Men Drag Woman from Elevator Before Beating, Robbing Her

Jeremy Tanner, Pix 11, July 29, 2014

A young woman returning to her Midwood apartment was violently attacked and robbed last Sunday, according to police.

Police released surveillance video showing the two suspects laughing as they follow the 18-year-old into her building.

They slip into the elevator behind her and the second suspect appears to grab her by the neck and pull drag her into the hallway.

She tries to fight back, but both men hold her down, punching and kicking her before finally stealing her purse and fleeing.



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  • MekongDelta69

    On Disqus, they have a ‘Thumbs Up’ and a ‘Thumbs Down’ to rate comments. They should also have a ‘Thumbs Sideways’ meaning, “Ehh – What you said was ok I guess, but nothing ‘new’ or enlightening.’

    Oh – the article. This is only the 3,937,652nd article about the
    same thing, ad nauseum since 1964.

    I don’t have 3,937,652 ways to say the same thing about the same thug garbage.

    Does anybody remember the article about the same which happened on July 30, 2004, or July 30, 1994, or July 30, 1984, or July 30, 1974, or July 30, 1964?

    Or yesterday?

    You don’t!!

    Me neither

    • D.B. Cooper

      I try to enlighten people on other sites, and 90% of the vile hate I receive are from white boy democrats. You see, I’m a racist, inbred, illiterate, redneck Klansman. Don’t you know?

      • MekongDelta69

        And you always will. Just keep posting AmRen‘s URL (when the site lets you).

        As I’ve said forever, the more people from here, who do that one simple thing, the more people will be attracted. I’ve seen tons of new User IDs on here, since AmRen went ‘interactive.’

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          Yeah, I learned that a long time ago too. Don’t argue with people….just post links to this website. You can even act like you agree with your antagonists. You can say something like “can you believe the racists on this site here???”.

          • Kenner

            I’ve said, ‘Black-on-white crime needs to be covered by the media, or people will turn to racist sites like Amren for information.’

          • Alucard_the_last

            So true. The Duke lacrosse team and the Jena 6 is proof. Everyone was guilty until proven innocent. Meanwhile, very few know of the kidnapping, torture, rape and murder in the Christian-Newsom murders of Knoxville, TN.

        • Erasmus

          I am not the betting type, but I’ll wager that those coming from the left to race realism outnumber those going from race realism to the left at about 99:1.

          Damn leftists have never learned you can’t fight reality or, in other words, you can’t stand in front of an on-coming truck without eventually being run over.

      • Funruffian

        Surprisingly, those libtards fail to read into your wit and sarcasm.

      • gemjunior

        Me too. I get lectures on how my racism stems from ignorance, fear, and a lack of education. LOL. Then I go on amren, vdare, etc., and I know I am not insane.

      • dd121

        I had about 20 separate posts deleted the other day on CNN. I gave clear rational arguments. AND I WAS CLEARLY WINNING! They can’t stand to hear a non-approved racial discussion. I urge everyone to go on other sites and directly challenge their PC racial views.
        Yes, you’re going to get the hackneyed responses like the ones you mentioned. Ignore them.
        One guy asked me if I had missed my KKK meeting. I asked him if he missed his Farrakhan meeting. Come right back at them with a direct counter-assault. They may delete the post after an hour or so but I know it’s being heard by others.

        • Alucard_the_last

          I’ve been banned from posting anything on CNN’s web site.

          • dd121

            For some reason I’m still on CNN. I got banned from MSNBC almost immediately.

          • Alexandra1973

            Wasn’t that the network pushing Obama the most?

            I find it funny that it was an MSNBC reporter in the movie “Deep Impact”–which also had a black president. Go figure.

          • Whiteplight

            Me too. They’re fighting me here, too. I keep getting my Disqus account disabled, having to post as a guest.

        • Martel733

          that’s how you get banned in an hour, with rational arguments

      • Erasmus

        Just keep spreading the truth about race realism. Time and truth are on our side.

    • Pro_Whitey

      I remember what happened on July 30, 1864, in Petersburg, VA, which tangentially involved blacks being thuggish but under the guise of being Union soldiers. The consensus was that the black soldiers would have won the battle had they been put in first, but that’s only because they had never been under fire before, and the commanders thought they would not have stopped to take cover like the white troops did. I don’t believe the consensus, because winning the battle would have required tens of thousands of white union soldiers to advance upon trenches after nearly three months of facing almost certain death from troops in trenches. I think they just would not have done it. The black troops were intended to go in first, but the plan was changed at the last minute because George Meade concluded that if the assault failed, as he feared it would, and the blacks were caught and slaughtered, the Radical Republicans would have his, Grant’s, and Burnside’s butts on a wall. An early case of severe anti-white discrimination.

      • model1911

        Meade should have sent in the Tuskegee Airmen.

    • proud white

      This video like the many other millions of black on white crimes piss me off to no end and it further pisses me off that it is hardly ever in the media.
      I have a few random thoughts about some bickering between me and a group of blacks.
      first off I want to say if we could have had any other race as slaves they would be fully integrated into society by now, but no we had to have the dumbest race on the planet as our slaves.
      So the blacks have been telling me how they are physically superior and if it was them and a bunch of their friends out in the wild that they would kick the asses out of my friends and myself. I have to tell the blacks that my friends and myself would think of a weapon either faster, or make a better weapon and we would totally kill them all. The mind has developed to the point where it is a stronger tool than the body and whites are far superior than blacks.
      I have also been arguing with blacks about their low IQ’s. They get pissed off and say well there are black doctors and dentists and scientists so I must be wrong! I have to wait for them to finish and then tell them, hmmmm, and how did those people get those positions? Because of affirmative action you dummies! They got to those positions because they were given them. Then they say well they were disadvantaged to which I tell them no actually they were middle/upper class minorities. Then they say well you whites are why us blacks are in the ghettos. I must tell them that their low IQ and animal behavior puts themselves in the ghetto as evidenced by black civilizations across the world.

      • bilderbuster

        You need to find a more productive use for your time.
        Rather than debating Blacks you might match your skills against a White who has been brainwashed by multiculturalism because convincing them that race matters is more important than bickering with Blacks.

        • DNA Explains It All

          I say either is a waste of time. The group you describe will be totally versed in “Critical Race Theory” AKA “White Devil Theory” and will, in their own minds, just totally explain your points away. It’s all evil whitey keeping a brother down.

          • TruthBeTold


            They could do everything the White man can do except they have to deal with ‘racism’.

            It has long since become tiresome talking to blacks.

          • bilderbuster

            One should be able to fairly quickly defeat a multiculturalist White in a debate as their argument is generally drawn from repeating obviously stupid slogans and then you possibly have a convert.
            With a non White, who cares about winning their hearts and minds? They will always remain non Whites when all is said and done.

        • TruthBeTold

          I agree.

          Talking to blacks (and ‘progressive’ white liberals) is pointless.

          They have all their exceptions lined up and ready to fire.

          No amount of objective facts can change their minds. They just try to wear you done and when you give up fighting their stupidity, they believe they won.


      • newscomments70

        What your doing is pointless, and it may get you killed. I’ve been down that road. I have no interest in banging my head against the wall, trying to outwit low IQ people who hate me. I would rather talk to my neices and nephews about race realism and American Renaissance. They actually listen, and they matter. Allow these thugs to believe they have won the argument, and walk away. Let the enemies rest on their laurels while we regroup and take our lives back. I must make one exception. Always confront radical liberal teachers and professors. Do not allow them to teach you children marxist trash. Do not pay for marxist indoctrination. Make their lives a living hell (legally). Make their lives so miserable that they step down.

    • Chip Carver

      If only there was a word considered even dirtier and more degrading than the dreaded “n-word” to describe these filthy savages. I wouldn’t mind seeing these animals beheaded by some of the barbaric muslims who have a made a habit of posting videos of such activity on the web. In fact, it would fine with me to see them and their parents get a muslim haircut. The parents getting the full cut off the top just for creating these criminal beasts.

  • Luca

    Oh yeah, well what about all those videos of White youths dragging black women out of elevators and beating and robbing them? Why is it they never show those videos?
    (Galactic sarcasm)

    • Magician

      And if there is one, it will be nationally televised everyday for a couple of years, and the most renowned researchers and professors will be invited to give an analysis and describe how evil white men are.

    • JSS

      The article headline is misleading. The woman was attacked by Africans, not “men”. Africans are closer to apes then normal humans. That’s why integration is a crime.

    • JackKrak

      You can find them next to the videos of the annual Great Unicorn Migration

    • newscomments70

      They do show such videos in ABC’s “What would you do?”. White liberals cannot find any news stories of black on white crime. They create fictional scenarios in public, using actors. The object is to observe the public’s reaction. It is always a white man bashing minorities or gays. The idea is to allow white liberals in the communitiy to safely become “heroes”. It is a white bashing version “Candid Camera”. If you read the comments about this series on youtube, most people react as if these videos were real. Liberal media is actually quite good at manipulating stupid people.

      • JackKrak

        Good point – it’s always about creating barely-believable hypothetical scenarios when there are roughly a billion trillion examples like the one in the story that for some reason are not worthy of a “What would you do?”

      • Luca

        White criminals, idiots, weaklings and villains are also quite abundant on TV commercials. They are constantly annoying and hindering the hyper-intelligent, brave, altruistic, highly moral, black people who are simply trying to save the world.

        • newscomments70

          I love the security company commercials. They try to do the same with insect exterminator commercials…the challenge there is that insects cannot be Caucasian. Perhaps they could create animated CGI insects and give them blond hair or something?

  • Magician

    From the video clip….

    MIDWOOD, Brooklyn (PIX11) – A young woman returning to her Midwood apartment was violently attacked and robbed last Sunday, according to police.

    Police released surveillance video showing the two suspects laughing as they follow the 18-year-old into her building.

    They slip into the elevator behind her and the second suspect appears to grab her by the neck and pull drag her into the hallway.

    She tries to fight back, but both men hold her down, punching and kicking her before finally stealing her purse and fleeing.

    Police describe the first suspect as being in his late teens to early 20’s weighing approximately 240 pounds. He was last seen wearing an orange T-shirt, beige shorts and a backpack.

    The second suspect is believed to be 20-25 years of age and was last seen wearing a black T-shirt and multi-colored pants.

    Anyone with information is asked to call the anonymous police tip line Crime stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

    If they were white the first description mentioned by the police would have been “WHITE men”

    I can also see the young woman attempted to leave the elevator when the 240 pound pig entered the elevator.

    • D.B. Cooper

      We already know what they look like.

  • Ed

    Two Blacks enter an elevator you exit, let them whine about profiling.

    • Frank_DeScushin

      It looks like she tried to leave when the blacks entered the elevator, but the oh-so-brave thugs attacked her on the way out.

      • ncpride

        She was clearly not comfortable riding in the same elevator with the thugs, yet all we hear is whining from the likes of Obama and his ilk because blacks make us nervous. I wonder why?

      • APaige

        I saw that too. I doubt she was trying to hold the door for the other _ _ _ _ _ _

      • Ed

        You’re right poor girl her instincts were up but no way out.

    • When I did that once, they immediately followed me off, so I pepper-sprayed them and then kicked them when they were down.

      • Ngati Pakeha

        You’re not telling tall stories are you Michael? Pepper spray? Sounds a little bit moderate for you.

      • JohnEngelman

        I never leave home without pepper spray. I think of it as Negro Repellent.

        • The Englishman fights when he must, the Irishman because he doesn’t know any better, and the Scotsmen because they actually like it.

    • LHathaway

      I’m not sure what she could have done to avoid this mugging.

      • Situational awareness is very important. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t. It’s like driving on city streets; reflexes are great, but if you have situational awareness, you will probably never need good reflexes.

        Several times I abandoned what looked like good ambushes because I had a bad feeling about things. There were no birds in the area during one. People drive off birds, and the Chetniks had in fact set a trap for us.

        I do not smoke, so I can smell the scent of cigarettes very easily.

  • coco bongo

    White woman’s black boyfriend kidnaps and murders her 5 year old daughter.

    http://topconservativenews com/2014/07/gangbanger-murders-five-year-old-in-kansas/


    • MekongDelta69

      Every time I read an article like this and see the face of a pretty girl like that who had NO choice or say in the matter of the stupidity of her White mother and her thug black ‘boyfriend,’ it literally makes me want to do things which I can’t say here, but that I haven’t done since over 40 years ago (when it was our ‘job’).

      • 4321realist

        Same here.

        I’ve been trying to keep from going ballistic lately, but it’s hard when I read accounts like this.

        Too, it might be noted that usually the victim of a black boyfriend is a little white boy, because blacks hate white males so much they take their hatred out on defenseless little males.

        God help the brothers when the balloon goes up, because I’ll show no mercy to any of the evil miscreants.

        • There won’t be any mercy from me, either.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Here’s an idea for the future of a certain crime of vile treachery against humanity and our Folk after the social wars, or during…

            This, applied immediately after it was noticed the woman was dating a black, could have saved the life of her daughter…

            We had things very much under control in the bad ol’ South, my friend.

          • Erasmus

            I hope the mother wakes up with nightmares about how she helped murder her own daughter every night until her dying day.

            My brother-in-law’s sister married one of those things and has produced a sprog by it. Happily, they live on the other coast. But, I know that just as a ripple moves out from where the pebble hits the pond, that woman’s irresponsibility will touch more lives than those of just her own immediate family.

          • awb

            First thing I thought when I saw this on the local here in Kwanza City, Mo.

        • Who Me?

          That’s because they prefer to keep the little girls alive for raping and/or breeding purposes.

      • Pro_Whitey

        My advice: never threaten, just do it, and quietly.

      • Erasmus

        For the umpteenth time, this is why everyone must have The Derbyshire Talk with the people they love.

        Better to warn your loved ones about feral blacks, have them hate you until your dying day but have saved their lives than not to have the talk, have them think you an enlightened, progressive soul until the day they’re murdered by some Jesse-Jackson look-alike.

    • Jacobite2

      You’re not telling anybody anything they didn’t know 70 years ago, when miscegenation was a crime.

  • JohnEngelman

    Avoid the approach of young black men you do not know unless they are obviously dressed for work or church.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      That’s the kind of advice that gets white people killed. Street savvy, racially aware whites avoid all negroes, even the ones who are dressed for work or church.

    • Magician

      Or to make it simple, avoid them period no matter what they are wearing. I do not see a lot of black men dressed for work or church anyways.

      • bilderbuster

        Would that be orange jumpsuits?

    • LACountyRedneck

      Bad advice.

      My daughter was walking across the street from a major university here in L.A., plenty of students around. There was a very NICELY DRESSED and well spoken black man standing on the sidewalk taking signatures and addresses for a petition. As she was signing the petition they were suddenly surrounded by a slew of cop cars. They asked her if she knew the guy and she said she did not. The man was immediately arrested. We don’t know for sure but we suspected a sex-trafficking ring.

      Do not trust a nicely dressed black man anymore then you would trust a poorly dressed one. Especially the slick talkers. This guy had an African accent. After all my wife and I have told here re. diversity, we scolded her for making such a dumb move.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    This is terrifying to watch, and part of the reason I try to avoid going anywhere alone at night. On another note, I have noticed how even my female white friends who aren’t racially aware, suddenly put their cautious radars up when we are out somewhere and there are black men either across the street or in the vicinity. They suddenly take on this “let’s get to the car FAST” mentality. It makes me smile.

    • MekongDelta69

      CCW Courtney. CCW.

    • Until you have hundreds of heavy artillery shell and rocket hits on your battalion position every day, you haven’t been terrified.

      I completely believe that while a woman should be taught to defend her household and children, they don’t belong in combat. Probably nobody does.

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        Michael, I really like you, but sometimes, my friend, you take things off in a different direction, and I don’t understand where you are going.

        I have a great deal of respect for men in the military and I also agree that women shouldn’t be in the military.

        All that aside, being terrified is relative, and it varies between the two sexes. Women are afraid of things that men aren’t afraid of, and rightly so. If we are going to acknowledge that the sexes are different then we should also acknowledge and expect for women to be terrified of things that men aren’t terrified of. Which brings us back to point A in regards to why men should be allowed in the military and not women.

        Wouldn’t you agree?

        • Women should be allowed in rear-echelon support roles, like repairing ships and airplanes.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            I agree, but don’t you think it is natural for women to be terrified in situations such as what is portrayed in the video? That is what I was getting at.

          • It is also natural for men to be terrified. It just takes a bit more work to get that job done.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            I agree fully. I am just saying all this in response to your first response to me.

          • Women are half of the human race, so of course I pay attention to them.

          • Christine Schaeffer

            Remember good ole Rosie the Riveter.

          • Also remember Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner.

    • connorhus

      And yet the minute a Man mentions a Woman should be careful walking alone he is a sexist, bigot who is only attempting to CONTROL the Women.

      Not saying all Women feel that way but I have personally seen a very large percentage say it is all control to know most of them feel that way.

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        I don’t understand why these discussions always have to go in this direction.

        Having said that, I agree that you should be upset about that. But I think that that is a bigger problem in some regions of the country but not others.

        • connorhus

          As usual that all depends on if that particular women wants to be controlled by that particular man. If it’s one she doesn’t want the attention from then it’s sexism and controlling.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            I just find it hard to believe that you have observed that many women showing such strong outward opinions in regards to men wanting to walk them somewhere. I myself am very flattered when a man wants to protect me, and I observe similar attitudes in most other women.

          • connorhus

            Well I can remember large groups of young Women in College proclaiming it quite loudly and publicly. They openly admitted that when parents or other loved ones told them to not walk alone and to watch out for “shady characters” it was an attempt at control by the Patriarchy. They wrote weekly articles about it in the campus newspaper etc etc. Of course that paper was named “The Maneater” for different reasons but they made it their own.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            When women cannot move about alone without predation, there is something wrong with a society. You and the college girls are making the same observations. You each have different explanations for it, but you are making the same underlying observations.

            You are faced with a choice of recognizing this and making overtures to recruit these women or nursing some bitterness at our expense, but much more to your own.

            I hope I don’t sound like a scold, Connor. I receive hostility from men unknown to me all the time, I choose not to care. That attitude may serve you as well as it has served me (quite well).

          • connorhus

            I fail to see how they are the same in anyway. Frankly until very recently whether Women could move about safely alone at night or not didn’t matter one bit because no society allowed it, nor would the Women by and large want to be able to and it was a Male responsibility to accompany a Woman who needed/wanted to travel at night.

            In many ways what today’s Feminist and those who benefit from it but declare themselves “different” are seeing is the backlash as Men realize there is no reason to uphold their side of the social bargain when the other side rejects it. Some younger Men are even at the point that they no longer need to reject it because they never knew it was something expected of them.

            It all comes back around on itself eventually.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            Hm. You impressions of what life was like ‘until very recently’ come from where, if you don’t mind my asking?

          • connorhus

            Simply the memoirs and/or biographies of those who lived in those times. Even as far back as ancient Rome it was considered common courtesy and a Male responsibility to provide escort for Women traveling. Perhaps at some times the lower classes did not follow these norms as closely as the upper classes did but in no period except recent Western times has it been considered appropriate for Women to travel alone at night. As far as I know it was the same way in most Asian societies as well, at least the ones commonly studied.

            I am of course referring to “Polite Society” I am sure there were always exceptions in any culture.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            Hm. Thanks for the reply Connor. I get the feeling that I was speaking of safety, strictly, while you are speaking of custom. We may not be having the same discussion.

            I am trying to think of counterexamples from ‘the classes’- your standard-and I can think of women traveling ‘on their own’ but by carriage, which is not chivalry on the male carriageman’s part but rather servitude. And gentlemen traveled in the same way, unless by horseback for a reason. On foot, no.

            You can’t really google info like this so I may follow up with you quite a bit later if something occurs to me, if that’s alright.

            In any case, things have gone mighty awry when a woman cannot walk
            into her own building and use the elevator to get to her own home
            without being violently assaulted therein, regardless of what you think
            of ‘feminists and everyone else’ <-just a jokey catchall. Do you agree? I'm not upset that it is
            possible (I'm not naive & have seen a lot of violence), but I do have a problem with it being
            statistically nearly inevitable in many cases. (college and young professional aged women from good families)

            Thanks again-

          • connorhus

            You can ask me anything anytime. Also a Woman of means could in fact substitute in a Man servant and simply side step the need of an escort. I am sure it was done as you mention.

            Yes I am only speaking of custom really but also how that custom is perceived. I have chatted with many a Woman who considered themselves liberated while at college and many of them admit they felt warning to not go anywhere alone at night were just methods used to control them.

            I am certainly not implying society isn’t screwed up but it is screwed up for many different reasons and many hidden agendas.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            Thanks Connor. The last I’ll say about it right now (cause I’m actually going out now- alone but to meet people) is this:

            When I was one of those women, I found the same problem in it.

            Women ought to be able to walk at night. That they cant is like a water bed for the left- they push down on the ‘paternalism’ and the ‘profiling’ side rises, so they turn around and push on the ‘profiling’ side, repeat.

            I’d rather have racial crime differences acknowledged and women be able
            to walk home with a non zero but reasonably low risk of violence than to
            have known and clear data suppressed and these women indoctrinated to
            suppress their fear instincts because they are ‘racist’.

            I prefer my freedom to black people’s feelings. I think I’m in good company here on that one.

            Have a wonderful night!

          • connorhus

            UMC – I am in full agreement with your statement 100% and you have hit the major problem I have with Feminism right in the head to boot. It isn’t about truth but has been twisted into just another form of the Multi-Cult and used as a wedge between White Men and White Women.

            I hope you enjoyed your evening!!

          • Controlling behavior is a mistake when it comes to ladies. I make suggestions to Sayaka, which are almost always correct, but I always phrase these as questions.

          • connorhus

            Suggestions and warnings are not controlling behavior in any way but their perception of it was.

          • If one poses an argument as a question, and she thinks of the answer on her own, she will regard it as her own idea all along.

      • I’ve had it both ways. On Monday, I held the door for a nicely-dressed couple at the library. The lady said “Thank you, young man”. At 48, I have aged a bit more gracefully than some. At the opposite extreme, I had one explain to me in Santa Cruz in the late 1980s that I was some sort of patriarchal villain for holding the door open for her.

        I do not hold the door because they might be ladies and gentlemen; I hold it because I am certain that I am a gentleman.

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          Michael, I am flattered when a man does both: wants to walk me somewhere at night and wants to hold the door open for me. I think that in a lot of areas in the South it is even considered somewhat offensive if a woman holds a door for a man.

          • Here in Colorado, people of both sexes often hold doors open for each other. I always say “Thank you.”

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            I hold doors open for everyone. But at least here in the Deep South, I sometimes get strange looks when I do it for men. Maybe it is a generational thing. I have been to so many other parts of the country, and have observed so many different rules of etiquette, that it confuses me. I don’t know what to do anymore. But in any case, I ALWAYS respect a man who wants to open a door for me.

          • I walk with a less pronounced limp than I once did, but I always hold doors open. This costs me nothing.

        • connorhus

          That’s cool and all that but has little bearing on the point here. Feminist were actively proclaiming for years that when a friend or family member warned a Women from walking alone at night it was just a form of control by the patriarchy.

          They have slut walks all over these days which is simply the same thing on a grander scale and exactly what I am referring to.

          Having it both ways is saying it isn’t a big phenomenon and yet seeing it in the media at the same time as a major message. You can’t deny it is there if it happens that regularly is all I am saying.

          • My high school girlfriend was a bit of a feminist, but Diane’s main point was that women not be treated by us men as if they were children. After we had spent an afternoon making out, I always walked her to the bus stop and waited with her until the bus arrived. Since I loved her, how could I have forgiven myself if she was hurt and I was not there for her? My 71 year-old mother likes walks around her neighborhood on rainy evenings, but she won’t do that alone after dusk: only with me, and her neighborhood is a safe one.

            My mother literally thought she was going to die when she gave birth to me, so I reckon I owe all women for her endurance.

          • connorhus

            Interesting concept. Fulfilling a natural, biological and necessary function means you owe all Women a debt? I assume then you feel the same way about all Men then because some of them were in direct danger during wartime as they did their duty?

          • I do not agree. Warfare is the extension of politics, so what I once did was over a political quarrel. Only states with responsible leaders have the right to conduct war. Only organized units with professional officers have the right to fight, except that freedom movements of citizens in their own nations are also allowed to do this. Civilians must never be deliberately harmed. And so-on.

            The reality is much uglier.

          • connorhus

            Yet not all wars or conflicts have been political, therefore at some point a man has placed himself in harms way to protect the innocent and felt fear in doing so. More than likely within your own lineage therefore your debt to all Men must stand.

            Or are you only placing value on childbirth?

          • All wars are ultimately political. I understood that I was probably going to die like a dog. I miss the friends I made there, just as I miss my friends from jail and prison. I’m 48 now, and it hasn’t happened yet.

          • connorhus

            Not all wars are political even if the politicians try and make em that way in the end and certainly many men fought for non-political reasons (to them) even if they were political to others. My question still stands despite your attempts to deflect and cloud the issue however.

            At 48 I would have thought you had progressed beyond the “white knight” syndrome when dealing with the opposite sex. I am assuming you were not assigned to a support unit while in the Military either?

  • D.B. Cooper

    Oh well. If you want my vote, GOP, you have to ask for my vote. This 18 year old, soon to be FORMER liberal, is a prime example of how one leaves the Democratic Party. Not once did she bother to look behind her.

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      “Not once did she bother to look behind her.”

      Because when white women DO look behind them, black men take that as a come on, even if it is a quick glance. I learned that a long time ago. They get excited and arrogant over the littlest “hints” even when the “hints” aren’t meant to be “hints”.

      It is for this reason that when a black man opens a door for me at a gas station etc…., even in broad daylight with others around, it is very difficult for me to look him in the face and thank him,….something that comes naturally to me when a white man does it.

      • Olorin


        If a white woman looks at a black man, it will ALWAYS be received as a pass or an invitation.

        White women have been taught to move through the world in an invisible burqa of shame, fear, guilt, and social control by inferiors.

      • Alexandra1973

        I just mumble a quick “thanks” and don’t even look at them, and hurry off on my way.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    A related genre, beat downs and brutalizations (including murder) of white children by misunderstood youths, has inspired a videographer. If one were to google “No Country For White Children,” one would encounter a memorable 12-minute compilation.

  • 4321realist

    This is such a common occurrence anymore it’s hard to get worked up about it. But it’s beneficial to show the white weenies who are in denial or who have lived such a protected existence they’re clueless about the real world. It’s has a more lasting effect if the incident is on video rather than in print

    That’s why Colin Flaherty’s videos are so important. I think he came close to causing a national discussion on black on white crime, then kind of slacked off.

    It’s my understanding that Google and Facebook threatened World Net Daily with refusing ads for them if they continued publishing Flaherty’s column.

    Has anybody heard anything?

    • TL2014

      I think google backed down. They are definitely still covering this topic.

  • Evette Coutier

    Sorry, but this is exactly what whites need. Sometimes, as unpleasant as it may be, the only cure is reality therapy.

  • In the deep south of my youth, the cops would have hunted these black pieces of excrement down and beat them unmercifully for “resisting arrest.” It really did help because blacks don’t mind prison. It’s a vacation.

    Pain, inflicted as punishment, is the only thing they understand. In the Muslim countries, they inflict pain with lashes from a cane. We must do the same here or soon there will be absolutely no limit to the criminality of blacks. Not that there’s much of a limit today.

    • Genocide has also been shown to be quite effective. The Commanche, for instance were about the finest light cavalry in history, but are no longer raiding farms in Texas. Or anywhere else.

    • Jacobite2

      My preferred punishment would be a long bout of seasickness.

    • Who Me?

      They didn’t usually consider 25-life on a chain gang a picnic. That’s what a lot of them should get. The rest of them need exterminating.

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    Race Hate Crime, Black on White, its a race war.

    • LHathaway

      They’re just getting in the training for race war.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Wow! I’ve been watching so many TV shows and advertisements featuring the Noble Black Man ™ that this really came as a shock! You mean black males aren’t really like they are always portrayed on television??? Who knew?

    Of course, these black males were only venting their righteous anger over being discriminated against for all these years by a racist white society. That’s why they took so much glee in pummeling that white woman senseless before taking her purse (and the fact that they did take her purse “proves” that it wasn’t a “hate crime,” doncha know).

  • Alexandra1973

    I’d be really reluctant to refer to them as “men.” Another word comes to mind. Along with a string of adjectives.

  • Magician

    I am sick of those useless clues the authorities use to describe the suspects

    “He was wearing an orange shirt at that time”
    “He appeared to be between the age of 20 and 25”
    “He was a man”
    “His height was 5’10” and he weighed 230 pounds”

    Oh those wonderful, important clues will be greatly helpful while they attempt to seize the suspects

    OK, the authorities ( or the victims ) remember how tall they were, or how obese he was, but they cannot remember what race he was?

    • newscomments70

      Most people mention that in the comments sections…The easy fix to that is to delete the comments sections.

      “I see everyting, I know everyting…He looka like a man”, Ms Swan from MadTV

  • Jon Doe

    No rape..?

  • Caucasoid88

    There are very few African-Americans who haven’t had the experience of getting on an elevator and a woman clutching her purse nervously and holding her breath until she had a chance to get off.

    -Obama, 2013

    • Paleoconn

      You win the internet today, as the kids say.

  • Tooth Barkington

    If feminism had anything to do with an actual concern for the happiness, safety, and general flourishing of women, feminists would be marching in the streets demanding a return to Jim Crow.

  • DNA Explains It All

    Make sure EVERY GIRL YOU KNOW AND/OR CARE ABOUT has a pistol, even if you have to buy it for them! It could save their lives (probably will the rate we are going). There is no better present or way to say “I care about you”. To hell with flowers or candy, GLOCK!

  • Mike

    I am so shocked that the preps are Negros. If you watch law and order it is never young Black males which are the suspects. I feel like I have been lied to.

    • newscomments70

      I was watching the police show, “Castle” with my niece. The concerned multiracial detectives were narrowing down a perp with one leg. The possiblities were narrowed down to four suspects. One of the suspects was black, four were white. They then focused on the evil, blond haired man. He did it, he was the serial murderer. It was obligatory, deliberate, mechanical. It had to be the white guy, and he had to have blond hair. Hollywood liberals desperately wish this were reality. I even recall a liberal journalist HOPING that the Boston Bomber was “white trash”.

      • Ed

        That’s why I stick to the First 48, more realistic. They’ve been disinvited from cities because all the perps have been Black. The blacktivists complain about stereotypes.

        They are now in New Orleans featuring an all black cast lol.

    • Alexandra1973

      Ya have been lied to. Ya have! (Imagine Bette Davis/Baby Jane voice)

    2 dead J-birds

  • Texan1st

    What did the heavy one throw in the bushes at the end when he was running down the sidewalk? Her purse?

  • nexus974

    I’m surprised she wasn’t sexual assaulted.

    • newscomments70

      I will bet she was and liberal media censored that. We just had a church group from Massachusetts “attacked” on a missionary trip in Guatemala. Liberal media (CBS) coyly ommitted that detail. With research, some of the commenters discovered that the teenage girls were raped. The minister was very upset and praying for everyone.

  • Alucard_the_last

    I’m ‘shocked’ that the criminals are black.

  • Paleoconn

    Fatty had to wait for buddy. Such a coward, he couldn’t handle this girl by himself.

    With crimes like these, cops should allow the local White nationalists to collect the perps from the station. Only to be returned to the precinct hours, if not days, later with some modifications.

    • LACountyRedneck

      Or say a few White nationalists run into these “humans” in that hallway and give them a five minute education on why it’s not a good idea to pick on White people. Anything short of that doesn’t seem to work.

  • AmericanCowboyX

    Likely Obama supporter was able to meet his could have been sons. They were just relieving her of some of her white privilege. Easy pickings.

  • JohnEngelman

    I hope this was on the local news. The mainstream media have an obligation to draw attention to black crime.

    • They don’t report much real news anymore.

    • LACountyRedneck

      Reporting African crime would be anti-African. The media is not anti-African. They are anti-European. For this story to make it on the MSM the girl would have had to have called these primitive humans “N*****”, and/or had set them up. Then after they beat her up the clowns on MSNBC would say she is obviously a racist.

  • LACountyRedneck

    No one to educate her. All she’s likely heard is good things about those particular “humans”. Although it looked like she tried to get out of the elevator as the two walked in. Instinct?

  • LACountyRedneck

    Thanks. Excellent book and saved.

  • connorhus

    That is a relatively good point Olorin, but it also is a more recent social engineering strategy than base Feminism. Although I will agree they are in fact connected. The White men are controlling mantra took off in the Feminist ranks much faster than the you are racist one could catch up. Although I will admit they do tangle together these days.

  • My wife goes out with only pepper spray. Here at home we have my tomahawk and claymore, her naginata, and the coilgun I built. I carry pepper spray and a box-cutter when I’m out.

    We insisted on being married in traditional dress for both of us. That meant a kilt and claymore for me, and this immediately put a courthouse out of the question. We found a nice judge who married us at dawn in Palmer Park.

  • I must disagree. My ex-father used to beat the crap out of us, but it hurt me worse to see him hurting my mother and my sister. I once said to him “Kick me harder you sick f*@&.” He did.

    When I was badly wounded in my right arm Croatia in 1991, I refused to be evacuated. I wanted to stay with my friends. They patched me up a bit and put a soda straw in to allow the wound to drain. I had a newspaper wrapped around my arm to keep it stiff, and a bandage around that.

    As for PTSD, I have nightmares that would make Hollywood blockbusters, assuming anyone would want to see a movie about total despair.

  • scutum

    Aw Come on! Nothing to see here, these are just Negros acting like Negros. I would also guess that the young lady who was attacked is an advocate for diversity in her neighborhood, school, and place of work. Ahhh! The rich and rewarding benefits of diversity.

  • Bunky

    I wonder if Mr. Glock could have helped?