widespread notice, but when it did, critics sunk their teeth into it.

The person responsible for the tweet soon revealed herself to be NPR blogger Anya Kamenetz.

Kamenetz said she had mistakenly sent the tweet from the NPR education account instead of her own and that she regretted it.


Kerfuffle or no, Kamenetz seemed to be taking the whole thing in stride.


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  • MekongDelta69

    Groveling will commence in 3, 2, 1…

    • Its not groveling if you work at NPR, its in your contract.

    • TruthBeTold

      Her last tweet doesn’t sound like groveling. It sounds like someone who is still wholly ignorant of the hate crime she committed. She’s so out of touch with what’s really going on she simply brushes it off.

      • Deiter Botha

        Many times these hatefull micro-aggressions go unchallenged becaus it is done by narrow minded liberal,who must be made to grovel before her diversity god.

      • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

        That’s because she believes in her own Leftist virtue. I’ve seen plenty of examples of this, including a woman at present I know who works at a battered woman shelter but often threatens passive/aggressive violence towards men.

        Note: It’s also a media thing. I surfed past the show, “Two Broke Girls,” and paused long enough to see a scene where the two waitresses threatened a white male customer with castration (if he didn’t order something or …?). This was supposed to be funny and the laugh box button had been pushed to support the notion.

        • Saw one episode. It’s some brain cell killing trope about two young women working as waitresses and using the money to sustain a New York apartment and a horse. And it’s getting good ratings — It has to be, because CBS seems to renew it year after year, and this is the kind of climate where network suits have no patience for low ratings.

  • Puggg

    Seems like white men are doing all the work while everyone else loafs.

    • A Freespeechzone

      Moreover, God help the White when they bring that fact to the forefront…

      The non-whites go ballistic—never, never are they to be held accountable.


        “never, never are they to be held accountable” – If you’re black, the very thought of being responsible for ones own life is totally racist, well except for the good parts anyways. Anything positive is their doing and their doing alone, anything negative is your doing and your doing alone, period. < So Sayeth The Great God Of Diversity )

    • TruthBeTold

      Stating a fact is racism.

      We can’t let it be know that white men are ready, willing, and able to help a young woman in need.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Notice the slimy nonwhites never contested her claim that white men work harder than everyone else.

      They instead complained that she should have hidden the truth from the public.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    No surprise here. Diversity is less likely to be as helpful as white people because they tend to be more insular and collectivistic. Diversity sees others as rival competitors in the struggle for scarce resources, whereas whites, because of their greater individualistic tendencies, will see others as individuals like themselves, in need of comfort and assistance. Of course, white individualism borders on the pathologically altruistic and the ethnomasochistic, allowing nonwhites to free ride off white hard work and greater creativity like a pack of scavenging hyenas free riding off the greater hunting prowess of the lion.

    • TruthBeTold

      This young woman likely prided herself on her moral raceless superiority. She thought she was protected from criticism by her belief that she wasn’t a racist. Heck, she works for NPR!

      What people like her will never understand is that she is guilty by virtue of her white skin and the sharks are circling waiting for her to slip up.

      This is why I go out of my way not to be around blacks. At work if I’m forced to be around blacks, I say little unless asked a direct question and I nod in agreement and leave as soon as I can.

    • hastings88

      Good analogy with the lions/hyenas.

  • Peter Connor

    Just as in mixed race schools, the white parents tend to show up at events, conferences, etc. at much higher rates than some minorities

    • ElComadreja

      Education is racist. How dare you expect little Shaniqua and Jamal to learn the white man’s ways? Truth be told they’re mostly incapable anyway.

  • Boo Ray

    Democrats, RINOs, and our government hate the truth. They deny it no matter how you prove your facts.

  • Pro_Whitey

    Oy! The heartbreak of using the wrong Twitter account!
    This reminds me of a scene Steve Sailer described from the movie Deuce Bigelow: Eurpoean Gigolo. Deuce tracks down his black American friend and tells him he found him because he thought he would be at the only chicken and waffles place in Amsterdam. The friend tell him that’s racist. Deuce’s pleaded that he was able to find him there, but the guy insisteeed that it was still racist to notice.

  • Fair Dinkum

    “often majority voices are quicker to respond / self promote.” — Latino Rebels, whoever that it is

    More likely minorities are much likely to be disrespectful to whites than vice versa.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    Liberals are so insane with race. To merely point out the fact that white people responded to her quicker is somehow racist. The very first response from the white girl is so typical. She probably felt so proud of herself for suggesting another white person sucks at her job because minorities didn’t respond even though minorities were given the opportunity. These people will never settle for equality of opportunity. Equality of outcome is what it’s all about, and until that mythic day white racism will always be blamed for that fairy tale end result not occurring.

    • Nonhumans

      Jared was perfectly on the mark with his vid about libtards being the true promoters and bannermen of racism. Why is it so offensive to libtards that us race realists notice the shortcomings of minorities and want to be apart from them as a result? Isnt libtardism, at its’ core all about respecting the individual and their beliefs? They’re so backwards and stooped that theyre dangerous.

      • UncleSham

        “Isnt libtardism, at its’ core, all about respecting the individual and their beliefs?”

        No, not at all. That’s what liberalism meant about 100 years ago before the leftists stole the word. The people who call themselves liberals nowadays are the most group-minded, follow the herd, never listen to a dissenting opinion type people imaginable. They are basically control freaks who are legitimately surprised and offended that anyone could possibly think differently than they do.

        • Jesse_from_Sweden

          Spot on.

          That’s a bit of newspeak for you. “Liberals” in USA is actually socialists, or to be more exact, social democrats.
          A political movement which is very large in the entire western world, in this case meaning Europe, where the UE party group “progressive alliance of socialists and democrats” is the second largest party group within EU, and was the largest one up to a few years ago.

          But socialist has gotten bad connotations in USA due to Joseph McCarthy and the whole Soviet Socialist republics thing.

          So american socalists instead choose to call themselves liberals, because that speaks about liberty, something that instead carries very positive connotations, especially in USA, where you like to plaster the word liberty all over the place.

          But hey, you can’t really blame them, they are following the socialist policies.
          If someone got something that is better than what you got, steal it….

    • LHathaway

      I agree with you, the impetus for ‘sensitivity’ is always on whites. The implication being white, and only whites are insensitive. Only whites are capable of being insensitive. I disagree with you, when you say, ‘Equality of outcome is what it’s all about and until that day’.

      How do you know whites or white men are equally represented at NPR or any other place? We’d never know if they weren’t. With their selective blind spots, and self-serving ignorance, we will never know the real outcomes there or anywhere else.

  • If the lady in question were showing her boobs and twerking, she’d have plenty of people of color following her. You just gotta know how to reach out to diversity.

    • Kenner

      Then her co-workers would slam her for ‘cultural appropriation’.

    • connorhus

      Truer words have never been written.

  • Lewis33

    Here all the white women at!

  • TruthBeTold


    We need a new phrase. ‘Tempest in a teapot’ doesn’t express the absurdity anymore.

    • M.Magog

      twisted tampons?

      • TruthBeTold

        I don’t believe the Feminists would approve.

        • M.Magog

          all the more reason to use it

  • Larry Klein

    Actually sounds like a backhanded comment directed at white guys, but the rabid non-thinking victim groups could only get hysterical at their own perceived slight. Gotta luv it.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      That’s how I read it….

  • willbest

    I don’t understand why a fact is shameful.

    • M.

      It’s uncomfortable because it reminds them of the shaky foundations leftists build their equality dogma on.

    • TruthBeTold

      Her responses are even more shameful. ‘I met man diverse sources!’

      I try not to insult people but this woman learned nothing. She is a twit.

      • LHathaway

        Yeah, the responses get dumber and dumber and more and more vague, and more and more racist. Even their anti-racism efforts turn out to be racist.

  • dd121

    Let the groveling begin. I wish they would fire her.

  • M.Magog

    Must be hard being a leftist, they never know when they might let the truth slip!

  • TruthBeTold

    Lie down with dogs. Get up with flees.

    I give you Anya Kamenetz.

    • IstvanIN

      Russian perhaps?

    • PvtCharlieSlate

      Attitude much?
      This is one I would politely avoid contact with. Not worth the aggravation.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    as a reporter first and foremost myself (and a person of color) I would never voice such a loaded expression.

    Isn’t calling oneself a “person of color” (implying that the original writer is somehow colorless) not in itself voicing a “loaded expression?” Society may not see it that way, but “person of color” is indeed an expression loaded with all kinds of connotations that are indeed negative towards People of Whiteness (or People of Light, if you prefer).

    • TruthBeTold

      For the ‘progressive’ left, language is fluid. It means what they want it to mean and can mean different things depending on whether it’s spoken by friend or foe.

      So blacks and Hispanics can say ‘people of color’ but it they want to destroy the life of a white man, the same phrase can be used as proof of racism.

  • Caucasoid88

    Kamenetz. That’s a nice name.

  • stevesailer

    Many of these “diverse sources” are actual community leaders, they are individuals who get paid — often, ultimately, by the Ford Foundation or the like — to respond quickly to journalists with a quote. So, if they aren’t getting back to NPR, what good are they?

    • Bobbala

      You didn’t really just ask “what good are they?”.

  • IKUredux

    Seriously, don’t get the whole #hashbrown crap. I am not on facebook. Being on the internet makes you vulnerable enough. If you want to effect change in this country, keep a low profile. Engage in graffiti. In creative graffiti. From time immemorial: it just takes a small percentage of people to change everyone minds. The truth of the matter is this: White men are the masters of the universe. Period. Prove me wrong, bitches.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    The funny thing is that she’s getting flack from the ethnocentric lefty extremists from each race, and taking it as the opinion of everyone from that race. I know plenty of hispanics who would’ve found nothing wrong with her post and would’ve instead found problems with “Latino Rebels” childish over-sensitivity.

  • bubo

    Notice how she spun white guys responding to her inquiries as “self promotion.” Hope she gets fired. No sympathy for the enemy.

    • ElComadreja

      I love it when they eat their own.

  • scutum

    Anya Kemanetz is a perfect example of the naive attitude that prevails among young college educated European Americans. They will not wake up, even when they are the victim of assault by negroes acting like negroes. The only answer is to this is the eventual establishment of a white homeland in North America. While I realize there are many on this site who believe this is impossible, let me share with you a piece of wisdom that came from my father who lived through the depression and WWII. “People will put up with anything until they get hungry. But once they get hungry, watch out, because they will become violent.” The dollar is on the verge of losing its reserve currency status and when it does things are going to get very difficult in the United States. It is my hope that the ensuing hardship and upheaval will precipitate a re-awakening and an organized resistance among European Americans.

    • LHathaway

      This is so true, especially among women. White women will argue and even fight back. They usually lose in the eyes of society and they usually lose these physical fights, either to the diversity element or to the sheer numbers that will turn on her if necessary. White women especially, haven’t fully grasped they are not equal to persons of color, especially blacks, and that they never will be. They suffer from not learning this lesson, and while learning this lesson. Obviously the intelligence, and the modesty, of the mass of whites is over estimated.

  • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

    I find the stated notion here that white men are the majority of the U.S. population remarkable. We must be somewhere around 20% by now. When we are below 10% I wonder where they will get their privileges from and who they will rail against?

  • wretchedwhiterabbit


  • LHathaway

    “she had mistakenly sent the tweet from the NPR education account instead of her own and that she regretted it”.

    Such excuses (even being a private conversation) never save conservatives. All of the following ‘anti-racist’ posts on their website sound racist, but against whites.

  • LHathaway

    Actually, NPR and PBS are the only news sources NOT owned or controlled by ‘Jews’. I remember when Bush Sr was at a presidential debate hosted by PBS, he was quite adamant about being happy to be appearing on Their program.

    Get your bigotry right, man. Can you do that?